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Bacliff, TX. 77518

This directory have users from Bacliff, Dickinson, Houston, Leon, San Leon, Texas City (Texas).
Use the area codes: 281, 409, 713, 832, 979.
Showing 2147 users on directory.
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 A Alternator & Starter900 Grand Ave 2813399099 A Tree-Mendus Tree Service 2813392814 A. Parker 2813392829 Aaron A. Mckinney4823 Redfish Reef DR 2813390920 Aaron Hildebrand4726 15th St 2813390995 Aaron Main4731 11th St 2815494554 Aaron Smith4811 Caranchua Reef DR 2813392356 ABC ABC4022 Oak Ln 2813393142 Abdulilah M. Assaker531 Middleton St 2815594909 Abe's Auto Repair and Inspection4509 20th St 2813391019 Abel Salazar4450 8th St 2813397175 Ace Hardware607 Grand Ave 2813391531 Adam Emery5003 Chase Wick DR 2819579137 Adam Henson4902 Hannas Reef DR 2815326340 Adam J. Miller4207 Lechenger St 2813392248 Adam P. Henson4902 Hannas Reef DR 8328642452 Adan Leyva4617 2nd St 2813399007 Adolfo Hernandez3125 Dimrod St, # 1 2815494478 Adolfo T. Duran3819 Melody Ln 2813395188 Adria K. Kahn1119 Chase Park DR 2815593799 Adria Vandorp4447 14th St 8328642576 Advantage Bridge and Bulkheading711 Gordy Rd 2815591140 After Warranty Appliance Service 2813391800 Agnes Reed4501 5th St 2813395095 Aj J. Burke326 Texas Ave 2815497702 Alberto T. Torres3719 Melody Ln 2815594034 Alberto Villagomez1119 Perkins DR 2813397447 Alberto Yanes1103 Grand Ave 2813391625 Alecya Gallaway 2815592068 Alejandra Barragan4726 18th St 2813392994 Alejandra Munoz4125 Paladino St 2815496536 Alexandra Hrdina5230 Lagoon CT 2813391039 Alexis B. Bell823 Chase View DR 2813392174 Alfonso Hernandez3125 Dimrod St 2813392414 Alfred Evans4206 Bayshore DR 2813395750 Alfred Peoples524 Louisiana Ave, Trlr 40 2813397033 Alfred Stanford303 Gordy Rd, Trlr 52 2819579782 Alfredo C. Charles4903 Dollar Reef DR 8328643335 Alfredo L. Ramirez4426 16th St 2813390783 Alice B. Traina533 Oklahoma Ave 8328643791 Alicia Llanos5230 Chasewood DR 8328643909 Alicia Martinez530 Baker Ave 2815497553 All Universal Services Co 2813391333 All-American Enterprises4014 Oak Ln 2813399003 Allan Alexander3111 George St 2813392641 Allan Ison4730 10th St 2813390064 Allan Lopez4432 Orange St 2815497920 Allen Borinsky126 Donna Ln 2813393224 Allison Buke4915 Moody Reef DR 2813397022 Alma Hernandez3011 Michael St 2813397769 Amalio Barragan4726 18th St 2813392994 Amanda Bell823 Chase View DR 2813392174 Amanda Day5002 Chase Stone DR 8328642961 Amanda Phemister247 Sea Breeze DR 2813390048 Amanda Phemister247 Sea Breeze DR 2815326924 Amber Findle906 Reppert St, Unit A 8328643145 Ameche Simmons834 Chase View Dr 8328643480 Amegy Bank4021 Highway 146 2815594649 Amegy Bank Of Texas - Southeast - Bacliff4021 Highway 146 Bacliff 7132358800 Amelia Horton1018 Bacliff DR 2815494499 America Goff4919 Chase Wick DR 2815326568 American Property Improvement4211 Smith St 2815326899 Americas Storage4600 W Bayshore DR 2813395200 Amerititle Absract & Research2907 Bayshore DR 2815591359 Amy Hatfield3117 Carolyn St 2815592531 Amy Hungerford 2813393786 Amy Rothwell5218 Misty Ln 8328642625 Amy Theriot4725 11th St 8328642563 Ana Garcia331 Gordy Rd, Trlr 2 2813397888 Ana Hernandez3906 Clifton Ln 8328643517 Ancelmo Hilario5118 Chase Park Gate St 2813390778 Andrea Crosser4403 12th St 2813391949 Andrea Meyers4011 Clay Ln, Apt A 2813392097 Andrew G. Gessner2929 Bayshore DR 2813399999 Andrew Gilbert1119 Chase Park DR 2815497538 Andy Jones5130 Chasewood DR 2815494120 Anel Coronado4614 10th St 2815494965 Angel Hernandez4922 Big Reef DR 2815496045 Angela Ballinger4822 Moody Reef DR 2813393752 Angela Burton4440 15th St 8328643167 Angela Carrell5430 Chasewood DR 2815494342 Angela D. Ballinger1010 Bacliff DR 2813392906 Angela D. Boles954 Chase Park DR 2813390002 Angela Daniel521 Avenue E 2813390001 Angela Hernandez4922 Big Reef DR 2815496045 Angela Hernandez4922 Big Reef Dr 2813390070 Angela K. Cummings4122 White St 2813393458 Angela K. Henry4118 White St 2815496908 Angela W. Jones3119 Charles St 8328643092 Angelica E. Salazar3110 Carolyn St 2813391927 Angelica Flores4615 7th St 2815591815 Angelin Seymour322 Reppert St 2813392858 Angelina Martinez4021 Clifton Ln, Spc 1 2815497346 Angelina Seymour322 Reppert St 2813392858 Angella Choate419 Kansas St 2815497951 Angie L. Clark3104 Michael St 2813390369 Angie L. Munoz931 Chase Park DR 2813393296 Anissa Reynolds5206 Chasewood DR 8328643008 Anita Sanchez118 Louisiana Ave 2819579312 Ann Baugh4507 9th St 2815591262 Ann Slovacek4410 Orange St 2813392099 Annabell Pope 2815591646 Anne Horton1018 Bacliff DR 2815494499 Annette Zayac4732 9th St 2813393061 Annie A. Mccormick907 Chase Creek Cir 8328643226 Anthony Barragan4726 18th St 2813392994 Anthony De'angelo4903 Chase Wick DR 2813397097 Anthony M. Cummings4122 White St 2813393458 Anthony Manning4431 14th St 8328642921 Anthony Poynor5106 Chase Wind CT 2815326481 Anthony Ritter4615 5th St 2815593352 Anthony S. Anderson4203 Coon St 2813391854 Anthony Threadgill218 Baker Ave 2813390507 Anthony's Mexican Restaurant941 Grand Ave 2815592495 Antoinett Jones2652 Bayshore DR 2813392195 Antonio Reyes5111 Chase Park Gate St 2813390321 April J. Smith5102 Chase Wind CT 2815594320 April Morales524 Louisiana Ave 2813392059 April Sprayberry4801 20th St 2813390075 Aqua Air Product Inc3331 Highway 146 2813392776 Arbor Tech Tree Care 2813392970 Argelia Monterroso4422 15th St 2815497319 Ariel Flores3721 Harmony Ln 2815494592 Arlene Malak929 6th St 2813395146 Arthur Formas4807 Oleander St, # 171 2813392674 Arthur J. Willis4430 10th St 2813390106 Ashley Carranza1131 Chase Park DR 2815494796 Ashley Henson4906 Hannas Reef DR 2813395017 Ashley Hummer618 Reppert St 2815496624 Ashley Music3319 Alsworth St 2813397798 Ashley T. Histand4131 Houx St 2815591469 Ashlyn Maguire4612 17th St 8328643201 Ashton Hanley4735 5th St 8328642966 Assaker Saml531 Middleton St 2815594909 Audrey Everett330 Reppert St 8328643317 Autobahn Apps Inc4601 W Bayshore DR 2819579486 Autumn Castille5035 Chase Mountain DR 8328642550 Autumn Lundy3816 Chanterway St 2813391019


 B. Carlile 2815593590 B. Dwiggins4711 11th St 2815594356 B. Grace4405 20th St 2813392009 B. Miller-Fergerson 2815591510 B. Shuck4222 Schwartz St 2815591110 Bacliff Appliance4734 5th St 2813395356 Bacliff Builders Supply Inc607 Grand Ave 2813391531 Bacliff Chemical524 Grand Ave 2815591863 Bacliff Dental Clinic235 Grand Ave 2815591531 Bacliff Farrell3230 Charles St 2813390817 Bacliff Grocery and Deli545 Grand Ave 2815593199 Bacliff Municipal Utility Dist4303 12th St 2813393286 Bacliff Municipal Utility Dist4303 12th St 2813391634 Bacliff Volunteer Fire Department600 Grand Ave 2813392880 Bailey Hughes3910 Clifton Ln 2815326884 Barbar Morgan3815 Bayshore DR 2815592730 Barbara Ann Roberts 2815496915 Barbara Benson 2813395050 Barbara Ficklen4502 4th St 2815593162 Barbara G. Brewer4923 Redfish Reef DR 2815592389 Barbara G. Irwin115 Miles Rd 2813391961 Barbara Hornback2814 Bayshore DR 2813391886 Barbara J. Gessner2929 Bayshore DR 2813399999 Barbara Knight4814 Hannas Reef DR 2813390429 Barbara Krus3731 Bayshore DR 2813394533 Barbara Morgan3815 Bayshore DR 2815592730 Barbara Shuck4222 Schwartz St 2815591110 Barbara Wicker5226 Misty Ln 8328643795 Barbara Youngblood4803 13th St 8328642507 Barri Financial942 Grand Ave 2815496387 Bay Area Assurance602 Grand Ave 2813392422 Bay Area Sti4739 20th St 2819579483 Bay Ave Boutique1106 Grand Ave 2815326999 Bay Harbor Marina & R V Park105 9th S 2813392040 Bay Products Inc323 Grand Ave 2813391381 Bayarea Striping Service4735 20th St 2813392712 Baycliff Family Healthcare Inc1136 Grand Ave 2815591122 Baycliff Retail Shop3115 Highway 146 2819579742 Baylor Animal Clinic826 Grand Ave 2813393285 Bayshore Friends Church3507 Walsh St 2813391302 Bayshore Properties219 Grand Ave 2815496000 Bayview Auto Service Center3403 Highway 146 2813391630 Bayview Christian Center2905 Leroy St 2815592214 Bayview Duck Restaurant3131 Highway 146 2813393510 Bayview Equestrian Center315 Jasper St 2813390027 Bayview Municipal Utility Dist309 Miles Rd 2813393083 Bayview Municipal Utility Dist309 Miles Rd 2813391959 Bayview RV LLC2933 Highway 146 2815592507 Bayview Towing and Recovery LLC 2815494756 Bebe J. Dwiggins4711 11th St 2815594356 Belia Lancon5023 Chase Mountain DR 2813390012 Benito Colmelero4414 16th St 2815496531 Benjamin Garza Sr4803 Hannas Reef DR 2813391300 Benjamin Guillotte5410 Chasewood DR 2815326370 Benjamin Miller4910 Hannas Reef DR 2813391956 Bernard James Milmo4122 Lechenger St 2813397147 Berta J. Garza3229 Walsh St 2813399037 Berta J. Garza3229 Walsh St 2813393316 Bethel A. Morgan3815 Bayshore DR 2815592730 Betsy A. Kennedy4911 Chase More DR 2815494237 Betty A. Peters4719 18th St 2815594066 Betty A. Weisinger3531 Emerson St 2819579107 Betty Bradfield3214 Walsh St 2813392319 Betty J. Ady4210 Bayshore DR 2815591378 Betty Morgan4206 Paladino St 2813392418 Betty Poole4406 8th St 2813391272 Betty Redfield5007 W Bayshore DR 2813391283 Betty White4727 5th St 2815494790 Beverly A. Foller4218 Sevan St 2815591357 Beverly A. Mathews4740 Orange St 2813393524 Beverly Lyttle 2813392578 Beverly Shehan4814 Chase Stone DR 2819579460 Big Daddy's1215 Avenue E 8328642660 Bill B. Usher3424 Bayshore DR 8328642590 Bill Billingsley4119 Bayshore DR 2813391093 Bill Billingsley4119 Bayshore DR 2813397251 Bill E. Wallace208 Kansas St 2813391829 Bill Gulledge3128 Carolyn St 2813392228 Billie Guzman3214 Charles St 8328642039 Billie J. Higginbotham208 Kansas St 2813391829 Billingsley W H5019 W Bayshore DR 2813391628 Billy Childress4802 Oleander St, # 432 2813391720 Billy D. Dobbs 2815591495 Billy G. Nelson4202 Darby St 2813393200 Billy Mcmillin4801 12th St 2815494557 Bioconcepts4445 20th St 2813392222 Boat City Storage 2813392000 Bob Robbins3119 George St 2813392283 Bobbie J. Smith3222 Walsh St 2813392067 Bobby Arnold4439 3rd St 2815592792 Bobby Craig3030 Bayshore DR 2813390642 Bobby R. Brown4403 11th St 8328641341 Bobby Shaver4502 6th St 2813393117 Bone Stevenson5301 1/2 10 St 2813390525 Bonnie Adams4114 Carl St 2815326192 Bonnie Harrill 2815591000 Bonnie L. Hutto826 Chase View DR 2813392340 Bookish Pelican1032 Grand Ave 2813393050 Boone Construction223 Gordy Rd 2813397042 Brad Bingham 2813392299 Brad Burrell3836 Putnam DR 2815592303 Bradley Shaw2707 Bayshore DR 2813390704 Brandi Windsor4125 Bruce St 8328642110 Brandie Brandli3321 Alsworth St 2819579866 Brandon C. Funderburg4923 Redfish Reef DR 2815592389 Brandon Flores4615 7th St 2815591815 Brandon Schultz4701 Orange St 2813397681 Brandy Coffey3607 Walsh St 2813391198 Brenda Hedrick3600 Reading St 2813395486 Brenda Miller-Fergerson3201 Keller St 2815591510 Brent L. Rector4412 17th St, Lot 5 2813393207 Brettnie Hadasall4818 10th St 2813390054 Brian A. Preston Jr5417 W Bayshore DR, # A 2813391001 Brian Collier3322 Walsh St 2813390090 Brian Johnson4810 Redfish Reef DR 2813393652 Brian Nguyn640 Gordy Rd 2815594514 Brian Weisinger3521 Bayshore DR 2815494566 Bridgette Dobson4811 Big Reef DR 2813395044 Brissa Garza4803 Hannas Reef DR 2813391300 Britney Fields4426 6th St 8328643269 Brittany C. Griffin5006 Chase Lake CT 8328642431 Brooklyn Pizza1007 Grand Ave 2813393300 Bruce A. CarlilePo Box 9263 2815593590 Bruce M. Mahoney4810 Chase Wick DR 2815591880 Bryan Willis950 Chase Lock DR 8328642535 Burdetta Valdes3925 Clay Ln 2815326754 Burnard R. Sims5039 Misty Ln 2815496055 Burnie Sims5039 Misty Ln 2815496055


 C. Gallaway 2815592012 C. Grounds3802 Harmony Ln 2813393541 C. L. Labout3003 Michael St 2813391478 C. Libbey 2815594372 Caitlin Windus202 Miles Rd 2813392185 Cal Pri4746 Orange St 8328642700 Calispro Reyes 2815591636 Calistro Reyes3004 Michael St 2815591636 Calvin Walker524 Louisiana Ave, Trlr 15 2813391107 Camie Mcglothlin4807 Chase Court DR 2819579832 Candace Watson5019 Gulf Stream Ln 2815496388 Capt Wick's Landing 2813390064 Carl D. Peters 2815594066 Carl E. Siggins 2815592365 Carl Stephens5110 Chase Wind CT 2813393053 Carla A. Cimarosti700 Gordy Rd 2813392703 Carla Brocco915 Jackson Ave 2819579146 Carli Slovacek4410 Orange St 2813392099 Carmen Baena4215 Miller St 2815494757 Carol A. Garza3229 Walsh St 2813393316 Carol A. Garza3229 Walsh St 2813399037 Carol Cummings4122 White St 2813393458 Carol Mclaughlin230 Gordy Rd 2813392036 Carol O'callaghan845 Jackson Ave 2815496039 Carol Scott4831 Chase Wick DR 2815496379 Carol Whitley4443 11th St 8328642808 Carole Miller3922 Bayshore DR 8328642019 Carolin Bratt911 Chase Lock DR 8328642098 Caroline Brooks4010 Bayshore DR 2813392479 Caroline M. Hudson5022 Chase Mountain DR 2813392697 Carolyn A. Sims5039 Misty Ln 2815496055 Carolyn Cooling5411 W Bayshore DR 2815326250 Carolyn Preston5417 W Bayshore DR 2813391001 Carolyn Spraker2918 Michael St 2813391359 Cary Cooper107 Ruth Ln 2815326140 Cary Funderburg 2815592389 Casie Clark3104 Michael St 2813390369 Cassidy French4807 10th St 2813393790 Cassie Lewis2921 Michael St 2813390051 Catera Cervantes4404 17th St 2819579468 Catherine E. Iverson303 Gordy Rd 8328642392 Catherine F. Domel5022 Chase Wick DR 2815594128 Cecelia Hethcock4312 8th St 2813393250 Cecilia Breigh4815 Hannas Reef DR 2815326092 Cedric Williams5027 Chase Wick DR 2815593385 Ceseli Slovacek4410 Orange St 2813392099 Cetctest Paslow4700 19th St 2813391342 Chambers Insurance Bacliff4808 15th St 2815494016 Chana Holland4115 Schwartz St 2813390547 Chances4504 12th St 8328642558 Chantay Laite4432 Orange St 2813390247 Charles A. Wallace3225 Walsh St 2815591894 Charles Eagan430 Oklahoma Ave 2815497633 Charles H. Domel Jr5022 Chase Wick DR 2815594128 Charles Jones3640 Bayshore DR 2815496992 Charles M. Libbey5107 Chase Wind CT 2815594372 Charles M. Pope Jr614 Jackson Ave 2815591646 Charles Mendoza4910 Caranchua Reef DR 2815497683 Charles Prosper3215 Alsworth St 2819579587 Charlie Clark5222 Misty Ln 2813397876 Charlie's Barber Shop313 Grand Ave 2815592623 Charlotte Milner219 Jackson Ave 2815593140 Charlotte Pander3810 Bayshore DR 2815497106 Chase Fenner4309 5th St 2813397538 Cheers Liquor1031 Grand Ave 2813391991 Chelsea Libbey5107 Chase Wind CT 2815594372 Chelsea M. Woolsey4823 Big Reef DR 2813392516 Cheryl A. Richter4734 5th St 2815592137 Cheryl Blackman138 Ruth Ln 2813393832 Cheryl Blackmon138 Ruth Ln 2813393832 Cheryl E. Charles4903 Dollar Reef DR 8328643335 Cheryl L. Camacho4618 2nd St 8328642391 Chinese Wok Bacliff1129 Grand Ave 2813393222 Chinh Vo3027 Dimrod St 2813399050 Chris @ Brenda Fugate4104 Houx St 2815326418 Chris Bishop4819 Redfish Reef DR 2813393860 Chris Croker5007 Chase Stone DR 2815496632 Chris Dunlap4441 5th St 2819579135 Chris L. Rake4822 Chase Court DR 2815494878 Christian WooleyPo Box 8127 2815591412 Christina R. Robertson4911 Redfish Reef DR 2815598039 Christina Smith5023 Bay Ln 2813397696 Christina Talamantez903 Reppert St 2813399922 Christine E. Mckinney4823 Redfish Reef DR 2813390920 Christine F. Goertz4712 16th St, Trlr 3 2815591243 Christopher Belongia1147 Chase Park DR 8328643668 Christopher King4723 15th St 2813393007 Christopher Leavell4204 Miller St 2813390549 Christopher Mcneil918 Chase Park DR 2815326456 Christopher Richter4734 5th St 2815592137 Christopher Worrell3214 Derrick St 2813395950 Christphor Winesor524 Louisiana Ave, Trlr 32 2815326732 Chrystal D. Bailey3227 Alsworth St 2813393090 Chuck Jadina Sand & Gravel 2815594790 Church of Christ4303 18th St 2815593880 Cindy A. Payne919 Chase Park DR 2813391985 Cindy Aamodt651 Gordy Rd 2813397906 Cindy Bush4918 Hannas Reef DR 2813392502 Cindy Esthay5119 Lagoon CT 2813397072 Cindy Hughes4216 Kinne St 8328643997 Cindy L. Gallaway3602 Bayshore DR 2815592012 Cindy Worrell3214 Derrick St 2813395950 Claire Franks4434 2nd St 2815591058 Claude Brannon907 Chase Park DR 2815594457 Claude Harper318 Gulf Winds DR 2815494741 Claudia Smith3030 Calhoun St 2815497290 Clifford R. Gallaway3602 Bayshore DR 2815592012 Clifton by The Sea10 Grand Ave 2813393474 Clifton E. Hernandez4922 Big Reef DR 2815496045 Clinton B. Yoas5003 Bay Ln 2813391303 Clinton Tuttoilmondo530 Jackson Ave 2813393689 Clyde Alexander4504 17th St 8328642323 Clyde Newman115 Mary Ln 2813393662 Clyde V. Hornback2814 Bayshore DR 2813391886 Colleen Davis4405 19th St 2815591314 Conoco4627 Highway 146 2813391007 Cora Labout3003 Michael St 2813391478 Cordell R. Richard4742 Oleander St 2813390571 Coreen M. Secor5139 Chase Park Cir 2815593442 Corey Holmes918 Chase Creek Cir 8328642468 Corner Store4515 Highway 146 2813393329 Corner Store3202 Highway 146 2813392481 Corrie Garrison5215 Lagoon CT 2815494574 Courtney E. Moore 2815592950 Craig Croft3120 Charles St 2819577976 Craig Miller4802 14th St 2815496246 Craig S. Jones5118 Chase Park Cir 2815594347 Cricket Wireless942 Grand Ave 8328816832 Crysta Melendez4801 4th St 8328642619 Crystal Bailey3227 Alsworth St 2813393090 Crystal Conroy3615 W Mable St 2815494600 Crystal Dayton4827 7th St 8328643094 Crystal Melendez4801 4th St 8328642619 Crystal Sanchez4922 Hannas Reef DR 2813393684 Curtis L. Padgett5014 Cove CT 2813392382 Curtis N. Templeton4926 Chase Stone DR 2813393859 Curtis Strader4218 Warren St 2813391054 Cynthia Brittain4726 5th St 2813391090 Cynthia Callahan4903 Big Reef DR 2819577939 Cynthia Kubiak4618 15th St 8328642245 Cynthia L. Secor5139 Chase Park Cir 2815593442 Cynthia Schmidt3207 Triplett St 2813393475


 D's Country Fried Chicken & CatfishHwy 146 2815592855 D. Cazalas 2815593100 D. D. Allmond4123 Darby St 2815592527 D. J. Finch3810 Oakview St 8328642227 D. L. Berringer218 Hardy St 2813393486 D. L. Patterson 2813395325 D. Terrell 2815594601 Dale Chadwick5022 Chase Court DR 2813391290 Dale L. PattersonPo Box 8895 2813395325 Dalene Ficklen4448 3rd St 2819579874 Dalia Tomaini3612 Bayshore DR 2815496445 Dallas Padgett4123 Schwartz St 8328642965 Dallas W. Padgett714 Chase View DR 2813391287 Dan Greiner5402 Chasewood DR 2815326409 Dan M. Brock 2815592236 Dana M. Poole4210 Schwartz St 2813391122 Dana M. Stephens5110 Chase Wind CT 2813393053 Dana R. Holmes923 Chase Lock DR 2813392890 Danett Wright4310 W Bayshore DR 2815326556 Dani Pettersen5222 Chasewood DR 2813395555 Danie Pettersen5222 Chasewood DR 2813395555 Daniel A. Mosqueda5018 Chase Mountain DR 8328642071 Daniel Espinoza922 Bacliff DR 8328643130 Daniel Hudson900 Grand Ave 2813390927 Daniel Hudson900 Grand Ave 2813396565 Daniel Kennedy4802 17th St 2813392282 Daniel Kubiak4618 15th St 8328642245 Daniel M. Pettersen5222 Chasewood DR 2813395555 Daniel Pettersen5222 Chasewood DR 2813395554 Danielle Bush4819 Chase Stone DR 2815326545 Danny Finch3810 Oakview St 8328642227 Danny L. Hutto826 Chase View DR 2813392340 Darlene G. Alexander418 Louisiana Ave 2813391379 Darlene M. Games2907 George St 2815592937 Darrel Drymalla123 Mary Ln 2813390981 Darrell Camp319 Reppert St 2815497378 Darrell Drymalla123 Mary Ln 2813390981 Darrell Holmes918 Chase Creek Cir 8328642468 Darrell Hoppe5135 Chase Park Cir 2815592009 Darrell Taylor4723 13th St 2819577969 Darrell V. Hawkins Jr3827 Bayshore DR 2813391087 Darren A. Baker3028 Calhoun St 2813393113 Darren Baker3028 Calhoun St 2813390215 Darren Carr4809 17th St 2815494594 Darren P. Cimarosti3613 Mitchell Ln 2813390044 Darren Stanley4010 Clay Ln, Lot A4010 2813390018 Darryl C. Crouse711 Reppert St 2813393084 Darryl K. Payne919 Chase Park DR 2813391985 Darryl W. Swinky1022 Chase Park DR 8328642554 David Brady4111 Bayshore DR 2813392475 David Brand 2815494640 David C. Nevling Jr4311 14th St 2813391616 David Cimarosti700 Gordy Rd 2813392703 David Coburn4315 2nd St 2813392509 David E. Alexander4747 15th St 2813390237 David Hardie4503 12th St 2819579641 David J. Frapart202 Hardy St 2815496722 David J. Payne538 Gordy Rd 2813390317 David L. Latimer4513 18th St 2815594311 David Mckibbin4919 Chase Stone DR 2819579766 David Melendez1006 Bacliff DR 8328642930 David Nguyen326 Jasper St 2815592690 David O'callaghan845 Jackson Ave 2815496039 David Peters4622 2nd St 2813390030 David S. Gerany Sr4107 Darby St 2813392132 David Silva4746 1st St 2813393499 David Thomas4745 13th St, Trlr C 2815496479 Davis Gilbert4423 14th St 2813397902 Dawn A. Woolsey4823 Big Reef DR 2813392516 Dawn Bassett706 Chase View DR 2815497611 Dd Coulson4426 1st St 2813392647 Deanna Moore323 Gulf Winds DR 8328643277 Debbie Flores4724 18th St 2815494537 Debera Campbell4502 Boulevard St, Trlr 4 2815494480 Debi Jones3640 Bayshore DR 2815496992 Deborah E Mcallister5014 Chase Court DR 2813397240 Deborah E. BirdwellPo Box 781 2813392719 Deborah Gani5023 Gulf Stream Ln 2813397548 Deborah Grounds3802 Harmony Ln 2813393541 Deborah Jamil4723 4th St 2815326312 Deborah Kenneddy4716 7th St 2815496086 Deborah Mcallister5014 Chase Court DR 2813397240 Deborah Mckinney4823 Redfish Reef DR 2813390920 Debra A. Baker3028 Calhoun St 2813393113 Debra Decker4715 W Bayshore DR 2815497999 Debra L. Kimball5212 Patricia St 2815593937 Debra P. Libbey5107 Chase Wind CT 2815594372 Debra Rougeau922 Chase Lock DR 2815594660 Debra Snow4707 12th St 2813393742 Debra Stahl4706 5th St 2815497287 Debra Tucker4743 8th St 2815326817 Debra Warren802 Baker Ave, Spc C 2815497607 Debra Warren3022 Charles St 2813395584 Debrah Watkins4702 Palmetto St 8328642844 Decker Recycling Services424 Grand Ave 2815594939 Dee K. Main4503 7th St 2815591336 Deidre S. Holmes918 Chase Creek Cir 8328642468 Delia A. Melendez1006 Bacliff DR 8328643150 Delnda Wiggins4318 1st St 2813392584 Delores A. Loukanis3006 Carolyn St 2813391428 Denise Dreitner4602 9th St 2815496204 Denn Rutherford2810 Bayshore DR 2813391963 Denn Rutherford2810 Bayshore DR 2813392063 Dennis Flannery1030 Bacliff DR 2813393214 Dennis Galgozy4438 2nd St 2813391417 Dennis JonesPo Box 142 2813392054 Dennis Shaffer4822 Big Reef DR 2813397479 Dennis W. Rutherford2810 Bayshore DR 2813391963 Dennis W. Rutherford2810 Bayshore DR 2813392063 Derek Johnson4810 Redfish Reef DR 2813393652 Derrick J. Small4811 Chase More DR 2813391847 Derrick Small4811 Chase More DR 2813397217 Desiree Sikorski4614 Orange St 2815494378 Devan Coffey3607 Walsh St 2813391198 Devin Bendon4902 Caranchua Reef DR 2813393732 Dian Abc4022 Oak Ln 2813393142 Diana Allen607 Chase More CT 8328642091 Diana Bolden3112 Michael St 2813390081 Diana Gonzalez5115 Chase Park CT 2815326537 Diane K. Lindsay4747 11th St 8328643181 Diane Polk4414 8th St 2819577151 Diann D. Read4923 Chase Wick DR 2815494593 Diann D. Read4923 Chase Wick DR 2813391307 Dianna H. Bolden3112 Michael St 2813390081 Dianne Cavallaro3903 Bayshore DR 8328642056 Dion W. Boettcher Jr4211 Fuqua St 8328642660 Direct SAT TV4201 Highway 146 2813360723 Dockside Developement3307 Derrick St 2813391500 Dockside Development & Construction3307 Derrick St 2813395492 Dollar General4645 Highway 146 2815599971 Domingo Duque3938 Clay Ln 2815494010 Domino's Pizza4627 Highway 146 2815592500 Don L. Anderson4126 Roberts Ln 2815591859 Don O. Murray4008 Palm Ln 8328642840 Don Rodgers3709 Bayshore DR, Apt 10 2813392200 Don T. Walker Jr5010 Chase Wick DR 2815593839 Don Vanduser721 Oklahoma Ave 2815326362 Donal Berringer218 Hardy St 2813393486 Donald A. Henry4118 White St 2815496908 Donald A. Lounds5127 Chase Park Gate St 2815591878 Donald Berringer218 Hardy St 2813393486 Donald G. Greenstein3511 Bayshore DR 2815593474 Donald Haphorn4119 Houx St 2813390033 Donald Horton1018 Bacliff DR 2815494499 Donald Lounds5127 Chase Park Gate St 2815593204 Donald R. Rodgers3709 Bayshore DR, Apt 10 2813392200 Donna Allison926 Chase Lock DR 2815496314 Donna Allmond4123 Darby St 2815592527 Donna C. Francel4809 17th St 2813397307 Donna C. Hawkins3827 Bayshore DR 2813391087 Donna Curry 2813395852 Donna Kolius30 Park Cir 2819579274 Donna Leavell4204 Miller St 2813390549 Donna Moffett501 Jackson Ave 2813392321 Donna Tedder4717 5th St, Unit 4 2815494401 Donnie Hamilton5130 Chase Court DR 8328643708 Donnie Stanfield 2815496094 Donny J. Richter4734 5th St 2815592137 Door Repair129 Grand Ave 8325363323 Doretha Johnson1006 Chase Park DR 2815592684 Doris Brown215 Grand Ave 2813390326 Doris Brown215 Grand Ave 2813393043 Doris E. Headrick4430 11th St 8328642302 Doris L. Meador4217 White St 2815593711 Doris Meador4217 White St 2813397993 Doris Pepper4001 Pickfair Ln 2813395042 Dorothy A. Benedict811 Grand Ave 2813391520 Dorothy J. Loukanis3006 Carolyn St 2813391428 Dorothy Moore4002 Elm Ln 2813393750 Doug Hoffman4403 15th St 2813394523 Douglas A. Woolsey4823 Big Reef DR 2813392516 Douglas Cook307 Texas Ave 2815592024 Douglas E. Hefley3838 Bayshore DR 2815494622 Douglas E. Sherrill4425 12th St 2815594711 Douglas Holt3118 Bayshore DR 2813395468 Douglas MinteerPo Box 383 2813390832 Douglas Raney502 Jasper St 8328643119 Douglas Shaffer3005 Bayshore DR 2813391140 Dougles E. Raney502 Jasper St 8328643119 Dreamia Webb4915 Chase More DR 2813393534 Dtr Innovations LLC4923 Chase Wick DR 8328642759 Dung Duong1014 Chase Park DR 2813390694 Dung Nguyen2911 Leroy St 2813390874 Duque Duque3938 Clay Ln 2815494010 Dwight E. Hughes3603 Reading St 8328642533


 E K Hoffman Jr 2815591166 E. A. Hunter618 Jackson Ave 8328643375 E. Clay2807 Bayshore DR 2813391066 E. G. Carroll 2813393123 E. Gallner4816 1st St 2815591977 E. J. Clay2807 Bayshore DR 2819579697 E. Shuck4222 Schwartz St 2815591110 E. W. Doyle4222 Houx St 2815591999 Earl J. Murphey3008 Michael St 2813393019 Earl Neilsen4511 20th St 8328642165 Earl Parker4911 Chase Wick DR 2815594237 Ecolotron Inc4730 W Bayshore DR 2813395400 Econo Storage906 Reppert St 2815593333 Ed Gallner4816 1st St 2815591977 Ed Koch Plumbing Repair Specialist Inc335 Reppert St 2815326584 Ed Shuck4222 Schwartz St 2815591110 Eddie Llanos5230 Chasewood DR 8328643909 Eddie T. Farmer714 Chase Point Cir 2813391714 Edgar YarbroughPo Box 935 2813390460 Edith Finley4106 Carl St 2815594630 Eduardo Herrera906 Chase Lock DR 2815593765 Eduardo Martell326 Jasper St 8328643118 Edward Adams934 Chase Lock DR 2813397518 Edward D. Koch333 Reppert St 2813392861 Edward D. Koch Jr336 Reppert St 2815594419 Edward L. Toups4417 15th St 2815591200 Edward Munoz Jr931 Chase Park DR 2813393296 Edward Pleiman930 Bacliff DR 8328642374 Edward Thomas235 Sea Breeze DR 2819577959 Edward Williams610 Chase More CT 2813397575 Edwin L. Benedict811 Grand Ave 2813391520 Ee & G Construction130 Grand Ave 8328642745 Eileen E. Latimer4513 18th St 2815594311 Elaine Charles4903 Dollar Reef DR 8328643335 Elaine P. Potter4219 Lechenger St 2815591146 Eleuteria Xiloj303 Gordy Rd, Trlr 11 2815496888 Elicia D. Cruz903 Bacliff DR 8328643233 Elizabeth A. Boatman529 Baker Ave 2813392361 Elizabeth Basham3203 Charles St 8328642496 Elizabeth Carbonneau3839 Bayshore DR 2813393034 Elizabeth Collins239 Sea Breeze DR 8328642196 Elizabeth Garcia5007 Chase Mountain DR 2815326465 Elizabeth S. Gallner4816 1st St 2815591977 Elizabeth W. Alcantar1143 Christmas Point DR 2815593446 Elmo Cruse4803 Scott Reef DR 2813392582 Eloise S. HungerfordPo Box 9251 2813393786 Elvira Duskic930 Chase Lock DR 2813395260 Emerson H. Turner3514 Emerson St 2813391065 Emery Crompton4222 Lechenger St 2815592260 Emily Finn4223 Fuqua St 2813391327 Emin M. Duskic930 Chase Lock DR 2813395260 Ephram P. Potter4219 Lechenger St 2815591146 Eric Beverlin4405 11th St 2813390037 Eric Ellis 2813399955 Erica Ruiz5423 Chasewood DR 2815494446 Erika Sandoval3102 Dimrod St 2813397100 Erin S. Histand4131 Houx St 2815591469 Esperansa Ortiz4728 16th St 2815592035 Espoinosa Xochitl4435 8th St 8328643391 Esther Alexander4747 15th St 2813390237 Esther Lolley1034 Bacliff DR 2813392401 Esther Pahlka5047 Gulf Stream Ln 2815591019 Eugene Krus3731 Bayshore DR 2813394533 Eugene Krus3731 Bayshore DR 2819577172 Eulalio Hernandez4431 9th St, Trlr 2 2815496907 Eva Barragan4726 18th St 2813392994 Evalynn Leavens2619 Bayshore DR 2813392091 Evans Marine1127 Jackson Ave 2815592628 Evelia Diaz2922 Leroy St 2813392464 Everett N. Mcminn222 Texas Ave 2813391470 Executive Inn Bacliff917 Grand Ave 2819579907 Express 1464801 Highway 146 8328643164


 F. Rodgers3709 Bayshore DR, Apt 10 2813392200 Fabian Morales239 Texas Ave 2819579588 Faith Guillory207 Jackson Ave 8328642573 Famekia Smith4914 Chase Stone DR 2815496927 Family Dollar4201 Highway 146 2813392536 Fareeza Lewis5131 Chase Park Cir 2813391267 Fast & Fun Autos3323 Highway 146 2813395514 Faye Huff4706 10th St 2813390567 Fb Kubiak4618 15th St 8328642245 Fcj Marine3333 Highway 146 8328642679 Feli Uriostegui1111 Christmas Point DR 2813390882 Felicee Mendoza922 Jackson Ave 2813392945 Feliciano Uriostegui1111 Christmas Point DR 2813390882 Felix Lopez303 Gordy Rd 2819579718 Fergerson B. Miller3201 Keller St 2815591510 Fernando Baena4215 Miller St 2815494757 Fiberglass Tac3331 Triplett St 2813391511 First Assembly Of God Bacliff825 Grand Ave 2819579389 First Baptist Church426 Jackson Ave 2815494172 First Baptist Church of Bacliff4215 Houx St 2815592232 Flavor Salon1106 Grand Ave 2813393060 Floyd W. HungerfordPo Box 9251 2813393786 Forbes Insurance Center715 Grand Ave 9793183883 Four Fun Arcade Bacliff1047 Grand Ave 8328642118 Fourty Two Degreez4801 Highway 146 8328643015 Frances S. Borinsky126 Donna Ln 2813393224 Frances Smith3115 George St 2815591241 Frances Titus524 Louisiana Ave 2815591073 Francis Wright4811 Redfish Reef DR 2815591542 Francisco Melendez4801 4th St 8328642619 Francisco Mendez4430 7th St 2815591422 Francisco Valerio524 Louisiana Ave, Trlr 27 2813395323 Francisco Vanegas3215 Charles St 2813393216 Frank Bryan309 Ave A 2813393419 Frank C. Smith5102 Chase Park Cir 2813391263 Frank Wright4811 Redfish Reef DR 2815591542 Frankie Litchfield4506 4th St 2813391968 Franklin E. Kribbs4834 Chase Wick DR 2815594608 Fransico Salgado3935 Clay Ln 2815494350 Frazier's by The Bay4631 Highway 146 2813391139 Fred Hild3810 Putnam DR 2815496099 Fred R. Bogott1030 Perkins DR 2815496082 Freda Sawyer3737 Bayshore DR 2813392728 Freddie N. Allen4823 Hannas Reef DR 2813392574


 G. A. Fleming 2815591212 G. G. Valentino3407 Walsh St 2813391609 G. K. Nobles4024 College DR 2813391761 G. Rodgers3709 Bayshore DR 2813392200 Ga Ar 2813391048 Gabriella Huerta4446 11th St 8328642344 Gail Thompson4910 Scott Reef DR 8328642140 Gail Trahan4100 Lechenger St 2813391682 Gailyn R. Trahan4100 Lechenger St 2813391682 Galvalston Bay Inn4600 W Bayshore DR 2813392349 Galveston Bay Inn4600 W Bayshore DR 2815591915 Galveston County Of:    -Jp Court No 7-toni C Randall4500 10th St 2813168800    -Precinct 7-rick Sharp4500 10th St 2813168806    -Recreational Facilities - Bayshore Spillway Park5437 W Bayshore Dr 4099348100    -Senior Services4503 11th St 2813168822 Galveston Ems -Baycliff Sta540 Grand Ave 2815591036 Ganiere RV Park4319 9th St 2813395281 Garne Mcfarlain5034 Gulf Stream Ln 2813395349 Garnette J. Mcfarlain5034 Gulf Stream Ln 2813395349 Garrett Blumenshine3815 Oakview St 2813393641 Garth Allmond4123 Darby St 2815592527 Gary Brooks650 Gordy Rd, Unit 1 2813397231 Gary E. Everitt4802 W Bayshore DR 2815591464 Gary Eckhardt2437 Ave A 2813391235 Gary Ellis731 Chase View DR 2815593214 Gary Froelich650 Gordy Rd 8328643172 Gary Plunkett217 Baker Ave 2819579305 Gay Wallace3225 Walsh St 2815591894 Gayle Brewer4923 Redfish Reef DR 2815592389 Gelacio Torres4509 16th St 2815496291 Gene Payne322 Texas Ave 2813390653 Gene R. Thudium4911 Hannas Reef DR 2815592259 Genia Hernandez4011 Clay Ln 2815593335 Genie Dearborn3507 Reading St 2813391195 George A. Wilkerson509 Middleton St 2813391756 George Abercia3835 Bayshore DR 2815496837 George Knighten2704 Avenue H St 2813391415 George M. Soto3222 Charles St 8328643279 George O. Poindexter115 Avenue E 2813390906 George Shead610 18th St 2813391524 George Tharp 2815591971 George Watson2925 Michael St 2813390596 Gera Rutkiewicz4210 Lechenger St 2813391437 Gerald Jackson Jr931 Jackson Ave 8328642923 Gerald Rutkiewicz4210 Lechenger St 2813391437 Gerald W. Irwin115 Miles Rd 2813391961 Gerardo Martinez-Triana4805 11th St 2815497540 Gerardo Ruiz3724 Melody Ln 2815594942 Gilbert Fergerson 2815591510 Gilbert Lara Jr715 Chase Land Cir 2819579613 Gilbert Maldonado 2815591498 Gina Anderson4203 Coon St 2813391854 Gina M. Davis4201 Sevan St 2813390950 Ginger Mcnair4815 Caranchua Reef DR 2815496795 Glen Berry4814 Chase Court DR 2815592622 Glenda Dennis4927 Redfish Reef DR 2815494468 Glenda F. Holmes923 Chase Lock DR 2813392890 Gloria Cabrera1105 Jackson Ave 2813395469 Gloria J. Brady4111 Bayshore DR 2813392475 Gloria Samora5126 Chase Court DR 8328643411 Gracie Gussler327 Middleton St 2813397162 Grand Amusement135 Grand Ave 2815326041 Grand Donuts1128 Grand Ave 2813392460 Grand Entertainment1125 Grand Ave 2819577967 Green Earth Products & Landscaping4101 Highway 146 2815592760 Green Eco Builders5007 Cove CT 2815591970 Greg Dick4739 Rose St 2813391784 Greg Phariss1139 Christmas Point DR 2815494331 Gregg Albritton4734 1st St 8328642352 Gregorio Miranda3811 Melody Ln 2815591981 Gregory K. Smith5102 Chase Wind CT 2815594320 Gregory Phariss1139 Christmas Point DR 2815494331 Guadalupe Martinez320 Gordy Rd 2815497407 Guadalupe Ruiz4910 Big Reef DR 2813391282 Gulf Coast And Palapas3003 Highway 146 2813397603 Gulf Coast and Palapas3003 Highway 146 2815496691 Gulf Coast Realtors422 Grand Ave 2815497283 Guy Williams4729 1st St 2815497180 Gwen DerrickPo Box 661 2813393066 Gwendolyn Spencer4918 Moody Reef DR 8328643363


 H. Weisinger3531 Emerson St 2819579107 Halime Saracoglu506 Oklahoma Ave 2815496810 Hanaa Sibai531 Middleton St 2815594909 Happy Times818 Grand Ave 2815326175 Harlan Pahlka5047 Gulf Stream Ln 2815591019 Harold W. Tobin Sr5122 Chase Court DR 2815494625 Harold Weisinger3531 Emerson St 2819579107 Harry Kimmel 2815591752 Harry Mcgill4930 Dollar Reef DR 2813393666 Harry Spellman5023 Misty Ln 8328643903 Harvey Smith4211 Bayshore DR 2813390251 Hassan Yilla4502 18th St, Apt 2 2813397236 Hattie Williams5027 Chase Wick DR 2815593385 Hayne J. Fussell Jr4407 11th St 2813392978 Heather A. Hummer618 Reppert St, Apt 3 2815496624 Heather J. Ady4210 Bayshore DR 2815591378 Hector Lopez303 Gordy Rd 2819579718 Hector Rocha5146 Chase Park Cir 2815592629 Helen Green4424 15th St 2815591027 Helen PaigePo Box 509 2813393020 Helen Stanford303 Gordy Rd, Trlr 52 2815497559 Helen Stanford303 Gordy Rd, Trlr 52 2819579782 Herman Bishop4819 Redfish Reef DR 2813393860 Hiep Diep5421 W Bayshore DR 2813395096 Holly M. Kressley706 Chase View DR 2813390426 Homer Rodriguez1130 Chase Park DR 8328643141 Horace Williams4434 10th St 8328643048 Housan G. Harrill Ii142 Ruth Ln 2815591000 Howard Bond150 Mary Ln 2819579796 Howard S. Mcelroy4319 13th St 2813391981 Hoyt St Ama 2815592257 Htsi3814 Putnam DR 2815326180 Hudson Danny900 Grand Ave 2813390927 Hugh J. Mahoney4810 Chase Wick DR 2815591880 Hugo Duran326 Jasper St 8328643766 Hurricane Engineering 2815494338 Huy Luu727 Chase Land Cir 2815494099


 I. Clark3104 Michael St 2813390369 Iain M. Mcpherson845 Jackson Ave 2813391822 Ian Meinzen135 Ruth Ln 2813392214 Ian Zuniga1111 Chase Park DR 2815326525 Ida A. Mcdowell524 Louisiana Ave, Trlr 21 2813391904 Ida Christian5011 Chase Park CT 2815496070 Ilia R. Rivera719 Chase Land Cir 2815492412 Ilia R. Rivera719 Chase Land Cir 2819579597 Ily Rivera719 Chase Land Cir 2819579597 Indoff5402 Chasewood DR 2815594803 Inouii Aloy Fabrication Inc1127 Jackson Ave 2813392869 Insta Cash4011 Highway 146 2815591995 International Ministrys135 Grand Ave 2819577136 Irma Reyes4219 Miller St 2813390735 Iron Mike's-Bacliff3331 Highway 146 2813393748 Isabel Mejia942 Chase Park DR 2815494542 Israel Ajtun4742 13th St 2819579731 Israel Bocanegra4601 W Bayshore DR 2819579486 Iva Nell Smith4707 11th St 2815497729 Ivan Gusman1127 Avenue B 8328643454


 J. D. Anderson4011 Estes St 2813392642 J. D. Thomas 2815591012 J. Dearborn3507 Reading St 2813391195 J. Edel4205 Coon St 2813392438 J. G. Valentino3407 Walsh St 2813391609 J. Hethcock4312 8th St 2813393250 J. King4723 15th St 2813393007 J. L. Gibson 2813390979 J. L. Sandstrum4229 Covert St 2815591210 J. Martinez419 Miles Rd 2813390384 J. P. Wilkerson4623 4th St 2813391038 J. Pogue 2815593397 J. Ramos 2813395657 J. Smith5026 Cove CT 2815496431 Jacauelyn Crosser4403 12th St 2813391949 Jack In The Box4605 Highway 146 2813396789 Jack R. Temple Jr3602 E Mable St 2813395105 Jacki Capetillo5115 Chasewood DR 2813393017 Jackie Butler 2815594243 Jackie Capetillo5115 Chasewood DR 2813393017 Jackie K. Seymour4807 Chase Stone DR 2813391397 Jacklyn White935 Avenue B 2813393087 Jacob Prewitt4508 15th St 2815497401 Jacqueline D. Thomas5010 Chase Park CT 2815591012 Jacqueline Reeves435 Oklahoma Ave 2813395539 Jacquelyn M. Crosser4403 12th St 2813391949 Jaime Calvillo524 Louisiana Ave 2815496978 Jaime Reyes4219 Miller St 2813390735 Jaimie Reyes4219 Miller St 2813390735 Jame Delesandri415 Kansas St 2813390341 James B. Secor Ii5139 Chase Park Cir 2815593442 James Blank 2815591879 James Broussard 2813390840 James Coffey3607 Walsh St 2813391198 James Cooley4306 6th St 2813393751 James Damm5110 Chasewood DR 2813391491 James Davis5107 Chasewood DR 2813392839 James Delesandri415 Kansas St 2813390341 James Delesandri415 Kansas St 8328642127 James E. Moore4420 17th St 2813392790 James F Trucking5102 W Bayshore DR 2815497976 James Ficklen4502 4th St 2815593162 James H. Powell Jr4407 13th St 2813395627 James Hearn3322 Derrick St 2815497967 James Hertlein2607 Bayshore DR 2819579191 James M. Hummer618 Reppert St, Apt 3 2815496624 James Maddix4708 15th St 2813390470 James Mitchell3111 Michael St 2813391617 James R. Fuqua 2815592488 James R. MillerPo Box 1030 2815594682 James Russell3814 Oakview St 8328642481 James Slovacek4410 Orange St 2813392099 James Stowell4429 10th St 8328642724 James Tavernier4510 18th St, Unit 4 2819579744 James W. Goode902 Chase Lock DR 2813393628 James Wistinghausen4111 Covert St 2813396900 Jamie L. Galloway Sr723 Chase Land Cir 2815592956 Jamie M. Johnson3119 Michael St 2813391573 Jan Stockman4718 13th St 2815326147 Jane P. Putnam4407 13th St 2813395627 Jane Powell4407 13th St 2813395627 Janet Evans4806 Chase Wick DR 2813390239 Janet L. Hardy4439 9th St 2813393808 Janet M. Kribbs4834 Chase Wick DR 2815594608 Janice Gade4618 3rd St 2815497537 Janice Smith4811 Caranchua Reef DR 2813392356 Janie Morales3514 Walsh St 2815496765 Janna Clinton4915 Chase Stone DR 2813391571 Janna L. Gibson4422 10th St 2813390979 Jannell Williams918 Oklahoma Ave 2813397577 Jannette J. Mcgill4930 Dollar Reef DR 2813393666 Jardina Garden Center 2813391794 Jardina Garden Center Inc4700 19th St 2815591701 Jarryd Lawrence5110 Misty Ln 2815497172 Jasmine N. Hypolite5010 Chasewood CT 2813396061 Jasmine Sanchez4922 Hannas Reef DR 2813393684 Jason Douglas4714 Oleander St, Apt A 2815326892 Jason Horton1018 Bacliff DR 2815494499 Jason Jones4214 Bayshore DR 2813392548 Jason Wright4811 Redfish Reef DR 2815591542 Javaris A. Wright946 Chase Park DR 2813391564 Jb D. Jackson843 Baker Ave 8328643192 Jc C. King4723 15th St 2813393007 Jean J. Chiovaro4825 9th St 2815593612 Jean L. Cartier 2815591644 Jeffery K. Nowlin3307 Walsh St 2819579274 Jeffrey G. Miller4207 Lechenger St 2813392248 Jeffrey Garrison4903 Chase More DR 2813393365 Jeffrey Layer3115 Highway 146 8328643949 Jeffry W. Anderson4203 Coon St 2813391854 Jennifer A. Travis5323 Chasewood DR 2815591034 Jennifer Cox4102 Warren St 8328643994 Jennifer Gaither4818 15th St 2813393283 Jennifer Gregory3715 Oakview St 2815496842 Jennifer Holdren4910 Dollar Reef DR 8328642693 Jennifer L. Miller4910 Hannas Reef DR 2813391956 Jennifer Lowry4827 Chase Wick DR 2813391791 Jennifer R. Matthews5106 Chase Park Gate St 8328643055 Jenny P. Meinzen135 Ruth Ln 2813392214 Jenny Wilbarger 2815591903 Jeremiah M. Maddix4708 15th St 2813390470 Jeremiah M. Maddix4207 Roberts Ln 2813395437 Jeremy Dickmeyer5018 Chase Stone DR 2813395631 Jeri Barnes1103 Perkins DR 2813393421 Jerome Henson4906 Hannas Reef DR 2813395017 Jerry A. Goodwin4827 Chase More DR 2815593638 Jerry Adams5422 Chasewood DR 2815494214 Jerry D. Vanlandingham 2815592553 Jerry F. Rutkiewicz Jr4210 Lechenger St 2813391437 Jerry G. Ingram4619 15th St 2815496914 Jerry G. Ingram4619 15th St 2815592168 Jerry Goncerman320 Louisiana Ave 2819579416 Jerry Henson4906 Hannas Reef DR 2813395017 Jerry Janak4011 Bayshore DR 2813397669 Jerry L. Elliott416 Reppert St 2813392575 Jesse Harris3208 Keller St 2813393553 Jesse L. AlexanderPo Box 31 2815591767 Jesse Sandstrum4229 Covert St 2815591210 Jesse Trevino4708 Oleander St, Unit A 2819579510 Jessica C. Peeks2922 Michael St 8328642494 Jessica J. Thornton5047 Bay Ln 2815494051 Jessica Jeffers 2813391504 Jesus D. Murillo3920 Clay Ln 2813395329 Jesus Martinez3123 Highway 146 8328643380 Jesus Noreiga830 Avenue A 8328643344 Jill Hooks1022 Chase Park DR 2815593123 Jim Baker4414 Boulevard St 2813393408 Jim N. Hertlein2607 Bayshore DR 2819579191 Jim V. Clawson Jr3411 Bayshore DR 2813391339 Jimmie Walters 2815494811 Jimmy Baker4414 Boulevard St 2813393408 Jimmy Clark1104 Avenue D 8328643382 Jimmy Easley4109 Fuqua St 2815496351 Jimmy L. Headrick Sr4430 11th St 8328642302 Jimmy L. Strader4126 Darby St 2813393127 Jimmy R. Crosser Sr4403 12th St 2813391949 Jimmy Williams5123 W Bayshore DR 2813392048 Jo Berringer218 Hardy St 2813393486 Joan Buchanan128 Ruth Ln 2815326861 Joan Hethcock4312 8th St 2813393250 Joan Meza4107 Bayshore DR 2813391121 Joan Uricchio2826 Calhoun St 2813393420 Joan Waller4209 Covert St 2813397142 Joann Berringer218 Hardy St 2813393486 Jodi A. Losh4202 Sevan St 2813399997 Jody A. Ramos3226 Charles St 2813395657 Jody Mcfarlain5034 Gulf Stream Ln 2813395349 Joe Bartkus110 Ruth Ln 2813393051 Joe Billman4301 8th St 2815494995 Joe De Lao711 Chase Point Cir 2819579495 Joe L. CleavesPo Box 8687 2813392262 Joe Meza4729 W Bayshore DR 2813392415 Joel Kersey4714 Orange St 2813390046 Joel Quesada4314 3rd St 2813391987 Joel W. Scott3508 Emerson St 2813391238 Joel W. Scott3508 Emerson St 8328642991 Joesph Bartkus110 Ruth Ln 2813393051 John Anderson4211 Fuqua St 8328643606 John B. Goodson4743 2nd St 2813397693 John Barnett4722 10th St 2815494032 John Bellamy4906 Dollar Reef DR 2815592841 John Black3530 Emerson St 2813392431 John C. Ady 2815591378 John C. Kriegel1102 Baker Ave 2813393706 John C. Wade 2815594073 John D. Jackson Jr843 Baker Ave 8328643192 John D. Morgan3815 Bayshore DR 2815592730 John D. Payne538 Gordy Rd 2813390317 John D. Traina533 Oklahoma Ave 8328643791 John Dickmeyer5018 Chase Stone DR 2813397663 John E. Wooley JrPo Box 8127 2815591412 John G. Macarthur659 Gordy Rd 2813393394 John Guy4445 13th St 2813393427 John Hall4131 Roberts Ln 2819579669 John Harrington5135 Chase Park Cir 2813397232 John Humphry5006 Chase Stone DR 2813391420 John J. Edel4205 Coon St 2813392438 John Jezek5014 Chase Wick DR 2813393649 John L. Bludworth Iii5409 W Bayshore DR 2813390561 John Lozica4902 Moody Reef DR 2815494231 John Miller331 Gordy Rd, Trlr 25 2813390049 John Payne538 Gordy Rd 2813392179 John R. Dickmeyer5018 Chase Stone DR 2813395631 John S. Chaudron4431 6th St 2815594764 John S. Gallner4816 1st St 2815591977 John S. Hoover2822 Bayshore DR 2813393108 John Simons4424 5th St 2813392044 John T. Hall4131 Roberts Ln 2813393136 John Urban4749 6th St 2815591582 Johnathan Meinzen135 Ruth Ln 2813392214 Johnelle Williams4413 3rd St 2813392486 Johnny Eichor2521 N Avenue St 2813391652 Johnny R. Lopez5106 Chase Park CT 8328642200 Johnny Rabb5426 Chasewood DR 2813392128 Johnny TimmonsPo Box 729 2813391414 Jolynn R. Thornton5047 Bay Ln 2815494051 Jon Barnett4722 10th St 2815494032 Jon S. Read4923 Chase Wick DR 2815494593 Jon S. Read4923 Chase Wick DR 2813391307 Jonas Miller4910 Hannas Reef DR 2813391956 Jonathan Leavell4204 Miller St 2813390549 Jones-Rund LTD1021 Grand Ave 2815591888 Jonthan P. Meinzen135 Ruth Ln 2813392214 Jordon Mcdonald3402 Walsh St, Apt 1 2815497554 Jose A. Partida 2813393630 Jose A. Trevino5103 Chase Park CT 2815326044 Jose Bustos4431 9th St 2815326151 Jose Cortez4410 7th St 2813390990 Jose Gonzalez4318 3rd St 2813393583 Jose Gonzalez4816 15th St 2819579413 Jose J. Calderon4703 7th St 8328642506 Jose Mora326 Jasper St, Trlr 26 2813396082 Jose Salvador Duran4753 9th St 2813391920 Josep Cavallaro3903 Bayshore DR 8328642056 Joseph A. Smith5026 Cove CT 2815496431 Joseph Bresnan409 Middleton St 2813392535 Joseph C. Green4424 15th St, # 579 2815591027 Joseph Cavallaro3903 Bayshore DR 8328642056 Joseph Kelley330 Reppert St 8328643265 Joseph Meza4729 W Bayshore DR 2813392415 Joseph Sappington730 Oklahoma Ave 2815594165 Joseph Smith4107 Brown St 8328642813 Joseph W. Theriot4725 11th St 8328642563 Joseph Wilson4750 5th St, Trlr 1 2815326834 Joshua Leavell4204 Miller St 2813390549 Joy F. Beadles4012 Palm Ln 2813391789 Joyce G. Melville4130 Warren St 2813395070 Juan D. Hinojosa Jr3116 Carolyn St 8328642470
Juan E. Jimenez Sr1115 Chase Park DR 2813392470 Juan Hinojosa3116 Carolyn St 8328643978 Juan M. Rodriguez524 Louisiana Ave 2813396359 Juan Martinez3935 Rosedale Ln 2813397549 Juan Morales4435 2nd St 2815594170
Juan Osornio502 Oklahoma Ave 2813397319 Juan Ramos4807 Dollar Reef DR 2815497258 Juan Sanchez4430 2nd St 2815591630 Juan Santos4703 Rose St 2815494022 Juan Vargas4915 Dollar Reef DR 2815494122 Juana Lazo4019 Clifton Ln 8328642278 Juana M. Regalado3207 Charles St 2819579786 Juana Soto 2815592506 Juanita Dearborn3507 Reading St 2813391195 Juanita Potter3231 Charles St 2813395882 Juanita Rodriguez3706 Chanterway St 8328642631 Jud A. Hassoun304 Louisiana Ave 2819579637 Jude Ogbe5111 Chase Wind CT 2815593200 Judith H. Shaw2603 Bayshore DR 2813391883 Judith Mccannon4726 19th St 2813392018 Judy A. Mccannon4726 19th St 2813392018 Judy D. Lydick4903 Caranchua Reef DR 8328643065 Judy Hassoun304 Louisiana Ave 2819579637 Julia Loredo2914 Leroy St 2813391671 Julie Dempsey5018 Cove CT 2819579895 Julie Dueitt927 Chase Lock DR 8328643428 Julie Hall715 Grand Ave 2813395900 Julie Hall Insurance Agency719 Grand Ave 2813395900 Julie Hall Insurance Agency4700 19th St 2813396200 Julie J. Henson4906 Hannas Reef DR 2813395017 Julie Jones4214 Bayshore DR 2813392548 Julie Keck331 Gordy Rd, Trlr 6 2815497268 Julie Thornton5047 Bay Ln 2815494051 June Currier3219 Charles St 2815594453 June N. Zotzky5202 Chasewood DR 2813392164 June Schonbaum5031 Misty Ln 2815496714 Juniors Drive-In200 Grand Ave 2815594252 Justin Allmond4123 Darby St 2815592527 Justin Laredo4122 Roberts Ln 8328643079 Justin Morgan4703 11th St 8328642047 Justine N. Neal5015 Chase Mountain DR 2813394564 Justino Hernandez3114 Charles St 2815326850 Juvenal Ruiz3720 Melody Ln 8328642701


 K E Little School Based Clinic622 Oklahoma Ave 2815594054 K. Calhoun4413 10th St 2815591197 K. Coady3607 Bayshore DR 2813390216 K. Friston3322 Walsh St 2813391124 Kacie Lara4812 Oleander St 2813395039 Kacy Schoen215 Texas Ave 2815494926 Kaindra A. Rutkiewicz4210 Lechenger St 2813391437 Kalen Engelhardt5130 Chase Park Cir 2813390004 Kalndra Rutkiewicz4210 Lechenger St 2813391437 Kamdra Rutkiewicz4210 Lechenger St 2813391437 Kamindra Rutkiewicz4210 Lechenger St 2813391437 Kandace Watson5019 Gulf Stream Ln 2815496388 Kara D. Wistinghausen4111 Covert St 2813396900 Karan Clifford520 Middleton St 2815594622 Karen C. Shaw2707 Bayshore DR 2813390704 Karen Coady3607 Bayshore DR 2813390216 Karen Gerany 2813392132 Karen Hanson5118 Lagoon CT 8328642598 Karen Holt4915 Redfish Reef DR 2815593930 Kathena Mendoza3224 Triplett St 2815494986 Katherine Weigner4807 17th St 2815497493 Kathleen Tolbert1010 Avenue A 2813392427 Kathy A. Gillis2 Cody St 2813390968 Kathy A. Howell4806 Big Reef DR 2813390856 Kathy D. Norton4811 11th St 2813391105 Kathy Domel 2815594128 Kathy E. Clark3104 Michael St 2813390369 Kathy Finch3810 Oakview St 8328642227 Kathy McQueen3527 Reading St 2815496382 Kathy Pinkerton2930 Leroy St 2815497320 Kathy Vandermolen 2815591302 Katie B. Ladd5114 Lagoon CT 2819579884 Katie Earhart4704 9th St 2815497681 Katie's Bar & Grill315 Grand Ave 2815593773 Katrina Sweat1034 Chase Park DR 2815326507 Kay Friston3322 Walsh St 2813391124 Keith P. Mcminn222 Texas Ave 2813391470 Kelley N. Temple3602 E Mable St 2813395105 Kellie Gourley4822 Redfish Reef DR 2815326832 Kelly Hall4802 7th St 8328642492 Kellye Stoops119 Ruth Ln 2815496222 Kemah Shores RV Park713 Gordy Rd 2815496734 Ken Larsen4752 9th St 2813392394 Ken Schmidt126 Avenue B 8328642688 Kendra Symcox4823 Chase Court DR 2815494356 Kenneth BensonPo Box 9247 2813395050 Kenneth Johnson4923 Chase Stone DR 2819579345 Kenneth L. Hagen4422 13th St 2813391008 Kenneth N. Mcminn227 Texas Ave 2815593528 Kenneth Pickard4802 20th St 2815591632 Kenneth W. Stansell4407 13th St 2813393593 Kenneth W. Stansell4407 13th St 2813395627 Kenneth Wiederhold5038 Bay Ln 2815497154 Kerri L. Cimarosti3613 Mitchell Ln 2813390044 Kevin Curry4934 Hannas Reef DR 2815494854 Kevin D. Turnbough4734 Oleander St 2813391091 Kevin Ellis3113 Carolyn St 2813397216 Kevin Fitzpatrick5121 W Bayshore DR 2815496230 Kevin Herrington910 Bacliff DR 2815592000 Kevin Jack5019 Chase Wick DR 2813397715 Kevin Johnson4911 Big Reef DR 8328643999 Kevin Newell3032 Calhoun St 2813392613 Kevin S. Mcelroy4319 13th St 2813391981 Kevin Wells524 Louisiana Ave 2813392849 Kevins S. Rodgers3709 Bayshore DR, Apt 10 2813392200 Khien M. Nguyen552 12th St 2813390987 Kiawana N. Jones3119 Charles St 8328643092 Kim Bellamy820 Miles Rd 2813391266 Kim Nelson320 Gordy Rd 8328642237 Kim R. Weisinger3521 Bayshore DR 2815494566 Kimberly A. Goode902 Chase Lock DR 2813393628 Kimberly Calhoun4413 10th St 2815591197 Kimberly Fussell4407 11th St 2813392978 Kimberly Koch333 Reppert St 2813392861 Kimberly's Custom Crafts4413 10th St 2815591155 Kindra A. Rutkiewicz4210 Lechenger St 2813391437 King Tut850 Grand Ave 2819579763 Kingsbury Business Services 2815492220 Kodiak Metals Recycling Inc2812 Av R St 2813393439 Kong Ngo4907 Moody Reef DR 2815326818 Korbin Evans4806 Chase Wick DR 2813390239 Krissi Ross4422 6th St 8328642938 Kristi Castro5015 Chase Wick DR 8328642994 Kristie Herrin4807 10th St 2815496434 Kristin Putnam305 Grand Ave 2813390838 Kristina M. Ross4422 6th St 8328642938 Krystal Jackson931 Jackson Ave 8328642923 Krystal Perales4122 Warren St 2815326419 Kumari Bhatia4743 1st St 2813393209 Kurt Neumann4443 13th St 2819577997 Kyle Bodell4830 Chase Court Dr 8328643677 Kyle Booty4811 8th St 2815494045


 L. Daffern 2813393405 L. Farrell3230 Charles St 2813390817 L. Greenwood5118 Chase Court DR 2815591583 L. J. Zotzky5202 Chasewood DR 2813392164 L. Leavell4204 Miller St 2813390549 L. Murray4403 10th St 2813390028 L. T. Ridgeway 2813393137 L. Wanzer 2815594341 La Brisa Mexican Bar & Grill4001 Highway 146 2815592415 Ladislav Hrdina5230 Lagoon CT 2813391039 Lain M. Cimarosti700 Gordy Rd 2813392703 Lajeremy Leek4202 Warren St 2813390092 Lanai Turnbogh439 Grand Ave 2813390011 Lanejor Market942 Grand Ave 2813397615 Larry Calhoun4413 10th St 2815591197 Larry D. Brady4111 Bayshore DR 2813392475 Larry G. Backus715 Miles Rd 2813392343 Larry Hildebrand4726 15th St 2813390995 Laser Key Products725 Grand Ave 2813393501 Laser Key Products725 Grand Ave 8328642163 Laser Security Products4606 8th St 2815594336 Lau Scott3508 Emerson St 2813391238 Lau Scott3508 Emerson St 8328642991 Laura Garcia4201 Carl St 8328642097 Laura J. Copado4723 8th St 2813395302 Laura J. Dickmeyer5018 Chase Stone DR 2813395631 Laura J. Scott3508 Emerson St 2813391238 Laura J. Scott3508 Emerson St 8328642991 Laura M. Hagen4422 13th St 2813391008 Lauralee Stewart723 Chase View DR 2813393049 Laurel Ballard3305 Keller St 2813396542 Lauren Thornton5047 Bay Ln 2815494051 Laurie Vick327 Gulf Winds DR 2815326753 Laury Roach307 Sea Mist Ln 2815496753 Lavania Petteway5006 Chasewood CT 2815496801 Laverne D. Black3530 Emerson St 2813392431 Lawrence C. Hicks919 Chase Creek Cir 2815591486 Lawrence D. Brady4111 Bayshore DR 2813392475 Lawrence Jones4115 Covert St 2815593129 Lawrence Stephens5110 Chase Wind CT 2813393053 Lazetta Gregory4005 Galveston St 2815592241 Le Salon Creatif4217 Highway 146 2813392106 Lecia D. Newman115 Mary Ln 2813393662 Lee Sappington730 Oklahoma Ave 2815594165 Leeann Nguyen326 Jasper St, Trlr 2 2815592690 Leif Putnam Tree Tech4402 5th St 2813392617 Lena Fosterpuckett4804 19th St 2813392782 Leonard Brown 2813390326 Leonard Brown215 Grand Ave 2813393043 Leonard D. Loukanis3006 Carolyn St 2813391428 Leonard E. Schmidt3207 Triplett St 2813393475 Leonard Moffett501 Jackson Ave 2813392321 Leonardo Miranda3811 Melody Ln 2815591981 Leroy H. Barrera Jr1202 Bacliff DR 8328643091 Les Linkenhoker3038 Calhoun St 2813392135 Leslie Wolfe4902 Chase Wick DR 2815496767 Leticia Sanchez303 Gordy Rd, Trlr 32 8328642588 Lety Maddix4708 15th St 2813390470 Liberty Tower & Painting4433 3rd St 2813393743 Lifetime Rain Gutter4801 20th St 2813396393 Ligaya Griffin5006 Chase Lake CT 8328642431 Lighthouse Christian Ministries800 Grand Ave 2813393033 Lillie Padgett4310 7th St 8328642935 Lily Karber3315 Walsh St 2813397788 Linda Anderson4203 Coon St 2813391854 Linda Chandler202 Middleton St 2815326159 Linda Cleaves 2813392262 Linda D. Elliott416 Reppert St 2813392575 Linda D. Hall4131 Roberts Ln 2813393136 Linda Hendrickson326 Louisiana Ave 2815496009 Linda King3802 Bayshore DR 2815591635 Linda Simpson5106 Misty Ln 2819579676 Lindsey Graham331 Louisiana Ave 2813391026 Lipstick Gentlemen's Club3625 Highway 146 2815592624 Lisa Cook307 Texas Ave 2815592024 Lisa Goodwin4827 Chase More DR 2815593638 Lisa Hertlein2607 Bayshore DR 2819579191 Lisa Mitten4314 6th St 2819577193 Lisa Padgett714 Chase View DR 2813391287 Lisa Reed307 Baker Ave 2813391031 Lisa Rosenow1518 Avenue A-1 2 St 2813391396 Liz's Entertainment127 Grand Ave 2815496560 Lloyd D. Pate 2815591087 Lloyd Mcdonald617 Oklahoma Ave 2815326413 Loading Dock Too3505 Highway 146 2815494789 Loading Dock Too3505 Highway 146 8328643572 Loc Tran3002 Carolyn St 2813391445 Lois F. Wistinghausen4111 Covert St 2813396900 Lois T. Ridgeway3503 Emerson St 2813393137 Lone Star Actuation Inc4802 20th St 2813391212 Lonestar1047 Grand Ave 2815494225 Lonnie Mcallister5014 Chase Court DR 2813397240 Loretta Davis4405 19th St 2815591314 Lottie Greenwood5118 Chase Court DR 2815591583 Louie Mclean4118 Miller St 2813391308 Louis Mitchell4012 Elm Ln 2813393128 Louisa K. Farmer714 Chase Point Cir 2813391714 Lous Supermarket406 Grand Ave 2819579684 Lous Supermarket406 Grand Ave 2815592928 Lowell Gibson4422 10th St 2813390979 Lts Motor Sports1111 Grand Ave 2815494770 Lucille WanzerPo Box 961 2815594341 Lucio B. Samora5126 Chase Court DR 8328643411 Lucky U823 Grand Ave 2815592600 Luis Lozada4011 Oak Ln 2815494843 Luis Ramirez4618 9th St 2813397036 Luke Anderson3818 Putnam DR 2819579311 Lupe Medina911 Chase Park DR 2815593181 Lupe Valverde4422 11th St 2813392445 Lydia G. Wallace3225 Walsh St 2815591894 Lynda K. King3226 Derrick St 8328641356 Lynda K. King3226 Derrick St 8328641357 Lynn K. Jones3119 Charles St 8328643092 Lynn Linkenhoker3038 Calhoun St 2813392135 Lynn Moffett4803 Chase Stone DR 2813397939 Lynora Linkenhoker3038 Calhoun St 2813392135


 M & M Furniture4445 Highway 146 2813392491 M and R Body Shop1135 Jackson Ave 2813392938 M. A. Coatney4718 12th St 2815591342 M. Avila 2813393719 M. Baldwin4615 1st St 2815591708 M. C. Coronado 2815591386 M. Gregory 2815592241 M. Guillory926 Chase Park DR 2813395014 M. Reyes4219 Miller St 2813390735 M. T. Cutchin2526 N Avenue St 2815594788 M. Thompson576 24th St 2813390128 Macrina Barrera4118 Warren St 2813393584 Maddison Funderburg4923 Redfish Reef DR 2815592389 Madeleine M. Mitchell931 Chase Lock DR 2819579250 Madeleine Miller931 Chase Lock DR 8328642000 Magical Images5127 Chase Park Gate St 2815591878 Mamas by The Bay523 Grand Ave 2815496193 Mane Cruse4803 Scott Reef DR 2813392582 Mansa Weisinger3521 Bayshore DR 2815494566 Manuel Court923 Chase Creek Cir 2819579556 Manuela Duque3938 Clay Ln 2815494010 Manuela R. Edel4205 Coon St 2813392438 Mardi Gras4509 20th St 8328642942 Margaret A. Miller4207 Lechenger St 2813392248 Margaret A. YarbroughPo Box 935 2813390460 Margaret Bishop4819 Redfish Reef DR 2813393860 Marge Curmbaker Real Estate422 Grand Ave 2813391600 Margie L. Baker4414 Boulevard St 2813393408 Margie Valentino3407 Walsh St 2813391609 Margret Cayton5011 Chase Stone DR 2815326893 Margret J. Bishop4819 Redfish Reef DR 2813393860 Mari Johnson4911 Big Reef DR 8328643999 Maria A. Reyes3007 Michael St 2813393494 Maria Camacho4738 15th St 2815494765 Maria Ceniceros830 Avenue A 2813393637 Maria Corbin2930 Michael St 2815497903 Maria E. Ventura4328 9th St 8328642936 Maria Franco524 Louisiana Ave, Trlr 54 2819579245 Maria Galicia4825 8th St 2815496293 Maria Guadalupe Quezada4820 1st St 2815326303 Maria Hernandez4609 10th St 2813391489 Maria I. Rangel 2815594937 Maria O. Martinez4303 17th St 2815592948 Maria Ogbe5111 Chase Wind CT 2815593200 Maria R. Baena4215 Miller St 2815494757 Maria Ramirez524 Louisiana Ave, Trlr 29 2815496226 Maria Ramirez524 Louisiana Ave, Trlr 29 2815326436 Maria Resendiz4012 Clifton Ln 2813397870 Maria Rivera2925 Leroy St 2813393685 Maria Tran4702 13th St 2813393509 Maria V. Henson4902 Hannas Reef DR 8328642452 Marian Flores5007 Chase Wick DR 2813396110 Marian Patterson3714 Harmony Ln 2813390804 Marianne Chapman4115 Bruce St 2813396107 Marie Branum4210 Kinne St 2815497350 Marie L. Cruse4803 Scott Reef DR 2813392582 Marie Milstead4415 15th St 2813392194 Marie T. Burkhart302 Gulf Winds DR 2813391801 Marie Villarreal4728 8th St 2813397261 Mario Rivas5122 Chase Park Cir 2815496198 Marion Smith4819 3rd St 2813392623 Marissa D. Weisinger3531 Emerson St 2819579107 Marivel Torres506 Baker Ave 2813390355 Marjorie Spoor2703 Bayshore DR 2815494455 Mark A. Bell4442 1st St 2815593150 Mark Ciskowski 2815591862 Mark Drymalla123 Mary Ln 2813390981 Mark E. Saucier Sr4810 Chase Court DR 2813392125 Mark Fox Landscape Co & Nursery 2813393507 Mark Goodale5107 Lagoon CT 2815496482 Mark Gregory4005 Galveston St 2815592241 Mark Ogbe5111 Chase Wind CT 2815593200 Mark S. Mcgregor4618 12th St 2815496030 Mark S. Smith3611 E Mable St 2813391639 Mark W. Taylor675 Miles Rd 2813391106 Marlen Salazar4825 2nd St 2819577953 Marlena M. Greer4911 Chase Stone DR 2813390318 Marsae Batey 2813390007 Marsha Crawford4202 Warren St 8328643282 Marsha Garza3002 George St 2815591769 Marshall K. Norton Jr4811 11th St 2813391105 Marshall Plumbing 2813391105 Martha C. Zavala4740 8th St 2813393578 Martha Chavez802 Baker Ave 8328643642 Martha Zamora4808 15th St 8328642557 Martha Zeedyk4738 5th St 2813392580 Martin Gallo4623 14th St 2815592046 Martin Mora326 Jasper St 2813396082 Martin Rivera2925 Leroy St 2813393685 Marty Flanery3603 Reading St 2819579909 Marty Gasiewicz107 Donna Ln 8328642636 Marvia Walker5010 Chase Wick DR 2815593839 Marvin D. Peyton107 1/2 15 St 2813392143 Marvin Todd440 Grand Ave 2813393716 Mary Baldwin4615 1st St 2815591708 Mary E. Everitt4802 W Bayshore DR 2815591464 Mary E. Prosper3215 Alsworth St 2819579587 Mary Fazenberger4729 7th St 8328643357 Mary Forbes3319 Triplett St 2813391299 Mary G. Garza4127 Darby St 8328643248 Mary H. Arredondo 2813396092 Mary J. Crawford4807 6th St 2813393323 Mary J. Evans4206 Bayshore DR 2813395750 Mary J. Maddix4207 Roberts Ln 2813395437 Mary J. Miller775 Reppert St 8328643067 Mary JonesPo Box 142 2813392054 Mary Labeff3307 Derrick St 2813395492 Mary M. Griffin5006 Chase Lake CT 8328642431 Mary Matlock210 Kansas St 2813391876 Mary Mccarty4419 W Bayshore DR 2813391014 Mary Onukiavage4426 15th St 2813397202 Mary Porter214 Gulf Winds DR 2813397541 Mary Quaglia4819 Chase Wick DR 2815591011 Mary Rose Beauty Shop450 Grand Ave 2819579738 Mary Wilkerson509 Middleton St 2813391756 Maryann A. Salinas901 Reppert St 8328643337 Maryanne Chaudron4431 6th St 2815594764 Mathew Coffey3607 Walsh St 2813391198 Matt Dearborn3507 Reading St 2813391195 Matt Moore4607 8th St 2815326673 Matt Wray524 Louisiana Ave 2815542358 Matthew Allmon600 Miles Rd 2813390013 Matthew Fleck4219 Smith St 2813397152 Matthew Matlock210 Kansas St 2813391876 Max Faust334 Gulf Winds DR 2813397334 Maxie R. Shields4202 Roberts Ln 2813390945 Maximina Shields4202 Roberts Ln 2813390945 McDonald's4505 Highway 146 2813395969 Mcdonald's Bacliff Number 257804505 Highway 146 8327381945 Mechanical Masters4131 Smith St 2819579141 Mechell Templeton4926 Chase Stone DR 2813393859 Megan Raney502 Jasper St 8328643119 Megan Thomason2918 Leroy St 2815497122 Megh Meinzen135 Ruth Ln 2813392214 Meghann Meinzen135 Ruth Ln 2813392214 Meguel Garcia4931 Chase Stone DR 8328642581 Mejor Meat Market La942 Grand Ave 2813391978 Melanie Jackson931 Jackson Ave 8328642923 Melinda Overman4750 5th St 2813392597 Melissa Gregory4823 2nd St 2815497112 Melissa Jeffrey218 Gordy Rd 2815494896 Melissa Johnson3938 Rosedale Ln 8328643185 Melissa Meza4729 W Bayshore DR 2813392415 Melissa Mitchell507 Avenue A 2813391612 Melissa Morales4106 White St 2813393879 Melissa Nowlin3307 Walsh St 2813397191 Melissa Nowlin3307 Walsh St 2819579274 Melissa Rosaschi4934 Dollar Reef DR 2819579229 Melissa Samora5126 Chase Court DR 8328643411 Melissa Tremont943 Chase Park DR 8328642371 Mellisa Tremont943 Chase Park DR 2815494425 Mellissa Bingham4815 14th St 2815591586 Mellissa D. BinghamPo Box 708 2813392299 Melony Metcalf535 Baker Ave 2815592873 Mercy Gonzales4709 16th St 2815591723 Mercy Gonzales4709 16th St 2815326354 Micah Miller4910 Hannas Reef DR 2813391956 Michael A. Painter4502 16th St 2813391285 Michael A. Travis5323 Chasewood DR 2815591034 Michael C. Downey5014 Chase Wick DR 8328642673 Michael C. Smith4914 Big Reef DR 2815594988 Michael E. Burd4802 3rd St 2813395755 Michael Fussell4407 11th St 2813392978 Michael Hertlein2607 Bayshore DR 2819579191 Michael Hobbs4801 Rose St 2813393532 Michael K. Conner4445 8th St 2815591620 Michael Kressley706 Chase View DR 2813393590 Michael L. Davis4201 Sevan St 2813390950 Michael P. Henderson 2815591616 Michael R. Galicia734 Chase View DR 2813392909 Michael Sholes4805 10th St 8328642195 Michael Souza3523 Reading St, Unit B 2815326446 Michael W. Labeff3307 Derrick St 2813395492 Michael Yandell4502 Boulevard St 8328643498 Michaels Wilson4729 10th St 2815496485 Michele Jezek5014 Chase Wick DR 2813393649 Michelle A. ChambersPo Box 687 2813392614 Michelle C. Nelson4918 Big Reef DR 2813391770 Michelle Carroll4113 Ross St 2819579822 Michelle Craig3030 Bayshore DR 2813390642 Michelle M. Garza3229 Walsh St 2813393316 Michelle M. Garza3229 Walsh St 2813399037 Michelle Mcclanahan5006 Chase Mountain DR 8328642694 Michelle Nidini4704 1st St 2815497720 Migel A. Flores4615 7th St 2815591815 Migen Shehu4443 15th St 2815326867 Miguel A. Ledezma3207 Charles St 8328642768 Miguel Flores4615 7th St 2815591815 Mike Burd4802 3rd St 2813395755 Mike Carroll4719 Rose St 2813390508 Mike HallPo Box 218 2812917133 Mike Labeff4432 Orange St 2819579904 Mike R. Dubray1130 Chase Park DR 2813393253 Mike Smith4122 Bruce St 2815592908 Mike Unruh4127 Sevan St 2813397259 Minh H. Vo1014 Chase Park DR 2813390694 Miranda Mcgregor4618 12th St 2815496030 Missy Meza4729 W Bayshore DR 2813392415 Mitchell Wright5119 Chasewood DR 8328643392 Moises Martinez3828 Oakview St, Apt 2 2813397877 Moises Martinez3828 Oakview St 8328642784 Molly Correa4318 12th St 2813390742 Mom's Restoration130 Grand Ave 8328642032 Monica Garza4803 Hannas Reef DR 2813391300 Monica Hernandez-Dixon223 Sea Breeze DR 2819579701 Monica Small4811 Chase More DR 2813391847 Morans Auto Sales 2815496147 MS Recycling LLC4131 Smith St 8328642614 Mse Power Sys 2815494222 Muriel K. Ingram4619 15th St 2815496914 Muriel K. Ingram4619 15th St 2815592168


 N. D. Sullivan4419 W Bayshore DR 2813395581 N. Valerio524 Louisiana Ave 2813395323 Nancy Bellamy4906 Dollar Reef DR 2815592841 Nancy Estrada5014 Chase Stone DR 2815594824 Nancy G. Slaughter902 Jackson Ave 2815592885 Nancy Greenstein 2815593474 Nancy Kerns4445 5th St 2819577111 Nancy Lounds5127 Chase Park Gate St 2815591878 Nancy Poore4406 16th St 2819577906 NASA Rd Communications850 Grand Ave 2819579572 Natalie F. Valerio524 Louisiana Ave, Trlr 27 2813395323 Natalie Jay914 Chase Creek Cir 2815497274 Natasha Freed5015 Chase Mountain DR 2815497762 Natasha King4727 14th St 2813397780 Nate Brown303 Sea Mist Ln 2819579707 Nathan Barnett5106 Chasewood DR 2813397853 Nathan Poole4210 Schwartz St 2813391122 Nautical But Nice5202 W Bayshore DR 2815594377 Nc Auto Repair720 Grand Ave 2813399916 Nekesha N. Alexander5426 Chasewood DR 2813392128 Nelda A. Ballinger1010 Bacliff DR 2813392906 Nelida Forbes3319 Triplett St 2813391299 Neta Pate 2813393035 Nga Nguyen326 Jasper St 2815592690 Nhi Vong3103 Charles St 2813393453 Nick Guillory926 Chase Park DR 2813395014 Nicolas Valerio524 Louisiana Ave 2813395323 Nicole Mays-Cole4441 13th St 2815326505 Nicole Verberne2911 George St 2813393482 Nikki Bolden Bradley3112 Michael St 2815496407 Nilda E. Jimenez1115 Chase Park DR 2813392470 Noah's Ark Bar & Grill4438 Boulevard St 2813392895 Nola J. Hall4739 15th St 2813390078 Nome L. Daffern4907 Chase Stone DR 2813393405 Nora A. Rector4412 17th St, Lot 5 2813393207 Nora Molina4807 5th St 2815326247 Norma B. Clark3627 Bayshore DR 2813391033 Norma C. Henry4118 White St 2815496908 Norma J. Crouse711 Reppert St 2813393084 Norma Triana4914 Scott Reef DR 2813390060 Nrg Energy5501 Highway 146 2813391205


 O'Reilly Auto Parts4311 Highway 146 2815593838 O'reilly Auto Parts4311 Highway 146 2815591948 O'reilly Auto Parts4311 Highway 146 2815593550 Oasis3505 Highway 146 2819579945 Olivia Reyes3004 Michael St 2815591636 Olvin L. Alvarado4814 Moody Reef DR 2813392698 Om Enterprises4411 Highway 146 2815594213 Oralia VillalobosPo Box 9137 2815593875 Oscar A. Melendez Sr3927 Galveston St 8328643251 Oscar Melendez4726 W Bayshore DR 2815497956 Otis D. Ruth4411 3rd St 2813391281


 P. Alexander3012 Charles St 2813393437 P. Minteer 2813390832 Pablo V. Maritza4926 Chase More DR 8328642584 Padgett Shoreline Construction IncMiller 2813391104 Padgett Shoreline Construction IncMiller 2813391561 Painful Pleasures3505 Highway 146 2815496065 Pam S. Burns4802 Chase Stone DR 2813393099 Pamela Dowers823 Chase View DR 2819577989 Pamela Gutierrez4503 6th St 2815326518 Pamela S. Swanson4707 13th St 8328642826 Pamela Toups4417 15th St 2815591200 Pat G. Hardy4805 11th St 2813391907 Pat Imbriaco331 Gordy Rd 2813390061 Pat Malone3220 Dimrod St 2813392690 Pat P. Payne538 Gordy Rd 2813390317 Pat Rodgers3709 Bayshore DR 2813392200 Patricia A. Malone3220 Dimrod St 2813392690 Patricia A. MinteerPo Box 383 2813390832 Patricia A. Rodgers3709 Bayshore DR, Apt 10 2813392200 Patricia Chadwick5022 Chase Court DR 2815496220 Patricia Chadwick5022 Chase Court DR 2813391290 Patricia E. Mcminn222 Texas Ave 2813391470 Patricia Ellis Alexander3012 Charles St 2813393437 Patricia G. Flanery3603 Reading St 2819579909 Patricia Hill5114 Misty Ln 8328642997 Patricia Lowe535 Gordy Rd 2815326799 Patricia Melendez3927 Galveston St 8328643251 Patricia Morgan4703 11th St 8328642047 Patricia Patterson515 Jackson Ave 8328643787 Patricia W. Sherrill3635 Bayshore DR 2819579324 Patricia West4447 1st St 2813391653 Patrick H. Beadles4012 Palm Ln 2813391789 Patrick Krus3731 Bayshore DR 2813394533 Patrick M. Huckaby4106 Paladino St 2815591070 Patrick Moses4923 Scott Reef DR 2815494072 Paul A. Bartholmey202 Middleton St 2813390944 Paul E. Clark Ii3104 Michael St 2813390369 Paul F. Alcantar1143 Christmas Point DR 2815593446 Paul F. Foreman4712 16th St 2813392442 Paul J. Ladd5114 Lagoon CT 2819579884 Paul Pinson1106 1/2 Avenue A 2813390504 Paul Prucnal4811 W Bayshore DR 8328643482 Paul Rodriguez4122 Houx St 2815592128 Paul Russ4806 Chase Stone DR 2813393762 Paul Shaver4615 Orange St 2813391918 Paula C. Garza4803 Hannas Reef DR 2813391300 Paula Cook719 Chase View DR 2813262730 Pauline A. Farrell2914 George St 8328640191 Pauline Mahoney4810 Chase Wick DR 2815591880 Pedro Luis Miranda4219 Sevan St 8328643666 Pedro Reta3227 Charles St 2815496519 Pedro Triana4914 Scott Reef DR 2813390060 Peggy A. Childress4802 Oleander St 2813391720 Peggy E. Hunter618 Jackson Ave 8328643375 Peggy I. Dobbs 2815591405 Peggy Wooten4626 W Bayshore DR 2815496393 Pellie D. Smith3611 E Mable St 2813391639 Penny Morgan3815 Bayshore DR 2815592730 Perry Homes:    -Whispering Lakes Ranch - Construction 2813395632    -Whispering Lakes Ranch - Sales 2813395610 Perry J. Mitchell Sr4110 Roberts Ln 2813392846 Peter L. Tremont Iii943 Chase Park DR 8328642371 Peter Meyer3035 Bayshore DR 2813396644 Phillip Beadles4012 Palm Ln 2813391789 Phillip Comer307 Sea Breeze DR 2815494162 Phillip Holt215 Kansas St 2813390010 Phillip Liening4751 1st St 2813391979 Phung H. Huynh743 Baker Ave 2813392381 Phylis Henderson5106 Chase Court DR 2819579792 Phyllis M. Henderson5106 Chase Court DR 2819579792 Phyllismarie M. Henderson5106 Chase Court DR 2819579792 Pig Out Barbeque Company306 Grand Ave 8328642257 Pin Insurance - Main Number1106 Grand Ave, Ste D 8325615423 Pistons and Pin UPS130 Grand Ave 8328642181 Positvely Grand Resale Mall1032 Grand Ave 2815591015 Positvely Grand Resale Mall1032 Grand Ave 2815591032 Potent Smokables1215 Avenue E 2815326548 Press Your Luck135 Grand Ave 8328642768 Pri Cal4746 Orange St 8328642700 Prizm Environmental Inc. 2815591800 Puckett L. Foster4804 19th St 2813392782 Pupuseria1103 Grand Ave 2813392948 Putnam Builders305 Grand Ave 2813390838


 R. Pittman 2813393190 Rachael Lindsley675 Miles Rd 2813392485 Rachel Glasener522 Oklahoma Ave 8328642381 Rachel L. Mclaughlin230 Gordy Rd 2813392036 Rachel Moses4923 Scott Reef DR 2815494072 Rachel Scott711 Chase Land Cir 2815494841 Ralph Turner3514 Emerson St 2813391065 Ramon Bravo2926 Michael St 2815497926 Ramon Kik5126 Chase Park Cir 2819579893 Ramon Lauriano414 Louisiana Ave 2813393450 Randy Dominguez327 Reppert St 2813390788 Randy Eckenfels4914 Moody Reef DR 2813390038 Randy Shelton4822 Chase Wick DR 2813397317 Randy Weisinger3527 Bayshore Dr 2815326104 Randy Wilson4403 W Bayshore DR 2813392968 Ranee Cole3914 Bayshore DR 2813397561 Raul Flores5007 Chase Wick DR 2813396110 Ray Bush4918 Hannas Reef DR 8328642597 Ray Jasso523 Grand Ave 2813393589 Raymon J. Dearborn3507 Reading St 2813391195 Raymond Dearborn3507 Reading St 2813391195 Raymond Johnson4810 Redfish Reef DR 2813393652 Raymond L. Laredo4623 5th St 2813397677 Raymond Laredo1003 Grand Ave 2813391826 Raymond Smith739 Chase View DR 2813393781 Reann Trevino4309 19th St 2815494797 Reba Owens4443 4th St 2813397761 Rebecca A. Transier2912 Leroy St 2815592724 Rebecca Arnold4439 3rd St, # 87 2815592792 Rebecca Calhoun4413 10th St 2815591197 Rebecca Hicks4226 Lechenger St 2813392636 Rebecca Rodriguez4122 Houx St 2815592128 Rebekah L. Wells4435 11th St 2813392857 Recollections Antiques1032 Grand Ave 2815496285 Reds Tire Shop844 Grand Ave 2815591865 Reed Dunn4430 W Bayshore DR 2813391204 Regina Szalwinski4818 Moody Reef DR 2815496477 Reida Riley827 Baker Ave 2813393531 Rena Lombardi3116 Michael St 2819579818 Renea Calhoun4413 10th St 2815591197 Renee M. Owens322 Sea Mist Ln 2815326742 Reno J. Cordova Jr4226 Covert St 2813390483 Reyna Ramirez530 Oklahoma Ave 2819579302 Rhandi Rhoades4114 Darby St 2819579724 Rhoda Miller5110 Chase Park Gate St 2815494055 Ricardo Silva4119 Carl St 2815497619 Richar Thornton5047 Bay Ln 2815494051 Richard A. Scott3508 Emerson St 2813391238 Richard A. Scott3508 Emerson St 8328642991 Richard B. Dwiggins4711 11th St 2815594356 Richard Bradley4129 Bruce St 2813390006 Richard Deubler524 Louisiana Ave 8328642311 Richard Duran3819 Melody Ln 2813395188 Richard Huff4706 10th St 2813390567 Richard J. Curry4934 Hannas Reef DR 2813395852 Richard J. Friston3322 Walsh St 2813391124 Richard L. Coady3607 Bayshore DR 2813390216 Richard L. Lindsay4747 11th St 8328643181 Richard Maxton4325 8th St 8328642840 Richard S. Touchstone4435 W Bayshore DR 2813392844 Richard Thomson3631 Bayshore DR 2815594008 Richard Thornton5047 Bay Ln 2815494051 Richard V. Riddle4745 4th St 2815591221 Rick C. Windus202 Miles Rd 2813392185 Rick's Charter Boats 2813390302 Ricky Disere800 Baker Ave 8328642012 Rivera Lounge Keeping4303 10th St 2813397837 Rober Patterson515 Jackson Ave 8328643787 Robert B. Garza Jr3229 Walsh St 2813393316 Robert B. Garza Jr3229 Walsh St 2813399037 Robert C. Newman115 Mary Ln 2813393662 Robert Chase4935 Chase More DR 2813397213 Robert D. Barr4831 Chase Court DR 2813393465 Robert Edge320 Texas Ave 2815497935 Robert F. Chiovaro4825 9th St 2815593612 Robert Ferraro4726 2nd St 2815326939 Robert Fulmer110 Avenue A 2815496305 Robert G Coltzer Attorney4743 1st St 2813393500 Robert Garza2910 George St 2813396133 Robert Grace4810 Chase Stone DR 2815326737 Robert H. Redfield5007 W Bayshore DR 2813391283 Robert Hatfield4725 9th St 2813392821 Robert Hawkins4208 Houx St 2815592030 Robert J. Disiere4715 12th St 2813393881 Robert King3226 Derrick St 2819579380 Robert L. Vanness4615 Oleander St 2815496235 Robert Lara4217 Highway 146 2813392106 Robert Lewis4818 15th St 2815594619 Robert Lilly4815 Dollar Reef DR 8328643310 Robert Llanos5230 Chasewood DR 8328643909 Robert M. Gill Sr4415 W Bayshore DR 2813393838 Robert Marshall4923 Chase Stone DR 2815496641 Robert Mclaughlin230 Gordy Rd 2813392036 Robert Morgan4703 11th St 8328642047 Robert P. Ingram4619 15th St 2815592168 Robert P. Ingram4619 15th St 2815496914 Robert Pate4217 Brown St 2815497492 Robert Patterson515 Jackson Ave 8328643787 Robert Ridgell 2813392007 Robert Thomas735 Oklahoma Ave 2815494885 Robert Valentine4931 Chase More DR 2819577985 Robert Villalobos 2815593875 Robert W. Mcwilliams Sr4215 Warren St 8328642154 Robert W. Robbins3119 George St 2813392283 Robert W. Thomas4409 12th St 2815593448 Robert Welch303 Sea Breeze DR 8328643184 Robert Wintner331 Gordy Rd 2815496961 Robert Y. King Jr3226 Derrick St 8328641356 Robert Y. King Jr3226 Derrick St 8328641357 Roberta Beard4124 Ross St 2813397465 Roberta Houston4907 Redfish Reef DR 2813392062 Roberta L. Garza3229 Walsh St 2813393316 Roberta L. Garza3229 Walsh St 2813399037 Roberto Ledezma4410 2nd St 2815497475 Roberto Llanos5230 Chasewood DR 8328643909 Roberto V. VillalobosPo Box 9137 2815593875 Robin Crain3524 Walsh St 2815496207 Robin Hertlein2607 Bayshore DR 2819579191 Robin Hinton4726 Rose St 2815594761 Robyn Cortinas3315 Triplett St 8328642819 Rod Orgeron5022 Gulf Stream Ln 8328642781 Rodney E. Barnes1103 Perkins DR 2813393421 Rodney Kennedy4818 Chase Wick DR 8328642696 Rodolfo Cavazos811 Chase Lock DR 2813397015 Roger L. Wells4435 11th St 2813392857 Roger Smith2930 Michael St 8328643356 Ron Messow4730 4th St 2815494429 Ronald B. Wallace3427 Walsh St 2813392478 Ronnetta Cotton4910 Chase Stone DR 8328642712 Ronnetta Mc Nair4910 Chase Stone DR 2819579548 Ronnie A. Pettit3121 Dimrod St 2813391294 Ronnie G. Williams3603 Emerson St 2813392039 Rosa Duran3830 Harmony Ln 8328642043 Rosa E. Hernandez4619 13th St 2815592386 Rosalind Paulin231 Texas Ave 2815591230 Rosalinda Martinez806 Miles Rd 2813391286 Rosalinda Martinez303 Gordy Rd, Trlr 45 2813397657 Rosalinda Paulin231 Texas Ave 2815591230 Rose A. Cordova4226 Covert St 2813390483 Rose M. Huckaby4106 Paladino St 2815591070 Roselee G. Garcia4201 Carl St 8328642097 Rosemary Moore4122 Bayshore DR 2815497955 Rosemary Pickard 2815591632 Rosemary Ritter4615 5th St 2815593352 Roshawn Maeberry4308 18th St 2815326619 Roy G. Shaw Iii2707 Bayshore DR 2813390704 Roy G. Shaw Jr2603 Bayshore DR 2813391883 Roy Robinson2935 Av P St 2813390969 Roy White5023 Chase Wick Dr 2819579438 Ruben Barrera3833 Oakview St 2815591327 Ruben Delarosa1018 Chase Park DR 2815497104 Ruben Ocasio4803 14th St 2813399058 Ruby Remmert715 Oklahoma Ave 2815496332 Rufina Hernandez4201 Carl St, Trlr 3 2815497412 Russell C. Norton Jr4407 18th St 2819579462 Russell H. Mccannon4726 19th St 2813392018 Ruth Burton 2815594150 Ruth E. Touchstone4435 W Bayshore DR 2813392844 Ruth Touchstone4437 W Bayshore DR 2813391040 Ryan Roberts207 Louisiana Ave 2815326868 Rylnn Fisher4230 Roberts Ln 8328642609


 S. B. AdamsPo Box 8182 2813393327 S. Cook 2815592416 S. Eckels5400 W Bayshore DR 2813395679 S. Fegan742 Chase View DR 8328642968 S. Guillory926 Chase Park DR 2813395014 S. Herod 2813395753 S. Kirby 2813392360 Sadete Mistari4312 12th St 2819577182 Saloma School Of Middle Eastern Dance511 Oklahoma 2813391068 Salvador Padron3108 Carolyn St 2813397501 Salvador R. Hernandez4619 13th St 2815592386 Samantha Camacho1134 Chase Park DR 2815326979 Samantha Cummings4318 1st St 8328643936 Samantha Mckinney4823 Redfish Reef DR 2813390920 Samantha Sappington730 Oklahoma Ave 2815594165 Samaria Epps1139 Chase Park DR 8328642929 Sami Assaker531 Middleton St 2815594909 Sammy Gonzales4319 11th St, Unit D 2815326186 Sammy Martinez117 Avenue B 8328643532 Samuel B. Benedict811 Grand Ave 2813391520 Samuel Baisden4903 Moody Reef DR 2813397375 Samuel D. Wilson5206 Chasewood DR 8328643008 Samuel E. Qualls4703 3rd St 2813390363 Samuel Leyva4415 3rd St 2819577984 San Leon Community Church901 Avenue H St 2815592170 Sanda Cavallaro3903 Bayshore DR 8328642056 Sandra C. Alvarado4814 Moody Reef DR 2813392698 Sandra Cadena3618 E Mable St 8328642483 Sandra Fraley4820 16th St 8328642195 Sandra Haga4121 Roberts Ln 2815494328 Sandra Hildebrand4726 15th St 2813390995 Sandra Howell4825 10th St 2815494673 Sandra J. HazenPo Box 417 2813390848 Sandra L. Alexander3111 George St 2813392641 Sandra L. Fertitta4807 Caranchua Reef DR 8328643030 Sandra L. Wilsonherrera906 Chase Lock DR 2815593765 Sandra Lawson303 Gordy Rd, Trlr 1 2813393344 Sandra Leisure4733 3rd St 2813397070 Sandra M. Cook3807 Oakview St 2815592416 Sandra Ramirez4414 11th St 2819577983 Sandra S. Strader4126 Darby St 2813393127 Sandy Strader 2813393127 Santos Guox1110 Jackson Ave 2815496360 Sara Tallman4919 Redfish Reef DR 2813390069 Scott B. Games2907 George St 2815592937 Scott Bellview4811 Hannas Reef DR 2813392323 Scott Berger3527 Reading St, Unit A 2813397310 Scott C. Turnbough4812 7th St 8328642348 Scott Meyer4902 Chase Stone DR 8328642830 Sean Hardy4439 9th St 2813397726 Sean P. Hardy4439 9th St 2813393808 Sean R. Kennedy4911 Chase More DR 2815494237 September Mcgregor4618 12th St 2815496030 Sergio Loredo2914 Leroy St 8328643724 Severine Lippert815 Reppert St 2815497091 Sharlene Kent1022 Baker Ave 8328642279 Sharon Crawford4508 17th St 2815494174 Sharon Gaspard1202 Bacliff DR 2813397752 Sharon S. Graudushus4715 Rose St 2813393379 Sharon Sims4614b W Bayshore DR 8328642858 Sharron Flowers333 Texas Ave 2815496844 Shawn Batcheller311 Sea Breeze DR 2815497197 Shawn M. Swanson4707 13th St 8328642826 Shawn Robb4402 Boulevard St 2813392562 Shawn Robb 2813392685 Shawn W. Curry4934 Hannas Reef DR 2813395852 Shehl's Beauty Salon1125 Grand Ave 2815494145 Sheila Manis3606 Walsh St 2813392718 Shelly Crider4027 Clay Ln 2815496252 Sheri Kurtz4814 18th St 2815592177 Sheri L. Brown5227 Chasewood DR 2813392586 Sheri L. Davis5107 Chasewood DR 2813392839 Sherr Petermann1114 Chase Park DR 2815494633 Sherrie Bonn5031 Chase Mountain DR 8328643434 Sherry Petermann1114 Chase Park DR 2815494633 Sheryl Charles4903 Dollar Reef DR 2815496698 Sheryl E. Charles4903 Dollar Reef DR 2815494623 Shirley Disiere 2815591129 Shirley M. Flores4615 7th St 2815591815 Shirley Peebles4442 19th St 2813390149 Shonda Payne322 Texas Ave 2813390653 Shoppe3603 Highway 146 2815326467 Sian Watson915 Chase Creek Cir 2819579473 Simon C. Hameka4701 19th St 2813392177 Sonia Mosqueda5018 Chase Mountain DR 8328642071 Specialist Staffing Solutions 2813390941 Stacey Faulkner4802 1st St 8328642383 Stacy Guillory926 Chase Park DR 2813395014 Stacy Henderson1127 Avenue B 8328643454 Standard Steel Supply2901 Highway 146 4099483535 Stanley W. Transier 2815592724 Stephanie B. Barnett3215 Derrick St 2813391018 Stephanie Devine331 Gordy Rd, Trlr 21 2815494763 Stephanie Devine311 Gordy Rd 8328642851 Stephanie E. WooleyPo Box 8127 2815591412 Stephanie J. Raney502 Jasper St 8328643119 Stephanie Orgeron5022 Gulf Stream Ln 8328642781 Stephanie Sandavol1002 Jackson Ave 2815326881 Stephanie Shockey802 Chase View DR 2813391369 Stephen C. HazenPo Box 417 2813390848 Stephen Cook4402 6th St 2813390014 Stephen Foster231 Sea Breeze DR 2815496156 Stephen Hicks4226 Lechenger St 2813392636 Stephen T. Verberne2911 George St 2813393482 Stephine Turner510 Oklahoma Ave 8328643283 Steve A. Strader4126 Darby St 2813393127 Steve Mccormick907 Chase Creek Cir 8328643226 Steve Verberne2911 George St 2813393482 Steven Agorastos4449 5th St 2813392874 Steven Clifford520 Middleton St 2815594622 Steven J. Birdwell 2813392719 Steven King707 Chase Land Cir 2815326910 Steven Mccormick907 Chase Creek Cir 8328643226 Stomp's Burger Joint3107 Highway 146 2813390785 Stop N Go4515 Highway 146 2813393329 Stuart Henderson4440 5th St 2815326309 Stuart J. Dyke3202 Keller St 2813393513 Subway4627 Highway 146 2813393041 Sue B. Granhold 2815591728 Sue E. Galloway723 Chase Land Cir 2815592956 Sullivan Pharmacy1140 Grand Ave 2813394577 Sullivan Pharmacy 2815592360 Super Tobacco Mart706 Grand Ave 2813395300 Susan A. Clawson3411 Bayshore DR 2813391339 Susan Beadles4012 Palm Ln 2813391789 Susan C. Milton3206 Triplett St 2813392207 Susan Craft4414 5th St 2813393256 Susan Gorrell5306 Chasewood DR 2813397667 Susan Lack4315 8th St 2815592196 Susan Ubias4411 12th St 2813390812 Susie GilbertPo Box 8833 2815594456 Sylvia Sanders5115 W Bayshore DR 2819579666 Symons Ron850 Grand Ave 2813392368


 T. C. Shepherd3822 Bayshore DR 2813393665 T. Farrell3230 Charles St 2813390817 T. G. AlexanderPo Box 151 2815592761 T. Nguyen4819 Big Reef DR 2813391831 T. Sager 2815591634 T. Simons4424 5th St 2813390034 Tadeusz Rutnicki4723 4th St 8328642832 Tamara H. Backus715 Miles Rd 2813392343 Tamara Hearn3203 Derrick St 2813390630 Tammy Johnson4810 Redfish Reef DR 2813393652 Tammy S. King4723 15th St 2813393007 Tanner F. Borinsky126 Donna Ln 2813393224 Tanya Padgett5014 Cove CT 2813392382 Taqueria Guadalajara129 Grand Ave 2815593364 Tara Bresnan409 Middleton St 2813392535 Taxteks Tax Services1106 Grand Ave 2815497143 Tea Pinkley103 Miles Rd 2813391530 Techsas4819 W Bayshore DR 2813391900 Temofe D. Ogbe5111 Chase Wind CT 2815593200 Teresa R. Holdren5416 W Bayshore DR 2813390381 Teri L. Smith4811 Caranchua Reef DR 2813392356 Terilynn M. Pinkley103 Miles Rd 2813391530 Terracraft Motors4131 Smith St, Ste C 2815496046 Terrell L. Rhone4827 Chase Court DR 2813393621 Terri Newkirk227 Grand Ave 2813397477 Terrick Ballard314 Avenue D 2813390068 Terry Gussler3311 Derrick St 8328642705 Terry Harris4510 18th St, Unit 5 2819579959 Terry Lindsay4907 Big Reef DR 2819579018 Terry Pettersen5222 Chasewood DR 2813395555 Terry S Singletary Sr 2815593131 Terry Smith4811 Caranchua Reef DR 2813392356 Tess Tobin5122 Chase Court DR 2815494625 Texas Association for Pupil Transportation3521 Bayshore DR 2815496573 Texas Av Baptist Church320 Texas Ave 2813322599 Texas Door Company4752 9th St 2815496313 Texas General Store4927 Highway 146 2813395043 Texas State Of - Seafood Safety In Bacliff 2815593187 Texas Thunder V-Twin3410 Walsh St 2815592100 Tham Nguyen4819 Big Reef DR 2813391831 Than T. Nguyen4819 Big Reef DR 2813391831 The Double Up135 Grand Ave 8328642816 The Little Nursery by The Bay4118 Bayshore DR 2815592464 The Naked Cupcake and Coffee Cafe4611 18th St 8328643384 The Palms1047 Grand Ave 2815494858 The Pot of Gold818 Grand Ave 2813397718 Theodore E. Gerany4107 Darby St 2813392132 Thersa Graves3118 Carolyn St 2815494508 Thomas A. Bailey3227 Alsworth St 2813393090 Thomas A. Poole4406 8th St 2813391272 Thomas Adams4803 Orange St 2813393897 Thomas Farrell3230 Charles St 2813390817 Thomas Hall4118 Brown St 2815326826 Thomas M. Johnson3119 Michael St 2813391573 Thomas M. Tran3002 Carolyn St 2813391445 Thomas Milton4827 Chase Stone DR 2815594247 Thomas Mohr4723 14th St 8328642148 Thomas S. Reyes3007 Michael St 2813393494 Thomas Wilson 2815591853 Thorpe J T Co5501 Highway 146 2813391608 Thos J Pittman Iii 2815591177 Three J's Laundromat & Dry Cleaners919 Grand Ave 2815591218 Thu Diep5421 W Bayshore DR 2813395096 Tiffany Garza2910 George St 2813396133 Timeless Tattoo3603 Highway 146 2815494257 Timothy R. Sager4918 Caranchua Reef DR 2815591634 Tina Hobbs4801 Rose St 2813393532 Tina Lister1031 Perkins DR 2813391699 Tina Steadham302 Reppert St 8328642226 Tina Steadham3523 Reading St 8328643417 Tiva Jasso523 Grand Ave 2813393589 Toan Nguyen326 Jasper St 2815592690 Tohnya Simmons555 Grand Ave 2816788798 Tom L. Farrell2914 George St 8328640191 Tom Rupakus 2815591904 Tomasa B. Duran3819 Melody Ln 2813395188 Tomasabarron Duran3819 Melody Ln 2813395188 Tommie Willams4215 Brown St 2819579444 Tommy Poole4406 8th St 2813391272 Toni Gerhardt130 Grand Ave 2813397724 Tonja L. Starnes3224 Triplett St 8328642999 Tonja Wilson5111 Chase Park CT 8328642787 Tonya Dove524 Louisiana Ave 2819579348 Traci Dinges5026 Gulf Stream Ln 2815496600 Traci England3115 Dimrod St 2819579689 Traci Lott3119 Dimrod St 2819579689 Traci Nallie4221 Kinne St 2819579310 Tracy Graves4710 11th St 8328642892 Tramica S. Jones3119 Charles St 8328643092 Trantran Nguyen4819 Big Reef DR 2813391831 Travis Goss4734 2nd St 2813391601 Travis Hudson5022 Chase Mountain DR 2813392697 Treasa J. Ragsdale4217 Brown St 2813393683 Trey Hunter4304 18th St 2819579945 Trina Williams4105 Ross St, Unit 2 2815497429 Trinh Le4902 Dollar Reef DR 2815496024 Troy Davis5423 Chasewood DR 2815591124 Trudie Terry524 Louisiana Ave, Trlr 28 8328642835 Trudy C. Yoas5003 Bay Ln 2813391303 Tuan V. Nguyen326 Jasper St, Trlr 2 2815592690 Tuyen Vo612 13th St 2813391117 Tyler Suttle5102 Lagoon CT 2815326849


 Una Tucker4820 9th St 2813393804 United Texas Transmission Co5501 Highway 146 2813393228


 Valarie Gauntt1141 Christmas Point DR 8328643477 Valencia Reyes5111 Chase Park Gate St 2813390321 Valerie J. Guess935 Chase Lock DR 2813392837 Vali Reyes5111 Chase Park Gate St 2813390321 Vannesa Jones4303 13th St 8328643234 Vapor Controls4211 Smith St 8328642966 Vena Hicks 2815591486 Venus Sanders5019 Chase Stone DR 2813397545 Vercie M. Mcwilliams4215 Warren St 8328642154 Vernon L. Jones4738 7th St 2813391025 Vickey Creekmore310 Gulf Winds DR 2813397675 Vicki Elliot1146 Bacliff Dr 8328642892 Victor Medina911 Chase Park DR 2815593181 Victory Baptist Church1118 Baker Ave 2813393366 Victory Baptist Church1118 Baker Ave 2815591693 Victory Marine5311 W Bayshore DR 2815594931 Vida L. Brown5227 Chasewood DR 2813392586 Villanueva Maritza4926 Chase More DR 8328642584 Vincent Smith4811 Chase Court DR 2815494784 Viola R. Betty4217 Kinne St 2813391807 Virgil Gaskill5417 W Bayshore DR 2813392171 Virgil Gunther919 Oklahoma Ave 2813390407 Virgil Speicher4418 Orange St 2815494519 Virginia Ficklen4502 4th St 2815593162 Virginia H. Swanson4707 13th St 8328642826 Vivian Gonzales4413 7th St 2813393192 Vivian L. Koch336 Reppert St 2815594419 Volker Manns 2813392680 Vonda Pannitti739 Chase View DR 2813397488 Vuriel Chavez524 Louisiana Ave, Trlr 7 2813397353 Vy T. Nguyen4819 Big Reef DR 2813391831


 W. Baldwin4615 1st St 2815591708 W. H. Billingsley5019 W Bayshore DR 2813391628 W. H. Leavens2619 Bayshore DR 2813392091 W. Lewis 2813391267 W. Mayes 2813390498 Walkers Food Store4417 Highway 146 2813394574 Walter R Foller Jr 2815591357 Walter R. Foller Jr4218 Sevan St 2815591357 Walter WilliamsBacliff 814 Perkins DR 8328641370 Wanda Cohen4423 6th St 2813393658 Wanda K. Painter4502 16th St 2813391285 Wards Mobile Mechanic4807 10th St 8327383228 Waterman's Harbor10001 Highway 146 N 2813391416 Wayne Calhoun4413 10th St 2815591197 Wayne Calhoun4623 7th St 8328643320 Wendell A. Lewis5131 Chase Park Cir 2813391267 Wendy Taylor4724 10th St 2813397824 Whl and Associates3936 Rosedale Ln 2815594819 Wilber J. Greer Iii4911 Chase Stone DR 2813390318 Wilbert Long5406 Chasewood DR 2813399072 Wilburn Lukemire4619 Rose St 2815591300 Wilkinson Wilkinson3222 Triplett St 2815497474 William Baldwin4615 1st St 2815591708 William E. Pinkley103 Miles Rd 2813391530 William Finley 2815594630 William Gauntt1141 Christmas Point DR 8328643477 William J. Holmes Jr923 Chase Lock DR 2813392890 William Jones4441 4th St 2819579325 William M. Arnold1114 Chase Park DR 8328642550 William R. Zotzky5202 Chasewood DR 2813392164 William Walker4915 Scott Reef DR 8328643541 William Wilson4722 2nd St 2813391642 Wilma S. Speicher4418 Orange St 2815494519 Wilma Speicher103 Ruth Ln 2813397096 Windell J. Jeffers4812 17th St 2813391504 Winnifred F. Tharp5126 Patricia St 2815591971 Woodcock Bruce Financial Planning4520 5th St 2813395959 Wright Mitchell5119 Chasewood DR 8328643392


 Xtc Boutique3505 Highway 146 8328643630 Xuan Nguyen2911 Leroy St 2813390874


 Y. Pickard Kenneth & Rosemar 2815591632 Yacht Yacht4708 Rose St 8328642424 Yuliana Mcelroy4319 13th St 2813391981 Yummy International Market1106 Grand Ave 2815592900 Yvonne F. Martin4930 Hannas Reef DR 2813393642


 Zada B. Miller3939 Rosedale Ln 8328642758 Zindler's Pest Control4010 College DR 2813391735


 146 Roadhouse3435 Highway 146 8328643788 4 Fun Arcade1047 Grand Ave 2815494416
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