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Central Falls, RI. 2863

The city Central Falls use the area codes: 401, 508, 888.
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 A & J Furniture817 Dexter St 4017264030 A Fast Tax Svc Corp442 Dexter St 4017235921 A M C Exclusive's158 Railroad St 4017269999 A. Calixto21 Knight St 4017221258 A. Carr79 Jenks Ave 4014758954 A. Perry68 Clay St 4013055250 A. Pinto112 Clay St 4014750195 A. Xavier 4017221071 A1-tire1289 Broad St 4017227032 Aa Giron49 Parker St 4017231484 Aaron Sam111 Bagley St 4017261713 Aberonke Oderinde30 Washington St 4014753364 Abilio N. Neves61 Jenks Ave 4017285934 Acc Enterprises625 Roosevelt Ave 4017241248 Acs Auto679 Lonsdale Ave 4017236750 Ad Multiservices576 Dexter St 4017251600 Adagisa Divison137 Valley St 4017221485 Adalis Javier83 Wetmore St 4017260590 Adam Zuba2 Oakland St 4017220556 Adao A. Figueiredo157 Valley St 4017238271 Aderlin J. Mota66 Crossman St 4017224156 Adrian Santiago116 Earle St 4017271348 Adriana M. Perez37 Charles St 4017234720 Adriel Goncalves12 Beacon St 4017242651 Adrienne Lapan466 Hunt St 4014752765 Advance Auto Parts839 Broad St 4017297435 Agostinho T. Silva82 Ledge St 4017285473 Aguinaldo G. Soares27 Bagley St 4017228908 Ahohanness Calixto21 Knight St 4017221258 Aida Galvan33 Sylvian St 4014758072 Aida I. Martinez52 W Hunt St 4014751506 Albert N. Sackal135 Tremont St 4017244042 Albert P. Larivee100 Jenks Ave 4017285441 Albert R. St18 Pacific St 4017243368 Albert R. Stpierre Jr18 Pacific St 4017243368 Albertino F. Pina53 Hawes St 4017254934 Alberto Andrade149 Earle St 4017237851 Alberto Moniz63 Moore St 4017267738 Alejandra M. Martinez16 Mary St 4017232062 Alejandra Olivo27 Cleveland St 4017289785 Alejandro A. Gomes Jr58 Butler Ave 4017238889 Alejandro M. Cruz105 Bagley St 4017231532 Alejandro R. Olivo27 Cleveland St 4017289785 Alexander Lazieh1072 Lonsdale Ave 4017231144 Alexander Robin623 Lonsdale Ave 4017225524 Alexandria Isom137 Garfield St 4017297414 Alfonso D. Acevedo69 Division St 4017226369 Alfred A. Cesario37 Butler Ave 4017232432 Alfred Catchpole89 Kendall St 4017250113 Alice Burke15 Evaleen St 4017222837 Alice M. Kocon466 Hunt St, Apt 617 4017245565 Alice M. Kocon466 Hunt St, Apt 617 4017240722 Alice M. Lemay466 Hunt St 4017257505 Alice Veiga1485 High St, Apt E122 4017225468 Alisson & Kevin's Hair Salon884 Lonsdale Ave 4017238883 Alix M. Santos55 Butler Ave 4017285346 Allan G. Battersby81 Emmett St 4017247099 Allstate Insurance Companies791 Broad St 4017212270 Altagracia Medina83 Summit St 4017236510 Alvaro J. Diaz85 Kendall St 4017260419 Amalia Almonte116 Cottage St 4017264901 Amanda Gaboriault258 Shawmut Ave 4017282490 Amelia S. Cardoso55 Ayr St 4017250516 American Food & Vending Corp380 Hunt St 4017268700 American-Colombian Liquors738 Broad St 4017262070 Americas Pride Inc13 Conduit St 4017238121 Amilcar R. Magana156 School St 4017251857 Ana Armfield79 Tremont St 4017231975 Ana G. Perez439 Hunt St 4017253784 Ana G. Vasquez93 Henry St 4017224551 Ana M. Garcia18 Walnut St 4017242917 Ana R. Vargas113 Perry St 4017281583 Ana S. Ramos63 Watson St 4017243873 Andony Morales69 Butler Ave 4017274307 Andre Laferriere30 Washington St, Apt 514 4017239841 Andrea Customer695 High St 4017263042 Andrea Lopera17 Aetna St 4017264580 Andres Gutierrez101 Rand St 4017233530 Andrew Shotts72 Ledge St 4017280983 Aneika Alvares324 Hunt St 4017223438 Angel G. Gavidia337 Central St 4017233848 Angel Mendez182 Washington St, Apt 1 4017240459 Angel Pierre348 Central St 4017280672 Angel Ramos63 Watson St 4017243873 Angel Toledo130 Perry St 4014756049 Angela Pislowski466 Hunt St 4017242905 Angela Serial30 Earle St 4017242918 Angela Tavera135 Washington St 4017284749 Angela Valerio776 Dexter St 4017264347 Angelica Aginaga54 Valley St 4017294522 Angelica Sanchez6 Fales St 4017220579 Angelo Nunez112 Cowden St 4017244547 Animal Planet Pet Shop635 Roosevelt Ave 4017224901 Anita Gomes1485 High St 4017251271 Anita M. Mailhot48 Liberty St 4017298354 Anita M. Vieira304 Shawmut Ave 4017241209 Anjelique Cooley8 School St 4017221104 Anna Andrade 4014750389 Anna Darosa1485 High St, Apt N404 4017250102 Anna Lefrancios570 Pine St 4017285297 Anna R. Lefrancois570 Pine St 4017285297 Anna Sperling39 Phillips St 4014759254 Anna Stpierre1485 High St 4017231523 Anna T. Malec176 Hunt St 4017228940 Anne Craige86 Hendricks St 4017282313 Anne M. Rendine1485 High St, Apt S302 4017260508 Annette Murray25 Hawley St 4017262423 Anthony Buzzerio535 Roosevelt Ave 4017244359 Anthony J. Goes24 Samoset Ave 4017270173 Anthony V. Malec176 Hunt St 4017228940 Antigua Guatemala740 Dexter St 4017240666 Antoni J. Almeida161 Washington St 4014755510 Antonio C. Prata466 Hunt St 4017270138 Antonio Costa30 Washington St 4017264765 Antonio F. Ourique66 Parker St 4017286589 Antonio G. Goncalves156 Hunt St 4017230052 Antonio Garcia98 Earle St 4014751461 Antonio J. Almeida161 Washington St 4014755510 Antonio J. Miguel111 Chestnut St 4017286928 Antonio M. Duarte21 Barber Ave 4017257301 Antonio M. Filipe55 Jenks Ave 4017235906 Antonio M. Filipe55 Jenks Ave 4017282339 Antonio Martinez52 W Hunt St 4014751506 Antonio Parra1485 High St, Apt E322 4017221301 Antonio Salazar225 Hunt St 4017295284 Aponte Cardona Law597 Broad St, Unit 1 4014755437 Aquarius Iii Auto Body19 Cross St 4017281060 Arcelinda Alves35 Tiffany St 4017270160 Ariel Alarcon804 Broad St 4017220110 Arlindo Alves35 Tiffany St 4017270160 Arlindo Amaro35 Clay St 4017264119 Arlindo Rodrigues70 Tremont St 4017296083 Armande A. Aywas61 Claremont St 4017243437 Armando Gallucci1485 High St, Apt E419 4017261786 Armando N. Pita Jr26 Verdun St 4017280275 Arminda G. Lopes63 Butler Ave 4017282439 Aroom's Basement Inc666 Dexter St 4017286280 Ash LLC81 School St 4017290700 Ashley Richardson111 Aetna St 4017222474 Ashley V. Estrada109 Cleveland St 4017225556 Assembly of God756 Broad St 4017260780 Astrid K. Gabriel118 Perry St 4014752530 Atlantic Central Falls Locksmith50 Liberty St 4016420317 Augie Dasilva107 Hendricks St 4017261259 Augie Dasilva107 Hendricks St 4017297515 Augustin Luciano466 Hunt St, Apt 211 4017220999 Auli's Panda863 Broad St 4017288808 Aura Paiz116 Hendricks St 4017225329 Aura R. Restrepo104 Rand St 4017261263 Aura Zapeta40 Parker St 4014751130 Aurea Matos1485 High St 4017231418 Aureliana G. Fernandes237 Rand St 4017220925 Aurelio Gomes26 Walnut St 4017220368 Aurora A. Ramirez82 Cowden St 4017265012 Autumn Finnegan285 Shawmut Ave 4017220810 Avelino C. Duarte21 Barber Ave 4017257301 Ayana Carter87 Lincoln Ave 4017261869


 B & L Auto Sales824 Lonsdale Ave 4017223954 B. Dominguez84 Summer St 4014757493 B. Porath466 Broad St 4017266444 B. Ramos381 Cowden St 4017266904 Balbina Cardeal130 Valley St 4017234248 Bank of America Financial Center375 Broad St 4017212206 Barbara Sullivan41 Butler Ave 4017284159 Barboza M & Sons Roofing Co Inc476 Roosevelt Ave 4017235100 Barboza M & Sons Roofing Co Inc476 Roosevelt Ave 4017283562 Barboza M & Sons Roofing Co Inc476 Roosevelt Ave 8883222035 Bart L. Willis78 Jenks St 4017273389 Bashir J. Deckey211 Shawmut Ave 4017233997 Beaudoin Charles30 Washington St 4017241389 Beddi Taylor46 Watson St 4017222472 Ben Gibbons43 Crown St 4017254236 Benilde Dalomba51 Barber Ave 4017221843 Benjamin A. Magana156 School St 4017251857 Benjamin Bentre555 Roosevelt Ave 4017240430 Benjamins III Inc722 Broad St 4017287717 Bennett Danny1211 High St 4017232690 Benvinda Lopes18 Knight St 4013053766 Bernadette Cawley16 Binford St 4017220936 Bernadette M. Quintanilha94 Perry St 4017284291 Bernardo A. Diossa175 Hedley Ave 4017234088 Bertha E. Hernandez58 Pacific St 4017224856 Bertha T. Ouellette1485 High St 4017229479 Bertina Ramos381 Cowden St 4017266904 Best Eastern Restaurant773 Lonsdale Ave 4017287228 Best Shipping Postalm I817 Dexter St 4017225550 Best Storage817 Dexter St 4017283100 Beth Provencher9 Hunt St 4017250541 Bethany Holm57 Garfield St 4017242061 Betty A. Cassidy1485 High St 4017261345 Betty J. Lemieux107 Cowden St 4017248166 Betty L. Decelles466 Hunt St 4017240508 Betzaida Benitez71 Washington St 4017263679 Beverly Sostle868 Lonsdale Ave 4017221480 Bienvenido Rodriguez24 Richland Ave 4017232320 Biever Torres99 Cleveland St 4017224960 Blackstone Falls LLC1485 High St 4017251188 Blackstone Hydro1485 High St 4017286482 Blackstone Valley Advocacy Center249 Central St 4017233057 Blackstone Valley Assisted Living649 Broad St 4017257045 Blackstone Valley Chapter Ri Arc - New To You Too534 Dexter St 4017222649 Blanca Crespin96 Cottage St, Apt 1 4017537961 Blanca Decastro82 Darling St, Apt 3 4017223095 Blanca T. Campbell89 Perry St 4017243843 Boaventura G. Pereira17 Hooker St 4014756210 Botelhos Service Station1190 Broad St 4017284430 Brad Allen27 Phoenix St 4017227690 Brandon Botero67 Pacific St 4017223648 Brandon Decastro34 Parker St 4017220010 Brava Employment Inc38 Crossman St 4017212150 Brenda Jefferies590 Lonsdale Ave 4017235291 Brenda Kokoszka1485 High St 4017222804 Brian A. Rodrigues98 Rand St 4017237028 Brian Allcock1485 High St 4017254030 Brian Collazo56 Washington St 4017254517 Brian Grajales13 Mary St 4017226943 Brian M. Mcgloin45 Bagley St 4017287604 Brian P. Counihan501 Roosevelt Ave, Unit R03 4017221684 Broadway Transmission & Auto Repair877 High St 4017269508 Bruce Dasilva15 Aetna St 4017243419 Bruce M. Corrigan36 Temple Pl 4017280410 Bryana Mendes1 Pacific St 4017242984 Bucky's Appliance1269 Broad St 4017243366 Budare Grill716 Dexter St 4014750533 Budget Central Falls Locksmith72 Ledge St 4016420787 Builders Surplus1 Conduit St 4017228300 Builders Surplus2 Conduit St 4014756900 Bukky Salako626 Lonsdale Ave 4017261987 Burger King Family Restaurants - Central Fall800 Lonsdale Ave 4017256622


 C. Cepeda537 Hunt St 4017240568 C. Flanagan 4017221654 C. Gardner392 Dexter St 4017261328 C. Leblanc 4017220092 C. Mendonca30 Washington St 4017231320 C. Ramirez535 Roosevelt Ave 4017261549 C. Rezendes33 Wetmore St 4017281726 C. Villeneuve4 School St 4017281188 Camilho P. Pereira25 Samoset Ave 4013353550 Carl H. Spavold57 Watson St 4017233696 Carla Cruz64 Chestnut St 4017282948 Carla M. Neves134 Cottage St 4017271208 Carlene Murphy38 Phoenix St 4017227810 Carlos A. Duarte117 Jenks Ave 4017282643 Carlos A. Mendoza124 Summer St 4017229023 Carlos A. Mendoza124 Summer St 4017270425 Carlos A. Restrepo104 Rand St 4017261263 Carlos A. Riveros37 Orchard St 4017283593 Carlos Garcia27 Sylvian St 4017251090 Carlos Lolpez250 Rand St 4017224781 Carlos O. Franco49 Emmett St 4014758802 Carma Soares328 Illinois St 4017240212 Carmen Figueroa43 Sheridan St 4017253917 Carmen M. Santiago466 Hunt St, Apt 712 4017225129 Carol A. Cooney46 Courtland St 4017270205 Carol Basile590 Lonsdale Ave 4017220114 Carol J. Pandolfi466 Hunt St 4017247370 Carol P. Easton404 Roosevelt Ave, Apt 501 4017212229 Carolina Ortega181 Hunt St 4017268771 Caroline M. Lugo21 Binford St 4017234931 Caroline N. Martinez52 W Hunt St 4014751506 Carolyn J. Pinto250 Rand St 4017222588 CarQuest Auto Parts306 Broad St 4017222600 Cary Teaney535 Roosevelt Ave 4014752784 Cassandra Rainey51 Samoset Ave 4017287655 Catherine V. Frechette57 Cottage St 4017257988 Cathleen A. Pouliot71 Hendricks St 4017232095 Cecilia Torres130 Perry St 4017240811 Cecilia Y. Jose307 Shawmut Ave 4017248349 Celeste Neves61 Jenks Ave 4017285934 Cellular Express870 Dexter St 4014759700 Celmira E. Derios466 Hunt St 4014750125 Central Falls Budget1234 Broad St 4016420561 Central Falls Car Locksmith179 Illinois St 4016420563 Central Falls City Of580 Broad St 4017277446 Central Falls City Of:    -Business Number150 Illinois St 4017277446    -Business Number - Emergency Only150 Illinois St 4017277444    -Business Number - Police Department150 Illinois St 4017277411    -City Hall - Assessors OfficeBroad 4017277430    -City Hall - Canvassers BoardBroad 4017277450    -City Hall - City Clerk/purchasingBroad 4017277400    -City Hall - City Clerk/purchasingBroad 4017277401    -City Hall - Code Enforcement/zoningBroad 4017277460    -City Hall - Finance DeptBroad 4017277470    -City Hall - Legal DeptBroad 4017277490    -City Hall - Mayor's OfficeBroad 4017277474    -City Hall - Personnel OfficeBroad 4017277405    -City Hall - Planning/redevelopment OfficeBroad 4017277480    -Fire Department580 Broad St 4017277446    -Public Works Dept53 River St 4017277466    -School Adm - Central Falls School District Administration21 Hedley Ave 4017277731 Central Falls Classic Locksmith353 Hunt St 4016420564 Central Falls Direct Locksmith400 Broad St 4016420311 Central Falls Emergency Locksmith120 Chestnut St 4016420952 Central Falls Expert Locksmith791 Lonsdale Ave 4016420566 Central Falls Fast Locksmith957 Broad St 4016420567 Central Falls Home Locksmith535 Dexter St 4016420570 Central Falls Liquors551 Dexter St 4017242120 Central Falls Lock & Door437 Dexter St 4016420574 Central Falls Lock Master627 Lonsdale Ave 4016420572 Central Falls Locksmith390 Broad St 4016420318 Central Falls Locksmith437 Dexter St 4016420589 Central Falls Locksmith Gold Star1101 Lonsdale Ave 4016420588 Central Falls Locksmith Store34 Cross St 4016420590 Central Falls Provision Co Inc347 High St 4017257020 Central Falls Residential Locksmith428 Broad St 4016420778 Central Falls Safe Repair360 Hunt St 4016420781 Central Falls Safety Locksmith120 Chestnut St 4016420782 Central Falls Supreme Locksmith502 Roosevelt Ave 4016420784 Central Travel Agency428 Broad St 4017245250 Central Warehouse Liquors1060 Broad St 4017251642 Cesar A. Ramirez Jr82 Cowden St 4017265012 Cesar J. Mazo110 Railroad St 4017245413 Cf Mini Mart179 Illinois St 4017290111 Chace Corporation6 Chases Ln 4017232107 Chad A. Krause9 Kendall St 4017297533 Chamorro Bernardo279 Cowden St 4017234652 Charles B. Snell1485 High St, Apt N211 4017281911 Charles Coelho Funeral Home151 Cross St 4017249440 Charles Contreres39 Henry St 4017250121 Charles E. Beaudoin30 Washington St 4017225960 Charles E. Beaudoin30 Washington St 4017241389 Charles J. Tager60 Kendall St 4017242974 Charles Muenchinger10 Cross St 4017241665 Charles Roman30 Washington St, Apt A96 4017230965 Chateau Anne Apartements82 Fales St 4017281578 Chateau Anne Apartments84 Fales St 4017281578 Check R US LLC355 Broad St 4017248700 Chelsea Cipriano57 Cottage St 4017289379 Chenell Newton15 George St 4017223564 Cheryl Berger535 Roosevelt Ave 4017221070 Cheryl Maurice191 Washington St 4017250536 Children's Friend621 Dexter St 4017290009 Childrens Friends and Services135 Hunt St 4017225708 China House555 Dexter St 4017268180 Chiqui Auto Sales & Muffler Inc601 Lonsdale Ave 4017210799 Chopoorian Andrew H14 Clay St 4017220830 Chris Kiepea616 Lonsdale Ave 4017230461 Christina J. Woods159 Central St 4017240984 Christina K. Martel22 Lake St 4017249783 Christina L. Sandoval117 Cowden St 4017266118 Christine M. Tager60 Kendall St 4017242974 Christine Ross250 Rand St 4017251356 Christopher Clanton165 Illinois St 4017282382 Christopher Depina536 Hunt St 4017223140 Christopher G. Levesque39 Watson St 4017261836 Christopher J. Krause9 Kendall St 4017297533 Christopher Letendre71 Shawmut Ave 4017249774 Christyne Mayden17 Cowden St 4017244546 Cindy Jimenez243 Shawmut Ave 4017231686 City Limits1270 Broad St 4017270621 Claire G. Breault34 Brook St 4017244449 Claire I. Claire1485 High St 4017239199 Claire M. Cunningham507 Hunt St 4017283274 Claire M. Walton180 Hedley Ave 4017234145 Claire Narvaez131 Valley St 4017244340 Claireclairei1485 High St 4017239199 Claired Ramirez535 Roosevelt Ave 4017261549 Clairette Y. Martin30 Cleveland St 4017231519 Clara Doucet39 Tiffany St 4014752459 Clarice F. Tetreault30 Washington St 4017284882 Classic Cuts428 Dexter St 4014754886 Claudette M. Gaffney70 Jenks Ave 4017235537 Claudia Claudiakenney332 Cowden St 4017251790 Claudia E. Dunn48 Lincoln Ave 4017229965 Claudia E. Dunn48 Lincoln Ave 4017287011 Claudia Y. Munoz27 Chestnut St 4017221280 Clemencia L. Lorenzo59 Rand St 4017286213 Clemencia Lorenzo57 Rand St 4017270737 Clifford Oriol210 Fuller Ave 4017220405 Club Madeirense46 Madeira Ave 4017269449 Comfort Dental725 Dexter St 4013056688 Conceicao P. Coelho1485 High St, Apt N306 4017264408 Concetta Dicanzo109 Sacred Heart Ave 4017220927 Connnie Dymek308 Hunt St 4017264544 Constance F. Baris30 Washington St, Apt A63 4017256557 Constance J. Cherry93 Bagley St 4017240772 Constance J. Cherry93 Bagley St 4017266693 Constance Parker1485 High St 4017286232 Constance W. Dymek308 Hunt St 4017264544 Construction D'ambra131 Clay St 4014752802 Consuelo Anaya137 Tremont St 4017234286 Control Hardwood Floor Inc597 Lonsdale Ave 4017281363 Corinne Lester87 Jenks Ave 4017250634 Corrigan Chris Moving Inc169 Cowden St 4017222422 Courtney D. Gaffney95 Liberty St 4017286156 Craig Wilbenhain250 Rand St 4017240704 Crisanta Tejeda34 Hedley Ave 4014753322 Cristobal Castaneda17 Watson St 4017294846 Cruise Carpet Inc736 Dexter St 4017243989 Cruz Tejeda400 High St 4017221681 Crystal M. Godin14 Illinois St 4017270433 Cumberland Farms478 Broad St 4017268244 Cynthia A. Sackal135 Tremont St 4017244042 Cynthia K. Szumila737 High St 4017270207 Cynthia T. Estrada109 Cleveland St 4017225556 Czeslawa Wec587 High St 4017250539


 D. Calise1485 High St 4017222318 D. Hernandez535 Roosevelt Ave, Apt 313 4017235870 Daisy A. Mejia253 Rand St, Apt 1 4017261052 Daisy Granados19 Fletcher St 4017261242 Dalia C. Duarte117 Jenks Ave 4017282643 Dana F. Lemieux107 Cowden St 4017248166 Dana Smith535 Roosevelt Ave 4017232017 Dani Rose325 High St 4017229532 Daniel Cardoso55 Ayr St 4017250516 Daniel F. Cooney111 Clay St 4017285859 Daniel O. Salako626 Lonsdale Ave 4017261987 Daniel Pepin88 Shawmut Ave 4017236304 Daniel S. Rose325 High St 4017229532 Daniel S. Vinagre125 Tremont St 4017230216 Daniel Sanchez56 Illinois St 4017280682 Daniel Santos65 Darling St 4017225238 Daniel Varela33 Henry St 4017215364 Daniel Varela33 Henry St 4017281812 Daniel's Barbershop120 Chestnut St 4017291150 Danilo P. Munoz27 Chestnut St 4017221280 Danny Navarro135 Butler Ave 4017270278 Danny Perez150 School St 4017251610 Danuta Dobosz28 Cross St 4017282661 Dario R. Moniz63 Moore St 4017267738 David G. Rodrigues70 Tremont St 4017296083 David J. Chagnon346 Cowden St 4017256853 David L. Beland92 Washington St 4017282634 David M. Tellier60 Notre Dame St 4017264275 David Medina21 Butler Ave 4017262481 David P. Riseberg25 Hawley St 4017283008 David Pires393 Hunt St, Apt 1 4017220364 David R. Kingsley Sr10 Barber Ave 4017258281 David S. Victor189 Shawmut Ave 4017222591 David W. Cooney111 Clay St 4017285859 Dawn Rodgers69 Tremont St 4014753131 Dayana Patino52 Clifton St, Apt 2 4013655342 Dean M. Tremblay674 Lonsdale Ave 4017271575 Deborah Mcneile44 Tucker St 4017226515 Deborah Navarro135 Butler Ave 4017270278 Debra C. Duarte117 Jenks Ave 4017282643 Delia Ardon288 Illinois St 4017268972 Delma I. Gonzalez26 Mary St 4017253168 Demetri Aywas61 Claremont St 4017243437 Denis A. Constantineau466 Hunt St 4017231601 Denise C. Duval573 High St 4017254473 Denise M. Filipe55 Jenks Ave 4017235906 Denise M. Filipe55 Jenks Ave 4017282339 Denise M. Laurens64 Bagley St 4017233714 Dennis Brunelle60 Sylvian St, Apt 3 4017254951 Dennis Thomas1091 Dexter St 4017290142 Dennis Tremblay250 Rand St 4017252351 Deon Provost535 Roosevelt Ave 4017227498 Derrick Lopes86 Shawmut Ave 4017291418 Desrosiers R W Inc65 Walnut St 4017230560 Dexter Beauty Salon646 Dexter St 4017235410 Dexter Credit Union934 Dexter St 4017246200 Dexter Laundromat336 Dexter St 4014755055 Dexter Market874 Dexter St 4014751845 Deyanira M. Granados77 Clay St, Apt 1 4017267463 Diana Gomez120 Foundry St 4017287754 Diane Coelho633 Lonsdale Ave 4017222404 Diane E. Kingsley10 Barber Ave 4017258281 Diane Lazieh30 Washington St 4017246761 Diane Legrand2 Parker St 4017234943 Diane S. Osko80 School St 4017263831 Diaz Tire Shop125 Washington St 4017273020 Diever Torres99 Cleveland St 4017224960 Digna A. Moreno150 Tremont St 4017235099 Dion Signs1075 High St 4017244459 Dionicia Almonte212 Illinois St 4017249965 Dolca Mendoza22 Phillips St 4013057046 Dollar Tree361 Dexter St 4017222107 Dolores Benson1100 Lonsdale Ave 4017241162 Dolores M. Jonson18 Ledge St 4013053975 Dolores M. Rodriguez65 Chestnut St 4017261246 Dome Construction Company174 Foundry St 4017232877 Domenic T. Cerrone26 Tucker St 4017233844 Dominga Duarte21 Barber Ave 4017257301 Domingas A. Duarte21 Barber Ave 4017257301 Domingo Heureaux116 Rand St 4017242303 Donald C. Dymek308 Hunt St 4017264544 Donald E. Connolly73 Kendall St 4017243411 Donald J. Barden293 Illinois St 4017233070 Donald R. Horton86 School St 4017224385 Donald Russell83 Cross St 4017273387 Donald T. Godin14 Illinois St 4017270433 Donaldo R. Guevara158 Cross St 4017229582 Donna Cesario250 Rand St 4017254782 Donna Churchill16 Cleveland St 4017252149 Donna K. Casto33 Bagley St 4017283328 Donna L. Deguilio61 Cottage St 4017240895 Donna L. Deguilio61 Cottage St 4017283622 Dora Figueiredo157 Valley St 4017238271 Dora L. Saldarriaga777 Dexter St 4017228033 Dorcas P. Jimenez243 Shawmut Ave 4017231686 Doreen Johnson80 Central St, Apt 2 4017257419 Dorilla Vachon466 Hunt St, Apt 305 4017238779 Doris Echavarria163 Valley St 4017261916 Doris Montijo18 Ayr St 4017252043 Doris Reis1485 High St 4017282590 Doris Turenne224 Shawmut Ave 4017229147 Dorothy H. Allenson30 Washington St 4017260887 Dorothy Liro26 Elm St 4017259819 Douglas E. Pendergrass97 Clay St 4017236001 Douglas K. Smith1485 High St 4017258672 DR Dawn Hogan MD1000 Broad St 4017261800 DR Earl Calcutt Middle School112 Washington St 4017277726 Dulce G. Gomes853 Lonsdale Ave 4014757031 Dunia Alves35 Tiffany St 4017270160 Dunkin' Donuts542 Broad St 4017224362 Dunkin' Donuts957 Broad St 4017232462 Dustin Armfield79 Tremont St 4017231975


 E. Bemah52 Butler Ave 4014759210 E. Daniel52 Butler Ave 4014759210 E. Ocampo 4017250151 Earl Moul554 Pine St 4017280674 East Side Clinical Lab1002 Broad St, Ste 3 4017281970 Eastern Region Assoc6 Chases Ln 4017243999 Edgar G. Garcia100 Bagley St 4017270162 Edgar R. Marcotte30 Washington St, Apt A92 4017248798 Edgar R. Molina299 Hunt St 4017245806 Edgar Ramos381 Cowden St 4017266904 Edgar Robideau10 Fales St 4017241729 Edifice Bemah52 Butler Ave 4014759210 Edith Darrios30 Shawmut Ave 4017280153 Edith Rivera116 Cottage St 4013353870 Edmond G. Noury130 Tremont St 4017250562 Edna S. Poulin68 Notre Dame St 4017257708 Edouard Heroux65 Fales St 4017241461 Eduarda Lopes128 Summer St 4017261451 Eduarda Sousa227 Washington St 4017242829 Eduardo Zuniga81 Tremont St 4017222464 Edvin A. Estrada Sr109 Cleveland St 4017225556 Edward A. Smith1485 High St 4017258672 Edward Anderson68 Cottage St 4017250246 Edward D. Silva536 Lonsdale Ave 4017260505 Edward J. Pimental7 Notre Dame St 4017287743 Edward J. Soares328 Illinois St 4017240212 Edward Pendergrass791 Lonsdale Ave 4017235404 Edward Wec609 High St 4017242439 Edwin A. Africano62 Shawmut Ave 4017257849 Edwin Cespedes236 Washington St 4017281927 Edwin Gutierrez9 Madison Ave 4017255176 Edwin L. Lugo Sr21 Binford St 4017234931 Edwin Nieves109 Sumner Ave 4017280809 Edyta Wec609 High St 4017242439 El Antojo Bakery494 Dexter St 4017266091 El Paisa598 Dexter St 4017268864 El Palacio De La Musica657 Dexter St 4017250590 El Salvador Bakery525 Dexter St 4017260646 El Salvadoreno Restaurant791 Lonsdale Ave 4017252226 El Sembrador804 Broad St 4017220110 Eladia Nunez318 Cowden St 4017234163 Eladio A. Ramos381 Cowden St 4017266904 Elda C. Duarte272 Hunt St 4017261820 Eleanor M. Mcgloin51 Bagley St 4017239427 Eleanor Smith29 Bellevue Ave 4017221725 Eleazar Marin147 Illinois St 4017219835 Eleuteria Trejo39 Earle St 4017210815 Elia Rivera66 Darling St 4017268291 Eliana Escobar81 Fales St 4017242936 Elias Cardona14 Hawley St 4017261845 Eliclade S Service Inc791 Broad St 4017212266 Elida Majofodun112 Summit St 4017240474 Elisamuel Sanchez160 Chestnut St 4017225631 Elise Nievera73 Jenks Ave 4017221158 Elizabeth D. Gutierrez101 Rand St 4017233530 Elizabeth F. Laramee57 Aetna St 4017225559 Elizabeth Gonzalez26 Mary St 4017253168 Elizabeth J. Pita26 Verdun St 4017280275 Elizabeth Woods1485 High St 4017245079 Elkin Zapata82 Darling St, Apt 2 4017225604 Elmer Deleon97 Cowden St 4017244038 Elvin G. Toro22 Binford St 4017224378 Elvira Alves1485 High St 4017224039 Elzbieta Kmiecik645 High St, Apt 2 4017226248 Emanuel Vieira88 Sacred Heart Ave 4017247620 Emergency Car Locksmith179 Illinois St 4016420959 Emergency Car Locksmith69 Washington St 4016420955 Emergency Locksmith847 High St 4016420956 Emergency Locksmith In50 Liberty St 4016420950 Emergency Locksmith In Central Falls360 Hunt St 4016420951 Emery S Catering Service Inc24 Central St 4017255680 Emilia C. Rainey51 Samoset Ave 4017287655 Emmanuel Silvia151 Valley St 4014754472 Enrique Salas1103 Lonsdale Ave, Apt 3 4017261294 Eric King33 Sumner Ave 4017221076 Erica Avalos 4013057187 Erica M Ramirez533 Broad St 4017229777 Erick Rivera11 Summit St 4017231595 Ericka C. Morales69 Butler Ave 4017274307 Erik Munoz30 Knight St 4017224583 Erika Carter87 Lincoln Ave 4017261869 Ermelinda J. Garcia66 Perry St 4017291966 Ermin Paiz116 Hendricks St 4017225329 Ernest A. Robin623 Lonsdale Ave 4017225524 Ernest J. Williams Jr42 Washington St 4017222493 Ernest Lemire50 Tucker St 4017270709 Ernest Pouliot71 Hendricks St 4017232095 Ernesto Olivo27 Cleveland St 4017289785 Escarla J. Martinez35 Temple Pl 4017252073 Esclprt9 Chestnut St 4017220591 Estefania Paulino94 Samoset Ave 4017220569 Estelita Lopez44 Hawes St 4017225640 Estelita Lopez44 Hawes St 4017244506 Ester Guzman27 Darling St 4014759848 Esther Guzman27 Darling St 4014759848 Esther M. Garcia98 Earle St 4014751461 Euclides Semedo232 Shawmut Ave 4017261870 Eugene J. Duval573 High St 4017254473 Eugenio Acosta119 Clay St 4017232241 Eugenio Gibau855 Broad St 4017222621 Eulalia M. Galva584 Hunt St 4017240051 Euphoria783 Broad St 4017229777 Eusebio Santiago466 Hunt St, Apt 712 4017225129 Eva Annis115 Washington St 4017240639 Eva Bustos81 Hawes St 4017246286 Evelyn B. Smith1485 High St 4017258672 Evelyn Coderre291 Central St 4017261474 Evelyn L. Acevedo172 Hunt St 4014758008 Evelyn O. Guillen112 Liberty St 4017537994 Evelyn Santiago78 Cowden St, Apt 1 4017280761


 F & D Holdings LLC55 Sheridan St 4017285000 F. Ajia 4017260980 F. C. Daniel111 Clay St 4017285859 F. Mellish 4017278369 Fabiola A. Giza36 Henry St 4017264494 Fall River Pawn Brokers400 Dexter St 4017227727 Family Dollar839 Broad St 4017250653 Fast Central Falls Locksmith884 Lonsdale Ave 4016420817 Felicien Allie736 Pine St 4017244693 Felicita Almonte318 Cowden St 4017221625 Felita Lopez44 Hawes St 4017225640 Felita Lopez44 Hawes St 4017244506 Felix G. Rodriguez65 Chestnut St 4017261246 Fernandes Welding Co319 Hunt St 4017230552 Fernando A. Agudelo78 Garfield St 4017252334 Fernando J. Fernandes237 Rand St 4017220925 Filomena C. Pereiria18 Cliff St 4014757392 Filomena C. Silva82 Ledge St 4017285473 Fito Fleurentin23 Darling St 4014750836 Flavio P. Dejesus58 Shawmut Ave 4017232601 Flor Garo89 Tremont St 4017231492 Flor Rua466 Hunt St 4017537726 Florentina Rodrigues98 Rand St 4017237028 Floricelda Sandoval117 Cowden St 4017266118 Fojer Fried Chicken744 Dexter St 4013055655 Fonseca J. Cordova30 Washington St, Apt 315 4017215516 Franchesca Cabrel106 Garfield St 4017281307 Franci Lopez22 Phoenix St 4017230249 Francia Julio1166 Broad St 4014754007 Francis M. Lozeau77 Valley St, Apt 6 4017264513 Francisco C. Lopes86 Shawmut Ave 4017291418 Francisco J. Carrion92 Lincoln Ave 4017223209 Francisco Zapeta40 Parker St 4014751130 Frank J. Britto Jr18 Eben Brown Ln 4017270642 Frank Kozlowski36 Henry St 4017228415 Frank Lepine5 Echo St 4017250767 Frank Lizotte Glass Co Inc8 Perry St 4017226262 Frank R. Estrada41 Brook St 4017263085 Frederick G. Issa Jr17 Bellevue Ave 4017245724 Fredk R. Peltier466 Hunt St, Apt 816 4017251279 Fredrick Craig16 Richland Ave 4017264361 Fredrick Craig16 Richland Ave 4017270913 Friendly Nails428 Broad St 4017224913 Fuerza Laboral127 Clay St 4017252700 Fuller Box Co1152 High St 4017254300


 G-Force Gear131 Clay St 4017290844 G. Fournier1485 High St 4017241491 G. Rabczak30 Washington St, Apt 213 4017261915 Gabriel Berduga146 Central St 4017261576 Gabriel Callejas78 Darling St 4017223439 Gaetane G. Paradis27 Phoenix St 4017270682 Gail M. Goes24 Samoset Ave 4017270173 Galeano J. Mendoza22 Phillips St 4013057046 Garfield Social Club11 Hunt St 4017269653 Gary A. Furtado Jr1485 High St 4017284352 Gboya M. Sormalah63 Earle St 4017289318 Genaro Negron107 Washington St 4017281305 General Polymer Inc57 Foundry St 4017236660 George A. Harris129 Summer St 4012883909 George A. Placido1243 High St 4017242806 George Fernandez23 Washington St 4017251817 George J. Frechette57 Cottage St 4017257988 George Sweeting38 Eben Brown Ln 4017255774 George Tager60 Kendall St 4017242974 George Tejada72 Moore St 4017260182 Georgeanne B. Deckey211 Shawmut Ave 4017233997 Georgette Deburgo1123 Lonsdale Ave 4017252417 Georgia's Rest Inc915 Dexter St 4017227030 Georgina Rodriguez77 Earle St 4014752041 Geovanni Discus95 Lincoln Ave 4017282092 Geovanny Tabares7 Ledge St 4017270002 Gerard N. Levesque9 Hunt St 4017231639 Geremy Marrero54 Tucker St 4017231842 Germaine B. Patchis466 Hunt St, Apt 304 4017262639 Germaine Masse165 Shawmut Ave 4017252880 German E. Flores140 Summer St 4017230718 Gertrude R. Hunt30 Washington St, Apt A21 4017240053 Gertrudis Pena587 Pine St 4017250109 Gianna Mercadomorales138 Cottage St 4017280308 Gilbert J Altongy Md1002 Broad St 4017239250 Gilbert J Altongy MD1002 Broad St, Ste 3 4017239250 Gilbert R. Ponton Jr65 Pacific St 4017231609 Gilberte Rabczak30 Washington St, Apt 213 4017261915 Gilberto Climaco108 Emmett St 4017225107 Gilda C. Hernandez137 Bagley St 4017220240 Gioconda Heureaux116 Rand St 4017242303 Giocondea Heureaux116 Rand St 4017242303 Gisela Orengo75 Rand St 4017240135 Gisele M. Vigeant1485 High St 4017254140 Gisselle Salto79 Summit St 4017252060 Gladys Lopez21 Mowry St 4017256326 Gladys T. Burns30 Washington St, Apt A36 4017250475 Glenn R. Laramee57 Aetna St 4017225559 Global Locksmith868 Dexter St 4016420438 Gloria E. Franco49 Emmett St 4014758802 Gloria J. Bessette466 Hunt St 4017222001 Gloria Medina19 Henry St 4017282498 Gloria Murillo117 Butler Ave 4017257014 Gowdey Reed Co325 Illinois St 4017236114 Great China402 Dexter St 4017298030 Gregory Mallet501 Roosevelt Ave 4017223127 Gregory P. Malec176 Hunt St 4017228940 Gretchen Pottle95 Summer St 4017225137 Griselda Munoz749 Pine St 4017222126 Grismel P. Sencion17 Ledge St 4017271749 Guatelinda Guatelinda33 Fales St 4017230270 Guilhermina Barbosa105 School St 4017272034 Guillermina Zuniga504 Hunt St 4017266947 Guillermo Lopez520 Hunt St 4017253967 Guiomar Riveros37 Orchard St 4017283593 Gumecindo Mejia756 Pine St 4017223638 Gumercindo Mejia756 Pine St 4017223638 Gustavo A. Morales69 Butler Ave 4017274307 Gustavo Castillo237 Shawmut Ave 4017271057 Gustavo Gonzalez54 Valley St 4014756600


 H&R Block661 Dexter St 4017289790 H. Ibanez580 Lonsdale Ave 4017259239 H. Ortiz137 Washington St 4017263598 Halla Mart688 Broad St 4014752982 Harris Home Care North60 Eben Brown Ln 4017226000 Hashmi Sajid957 Broad St 4017224329 Hawa T. Browne57 Earle St 4017240343 Hazel Willis78 Jenks St 4017273389 Heart Of Mary R Immaculate35 Clay St 4017251126 Hector Gonzalez1485 High St 4017282703 Hector J. Galva584 Hunt St 4017240051 Hector L. Dominguez Sr76 Summer St 4017220512 Hector Serrano63 Fletcher St 4017263080 Hedco LTD50 Hedley Ave 4017238030 Helen F. Legenza7 Tiffany St 4017250877 Helen Kaplan1485 High St 4017263561 Helen M. Chouinard39 Bagley St 4017225768 Helen M. Williams1485 High St 4017234235 Helen Markowska52 Chestnut St 4014755592 Helen Mceachern80 Summit St 4017245682 Helena Kozlowski36 Henry St 4017228415 Helena M. Taveira34 Butler Ave 4017285984 Helena Markowska52 Chestnut St 4014755592 Henrique G. Darosa1485 High St, Apt N404 4017250102 Henrique R. Jorge14 Hedley Ave 4013353009 Henry Chaparro28 Cottage St 4017261740 Henry D. Letendre71 Shawmut Ave 4017249774 Henry Malave47 Fletcher St 4017241803 Henry Osorio130 Butler Ave 4017272569 Heriberto J. Colon Jr122 Lincoln Ave 4017260175 Hermelinda Olbera22 Worth St 4017233075 Hernan Areiza15 Claremont St 4017241954 Heroux L and Son27 Ledge St 4017224376 High Tech Construction Inc3 Cleveland St 4017258440 Hipolito M. Fontes95 Sacred Heart Ave 4017229588 Holiday Auto Inc1295 High St 4017228445 Holy Angel's Church320 High St 4017225130 Holy Spirit Parish1030 Dexter St 4017262600 Holy Spirit Parish901 Lonsdale Ave 4017223717 Homer L. Lafond Iii127 Perry St 4017221513 Horizon Form & Agreement40 Higginson Ave 4012886624 Hubert Baris30 Washington St, Apt A63 4017256557 Hugo Gabriel118 Perry St 4014752530 Hugo R. Estrada41 Brook St 4017263085 Hugo Rodriguez98 Earle St 4014751461 Hunt Street Pub534 Hunt St 4017251570


 I. Rodriguez127 Summit St 4017297402 Ildefonso Ramos39 Valley St, Apt 5 4017232041 Imer I. Martinez169 Valley St 4017270370 Immaculate Heart Of Mary Rectory35 Clay St 4017251126 International Food Market LLC850 Broad St 4013057934 International Meat Market756 Lonsdale Ave 4013656816 Irene M. Krzyzek1485 High St, Apt S207 4017231311 Irene M. Lemieux466 Hunt St 4017229466 Irene Pena2 Lewis St 4017282693 Irene S. Sam111 Bagley St 4017261713 Irma Rivera755 Broad St, Apt 3 4017222648 Irving L. Mendoza126 Summer St 4017225806 Isabel A. Ferreira89 Hadwin St 4017234497 Isabel A. Garcia1485 High St 4017251284 Isabel C. Agudelo348 Central St 4017250596 Isabel F. Alves35 Tiffany St 4017270160 Isabel M. Pires125 Jenks Ave 4017280547 Ismailin Rodriguez127 Summit St 4017297402 Ivan Fuentes15 Walnut St, Apt 1R 4017234740 Ivana Pomar100 Butler Ave 4014754468 Izulec498 Dexter St 4017223180


 J and J Market69 Washington St 4017264459 J L R. Owens54 Sylvian St 4017222273 J R Installations597 Lonsdale Ave 4013053058 J R Tire Shop LLC595 Lonsdale Ave 4017250309 J. Barney18 Hedley Ave 4017250589 J. Cherry93 Bagley St 4017240772 J. Cherry93 Bagley St 4017266693 J. Dejesus 4013055058 J. Diaz58 Perry St 4014753369 J. Kocon466 Hunt St, Apt 617 4017240722 J. Kocon466 Hunt St, Apt 617 4017245565 J. M. Chamberland94 Samoset Ave 4017280257 J. TamayoPacific 4017250209 Jacob Persico151 Liberty St 4014753985 Jacqueline R. Breault22 Brook St 4017284823 Jaidee Bennett259 Fuller Ave 4017224963 Jaime H. Agudelo38 Tucker St 4017256312 Jaime H. Agueldo38 Tucker St 4017256312 Jaime L. Garvey83 Valley St 4017288958 Jaime Valencia30 Washington St 4017281098 James Chi501 Roosevelt Ave 4017299446 James Cox501 Roosevelt Ave 4017242654 James L. O'brien74 Madeira Ave 4017261622 James N. Casto Jr33 Bagley St 4017283328 James P. Golden74 Summit St 4017264373 James R. Setaro131 Valley St 4013053296 James Ryan1035 Lonsdale Ave 4017280349 James Taylor520 Hunt St, Apt 3 4017280671 James Zapata53 Rand St 4017252469 Jamile Unisex Salon746 Broad St 4013053332 Jane E. Fontes95 Sacred Heart Ave 4017229588 Jane I. Pothier1485 High St 4017282805 Jane Malouin117 Bagley St 4017246511 Janet A. Belch834 Dexter St 4017247918 Janet E. Pendergrass97 Clay St 4017236001 Janet M. Sormalah63 Earle St 4017289318 Janeth Bejarno90 Moore St 4017228413 Janeth Gutierrez138 Tremont St 4017274668 Janice Duarte170 Tremont St 4017270328 Janice E. Charette250 Rand St 4017221987 Janice E. Forand32 Clifton St 4017245185 Janice Sackal30 Washington St, Apt 205 4013055437 Janice T. Sackal30 Washington St 4017261547 Jannette Sackal30 Washington St 4017261547 Jaroslaw W. Barzykowski145 Shawmut Ave 4017265739 Jarrod Brousseau119 Valley St 4017246759 Jason Chopoorian98 Clay St 4017220820 Jason Pita26 Verdun St 4017280275 Jaymes Peckham108 Cottage St 4017225184 Jayson Chamorro77 Hedley Ave 4017220836 Jean J. Duncan1485 High St 4017256928 Jeanette Mendez13 Henry St 4017281240 Jeanne James145 Chestnut St 4017298526 Jeanne Roy1485 High St 4017220782 Jeanne Y. Armfield14 Park St 4017241311 Jeannette J. Beaton466 Hunt St, Apt 302 4017226965 Jeannine Walsh117 Sumner Ave 4017270904 Jeff P. Durand248 Shawmut Ave 4017268569 Jeffrey N. Dumont141 Shawmut Ave 4017226077 Jeniffer Acosta119 Clay St 4017232241 Jenise Jackson31 Moore St 4017222609 Jennifer Agudelo78 Garfield St 4017252334 Jennifer Clancy109 Washington St 4017270873 Jennifer Le34 Parker St 4017225287 Jennifer Rider535 Roosevelt Ave 4017270910 Jenny Paiz116 Hendricks St 4017225329 Jerediah Gonzalez30 Parker St 4017243296 Jermain Pearson34 Sylvian St 4017254632 Jerome D. Girczyc30 Washington St, Apt 206 4017235425 Jeronimo Trejo15 Walnut St 4017270615 Jesse Jamnik501 Roosevelt Ave, Unit 203 4017235979 Jessica A. Grant238 Shawmut Ave 4017241009 Jessica A. Laramee57 Aetna St 4017225559 Jessica Antonio161 Tremont St 4017230025 Jessica B. Dumas274 Illinois St 4017229626 Jessica Bishop124 Illinois St 4017222179 Jessica Carreiro17 Brook St 4017280206 Jessica D. Dejesus58 Shawmut Ave 4017232601 Jessica H. Sthilaire44 Henry St 4017240897 Jessica J. St44 Henry St 4017240897 Jessica Lopez98 Perry St 4017222391 Jessica Matos107 Rand St 4017261358 Jessica Negron144 Chestnut St 4017224904 Jessica S. Nievera73 Jenks Ave 4017221158 Jessica Schumann535 Roosevelt Ave, Apt 517 4017261260 Jesus Chaparro28 Cottage St 4017261740 Jesus M. Hernandez58 Pacific St 4017224856 Jhane Pereira25 Samoset Ave 4013353550 Jimmie Hampton128 Illinois St 4017281908 Jisela Y. Jimenez243 Shawmut Ave 4017231686 Joan Bickmore1485 High St 4017281937 Joan Gribbin1485 High St 4017265937 Joan I. Machado145 Hunt St 4017233979 Joann Schoolcraft16 Sylvian St 4017248208 Joanne Celestino58 Walnut St 4017261964 Joanne M. Guilbert23 Worth St 4017283887 Joao Amado1 Worth St 4017281481 Joao L. Ferreira7 Henry St 4017254134 Joao L. Ferreira7 Henry St 4017251038 Joao M. Alves35 Tiffany St 4017270160 Joao M. Varela134 Valley St 4017239205 Joao Marques1485 High St 4017235379 Joao R. Neves134 Cottage St 4017271208 Joao Rodrigues98 Hawes St 4017230261 Joaquim M. Machado Jr145 Hunt St 4017233979 Joaquim Placido1243 High St 4017242806 Joaquim Santos1485 High St 4017250785 Jodi A. Bennett1485 High St 4017240055 Joe Dalomba3 Cleveland St 4017247817 Joe F. Quintanilha94 Perry St 4017284291 Joe Sousa178 Valley St 4017285662 Joe Sousa178 Valley St 4017256825 Joel Paez63 Cleveland St 4017251512 John A. Bryson Jr7 Watson St 4017244389 John A. Varela134 Valley St 4017239205 John Azar548 Hunt St 4017221032 John B. Gaffney70 Jenks Ave 4017235537 John B. Osko Jr80 School St 4017263831 John Coderre291 Central St 4017261474 John Crawley96 Sumner Ave 4017223427 John Defranco77 Valley St, Apt 2 4017232061 John Ferreira7 Henry St 4017251038 John Ferreira7 Henry St 4017254134 John G. Singleton85 Shawmut Ave 4017238491 John Garneau125 Valley St 4017260403 John Garvey83 Valley St 4017288958 John J. Bourgault250 Rand St, Apt 432 4017221164 John Matthews1485 High St, Apt E111 4017226160 John Oska80 School St 4017263831 John Palmisciano27 Summer St 4017260484 John R. Lussier1077 Dexter St 4017222989 John S. Mariano84 Clay St 4017240367 John T Durand728 Dexter St 4017222177 Joicy Guardela46 Kendall St 4017253121 Jolanta Opala1485 High St 4017232718 Jon Montoya138 Cottage St 4017261490 Jonas Maldonado53 Central St 4017242760 Jonathan A. Vasquez93 Henry St 4017224551 Jonathan Reyes38 Garfield St 4017241079 Jonathan Rodriguez74 Lincoln Ave 4017222016 Jordan T. Lazieh1072 Lonsdale Ave 4017231144 Jorge A. Alzate250 Rand St 4017265101 Jorge A. Teixeira1 Hawley St 4017283431 Jorge L. Tejada72 Moore St 4017260182 Jorge Rocha71 Watson St 4017235859 Jorge Saldarriaga777 Dexter St 4017228033 Jose A. Dasilva107 Hendricks St 4017297515 Jose A. Dasilva107 Hendricks St 4017261259 Jose A. Meono33 Sylvian St 4014758072 Jose A. Muriel51 Liberty St 4017232483 Jose A. Rivera25 Verdun St 4017234472 Jose Alvarado19 Madison Ave 4017253673 Jose Andino100 Butler Ave 4017280260 Jose Antonio161 Tremont St 4017230025 Jose C. Cardeal130 Valley St 4017234248 Jose Candido31 Lincoln Ave, Apt 4 4017283188 Jose Carias282 Hunt St 4017232231 Jose Carias282 Hunt St 4017247379 Jose Chavez105 Bagley St 4017264709 Jose D. Meneses17 Evaleen St 4012883168 Jose Dejesus6 Lewis St 4014752589 Jose E. Rodrigues98 Hawes St 4017230261 Jose Flores140 Summer St 4017230718 Jose G. Colon561 Pine St 4017219830 Jose Gomes883 Lonsdale Ave, # 2 4017253738 Jose Gonzalez26 Mary St 4017253168 Jose J. Pires125 Jenks Ave 4017280547 Jose L. Dias123 Sylvian St 4017268329 Jose L. Santos84 Shawmut Ave 4017227556 Jose M. Viveiros93 Madeira Ave 4017230384 Jose Mercado97 Richmond St 4017223206 Jose Molina155 School St 4017280597 Jose Murcia77 Tremont St 4017261528 Jose Navarro720 Lonsdale Ave 4017224448 Jose Peraza37 Watson St 4017215131 Jose R. Diaz75 Clay St 4017242382 Jose Rodrigo1485 High St 4017270456 Jose Sousa178 Valley St 4017285662 Jose Sousa178 Valley St 4017256825 Jose Sylvestre17 Earle St 4017234057 Jose Vargas113 Perry St 4017281583 Josefina Lorenzo59 Rand St 4017286213 Joseph C. Laramee57 Aetna St 4017225559 Joseph Depina536 Hunt St 4017223140 Joseph E. Arroyo312 Hunt St 4017270570 Joseph Godin14 Illinois St 4017270433 Joseph H. Faria114 Chestnut St 4017221868 Joseph J. Azar Jr96 Shawmut Ave 4017222315 Joseph Josephmedeiros16 Fales St 4017225037
Joseph L. Costa45 Walnut St 4017262618 Joseph L. Faria32 Shawmut Ave 4017256587 Joseph L. Grant238 Shawmut Ave 4017241009 Joseph Lheureux84 Pacific St 4017252224 Joseph M. Goes173 Hunt St 4017226429
Joseph Mcparlin584 Hunt St 4017247959 Joseph Metivier103 Valley St 4017251359 Joseph Oclair903 Broad St, Apt 2 4017219857 Joseph Santiago 4012883483 Joseph Santiago 4012883911 Joseph V. Breault34 Brook St 4017244449 Joseph W. Liro26 Elm St 4017259819 Josephine J. Sylvestre17 Earle St 4017234057 Josue Martinez169 Valley St 4017270370 Josue Nunez318 Cowden St 4017234163 Joy Mini Market528 Dexter St 4017222091 Joyce A. Battersby81 Emmett St 4017247099 Joyce Brown42 Liberty St 4013053359 Jozef Piapek320 High St 4017225130 Jr P. Szlashta385 Dexter St 4017234161 Juan B. Santa30 Washington St 4017222874 Juan C. Crespo39 Earle St 4017290102 Juan E. Par743 Pine St, Apt 1 4017229153 Juan Garcia19 Hendricks St 4017230689 Juan Melendez80 Cowden St 4017224753 Juan Monterroza35 Washington St 4017270282 Juan R. Rodriguez Sr82 Hawes St 4017298173 Juan Torres78 Illinois St 4017225658 Juan W. Acosta15 Orchard St 4017247808 Juan Yas89 Moore St 4017231008 Juana Franco53 Fales St 4013057739 Juana Sanchez72 Pacific St 4017270728 Juanita Cooper555 Roosevelt Ave 4017231503 Judy C. Victor189 Shawmut Ave 4017222591 Julia Almonte30 Washington St 4017224804 Julia Monteiro1485 High St 4017268541 Julia Teixeira2 Fales St 4014755628 Julian Pineda305 Rand St 4017230820 Julian Wec587 High St 4017250539 Juliana Gutierrez337 Central St 4017283728 Juliana Pineda305 Rand St 4017230820 Julie Dixon100 Garfield St 4017253418 Julieta Brito1485 High St, Apt N403 4014751766 Julieta Hernandez17 Binford St 4017244027 Julio A. Agosto Sr46 Perry St 4013055105 Julio Arriaga108 Tremont St 4017264246 June A. Demers250 Rand St 4017270195 Junior Louisgene57 Foundry St 4017232930 Justin J. Coyle21 Madison Ave 4017268071 Justin Pfefferle161 Lincoln Ave 4017215644 Justyna J. Kmiecik645 High St, Apt 2 4017226248


 K & W Webbing Company403 Roosevelt Ave 4017254441 K B Motors257 Hunt St 4017286020 K. Mejia357 Central St 4017269336 Kandel Food Shop390 Broad St 4013055808 Karen Mclaclan868 Lonsdale Ave 4017221480 Karen Roberts1485 High St 4017222850 Karl Huidobro84 Fales St, Apt 105 4017248876 Katara Henderson30 Washington St, Apt A24 4017221191 Katarina Podgorski535 Roosevelt Ave 4017281614 Katherine Gonzalez139 School St 4013353815 Kathleen C. Dunn48 Lincoln Ave 4017229965 Kathleen C. Dunn48 Lincoln Ave 4017287011 Kathleen G. Wood36 Clifton St 4014753425 Kathleen J. Woods159 Central St 4017240984 Kathleen L. Godin14 Illinois St 4017270433 Kathleen M. Corrigan36 Temple Pl 4017280410 Kathleen Pendergrass791 Lonsdale Ave 4017235404 Kathleen S. Legenza7 Tiffany St 4017250877 Kathleen S. Tinkham9 Tiffany St 4017244006 Katleen Principealvarado57 Summer St 4017251795 Katrinas502 Roosevelt Ave 4017271090 Kayla Laurens64 Bagley St 4017233714 Kayla Polion38 Garfield St 4017224102 Keith Roman97 Cowden St 4017222709 Keith Walton180 Hedley Ave 4017234145 Kelli Jackson53 Hadwin St 4017286057 Kelvin Valera555 Roosevelt Ave 4017242541 Kemberlyn Perez129 Tremont St 4017235212 Kenneth R. Stebenne88 Perry St 4017221787 Kent Dillion404 Roosevelt Ave 4017263058 Keri Forand32 Clifton St 4017245185 Kevin B. Dunn48 Lincoln Ave 4017229965 Kevin B. Dunn48 Lincoln Ave 4017287011 Kevin B. Gibbons43 Crown St 4017254236 Kevin Cruz126 Foundry St 4017282419 KEVIN P. LANDRY Law Offices595 Dexter St 8002007752 Khourt Gas1051 Lonsdale Ave 4017226200 Kibel Shenery65 Lincoln Ave 4017253549 Kim Michaud97 Sylvian St 4017281548 Kimberly A. Irwin1071 Lonsdale Ave 4017212705 Kimberly Carruolo154 Cross St 4017243520 Kimberly D. Sackal135 Tremont St 4017244042 Kimberly Tremblay674 Lonsdale Ave 4017271575 Kimmie Mann247 Shawmut Ave 4017280464 King's Service Center890 Dexter St 4017226267 King's Service Center104 School St 4017261420 Kitchen Guys416 Roosevelt Ave 4017230500 Kitchen Guys416 Roosevelt Ave 4013055822 Kivin Cook2 Garvey CT 4017226439 Klearly Montufar118 Fuller Ave 4017226402 Knights of Columbus20 Claremont St 4017246130 Kristina A. Cooney46 Courtland St 4017270205 Kristina Rivera826 Dexter St 4013353813 Krystel Acosta15 Orchard St 4017247808 Kudirat Salako626 Lonsdale Ave 4017261987 Kwasi Appiah1121 Lonsdale Ave 4017254761 Kwasi Appiah1121 Lonsdale Ave 4017262821 Kyle A. Duarte Sr170 Tremont St 4017270328


 L and S Maintenance Co27 Notre Dame St 4017262077 L. Abdul-Ahad30 Washington St 4017261134 L. J. Sharkey54 Valley St 4017236513 L. Mark663 Broad St 4017270613 L. Turcotte52 Watson St 4017238322 L. Zazzali35 Jenks St 4017253079 La Bella Vita Spa & Salon625 Roosevelt Ave 4014759545 La Casona Restaurant7 Ledge St 4017270002 La Milonga Bar674 Dexter St 4017231624 La Sorpresa Bakery723 Broad St 4014750099 Lamar Harris276 Hunt St 4017222051 Landy Morales116 Emmett St 4017233183 Lanni Navarro135 Butler Ave 4017270278 Larry G. Cruz38 Hedley Ave 4017223481 Larry Wang535 Roosevelt Ave 4017232482 Latino Financial Services661 Dexter St 4017289790 Latoria Lee80 Summer St 4017223971 Laura Cuevas4 Walnut St 4017223072 Laura Cuevas881 Broad St 4017225454 Laura Garcia100 Bagley St 4017270162 Laura Gutierrez101 Rand St 4017233530 Laura Pepin88 Shawmut Ave 4017236304 Laure R. Maynard47 Verdun St 4017255413 Laureat R. Vachon466 Hunt St, Apt 305 4017238779 Laurie Cesario39 Butler Ave 4017234213 Laurita's Video & Variety Store781 Broad St 4017225454 Lavinia S. Santos21 Rand St 4014752067 Law Office of Simon Hernandes855 Broad St 4013651670 Lawton Abbie Frances Meml Dental Clinic92 Summit St 4017254420 Le Myers Collision Center915 Broad St 4017222910 Leao B. Ribeiro27 Perry St 4017265433 Leedon Webbing Co86 Tremont St 4017221043 Leila Abdulahad30 Washington St 4017261134 Leilany Falcon157 Hedley Ave 4017221801 Lellany Falcon157 Hedley Ave 4017221801 Lely Castro156 Cottage St 4017260878 Lenira Delgado143 Summer St 4017251419 Leo B. Heroux30 Washington St, Apt 801 4017230476 Leo B. Ribeiro27 Perry St 4017265433 Leroy J. Sayegh179 Hunt St 4017282534 Les America Market746 Broad St 4017261274 Leslie B. Gibbons43 Crown St 4017254236 Leslie Garabedian54 Rand St 4017235155 Leslie M. Lajara34 Rand St 4017229109 Leslie Richardson111 Aetna St 4017222474 Levelle Chisman72 Chestnut St 4017254819 Levi Rayside157 Cross St 4017223815 Lidia C. Moniz28 Knight St 4017225734 Lighthouse Laundry900 Broad St 4017210713 Lilian Perez77 Valley St, Apt 3 4017261253 Liliana R. Reis1485 High St 4017282590 Limas Place499 High St 4014752551 Lin Maccaquano77 Samoset Ave 4017215858 Linda A. Martinez169 Valley St 4017270370 Linda Beale1485 High St 4017281674 Linda C. Santos84 Shawmut Ave 4017227556 Linda F. Ponton65 Pacific St 4017231609 Linda G. Rabczak30 Washington St, Apt 213 4017261915 Linda Guerrero288 Illinois St 4017250295 Linda Henning144 Central St 4017240970 Linda L. Bowles131 Emmett St 4014758690 Linda M. Gaffney95 Liberty St 4017286156 Linda M. Sylvestre17 Earle St 4017234057 Linda Maccaquano77 Samoset Ave 4017215858 Linda Wilkinson244 Cowden St 4017238186 Lindy R. Canavan60 Illinois St 4017270293 Lionel Bridgett13 Ledge St 4017231898 Lionel Frechette30 Washington St 4014754529 Lisa Goncalves56 School St 4017260902 Lisa Goodinson250 Rand St, Apt 330 4017261802 Lisa J. Rizzo15 Worth St 4017224519 Lisa M. Rendine1485 High St, Apt S302 4017260508 Lisa Palavra84 Fales St, Apt 101 4017230413 Lisa Palavra84 Fales St 4017241486 Lisbon Flowers & Gifts625 Roosevelt Ave 4013656984 Liza E. Aponte153 Butler Ave 4017241341 Lizzette Ariza643 Pine St 4017261097 Lleras Grille1252 Broad St 4014756080 Local Locksmith428 Broad St 4016420949 Locksmith34 Crossman St 4016420948 Locksmith Emergency437 Dexter St 4016420946 Locksmith Emergency27 Foundry St 4016420957 Locksmith Emergency Service48 Cross St 4016420953 Lois Paulhus30 Washington St 4017270754 Lois Paulhus30 Washington St 4013592827 Lola A. Moran30 Washington St, Apt 207 4017247294 Longobardi Yen MD571 Broad St 4017249882 Lonsdale Auto Repair, Inc.819 Lonsdale Ave 4017220993 Loorese S. Issa17 Bellevue Ave 4017245724 Lorena Lopera17 Aetna St 4017264580 Lori A. Adams134 Chestnut St 4017226407 Lori A. Malec176 Hunt St 4017228940 Loriann M. Adams134 Chestnut St 4017226407 Lorraine A. Bannon466 Hunt St 4017243184 Lorraine C. Mariano84 Clay St 4017240367 Lorraine F. Heroux65 Fales St 4017241461 Lorraine M. Dumas38 Phoenix St 4017232959 Louis Barbosa105 School St 4017272034 Louis Cornell681 Pine St 4017227525 Louise Kowal131 Earle St 4017228510 Lucia Therriault23 Claremont St 4017220105 Lucille B. Cerrone26 Tucker St 4017233844 Lucille I. Brousseau119 Valley St 4017246759 Lucille Langlois 4017247288 Lucille Therrien15 Bellevue Ave 4017252080 Lucio Rivera119 Fuller Ave 4014758841 Lucy Dasilva250 Rand St 4017221265 Lucy M. Donohue466 Hunt St 4017256829 Lucy M. Humphries30 Washington St 4017254118 Luis A. Acevedo Sr172 Hunt St 4014758008 Luis A. Burgos1347 High St 4017261031 Luis A. Taveira34 Butler Ave 4017285984 Luis B. Rubio366 Central St 4014752541 Luis C. Velez30 Washington St 4013053260 Luis Cardoso141 Central St 4017294862 Luis Castellano256 Cowden St, Apt 3 4017222565 Luis H. Pastor9 Fales St 4017281925 Luis M. Santos21 Rand St 4014752067 Luis Morales65 Watson St 4017281037 Luis P. Barbosa105 School St 4017272034 Luis Rodrigues98 Rand St 4017237028 Luis S. Ourique66 Parker St 4017286589 Luis Sulbaran30 Phoenix St 4017253230 Luisa Araujo87 Ledge St 4017248314 Luisa Duarte135 Illinois St 4013353770 Luiz Silva82 Ledge St 4017285473 Luz Diaz185 Cross St 4013053727 Luz E. Alvarez90 Garfield St 4017256814 Luz M. Navarro911 Broad St 4017268387 Luz Martinez16 Mary St 4017232062 Luz Monterrosa107 Summer St 4017260635 Luz S. Africano62 Shawmut Ave 4017257849 Luzbelia Soto39 Sumner Ave 4017222407 Lydia L Klufas MD525 Broad St 4017247800 Lydia V. Estrada109 Cleveland St 4017225556 Lynda Crutchfield35 Fales St 4017297471 Lynda Flood138 Blackstone St 4017270279 Lynn A. Robin623 Lonsdale Ave 4017225524 Lynn M. Farrell83 Clay St 4017234258 Lynne C. Cipriano57 Cottage St 4017289379


 M & G Auto Repair Lonsdale1063 Lonsdale Ave 4017273600 M & J Auto Sales1220 Broad St 4017233033 M & M Auto Repair96 Blackstone St 4017251862 M Barboza and Sons Roofing & Sheet Metal Inc444 Roosevelt Ave 4017234202 M Z M Store718 Dexter St 4017225254 M. A. Lubera 4017264568 M. Budzyna88 Illinois St 4017241552 M. Costa 4017267158 M. Londono314 Hunt St 4017240067 M. Santos1485 High St 4017250785 Mabel Beland1485 High St 4017262595 Macy Lopes63 Butler Ave 4017282439 Madeleine P. Kiras1485 High St 4017264316 Mahendre R. Patel281 Central St, Apt 1 4017281463 Mailo J. Perez1485 High St 4017220979 Mansion Nursing Home104 Clay St 4017220830 Manuel A. Lopes63 Butler Ave 4017282439 Manuel Mata1166 Broad St 4017220421 Marc A. Anderson153 Liberty St 4017228268 Marc Delisca57 Darling St 4017262802 Marcos Torres49 Claremont St 4017220915 Marelbis Arroyo312 Hunt St 4017270570 Margarita Grullon46 Perry St 4017267363 Maria A. Burgos1347 High St 4017261031 Maria A. Lopes86 Shawmut Ave 4017291418 Maria B. Frey283 Hunt St 4014752093 Maria Brunson323 High St 4017245090 Maria C. Betancur150 Cross St 4017269917 Maria C. Varela134 Valley St 4017239205 Maria Colon170 Rand St, Apt 1 4017231444 Maria Costa45 Walnut St 4017262618 Maria D. Andrade121 Tremont St 4017231678 Maria Dasilva107 Hendricks St 4017297515 Maria Dasilva107 Hendricks St 4017261259 Maria Decarvalho1485 High St 4017291079 Maria Diaz85 Kendall St 4017260419 Maria E. Fontes95 Sacred Heart Ave 4017229588 Maria E. Soares27 Bagley St 4017228908 Maria F. Dasilva1485 High St 4017248236 Maria F. Pereira25 Samoset Ave 4013353550 Maria Felicidade720 Lonsdale Ave 4017228315 Maria Figueroa1 Shawmut Ave 4017250315 Maria G. Mendoza126 Summer St 4017225806 Maria G. Narvaez4 Fales St 4017260939 Maria H. Taveira34 Butler Ave 4017285984 Maria Hidalgo97 Darling St 4017229465 Maria J. Pineda214 Washington St 4017282396 Maria Jorge259 Fuller Ave, Apt 1 4013053457 Maria K. Par743 Pine St, Apt 1 4017229153 Maria Lamas548 Lonsdale Ave 4017221959 Maria Lamas548 Lonsdale Ave 4017252468 Maria M. Melo126 Cleveland St 4017288316 Maria M. Valencia65 School St 4017280737 Maria Mateo30 Washington St 4014755256 Maria Mazo110 Railroad St 4017245413 Maria Mirabal144 Blackstone St 4017281087 Maria Miranda 4014756662 Maria Moniz63 Moore St 4017267738 Maria Montenegro3 Cleveland St 4014757292 Maria O. Gomes58 Butler Ave 4017238889 Maria Ortiz30 Washington St 4017241874 Maria Pina53 Hawes St 4017254934 Maria Pires73 Fales St 4017241235 Maria R. Jorge14 Hedley Ave 4013353009 Maria Rebelo43 Emmett St 4017240625 Maria S. Santos109 Earle St 4017245795 Maria T. Mendoza136 Bagley St 4017225409 Maria T. Torres99 Cleveland St 4017224960 Maria V. Andrade149 Earle St 4017237851 Maria Velez30 Washington St 4013053260 Maria Viveiros93 Madeira Ave 4017230384 Marianne R. Crisostomi95 Shawmut Ave 4017244773 Maribel Miranda466 Hunt St 4017240247 Marie Craige84 Fales St 4017271514 Marie D. Hawkins200 Cross St 4017242041 Marie M. Sawyer30 Washington St 4017283279 Marilyn D. Colon561 Pine St 4017219830 Marilynn J. Stanhope250 Rand St, Apt 426 4017283652 Marilys Gonzalez139 School St 4013353815 Mario A. Carreiro24 Watson St 4017223698 Mario Ardente209 Cross St 4017245375 Mario C. Hernandez137 Bagley St 4017220240 Mario Dosreis466 Hunt St 4014754784 Mario Fonseca Pest Control444 Broad St 4017222401 Mario R. Ibanez580 Lonsdale Ave 4017259239 Mario Valerio236 Cowden St 4017242217 Marion J. Brayall84 Samoset Ave 4017225247 Marisa Rodriguez648 Pine St 4017224917 Marjorie A. Craig75 Samoset Ave 4014752581 Mark Cardarelli501 Roosevelt Ave 4017221048 Mark F. Mcneile44 Tucker St 4017226515 Mark Linked663 Broad St 4017270613 Marlene M. Maldonadocruz563 Hunt St 4017235209 Marlene Maldonado21 Temple Pl 4017271606 Marlene Vidinha44 Rand St 4017220249 Marleny Agudelo78 Garfield St 4017252334 Marta Figueroa1 Shawmut Ave 4017250315 Martha Taveras650 Lonsdale Ave 4017253031 Martignetti Companies of Rhode Island500 High St 4017228008 Martin A. Walsh117 Sumner Ave 4017270904 Martin L. Burke Jr15 Evaleen St 4017222837 Mary A. Kando1485 High St 4017259340 Mary A. Welch1485 High St, Apt E224 4017223194 Mary Azar548 Hunt St 4017221032 Mary C. Holman299 Shawmut Ave 4017225906 Mary F. O'connor1064 Lonsdale Ave 4017224976 Mary G. Ouellette1485 High St 4017229479 Mary Montero687 Lonsdale Ave 4017261610 Mary Sackal13 Arrow St 4017281264 Mary-Jane Wink1485 High St, Apt S407 4017219990 Marysia's House of Beauty50 Liberty St 4017228440 Massud's Discount Carpet772 Dexter St 4017246674 Master69 Washington St 4016420818 Master Tub & Tile Reglazing Inc 5084312277 Mathew Strom250 Rand St, Apt 221 4017247381 Matthew Brayall84 Samoset Ave 4017225247 Matthew D. Cooney111 Clay St 4017285859 Matthew D. Doucet39 Tiffany St 4014752459 Matthew Procter88 Chestnut St 4017281272 Maureen Blain466 Hunt St 4017253301 Maureen Lemire50 Tucker St 4017270709 Maurice A. Landry30 Washington St 4017222021 Maurice Casto97 Sylvian St 4017262960 Maurice G. Fournier239 Cowden St, Apt 2B 4017289884 Maurice G. Lemieux93 Ledge St 4017221290 Maurice H. Brousseau70 Pacific St 4017283169 Mauricio Ramirez118 Bagley St 4017235039 Max Oliveira403 Pine St 4017249325 Maximiano A. Oliveira403 Pine St 4017249325 Maximiliano Gonzalez25 Illinois St 4017251579 Maximina Soler133 Blackstone St 4014753202 May Azar96 Shawmut Ave 4017222315 May Paulhus30 Washington St 4013592827 May Paulhus30 Washington St 4017270754 Maytag Laudromat1322 Broad St 4017258620 Meaghan Wasilewski47 Henry St 4017222880 Media Depot555 Broad St 4014343377 Megacare31 Henry St 4017219952 Megan Toner95 Liberty St 4017232653 Melissa Mccann151 Liberty St 4017263604 Melony Santos21 Rand St 4014752067 Memorial Hospital of Rhode Island1000 Broad St 4017261800 Mena Silva82 Ledge St 4017285473 Menises Tailoring & Dry Cleaning1236 Broad St 4017284030 Mercedes Florentino70 Washington St, Apt 3 4017285971 Metro PCS531 Dexter St 4017282459 Metro PCS Star Wireless742 Broad St 4013053850 MGM Realty Corporation1361 Broad St 4017236461 Mi Pueblo Market635 Dexter St 4017271005 Michael Beatty129 Bagley St 4017228179 Michael Diossa175 Hedley Ave 4017234088 Michael Dubois63 Bagley St 4017231276 Michael Hernandez137 Bagley St 4017220240 Michael Holman299 Shawmut Ave 4017225906 Michael I. Cipriano57 Cottage St 4017289379 Michael J. Stolasz291 Rand St 4017252325 Michael M. Golenia125 Cross St 4017274452 Michael Martinez52 W Hunt St 4014751506 Michael Murphy535 Roosevelt Ave 4017235651 Michael P. Lefrancois570 Pine St 4017285297 Michael Principe30 Washington St 4017244831 Michael S. Mayben30 Washington St, Apt A45 4017271159 Michel R. Blais19 Darling St 4017258231 Michelle A. Bradley555 Hunt St 4017257460 Michelle Brown174 Rand St 4017261973 Michelle M. Santos109 Earle St 4017245795 Michelle Thompson79 Summit St 4017220451 Mieczyslaw Medron30 Henry St 4017221349 Migdalia Pina250 Rand St 4017221052 Miguel A. Martinez90 Emmett St 4017253785 Miguel A. Trejo39 Earle St 4017210815 Miguel Herrera34 Chestnut St 4017269047 Miguel Laboy61 Washington St 4017210793 Miguel Mendoza136 Bagley St 4017225409 Mike Ramirez82 Cowden St 4017265012 Mike Ramirez86 Cowden St 4017280402 Mike Vargas34 Clifton St 4017295698 Miriam C. Noury26 Hood St 4017260507 Miriam Morales87 Summer St 4017220763 Mitchum Holman299 Shawmut Ave 4017225906 Mitierra Meat Market693 Dexter St 4017260200 Mj A. Walsh117 Sumner Ave 4017270904 Moises Tavera135 Washington St 4017284749 Monica Barros80 Summer St 4017261832 Monique Andrade143 Tremont St 4017261502 Monique T. Laboissonniere92 Darling St 4017225690 Montserrat Perez555 Roosevelt Ave 4017242693 Mora G. Mercado253 Rand St, Apt 3 4017252531 Moshassuck Cemetery & Crematory978 Lonsdale Ave 4017231087 Motyka Art & Frame79 Chestnut St 4017268786 Multi Service Guate773 Broad St 4013122098 Multiservices Hernandez525 Broad St 4017224399 Murdock Webbing Company27 Foundry St 4017243000 Muriel Robert466 Hunt St 4017259905 Myra K. Gardner18 Parker St 4017240725 Mzl Shine Cleaning LLC73 Division St 4014156195


 N. Burt1347 High St 4017222835 Nadia W. Mahfuz404 Roosevelt Ave, Apt 402 4013053781 Nadine L. Williams227 Illinois St 4017228703 Nail Designs1328 Broad St 4017226565 Nakesha Johnson423 Pine St 4017220949 Nakesha Johnson423 Pine St 4017282918 Nancy Causey205 Hunt St 4017280431 Nancy Chartentier22 Valley St, Apt 2 4017221761 Nancy Rivera25 Verdun St 4017234472 Natalie Gonzalez25 Ayr St 4017263478 Natalin P. Lopes31 Knight St 4017274088 Natalya Antonova250 Rand St 4017281809 Nationwide Insurance539 Broad St 4017291336 Natural Health Center858 Broad St 4017249300 Neal T. Therriault23 Claremont St 4017220105 Neil Vasquez93 Henry St 4017224551 Nelcy Rocha140 Sylvian St 4017281805 Nelida Ramos90 School St 4013055512 Nelly Perez439 Hunt St 4017253784 Nelly R. Gavidia337 Central St 4017233848 Nelson A. Munoz27 Chestnut St 4017221280 Nelson Lewis763 High St 4017240004 Nelyda Ramos90 School St 4013055512 Nettech Service915 Dexter St 4016420313 New England Cafe1374 Broad St 4017299766 New Hong Kong Restaurant514 Broad St 4017261130 New Life Church157 Washington St 4017294596 Nicole Barrios94 Samoset Ave 4017254178 Nicole Dumont520 Hunt St 4017240561 Nicole L. Doucet39 Tiffany St 4014752459 Nicole M. Miguel111 Chestnut St 4017286928 Ninoshka Perez33 Notre Dame St 4014754503 Noemi Viera71 Summer St 4017241631 Noemia Costa30 Washington St 4017264765 Norma C. Flores132 Hendricks St 4017267750 Norman Deguilio61 Cottage St 4017240895 Norman Deguilio61 Cottage St 4017283622 Norman J. Sackal13 Arrow St 4017281264 Norman Martin21 Tucker St 4017259762 Normance J. Lemay466 Hunt St 4017257505 Normand D. Deguilio Jr61 Cottage St 4017240895 Normand D. Deguilio Jr61 Cottage St 4017283622 Normand F. Dumas274 Illinois St 4017229626 Normand Guilbert23 Worth St 4017283887 Normand H. Dumont141 Shawmut Ave 4017226077 Normand L. Martin21 Tucker St 4017259762 Norris Merchant773 Lonsdale Ave 4013127019 Northwest Designs Ink Inc174 Cross St 4017219838 Nuaah Dasilva250 Rand St 4017221265 Nubia M. Sulbaran30 Phoenix St 4017253230 Nurys T. Pastor9 Fales St 4017281925


 O. Adeleke57 Orchard St 4017274939 Ofelia Olivares24 Tiffany St 4017231629 Off Track Bedding25 Conduit St 4017244806 Olanrewaju Efusanya1139 Lonsdale Ave 4017240463 Olinda Cabral1485 High St 4017254059 Omar & Oscar Jewelery Inc394 Dexter St 4017233252 Omar Wilson35 Cross St 4017229189 Omer J. Dubois63 Bagley St 4017231276 On The Go Laundromat306 Broad St 4014376105 On The Go Laundromat306 Broad St 4017270123 One Stop Convenience1252 Broad St 4017212224 Orandina C. Carreiro24 Watson St 4017223698 Osbaldo Sanchez56 Illinois St 4017280682 Oscar A. Cumplido15 Worth St 4014755181 Oscar Grajales13 Mary St 4017226943 Oscar Ipina41 Tiffany St 4017233031 Oscar O. Xajap45 Liberty St 4017286653 Osman Carmona25 Watson St 4017224528 Osram Sylvania1193 Broad St 4017231378 Osram Sylvania Inc 4017234101 Osram Sylvania Inc:    -Accounting 4017276211    -Engineering 4017276246    -Health Services 4017276228    -Human Resources 4017276216    -Maintenance 4017276248    -Melting 4017276379    -Production Control 4017276220    -Purchasing 4017276223    -Shipping 4017276265 Osvaldo H. Sanchez56 Illinois St 4017280682 Oved Contreras88 Bagley St 4014756921


 P. I. Massey466 Hunt St, Apt 606 4017234689 Palmisciano John27 Summer St 4017260484 Paradoxart125 Clay St 4013055351 Park Coelho89 Cross St 4017254862 Pastry Art Inc72 Ledge St 4017291255 Pat Burke76 Fuller Ave 4017225408 Pat's Barber Shop394 Dexter St 4017284530 Patchis Peter Yarns174 Cross St, Ste 1 4017233116 Patricia A. Murillo17 Evaleen St 4017221626 Patricia A. Pina53 Hawes St 4017254934 Patricia A. Tager60 Kendall St 4017242974 Patricia Flanagan30 Washington St 4017250168 Patricia Garcia50 Darling St 4017263618 Patricia S. Rose325 High St 4017229532 Patrick H. Woods Jr159 Central St 4017240984 Patrick J. Szlashta Jr385 Dexter St 4017234161 Patrick Mceachern80 Summit St 4017245682 Paul D. Sackal13 Arrow St 4017281264 Paul Gingers27 Ledge St 4017234638 Paul J. Savoie11 Echo St 4017240972 Paul J. Savoie11 Echo St 4017296919 Paul L. Charette466 Hunt St, Apt 608 4017261571 Paul Malouin117 Bagley St 4017246511 Paul O. Masse165 Shawmut Ave 4017252880 Paul Oliveira403 Pine St 4017249325 Paul Orloski335 Hunt St 4017221592 Paul R. Boutin64 Jenks Ave 4017287141 Paul R. Lemoie1485 High St 4017222186 Paula Abdul30 Foundry St 4017270857 Paula Dumas274 Illinois St 4017229626 Paula H. Durand248 Shawmut Ave 4017268569 Paula M. Golenia125 Cross St 4017274452 Paula Rodrigues98 Hawes St 4017230261 Paula Santos109 Earle St 4017245795 Paulette M. Barden293 Illinois St 4017233070 Paulina Almonte12 Sumner Ave 4017259262 Pauline M. Benoit25 Shawmut Ave 4017251832 Pauline O'brien74 Madeira Ave 4017261622 Pauline V. Leclerc184 Hunt St 4017234586 Pauline Y. Brousseau197 Fuller Ave 4017232109 Paulo R. Oliveira403 Pine St 4017249325 Payamps Liquors Llc551 Dexter St 4017234056 Pedro Andrade121 Tremont St 4017231678 Pedro Guante30 Washington St 4014756764 Pedro Lopez1172 High St 4017250765 Pedro M. Navarro84 Darling St 4017224458 Pennie Girl9 Kendall St 4017537974 Penny B. Letendre71 Shawmut Ave 4017249774 Peter Budzyna88 Illinois St 4017241552 Peter Crisostomi Jr95 Shawmut Ave 4017244773 Peter Mola146 Tremont St 4017241792 Peter Mola146 Tremont St 4017260024 Philip Forand32 Clifton St 4017245185 Phyllis Snell1485 High St, Apt N211 4017281911 Pictures Brew House LLC477 Dexter St 4013053054 Pierre A. Larivee28 Tiffany St 4017257983 Pierre E. Paradis27 Phoenix St 4017270682 Piotr Dziubinski36 Henry St 4017234576 Post Inc44 Central St 4017269437 Progreso Latino626 Broad St 4017285920 PS Art Frames & Mirrors174 Cross St, Ste 1 4017244700 Pulaski Society518 Roosevelt Ave 4017269483


 Quality Auto Repair503 Dexter St 4017265370 Quality Cab Inc19 Cross St 4017253000 Quality Cab Incorporated19 Cross St 4017240587 Quintiliano A. Correia365 Hunt St 4017235096


 R. D. Cloutier720 Lonsdale Ave 4017241644 R. Jaffer63 Emmett St 4017238989 R. Menard86 Shawmut Ave 4017244669 Rachel D. Blais19 Darling St 4017258231 Rachel N. Victor189 Shawmut Ave 4017222591 Rachelle Silva30 Washington St 4014753549 Radames Sepulveda250 Rand St 4017270224 Rafael B. Hernandez69 Cowden St 4017240851 Rafael Diaz67 Crossman St 4017260496 Rafael R. Morel61 Hedley Ave 4017263874 Raheb Restaurant Inc535 Dexter St 4017269689 Ramiro Uribe49 Central St 4017233056 Rand Place250 Rand St 4017242815 Randolf Lavandler26 Park St 4014750102 Rapid Locksmith877 High St 4016428213 Raquel Hernandez106 Sacred Heart Ave 4017264049 Rashida Lovett61 Darling St 4017232105 Raul Vasquez93 Henry St 4017224551 Raymond C. Belanger466 Hunt St, Apt 707 4017257795 Raymond J. Azar228 Washington St 4017231099 Raymond J. Courtois15 Illinois St 4017250290 Raymond P. Cooney111 Clay St 4017285859 Raymond P. Maynard47 Verdun St 4017255413 Raymond Valcourt250 Rand St 4017241746 Realty East 4017225003 Reba T. Ruffin171 Washington St 4017251612 Rebeca Garcia100 Bagley St 4017270162 Rebecca Gengo151 Liberty St, Apt B 4017281604 Rebecca L. Tinkham9 Tiffany St 4017244006 Reginal Bulus10 Clay St 4017223467 Rene E. Allard144 Cottage St 4017237568 Rene L. Olivier8 Reed Ave 4017250269 Rene Lopez44 Hawes St 4017244506 Rene Lopez44 Hawes St 4017225640 Rene Sarazin13 Mowry St 4017259563 Renee Darius-Alexandre270 Central St 4017285000 Rev Jozef Piapek Rev320 High St 4017225130 Reymundo Navarro135 Butler Ave 4017270278 Reynaldo Galarza 4013052172 Reynaldo Galarza 4012883979 Reynaldo Galarza 4013052040 Rhode Island Chiropractic Pain Control Clinic Inc586 Dexter St 4017294500 Rhode Island Foot Care Inc.1002 Broad St 4017229100 Rhode Island Partnership for Home Care319 High St 4017229090 Richard Ajuhan22 Cliff St 4017274649 Richard Campbell89 Perry St 4017243843 Richard L. Valera544 Hunt St 4014750415 Richard M. Burns30 Washington St, Apt A36 4017250475 Richard M. Nievera Jr73 Jenks Ave 4017221158 Richard P. Vincent1245 Broad St 4017221061 Richard R. Desjarlais15 Sumner Ave, Apt 1 4017291671 Richard Rezendes1485 High St 4017250057 Richard S. Siedlecki151 Liberty St, Apt A 4017290939 Richard Sylvestre17 Earle St 4017234057 Rima Patel281 Central St, Apt 1 4017281463 Rita B. Rainey1485 High St 4017227249 Rita F. Stebenne88 Perry St 4017221787 Rita Landry466 Hunt St, Apt 615 4017242152 Rita M. Marques1485 High St 4017235379 Rita M. Turenne466 Hunt St 4017237794 Rita S. Strom250 Rand St, Apt 221 4017247381 Rita Scanlon144 Rand St 4017270820 Rite Aid Pharmacies - Central Falls1114 Broad St 4017221897 Robby Grafals10 Fletcher St 4014754752 Robert A. Mcmaugh308 Hunt St 4017281764 Robert Charpentier466 Hunt St 4013053524 Robert E. Bradley Jr555 Hunt St 4017257460 Robert E. Brule30 Washington St, Apt 412 4017249693 Robert E. Martel22 Lake St 4017249783 Robert E. Pouliot71 Hendricks St 4017232095 Robert F. Birt Jr605 Pine St 4017260429 Robert J. Canavan60 Illinois St 4017270293 Robert L. Scanlon Jr144 Rand St 4017270820 Robert P. Zuba62 Hawes St 4017288234 Robert Piche636 Lonsdale Ave 4017269257 Robert R. Adams Jr134 Chestnut St 4017226407 Robert R. Irwin74 Rand St 4017253699 Robert S. Salisbury152 Cross St 4017263574 Robert Stpierre18 Pacific St 4017243368 Robert T. Wonders466 Hunt St, Apt 705 4017238079 Robert W. Easton404 Roosevelt Ave, Apt 501 4017212229 Robert W. Guindon169 Cross St 4017260910 Roberta Morales14 Washington St 4017245927 Roberto B. Olivares24 Tiffany St 4017231629 Roberto Cardoso55 Ayr St 4017250516 Robin Lovett61 Darling St 4017232105 Robinson Roofing and Sheet Metal Co15 Eben Brown Ln 4017225729 Rocio C. Olivo27 Cleveland St 4017289785 Rocio S. Morales74 Watson St 4017247990 Rodolfo Alvarez Jr90 Garfield St 4017256814 Rodrigo Zapata27 Summit St 4017220952 Rodriguez Stephan555 Broad St 4017261583 Roger Dupre1485 High St 4017263007 Roger Houle6 Lewis St, Apt 1 4017223874 Roger N. Tellier909 Dexter St 4017289286 Roger T. Chouinard39 Bagley St 4017225768 Roland J. Masterson82 Jenks Ave 4017222773 Roland O. Dumas38 Phoenix St 4017232959 Roman R. Cybowicz134 Tremont St 4017229167 Roman Wec587 High St 4017250539 Romenski Karol A & Sons342 High St 4017227250 Ron J. Velzis96 Perry St 4017250977 Ronald A. Allard95 Hendricks St 4017283957 Ronald Bowers30 Washington St 4017256245 Ronald Contreras77 Hendricks St 4017226183 Ronzio Pizza1291 Broad St 4017250500 Roque Zuniga504 Hunt St 4017266947 Rosa A. Gomes29 Knight St 4017282785 Rosa A. Rodriguez29 Cowden St 4017232090 Rosa A. Rodriguez29 Cowden St 4013056619 Rosa Durant16 Reed Ave 4017249340 Rosa Igueiredof187 Hunt St 4017248978 Rosa L. Garcia98 Earle St 4014751461 Rosa M. Dias123 Sylvian St 4017268329 Rosa Navaja28 Rand St 4014754150 Rosa Pereira10 Lewis St 4017222678 Rosa Rosales108 Emmett St 4017220852 Rosalba Escobar81 Fales St 4017242936 Rosalie J. Minior30 Washington St, Apt 915 4017227878 Rosalie Urban1485 High St 4017231972 Rosanie Garconville315 High St 4017233707 Rosco Laboratories Inc31 Walnut St 4017256765 Rose Baxter1485 High St, Apt N102 4017242499 Rose E. Connolly73 Kendall St 4017243411 Rose M. Bennett1485 High St 4017240055 Rose M. Canavan60 Illinois St 4017270293 Rose Nobrega100 Garfield St 4017225356 Rose Perez50 Brook St 4014756924 Rose Sweeting38 Eben Brown Ln 4017255774 Rosemarie M. Setaro131 Valley St 4013053296 Rosemary B. Miguel111 Chestnut St 4017286928 Rosemary Kersey635 Roosevelt Ave 4017220793 Ross Desrosiers155 Central St 4017241326 Rossell's Beauty Salon537 Broad St 4017251224 Roxanne Trenteseaux338 Cowden St 4017273254 Royal Cab Inc19 Cross St 4017251000 Rpc Tax & Services Inc1326 Broad St 4017219868 Ruben Flores141 Blackstone St 4017240182 Ruby E. Ordonez326 Cowden St 4017227951 Rudolph J. Legenza7 Tiffany St 4017250877 Rufina Hernandez75 Lincoln Ave 4014759871 Rui A. Moniz28 Knight St 4017225734 Rumana J. Jaffer63 Emmett St 4017238989 Russell C. Stebenne88 Perry St 4017221787 Ryan E. Corrigan36 Temple Pl 4017280410 Ryszard Lech466 Hunt St 4017227097


 S. Gomes14 Washington St 4017220016 S. Henderson84 Fales St, Apt 306 4017254658 S. Orlando555 Roosevelt Ave 4017234212 S. Weinberg68 Cross St 4017261743 Sady E. Gonzalez25 Illinois St 4017251579 Safa F Wagdi MD1002 Broad St 4017230030 Safa F. Wagdi1002 Broad St 4017230030 Safety Flag82 Hadwin St 4017220900 Said J. Leon14 Madison Ave 4017289439 Saint Ephraims Church205 Washington St 4017240090 Salazar Rafael Dgn Ofc131 Clay St 4017273517 Salon Marcia's1324 Broad St 4017229290 Salvador G. Rodrigues70 Tremont St 4017296083 Sam Gibbons43 Crown St 4017254236 Samuel A. Campbell Sr89 Perry St 4017243843 Sandra A. Coyle21 Madison Ave 4017268071 Sandra Chacon13 Washington St 4017234695 Sandra L. Bryson7 Watson St 4017244389 Sandra L. Wilder1485 High St, Apt S109 4017282827 Sandra Plaza44 Cottage St 4017232140 Sandra Walmsley855 Broad St 4017241424 Sandra Zambrana82 Railroad St 4017280353 Sandry M. Velzis96 Perry St 4017250977 Sandy Stebenne88 Perry St 4017221787 Sarah Golden74 Summit St 4017264373 Sarah's Unisex Salon34 Crossman St 4017261730 Sasha Gomes14 Earle St 4017242867 Scott Baxter1485 High St, Apt N102 4017242499 Scott S. Galvin42 Liberty St 4017244128 Sean Nash84 Fales St 4017243813 Shaaliyah Gomes14 Washington St 4017220016 Shane E. Lima535 Roosevelt Ave, Apt 214 4017225213 Sheila C Skip Nowell Leadership Academy43 Hawes St 4017221600 Sheila Torres56 Washington St 4017260628 Shell55 Conduit St 4017267890 Sherrylyn Andrews54 Pacific St 4017220396 Shirley Dupre1485 High St 4017263007 Shirley Moskwa22 Earle St 4017253876 Shur-Az Janitorial Supplies871 High St 4017230116 Silva Agency536 Lonsdale Ave 4017245053 Silvia J. Ayala33 Phoenix St 4014755426 Silvia Maldonado425 Central St 4017230636 Silvia Rivera147 Illinois St 4017220187 Silvia Valencia70 Lincoln Ave 4017230790 Silvia Valencia70 Lincoln Ave 4017297451 Simone A. Barzykowski145 Shawmut Ave 4017265739 Siobhan B. Beatty129 Bagley St 4017228179 Sofia Diaz75 Clay St 4017242382 Sofia Silva82 Ledge St 4017285473 Sokhna A. Ndour157 Cross St 4017290743 Solution Wireless Center582 Dexter St 4013053200 Sonia Arenas1485 High St, Apt E424 4017224263 Sonia G. Edgardo53 Crossman St 4017280294 Sonia Herrera34 Chestnut St 4017269047 Sonia N. Diaz75 Clay St 4017242382 Sonrisa Restaurant48 Cross St 4017254958 Sorie Avila72 Hedley Ave 4017242084 Spanish Wholesale760 Dexter St 4017227340 Sparkys Restaurant548 Dexter St 4017269086 Sphere Locksmith1044 Lonsdale Ave 4016428238 Spirit & Truth United Pentecostal Church45 Shawmut Ave 4017228001 St Basil The Great Rectorry111 Cross St 4017221345 St George's Church12 Clinton St 4017229449 Stanley J. Szumila Jr737 High St 4017270207 Star Locksmith of Central Falls309 Broad St 4016420538 Stella Sweet466 Hunt St, Apt 303 4017262459 Stephanie Agudelo78 Garfield St 4017252334 Stephanie L. Zuba62 Hawes St 4017288234 Stephanie Mendoza126 Summer St 4017225806 Sterling Seymour56 Tucker St 4017224853 Steve J. James145 Chestnut St 4017298526 Steven Figueroa96 Hendricks St 4017263290 Steven Trentesdaux338 Cowden St 4017273254 Steven Trenteseaux338 Cowden St 4017273254 Steven Vasquez93 Henry St 4017224551 Steven Zuniga504 Hunt St 4017266947 Stolberger Inc1211 High St 4017248800 Storage America558 Roosevelt Ave 4017267666 Stuart Manufacturing LLC548 Roosevelt Ave 4017262310 Suburban Lockco847 High St 4016420531 Subway310 Broad St 4017267827 Sunny Hill Farm Llc364 Dexter St 4017237399 Sunshine Market181 Washington St 4017269438 Superior Locksmith of Central Falls772 Dexter St 4016420189 Susan L. Fain153 Central St 4017210729 Susan L. Sartini535 Roosevelt Ave, Apt 614 4017254808 Susan Levasseaur149 Tremont St 4017280529 Susan M. Garvey83 Valley St 4017288958 Susan M. Sylvestre17 Earle St 4017234057 Susanne L. Grant238 Shawmut Ave 4017241009 Suseela Devalla360 Hunt St 4017278360 Suzanne C. Bigness93 Ledge St 4017280160 Suzanne D. Riseberg25 Hawley St 4017283008 Suzanne M. Courtois15 Illinois St 4017250290 Suzanne M. Guindon169 Cross St 4017260910 Syndria Mecham1485 High St, Apt S309 4017250740


 Taco Mix723 Broad St 4014756668 Tai-O Associates521 Roosevelt Ave 4014752988 Tammi D. Johnson75 Emmett St 4017232188 Tania L. Estrada41 Brook St 4017263085 Taqueria Lupita765 Dexter St 4017242650 Tarshawn Swepson99 Rand St 4017260193 Tastex Corporation467 Roosevelt Ave 4017272900 Tavera Angela135 Washington St 4017284749 Ted S Auto Sales326 Broad St 4017226544 Teresa Matthews1485 High St, Apt E111 4017226160 Teresa Palana535 Roosevelt Ave 4017235325 Teri L. Cooney111 Clay St 4017285859 Terilee L. Golden74 Summit St 4017264373 The Children's Workshop151 Hunt St 4017274474 The Chocolate Loft72 Ledge St 4017250790 The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-Day Saints445 Broad St 4017248793 The Sister Beauty Salon901 Broad St 4017278565 The Tropical Restaurant855 Broad St 4017222662 The Universal Church668 Broad St 4017220720 Theodora Gomez120 Foundry St 4017287754 Theodore J. Martin30 Cleveland St 4017231519 Theresa A. Simoneau101 Darling St 4017234067 Theresa Espinosa871 Dexter St 4017235231 Theresa Joseph239 Washington St 4017249175 Theresa R. Masterson82 Jenks Ave 4017222773 Therese A. Vincent1245 Broad St 4017221061 Therese M. Mcmaugh308 Hunt St 4017281764 Thomas C. Belanger18 Clifton St 4017228265 Thomas Cawley16 Binford St 4017220936 Thomas D. Cerrone26 Tucker St 4017233844 Thomas Dery82 Jenks Ave 4017221416 Thomas Dunphy250 Rand St 4017221074 Thomas E. Gaboriault258 Shawmut Ave 4017282490 Thomas F. Farrell83 Clay St 4017234258 Thomas J. Kocon466 Hunt St, Apt 617 4017245565 Thomas J. Kocon466 Hunt St, Apt 617 4017240722 Thomas J. Lazieh1072 Lonsdale Ave 4017231144 Thomas Lister1011 Dexter St 4017225835 Thomas Malloy466 Hunt St 4017247981 Thomas P. Krause9 Kendall St 4017297533 Three Flags Bakery1255 Broad St 4017255303 Tiffany Swepson99 Rand St 4017260193 Timothy Grace1117 Lonsdale Ave 4017289152 Tina Byron250 Rand St, Apt 324 4017253567 Tio Pepe Inc508 Dexter St 4017242565 Tito Morale140 Summer St 4017232921 Tobias Vieira212 Cottage St 4017220573 Todd Moore868 Lonsdale Ave 4017270383 Tom Monsalve13 Butler Ave 4017231651 Tony's Shoe Service781 Broad St 4017282620 Torres Edgardo53 Crossman St 4017280294 Tracy L. Jenkins191 Washington St 4017250112 Tre B. Ben555 Roosevelt Ave 4017240430 Twin City Marine600 High St 4017236100 Tyeace Mcrae28 Clay St 4017282515 Tynthia Rivera556 Lonsdale Ave 4017270857


 U-Haul Neighborhood Dealer558 Roosevelt Ave 4017223933 U-haul Neighborhood Dealer 4013052175


 V. B. Magana627 Lonsdale Ave 4017251384 Vac Forming Unlimited Inc161 Rand St 4017236603 Valdir Santos21 Rand St 4014752067 Valerie Jarvis535 Roosevelt Ave 4017225094 Valley Liquors1368 Broad St 4017281005 Valley Locksmith205 Central St 4016428279 Vanessa D. Neves134 Cottage St 4017271208 Vanessa Vasquez18 Summit St 4017261326 Vanessa Zuniga504 Hunt St 4017266947 Variedades Mil889 Dexter St 4013120000 Vasilikin Platsidakis141 Illinois St 4017271028 Vaso Platsidakis141 Illinois St 4017271028 Veronica L. Castaneda17 Watson St 4017294846 Veterans of Foreign Wars176 Washington St 4014678940 Vicenta J. Ferrer36 Crossman St 4017280374 Vicente N. Jimenez243 Shawmut Ave 4017231686 Vicente Rodriguewz59 Cowden St 4017290286 Victor J. Breault34 Brook St 4017244449 Victor M. Reyes121 Summit St 4017232384 Victor M. Rodriguez99 Sumner Ave 4017264559 Victor Martinez286 Shawmut Ave 4017250839 Victor Murillo17 Evaleen St 4017221626 Victor S. Turenne224 Shawmut Ave 4017229147 Victor Sanchez60 Chestnut St 4017210838 Victoria Arroyo1036 Broad St 4017260425 Victoria Haug501 Roosevelt Ave, Unit 404 4017262949 Victoria Salako626 Lonsdale Ave 4017261987 Victoria Toledo130 Perry St 4014756049 Victorian Manor Inc1192 Broad St 4017233668 Village Pizza Inc650 Dexter St 4017253800 Vilma N. Guevara158 Cross St 4017229582 Vincenzo L. Bollella101 Clay St 4017249117 Violet E. Hill1485 High St 4017283739 Virginia K. Birch22 Park St 4017240549 Vitalina B. Almonte30 Washington St 4017224804 Viviane Lopes45 Moore St 4017220138


 W. Gomez 4017220643 W. Postle100 Bagley St 4017226202 Wagdi Safa F1002 Broad St 4017230030 Wagner Andrew1193 Broad St 4017280898 Waldenar Kaminski8 Central St 4017246628 Waldis Party Store887 Dexter St 4014752024 Walter Febus244 Washington St 4017220572 Walter J. Armfield14 Park St 4017241311 Walter Lara5 Darling St 4014751205 Walter Salvatore1485 High St 4017223139 Walter V. Kennedy466 Hunt St, Apt 502 4017244524 Walter W. England129 Perry St 4017250136 Wanda M. Musotic11 Worth St 4017224517 Warde-Robe1286 Broad St 4017290405 Warren C. Cherry Jr93 Bagley St 4017240772 Warren C. Cherry Jr93 Bagley St 4017266693 Watta Saah66 Earle St 4017243815 Wayne D. Clarke501 Roosevelt Ave 4017224515 Wellington I. Cabrera76 Chestnut St 4017228450 Wes Gomez47 Barber Ave 4017234970 West Warwick Wic Program145 Washington St 4018263230 Whittet-Higgings Co33 Higginson Ave 4017280700 Wilfred Brunelle63 Fletcher St 4017231287 Wilfred O. Lariviere466 Hunt St, Apt 516 4017282518 William A. Cea137 Sumner Ave 4017261960 William C. Hunt30 Washington St, Apt A21 4017240053 William Collins Company444 Central St 4017254396 William F. Mullen649 Broad St 4014754777 William Harter510 Dexter St 4017281636 William J. Benson Jr1100 Lonsdale Ave 4017241162 William M. Morrissey Jr535 High St 4017223451 Wilson A. Restrepo104 Rand St 4017261263 Wioletta Wec609 High St 4017242439 Wireless One531 Dexter St 4017282459 Wonderwall Construction835 High St 4017241455 World Travel Service440 Dexter St 4017268090 Wyatt Detention Facility950 High St 4017291190


 Xelapan Bakery904 Lonsdale Ave 4017234893 Xelapan Bakery904 Lonsdale Ave 4017240890


 Y. Adesina57 Orchard St 4017233531 Y. Echavarria175 Cross St 4017222615 Yalakki Gowda46 Walnut St 4017270414 Yamillette Burgos643 Pine St 4017232084 Yesenia Deleon97 Cowden St 4017244038 Yetunde Adesina57 Orchard St 4017233531 Yolanda Smith143 Central St 4017234968 Yomaris Galva6 Parker St 4017282356 Ysabel M. Echavarria175 Cross St 4017222615 Ywca324 Broad St 4017223010 Ywca43 Hawes St 4017230649


 Z. Golebiowska11 Park St 4017267160 Zbigniew J. Giza36 Henry St 4017264494 Zelinda Monteiro125 Summit St 4017241868 Zonia S. Belteton82 School St 4017263083 Zoraida D. Rodriguez82 Hawes St 4017298173 Zulma Zeno57 Garfield St 4017225261 Zuluaga Insurance Agency789 Dexter St 4017228810 Zuluaga Multi Services Inc791 Dexter St 4017243080


 24 Hours Emergency Locksmith502 Roosevelt Ave 4016420954 24 Hours Emergency Locksmith72 Ledge St 4016420958 24 Hr Emergency Locksmith884 Lonsdale Ave 4016420947 7-Eleven603 Hunt St 4017260124
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