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Carpenter, SD. 57322

The city Carpenter use the area code 605.
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 Alene F. Hofer40811 189th St 6053527293 Annabeth Arne41470 183rd St 6055323578 Anthony L. Gross19461 415th Ave 6053527167 Arlan Jantz19206 410th Ave 6053536048


 Barbara A. Jantz19206 410th Ave 6053536048 Blair Arne41381 182nd St 6055328557 Blair Arne41383 182nd St 6055323570 Brad L. BredePo Box 152 6053524468 Brent J. BredePo Box 152 6053524468 Brian R. Hofer40904 189th St 6053523424


 Callie Palmquist40562 187th St 6052662139 Carol S. Hofer40904 189th St 6053523424 Carpenter Cafe524 415th Ave 6053525936 Carpenter Country Store527 415th Ave 6053525999 Casey G. Glanzer19150 411th Ave 6053529867 Charles R. BredePo Box 152 6053524468 Claude K. Glanzer41173 192nd St 6053527669 Cletus L. Glanzer41196 194th St 6053527151 Colony Fordham533 Fordham DR 6055323585 Colony Fordham533 Fordham DR 6055323764 Colony Shamrock19087 413th Ave 6053521452 Craig A. Jantz19275 413th Ave 6053539901 Crystal M. Grann18494 415th Ave 6053527753


 D. Palmquist40562 187th St 6052662139 D. Poppinga40670 SD Highway 28 6053525974 Dakota Vision Ag Inc.41872 SD Highway 28 6056251320 Darla R. Loewen18653 408th Ave 6053526356 Darlene D. Unruh19679 416th Ave 6053522255 Darwin G. Unruh19679 416th Ave 6053522255 David Hofer41177 SD Highway 28 6053526317 David J. Hiebert19883 417th Ave 6055462441 Daylene Poppinga40670 SD Highway 28 6053525974 Delores J. Hofer41077 193rd St 6053527725 Delwin O. Hofer40916 192nd St 6053527171 Derick Hofer 6053527770 Dick Garage41312 188th St 6053521713 Donald Arne41470 183rd St 6055323578 Donna Glanzer41244 188th St 6053527751 Doris J. Madsen18563 415th Ave 6053527312 Douglas D. Lamont41927 SD Highway 28 6056253670


 Ellen M. Tschetter19238 404th Ave 6053527033 Ellery J. Waldner19423 416th Ave 6053527274 Emma Tschetter19216 413th Ave 6053526632 Emma Waldner19423 416th Ave 6053527274 Erica Jantz19283 410th Ave 6053525582 Erika Gross41184 192nd St 6053527240


 F. Nelson19345 419th Ave 6053527020 Fergus L. Nelson19345 419th Ave 6053527020 Fordham Colony533 Fordham DR 6055323585


 Galen K. Waldner1 RR 1 6053521483 Gary D. Gilbert18807 406th Ave 6053527374 Glen E. Palmquist40562 187th St 6052662139 Glenda K. Palmquist40562 187th St 6052662139 Glenn A. Walter40908 SD Highway 28 6053527357 Goldie Wedel40783 SD Highway 28 6053527232 Gregory D. Keating Sr19821 417th Ave 6055462330


 Harold G. Loewen18653 408th Ave 6053526356 Harold Walter41174 193rd St 6053527077 Hutterian Fordham533 Fordham DR 6055323764 Hutterian Fordham533 Fordham DR 6055323585


 Ivan G. GrossRR 2 6053527364


 James L. OpsahlHc 1 6053527286 Jane E. Tschetter19329 406th Ave 6053527093 Jeff Grann18494 415th Ave 6053527753 Jeffery J. Glanzer41196 194th St 6053527151 Jeffrey Glanzer41196 194th St 6053527151 Jerry Wicks18604 415th Ave 6053527262 Jill A. Hiebert19883 417th Ave 6055462441 Jj K. Burke30A RR 1 6053527044 John E. Waldner19423 416th Ave 6053527274 Jonathon Hofer40904 189th St 6053523424 Julie M. Albers18487 417th Ave 6055323339 June D. Walter40908 SD Highway 28 6053527357


 Kaitlyn Lamont41927 SD Highway 28 6056253670
Kathryn Wicks41632 186th St 6053527333 Keith K. Glanzer19460 417th Ave 6053527460 Kendall K. Waldner19423 416th Ave 6053527274 Kim A. Nelson19345 419th Ave 6053527020 Kim J. Hiebert19890 417th Ave 6055462338
Kim T. Madsen18852 415th Ave 6053527339 Kirby Wicks41639 186th St 6053529802 Kirk J. Madsen18563 415th Ave 6053527312


 Les C. Hiebert19890 417th Ave 6055462338


 M. Roberts41795 186th St 6055322211 Mace Roberts41795 186th St 6055322211 Machelle L. Keating19821 417th Ave 6055462330 Macy Davis 6053525509 Madonna M. Gilbert18807 406th Ave 6053527374 Marcie A. Glanzer41312 188th St 6053520716 Marjorie E. Waldner41443 195th St 6053527645 Mark W. Albers18487 417th Ave 6055323339 Megan M. Nelson19345 419th Ave 6053527020 Melanie S. Jantz19275 413th Ave 6053539901 Michael Madsen18609 411th Ave 6053531548 Michelle J. Gross41184 192nd St 6053527240


 Nathan E. Jantz19283 410th Ave 6053525582 Norman L. Hofer41077 193rd St 6053527725 Norman L. Waldner41443 195th St 6053527645


 Orrin J. Tschetter19329 406th Ave 6053527093 Owen S. Gross41184 192nd St 6053527240


 Pamela R. Hofer40916 192nd St 6053527171 Patricia Steen18746 417th Ave 6056253205 Prairie B. Church40655 SD Highway 28 6053521946


 Ray C. Glanzer19150 411th Ave 6053529867 Richard Grann18494 415th Ave 6053527753 Richard J. Glanzer Ii41312 188th St 6053520716 Robert W. Madsen18563 415th Ave 6053527312 Robin Arne41381 182nd St 6055328557 Rodney Poppinga40670 SD Highway 28 6053525974 Rodney R. Hofer40811 189th St 6053527293 Roger D. Lamont41979 SD Highway 28 6056253676 Roland D. Wicks41632 186th St 6053527333 Ronald Opsahl18935 415th Ave 6053526955 Ronald R. Tschetter40563 187th St 6052662177 Royal Gamber18440 417th Ave 6055325281 Russell Madsen18624 411th Ave 6053527260


 S. Glanzer19460 417th Ave 6053527460 Sal Tschetter19216 413th Ave 6053526632 Sandra R. Glanzer41173 192nd St 6053527669 Scott A. Wicks41639 186th St 6053529802 Shamrock Colony19087 413th Ave 6053526594 Sharlene Gross19461 415th Ave 6053527167 Sharon Lamont41979 SD Highway 28 6056253676 Sharon Wicks41639 186th St 6053529802 Shawn M. Lamont41927 SD Highway 28 6056253670 Sherry A. BredePo Box 152 6053524468 Shirley M. Madsen18624 411th Ave 6053527260 Stacey L. Tschetter18721 408th Ave 6053531328 Stacy M. Roberts41795 186th St 6055322211 Stephanie K. Wicks41244 188th St 6053527751 Sylve Tschetter19216 413th Ave 6053526632 Sylvester Tschetter19216 413th Ave 6053526632


 Tamera J. Tschetter40563 187th St 6052662177 Tanya Glanzer19460 417th Ave 6053527460 Taren Madsen18609 411th Ave 6053531548 Taylon J. Lamont41927 SD Highway 28 6056253670 Taylon Lamont41823 SD Highway 28 6056252610 Teena M. Tschetter18721 408th Ave 6053531328 Terry A. Wicks41244 188th St 6053527751 Tillman D. Hofer18955 411th Ave 6053527760 Tim M. Hofer Sr40918 192nd St 6053527175 Troy R. BredePo Box 152 6053524468


 United States Government - Post Offices - Carpenter Post Office531 415th Ave 6053527626


 Valerie D. Madsen18852 415th Ave 6053527339 Verna L. Kleinsasser41152 195th St 6053528275 Violet L. Wicks18604 415th Ave 6053527262


 W. Arne41383 182nd St 6055323570 Wendy Glanzer19150 411th Ave 6053529867 Willard D. Kleinsasser41152 195th St 6053528275 Willard Tschetter19238 404th Ave 6053527033
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