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Westerly, RI. 2891

This directory have users from Charlestown, Misquamicut, Shelter Harbor, Watch Hill, Weekapaug, Westerly (Rhode Island).
Use the area code 401.
Directory have 8528 users in 4 pages. Showing 2132 users by page.
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 A & J Landscaping89 Pierce St 4015960223 A Dequattro Frank DMD39 East Ave 4015966800 A G F A Corporation1 Crosswind DR 4013480167 A Partnership In Psychotherapy85 Beach St 4015966866 A R Building Company Inc16 High St 4015962200 A Summer Place19 Daisy Ave 4015966540 A. Abbasy15 Juniper Ave 4013150929 A. And45 Granite St 4016374182 A. Anderson36 Brandywine DR 4013488021 A. Asar28 Tum A Lum Cir 4015967207 A. B. Dolan37 Wicklow Rd 4015966791 A. Barreira40 Pearl St 4013485038 A. Craig190 Shore Rd 4015966268 A. Demorest64 Chapman Rd 4013227236 A. Lockamy43 Fairview Ave 4015961937 A. Menard11 Hesspar DR 4013483037 A. Muccio8 Hickory Ln 4015960093 A. N. Lawton57 State St 4015964596 A. Page Marc Attorney At Law43 Broad St 4013484040 A. Quattromani71 Sherwood DR 4015964277 A. Rathbun91 Pierce St 4015962862 A. Ruzzo6 Raymond St 4015960425 A. S. Kustesky5 Riverview Ave 4015961885 A. T. Pityer13 Newton Ave 4013155357 Aa Aa54 Randeau Psge 4013155861 AA AA54 Randeau Psge 4013155861 Aaron Foberg16 Juniper Ave 4013489131 Aaron J. Abosso6 Joan Rd 4015961921 Aaron J. Sylvia14 Spring St 4015960580 Aaron M. Maher28 Beatrice St 4013488280 Aaron M. Simmons20 Links Psge 4013488152 Aaron Marino2 Burns Ave 4015965475 Aaron V. Morrone21 Springbrook Rd 4015967415 Abbie E. Smith5 Turano Ave 4015962085 Abhishek Shrivastava15 Top St 4015962860 Abhishek Shrivastava15 Top St 4015967490 Abid M. Asar28 Tum A Lum Cir 4015967207 Abigail L. Laquerre71 Summer St 4013485929 Abigail Moscaritolo16 Horne DR 4013480260 Abigail Smith5 Turano Ave 4015962085 Abram Gomez5 Branch St 4013220443 Accenda Strunk50 Tower St 4015960490 Ace Hardware105 Franklin St 4015960302 Ace Hardware - Marine Supplies105 Franklin St 4015960302 Ada Knowles58 School St 4013488220 Adalbert Vongontard Jr11 Ridge Rd 4013488944 Adam Francese18 Lewis Ln 4015964591 Adam G. Francese11 Brookside Rd 4015961909 Adam J. Romano50 Randeau Psge 4015965309 Adam J. Waters89 Ocean View Hwy 4015967697 Adam Mitchell17 Hiscox Rd 4013489268 Adam N. Falcone12 Horne DR 4013155976 Adam P. Corsetti20 Cosmo St 4013222076 Adam S. Brown81 Franklin St 4015960336 Adam Trombino12 Old Hopkinton Rd 4013482053 Adelbert K. Arnold Iii128 Quannacut Rd 4013221248 Adele E. Cozzolino95 Franklin St 4015965876 Adele F. Magliari80 Ledward Ave 4015963609 Adelmo Intrieri117 Cross St 4013489506 Adelo A. Defranco7 Lofty Heights Rd 4013220779 Adora L. Wojtkowski41 Apache DR 4013484075 Adrian Paskett21 Happy Valley Rd 4013483098 Adrian T. Pelchat95 Pierce St 4015960012 Adrian W. Schroeder7 Spruce St 4015964309 Adrian W. Schroeder7 Spruce St 4015961480 Adrienne K. Franklin2 Margin St 4015960942 Adrienne K. Franklin2 Margin St 4013482098 Adult Day Center of Westerly Inc5 Union St 4015961336 Advance America271 Post Rd, Ste 4 4013222673 Advance Auto Parts146 Granite St 4015961719 Advanced Aesthetic Dentistry85 Beach St 4015967707 Aerilee Degiacomo8 White St 4013152303 Afco Avports Management56 Airport Rd 4015967587 Again & Again Consignment LLC271 Post Rd 4016374770 Agnelli Real Estate LLC43 Broad St 4013483005 Agnes A. Gregan31 Lanphere Rd 4015963702 Agnes B. Entwistle5 Joanth Ter 4015967535 Agnes H. Hanley187 Canal St 4013480512 Agnes Majeika414 Shore Rd 4013227935 Agnes Mcerlean42 Langworthy Rd 4013221265 Agnes Santoro2 School St 4015968707 Agostino Gencarelli108 Oak St 4013488428 Agway31 Friendship St 4015965059 Aimee George221 High St 4015961578 Air Metalworks Ltd180 Main St 4013643575 Al E. Green8 May DR 4015962980 Al Lanphear34 Pearl St 4015962214 Alan A. Elvin17 Cross St 4013489676 Alan C. Caolo272 Shore Rd, # C 4013228929 Alan C. Larkin18 George St 4015969388 Alan Caval26 Nantucket Ave 4013229049 Alan Espinosa41 Tower St 4015965025 Alan J. Hruska10 Wapan Rd 4013488410 Alan J. Watson Jr10 Rock Ridge Rd 4013229231 Alan K. Greenstein69 Sherwood DR 4013488519 Alan L. Stearns19 Byron DR 4013489046 Alan M. Carr17 Rhody DR 4015963752 Alan R. Martone10 Terrace Ave 4013222035 Alan S. Weiner34 Verdi Rd 4013229145 Alan T. Gates72 Westminster St 4013482929 Alana Brooks11 West St 4015965073 Alanna M. Murphy14 Wetomachick Ave 4013220118 Alayne H. Whitt12 Treetop DR 4013221707 Alben Puhlick14 Gallup St 4015968803 Albert Cannito172 Shore Rd 4015967481 Albert G. Murphy68 Verdi Rd 4013228091 Albert Hawkins20 Laurel Ave 4015965853 Albert J. Laurenzo153 High St 4013150734 Albert J. Russo62 School St, Apt 6 4016374161 Albert L. Austin4 Blue Sky DR 4013220071 Albert L. Melle Jr11 Sunnyside DR 4013225098 Albert Lewis40 Charlene Ave 4013222658 Albert R. Karkutt16 Montauk Ave 4013150954 Albert W. Clemence9 Old Carriage Rd 4013152511 Albert W. Kapple22 Highland Ave 4015961551 Alberta Algiere5 Chestnut St 4015964018 Alcino T. Almeida3 Chickadee Ln 4015961422 Ald O. Gencarelli5 Pickering DR 4015965726 Aldo Gencarelli5 Pickering DR 4015965726 Aldo Panciera50 Hubbard St 4015967814 Alec Crook2 Rock Ridge Rd 4013228889 Alex Croteau17 W Beach St 4015964198 Alex Dasilva4 Donross DR 4015964038 Alexa L. Stackpole4 Seaview Ave 4013227618 Alexander Adam3 Lorraine Rd 4013485809 Alexander Benoit32 Wicklow Rd 4013155854 Alexander E. Clifford6 Ashel St 4015966353 Alexander E. Houston25 Dunns Corner Rd 4013221798 Alexander F. Thompson111 Potter Hill Rd 4015968309 Alexander Gabriele74 Ward Ave 4013480471 Alexander Robbins174 Main St 4013485804 Alexandra Foster90 Weekapaug Rd 4013229926 Alexandra Gibbons4 Chester Ave 4015964070 Alexandra Jensen8 Leeward DR 4015961040 Alexandra Jensen-Humphreys8 Leeward DR 4015961040 Alexandra Romano50 Randeau Psge 4015965309 Alexandra V. Mochetti9 Narragansett Ave 4015963423 Alexandria Stoddard25 Cobblestone Ln 4015965604 Alexis Arsenault12 Park Ave 4015960809 Alfies Beach Store156 Atlantic Ave 4015965690 Alfies Variety Inc139 Atlantic Ave 4015962984 Alfred Aborjaily93 Rossini Rd 4013221622 Alfred C. Brousseau Jr10 Chester Ave 4015966289 Alfred E. York40 Dunns Corner Rd 4013228829 Alfred J. Garceau Jr12 Sunny DR 4013486024 Alfred M. Trombino12 Old Hopkinton Rd 4013482053 Alfred Narciso33 Granite St 4015964691 Alice B. Crook2 Rock Ridge Rd 4013228889 Alice B. Mahoney12 Aquidneck Ave 4015966196 Alice Bradley14 Snowberry Ln 4013224062 Alice I. Durfee53 John St 4013488855 Alice I. Sacco21 Hobart St 4015967646 Alice S. Chudecki4 Silver Ripple Way 4013486740 Alicia A. Lavigne11 Bridgette Ln 4013482839 Alicia Cass19 Stenton Ave 4013227379 Alicia Faubert13 Spuchy DR 4015961644 Alicia Faubert13 Spuchy DR 4015964230 Alicia Hyde9 Weekapaug Rd 4013220581 Alicia J. Harvey31 Tum A Lum Cir 4013150294 Alicia S. Perrone1 Branch St 4015966221 Alida Salimeno9 Pequot Ave 4015961109 Alisa V. Viteritto77 Ward Ave 4015963827 Alisha Huerta75 Cross St 4015967895 Alisha J. Algier29 Potter Hill Rd 4015966113 Alisha Matteson6 Nichols Ln 4015965072 Alison A. Giovacchini6 Woodlund Ave 4013488856 Alison C. Patton53 Quannacut Rd 4013221303 Alison Cameron2 Sequan Rd 4015963825 Alison R. Mcgouran41 Ledward Ave 4015966559 Alison Sperry53 Granite St 4013152581 Alison Sposato20 Pond St 4015962931 Alison Su21 Fusaro Ave 4015968419 Alissa M. Fregoe18 Spencer DR 4015963665 Alissa Richmond10 Boy Scout DR 4013155398 Aliva Ca9 Pequot Ave 4015960453 Allan Cote21 Stenton Ave 4013221781 Allan M. Teixeira Jr22 Gallup St 4013155525 Allegra M. Aiello3 Park Ave 4013155361 Allen Agor6 Morrone CT 4015960793 Allen Dennett111 Oak St 4015961062 Allen Gaccione180 High St, Apt 2 4015964813 Allen L. Hixon477 Atlantic Ave 4013221223 Allen S. Kiertz19 Benson Ave 4015961522 Allen Whewell40 Boiling Spring Ave 4015963810 Allex Gourlay76 Granite St 4013486320 Alley Katz Bowling Center116 Granite St 4015967474 Allison B Goodsell Rare Books196 Potter Hill Rd 4013778270 Allison B. Vanetten26 Urso DR 4013221638 Allison Lahtrop1 Whales View DR 4013220185 Allison Miller12 Summer St 4015964646 Allison N. Reyes12 Ivanhoe DR 4013150381 Allison Perrin4 Pine Ter 4015964759 Allison Stone5 Auke Way 4013229129 Allyson Scheller112 Tower St 4015960720 Alma M. Rhodes18 Arlington St 4015965501 Almedia Livingston10 Spring Pond Rd 4015961511 Almeidia M. Livingston10 Spring Pond Rd 4015961511 Alphonse Murano127 Tower St 4015967275 Alroyce V. Morrone54 Narragansett Ave 4015964119 Alterations by Rosa9 East Ave 4015969833 Alva Vanhouten2 Boy Scout DR 4015962571 Alvin Perry32 Batterson Ave 4015964140 Alxndr F. Thompson111 Potter Hill Rd 4015968309 Alxndr Fthompson111 Potter Hill Rd 4015968309 Alyson Silverberg71 Wagner Rd 4013221218 Alyssa G. Tomillo Jr20 Tum A Lum Cir 4013489168 Alyssa Ritacco32 Valley DR 4013220507 Alyssa Thompson33 Sandy Ln 4013226011 Amanda A. Fusaro5 Eddy DR 4015964838 Amanda Anderson22 Cosmo St 4013227727 Amanda Arruda32 Meadowview Ter 4015960752 Amanda G. Terranova1 Mohawk CT 4015969536 Amanda Giorno63 Oak St 4015961128 Amanda King22 Coastwind DR 4015961042 Amanda L. Boisclair23 Seabury DR 4015961589 Amanda L. Christopher118 Beach St 4013487046 Amanda L. Durfee2 Juniper Ave 4015960742 Amanda L. Elliott116 Beach St 4015965404 Amanda L. Reese15 Boombridge Rd 4013488972 Amanda L. Vetelino7 Charlene Ave 4013150505 Amanda Labriola21 Surrey DR 4013480617 Amanda M. Gentile25 Saratoga Ave 4013489917 Amanda S. Hyman44 Happy Valley Rd 4015965798 Amanda Vargas3 State St 4015962129 Amanda York15 Summer St 4015960306 Amanda's Pantry169 Main St 4015967180 Amber M. Lacey12 Frontage Rd 4015962201 Amber Spencer390 Post Rd 4013228950 Amber Trombino11 Pierce St 4015967250 Amelia M. Caster74 Tum A Lum Cir 4015967475 Amelia M. Turrisi55 Canal St 4015961240 Amelia Rivera78 Oak St 4013155978 American Chrysler Dodge Jeep9 Post Rd 4015962077 Amie Chicoria14 Pleasant St 4015964505 Amiee Cornell17 West St 4013487012 Amigos2 Canal St 4013155800 Amy Almeida27 Riverdale Rd 4013152784 Amy B. Azzinaro13 Schilke DR 4013481033 Amy B. Carvell12 Spray Rock Rd 4013227741 Amy B. Caster10 Batterson Ave 4015965254 Amy Benevides40 Babcock Rd 4015964627 Amy Decastaro17 Gallup St 4013150875 Amy Delmonte4 Maggio Ave 4015961583 Amy E. Lee29 Sycamore DR 4013225073 Amy E. Mcdermott20 Nichols Ln 4013480068 Amy F. Mackay29 Hubbard St 4015961934 Amy J. Sills7 Manatuck Ave 4013152925 Amy J. Trolan76 Summer St 4013487002 Amy Jones46 Beatrice St 4015965462 Amy L. Decastro17 Gallup St 4013150875 Amy L. Lanphear34 Pearl St 4015962214 Amy Martunas8 Tonkawa Ave 4013220324 Amy Nelson224 Canal St 4015965928 Amy Pendleton96 Beach St 4015967858 Amy Quinn-Calhoun34 Tom Harvey Rd 4015968933 Amy R. Calhoun34 Tom Harvey Rd 4015968933 Amy Rosado70 Pleasant St 4015961825 Ana Alosco69 Breach DR 4013229973 Ana J. Hudson27 Valley DR 4013221320 Ana Y. Intrieri6 Mohawk CT 4015969171 Anabel C. Montalbano5 Rhody DR 4015967448 Anabel D. Barrus9 Christian Hill Rd 4013774795 Anajill J. Hudson27 Valley DR 4013221320 Anastatia Troyan57 Salt Pond Way 4013227457 Anchor Electric Inc21 Boombridge Rd 4013489230 Andi Kenyon15 Hesspar DR 4013155841 Andre Adams13 Bellevue Ave 4015963540 Andre Siciliano9 Manatuck Ave 4013480724 Andrea A. Thayer42 Granite St 4015965406 Andrea Casale27 Newton Ave 4015965639 Andrea Hotel Inc89 Atlantic Ave 4013488788 Andrea J. Casale11 Schilke DR 4015965694 Andrea J. Milliken17 Spruce St 4013480505 Andrea J. Silvestri19 Nutmeg DR 4015965125 Andrea L. Vargas153 High St, Apt 32 4015962385 Andrea M. Dumais6 London Plane CT 4013486571 Andrea M. Stmartin16 Lanphere Rd 4015960805 Andrea Muntimuri38 Babcock Rd 4015964193 Andrea P. Verbos25 Clark St 4013220238 Andrew A. Leclair42 Beatrice St 4013150473 Andrew A. Siciliano9 Manatuck Ave 4013480724 Andrew B. Krystinik3 North DR 4013488656 Andrew Benn29 Moonlight DR 4013225090 Andrew Bicknell47 Happy Valley Rd 4015965654 Andrew Fabricant66 School St 4015960890 Andrew Fitzgerald26 Riverview Ave 4015967411 Andrew Fitzgerald26 Riverview Ave 4013489262 Andrew Gerbutavich1 Bridgette Ln 4015969502 Andrew Guimond20 Spruce St 4013150939 Andrew H. Slimmon32 Spray Rock Rd 4013227098 Andrew J. King11 Branberry DR 4013488260 Andrew J. Mcdade17 Moriah DR 4015969516 Andrew Johnson23 Walton St 4015963396 Andrew King22 Coastwind DR 4015961042 Andrew L. Steadman78 Summer St 4015967063 Andrew Monroe64 Westminster St 4015965225 Andrew O'brien Jr30 Kimball Ave 4013489235 Andrew P. Aubee23 Sandy Ln 4013220511 Andrew Pappadia16 Henry St 4015967885 Andrew Plourd8 Oaklawn Ter 4015962908 Andrew S. Mcguire31 Boiling Spring Ave 4013486282 Andrew Sicard24 Park Ave 4015963180 Andrew Wakeman5 Upland Rd 4013221210 Andrew Widdifield4 Saint Andrews Ter 4013482025 Andrew Yu19 Sunrise DR 4015969908 Anesthesia Associates Of Westerly25 Wells St 4015967477 Angel A. Spargo17 Hobart St 4015963623 Angel M. Macdougall92 High St 4015967686 Angel X. Cruz42 Narragansett Ave 4015962123 Angela B. Walsh3 Governor Ave 4013229225 Angela C. Eagan34 Batterson Ave 4015962438 Angela C. Jones11 Lorraine Rd 4015963045 Angela Camt12 North DR 4016377986 Angela Delicato42 Granite St 4015961814 Angela Genovese18 Summer St 4015963894 Angela Harvey49 Apache DR 4015961395 Angela J. Algier29 Potter Hill Rd 4015966113 Angela L. Broce13 Meadowview Ter 4015967327 Angela M. Camp12 North DR 4016377986 Angela M. Capparelli12 Niles St 4015963565 Angela M. Donovan27 Andersen CT 4015963482 Angela M. Gaccione4 Geranium Ln 4013485071 Angela M. Thoman57 Westminster St 4015847925 Angela Magowan51 Hubbard St 4015965662 Angela Moore Inc1 Bay St 4016374660 Angela N. Collins12 Chord St 4015966375 Angela P. Celico42 Newton Ave 4015965502 Angela P. Larson3 Hardwood Ln 4015964331 Angela Spargo17 Hobart St 4015963623 Angela W. Leong7 Jolly Ln 4015960110 Angele M. Williams9 Batterson Ave 4015961539 Angelina E. Swain10 Sherwood DR 4015967741 Angelina Scavello16 Sunrise DR 4015965834 Angeline Casale22 Niles St 4015967813 Angeline Gradilone85 Wells St 4015964757 Angelo A. Casale Jr3 James St 4015966624 Angelo Adimari5 State St 4015965689 Angelo Capizzano20 Turano Ave 4015965490 Angelo Casale5 James St 4015965472 Angelo Chicoria9 Dixon St 4015961212 Angelo Comforti8 Fusaro Ave 4015967549 Angelo E. Falck12 Sleepy Hollow CT 4013488018 Angelo Gradilone8 Ashel St 4015967467 Angelo Guido3 King St 4013487034 Angelo J. Fusaro113 Tower St 4015964052 Angelo J. Luzzi29 Batterson Ave 4015963016 Angelo J. Paterano68 Sherwood DR 4013488417 Angelo M. Dispirito Iii230 Shore Rd 4013229748 Angelo M. Luzzi10 Nichols Ln 4015960440 Angelo Marchese1 Annanias Ave 4015962169 Angelo Meringolo45 Highland Ave 4015967089 Angelo P. Terranova Jr1 No Bottom Ridge Rd 4015964569 Angelo Speranza25 Walton St 4015964594 Angelo Speranza26 Yankee DR 4013150099 Angelo T. Paterno68 Sherwood DR 4013488417 Anil Shivaram42 Noyes Neck Rd 4013221767 Anita C. Ruiz37 Summer St 4015965185 Anita K. Greene8 Gallup St 4015968914 Anita L. Morgan81 Old Post Rd 4013227004 Anita M. Tough8 Nichols Ln 4015963934 Anita Rolin153 High St 4015967898 Anita T. Mansfield294 Shore Rd 4013227393 Ann B. Kaschuluk18 Argyle DR 4013227902 Ann Balbi4 Bayberry Rd 4013488587 Ann Broccolo5 Brown DR 4015966227 Ann Capalbo7 Gravity CT 4013485026 Ann E. Urso262 Shore Rd 4013229055 Ann Eastwood12 Jovere DR 4013482042 Ann Ellis412 Shore Rd 4013228028 Ann Gingerella25 Autumn Ln 4015969791 Ann H. Snowden93 Beach St 4013488203 Ann Jakob19 Edgewood Ave 4015967542 Ann M. Campbell9 Elm St 4015965429 Ann M. Delicato29 Woodlund Ave 4015962417 Ann M. Faubert13 Spuchy DR 4015961644 Ann M. Faubert13 Spuchy DR 4015964230 Ann M. Lain30 Forrestal DR 4015963788 Ann M. Liguori47 Westminster St 4013480761 Ann M. Macandrew1 Sosoa Ln 4015960544 Ann M. Pescatello517 Atlantic Ave 4013220578 Ann M. Trebisacci11 Bellevue Ave 4015962514 Ann M. Vernes5 Waters Edge Rd 4015968713 Ann Maynard22 Elm St 4015960296 Ann Perrone95 Old Post Rd 4013221429 Ann R. Stevenson11 Ninigret Ave 4013488210 Ann Sisco6 Surrey DR 4015968441 Ann Songs20 Greenman Ave 4015967657 Ann V. Comforti49 Hobart St 4013488685 Ann W. Petersen33 Ayers Rd 4013228345 Ann Wagner11 Juniper Ave 4013480913 Ann-Marie Trebisacci11 Bellevue Ave 4015962514 Anna B. Diperrio8 1st St 4015960893 Anna Delfranco6 Niles St 4013480448 Anna Gingerella32 Linden St 4015961931 Anna M. Fletcher61 State St 4013489579 Anna M. Foster90 Weekapaug Rd 4013229926 Anna M. Francese11 Brookside Rd 4015961909 Anna M. Lamotte9 Gallup St 4013155789 Anna M. Streips90 Weekapaug Rd 4013229926 Anna Murano127 Tower St 4015967275 Anna Toscano41 Saundra DR 4015962443 Anna Tyson3 Westerly Rd 4013488833 Anna Vaillancourt79 Watch Hill Rd 4015960428 Anne B. Burke66 Elm St, Apt 1 4015962049 Anne B. Howe95 Potter Hill Rd 4015968808 Anne B. Perrin6 Chatham CT 4013485022 Anne Ducey26 Wagner Rd 4013221035 Anne Duffy6 Waxcadowa Ave 4013220549 Anne E. Giuliani23 Franklin St 4015968382 Anne E. Matteson6 Nichols Ln 4015965072 Anne F. Mcgill418 Atlantic Ave 4013155058 Anne Iannella12 Byron DR 4015967520 Anne Lathrop19 South DR 4015961474 Anne M. Doyle11 Lima DR 4013779536 Anne M. Garvey17 Champion St 4015962846 Anne M. Messier29 Fishermans Ave 4013488102 Anne M. Way1 Penston Ave 4015964384 Anne Mcdarby143 Quannacut Rd 4013220649 Anne Murphy16 Leeward DR 4015969203 Anne Phelps129 Winnapaug Rd 4013482985 Anne Schwer12 Plateau Rd 4013227508 Anne Scott22 Elm St 4015964148 Anne Thorp2 Linden St 4015962017 Anne White9 Ice Pond Rd 4013488108 Annette M. Delmore20 Coastwind DR 4013155127 Annick Menard11 Hesspar DR 4013483037 Annie's Professional Dry Cleaning271 Post Rd 4013220191 Annmarie D. Johnson98 Winnapaug Rd 4015967715 Annmarie Faubert13 Spuchy DR 4015961644 Annmarie Faubert13 Spuchy DR 4015964230 Annmarie M. Broccolo5 Brown DR 4015966227 Annunziata Didone2 Lee St 4015967118 Annunziata Ferraro11 Tum A Lum Cir 4015960331 Annunziato Siciliano Sr102 John St 4015961846 Annunziato Toscano37 Bellevue Ave 4015967933 Antech Acct VCA Pay3 Ashaway Rd 4015961518 Anthony A. Mcdonald9 Harrison Ave 4015967790 Anthony A. Nenna Jr22 Sherwood DR 4015966847 Anthony A. Ritacco154 Beach St 4015962743 Anthony Algiere300 Westerly Bradford Rd 4015963676 Anthony Bell21 Turano Ave 4015960546 Anthony Blanda40 Chester Ave 4015964645 Anthony C. Abruzzese6 Judi Ln 4015967875 Anthony C. Letizio Jr312 Post Rd 4013227919 Anthony C. Mansell Jr1 Sarah Ln 4015961366 Anthony Capizzano58 Boiling Spring Ave 4015967074 Anthony D. Stanton32 Granite St, Apt 3 4015961565 Anthony E. Falcone Jr7 Raymond St 4015964316 Anthony E. Scaglione Jr8 Sesame St 4015969680 Anthony F. Fiore Jr108 High St 4013487017 Anthony F. Genese103 Oak St 4015961597 Anthony F. Sisco Jr90 Narragansett Ave 4015962722 Anthony Francis32 Henry St 4015969486 Anthony Gradilone85 Wells St 4015964757 Anthony J Nardone Attorney149 High St 4015965854 Anthony J. Boduch29 Lawton Ave 4015962939 Anthony J. Cardwell1 Champlin DR 4015964167 Anthony J. Chiaradio3 Boy Scout DR 4015967355 Anthony J. Cote36 Ann St 4015960975 Anthony J. Didone9 Henry St 4015969429 Anthony J. Falcone7 Burns Ave 4015965724 Anthony J. Lemme20 South DR 4015964257 Anthony J. Nardone149 High St 4015965854 Anthony J. Perrone95 Old Post Rd 4013221429 Anthony J. Vacca122 Cross St, Apt A311 4013480499 Anthony L. Marsiglio6 Forrestal DR 4015969907 Anthony Larosa10 2nd St 4013486855 Anthony Limanni22 Elm St 4013488613 Anthony Lupriore13 Pearl St 4015961059 Anthony Morra22 Apache DR 4015969326 Anthony N. Brady15 Nepun Rd 4013481015 Anthony P. Larson12 Pond St 4015967859 Anthony P. Piccolo18 Pearl St 4015965124 Anthony P. Walsh56 Fountain DR 4013152474 Anthony R. Giordano10 Oakwood Rd 4013488787 Anthony T. Kelly48 Pearl St 4013152007 Anthony's Fine Food & SpiritsCor Atlantic & Winnapaug 4015962499 Antoinette Cavanna33 Highland Ave 4015960201 Antoinette M. Roberts4 Mockingbird Ln 4015962228 Antoinette Ravenelle15 Westminster St 4015961220 Antoinette Skocic19 Mohegan Trl 4015969798 Antone Medeiros6 Leeward DR 4015964356 Antonietta Morrone13 Yankee DR 4013155114 Antonino's Auto Service55 Railroad Ave 4015962821 Antonio A. Dejesus22 Miner St 4015965198 Antonio Didone6 Henry St 4015961074 Antonio Dimarco167 Shore Rd 4015961297 Antonio E. Gooding10 Holly DR 4015969858 Antonio F. Genese103 Oak St 4015961597 Antonio Giorno4 Pequot Ave 4015963476 Antonio J Mattero DDS31 Crestview DR 4015967734 Antonio J. Mattero24 Forrestal DR 4015969810 Antonio M. Saez5 Sycamore DR 4013223092 Antonio O. Scavello6 Horizon Ter 4013480335 Antonio P. Trebisacci Jr4 Ashel St 4015967782 Antonio Pastore3 Brookview CT 4015963246 Antonio Pastore71 Ledward Ave 4015968739 Antonio Sanchez12 Butterfly DR 4013486849 Antonio Spino3 Gull Ter 4013221382 Antony M. Milo635 Atlantic Ave 4013221694 Antwone I. Brown15 Pearl St 4015961517 Anuradha Shrivastava15 Top St 4015962860 Anuradha Shrivastava15 Top St 4015967490 Applebee's224 Post Rd, Ste 10 4013222045 Applied Business Concepts Inc 4013220187 April E. Dinwoodie286 S Woody Hill Rd 4013227026 April H. Vuono10 Gardner DR 4013489206 April L. Watson10 Rock Ridge Rd 4013229231 April Moresco4 York Ave 4018215939 Aquarion Services Company87 Margin St 4015962847 Arcangelo Ferraro59 Oak St 4015963314 Archie W. Walker Jr7 Oyster Cv 4015967513 Architectural Bldg Resources LLC105 Franklin St 4015961102 Ardelle Darling64 Noyes Neck Rd 4013220405 Ardente Supply Company79 Tom Harvey Rd 4013152727 Ardis Holliday35 Avondale Rd 4015967680 Arielle L. Alicchio17 Surrey DR 4013487063 Arlene D. Dechesser106 Atlantic Ave 4015967056 Arlene F. Morton143 High St 4015962738 Arlene J. Sawicky7 Colonial DR 4015963316 Arlene M. Kores3 Mohegan Trl 4015960258 Arlene S. Harlan72 School St, Apt 1 4015965609 Arlene WolstencroftOld Post Rd 4013227758 Armando C. Trombino Jr10 Old Hopkinton Rd 4013488836 Armondo Azzinaro2 Arrow DR 4015964452 Army W21 Knollwood DR 4015960567 Arnold B. Karp4 Westerly Rd 4015969409 Arnold Design Group15 Sherwood DR 4015962715 Arnold Lombardi21 Top St 4015967273 Arnold Lumber124 Oak St 4015960124 Arnold M. Hall68 Avondale Rd 4013483028 Arthur Burton132 Canal St 4013155965 Arthur Choquette16 Holly DR 4015967949 Arthur Cronkright14 Evergreen Ln 4013222009 Arthur Dillingham72 School St 4013484927 Arthur F. Brogno17 Scenic Heights DR 4015961358 Arthur J. Ruzzo36 Hubbard St 4015961241 Arthur Lopriore14 Schilke DR 4013489757 Arthur M. Cottrell Iii175 East Ave 4013482827 Arthur P. Arruda9 Riverdale Rd 4015960444 Arthur P. Macauley6 Bayview DR 4015960018 Arthur R. Pendleton38 Clark St 4013155010 Arthur R. Tierney13 Clifford DR 4013221776 Arthur Sacco16 Shore Rd 4015965024 Arthur T. Stahl11 Emerald St 4015960281 Arthur V. Page13 Stenton Ave 4013221583 Artist' Cooperative Gallery of Westerly7 Canal St 4015962221 Arzelie Stewart118 High St 4013488851 Ashaway Service Center20 Frontage Rd 4015968801 Ashleigh J. Mcdonald9 Harrison Ave 4015967790 Ashley Andries12 Lakeside DR 4015967830 Ashley Barnas23 Cross St 4013152111 Ashley Barone17 Apache DR 4015962891 Ashley Billman169 Canal St 4013486651 Ashley Bowne23 Arlington St 4015962739 Ashley Eagle192 High St 4015962802 Ashley Fusaro49 Babcock Rd 4015968994 Ashley Greaves40 High St 4015847917 Ashley Johnson49 Babcock Rd 4015968994 Ashley L. Benn29 Moonlight DR 4013225090 Ashley M. Barker11 Sleepy Hollow CT 4015966250 Ashley M. Turano88 Pierce St 4015967505 Ashley Serio16 Brookside Rd 4015960941 Ashok Shrivastava15 Top St 4015962860 Ashok Shrivastava15 Top St 4015967490 Assunta Debartolo2 Autumn Ln 4015964535 Assunta Decaro311 High St 4015961782 Assunta Decaro42 Ann St 4015963632 Assunta Decaro311 High St 4015966133 Assunta Luzzi10 Nichols Ln 4015960440 AT&T224 Post Rd, Ste 5 4013220780 Atlantic Beach Casino319 Atlantic Ave 4013227100 Atlantic Electro6 Industrial DR 4015962400 Atlantic Marine73 Margin St 4013488154 Atlas ATM23 Railroad Ave 4015963172 ATM Line74 Friendship St 4015961296 ATM Sources321 Atlantic Ave 4013229089 Attilio F. Spino7 Gardner DR 4015968946 Attilio Francese67 State St 4015961145 Attorney Robert Lombardo12 High St 4015960422 Audrey A. Steinetz17 Plateau Rd 4015964527 Audrey C. Moore7 Pawcatuck Ave 4013488258 Audrey I. Thorp225 High St, Apt T 4015961088 Augustine Nenna22 Sherwood DR 4015966847 Austins Auto138 Main St 4013489150 Auther Page13 Stenton Ave 4013221583 Auto Audio & Accessories Inc167 Granite St 4013483071 Auto Glass Of New England6 Trolley Ln 4013150628 Auto Works61 Ledward Ave 4013770026 AutoZone138 Granite St 4013489090 Av8 Self Storage130 Oak St 4013152000 Avies Ski Sports100 Main St, Ste 1 4015960375 Avondale Arts95 Watch Hill Rd 4013155479 Avondale Boat Yard47 Avondale Rd 4013488187 Avondale Chapel11 Avondale Rd 4013480203 Azzinaro Larson Aia Architects Inc108 Airport Rd 4015966669 Azzinaro Larson Architects Incorporated104 Airport Rd 4015966669 Azzinaro Paul85 Beach St 4015966671


 B & B Dock Side19 Margin St 4013152520 B Ez Cleaning15 Randeau Psge 4013221159 B. Barnes33 Bay St 4015961907 B. D. Moylan56 John St 4015966741 B. Dennis280 High St 4015962021 B. Howes2 Hydro DR 4015968590 B. Larkin60 Elm St 4015962714 B. Nadeau21 Wilder Ave 4015961919 B. Pettini41 Clark St 4013150430 B. Steidle7 Seawinds Ter 4013488199 Babcock Village122 Cross St 4015967574 Babcock Village Assoc122 Cross St 4015969397 Babcock-Smith House124 Granite St 4015965704 Back Track Bar and Grill9 Industrial DR 4013480150 Bagels 'N More105 Franklin St, Unit 27 4015969954 Bahaa Mahmoud47 Fairview Ave 4013152043 Bank of America Financial Center9 Franklin St 4013482888 Barbara A. Dolan37 Wicklow Rd 4015966791 Barbara A. Gencarella18 Midway Ave 4015967577 Barbara A. Hoelck1 Alba Inn Rd 4016374945 Barbara A. Miller12 Summer St 4015964646 Barbara A. Muir27 Cosmo St 4013487099 Barbara A. Nelson3 Meadow Lark DR 4015960709 Barbara A. O'brien20 Cedar Crest DR 4015965186 Barbara A. Sisco77 Tower St 4013488617 Barbara A. Tingle25 Albert St 4013487025 Barbara A. Wright11 Round Hill Rd 4013486256 Barbara B. Lyman32 Riverview Ave 4015960626 Barbara C. Whitford20 Mariner Hts 4015962617 Barbara Cardiff15 David Ave 4015967610 Barbara Chatman11 Moriah DR 4015960812 Barbara Cotton66 Elm St, Apt 25 4013480127 Barbara Dennis19 Shore Rd 4015966799 Barbara Ellinghaus46 Knowles Ave 4013227728 Barbara F. Sherding52 Margin St 4015961941 Barbara G. Murdock5 Hardwood Ln 4015961984 Barbara G. Risica47 Shore Rd 4013486504 Barbara Hafford52 Spruce St 4015961892 Barbara Henry7 Knowles Ave 4013227106 Barbara Hoffman6 Gilleo DR 4015969380 Barbara J. Bradley14 Snowberry Ln 4013224062 Barbara J. Cook17 Apache DR 4013485979 Barbara J. Debartolo279 High St 4015963144 Barbara J. Hamill47 Haversham Rd 4013152510 Barbara J. Lafrance9 Spring St 4015960952 Barbara J. Nardone158 High St, Apt 3 4015963639 Barbara J. Nye30 Fountain DR 4015961317 Barbara J. Perino16 Links Psge 4013489868 Barbara J. Saez5 Sycamore DR 4013223092 Barbara J. Thomas37 Tum A Lum Cir 4015967287 Barbara L. Birch58 Ashaway Rd 4015967339 Barbara Leclair42 Beatrice St 4013150473 Barbara Marchione122 Cross St 4015967601 Barbara Marczyk11 Longvue Ave 4015960832 Barbara Marczyk11 Longvue Ave 4015961469 Barbara Morenzoni97 John St 4015964231 Barbara N. Enman79 Winnapaug Rd 4013221471 Barbara P. Gauthier7 Wampanoag Ave 4015965009 Barbara P. Wild322 Shore Rd 4013220709 Barbara Petrie14 George St 4015965365 Barbara Rofrano5 Chestnut St 4015967943 Barbara Rossell23 Passpataug Ave 4013227122 Barbara Sposato5 Chestnut St, Apt C205 4015964081 Barbara Terjesen50 Boiling Spring Ave 4015961845 Barbara V. Cole80 Pleasant St 4015963128 Barbara W. Barber34 Langworthy Rd 4013227906 Barbara Wasoleck91 Watch Hill Rd 4015968658 Barbette A. Pettini41 Clark St 4013150430 Barn Dress100 Franklin St 4015961467 Barre Code Westerly55 Beach St, Ste 16 4015961066 Barry A Ross MD45 Wells St, Ste 103 4015966330 Barry C. Musto3 Sleepy Hollow CT 4015961668 Barry F. Cole17 Rocket St 4015960272 Barry Manfredi21 Forrestal DR 4015964694 Barry Novakoff14 Windward DR 4015967367 Barry W. Correia Sr4 Woodlund Ave 4015962841 Bart Breakstone47 Fenway Rd 4013223099 Bartel R. Crisafi Jr97 Boombridge Rd 4015960885 Bauerle George42 Granite St 4015969000 Bay Breeze Interiors25 Bay St 4013480722 Bay Street Deli & Catering112 Bay St 4015966606 Bayview Fun Park330 Atlantic Ave 4013220180 Bayview Remodeling 4013778773 Bea Smith S37 Broad St 4015963522 Beach House12 High St 4015967171 Beach Plum Inn53 Winnapaug Rd 4015967920 Beachcomber Real Estate Inc10 Winnapaug Rd 4013488669 Beachcrest Dental Inc88 Beach St 4015960075 Beatrice Conte2 Gardner DR 4015963358 Beatrice L. Lombardo81 Avondale Rd 4015965106 Beatrice Lomardo81 Avondale Rd 4015965106 Beatrice Panciera15 W Beach St 4015964618 Beatriz C. Curran28 Arlington St 4016377961 Beauchamp John C85 Beach St 4015960328 Beausoleil L J 4015964980 Becky J. Morrone41 Walton St 4015961070 Bedford Neville10 Industrial DR 4013486723 Behan Brothers76 Ocean View Hwy 4015960266 Behan Eugenia8 Gardner DR 4015963224 Beijing Dumpling Takeout Restaurant55 Beach St, Ste 3 4013488883 Bella Vita Salon26 High St 4015969990 Ben Fau30 Tom Harvey Rd 4015960364 Ben Faubert30 Tom Harvey Rd 4015969233 Ben M. Shippee73 Pound Rd 4015963039 Benevides Turano LLC85 Beach St 4015969797 Benjamin A. Ferrol35 Robin Hollow Ln 4013221823 Benjamin C. Bowne23 Arlington St 4015962739 Benjamin Goulet43 Narragansett Ave 4015964282 Benjamin H C. Carpenter Jr62 School St 4015967682 Benjamin H. Carpenter Iii215 High St 4013486247 Benjamin Hazard9 Marriott Ave 4015961513 Benjamin J. Turrisi Jr25 Elm St 4015963309 Benjamin Maderia81 Canal St 4013489313 Benjamin Mann53 High St 4013485030 Benjamin Nadeau221 High St, Apt H 4015961919 Benjamin R. Goulet Jr47 School St 4015962223 Benny's Inc248 Post Rd 4013221550 Benny's Inc248 Post Rd 4013227247 Benson Thomas E 4014662716 Beppo Muntimuri68 Tower St 4015962166 Berkley J. Harris1 Beacon St 4015966266 Berkshire Hathaway HomeServices New England Properties110 Bay St 4015968500 Berkshire Hathaway HomeServices New England Properties224 Post Rd 4016374800 Berkshire Hathaway New England Properties110 Bay St 4013157331 Bernadine O'donnell4 Jay St 4013486797 Bernard V. Marzilli Jr3 Laurel Hill DR 4015962449 Bernardo Juarez37 Hobart St 4015960436 Bernice Carbone125 Tower St 4015965590 Berwick Glen13 Brahms Rd 4016377980 Bess Eaton127 High St 4015965533 Beth A. Degerlia15 Azalea DR 4013152577 Beth A. Harrison31 Robin Way 4013221876 Beth A. Thorpe25 Gardner DR 4015966070 Beth Dezerlia15 Azalea DR 4013152577 Beth M. Kalunian9 Benefit St 4015969005 Beth Oneil67 Margin St 4015965405 Beth Vuono21 Urso DR 4013227533 Bethany A. Sullivan6 Quail Run 4013488313 Bethany L. Gentile6 Yarmouth DR 4015967162 Bethany P. Kennedy36 Woodlund Ave 4015966904 Bethany S. Gordon4 Rosemount Ln 4013155192 Betsy L. Christina8 Hydro DR 4015967346 Betsy Wakeman86 Noyes Neck Rd 4013227341 Bette E. Toscano19 George St 4015962695 Bettina E. Naccarato9 Dixon St, Apt 5D 4015966738 Betty J. Morgan19 Castle Way 4013227579 Betty J. Page13 Stenton Ave 4013221583 Betty Johnston9 Milrose Ave 4015962996 Betty Lombardo81 Avondale Rd 4015965106 Betty Mazzone156 Beach St 4015966878 Betty V. Gencarella2 Starview Ln 4015966925 Beverley J. Macinnis601 Atlantic Ave 4013222624 Beverly A. Allen145 High St, Apt A 4015960467 Beverly A. Betley6 Setting Sun DR 4013484099 Beverly A. Blinstrub26 Pound Rd 4015963798 Beverly A. Mowray85 White Rock Rd 4015964017 Beverly B. Duke1 Windover Turn 4013221118 Beverly Barone44 Governor Ave 4013220467 Beverly Conti5 Matarese Hls 4013227844 Beverly F. Rutan Iii68 Summer St 4013488279 Beverly Fuller23 Broad St 4015969082 Beverly Howard11 Rhody DR 4013150806 Beverly Howland73 Gounod Rd 4013221573 Beverly K. Brown83 Franklin St 4013488740 Beverly Y. Brooks66 Pierce St 4016374231 Bez Cleaning15 Randeau Psge 4013221159 Bianca M. Soares17 Brandywine DR 4015967421 Big A Auto Parts27 Railroad Ave 4015962001 Bill D. Neumann27 Champlin DR 4015969698 Bill's Construction 4015963630 Billie D. Vetelino92 Ashaway Rd 4015968037 Billie Shea7 Williamsburg DR 4016374136 Billy G. Clark14 Saundra DR 4013484912 Billy H. Tso2 Westminster St 4015964286 Billy W. Shea89 Brandywine DR 4013152401 Bilong Zhou34 Longvue Ave 4013482891 Bin Wu19 Sunrise DR 4015967036 Biotech Pest Controls18 Granite St 4013152400 Black Duck Gallery & Westerly Picture Frame25 Broad St 4013486500 Blanca E. Chicas362 Post Rd 4013150159 Blanche Higgins28 Spring St 4015967609 Bliven Sam Jr Plumbing & Heating Inc4 Spuchy DR 4015960891 Blue & White Copy Center79 Granite St 4015962219 Blue Butterfly Florist100 Main St 4015960330 Bob K. Quigley78 Weekapaug Rd 4013221612 Bobbi Sirois31 High St 4013155409 Bobbie L. Roney14 Westminster St 4015969062 Bobek Alexis A Aprn Ltd6 Beach St 4016374808 Bobette L. Cozzolino11 Saratoga Ave 4015962621 Bocce ClubLedward Ave 4015967659 Boda Enterprises Inc23 Railroad Ave 4015960552 Bombina Giorno280 High St 4015963483 Bombina Marchese1 Annanias Ave 4015962169 Bombina P. Turano8 Pierce St 4015965827 Bonita A. Buck64 Weekapaug Rd 4013220054 Bonnie B. Vaningen32 George St 4015963021 Bonnie D. Palmer46 Crandall Ave 4013488544 Bonnie D. Turano11 Michaels Way 4015969860 Bonnie G. Bennett182 Potter Hill Rd 4013774333 Bonnie Hamill47 Haversham Rd 4013152510 Bonnie Hunt30 Collins Ave 4013150063 Bonnie J. Brossvaningen32 George St 4015963021 Bonnie L. Bazydlo8 Spencer DR 4015960116 Bonnie L. Miner4 Wildflower DR 4013220603 Bonnie L. Pappadia11 Haswell St 4015963265 Bonnie L. Wildes51 Pearl St, # A 4015963142 Bonnie Stacy15 Nutmeg DR 4015966058 Bonnie T. Conroy26 Elm St 4015963366 Bonnie Wallace45 Noyes Neck Rd 4013227573 Bonnie Y. Cameron34 Greenman Ave 4015962254 Bonny L. Pride34 Cross St 4013488784 Bonny Lindstrorm76 Oak St 4015962826 Bonny M. Lindstrom76 Oak St 4015962826 Bouvier Insurance2 Wilder Ave 4013266000 Bozzutos Dunns Corner Market5 Langworthy Rd 4013229853 Brad C. Johnson22 Seabury DR 4013483099 Bradford A. Lavigne11 Bridgette Ln 4013482839 Bradford B. Kopp20 Nepun Rd 4015965625 Bradford C Lavigne MD45 Wells St 4015966330 Bradford C. Lavigne45 Wells St 4015966330 Bradford Gannon42 Wicklow Rd 4015967439 Bradford Johnnycake Center Of Westerly23 Industrial DR 4013778069 Bradford Pizza Mart7 Main St 4013770066 Bradlee B. Graves Ii13 Yarmouth DR 4015963081 Bradley Hvolbeck27 Edgewood Ave 4016374148 Bradley S. Perrin158 Winnapaug Rd 4013150186 Brandie G. Tough8 Nichols Ln 4015963934 Brandon Moore9 Mockingbird Ln 4015964250 Brandon S. Moore1 Mohegan Trl 4015967445 Brandy Nelson26 Greenman Ave 4013482034 Breezeway Resort70 Winnapaug Rd 4013488953 Brenda A. Nigrelli20 Hiscox Rd 4015963131 Brenda C. Peloquin29 Hickory Ln 4015961671 Brenda J. Linton6 Lakeside DR 4015965356 Brenda L. Gross35 Summer St 4015964962 Brenda M. Medina193 Canal St 4015962946 Brenda S. Smyth31 Henry St 4015960513 Brendan J. Mahoney10 Essex DR 4015969079 Brent E. Fusaro11 Benjamin St 4015969390 Brent Fusaro14 Hardwood Ln 4013488363 Brent J. Holland50 Valley DR 4013221578 Brent W. Cugini24 Plateau Rd 4013223017 Brenton Chambers49 Beach St 4013488249 Brett A. Scaglione8 Sesame St 4015969680 Brett Billman169 Canal St 4013486651 Brett Bruno8 Oaklawn Ter 4015960549 Brett D. Tonnancour3 Sparrow DR 4013150035 Brett L Bruno DDS88 Beach St 4015960075 Brett L. Bruno9 Castle Way 4013489042 Brett Sherman22 Champlin DR 4015967575 Brian A. Daniels3 Cottage St 4015964761 Brian Ahern4 Ann St 4015967073 Brian Borrelli34 Cosmo St 4013228810 Brian C. Elson8 Horizon Ter 4015963159 Brian Cahoon51 Fieldstone Way 4013150837 Brian Chan40 Narragansett Ave 4015964732 Brian D. Beauchene61 White Rock Rd 4015960914 Brian D. Beauchene61 White Rock Rd 4015968572 Brian E. Harvey31 Tum A Lum Cir 4013150294 Brian E. White27 Potter Hill Rd 4015963335 Brian Edmond65 Cross St 4013488690 Brian Goldrick16 Scenic Heights DR 4013150150 Brian H. Gibb9 Meadow Lark DR 4015966569 Brian Holdrege8 Benny DR 4013486549 Brian J. Bishop45 Randeau Psge 4013155476 Brian J. Clyne26 Sandy Ln 4013227181 Brian J. Gomes26 Byron DR 4015962837 Brian J. Lumnah130 Canal St 4015965833 Brian J. Sposato4 Hydro DR 4015964730 Brian K. Gerbutavich1 Bridgette Ln 4015969502 Brian M. Bergel5 Bellevue Ave 4015967406 Brian M. Hall8 Top St 4013489534 Brian M. Jones217 Canal St 4015962637 Brian M. Macera12 Robin Way 4013155389 Brian Mccormick9 Noonatch Rd 4015961818 Brian N. Lavalley20 Mary Lou Ave 4013488525 Brian O'rourke5 Chestnut St 4015964604 Brian Oneil104 Pound Rd 4013220246 Brian P. Croke11 Cedar Crest DR 4013485052 Brian P. Cummings4 Tailwinds Ln 4015963281 Brian P. Kennedy17 Brenden St 4013778818 Brian R. Laramee19 Robin Hollow Ln 4013229179 Brian R. Menard11 Hesspar DR 4013483037 Brian R. Morrison38 Boiling Spring Ave 4015963196 Brian R. Morrone27 Lanphere Rd 4015962605 Brian R. Pringer107 Boombridge Rd 4015961400 Brian S. Moore1 Mohegan Trl 4015967445 Brian S. Turano11 Michaels Way 4015969860 Brian S. Unterberger26 Sherwood DR 4015960411 Brian Singer15 Champlin DR 4013482024 Brian T. Donlon19 Washington Ave 4013150102 Brian T. Kintz13 Moriah DR 4015967716 Brian Wiles26 Whipple Ave 4015962186 Briana Didone2 Lee St 4015967118 Briana L. Mikaelian17 Sunnyside DR 4013221133 Briar Ledge Homes108 Airport Rd 4015965028 Briar Ledge Homes110 Airport Rd 4015964714 Bridget Travers19 Wagner Rd 4013228648 Bridgette H. Deniger17 E Woody Hill Rd 4013229071 Brien Bradley14 Snowberry Ln 4013224062 Brien M. Edmond65 Cross St 4013488690 Briggs Larkin60 Elm St 4015962714 Brigitte S. Hopkins39 Highland Ave 4015964724 Brith I. Rohdin43 Highland Ave 4015963669 Britney Mazzella6 State St 4015960327 Britt W. Grindal51 Highland Ave 4013150258 Brittany A. Dolan1 Spring Pond Rd 4015968325 Brittany Bariteau77 Beach St 4015963826 Brittany Gaccione1 Elisa Ave 4013152927 Brittany L. Ferando10 Clark St 4013489136 Brittany Livesey18 Chester Ave 4015960525 Britton L. Friend7 Lee St 4013155293 Broadview Landscaping & Garden Center5 Langworthy Rd 4013220390 Brona M. Haggerty23 School St, Apt 4 4013150825 Brooke Whittemore29 Knowles Ave 4013227595 Brooks Porter10 Sunset Ave 4015960713 Brookside Electric4 Brookside Rd 4015962770 Brookside Electric Inc4 Brookside Rd 4015962770 Bruce A. Algier Sr29 Potter Hill Rd 4015966113 Bruce A. Ballman27 Chester Ave 4013155347 Bruce Bernat5 Governor Ave 4013220799 Bruce C Mackinnon DDS88 Beach St 4015960075 Bruce C. Innocenti20 Byron DR 4015966956 Bruce Campbell48 1/2 Crandall Ave 4015960485 Bruce Dennis19 Shore Rd 4015966799 Bruce E. Liguori2 Harrison Ave 4015966023 Bruce G. Eagan140 High St 4015961939 Bruce G. Eagan34 Batterson Ave 4015962438 Bruce H. Moeckel585 Atlantic Ave 4013222082 Bruce M. Conte2 Gardner DR 4015963358 Bruce R. Gavitt43 Beach St 4015967528 Bruce R. Tompkins80 Weekapaug Rd 4013221643 Bruce Tetlow Jr57 Cross St 4013480069 Bruce Tetlow Jr57 Cross St 4013484979 Bruce W. Hyman44 Happy Valley Rd 4015965798 Bruce W. Newman9 Holly DR 4015964398 Brumble Bikes166 Main St 4013150230 Bruno M. Manes374 Shore Rd 4013221011 Bruno S. Dicecco38 Rossini Rd 4013221807 Bruno Trombino21 Danielle Ave 4015960236 Bryan A. Avery42 Babcock Rd 4013488087 Bryan A. Dispirito230 Shore Rd 4013229748 Bryan Cra33 Pearl St 4015965630 Bryan E. Pedersen2 Sacco DR 4015960123 Bryan Kane1 Harrison Ave 4015963714 Bryan P. Morrone13 Yankee DR 4013155114 Bryan Quattromani70 Pleasant St 4015965476 Bryan R. Giordano7 Sherwood DR 4013488292 Bryan Yemma29 Canal St 4016374167 Brynne M. Bontempo23 Forrestal DR 4015966740 Buckler Johnston Funeral Home121 Main St 4015962465 Budget Termite & Pest Control Inc 4015964414 Burger King99 Franklin St 4015968840


 C St Germain Mr132 Beach St 4015964437 C. Brainard53 Pierce St 4015964285 C. Dicandia225 High St 4015968716 C. Gencarelli36 School St 4013150300 C. Harris11 Sunnyside DR 4013229204 C. Hollenbeck39 Avondale Rd 4015960878 C. Isassi31 John St 4015960628 C. L. Fusaro4 Lawton Ave 4013482006 C. M. Pellegrino14 Pierce St 4015965006 C. Maynard42 Wawaloam DR 4013221625 C. Metakos54 Sherwood DR 4015966603 C. Mogavero12 Chester Ave 4013485877 C. Royce5 Bayview DR 4013482870 C. Soloveitzik452 Atlantic Ave 4013222089 C. Vacca5 Chestnut St, Apt A108 4015964574 C. W. Johnson22 Seabury DR 4013483099 C. Y17 Pleasant St 4015967141 Ca-Gin Concrete28 Canal St 4013489200 Ca-gin Concrete Inc46 Friendship St 4015969700 Caeles Garvey17 Champion St 4015962846 Caitlin Kimberlin63 School St 4015969722 Caitlin M. Iadanza78 Tum A Lum Cir 4013480842 Caitlyn M. Arsenault12 Park Ave 4015960809 Caitlyn M. Creamer2 David Ave 4015962720 Calabrese Club28 Pleasant St 4015969186 Caleb Mazowski19 Jolly Ln 4013150637 Callam Gunn20 Edgewood Ave 4015964544 Calvin Fort88 Brandywine DR 4015961842 Cameron C. Nigrelli14 Sparrow DR 4013227117 Cameron Woll65 School St 4015960943 Camila C. Gordon4 Rosemount Ln 4013155192 Camille D. Datri17 Crestview DR 4013480368 Campbell D. Field14 Fletcher DR 4013778452 Can H. Huang17 Jolly Ln 4015965503 Candace A. Vettese8 Cadbury Ln 4013489668 Candace Blackwell14 Perkins Ave 4015965974 Candice Wriedt11 Colonial DR 4013488937 Candy A. Rogers22 Charlene Ave 4013220679 Capalbo Capalbo & Hartford67 High St 4015962780 Capalbo Capalbo & Hartford67 High St 4015967482 Capalbo's Waste Services Inc235 Westerly Bradford Rd 4015968300 Cape Coral Technology58 Beatrice St 4015961760 Capizzano Olive Oils & Vinegar Llc103 Bay St 4017254101 Cappuccio & Cappuccio17 Granite St 4015964072 Cara J. Servidio50 Boombridge Rd 4013489382 Cardi's Furniture20 Post Rd 4013155065 Cardinal Bait & Tackle664 Atlantic Ave 4013227297 Cardiology Specialists45 Wells St 4015964499 Cari L. Wiles9 Newton Ave 4013485910 Carl A. Reiser Iii57 Fenway Rd 4013221285 Carl Contadini20 Leeward DR 4015965695 Carl G. Carvell Jr12 Spray Rock Rd 4013227741 Carl J. Carboni10 Midway Ave 4013488681 Carl J. Walbam Jr127 Watch Hill Rd 4013488746 Carl Lafleur8 Beach St 4013486229 Carl R. Blume Jr52 Verdi Rd 4013227840 Carl Servidio53 Spruce St 4015967597 Carl W. Myllymaki66 Summer St 4015961705 Carla Dillon53 Old Post Rd 4013221416 Carla M. Moody34 Stuart St 4013220184 Carla S. Blanck13 Narragansett Ave 4015960299 Carla Smith3 Sylvan Ln 4013150574 Carlie B. Caulfield5 Connors Ave 4015965062 Carlo C. Daniele11 Fishermans Ave 4013485082 Carlo Intrieri117 Cross St 4013489506 Carlo L. Giorno12 Mountain Ave 4015964848 Carmela Degroff15 Linden St 4015964603 Carmela G. Cleveland2 Pond St 4013487086 Carmela L. Turano88 Pierce St 4015967505 Carmela M. Intrieri9 Fairview Ave 4015965347 Carmela M. Perrone1 Branch St 4015966221 Carmela Sammataro3 Holly DR 4015960991 Carmella Giorno70 Ledward Ave 4015965301 Carmelo Costantino18 Knollwood DR 4015969438 Carmen A. Borrelli34 Cosmo St 4013228810 Carmine Cozzolino35 Hubbard St 4015967899 Carmine L. Turano88 Pierce St 4015967505 Carnevale Robert S130 Granite St 4015969867 Carol A15 Grove Ave 4013488619 Carol A. Andolino389 Atlantic Ave 4013220017 Carol A. Avery42 Babcock Rd 4013488087 Carol A. Bartush45 Clifford DR 4013220362 Carol A. Cawley18 Rock Ridge Rd 4013220145 Carol A. Crandall31 Happy Valley Rd 4015960479 Carol A. Hawkins40 Old Post Rd 4013228873 Carol A. Litchfield15 Surrey DR 4015964260 Carol A. May11 Milrose Ave 4015965232 Carol A. Oppy10 Tower St 4015969806 Carol A. Ross16 Surrey DR 4013489372 Carol A. Schwab21 White Rock Rd 4015966994 Carol A. Smith39 Old Post Rd 4013227304 Carol A. Spargo16 Plateau Rd 4013227229 Carol A. Stefanik21 Riverdale Rd 4015962086 Carol A. Viccione1 Shoreline DR 4013228350 Carol A. Zanfini9 Wampanoag Ave 4015960220 Carol B. Hastings481 Atlantic Ave 4013221897 Carol B. Jurries38 Langworthy Rd 4013221825 Carol Crisanti7 Castle Way 4013228828 Carol D. Hadley20 Schilke DR 4015963266 Carol Diroma205 Westerly Bradford Rd 4013221577 Carol Eager55 Beach St 4015960122 Carol F. Marzano26 Schilke DR 4015969966 Carol Fatone110 Atlantic Ave 4013488066 Carol Ferraioli13 Matarese Hls 4013150552 Carol G. Harvey61 Westminster St 4015960923 Carol Giorno23 School St 4015962379 Carol J. Micklich11 Urso DR 4013220551 Carol K. Smith12 Stone Hill DR 4015960227 Carol Khalsa14 Blue Sky DR 4013228907 Carol L. Martell18 Wells St 4015969177 Carol L. Martins15 Branberry DR 4015961676 Carol L. Miller116 Avondale Rd 4015967701 Carol L. Sawyer45 Langworthy Rd 4013229093 Carol Lamorte1 Doreen DR 4015961746
Carol M. Benevides40 Babcock Rd 4015964627 Carol M. Ethier5 Lee St 4015964370 Carol M. Itteilag36 Rock Ridge Rd 4013220484 Carol O. Smith22 Acorn DR 4013482881 Carol P. Gibb9 Meadow Lark DR 4015966569
Carol S. Marsiglio6 Forrestal DR 4015969907 Carol Shaw507 Atlantic Ave 4013227361 Carol V. Bedard19 Sparrow DR 4013648524 Carol W. Barrett41 S Woody Hill Rd 4013222668 Carole A. Cowles28 Crandall Ave 4013488168 Carole Croteau17 W Beach St 4015964198 Carole Dinapoli47 Moonlight DR 4013228923 Carole M. Young5 Highmeadow DR 4015965768 Carole Marshall12 Fountain DR 4013480122 Carole Ronnie459 Atlantic Ave 4013228660 Carolee R. Pacheco4 Pearl St 4015960656 Carolee Russell5 Spencer DR 4016374016 Caroline J. Bryer20 Pondview Ave 4015960775 Caroline Ross280 High St 4015964369 Caroline Turco22 Elm St 4015965352 Carolyn A. Cullinane21 Linden St 4015961398 Carolyn A. Pinkhover4 Lima DR 4013778325 Carolyn Budziszewski39 John St 4015966157 Carolyn Comstock58 Benson Ave 4015968719 Carolyn Ferrara3 Jana Rd 4013488132 Carolyn G. Longolucco10 Andersen CT 4015962964 Carolyn G. Miner13 Mary Lou Ave 4015969894 Carolyn Greenspan3 Aloha Rd 4015965329 Carolyn J. Trebisacci4 Ashel St 4015967782 Carolyn K. Lundgren111 East Ave 4013485034 Carolyn Kendzia17 Milrose Ave 4015966483 Carolyn Lanphear16 S Woody Hill Rd 4013227152 Carolyn M. Gencarelli24 Randeau Psge 4013489594 Carolyn N. Burkhardt2 Pawcatuck Ave 4013488374 Carolyn R. Buecher4 Snowberry Ln 4013220439 Carolyn S. Leroy17 Lofty Heights Rd 4013228812 Carolyn S. West15 Lorraine Rd 4015963324 Carolyn Smyth22 Nichols Ln 4015960535 Carpet Cleaning Experts 4013489922 CarQuest Auto Parts29 Railroad Ave 4015962001 Carriage House At The Elms29 Chestnut St 4015968010 Carrie A. Dunn7 S Essex DR 4015963184 Carrie A. Longo58 State St 4015963132 Carrie A. Scavello11 Apache DR 4015964187 Carrie A. Sylvia24 Walton St 4013486557 Carrie L. Robbins6 Joshua St 4013489392 Carrie's Shoes26 High St 4015963330 Carrol L. Berry13 W Beach St 4015967662 Caryl A. Koulbanis16 Cove Rd 4013221361 Caryl A. Scharfenberg7 Evergreen Ln 4013220245 Caryn Malaghan5 Doreen DR 4013488403 Casa Della Luce105 Franklin St 4016374575 Casey D. Jarrett5 Fairview Ave 4013155963 Cassandra Shuler29 Batterson Ave 4015961482 Castaldi Financial Solutions86 Beach St 4015966600 Caterina Jones46 Quannacut Rd 4013150052 Catherine A. Benoit32 Wicklow Rd 4013155854 Catherine A. Fusaro1 Doreen DR 4015961746 Catherine A. Terranova1 No Bottom Ridge Rd 4015964569 Catherine B. Bressette11 Watch Hill Rd 4015962646 Catherine B. Denoia10 White Rock Rd 4015961448 Catherine Baton79 Beach St 4015960959 Catherine Beeson30 Avondale Rd 4013155905 Catherine C. Haire86 Uzzi Ave 4015965038 Catherine E. Blanchette31 Hobart St 4015961516 Catherine E. Johansen30 Valley DR 4013229969 Catherine E. Johansen30 Valley DR 4013221001 Catherine E. Monk21 Grove Ave 4013480332 Catherine F. Stevenson11 Ninigret Ave 4013488210 Catherine J. Swerdlick16 David Ave 4015962567 Catherine J. Swerdlick16 David Ave 4013150020 Catherine M. Barber4 Upland Rd 4013227180 Catherine M. Behan8 Holmes St 4015961209 Catherine M. Behan8 Holmes St 4013485839 Catherine M. Collins14 Bayberry Rd 4015969206 Catherine M. Dunn7 S Essex DR 4015963184 Catherine M. Stahl11 Emerald St 4015960281 Catherine Olean12 Doreen DR 4013488882 Catherine Oneil104 Pound Rd 4013220246 Catherine R. Mansell1 Sarah Ln 4015961366 Catherine Sweeney30 Avondale Rd 4013155905 Catherine Zerbarini3 Linden St 4015963369 Cathleen Ragone36 Hayden Rd 4013221904 Cathy C. Muli5 C St 4015964089 Cathy J. Larkin15 Clam Shell DR 4013221529 Cathy J. Vetelino10 Beatrice St 4015960574 Cathy Mull5 C St 4015964089 Cathy S. Hogg36 Meadow Ave 4013220687 Cecelia Leveckis6 Ivanhoe DR 4015962461 Cecile Falonia299 Shore Rd 4013222081 Cecilia S. Leveckis6 Ivanhoe DR 4015962461 Cecilia Santana23 Westerly Rd 4015963706 Cecilia Soltis49 Maplewood Ave 4013489084 Cedric A. Bethel19 Saundra DR 4013482856 Celestina Alessio46 George St 4013488288 Celia F. Colon5 Peabody CT 4015962549 Celso M. Frade Sr28 Brandywine DR 4015964171 Central Baptist Church16 Elm St 4015964929 Century Electric Co11 Ledward Ave 4015965564 Chad Brayman194 Westerly Bradford Rd 4015964267 Chad J. Odell196 High St 4015960741 Chad M. Trombino116 Potter Hill Rd 4013220147 Chad T. Morrison38 Boiling Spring Ave 4015963196 Champion Urology LTD35 Wells St 4015960964 Champlin Richard Crane Service20 Dunns Corner Rd 4013227203 Chao Huang16 Jolly Ln 4013480823 Chao X. Wu9 Hobart St 4013480879 Chaowu W. Huang16 Jolly Ln 4013480823 Charle J. Culotta165 Post Rd 4013221352 Charleen A. Lagace22 Cedar Crest DR 4015967956 Charlene Barnes110 Shore Rd 4013489635 Charlene Dipallina12 Beacon St 4015969715 Charlene M. Harris1 Beacon St 4015966266 Charlene Petrone12 Mary Lou Ave 4013486085 Charles A. Delmonte4 Maggio Ave 4015961583 Charles A. Rafuse Jr166 Westerly Bradford Rd 4013482032 Charles A. Roberts Jr10 Wampanoag Ave 4015969399 Charles Boland63 John St 4013486607 Charles C. Mello9 Chord St 4014637414 Charles C. Nixon10 Danielle Ave 4015960804 Charles Dortch43 Clark St 4013778280 Charles E. Fusaro14 Tom Harvey Rd 4013488941 Charles E. Hoelck159 Dunns Corner Rd 4013772477 Charles E. Jaconetta5 Midland Rd 4015967463 Charles E. Ross39 Clark St 4015964586 Charles G. Freeman33 Woodlund Ave 4015968856 Charles H. Delamater98 Noyes Neck Rd 4013220579 Charles J. Huckle19 Park Ave 4015966378 Charles J. Lyman32 Riverview Ave 4015960626 Charles J. Mcgrath Iii16 Benefit St 4015964842 Charles J. Skocic19 Mohegan Trl 4015969798 Charles J. Sposato Sr40 Valley DR 4013223062 Charles Kemppi13 Hillside Ter 4013152502 Charles Kruczek13 Montauk Ave 4015969686 Charles L. Kline8 Plimpton Rd 4015967142 Charles L. Marsh Sr5 Narragansett Ave 4015966754 Charles L. Miller116 Avondale Rd 4015967701 Charles L. Petrone32 Valley DR 4013220533 Charles L. Rainey31 Gallup St 4013155932 Charles L. Scherpa114 Winnapaug Rd 4015968406 Charles L. Smith Jr63 Bellevue Ave 4013227299 Charles L. Toscano19 George St 4015962695 Charles Larkin35 Salt Pond Way 4013227150 Charles Long121 Avondale Rd 4015963537 Charles M. Royce8 Larkin Rd 4013480361 Charles M. Scranton Jr49 Brandywine DR 4013485051 Charles M. York25 Brandywine DR 4013480755 Charles Mcdonald64 School St, Apt 1 4015969694 Charles Morenzoni97 John St 4015964231 Charles N. Kellogg10 Newall Ter 4013155776 Charles Olean14 Doreen DR 4013488348 Charles Panciera54 Dunns Corner Rd 4013221188 Charles R. Debartolo279 High St 4015963144 Charles R. Greene Jr7 North DR 4015965991 Charles R. Logan42 Highland Ave 4013488868 Charles R. Maggs18 Mountain Ave 4015964021 Charles Realini33 Oak St 4015961107 Charles Riguori40 Boombridge Rd 4015967211 Charles Rogers68 Rossini Rd 4013228901 Charles S. Gemmell27 Pond St 4013150658 Charles S. Perrin58 Ashaway Rd 4013227211 Charles S. Soloveitzik92 Benson Ave 4013155509 Charles S. Whitman Ii9 W Ridge Rd 4013486304 Charles Smith8 Rhody DR 4015965448 Charles Spino6 Turano Ave 4013489565 Charles Sposato6 Sarah Ln 4015962683 Charles Tesca74 Granite St 4013487008 Charles Thompson101 Potter Hill Rd 4015961500 Charles W. Derose64 Benson Ave 4015961912 Charles W. Killian Jr223 High St, Apt N 4015965835 Charles White9 Ice Pond Rd 4013488108 Charles Whitman15 Breen Rd 4015960528 Charlestown Fence Co41 Old Post Rd 4013221374 Charlie's Service Center1 Spuchy DR 4013774619 Charlotte A. Perrin23 Colonial DR 4015960487 Charlotte B. Pillmear28 Westminster St 4015961387 Charlotte Brennan48 School St 4015963786 Charlotte C. Pignataro5 Westminster St 4015960228 Charlotte C. Pignataro66 Elm St, Apt 13 4015960254 Charlotte Fazio17 Crestview DR 4015962858 Charlotte L. Johnson65 Pierce St 4013483088 Charlotte M. Cottrell175 East Ave 4013482827 Charlotte M. Ruzzo36 Hubbard St 4015961241 Charlotte Peck9 N Joseph St 4013488885 Chase Bank8 Union St 4015960188 Chase Bank126 Franklin St 4015967046 Chase Bank5 Ledward Ave 4013485054 Chase Bank106 Main St 4013488086 Chelsea Randall6 Trolley Ln 4013152543 Chelsea S. Kerr54 Granite St 4013772535 Chen's Village Restaurant156 Granite St 4015968339 Cheral A. Armstrong12 Stenton Ave 4013220642 Cherenza Associates LTD25 Ledward Ave 4015963610 Cherenzia & Associates25 Ledward Ave 4015969971 Cherenzia Excavation Inc25 Ledward Ave 4015962857 Cherenzia Excavation Inc25 Ledward Ave 4015960608 Chereyl A. Gebler3 Canyon DR 4015963192 Cheryl A. Bishop19 Valley DR 4013229278 Cheryl A. Brissette28 Saratoga Ave 4015961581 Cheryl A. Burns56 Springbrook Rd 4015961369 Cheryl A. Kadar7 Ranger Rd 4015960140 Cheryl A. Remsbecker92 East Ave 4015965736 Cheryl A. Watson10 Rock Ridge Rd 4013229231 Cheryl Bedard-Parker27 Whipple Ave 4015963497 Cheryl Damato8 Damato DR 4015963097 Cheryl Debartolo9 Greene CT 4016374117 Cheryl E. Speranza7 Cattail DR 4013150775 Cheryl F. Heuer9 Covington CT 4015964241 Cheryl Hill40 Edgewood Ave 4015967634 Cheryl K. Ferris10 Gounod Rd 4013227974 Cheryl Krupinski198 Canal St 4015961350 Cheryl L. Gadway3 Sunny DR 4015962638 Cheryl L. Hoelck159 Dunns Corner Rd 4013772477 Cheryl L. Jakob19 Edgewood Ave 4015967542 Cheryl L. Jakob37 Valley DR 4013228331 Cheryl Lavigne11 Bridgette Ln 4013482839 Cheryl Stedman52 Lawton Ave 4015964686 Cheryl Stoddard25 Cobblestone Ln 4015965604 Cheryl W. Anderson52 John St 4015962754 Chestnut Cottage At The Elms Inc25 Chestnut St 4015960134 Chi M. Sau11 Spuchy DR 4015963690 Childcare Connection42 Franklin St 4013155544 CHILDREN'S DENTISTRY OF WESTERLY & Wakefield130 Granite St 4015968720 China Buffett149 Franklin St 4013486888 China Pavilion105 Franklin St 4015969888 Ching Ng94 John St 4013487062 Chizuko H. Williamson153 High St, Apt 8 4015969569 Choice Physical Therapy55 Beach St, Ste 2 4013481010 Chomowicz Jill53 High St 4015964111 Chris C. Cozzolino95 Franklin St 4015965876 Chris J. Avery22 George St 4015964404 Chris L. Servidio50 Boombridge Rd 4013489382 Chris M. Vacca9 Robin Hollow Ln 4013222640 Chris Morrone11 Yankee DR 4015967116 Chris R. Dowd29 School St, Apt 12 4013488522 Chris Tsiakiris10 Niles St 4015963516 Chris Walsh Productions47 Summer St 4015960133 Chris Wood206 Watch Hill Rd 4015965159 Christ Church Episcopal7 Elm St 4015960197 Christen Harvey61 Westminster St 4015960923 Christian Foster90 Weekapaug Rd 4013229926 Christian Lund91 Ocean View Hwy 4013488113 Christian R. Killam11 Azalea DR 4013155559 Christian R. Lund4 Sosoa Ln 4016377918 Christiana Tso2 Westminster St 4015964286 Christina A. Leiber2 Happy Valley Rd 4015968348 Christina A. Stedman16 Turano Ave 4015961080 Christina B. Butt39 Schilke DR 4013155534 Christina Chicas362 Post Rd 4013150159 Christina H. Green68 Brandywine DR 4015966124 Christina Iacuele10 Marriott Ave 4015962962 Christina LTD119 Bay St 4013152240 Christina M. Azzinaro2 Doreen DR 4015961239 Christina M. Connolly44 Robin Hollow Ln 4013152316 Christina M. Mitchell17 Hiscox Rd 4013489268 Christina N. Capalbo20 Wildflower DR 4013220326 Christina Psimer59 Pleasant St 4015961343 Christina Psimer52 Riverdale Rd 4013482088 Christina Rebello19 Maybrey DR 4015967841 Christina Wilks3 Starlight DR 4013221233 Christina's Place75 Oak St 4015963406 Christine A. Fonnemann15 Plateau Rd 4016224448 Christine Barker56 Quannacut Rd 4013229237 Christine Barnard69 Verdi Rd 4013221607 Christine C. Chiappone57 Bellevue Ave 4013486410 Christine Day45 Pound Rd 4015969261 Christine Esposito50 Pierce St 4015965691 Christine Fletcher122 Cross St 4013483018 Christine H. Burton15 Holmes St 4015965882 Christine J. Kapple46 Margin St 4013489667 Christine K. Fortunato75 Ledward Ave 4015960640 Christine L. Martone10 Terrace Ave 4013222035 Christine Liguori9 Donross DR 4013150308 Christine M. Cimalore20 Narragansett Ave 4015964409 Christine M. Maccione5 Gilleo DR 4015965237 Christine M. Magowan51 Hubbard St 4015965662 Christine M. Martuscello18 Saratoga Ave 4015961124 Christine M. Perez26 Clark St 4015962275 Christine Robbins34 Meadowview Ter 4015964547 Christine S. Lenihan27 Granite St 4015964043 Christine Sayles51 Cross St 4015968607 Christine Smith201 Main St 4015962187 Christine Sylvia8 S Joseph St 4013155118 Christine Warner25 Clark St, Apt A111 4015965930 Christine Ziegler13 Columbus Ave 4015961259 Christoforos Metakos54 Sherwood DR 4015966603 Christophe Cioffi36 Tum A Lum Cir 4015966220 Christopher A. Benn12 Sunnyside DR 4013152211 Christopher A. Carey50 Hobart St 4015961622 Christopher A. Duguid23 Old Post Rd 4013150115 Christopher A. Olsen61 Tum A Lum Cir 4015966361 Christopher Andaloro25 Links Psge 4013228025 Christopher B. Heidtman8 Hesspar DR 4013480247 Christopher B. Muller9 Sunny DR 4013484930 Christopher C. Arnold192 Post Rd 4013221723 Christopher C. Augeri8 Taylor CT 4015961151 Christopher C. Stowe11 Maplewood Ave 4015963496 Christopher C. Wriedt11 Colonial DR 4013488937 Christopher Chagnon143 High St 4013150631 Christopher D. Fyfe41 Cross St 4016374694 Christopher D. Lavine25 Meadow Ave 4013227575 Christopher D. Orphanides17 Hubbard St 4016374877 Christopher E. Pile11 Fenway Rd 4013220400 Christopher E. Stackpole4 Seaview Ave 4013227618 Christopher E. Thorpe25 Gardner DR 4015966070 Christopher G. Chan40 Narragansett Ave 4015964732 Christopher G. Hogg36 Meadow Ave 4013220687 Christopher G. Horan9 Mowrey Rd 4013221865 Christopher Gefaell5 Chapman Rd 4013228987 Christopher Greenleaf42 Avondale Rd 4015963699 Christopher J. Abbott105 Potter Hill Rd 4015960298 Christopher J. Gross73 East Ave 4013152226 Christopher J. Kapple46 Margin St 4013489667 Christopher J. Nadolny11 Holly DR 4015962272 Christopher J. Tibbetts24 Blue Sky DR 4013150701 Christopher J. Turco16 Wagner Rd 4013220693 Christopher J. Widdifield4 Saint Andrews Ter 4013482025 Christopher J. Williams24 W Beach St 4013480140 Christopher Jacobs26 Castle Way 4013223037 Christopher L. Sheldon370 Post Rd 4013228881 Christopher Lyman6 Hamilton Rd 4015960711 Christopher M. Boumenot41 Brandywine DR 4015967552 Christopher M. Fusaro5 Eddy DR 4015964838 Christopher M. Leiber2 Happy Valley Rd 4015968348 Christopher M. Letizio10 Tum A Lum Cir 4013481891 Christopher M. Sammataro3 Holly DR 4015960991 Christopher M. Sisco4 Cadbury Ln 4015962464 Christopher M. Sisco59 Shore Rd 4013150595 Christopher M. Wicklund13 Azalea DR 4015967088 Christopher Montalto8 Danielle Ave 4015969639 Christopher P. Belanger3 Bobolink DR 4015965099 Christopher P. Fidrych8 Sleepy Hollow CT 4013480016 Christopher P. Tate5 Sunrise DR 4015967483 Christopher R. Burnham4 Old Carriage Rd 4013772422 Christopher R. Hagen14 Brenden St 4013152492 Christopher S. Salaun28 East Ave 4015962350 Christopher W. Brear17 Maybrey DR 4015963089 Christopher W. Leahy19 Pondview Ave 4013489867 Christopher Wickind13 Azalea DR 4015967088 Christos D. Metakos54 Sherwood DR 4015966603 Christos Tsiakiris10 Niles St 4015963516 Chungful Chungfullau10 Chord St 4013480783 Chunglai Lee74 Old Post Rd 4013220513 Ciara Chicas362 Post Rd 4013150159 Cimini & Associates46 Airport Rd 4013480388 Cindy A. Moran5 Oakwood Rd 4013150742 Cindy A. Orr19 Colonial DR 4015960661 Cindy R. Collette1 Captains DR 4013155917 Cindy S. Johnson3 Moriah DR 4015963905 Cindy Syren20 Pearl St 4015961299 Citadel Communications107 White Rock Rd 4015960970 Citizens Bank11 Airport Rd 4013481083 Citizens Bank159 Atlantic Ave 4015962610 Citizens Bank112 Franklin St 4015964945 Citizens Bank - Offices112 Franklin St 4013480614 Claire A. Calderara37 Summer St 4015965185 Claire B. Miller6 South DR 4015963783 Claire Carey50 Hobart St 4015961622 Claire E. Letizio10 Tum A Lum Cir 4013481891 Claire N. Debigare49 Clark St 4015965901 Claire N. Debigare49 Clark St 4015966305 Claire P. Mackay77 White Rock Rd 4015962240 Clara Iannella27 Meadowview Ter 4015963278 Clara M. Gencarella28 Ashaway Rd 4015967593 Clara Rohdin16 Robin Hollow Ln 4013221163 Clarence L. Heifner12 Longvue Ave 4013152645 Clark St Daycare19 Clark St 4015962929 Classic Framers2 High St 4015966820 claudette Nixon10 Danielle Ave 4015960804 Claudia C. Kelly50 Wawaloam DR 4013222616 Claudia Chighine12 Ashworth Ln 4013152525 Claudia Langworthy192 Watch Hill Rd 4015960137 Claudia M. Mattero24 Forrestal DR 4015969810 Claudia M. Sammataro44 Urso DR 4013221193 Claws Jungle Oasis31 Post Rd 4015969100 Clayton Alexander6 Beacon St 4015962583 Clayton G. Stewart17 Chestnut St 4012840693 Cleats Sports Club116 Granite St 4015964107 Clement C. Moore Ii9 Sequan Rd 4015961462 Clifford Barnes296 Shore Rd 4013227740 Clifford E. Smith27 Spruce St 4015965277 Clifford E. Smith Iii25 Stuart St 4013221238 Clifford L. Barnard30 Brandywine DR 4015962938 Clifford N. Rushlow18 North DR 4015960743 Clorinda M. Gaccione28 Woodlund Ave 4015965859 Clotilde Debartolo20 Longvue Ave 4015967473 Clydesdale Tavern47 Canal St 4013152644 Coast to Coast Produce14 Langworthy Rd 4013152458 Coastal Commerce Group21 Canal St 4015963100 Coastal Consignment100 Main St 4013152255 Coastal Electronics LLC101 Airport Rd, Ste 6 4013152560 Coastal Rheumatology45 Wells St, Ste 203B 4013482180 Coastline Laundry106 Cross St 4015967009 Cofone Frank P Agency Inc10 Leeward DR 4015963191 Cold Stone Creamery143 Franklin St 4015962653 Coldwell Banker Realty29 Post Rd 4015966333 Coldwell Banker Residential Brokerage - Westerly Tel No 4013480500 Coleen A. Mcleod5 Wompag Rd 4013220327 Coleman Realtors85 Beach St 4015962390 Colette C. Thorp1 Crestview DR 4013150412 Colleen A. Desimone146 Beach St 4015964827 Colleen A. Newell316 Post Rd 4013228072 Colleen M. Holloran10 Paupock Run 4013227824 Colleen M. Johns5 Havens Rd 4015969136 Colleen M. Saila8 Matarese Hls 4013227423 Colleen M. Smith14 Brandywine DR 4015960242 Colleen Martino5 Rip Tide DR 4015969464 Colleen Murray7 Gravity CT 4015964696 Colleen P. Westberg217 Canal St 4013222683 Colleen W Stolgitis Atty53 High St 4015960311 Columbia Patterson7 Doreen DR 4015965506 Comolli George A15 Franklin St 4013486020 Computerized Financials101 Franklin St 4015969179 Concetta A. Donofrio2 Pasadena Ave 4015967125 Concetta C. Nicolosi3 Belle Rose DR 4013221179 Concetta E. Chapman42 Riverview Ave 4015967608 Concetta Woll65 School St 4015960943 Connie A. Cannon123 Ashaway Rd 4013485808 Connie M. Gallo5 Starlight DR 4013228838 Connie S. Loveland11 Stenton Ave 4013220553 Connie S. Sergi47 S Woody Hill Rd 4013220990 Connors Pamela J45 Wells St, Ste 103 4015966330 Constance A. Federico10 Woodlund Ave 4015964235 Constance C. Pignataro5 Westminster St 4015960228 Constance F. Pugliese148 Beach St 4013489993 Constance Gager19 Rocket St 4013485826 Constance L. Aygun8 Laurel Hill DR 4013155126 Constance L. Lutzel85 Crandall Ave 4013155561 Constance S. Morrone39 Langworthy Rd 4013228900 Constance T. Goodman12 Painter Rd 4013221068 Contance P. Markey68 Chapman Rd 4013222007 Cookie Burns11 White Rock Rd 4015968965 Cooper H. Morris69 Haversham Rd 4013220729 Coppola S99 Bay St 4013485988 Cordalie Benoit176 Beach St 4015961155 Corene Lew7 Brandywine DR 4013155123 Corene Lewis7 Brandywine DR 4013155123 Corey Alicchio17 Surrey DR 4013487063 Corey Bessette10 Babcock Rd 4013228954 Corey L. Leong7 Jolly Ln 4015960110 Corinne A. Furcolo76 Tower St 4015965549 Corinne A. Grillo7 Vose St 4013155182 Corliss M. Merkel10 Fletcher DR 4013778004 Cornelius B. Collins14 Bayberry Rd 4015969206 Cornelius J. Filipek50 Winnapaug Rd 4015960877 Corner Thai Cafe55 Beach St 4013150937 Cornerside Cafe55 Beach St 4013480009 Cornerstone Enterprises97 Cross St 4013155569 Cornerstone Self Storage234 Post Rd 4013227353 Cornerstone Services10 Hillview DR 4015968800 Corporate Hr Solutions32 Newbury DR 4015968200 Correia Fitness LLC37 High St 4013487005 Cory's Rubbish Removal 4013480102 Costa A. Adamopoulos Jr14 Nutmeg DR 4015966985 Courtlen Fout6 Benjamin St 4015966318 Courtnee Moore20 Brandywine DR 4015967476 Courtney B. Morrone16 Pasadena Ave 4015960693 Courtney B. Scott13 Spruce St 4015960697 Courtney Birmingham22 Apache DR 4013155569 Courtney Dumais7 Hobart St 4015965026 Cozzolino Michael L80 Beach St 4015969000 Craig A. Rogers22 Charlene Ave 4013220679 Craig Allardyce26 Pasadena Ave 4016377914 Craig Allardyce26 Pasadena Ave 4015962538 Craig L. Moody34 Stuart St 4013220184 Craig Maclaughlin17 Beach St 4015963841 Craig Roberts35 Wicklow Rd 4015960536 Craig S. Nichols12 Jana Rd 4015963030 Cramik Enterprises34 Canal St 4015968171 Crandall Pump Station32 Pound Rd 4015964697 Credit Repair Services Inc2 Wilder Ave 4013269046 Cricket Hollenbeck39 Avondale Rd 4015960878 Cristina C. Desantis21 Batterson Ave 4015967202 Cristina Chesmore2 Memory Ln 4013221728 Cristine Meringolo45 Highland Ave 4015967089 Cristy Diroma4 Trolley Ln 4013486012 Cross Street Professional Office97 Cross St 4015968800 Crystal Albamonti1 Sacco DR 4015964206 Crystal C. Panciera7 Wompag Rd 4013150015 Crystal J. Rekowski77 Ledward Ave 4015967869 Crystal Pacheco4 Pearl St 4015960656 Cuda Lawn Care-Landscaping23 Pound Rd 4015964099 Cumberland Farms15 Friendship St 4013486670 Curtis Greene8 Branberry DR 4013155852 Customer Customer75 Watch Hill Rd 4015962580 Cvs/pharmacy:    -Store PhoneGranite 4013486088    -Store Phone - Pharmacy PhoneGranite 4013482070 Cwpm LLC36 Elm St 4013483034 Cynthia A Lawton LMFT6 Franklin St 4015965310 Cynthia A Longway Aprn BC85 Beach St 4015966866 Cynthia A. Fiore108 High St 4013487017 Cynthia A. Gaccione60 Ward Ave 4015966245 Cynthia A. Zaczkowski187 High St 4013155960 Cynthia Aiello63 White Rock Rd 4015962710 Cynthia D. Johnson23 Cosmo St 4013150501 Cynthia D. Siswick24 Fieldstone Way 4015960786 Cynthia J. Arsenault12 Park Ave 4015960809 Cynthia J. Hatfield55 Wagner Rd 4013229332 Cynthia J. Kos13 Charlene Ave 4013222062 Cynthia J. Mason-Traendly11 Lakeside DR 4013485064 Cynthia L. Gaccione9 Sylvan Ln 4013221433 Cynthia Ryan25 Cross St 4015963809 Cyrus N. Morgan19 Misquamicut Hills Rd 4013488726 Cyrus Pensis19 White Rock Rd 4015964280


 D Podiatrst Lawrence Dpm85 Beach St 4015960823 D'Angelo85 Granite St 4015966363 D. Breckenridge79 Beach St 4013487014 D. Duranti17 Saundra DR 4013155551 D. F. Delmonte9 Benjamin St 4015968546 D. Frasca118 Bay St 4015968589 D. Lawrence85 Beach St 4015960823 D. Mackay29 Hubbard St 4015961934 D. Mckee12 South Dr 4015962159 D. O'donnell21 Chestnut St 4015962497 D. S. NilesLakeside DR 4013488468 Dace Jones184 Post Rd 4013221501 Dagmar V. Falcone11 Nichols Ln 4015962565 Daisy Flotron9 Williams Ave 4013221005 Dal-Tile148 Main St 4015963693 Dale E. Quattromani49 Pearl St 4015968862 Dale E. Quattromani49 Pearl St 4013152099 Dale L. Allen Sr58 Cross St 4015960712 Dale R. Frey66 Elm St, Apt 23 4015960730 Dallas Cottrell76 Cross St 4013489669 Damian Sanderlin1 Acorn Dr 4015960274 Damon E. Monty49 George St 4015964771 Dan Duberg26 Champlin DR 4013155884 Dan T. Trew47 Trolley Ln 4015964567 Dana B. Patton53 Quannacut Rd 4013221303 Dana G. Rogers10 Ninigret Ave 4015961683 Dana L. Allen40 Summer St 4013480455 Dana L. Morrone5 Havens Rd, # I 4015967845 Dana M. Williams53 Apache DR 4015969993 Dana Wells13 Holly DR 4015967907 Dane Nichols15 Stone Hill DR 4013489525 Dane W. Stoddard25 Cobblestone Ln 4015965604 Danette M. Capalbo9 Branberry DR 4015969953 Dani Coscia43 Robin Hollow Ln 4013227265 Dani J. Bavasso103 Quannacut Rd 4013221381 Dani M. Falvey Jr436 Atlantic Ave 4013221900 Dani P. Nugent20 Foster Cove Rd 4015963843 Daniel A. Buck186 High St 4015961686 Daniel A. Makin24 Schilke DR 4013152380 Daniel Bowmaster73 Ward Ave 4013483082 Daniel C. Hall9 Nest DR 4013222087 Daniel Coscia43 Robin Hollow Ln 4013227265 Daniel D. Howe6 Jovere DR 4015961695 Daniel Damato106 Watch Hill Rd 4013488364 Daniel G. Antonitis307 High St 4013775013 Daniel J. Bavasso103 Quannacut Rd 4013221381 Daniel J. Comrie23 Holmes St 4015960829 Daniel J. Gentile25 Saratoga Ave 4013489917 Daniel J. Lapointe11 Spring St 4015960837 Daniel J. Noonan83 S Woody Hill Rd 4013152599 Daniel M. Falvey Jr436 Atlantic Ave 4013221900 Daniel M. Marantz33 Urso DR 4013150212 Daniel M. Viccione1 Shoreline DR 4013228350 Daniel Mcdermott24 Pound Rd 4015961998 Daniel Nelson40 Happy Valley Rd 4013482176 Daniel P. Anhalt37 Newton Ave 4015960583 Daniel P. Crowley20 Wicklow Rd 4015964928 Daniel P. Cullen12 Forrestal DR 4016374827 Daniel Phelps129 Winnapaug Rd 4013482985 Daniel R. Dair10 Champlin DR 4013488620 Daniel S. Schilke139 Dunns Corner Rd 4013229144 Daniel S. Watson23 Hobart St 4015969147 Daniel Stiro40 Fern DR 4013777099 Daniel Stratton71 School St 4015964740 Daniela Vallana119 Cross St 4015962823 Daniella Vallana119 Cross St 4015962823 Danielle Burke13 Columbus Ave 4015960746 Danielle C. Hetu4 David Ave 4015965384 Danielle Carpenter29 Beatrice St 4015961765 Danielle Fritsche1 B St 4013488253 Danielle M. Dowdal29 Randeau Psge 4015962487 Danielle M. Dowdal29 Randeau Psge 4013155876 Danielle Martino6 Chestnut St 4015965687 Danielle R. Sainsbury27 Sycamore DR 4013220828 Dann Sposato6 Emerald St 4015847972 Danny Cobb34 Brandywine Dr 4013488725 Danny J. Gardiner8 Westminster St 4015966098 Danny M. Bunte8 Midway Ave 4015969911 Danny M. Nesmith13 Tonkawa Ave 4013228632 Dante E. Gulino2 Mountain Ave 4015962205 Darcey L. Keegan5 Meadow Lark DR 4015964233 Darien Orr83 Pierce St 4015960650 Darius Bethel66 Pierce St 4015962053 Darleen G. Lima10 Lima DR 4013772736 Darlene F. Austin4 Blue Sky DR 4013220071 Darlene F. Lacey12 Frontage Rd 4015962201 Darlene F. Moore198 High St 4015965167 Darlene Stearns19 Byron DR 4013489046 Darren Bright4 Geranium Ln 4013483038 Dasydd Customer19 Wetomachick Ave 4013221383 Dave B. Crowley10 Essex DR 4013646357 David A. Dow6 Morrone CT 4015965045 David A. Gencarella24 Ashaway Rd 4015965727 David A. Jakob19 Edgewood Ave 4015967542 David A. Jakob37 Valley DR 4013228331 David A. Pietraszka10 Milrose Ave 4015961857 David A. Sabala17 Byron DR 4015963608 David A. Sammataro118 Tower St 4015963018 David A. Sayles51 Cross St 4015968607 David A. Veresko4 Coastwind DR 4013150278 David B. Douglas39 Happy Valley Rd 4013488085 David B. Hiltz19 Knowles Ave 4013221968 David B. Thompson75 Summer St 4015968782 David Boegler14 Governor Ave 4013229720 David Bounds185 Watch Hill Rd 4013488775 David Brannick17 Lovat Ln 4013152326 David C. Bilotto2 Nevis CT 4015960270 David C. Dimuccio386 Post Rd 4013221461 David C. Liguori1 Hamilton Rd 4015964281 David C. Murdock5 Hardwood Ln 4015961984 David Cameron2 Sequan Rd 4015963825 David Coriat15 Moonlight DR 4013222094 David Cote109 Beach St 4015969302 David Crean55 Chapman Rd 4013221839 David D. Giorno73 Ledward Ave 4015964108 David D. Giorno73 Ledward Ave 4016150849 David D. Syren20 Pearl St 4015961299 David D. Young14 Sunrise DR 4015968428 David Delvecchia15 Leeward DR 4015964749 David Dinuccio386 Post Rd 4013221461 David F. Marquardt15 Ninigret Ave 4013480858 David F. Rivera13 Tum A Lum Cir 4015962115 David F. Vetelino7 Nichols Ln 4013150732 David Feirstein12 Meadow Ave 4013228909 David Franzese37 Brandywine DR 4015966492 David G. Gordon22 E Hills Rd 4015969448 David G. Turco209 High St 4015965371 David Gaudreau304 Shore Rd 4013229140 David Genereux9 Brandywine DR 4015967244 David Harlan72 School St, Apt 1 4015965609 David J Siciliano Chiropctr110 High St 4015964394 David J. Capizzano Jr70 Fountain DR 4015960519 David J. Cimalore11 Highland Ave 4015960473 David J. Conlan5 Randeau Psge 4013150145 David J. Fagan78 Old Post Rd 4013222046 David J. Foss145 High St, Apt D 4013150702 David J. Goodman Jr12 Painter Rd 4013221068 David J. Lloyd17 Turtleback Rd 4015963433 David J. Lynch3 Ashworth Ln 4013155553 David J. Marino2 Burns Ave 4015965475 David J. Siciliano110 High St 4015964394 David J. Siciliano5 Mowrey Rd 4013228055 David J. Stedman16 Turano Ave 4015961080 David J. Toscano70 Ashaway Rd 4015962723 David J. Toscano70 Ashaway Rd 4015964392 David Johnson194 High St 4015967563 David K. Denham Sr7 Spring St 4015961101 David K. Lagerstrom23 Inwood Ln 4013221992 David K. Stoltz79 Montauk Ave 4015963796 David Kelly12 Elm St 4015960379 David Kirk9 Wauwinnet Ave 4013480342 David L. Cowles28 Crandall Ave 4013488168 David L. Paiva17 Stuart St 4015968475 David Lanphear154 Watch Hill Rd 4015967478 David Lawrence Dpm85 Beach St 4015960823 David M. Butt39 Schilke DR 4013155534 David M. Grande15 Gardner DR 4013485847 David M. Loomis13 Holmes St 4015964318 David M. Newbery1 Christopher Rd 4013155038 David M. Perkins56 Beatrice St 4015965840 David M. Richardson8 S Joseph St 4015961242 David M. Turano182 East Ave 4015967506 David Malagrino45 Fairview Ave 4013485908 David Maloney29 Highland Ave 4015967902 David Marcotte17 David Ave 4015965202 David Mckeough9 David Ave 4013480132 David Monahan129 Potter Hill Rd 4015963294 David N. Read41 Rock Ridge Rd 4013221003 David Nolan155 Canal St 4015961087 David O. Bounds146 Watch Hill Rd 4015965826 David P. Bannon Jr28 W Beach St 4015969775 David P. Benedetto Jr71 Benson Ave 4015963767 David P. Furcolo76 Tower St 4015965549 David P. Mineo16 Westminster St 4013486769 David P. Morrone132 Tower St 4013482963 David P. Parnigoni213 Post Rd 4013220293 David P. Wall5 Linwood Ave 4015963038 David Pettengil76 Brandywine DR 4013152386 David R Rivera MD45 Wells St 4015964959 David R. Bunnell5 Wetomachick Ave 4013221560 David Rathbun Jr14 Linden St 4015962791 David Rizzuto86 East Ave 4015965172 David Rosenblum302 Shore Rd 4013220867 David Roth3 Niantic Ave 4015961757 David Roth3 Niantic Ave 4013488634 David S Cameron MD17 Wells St, Ste 201 4015962033 David S. Christina4 Plateau Rd 4013220275 David S. Follett99 Beach St 4015964162 David Staskowski192 Main St 4013152219 David Tieu72 Tum A Lum Cir 4013480110 David Volinsky8 Woodlund Ave 4013488914 David W. Chan40 Narragansett Ave 4015964732 David W. Prigmore45 Happy Valley Rd 4013482855 Dawn A. Robinson34 Bellevue Ave 4015965255 Dawn B. Cosentino72 Summer St 4013489984 Dawn C. Bumarch53 Ward Ave 4015960884 Dawn Dodimead69 Ward Ave 4015965231 Dawn L. Vetelino15 Saundra DR 4013155227 Dawn M. Brancato10 Branberry DR 4015966229 Dawn M. Brancato10 Branberry DR 4015965601 Dawn M. Pappadia16 Henry St 4015967885 Dawn Rathbun48 Riverdale Rd 4013152001 Dawn Vocatura2 Nichols Ln 4015967664 Day Lawrence Ri LLC32 Friendship St 4015961958 De Chen96 East Ave 4015964296 Dean A. Bailey43 Potter Hill Rd 4015963004 Dean C. Shulda34 School St 4013488475 Dean Greber Sr22 South DR 4015967294 Dean H. Huh4 3rd St 4015847912 Dean J. Sposato183 High St 4015961759 Dean P. Sisco90 Narragansett Ave 4015962722 Deanna Chiaradio3 Boy Scout DR 4015967355 Deanna L. Falcone7 Raymond St 4015964316 Deanna R. Veresko4 Coastwind DR 4013150278 Debbie A. Pucci30 Butterfly DR 4015964337 Debbie Cass2 Windover Turn 4013221204 Debbie H. Siciliano9 Manatuck Ave 4013480724 Debbie Harackiewicz40 Robin Hollow Ln 4013228305 Debbie K. Thomas18 Nepun Rd 4015960879 Debbie M. Beaulieu12 Benny DR 4015963345 Debbie Morris13 Spencer DR 4015960968 Debbie Sau11 Spuchy DR 4015963690 Debbie's Nail Loft65 Ledward Ave 4015963271 Debora A. Debigare49 Clark St 4015965901 Debora A. Debigare49 Clark St 4015966305 Debora A. Perrin158 Winnapaug Rd 4013150186 Debora A. Phillips32 Stuart St 4013221465 Debora Vetelino123 East Ave 4015961249 Deborah A. Ferrigno15 Sycamore DR 4013152422 Deborah A. Tonelli12 Happy Valley Rd 4013150206 Deborah B. Gomes26 Byron DR 4015962837 Deborah Brown17 David Ave 4015965202 Deborah C. Myers43 Rock Ridge Rd 4013225028 Deborah E. Brightman12 Pine Woods CT 4013227319 Deborah E. Negrotti80 Winnapaug Rd 4015964329 Deborah Fox38 East Ave 4013155550 Deborah Fuller24 Happy Valley Rd 4013489687 Deborah G. Graves13 Yarmouth DR 4015963081 Deborah H. Quaratella78 Potter Hill Rd 4015965676 Deborah Hope137 Tower St 4015962234 Deborah Infante40 Summer St 4015965021 Deborah J. Benn12 Sunnyside DR 4013152211 Deborah J. Haggerty57 Fieldstone Way 4013221812 Deborah J. Storti11 Wampanoag Ave 4015960056 Deborah K. Fallacaro41 Wildflower DR 4013155589 Deborah Kernicki19 Crandall Ave 4015966757 Deborah L. Blackwood239 Westerly Bradford Rd 4013152150 Deborah L. Lima6 Hesspar DR 4015960393 Deborah M. Digregorio37 S Joseph St 4013488046 Deborah M. Edwards52 Avondale Rd 4015964181 Deborah M. Larkin11 York Ave 4013483024 Deborah Musto3 Sleepy Hollow CT 4015961668 Deborah P. Plesz57 Langworthy Rd 4013152760 Deborah Pinkhover65 Fountain DR 4013485913 Deborah S. Marcotte17 David Ave 4015965202 Deborah Stott111 Winnapaug Rd 4015964068 Debra A. Campbell4 Byron DR 4015965302 Debra A. Morgan55 Fieldstone Way 4015960412 Debra A. Morrison11 Concord CT 4015969598 Debra A. Serra45 Ann St 4015961773 Debra A. Sposato40 Tower St 4013489342 Debra B. Psimer52 Riverdale Rd 4013482088 Debra G. Garceau12 Sunny DR 4013486024 Debra Kemper1 Upland Rd 4013220214 Debra L. Gent30 Whipple Ave 4015966121 Debra L. Harrington36 Clark St 4015967639 Debra M. Hilt150 Winnapaug Rd 4015966551 Debra S. Pendola65 Fountain DR 4013155981 Debra Washburn22 Saundra DR 4013484023 Del Y. Chin10 Fusaro Ave 4015965514 Delmonte J. CharlesMaggio Ave 4015961018 Deloris R. Simons4 Benjamin St 4015961003 Demetra S. Moore24 Acorn DR 4013485067 Deni Catullo75 Noyes Neck Rd 4013228934 Denice E. Senior15 Langworthy Rd 4013221509 Denis Burton77 Quannacut Rd 4013220340 Denis Williams37 Gounod Rd 4013221642 Denise A. Pillmear28 Westminster St 4015961387 Denise C. Boyd143 Post Rd 4013221923 Denise D. Gengarella36 Pleasant St 4015969793 Denise D. Gengarella36 Pleasant St 4013482036 Denise Derosier138 Beach St 4015964154 Denise Derosier136 Beach St 4013150969 Denise E. Arruda15 Clay Ln 4015961362 Denise E. Arruda15 Clay Ln 4015967309 Denise E. Williams37 Gounod Rd 4013221642 Denise F. Barrese10 Highmeadow DR 4013488811 Denise G. Volinsky8 Woodlund Ave 4013488914 Denise J. Green8 May DR 4015962980 Denise J. Vincent12 Saratoga Ave 4015969140 Denise L. James5 Thomas Ln 4013221592 Denise Siravo342 Post Rd 4013221386 Denison R. Richmond10 Boy Scout DR 4013155398 Dennis Burkholder35 Gounod Rd 4015962680 Dennis C. Bliven22 Hobart St 4013486376 Dennis F. Rodriguez7 Reading DR 4013155908 Dennis Goncalves26 Quannacut Rd 4013220012 Dennis M. Blycker22 Apache DR 4015961344 Dennis Riley26 Crandall Ave 4015969681 Dennis Rowe11 Laurel Ave 4013155021 Dennis W. Leahy19 Pondview Ave 4013489867 Dennis Y. Mcgouran41 Ledward Ave 4015966559 Denzelle Bell21 Turano Ave 4015960546 Deorah Gervasini190 East Ave 4013150619 Depiro Ralph Woodworking Inc73 Old Hopkinton Rd, Unit 2 4015961004 Derek C. Mckee11 Lancaster Rd 4015960324 Derek D. Newhouse4 Auke Way 4015964019 Derek Jones88 Beach St 4015960075 Derek Vacca4 Daisy Ave 4015964374 Design West116 Granite St 4015962979 Devin Greene16 Saundra DR 4015960987 Devin M. Porretta7 Pendleton Ln 4013227576 Devon Siepietowski35 Sherwood DR 4013777064 Devonshire Associates LTD18 Newton Ave 4013486600 Dewey Media LLC12 High St 4015964300 Dialysis Center of Westerly1 Rhody DR 4015960368 Diana D. Smith25 Stuart St 4013221238 Diana K. Diggs11 Thompson Ave 4013155749 Diana L. Derix20 David Ave 4016374891 Diana L. Dolce50 Springbrook Rd 4015963547 Diana L. Hall8 Top St 4013489534 Diana L. Pringer107 Boombridge Rd 4015961400 Diana L. Rathbun15 Washington Ave 4015964360 Diana M. Keller4 Sycamore DR 4013224031 Diana M. Patterson7 Doreen DR 4015965506 Diana M. Scarano123 Canal St 4015963242 Diana M. Vetelino194 Canal St 4015960268 Diana R. Magnant47 Granite St 4015967503 Diana Radulescu DDS31 Crestview DR 4015967734 Diana S. Pampel32 Champlin DR 4013488010 Diana Serra66 Elm St 4015961537 Diane A. Antonelli14 Laurel Hill DR 4015968769 Diane A. Pietrusza11 Kathleen DR 4013485078 Diane A. Smith1 Waxcadowa Ave 4013227694 Diane Adamson30 Cove Rd 4013229032 Diane Burgess86 Pierce St 4015961549 Diane C. Bowdy20 Sycamore DR 4013229235 Diane Capizzano58 Boiling Spring Ave 4015967074 Diane E. Goddard15 Boiling Spring Ave 4015962338 Diane E. Kearney10 Hickory Ln 4013480865 Diane E. Thorpe68 Montauk Ave 4015961744 Diane G. Hammond56 Fairview Ave 4013155467 Diane G. Healey18 Bayberry Rd 4013480043 Diane G. Murphy68 Verdi Rd 4013228091 Diane Greene8 Branberry DR 4013155852 Diane Hobson4 Old Hopkinton Rd 4013483009 Diane J. Spencer22 Spring St 4015961274 Diane L. Goulet47 School St 4015962223 Diane L. Hunt185 High St 4015961874 Diane L. Lynch5 Osprey Ln 4013227789 Diane L. Macera12 Robin Way 4013155389 Diane L. Nicol26 Yarmouth DR 4013155292 Diane M. York40 Dunns Corner Rd 4013228829 Diane Manchester7 Park Ave 4015961374 Diane P. Kenenski50 Washington Ave 4015961729 Diane Page16 Chestnut St 4015962631 Diane Russi182 Canal St 4015963186 Diane S. Marsh5 Narragansett Ave 4015966754 Diane Terranova215 Watch Hill Rd 4015960663 Diane's Beachwear124 Bay St 4015963338 Dianelynn Knowles14 Hobart St 4013155907 Diann M. Thompson33 Sandy Ln 4013226011 Dick Baron Son Narragansett Auto Body102 Narragansett Ave 4015967166 Dick's World of Wine Inc137 Main St, Ste 1 4015965711 Dieneke D. Andrus7 Thomas Ln 4013227448 Dina M. Toscano37 Bellevue Ave 4015967933 Dinah Beaulieu69 Ward Ave 4015967464 Dionne Johnson11 Marriott Ave 4015967656 Dippers Packing Co Inc55 Ledward Ave 4015963951 Direct Sat Tv:    -All New Customers 4014639090    -All New Customers - General Information 4014639090 Diroma Roofing4 Trolley Ln 8603338315 Diroma Windows & Siding23 Trolley Ln 4015961449 DMR Family & Cosmetic Dentistry31 Crestview DR 4015967734 DO or Dye53 High St 4013486200 Dollar Tree20 Post Rd 4015962031 Dolly A. Peress78 Lawton Ave 4013155195 Dolores A. Gacioch20 Nichols Ln 4015392805 Dolores M. Murphy31 Maplewood Ave 4013488930 Dolores Reehl143 Winnapaug Rd 4015965528 Dolores Therioault122 Cross St 4015960211 Domenic J. Ferraro15 Ashaway Rd 4015967479 Domenica Algiere34 Batterson Ave 4015961506 Domenico Gaccione28 Woodlund Ave 4015965859 Dominic Gentile56 Granite St 4015964568 Dominica J. Nadolny11 Holly DR 4015962272 Dominico Gaccione28 Woodlund Ave 4015965859 Domino's Pizza93 Granite St 4015968850 Don R. Shadoian30 Sandy Ln 4013222033 Donald A. Fair24 Stone Hill DR 4015964917 Donald Balla122 Cross St, Apt C205 4015964371 Donald C. Vocatura12 Beatrice St 4015964592 Donald Cahoone285 High St 4015965047 Donald D. Barrea43 Clifford DR 4013224036 Donald D. Keller4 Sycamore DR 4013224031 Donald D. Montgomery6 Captains DR 4015969628 Donald Donnelly2 Deer Run 4015964474 Donald E. Reehl143 Winnapaug Rd 4015965528 Donald F. Cook53 Old Post Rd 4013221416 Donald F. Mougenot48 Kimball Ave 4015964723 Donald F. Pasetti25 Clark St 4015966389 Donald F. Sargent Iii49 Ashaway Rd 4015969396 Donald G. Hill67 Shore Rd 4015961406 Donald G. Speice14 Memory Ln 4013227079 Donald G. Urso259 Shore Rd 4013229101 Donald Harrington22 Margin St 4015966677 Donald Hildebrand7 Benny DR 4015961627 Donald J. Ardinger11 Benefit St 4013487043 Donald J. Fiore34 Pound Rd 4015960091 Donald J. Galuza58 Langworthy Rd 4013220895 Donald J. Harrison31 Robin Way 4013221876 Donald Kelly8 Westerly Rd 4015964472 Donald L. Black54 Quannacut Rd 4013229002 Donald L. Campbell Sr14 Boiling Spring Ave 4015960957 Donald L. Chace14 Potter Hill Rd 4015960085 Donald L. Clark54 S Woody Hill Rd 4013221334 Donald L. Gentile39 Crandall Ave 4015962150 Donald Latz16 Tom Harvey Rd 4013480034 Donald M. Roberts46 Pound Rd 4013150797 Donald N. Phillips32 Stuart St 4013221465 Donald Paris16 Via Roma 4015963731 Donald Psimer13 Boiling Spring Ave 4015961339 Donald R. Charnley139 Canal St 4013488335 Donald R. Dunn7 S Essex DR 4015963184 Donald R. Goyette29 Montauk Ave 4015966567 Donald R. Wienke Jr89 Old Hopkinton Rd 4015960385 Donald S. Gingerella8 Schilke DR 4015962553 Donald S. Gingerella Jr4 Schilke DR 4015960954 Donald Scharfenberg7 Evergreen Ln 4013220245 Donald Smith24 Brandywine Dr 4013488131 Donald Tetlow57 Cross St 4013480069 Donald Tetlow57 Cross St 4013484979 Donald W. Allen58 Cross St 4015960712 Donald Wehrmann29 Apache DR 4015967461 Donn J. Barclay28 Captains DR 4015969116 Donna A. Byrnes30 Spray Rock Rd 4013227915 Donna Brown13 Boylston St 4015969163 Donna C. Bailey43 Potter Hill Rd 4015963004 Donna C. Fritz27 Tom Harvey Rd 4013486264 Donna C. Parssinen37 Haversham Rd 4013220341 Donna Chornyei18 E Hills Rd 4015963652 Donna D. Stusick23 Clifford DR 4013228228 Donna F. Mayne14 Lakeside DR 4015960892 Donna Hagh40 Fieldstone Way 4015965968 Donna J. Gooding10 Holly DR 4015969858 Donna J. Sieczkiewicz24 Boombridge Rd 4013483035 Donna J. Storti11 Wampanoag Ave 4015960056 Donna J. Thorp22 Byron DR 4015969558 Donna J. Turco45 Cross St 4013489311 Donna J. Ursillo59 East Ave 4013489484 Donna J. Wilkinson160 Westerly Bradford Rd 4015967867 Donna L. Bailey191 Winnapaug Rd 4015961375 Donna L. Church42 Pierce St 4013489189 Donna L. Davidson31 Elm St 4015961856 Donna L. Giordano7 Sherwood DR 4013488292 Donna Laplante4 Marion St 4015963015 Donna M. Black Sr54 Quannacut Rd 4013229002 Donna M. Chiaradio17 Hickory Ln 4015967959 Donna M. Mason51 Fountain DR 4015964015 Donna M. Shawn35 Laurel Ave 4013485021 Donna M. Tisoskey10 Christian Hill Rd 4013778261 Donna M. Welch10 Gavitt Ave 4015961882 Donna Powers6 Rocket St 4015965080 Donna R. Vaillancourt18 Hydrangea DR 4015968865 Donna Townsend7 Rock Ridge Rd 4013221417 Donna W. Tompkins80 Weekapaug Rd 4013221643 Donohue Sean C Law Office43 Broad St 4015960344 Dons Barber Shop8 Canal St 4015960563 Dooney Aviation63 Tom Harvey Rd 4015960717 Dora Scaglione5 Boiling Spring Ave 4015960566 Doreen L. Brancato10 Branberry DR 4015966229 Doreen L. Brancato10 Branberry DR 4015965601 Doreen L. Cottrell76 Cross St 4013489669 Dori Boland55 School St 4015964703 Dorinne A. Meyer79 Ledward Ave 4015964558 Doris Geleney161 Post Rd 4013221309 Doris J. Senior19 Spring St 4013488071 Doris Krakow53 Boiling Spring Ave 4013486461 Doris S. Jacques410 Westerly Bradford Rd 4013772628 Doris Sullivan25 Clark St 4015962348 Doris W. Craig5 Francis Ave 4013228958 Dorothea A. Tedaldi3 Seawinds Ter 4015963319 Dorothea L. Nigrelli14 Sparrow DR 4013227117 Dorothy Boisclair3 Fusaro Ave 4015961287 Dorothy E. Damato8 Damato DR 4015963097 Dorothy E. Tetlow5 Chestnut St, Apt A207 4013485968 Dorothy E. Thompson111 Potter Hill Rd 4015968309 Dorothy Ellis4 Maplewood Ave 4015964683 Dorothy Federico280 High St 4015964597 Dorothy H. Damiecki15 Evergreen Ln 4013227347 Dorothy H. Reiser57 Fenway Rd 4013221285 Dorothy J. Parker5 Pond St, Apt 2 4013485004 Dorothy L. Michelson84 Watch Hill Rd 4015966945 Dorothy M. Blanda40 Chester Ave 4015964645 Dorothy M. Bruno23 Gounod Rd 4013220168 Dorothy M. Connolly167 Canal St 4015965251 Dorothy Manfredi280 High St 4013487007 Dorothy Patton31 Chester Ave 4015965071 Dorothy Pendola67 Narragansett Ave 4013488762 Dorothy R. Boyd143 Post Rd 4013221923 Dorothy Thompson8 Hardwood Ln 4013488250 Dorothy W. Senior19 Spring St 4013488071 Dotolo Brothers Masonry8 Bayview DR 4015962896 Doug A. Gilleo4 Gilleo DR 4015961728 Doug A. Gilleo4 Gilleo DR 4015964792 Doug D. Stevens8 Marion St 4015961390 Doug Dorsey60 Beatrice St 4015966284 Douglas Barker56 Quannacut Rd 4013229237 Douglas C. Edgar72 Wagner Rd 4013229377 Douglas C. Gent10 Osprey Ln 4013221403 Douglas D. Crawford104 East Ave 4015968583 Douglas E. Bowmaster73 Ward Ave 4013483082 Douglas Gilleo4 Gilleo DR 4015961728 Douglas Gilleo4 Gilleo DR 4015964792 Douglas H. Randall8 Waxcadowa Ave 4013228068 Douglas J. Koza6 Niantic Ave 4013221246 Douglas J. Turnberg7 Joanth Ter 4015969721 Douglas Johnson10 Main St 4013774516 Douglas K. Wood36 Langworthy Rd 4013229726 Douglas Lima135 Potter Hill Rd 4013772828 Douglas M. Karp4 Westerly Rd 4015969409 Douglas M. Serven136 Cross St 4015961264 Douglas Nelson2 Oxford St 4013227424 Douglas P. Menard4 Robin Way 4013227843 Douglas R. Hudson27 Valley DR 4013221320 Douglas Stanley204 East Ave 4015963921 Douglas Stannard9 Lanphere Rd 4015962559 Douglas Stevens8 Marion St 4015961390 Douglas W. Crandall Jr104 Dunns Corner Rd 4013227436 DR Robert D Legare MD11 Wells St 4015961630 Dr. Rory Oefinger86 Beach St 4015962292 Drake Petroleum155 Main St 4015964420 dressbarn100 G2 Franklin St 4015960956 Drew B. Bishop26 Hickory Ln 4013150773 Drew Eco37 Elm St 4015961075 Drew H. Hollenbeck39 Avondale Rd 4015960878 Driftwood Design Llc110 Bay St 4016374131 Du Bose Associates Inc Architects17 Railroad Ave 4015967555 Duane L. Kuhl3 Pound Rd 4015968679 Duggan Painting 4013227050 Duncan C. Connell Sr12 Mastuxet Ave 4013152110 Dune's RV Park Office665 Atlantic Ave 4013220935 Dunkin' Donuts162 Granite St 4013155150 Dunkin' Donuts139 Granite St 4013482932 Dunn Corners Kid Kare221 Post Rd 4013228600 Dunn's Corner Pizza271 Post Rd, Ste 16 4013220221 Dunn's Corner Repair260 Post Rd 4013220320 Dunn's Corners Community221 Post Rd 4013221740 Dunn's Corners Early Learning Center221 Post Rd 4013220510 Dunn's Corners Fire Dept:    -Routine CallsLangworthy Rd 4013220577    -To Report A Fire Only1 Langworthy Rd 4013220361 Dunns Corner Market5 Langworthy Rd 4013221660 Dunns Corners Chiropractic259 Post Rd 4013228822 Dusty's Ice Cream Weekapa662 Atlantic Ave 4013152780 Dvaid Syren20 Pearl St 4015961299 Dwayne L. Allen Jr18 Raymond St 4013488376 Dwight Kuhl3 Pound Rd 4015968679 Dylan Serra13 Happy Valley Rd 4015966528 Dylan Watson10 Rock Ridge Rd 4013229231 Dymphna W. Correia4 Woodlund Ave 4015962841


 E-Z Midway Liquors100 Main St, Ste 3 4015965226 E-Z Waste Inc136 Oak St 4013489155 E. Courtney6 Kathleen DR 4013489076

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