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Tiverton, RI. 2878

The city Tiverton use the area codes: 401, 508, 888.
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 A & D Sanitation25 Russell DR 4016242254 A J's Floor Covering Inc21 William S Canning Blvd 4016251147 A Jjs Floor Covering Inc 4016251147 A John Jr ESQ3913 Main Rd 4018165100 A. Amaral667 Fish Rd, Apt 4 4016241388 A. Glover 4018165927 A. Hagan 4018160212 A. I. Gancarski1775 Eagleville Rd 4016244889 A. John Jr3913 Main Rd 4018165100 A. Levesque 4016246897 A. M. Hogan2 Riverside DR 4016830289 A. Mcpherson511 Fish Rd 4016244814 A. Perry1041 Old Stafford Rd, # A 4016248997 A. R. Giannini194 Russell DR 4016255567 A. Thomas52 Kaufman Rd 4016249465 Aaron E. Hennig150 Briarwood Ave 4016247563 Abigail Johanning72 Cornell Rd 4016252401 Abigail L. Fiola 4018165325 Abilio P. Medeiros432 Judson St 4016242787 Abir Chamseddine25 Mountain Laurel Ln 4016246162 Abrite Quality Cleaning894 Main Rd 4016242410 Absolute bliss day spa1295 Stafford Rd 4016244800 Adam J Cox Ph.D.3964 Main Rd 4018165900 Adam P. Travers35 Durfee Rd 4016255663 Adam R. Hayden1137 Main Rd 4016251352 Adelina Lima551 East Rd 4016242419 Adeline M. Carvalho219 Russell DR 4016255791 Adeline R. Lima551 East Rd 4016242419 Adeline Silvia300 Fish Rd 4016243314 Affordable Kitchens546 Main Rd 4016242998 After Glow295 Main Rd 4018165515 Aguiar's Auto Repair463 Main Rd 4016249733 Aileen K. Wood112 Belleview Ave 4016243247 Aileen Rocheleau112 Belleview Ave 4016243247 Aime Lapointe152 Furey Ave 4016249241 Aimee E. Reynolds11 Louise DR 4016255790 Aimee Irla55 Horizon DR 4016255937 Aires F. Camara86 Wood Ave 4016246747 Al A. Costa43 Jiley Hill Rd 4016251645 Al Ulmschneider123 E Bourne Ave 4016242313 Alan D. Manchester2770 Main Rd 4016243670 Alan J. Lagasse20 Corys Ln 4016255639 Alan M. Bernier38 E Beardsworth Rd 4016244118 Alan M. Medeiros46 Cypress Ave 4016251319 Alan's Upholstery & Window Tinting2298 Main Rd 4016249035 Albert (. Henrique47 Fernandes Ave 4016248582 Albert Almy18 John St 4016249879 Albert Audette36 Robin DR 4016242529 Albert D. Jusseaume187 Richard DR 4016248562 Albert J. Roy Jr325 Brayton Rd 4016242361 Albert S. Henriques Jr3 Mockingbird Ln 4016248776 Alex Dore37 Delano Island St 4016251338 Alex Farias56 Isabella DR 4016241641 Alex K. Demello55 Karen Ave 4016249028 Alexander F. Taber Jr1465 Crandall Rd 4016248539 Alexander R. Moreau92 Campion Ave 4016243402 Alexander Rosa98 Hobson Ave 4016251077 Alexander W. Bond60 Haskins Ave 4016243410 Alexandria Joseph161 Randolph Ave 4016246777 Alfred Carvalho199 King Rd 4016246815 Alfred J. Arruda Jr139 Lazywood Ln 4016244650 Alfred J. Marshall Jr10 Audet St 4016242763 Alfred J. Marshall Jr10 Audet St 4016241702 Alfred J. Rapoza405 Hooper St 4016255120 Alfred M. Cameron9 Fern Way 4016246515 Alfred Whitehead71 Leger Ln 4016248104 Alice A. Lepage133 Brayton Rd 4016244318 Alice C. Hiatt10 Norman DR 4016242161 Alice C. Rancourt739 East Rd 4016243446 Alice Kinal665 Old Colony Ter 4016248196 Alice L. Costa43 Jiley Hill Rd 4016251645 Alice L. Lachance17 Spotted Owl CT 4016247305 Alice M. Doster60 Leger Ln 4016249157 Alice M. Pisarczyk110 Furey Ave 4016246469 Alice Perry14 Church St 4016244746 Alice Raposa28 Nightingale Ln 4016251533 Alice Silvia1215 Main Rd 4016246535 Aline T. Martello130 Mark DR 4016247226 Alison J. Lambert85 Sunset View DR 4016243969 Allen K. Mason61 Whiffle Tree Ln 4018160004 Allen W. Beaulieu103 East Rd 4016248129 Allen Waite480 Crandall Rd 4016246509 Allied Floor Covering325 Main Rd 4016244477 Allison B. Karzenski355 Winnisimet DR 4016251362 Allison Couto1028 East Rd 4016255342 Allison Kuykendall19 Park Pl 4016246370 Allison S. Martin1938 Main Rd 4018160059 Allyson Perry27 Cross Rd 4016243505 Alphonse F. Soares Jr50 Beech Ave 4016249629 Alton A. Reynolds90 Florence St 4016255711 Alvin Costa43 Jiley Hill Rd 4016251645 Alvin H. Mandly1 Red Tail Trl 4016246647 Alxndr W. Bond60 Haskins Ave 4016243410 Alysh Burke30 Shannon Ave 4016247494 Alyssa M. Polofsky1390 Fish Rd 4016242884 Amalia M. Demello55 Karen Ave 4016249028 Amanda M. Aguiar931 Bulgarmarsh Rd 4016249485 Amelia Smialek22 Belleview Ave 4016244478 Amicable Church3736 Main Rd 4016244611 Amisa Patel15 Main Rd 4016244022 Amos H. Lamora100 Linda Rd 4016243115 Amy B. Quick36 Ash Ave 4016251622 Amy Johnson39 Brayton Rd 4018165383 Amy K. Andrade778 Lake Rd 4016242333 Amy K. Hagerty64 Nonquit Ln 4016244916 Amy L. Ferreira37 A Connell St 4016241636 Amy R. Paull175 Warren Ave 4016246579 Amy S. Medeiros46 Cypress Ave 4016251319 Amy Teixeira43 Margaret St 4016243979 Ana Amadeu28 Main Rd 4018461962 Ana F. Teixeira43 Margaret St 4016243979 Ana G. Hayes80 Tower Hill Rd 4016247365 Ana M. Duarte9 Hilton St 4016247893 Ana M. Medeiros46 Cypress Ave 4016251319 Ana Tedesco4 Hope St 4016252479 Andre Plante1215 Main Rd 4016246086 Andrea M. Simpson170 John Duggan Rd 4016251246 Andrew D. Manchester3425 Main Rd 4016249053 Andrew H. Taber1465 Crandall Rd 4016248539 Andrew J. Czajka402 Stafford Rd 4016246248 Andrew J. Delisle39 Pine Tree Rd 4016242823 Andrew J. Snider Jr605 Neck Rd 4016244019 Andrew M. Mello15 Brackett Ave 4016248373 Andrew P. Sousa69 Lucy Ave 4016243806 Andrew Pisarczyk110 Furey Ave 4016246469 Andrew Teixeira43 Margaret St 4016243979 Andrew's Auto Body5 Mill St, Ste 1 4016244740 Angel Mackie78 Deer Run Rd 4016255298 Angela Aguiar209 Hayden Ave 4016242249 Angela Alvarez65 Harris DR 4016255816 Angela B. Lima77 Elk DR 4016248621 Angela Hurney35 Highland CT 4016242234 Angela Trenholme12 Woodland Cir 4016247381 Angela Watson1 Mill St 4018166932 Angelica M. Sanft190 Canonicus St 4016244896 Angelina R. Amarantes17 West Ave 4016244765 Angie E. Medeiros291 Lake Rd 4016243054 Anibal T. Demello80 Brackett Ave 4016248793 Anita A. Moniz454 Stafford Rd 4016246620 Anita L. Messier196 Kaufman Rd 4016242051 Ann D. Lachapelle204 Brayton Rd 4016255602 Ann E. Garfield1215 Main Rd 4016255207 Ann M. Albert208 Briarwood Ave 4016255952 Ann M. Berglund71 Highland Rd 4016249922 Ann M. Burns3137 Main Rd 4016242014 Ann M. Costa202 Hooper St 4016255613 Ann M. Grota33 Randolph Ave 4016248208 Ann M. Michael429 Judson St 4016242793 Ann N. Lepage301 Bulgarmarsh Rd 4016241868 Anna B. Ferreira116 John Duggan Rd 4016242158 Anna Rosinski62 Grinnell Ave 4016248592 Anna Tedesco4 Hope St 4016252479 Anne B. O'brien323 Nanaquaket Rd 4016249734 Anne Davidge Ph.D.2128 Main Rd 4016249972 Anne Horwitz29 Riverside DR 4016246281 Anne M. Arruda523 Stafford Rd 4018165986 Anne M. Starnauld412 Judson St 4016255622 Anne V. Forsack V78 Robert Gray Ave 4016249369 Annette C. Nedeau95 Grinnell Ave 4016248144 Annette M. Camara86 Wood Ave 4016246747 Annette Pacheco13 Roseland Ter 4018160850 Anthony Coelho51 Michaels Ln 4016244177 Anthony D. Sousa69 Lucy Ave 4016243806 Anthony F. Kelly108 John Duggan Rd 4016242527 Anthony F. Ward Jr80 Ford Farm Rd 4016247655 Anthony J. Farias56 Isabella DR 4016241641 Anthony Morrow32 Doris Ave 4016244299 Anthony Ryan121 Durfee Rd 4016242483 Anthony T. Martin Jr39 Restview Ave 4016246073 Anthony T. Richardson17 Colonial Ave 4016246207 Antoine G. Karam1420 Main Rd 4018160375 Antoinette Perricelli1215 Main Rd 4016246584 Antone Costa78 Hobson Ave 4016248922 Antone J. Amaral Jr14 Well Meadow Way 4016255268 Antone J. Arruda2 Mathew Rd 4016248606 Antone J. Arruda160 Pelletier Ln 4016249229 Antone J. Gaspar Jr18 Ellen Ln 4016248647 Antone J. Silvia472 Judson St 4016255057 Antone Miguel672 Stafford Rd 4016246578 Antone Moniz147 Randolph Ave 4016248051 Antone P. Roies886 Crandall Rd 4016248517 Antone Soares99 Hancock St, Apt 207 4016242803 Antonio Coelho Sr29 Michaels Ln 4016255667 Antonio D. Silva35 Norman DR 4016249644 Antonio M. Costa78 Hobson Ave 4016248922 Antonio M. Guilherme76 Canonicus St 4016246865 Aphrodite E. Platte23 Cutter Ln 4016242443 Aquidneck FastenersAquidneck DR 4016251172 Aquidneck FastnersAquidneck DR 4016251171 Aquidneck Machine52 Aquidneck DR 4016255664 Ar Chamberland60 Charles DR, Unit 3 4018165366 Archer H. Harman Ii44 Jiley Hill Rd 4016246456 Archie T. Los15 Hobson Ave 4016248070 Ariana Perry27 Cross Rd 4016243505 Ariel E. Mccarthy84 Blueberry Ln 4016243225 Aries876 East Rd 4016259879 Armand Saintlaurant70 Holly Cir 4016247921 Armando A. Jimenez29 Sylvia Rd 4016246840 Arnold C. Brooks50 Wampanog Ln 4016244975 Arnold W. Manchester580 Neck Rd 4016249435 Arnold W. Waite1492 Crandall Rd 4016246936 Arruda Jos D Dairy Farm408 Stafford Rd 4016248898 Arsenio Amaral667 Fish Rd 4016241388 Art's Auto Repair344 Fish Rd 4016249379 Arthur A. Medeiros857 Main Rd 4016255349 Arthur E. Twaddle67 Leonard DR 4016249385 Arthur F. St63 Cornell Rd 4016243068 Arthur F. Stlaurent63 Cornell Rd 4016243068 Arthur Fontes168 Hilton St 4016244601 Arthur G. Rapoza Jr20 Leger Ln 4016248547 Arthur J. Deschenes1735 Eagleville Rd 4016242987 Arthur J. Thibodeau28 Brackett Ave 4016249564 Arthur J. Thomson140 Stoney Hollow Rd 4016242894 Arthur Lafleur13 Willow Tree Rd 4016244328 Arthur Lin44 Clegg Ave 4016246963 Arthur Linhares44 Clegg Ave 4016246963 Arthur Manchester78 Corys Ln 4018160526 Arthur R. Dumond129 Kenyon Rd 4016255842 Arthur R. Poutray124 Long Pasture Way 4016243752 Arthur Souza911 East Rd 4016242651 Arthur Waddicor33 Sunderland Hts 4016246822 Asa J. Davol Jr427 Stone Church Rd 4016255297 Ashley N. Couturier1812 Crandall Rd 4016242464 Ashley N. Couturier1812 Crandall Rd 4016249803 Ashley Rodrigues59 E King Rd 4016243248 Asian Gourmet1715 Stafford Rd 4016241888 Atlantic31 Shove St 4016243440 Atlantic Instrument & Controls Service168 Old Bulgarmarsh Rd 4016255778 Atlantic Sports Pub70 Shove St 4018165996 August F. Reis254 Bulgarmarsh Rd 4016249326 Augusto D. Desa32 Shore Rd 4016242025 Auto Gallery Inc750 Main Rd 4016249909 Aya Weidman24 Ash Ave 4016242052


 B. Dendy105 Beardsworth Rd 4016243491 B. Deneault 4016241412 B. Kasica1 Woodland Cir 4016244602 B. Paiva-Danzell 4018160480 B. Souza911 East Rd 4016242651 B. T. Miranda 4018160182 Baltasar Resendes180 Fairwood DR 4016244849 Bank of America614 Main Rd 4016249931 Banknewport - Tiverton Office (stonebridge)1740 Main Rd 4016246661 Banners & Flags104 Bonniefield DR 4016249562 Barbara A. Donahue219 Nanaquaket Rd 4016244289 Barbara A. Grimes88 Merritt Ave 4016246060 Barbara A. Lambert85 Sunset View DR 4016243969 Barbara A. Lima192 Fogland Rd 4016246819 Barbara A. Moran38 Riverside DR 4016244661 Barbara A. Silvia50 Hooper St 4018165868 Barbara A. Vincent190 Nanaquaket Rd 4016255668 Barbara B. Martin313 Neck Rd 4016243276 Barbara C. Walsh1215 Main Rd 4016249690 Barbara Combellack44 Holly Cir 4016243136 Barbara Desa133 Belleview Ave 4016249633 Barbara Dias99 Hancock St, Apt 256 4016255404 Barbara J. Arruda139 Lazywood Ln 4016244650 Barbara J. Medeiros96 Bridle Way 4016246812 Barbara J. Riley35 Kevin DR 4016252458 Barbara L. Landry18 Rocky Ave 4016248564 Barbara M. Beckmann243 Stone Church Rd 4016255940 Barbara Massey225 Hooper St 4016246583 Barbara Medeiros2960 Main Rd 4016246029 Barbara Pereira100 Leger Ln 4016246867 Barbara Pobzeznik35 Briggs Ln 4016249822 Barbara S. Stlaurent15 Pershing Ave 4016249100 Barbara Troia46 Summerfield Ln 4016246921 Barboza Auto Sales1018 Stafford Rd 4016248940 Barbra Costa51 State Ave 4016247192 Barcellos Family Restaurant1214 Stafford Rd 4016246649 Barry A. Simpson170 John Duggan Rd 4016251246 Baycoast Bank1 Crandall Rd 4016255869 Beatrice A. Rogers6 Pine Tree Rd 4016255050 Beatrice B. Davis26 Harris DR 4016242042 Beatrice Perry32 Mathew Rd 4016248528 Beatrice R. Sanford4502 Main Rd 4016255148 Belmeida M. Souza911 East Rd 4016242651 Ben Peel1660 Eagleville Rd 4016242061 Benjamin C. Chace115 Laura Ln 4016244303 Benjamin F. Lewis140 Highland Rd 4016246069 Benjamin J. Neronha127 King Rd 4016243130 Benjamin Simpson170 John Duggan Rd 4016251246 Benjamin's Sports Pub4 Stafford Rd 4016243899 Benoit A. Beaudoin Jr400 Highland Rd 4016244457 Bente Sterrett243 Stone Church Rd 4016255940 Bento Water Transportation551 Main Rd 4016249807 Bernadette M. Conroy21 Clair Ave 4016255310 Bernard J. Cartin Iii4 Hayden Ave 4016243688 Bernice A. Costa51 State Ave 4016247192 Bernice A. Furtado8 Bluebird DR 4016244717 Bernice B. Duarte1988 Main Rd 4016249406 Bernice D. Araujo295 Lepes Rd 4016255930 Beth A. Westcott15 Summit Ave 4016244102 Beth L. Gibson50 Mount Hope Ave 4016255208 Bethany A. Hilton149 Stoney Hollow Rd 4016243040 Bethany J. Jackson77 Lucy Ave 4016246733 Bethany M. Medeiros857 Main Rd 4016255349 Betty J. Dopart952 Seapowet Ave 4016255364 Betty L. Dias40 Primrose Ln 4016246898 Betty L. Rose108 Horizon DR 4016251601 Betty W. Kennedy75 Hobson Ave 4016246311 Beverly A. Aguiar921 Fish Rd 4016243742 Beverly A. Oliveira60 Linda Rd 4016246979 Beverly Correia109 Kaufman Rd 4016249387 Beverly M. Farias108 Beech Ave 4016244918 Beverly T. Brayton735 Crandall Rd 4016249092 Black Goose Cafe2160 Main Rd 4018160882 Blair M. Behan54 Bobbin Hill Rd 4016246566 Bliss Four Corner Congregational Church1264 Stafford Rd 4016244113 Boathouse Waterfront Dining227 Schooner DR 4016246300 Bob J. Rogers6 Pine Tree Rd 4016255050 Bobby J. Harris442 Stone Church Rd 4016255677 Bonnie J. Lis100 Campion Ave 4016243235 Bonnie Strebel1133 Crandall Rd 4018166846 Brad A. Botvin31 Hayden Ave 4016241454 Bradford T. Cousineau28 Kaufman Rd 4016255352 Bradley S. Perry25 Ames St 4016247575 Brady Colleen167 Main Rd 4016246616 Brandon Kay99 Sandra Lee Ln 4016242961 Brandy Reynolds34 John Duggan Rd 4016252406 Brannon T. Winn1763 Main Rd 4016244239 Brant S. Robinson61 Simmons Ln 4016241246 Brantal's Catering97 Crandall Rd 4016241990 Brantal's Restaurant91 Crandall Rd 4016241990 Brenda C. Perry133 E Bourne Ave 4016243370 Brenda Gaspar3 Earle Ln 4016241651 Brenda J. Tavares121 Kenyon Rd 4016244869 Brenda J. Valcourt32 Pierce Ave 4016242611 Brenda L. Folger414 Riverside DR 4016242458 Brenda L. Mcgovern1520 Crandall Rd 4016244961 Brenda M. Cookinham895 Crandall Rd 4016246729 Brenda M. Lima136 Durfee Rd 4016241506 Brenda R. Aguiar931 Bulgarmarsh Rd 4016249485 Brendan C. Mcnally184 Highland Rd 4016241932 Brendan M. Sullivan1998 Main Rd 4016243048 Brendan P. Daley41 Sylvia Rd 4016249258 Brennan & Sons, Inc.1710 Eagleville Rd 4016251115 Brennan Construction Septic Installation & Repair1710 Eagleville Rd 4016251115 Brian Caromile 4018160203 Brian D. Starnauld412 Judson St 4016255622 Brian E. Carroll130 Fairwood DR 4016244076 Brian E. Perry96 Summit Ave 4016255154 Brian E. Raffensperger95 Louise DR 4016243937 Brian Hastings1502 Main Rd 4016242806 Brian J. Harkin103 Beech Ave 4016242322 Brian J. Martins155 Hemlock St 4016242377 Brian Oliveira283 Canonicus St 4016247762 Brian P. Moran38 Riverside DR 4016244661 Brian P. Moran24 Reed St 4016247632 Brian R. Cabral29 Blaisdell Ave 4016248910 Bridgeport Seafood2117 Main Rd 4016244411 Bridget A. Durfee300 Fish Rd 4016243314 Bridget Henriques60 Ash Ave 4018165454 Bridgette L. Biello315 State Ave, Apt 2 4016244342 Bristol Bronze222 Riverside DR 4016246623 Brittany A. Joseph161 Randolph Ave 4016246777 Brittany Bouchard487 Fish Rd 4016242024 Brookdale Sakonnet Bay Fax1215 Main Rd 4016246150 Bruce E. Ibbotson453 Highland Rd 4016242020 Bruce Gavin17 Seapowet Ave 4016354638 Bruce R. Pelletier65 Merritt Ave 4016249311 Bruce Reimels754 Lafayette Rd 4016255011 Bryan C. Waite520 Crandall Rd 4016246065 Bryan N. Sanford Jr494 Cornell Rd 4016246313 Bryan S. Dumond129 Kenyon Rd 4016255842 Bryan Stovall 4018165314 Bucher Ed 4016249566 Buddy Cartin4 Hayden Ave 4016243688 Burns Inc315 Main Rd 4016246213 Burton M. Gerstenzang93 Russell DR 4016246012 Byron E. Johnson3 Bobbin Hill Rd 4016248561


 C & E Consignment3952 Main Rd 4016621502 C. A. Rustad301 Bulgarmarsh Rd, Lot 70 4016241608 C. Caron99 Hancock St 4016244358 C. L. Blanchette69 Roseland Ter 4016243259 C. L. Rose118 Myrtle Way 4016255949 C. Messenger230 Robert Gray Ave 4016244584 Cahoon S. Miranda740 Crandall Rd 4016246234 Callen Mcgovern30 Cheryl DR 4016246751 Calvin C. Waite520 Crandall Rd 4016246065 Camara Excavating11 Hurst Ln 4018165955 Cameron F. Crawford1333 Main Rd 4016242353 Cameron F. Crawford163 Deer Run Rd 4016241566 Camille J. Mello564 East Rd, Apt 1 4016248933 Candice Guinen117 Richard DR 4016246582 Cantin Photography3913 Main Rd, Unit A 4016244777 Captain Clips Auto 4016255500 Cara A. Hart185 Kearns Ave 4016241626 Carl Carvalho631 Old Colony Ter 4016249722 Carl Helger2634 Main Rd 4016244422 Carl Iaciofano80 Bears Den Rd 4016243292 Carl Izzo137 High Hill Rd 4016247227 Carl Lopes150 Durfee Rd 4016243400 Carl W. Landers Sr40 Carl DR 4016248398 Carleen A Desrochers Ins Agcy Inc -- Allstate Agent530 Main Rd 4016242990 Carlie R. Crawford163 Deer Run Rd 4016241566 Carlos E. Costa202 Hooper St 4016255613 Carol A. Durkin100 Lewis St 4016255717 Carol A. Matthews93 Kaufman Rd 4016249170 Carol A. Pilotte330 Pelletier Ln 4016244065 Carol A. Renaud8 Tony St 4016246078 Carol A. Silva1600 Eagleville Rd 4016241840 Carol A. Winiarski130 Bulgarmarsh Rd 4016244995 Carol Herrmann1106 Main Rd 4016251606 Carol J. Cabral29 Blaisdell Ave 4016248910 Carol L. Aiello1107 Bulgarmarsh Rd 4016246264 Carol M. Vadeboncoeur84 Robert Gray Ave 4016249583 Carol P. Long1886 Main Rd 5086368002 Carol Ryan31 Oakland St 4016255409 Carol Ryan1215 Main Rd, Apt 360 4016242562 Carole Klawansky93 Russell DR 4016246012 Caroline A. Mellen30 Primrose Ln 4018160551 Caroline A. Taylor309 Holly Cir 4016242035 Caroline E. Russell18 Evans CT 4016246982 Caroline M. Hibbad90 Stoney Hollow Rd 4016243206 Carolyn A. Cabral69 Beth Rd 4016255644 Carolyn A. Mendes168 Hayden Ave 4016242064 Carolyn R. Machado 4016246942 Carolyn W. Nobrega118 Hooper St 4016249839 Carrie B. Rose34 Chace Ave 4016242707 Cassandra L. Temple491 Stafford Rd 4016244718 Catherine A. Francazio309 Robert Gray Ave 4016249575 Catherine Busch720 Windwood DR 4018165677 Catherine Deblois87 Durfee Rd 4016242802 Catherine Destremps16 Dewey Ave 4016244549 Catherine H. Lopes345 Hancock St 4016242577 Catherine J. Sullivan1998 Main Rd 4016243048 Catherine M. Paquette50 Five Rod Way 4016255724 Catherine M. Soares33 Cheryl DR 4016243119 Catherine P. Mello202 Warren Ave 4016249262 Catherine Paguette50 Five Rod Way 4016255724 Catherine Tavares423 Crandall Rd 4016242198 Catherine V. Gomes16 Dewey Ave 4016244549 Cathleen M. Oblinger105 Stoney Hollow Rd 4016241748 Catholic Social Services311 Hooper St 4016249270 Cathy E. Durand51 Sylvia Rd 4016246508 Cathy N. Cousineau28 Kaufman Rd 4016255352 Cecil E. Leonard500 Neck Rd 4016243095 Cecile Callahan 4018165066 Cecile Farias56 Isabella DR 4016241641 Cecile Morin217 Judson St 4016255006 Cecile P. Knight176 Church St 4016249853 Cecily Cornish737 Neck Rd 4016244667 Central Bakery70 Shove St 4016251975 Cesaltina D. Mancini50 Bucks Way 4018160115 Cesar Vieira155 Durfee Rd 4016249489 Chad Gormly37 Kenyon Rd 4016255140 Chad Gormly37 Kenyon Rd 4016255276 Chanel L. Graves1544 Crandall Rd 4016251370 Charles A. Buckley1316 Bulgarmarsh Rd 4016249759 Charles A. Thomas Jr24 Lowell St 4016255397 Charles A. Trabert716 Crandall Rd 4018160698 Charles Davenport757 East Rd 4016243359 Charles Demello55 Karen Ave 4016249028 Charles E. Berry447 Stafford Rd, Apt E3 4016248807 Charles E. Burton59 Bucks Way 4016251123 Charles E. Cote31 Evergreen Ave 4016246592 Charles E. Temple491 Stafford Rd 4016244718 Charles F. Hickey200 Neck Rd 4016249556 Charles H. Peladeau652 Old Colony Ter 4016247967 Charles H. Perry14 Church St 4016244746 Charles J. Rodrigues27 Paul James DR 4016249519 Charles J. Rodrigues27 Paul James DR 4016255783 Charles M. Mello78 Kaufman Rd 4016255159 Charles M. Moran Jr38 Riverside DR 4016244661 Charles Pereira100 Leger Ln 4016246867 Charles Perreira100 Leger Ln 4016246867 Charles W. Santos1057 Main Rd 4016249517 Charles W. Smith128 Riverside DR 4016248253 Charlotte A. Smith94 Colonial Ave 4016249077 Charlotte L. Frenette133 Merritt Ave 4016244958 Chelsea Bouchard487 Fish Rd 4016242024 Cheryl A. Cayer690 Brayton Rd 4016255759 Cheryl A. Deducca96 Sandra Lee Ln 4016242732 Cheryl A. Lewis118 Ledoux Ln 4016242929 Cheryl A. Muzaca140 North CT 4016255233 Cheryl A. Silvia24 Durfee Rd 4016251993 Cheryl A. Tedesco136 Beardsworth Rd 4016248201 Cheryl Davenport757 East Rd 4016243359 Cheryl Dubois14 Wood Ave 4016255635 Cheryl L. Astorino203 Merritt Ave 4016243498 Cheryl L. Leary345 S Christopher Ave 4016242936 Cheryl L. Twiss50 Norman DR 4016255975 Cheryl M. Perry66 Warren Ave 4016249821 Cheryl Szczepaniak 4018160218 Chester B. Hayden1423 Crandall Rd 4016248515 Chevonne Pratt565 Hancock St 4018165962 China Gourmet180 Main Rd 4016259788 Chris Derry80 Stone Church Rd 4016246263 Chris Desa80 Stone Church Rd 4016246263 Chris Matthews 4018165355 Chris Orena948 Lake Rd 4016242314 Chris Potts31 E Beardsworth Rd 4016251232 Christ Temple United Pentecostal Church1198 Fish Rd 4016251891 Christie L. Moreira15 Ann Rd 4016246801 Christin D. Mason61 Whiffle Tree Ln 4018160004 Christina M. Murphy15 Spruce Ave 4016248435 Christine D. Barboza296 Judson St 4016248250 Christine Duarte419 S Christopher Ave 4016255109 Christine Duarte419 S Christopher Ave 4016255242 Christine H. Dumont67 Fir Ave 4016249827 Christine L. Fontes121 Lewis St 4016242103 Christine M. Casavant208 Canonicus St 4016242517 Christine M. Ciabattoni13 Bayberry Ln 4016241930 Christine M. Miguel672 Stafford Rd 4016246578 Christine Mason61 Whiffle Tree Ln 4018160004 Christine Messenger4213 Main Rd 4016243487 Christine Messenger4213 Main Rd 4016249355 Christine S. Rapoza439 Hooper St 4016244612 Christine Sallum142 Kenyon Rd 4018166767 Christine T. Santos13 Willow St 4016251052 Christopher A. Rose34 Chace Ave 4016242707 Christopher E. Nearpass110 Stoney Hollow Rd 4016255039 Christopher F. Roemlein73 High Hill Rd 4016244094 Christopher Frazier430 Hooper St 4016246198 Christopher J. Barboza36 Maple DR 4016241899 Christopher J. Gagnon75 Wood Ave 4016249596 Christopher J. Pimental219 Chace Ave 4016241628 Christopher J. Rose139 Durfee Rd 4016251921 Christopher J. Stenning15 Coral Ln 4016242523 Christopher J. Wood112 Belleview Ave 4016243247 Christopher M. Rainey253 Russell DR 4016246237 Christopher Morrow32 Doris Ave 4016244299 Christopher N. Ball20 Terry Ln 4016242626 Christopher N. Stone1275 Bulgarmarsh Rd 4016248679 Christopher Vlangas500 Bulgarmarsh Rd 4016242628 Christopher W. Nobrega118 Hooper St 4016249839 Church Community Housing Corporation618 Cornell Rd 4016246373 Cindy R. Medeiros432 Judson St 4016242787 Cinthia K. Cordeiro40 Blueberry Ln 4016242804 Claire A. Flaherty404 Nanaquaket Rd 4016242592 Claire E. Hertzler248 Warren Ave 4016255186 Claire E. Rheaume312 King Rd 4016243116 Claire E. Rheaume312 King Rd 4016242997 Claire G. King26 Hambly Rd 4016246883 Claire Lepage1215 Main Rd 4016242726 Claire M. Masciarelli126 Main Rd 4016246322 Claire Pelletier253 East Rd 4016246257 Claire Rebello93 Topsail DR 4016247373 Claire Sluiter1215 Main Rd, Apt 307 4016246929 Claire T. Silveira120 Colonial Ave 4016244882 Clara Aiello1107 Bulgarmarsh Rd 4016246264 Clare A. Flaherty404 Nanaquaket Rd 4016242592 Clare E. White643 Old Colony Ter 4016242819 Clarence R. Graves837 East Rd 4016241726 Clarise W. Hennig150 Briarwood Ave 4016247563 Clarisse T. Bedard50 Sheldon St 4016248757 Classic Pizza496 Main Rd, Unit 2 4016248488 Claudette Benoit15 Hummingbird Ln 4016251117 Claudette J. Linhares44 Clegg Ave 4016246963 Claudette Pineault70 Richard DR 4016249524 Claudette Stlaurent61 Cynthia Ave 4016244865 Claudia A. Linhares44 Clegg Ave 4016246963 Claudia Lin44 Clegg Ave 4016246963 Claudia M. Waddicor33 Sunderland Hts 4016246822 Claudia P. Vandusen36 Bluebird DR 4016243514 Claudia R. Marshall10 Audet St 4016241702 Claudia R. Marshall10 Audet St 4016242763 Claudia T. Petres40 Alicia Cir 4016255373 Claudio A. Sousa14 Holly Cir 4016248078 Clayton L. Manchester1690 Eagleville Rd 4016251690 Clean-O-Rama548 Main Rd 4016249797 Clement J. Rose Jr35 South Ave 4016244564 Clinton E. Brogan862 Main Rd 4016255009 Coastal Computer and Business Services438 Main Rd 4016246823 Coastal Orthopedics1816 Main Rd 4016246035 Coastal Roasters1791 Main Rd 4016242343 Colberg Michelle & Jason125 Church Pond DR 4016243503 Coldwell Banker Realty1741 Main Rd 4016255878 Colette S. Stowell44 Durfee Rd 4016247481 Colleen A. Ramos226 Hilton St 4016251325 Colleen F. Bigelow290 Judson St 4016255025 Colleen S. Barboza267 King Rd 4016243675 Commar Sales LLC1445 Main Rd 4016244880 Common Ground Builders1060 Stafford Rd 4016242080 Community Of Christ TheBrayton Rd 4016246420 Constance C. Silva324 Canonicus St 4016249225 Constance Demello55 Karen Ave 4016249028 Constance E. Lima184 Fogland Rd 4016243817 Constance J. Derby15 Nightingale Ln 4016242506 Constance L. Arcouette79 Warren Ave 4016249778 Constance Stpierre34 Hambly Rd 4016243820 Contractlogix83 Borden Rd 4015997010 Control Systems Analysis1812 Main Rd 4016243300 Cori L. Cunningham51 John Duggan Rd 4016248824 Coroa John G Law Offices167 Main Rd 4016247012 Corr Builders Inc500 Eagleville Rd 4016248118 Cory Susan 4016247070 Cottrell Bros35 Main Rd 4016247720 Country Auto Sales & Service Inc1230 Stafford Rd 4016246913 Countryview Estates213 Hurst Ln 4016255935 Courtney Cartin4 Hayden Ave 4016243688 Courtyards LTD3980 Main Rd 4016248682 Cox Adam J3964 Main Rd 4018165900 Craig Dyer1524 Main Rd 4016255143 Cristy A. Neronha127 King Rd 4016243130 Cross I'd Cow532 Main Rd 4016241555 Crossroad Liquors1540 Bulgarmarsh Rd 4016248407 CrossRoads Movement Center2128 Main Rd 4016251128 Crystal L. Mackie78 Deer Run Rd 4016255298 Cumberland Farms1860 Main Rd 4016247175 Cumberland Farms1860 Main Rd 4016242643 Cummings Charles H821 Main Rd 4016251001 Curtis J. Hibbert286 Highland Rd 4016246093 Curtis R. Jackson77 Lucy Ave 4016246733 Cynthia A. Cordeiro310 Main Rd 4016243689 Cynthia A. Iaciofano80 Bears Den Rd 4016243292 Cynthia A. Perry26 Margaret St 4016247271 Cynthia B. Patterson4070 Main Rd 4016255614 Cynthia Cordeiro40 Blueberry Ln 4016242804 Cynthia F. Emond173 Beech Ave 4016248017 Cynthia J. Burns72 Fogland Rd 4016248623 Cynthia J. Cwalina3447 Main Rd 4016249977 Cynthia L. Cartin4 Hayden Ave 4016243688 Cynthia L. Martins155 Hemlock St 4016242377 Cynthia M. Gagnon75 Wood Ave 4016249596 Cynthia M. Thomson140 Stoney Hollow Rd 4016242894 Cynthia V. Neronha576 East Rd 4016255308


 D. Cayer33 Riverview Ave 4016241957 D. Coute3 Whitetail Ln, # 5 4016246333 D. Medeiros 4018160329 D. Perry385 Canonicus St 4016249847 D. Richard 4018160569 D. Sung1 Mill St, Apt 1216 4018166822 D. Travassos79 Haskins Ave 4016244068 Daciel D. Amaral32 Russell DR 4016246489 Damian Associates LLC691 Brayton Rd 4016243433 Dana Coute68 Beech Ave 4016255374 Dana Melcher1188 Main Rd 4016251813 Dance Fusion315 Main Rd 4016242966 Dani Dyer1520 Main Rd 4016249236 Dani Rheaume312 King Rd 4016243116 Dani Rheaume312 King Rd 4016242997 Dani T. Medeiros150 Brayton Rd 4016242357 Daniel B. Rocha Iii38 Richard DR 4016242956 Daniel Costa202 Hooper St 4016255613 Daniel E. Miller9 Cross Rd 4018160940 Daniel E. Rheaume312 King Rd 4016243116 Daniel E. Rheaume312 King Rd 4016242997 Daniel G. Flynn49 Whitetail Ln 4016248282 Daniel Iwanski526 Highland Rd 4016242512 Daniel J. Dyer1520 Main Rd 4016249236 Daniel L. Hilton149 Stoney Hollow Rd 4016243040 Daniel P. Martin313 Neck Rd 4016243276 Daniel Perry70 Beth Rd 4016242271 Daniel Perry70 Beth Rd 4016242277 Daniel R. Murphy15 Spruce Ave 4016248435 Daniel T. Medeiros150 Brayton Rd 4016242357 Daniell Thibert10 Primrose Ln 4016244290 Danielle M. Thibert10 Primrose Ln 4016244290 Danny's Serv Sta99 Crandall Rd 4016249381 Daphne D. Oman106 Linda Rd 4016248022 Darlene Frates85 Lake Rd 4016246222 Darlene Gormly37 Kenyon Rd 4016255276 Darlene Gormly37 Kenyon Rd 4016255140 Darlene P. Wood141 Cornell Rd 4016248752 Darren M. Reynolds90 Florence St 4016255711 Daryl W. Morse24 Ames St 4016242387 Dave's Lawn Mower Repair79 Aquidneck DR 4018160922 Dave's Original37 Hobson Ave 4016255447 David A Hadad DMD1061 Fish Rd 4016242901 David A. Barrows502 Bulgarmarsh Rd 4016246931 David A. Bourque719 Bulgarmarsh Rd 4016255636 David A. Bourque719 Bulgarmarsh Rd 4016242599 David A. Brower128 Sakonnet Ridge DR 4016255427 David A. Neal45 Beth Rd 4016244559 David A. Pimental228 Lepes Rd 4016244016 David A. Rose139 Durfee Rd 4016251921 David B. Collins4001 Main Rd 4016246914 David B. Farnworth95 Pocasset Ave 4018160529 David Bodiker93 N Christopher Ave 4016242180 David C. Durfee377 Seapowet Ave 4016255983 David C. Iaciofano80 Bears Den Rd 4016243292 David Christo48 Canonicus St 4016243568 David Christo48 Canonicus St 4016246002 David Davenport757 East Rd 4016243359 David E. Audette401 King Rd 4016248038 David E. Emond36 Bay St 4016244705 David E. Hudson19 King Rd 4016242009 David Francazio309 Robert Gray Ave 4016249575 David G. Lewis172 Montgomery St 4016251975 David Gaspar18 Ellen Ln 4016248647 David H. Reinke700 Windwood DR, Apt 101 4016249363 David J. Moniz249 Brackett Ave 4016246787 David J. Oliveira507 Stafford Rd 4016242392 David J. Paull175 Warren Ave 4016246579 David J. Rosa102 Bramble Way 4016249219 David K. Folger414 Riverside DR 4016242458 David K. Rego403 Fish Rd 4016246716 David K. Rego403 Fish Rd 4016255829 David K. Rego403 Fish Rd 4016243013 David K. Richard5 Cheryl DR 4016249322 David K. Sanford1 Murray Way 4016243090 David L. Sisson64 Pools Ln 4016243052 David M. Cabral179 Hayden Ave 4016244991 David M. Landoch39 Bouchard Ln 4016243543 David Munafo62 Michaels Ln 4016247557 David N. Rego83 Horizon DR 4016248653 David P. Behan54 Bobbin Hill Rd 4016246566 David P. Hill1711 Eagleville Rd 4016244839 David P. Lavallee170 Woodland Cir 4016241622 David P. Manfredi85 High Hill Rd 4016255385 David Perry26 Margaret St 4016247271 David R. Barnhart37 Isabella DR 4018160413 David R. Chauvette47 Kearns Ave 4016246357 David R. King26 Hambly Rd 4016246883 David R. Sanft190 Canonicus St 4016244896 David R. Souza181 Judson St 4016244899 David S. Cwalina3447 Main Rd 4016249977 David Segala 4018165436 David Simpson825 Brayton Rd 4016255127 David Vogl17 Oregon Ave 4018160237 David W. Hyland90 Dewey Ave 4016251616 David X. Ross67 Lazywood Ln 4016241577 Davis R. Lewis454 Main Rd 4016354920 Dawn A. Oliveira11 Beech Ave 4016246577 Dawn Cabral24 Alicia Cir 4016243792 Dawn E. Bouchard487 Fish Rd 4016242024 Dawn M. Simmons18 Belleview Ave 4016251201 Dawne M. Cayer33 Riverview Ave 4016241957 Dayna B. Vieira30 Lepes Rd 4016255802 Dean S. Weidman Jr24 Ash Ave 4016242052 Dean W. Melcher Ii1188 Main Rd 4016251813 Deb G. Lepage68 Merritt Ave 4016255976 Debbie S. Souza102 Randolph Ave 4016242737 Debora A. Knight176 Church St 4016249853 Deborah A. Behan54 Bobbin Hill Rd 4016246566 Deborah A. Dupont359 Hooper St 4016246230 Deborah A. Gagne1 Mill St 4016246223 Deborah A. Gagne1 Mill St 4016242058 Deborah A. Gee15 Evans Ave 4016247631 Deborah A. Martins12 Preston Ln 4016241637 Deborah A. Medeiros Jr390 King Rd 4016246549 Deborah A. Nolan33 Stevens St 4016248820 Deborah B. Williamson147 Fogland Rd 4016242096 Deborah Bzdula5 Evergreen Ave 4016244794 Deborah D. Almeida51 Cynthia Ave 4016247619 Deborah E. Mottas1205 Crandall Rd 4016255381 Deborah E. Mottas1205 Crandall Rd 4016244374 Deborah J. Reynolds34 John Duggan Rd 4016252406 Deborah Joseph161 Randolph Ave 4016246777 Deborah Krzych68 Ford Farm Rd 4016252478 Deborah L. Dutra7 Quintal DR 4016251617 Deborah L. Lund97 High Hill Rd 4016242071 Deborah R. Bissonnette840 Stafford Rd 4016241739 Deborah S. Ebbitt84 Blueberry Ln 4016243225 Deborah S. Hart67 Pocasset Ave 4016244984 Deborah Williamson103 Fogland Rd 4016242571 Debra A. Harkin103 Beech Ave 4016242322 Debra A. Mancini50 Bucks Way 4018160115 Debra Abrantes162 Mill St 4016255432 Debra G. Albro288 Canonicus St 4016255991 Debra Mercier224 Crandall Rd 4016241351 Deidra E. Stone1 Mill St, Apt 1102 4016246040 Della Blanchette74 Durfee Rd 4016243628 Della Cotta4375 Main Rd 4016244556 Delores E. Bonas66 Ash Ave 4016244565 Delores Earley112 Evans Ave 4016255998 Denise A. Hilton149 Stoney Hollow Rd 4016243040 Denise Demedeiros55 Kevin DR 4016242931 Denise J. Lachapelle381 Highland Rd 4016246215 Denise M. Crawford163 Deer Run Rd 4016241566 Denise M. Miller9 Cross Rd 4018160940 Dennis E. Felizberto31 Pools Ln 4016246221 Dennis F. Desharnais16 Jiley Hill Rd 4016248485 Dennis F. Soares15 Stafford Rd 4016242616 Dennis J Rog Ph.D.2128 Main Rd 4016249972 Dennis J. Cunningham51 John Duggan Rd 4016248824 Dennis M. Couto1028 East Rd 4016255342 Dennis Mello145 Belleview Ave 4016251192 Dennis R. Gosselin202 Canonicus St 4016244858 Dennis W. Biello315 State Ave, Apt 2 4016244342 Dennis W. Duarte58 Hilton St 4016242026 Deolinda Costa90 Bears Den Rd 4016246563 Depart Edw Jr1025 Main Rd 4016255338 Derek Stow28 Starlit Rd 4016255973 Derrick Lewis 4018165634 Derrick W. Garforth128 Evergreen Ave 4016242559 Design by Louise3988 Main Rd 4016246517 Di-Mond Vaz37 Springer Ave 4016243108 Dialysis Center of Tiverton22 Hurst Ln 4016244403 Diamentina T. Perry385 Canonicus St 4016249847 Diana Gregory326 Brayton Rd 4016244652 Diana M. Bernier38 E Beardsworth Rd 4016244118 Diana S. Ephraim74 N Christopher Ave 4016244571 Diandra Bowers64 Belleview Ave 4016242615 Diane Barnhart37 Isabella DR 4018160413 Diane C. Trabert716 Crandall Rd 4018160698 Diane Dallow110 Robert Gray Ave 4016246902 Diane F. Smith63 Simmons Ln 4016251574 Diane Goddu147 Beardsworth Rd 4016246111 Diane J. Rego403 Fish Rd 4016255829 Diane J. Rego403 Fish Rd 4016243013 Diane J. Rego403 Fish Rd 4016246716 Diane L. Charette35 Lake Side DR 4016251629 Diane M. Farnworth95 Pocasset Ave 4018160529 Diane M. Labrecque58 Ridgeside Ln 4016242535 Diane Pacheco296 Hooper St 4016243044 Diane R. Harris442 Stone Church Rd 4016255677 Diane R. Souza181 Judson St 4016244899 Diane Robinson 4016242318 Diane T. Berube47 Tanglewood DR 4016241375 Dollar General Rhode Island / Dg15751 Tiverto Ri567 Main Rd 4013072455 Dolores I. Carroll345 Hancock St 4016255195 Dolores Leduc945 East Rd 4016244381 Dolores M. Gaudreau16 Birch St 4016249034 Dolores Morris122 Russell DR 4016255626 Don E. Martin1938 Main Rd 4018160059 Don's Marine Sales & Service2503 Main Rd 4016243464 Donald A. Stone1275 Bulgarmarsh Rd 4016248679 Donald Barnes26 Massey Rd 4016243939 Donald E. Grinnell26 Ocean View Ave 4016244725 Donald E. Leger165 Leger Ln 4016255301 Donald F. Bollin Jr25 Russell DR 4016246567 Donald G. Elbert Jr32 Ocean View Ave 4016246951 Donald J. Hebert108 Richard DR 4016255309 Donald J. QuinnPo Box 506 4016244895 Donald J. Winning41 Seaconnet Ave 4016246315 Donald L. Perry63 Cross Rd 4016243707 Donald M. Guerrera52 Pelham Rd 4016249955 Donald Neville2040 Main Rd 4016249388 Donald Neville2040 Main Rd 4016241781 Donald R. Bento1211 Fish Rd 4016244445 Donald Rocha20 Wood Ave 4016248868 Donald Souza564 East Rd 4016246520 Donalda M. Medeiros55 Edmond Ln 4016248598 Donat Dumont67 Fir Ave 4016249827 Donna A. Mcglynn129 Belleview Ave 4016249828 Donna J. Morgan67 Holly Cir 4016243931 Donna L. Sousa47 Arbor Ter 4016247144 Donna L. Souza40 Hooper St 4016242174 Donna Lacroix27 Main Rd 4018165155 Donna M. Andrade88 Kenyon Rd 4016246461 Donna M. Bourque719 Bulgarmarsh Rd 4016242599 Donna M. Bourque719 Bulgarmarsh Rd 4016255636 Donna M. Hibbert286 Highland Rd 4016246093 Donna M. Levesque11 Oak Tree Rd 4016242596 Donna M. Manchester2734 Main Rd 4016246236 Donna M. Oliveira46 Lucy Ave 4018169897 Donna M. Tavares423 Crandall Rd 4016242198 Doranna M. Labonte22 Montgomery St 4016249222 Doreen A. Cady243 Bridle Way 4016247447 Doreen A. Lecomte135 Richard DR 4016246594 Doreen L. Jean23 Farnum St 4016243145 Doreen L. Lepage41 Grinnell Ave 4016249779 Doreen M. Frazier430 Hooper St 4016246198 Doris Coute68 Beech Ave 4016255374 Doris Drapeau130 Highland Rd 4016244530
Doris Fletcher54 Narragansett Ave 4016255522 Doris M. Munroe40 Alicia Cir 4016246430 Dorothy A. Farias232 Warren Ave 4016242397 Dorothy A. Roppe170 Judson St 4016242208 Dorothy Arruda160 Pelletier Ln 4016249229
Dorothy Brooks50 Wampanog Ln 4016244975 Dorothy Brown Ph.D.228 Main Rd 4016249972 Dorothy Hill368 Souza Rd 4016244745 Dorothy J. Croft404 Highland Rd 4016249383 Dorothy L. Mcgovern30 Cheryl DR 4016246751 Dorothy Lecuyer139 Hambly Rd 4016244692 Dorothy M. Brooks405 Brayton Rd 4016246917 Dorothy M. Camara1221 Crandall Rd 4016242334 Dorothy Ryalls99 Hancock St, Apt 108 4016255167 Dorothy Souza1082 Main Rd 4016248053 Dorothy V. Travers51 Riverview Ave 4016242162 Dorothy Wilkie329 King Rd 4016244943 Dorthy A. Roppe170 Judson St 4016242208 Doug Reid96 Highland Rd 4016255765 Douglas A. Gray Jr68 Bourne Ave 4016249121 Douglas A. Reid96 Highland Rd 4016255765 Douglas Oliveria46 Lucy Ave 4018169897 Douglas P. Hembdt50 Woodland Cir 4016243156 Douglas P. Oliveira46 Lucy Ave 4018169897 Douglas R. Coute68 Beech Ave 4016255374 Douglas S. Mello202 Warren Ave 4016249262 Douglas W. Swass1595 Bulgarmarsh Rd 4016244243 Douglas W. Waite Ii1492 Crandall Rd 4016246936 DR Joseph Boivin OD LTD1820 Main Rd 4016246672 Dr M. Abiri249 Nanaquaket Rd 4016247072 Dream Carpets Inc233 Bridle Way 4016247100 Dunkin' Donuts1735 Stafford Rd 4016251063 Dunkin' Donuts496 Main Rd, Unit 1 4016242742 Durand's Kawasaki Motorsport Sales147 Main Rd 4016243859 Dwight Farias23 Isabella DR 4016248692 Dylan J. Morin42 Michaels Ln 4016242983


 E. Deretchin644 Highland Rd 4016246079 E. J. Edgett2521 Main Rd 4016244343 E. Mcgaffin134 Stafford Rd 4016249707 E. Miller155 Bud Way 4016249939 E. Taggart447 Stafford Rd 4016243270 Earl T. Albert857 Crandall Rd 4016255117 Earl T. Albert857 Crandall Rd 4016255252 East Bay Newspapers1745 Main Rd 4016243035 East Lake Variety750 East Rd 4016243399 East Side Clinical Lab821 Main Rd 4016247066 Eastside Clinical Laboratory1215 Main Rd 4016247931 Ed Costa202 Hooper St 4016255613 Ed J. Smith5 Fay St 4016248872 Eddy Costa202 Hooper St 4016255613 Edith E. Healy113 Russell DR 4016248771 Edith I. Manchester580 Neck Rd 4016249435 Edith Severance10 Tucker Ave 4016244195 Edmond Rheaume312 King Rd 4016242997 Edmond Rheaume312 King Rd 4016243116 Edmund Andrade778 Lake Rd 4016242333 Edmund H. Durfee Iv300 Fish Rd 4016243314 Edna M. Tavares85 Lake Rd 4016249561 Eduardo Costa202 Hooper St 4016255613 Eduardo J. Costa106 Cypress Ave 4016244542 Edward A. Frenette133 Merritt Ave 4016244958 Edward Acquisto115 State Ave 4016241963 Edward C. Letendre99 Hancock St, Apt 160 4016244621 Edward C. Motta120 Warren Ave 4016255721 Edward Combra58 Springer Ave 4016247099 Edward F. Greene Jr199 High Hill Rd 4016243842 Edward Fish85 Lake Rd 4016246037 Edward H. Ma228 Judson St 4016248406 Edward J. Bucher15 Seaview CT 4016242401 Edward J. Bucher15 Seaview CT 4016249566 Edward J. Costa695 Old Colony Ter 4016242040 Edward J. Dopart Jr1025 Main Rd 4016255338 Edward J. Klus36 Hooper St 4016246884 Edward M. Blythe179 Main Rd 4016248206 Edward M. Blythe179 Main Rd 4016248812 Edward Phillips52 Blackbird St 4016246211 Edward R. Neronha576 East Rd 4016255308 Edward R. Rocha65 Briarwood Ave 4016242528 Edwin A. True99 Hancock St 4016248089 Edwin Rogers55 Maple DR 4016358928 Effective Advocate LLC3964 Main Rd 4018160944 Eileen A. Belisle130 Brackett Ave 4016255406 Eileen B. Dupont142 Sakonnet Ridge DR 4016248395 Eileen Golding301 Bulgarmarsh Rd, Lot 5 4016243864 Eileen J. Hall200 Kenyon Rd 4016249339 Eileen J. Silva202 Lepes Rd 4016244236 Eileen M. Aguiar165 Beech Ave 4016255793 Eileen Mandly1 Red Tail Trl 4016246647 Eileen Souza19 Mockingbird Ln 4016247512 Eileen Ward80 Ford Farm Rd 4016247655 Elaine A. Berry447 Stafford Rd, Apt E3 4016248807 Elaine C. Glowacki63 Paul James DR 4016249024 Elaine D. Carter51 Barnswallow St 4016244731 Elaine G. Melancon11 Fay St 4016249661 Elaine M. Miller42 Ash Ave 4016249441 Elaine M. Moniz249 Brackett Ave 4016246787 Elaine M. Potter70 Lake Rd 4016246091 Elaine Nearpass110 Stoney Hollow Rd 4016255039 Elaine Riggle28 John St 4016248954 Elaine T. Pacheco93 Kenyon Rd 4016246473 Elaine's Country Store1204 Fish Rd 4016255200 Eleanor Boulay279 Bridle Way 4016248295 Eleanor M. Mercier26 Fernandes Ave 4016243419 Eleanor Monast40 Judson St 4016241531 Eleni D. Peckham644 Highland Rd 4016249496 Elise Daglis13 Oregon Ave 4016242731 Eliz A. Stours101 Blueberry Ln 4016241914 Elizabeth A. Broadbent125 Hooper St 4016248164 Elizabeth A. Carvalho3715 Main Rd 4016248244 Elizabeth A. Faria662 Stone Church Rd 4018160933 Elizabeth A. Marx1109 Bulgarmarsh Rd 4016242160 Elizabeth A. Rocha57 Alan St 4016248728 Elizabeth Amaral32 Russell DR 4016246489 Elizabeth Dallery1215 Main Rd 4016259724 Elizabeth Demello18 Lepes Rd 4016244069 Elizabeth E. Ripa844 East Rd 4016255986 Elizabeth M. Aguiar130 Bay St 4016248427 Elizabeth M. Conway3941 Main Rd 4016244657 Elizabeth M. Hunter263 Stone Church Rd 4016255369 Elizabeth P. Downey115 Lepes Rd 4016252457 Elizabeth Palmer1109 Bulgarmarsh Rd 4016242160 Elizabeth R. Brooks405 Brayton Rd 4016246917 Elizabeth R. Richard85 Shannon Ave 4016247613 Elizabeth Rocha38 Richard DR 4016242956 Elizabeth Stours101 Blueberry Ln 4016241914 Elizabeth Vidinha71 Furey Ave 4016246190 Elizabeth Williamson45 Bourne Ave 4016249089 Ella J. Sullivan99 Hancock St 4016249182 Ellen C. Birnbaum15 Cottage Ave 4016249820 Ellen M. Couto1028 East Rd 4016255342 Ellen P. O'neill49 E Dion Ave 4016246407 Ellen Tavares29 Mockingbird Ln 4016247939 Elliot Rodriques37 Warren Ave 4016246553 Elliott Rodriques37 Warren Ave 4016246553 Elsie Aguiar165 Beech Ave 4016255793 Elsie Brayton446 Brayton Rd 4016246448 Elsie E. Combra89 Hambly Rd 4016249757 Elsie Gabriel63 Blue Jay St 4016243026 Elwood I. Dallow Iii110 Robert Gray Ave 4016246902 Elwood Thidault110 Robert Gray Ave 4016242385 Emilia P. Timberlake12 Redwood Rd 4016255964 Emily M. Peel1660 Eagleville Rd 4016242061 Emily N. Stenning15 Coral Ln 4016242523 Emma Ricketson1215 Main Rd 4016242724 Emmett Conway3941 Main Rd 4016244657 Emond Water Well Hydro Fracturing36 Bay St 4016246055 Envy Gymnastics935 Main Rd 4016241403 Ephraim A. Goddu147 Beardsworth Rd 4016246111 Eric A. Pilotte330 Pelletier Ln 4016244065 Eric D. Cwalina3447 Main Rd 4016249977 Eric P. Abrantes162 Mill St 4016255432 Eric T. Kelly224 Russell DR 4016243622 Erica Paulino85 E King Rd 4016246219 Erin A. Carr1576 Eagleville Rd 4018166878 Erin Goulart50 Thomas St 4016247297 Ernest E. Silvia400 Riverside DR 4016243074 Ernest J. Mercier Jr26 Fernandes Ave 4016243419 Ernest Whittle29 John St 4016246050 Esmeralda Feliciano160 John Duggan Rd 4016251126 Esmeralda T. Stiles59 Cliff St 4016255147 Esther J. Cambra2349 Main Rd 4016242740 Ethan R. Smith63 Simmons Ln 4016251574 Ethel E. Medeiros150 Brayton Rd 4016242357 Eugene B. O'brien323 Nanaquaket Rd 4016249734 Eugene H. Hennig150 Briarwood Ave 4016247563 Eugene J. Bernat Jr966 Crandall Rd 4016243175 Eugene Lavoie51 Walnut St 4016241731 Eunice C. Felizberto31 Pools Ln 4016246221 Eunice Durfee432 Seapowet Ave 4016244807 Evan A. Marx1109 Bulgarmarsh Rd 4016242160 Evangeline A. Jandro14 Springer Ave 4016255170 Eveline Ferreira Cleaning25 Pershing Ave 4016244593 Evelyn B. Campion303 Cornell Rd 4016244568 Evelyn B. Gouveia28 Campion Ave 4016242659 Evelyn B. Rapoza138 Haskins Ave 4016248750 Evelyn Cox122 Songbird Ln 4016255461 Evelyn I. Daglis13 Oregon Ave 4016242731 Evelyn M. Medeiros191 Cornell Rd 4016242101 Evelyn M. Nichols8 Rockland Ter 4016242627 Evelyn X. Souza84 Ash Ave 4016248375 Evelyn X. Souza84 Ash Ave 4016244003 Evelyn's Nanaquaket Drive-In2335 Main Rd 4016243100 Everett C. Manchester2770 Main Rd 4016243670 Everett C. Manchester Jr2734 Main Rd 4016246236 Everett F. Murphy40 Louise DR 4016244043 Everett J. Cabral634 Brayton Rd 4016255280


 F C Construction 4016243862 F. C. Bliss1264 Stafford Rd 4016244113 F. R. Levesque11 Oak Tree Rd 4016242596 F. Serzan1660 Main Rd 4016246188 Fa Simmons Store78 Crandall Rd 4016352420 Faith E. Peckham644 Highland Rd 4016249496 Faith J. Bortz303 State Ave 4016243695 Faith Lebeau727 Main Rd 4016242476 Faith's House Of Style431 Main Rd 4016241501 Faithe Bortz303 State Ave 4016243695 Family Ties221 Main Rd 4016242321 Famous Pizza433 Main Rd 4016248900 Fan Benjamin1215 Main Rd 4018160236 Farm Coast Outfitters DBA3879 Main Rd 4018166766 Fatima Devine Licsw36 Lark Ln 4012542131 Fatima Meleski124 Louise DR 4016242262 Faye Y. Roemlein73 High Hill Rd 4016244094 Ferdinand J. Goulart50 Thomas St 4016247297 Fernand H. Michel145 Durfee Rd 4016249534 Fernanda Teixeira43 Margaret St 4016243979 Fernando V. Romano Sr180 Woodland Cir 4016244885 Ferolbink Farms993 Neck Rd 4016244107 Ferrellgas896 Fish Rd 4016242686 Fire Department - Business Line45 Crandall Rd 4016256741 Fireworks Connection36 Main Rd 4016246663 First Baptist Old Stone Church7 Old Stone Church Rd 4016244155 Flavio A. Teixeira43 Margaret St 4016243979 Flora A. Rocha20 Wood Ave 4016248868 Florence Carreiro467 Crandall Rd 4016249474 Florence M. Helger2634 Main Rd 4016244422 Forster Matt1061 Fish Rd 4016246691 Four Corner Art Center3852 Main Rd 4016242600 Four Corners Grille3841 Main Rd 4016241510 Frances A. Munafo62 Michaels Ln 4016247557 Frances Bilodeau330 King Rd 4016241239 Frances G. Lima136 Durfee Rd 4016241506 Frances M. Carreiro86 Haskins Ave 4016249013 Frances Rosa102 Bramble Way 4016249219 Francis F. Marshall11 West Ave 4016243228 Francis F. Provost Jr1613 Crandall Rd 4016242973 Francis J. Aguiar85 Doris Ave 4016246083 Francis J. Colaneri29 Robert St 4016249957 Francis J. Moniz86 Hambly Rd 4016255485 Francis J. Ryan120 Highland Rd 4016246870 Francis Pachecos248 Judson St 4016249206 Frank A. Lewis118 Ledoux Ln 4016242929 Frank J. Jancarik106 Grinnell Ave 4016249664 Frank J. Koch Jr90 Randolph Ave 4016244797 Frank J. Rodrigues21 Decosta DR 4016251967 Frank Machado17 Albert St 4016251513 Frank Silvia137 Brayton Rd 4016242032 Frank V. Parker99 Peaceful Way 4016248325 Frank W. White8 Tucker Ave 4016242070 Franklyn B. Neville2046 Main Rd 4016244583 Fred Currier99 Dion Ave 4016244493 Fred Goulart50 Thomas St 4016247297 Fred's Tree & Design241 King Rd 4016251600 Frederick A. Sousa47 Arbor Ter 4016247144 Frederick B. Hussey108 Evans Ave 4016242266 Frederick B. Twiss50 Norman DR 4016255975 Frederick E. Standish15 North Ave 4016246432 Frederick J. Pearson Ii142 Russell DR 4016244042 Frederick M. Lima136 Durfee Rd 4016241506 Frederick Raposa39 Mount Hope Ave 4016251661 Frederick W. Murdock Jr149 Nanaquaket Rd 4016249746 Fredrick Twiss50 Norman DR 4016255975 Future Scholars Preschool Inc1142 Stafford Rd 4016241884


 G. Oliveira113 Fir Ave 4016246044 Gail A. Shepard841 Main Rd 4016243388 Gail L. Moreira15 Ann Rd 4016246801 Gail L. Ulmschneider123 E Bourne Ave 4016242313 Gail Melanson19 Massey Rd 4016242509 Gail S. Neeld327 Brayton Rd 4016243213 Gail T. Favazza15 Redwood Rd 4016255489 Gallery Four3848 Main Rd 4018160999 Garner E. Morgan Iii67 Holly Cir 4016243931 Gary J. Dutra50 Bucks Way 4018160115 Gary L. Bzdula5 Evergreen Ave 4016244794 Gary L. Lambert131 Beech Ave 4016251445 Gary Lamothe116 Stafford Rd 4016246342 Gary M. Souza40 Hooper St 4016242174 Gary P. Rose34 Chace Ave 4016242707 Gary R. Pelletier1559 Eagleville Rd 4016252434 Gary's Street & Trail43 Main Rd 4016255115 Gematria Science LLC1334 Main Rd 4018160524 General Auto Recycling384 King Rd 4016246687 General Auto Recycling384 King Rd 4018160314 Genevieve A. Barboza321 Hooper St 4016248536 Genevieve J. Jancarik106 Grinnell Ave 4016249664 Geo Leach & Son2055 Main Rd 5086362411 Geoffrey A. Brower128 Sakonnet Ridge DR 4016255427 George A. Fletcher54 Narragansett Ave 4016255522 George A. Hill368 Souza Rd 4016244745 George A. Silvia645 Fish Rd 4016249887 George B. Murray48 Pleasant Ave 4016249039 George Brooks405 Brayton Rd 4016246917 George Carvalho3715 Main Rd 4016248244 George Cimini157 High Hill Rd 4016255187 George E. Devlin2955 Main Rd 4016246401 George E. Helger Jr706 East Rd 4016244921 George F. Frazier430 Hooper St 4016246198 George Gouveia28 Campion Ave 4016242659 George H. Atkinson140 Stone Church Rd 4016249330 George H. Kershaw1502 Main Rd 4016244175 George J. Correia Jr110 Briarwood Ave 4016248722 George J. Giguere Iii169 Lazywood Ln 4016242839 George J. Jeffrey39 Ash Ave 4016248072 George J. Labonte Jr22 Montgomery St 4016249222 George Jerauld611 Old Colony Ter 4016242217 George M. Silva38 Mill St 4016255279 George M. Souza1082 Main Rd 4016248053 George Medeiros53 Fir Ave 4016249187 George Michael60 Sylvia Rd 4016249800 George R. Boyd50 Lark Ln 4016246786 George R. Gabriel Sr244 Kaufman Rd 4016247276 George R. Metayer Jr1960 Crandall Rd 4016242551 George S Gas and Service1215 Stafford Rd 4016246406 George T. Bazinet40 Colonial Ave 4016249010 George W. Letendre2398 Main Rd 4016248036 George W. Mullins Jr43 Colonial Ave 4016255022 Georgiana Lafleur13 Willow Tree Rd 4016244328 Georgianna J. Moniz408 Stafford Rd, Apt 1 4016251951 Ger Mulveny978 Crandall Rd 4016251305 Gerald J. Carleton72 Fir Ave 4016243393 Gerald J. Mottas1205 Crandall Rd 4016244374 Gerald J. Mottas1205 Crandall Rd 4016255381 Gerald P. Lepage41 Grinnell Ave 4016249779 Gerald Silvia645 Fish Rd 4016246612 Geraldine A. Phillips52 Blackbird St 4016246211 Geraldine L. Jones62 Florence St 4016248859 Geraldine S. Perry25 Ames St 4016247575 Germaine Freitas50 Jefferson St 4016246972 Germaine Petit38 Red Tail Trl 4016246321 Germana Farias23 Isabella DR 4016248692 Gertrude L. Gagnon75 Wood Ave 4016249596 Ghiana Marinosci34 Pelham Rd 4016242524 Gilbert E. Peel1660 Eagleville Rd 4016242061 Gilbert J. Valdez37 E King Rd 4016247210 Gilberto T. Costa160 Elk DR 4016246495 Gillian P. Lepage41 Grinnell Ave 4016249779 Gina C. Naimey197 Ledoux Ln 4016243187 Gina D. Gilstrap1764 Crandall Rd 4016242972 Gina Korzeniowski72 Hobson Ave 4016246554 Gina M. Vieira155 Durfee Rd 4016249489 Gina Mello245 Kaufman Rd 4016244140 Giovanni Palermo121 Leger Ln 4016242733 Gizzmo Web Design1500 Crandall Rd 4013806543 Gkb Auto Sales Inc207 Stafford Rd 4016249004 Gladys E. Kronsberg81 Durfee Rd 4016255331 Gladys Lagasse30 Corys Ln 4016248031 Gladys S. Cory934 Bulgarmarsh Rd 4016244742 Gladys V. Gabriel1215 Main Rd 4016248967 Glen L. Maclaughlin121 Quaker Ave 4016247076 Glen P. Pacheco75 Seaview CT 4016243634 Glen S. Aballo Sr184 Ford Farm Rd 4016246138 Glenda Brinkley99 Hancock St 4016255823 Gloria J. Travis44 Robert St 4016242258 Gloria M. Anderson1203 East Rd 4016243632 Gloria Smith1736 Bulgarmarsh Rd 4016251626 Grace Raskin4059 Main Rd 4016251485 Grace Simpson170 John Duggan Rd 4016251246 Grandview Construction Company3626 Main Rd 4016244103 Grays Ice Cream16 East Rd 4016244500 Gregg A. Silvia268 Main Rd 4016241647 Gregory D. Rego119 Kaufman Rd 4016246147 Gregory F. Furtado1685 Eagleville Rd 4016243747 Gregory Goncalo511 Bulgarmarsh Rd 4016249020 Gregory Hibbert286 Highland Rd 4016246093 Gregory J. Aronis129 Durfee Rd 4016248662 Gregory L. Klinker38 April Ln 4016244190 Gregory M. Soares33 Cheryl DR 4016243119 Gregory R. Belisle Jr130 Brackett Ave 4016255406 Gregory S. Carter51 Barnswallow St 4016244731 Gwendolyn J. Cavaca39 John Duggan Rd 4016244723


 H. M. Vontrapp1215 Main Rd 4018160671 H. R. Benoit15 Hummingbird Ln 4016251117 H. Sweet1712 Eagleville Rd 4016242138 H. T. Lees4340 Main Rd 4016244514 Hair Reflections Inc529 Main Rd 4016241960 Hair Systems Beauty Salon747 Main Rd 4016242991 Hammett K. Nurosi125 North CT 4016248041 Hanna Stirnemann165 Colonial Ave 4016243769 Haresh Patel15 Main Rd 4016244022 Harold C. Hart67 Pocasset Ave 4016244984 Harold Dusoe1215 Main Rd 4016246434 Harold G. Reed95 Highland Rd 4016249143 Harold J. Brayton Jr446 Brayton Rd 4016246448 Harold J. Hubbard1215 Main Rd 4016247256 Harold J. Vandusen36 Bluebird DR 4016243514 Harrington Michael J Law Offices16 Main Rd 4016350100 Harrison Joan T550 Main Rd 4016248200 Harry Cookinham898 Crandall Rd 4016246303 Harry Hertzler248 Warren Ave 4016255186 Harry J. Cookinham Jr895 Crandall Rd 4016246729 Harry V. Cookingham Iii898 Crandall Rd 4016246303 Harvey Gustafson246 Highland Rd 4016248042 Hazel Gorman32 Cottage Ave 4016249009 Hazel J. Jerauld611 Old Colony Ter 4016242217 Heather M. Tolan761 Cornell Rd 4016242148 Heather Szelag112 Winterberry DR 4016243719 Heidi Barnhart37 Isabella DR 4018160413 Helen Biszko129 Kaufman Rd 4016248719 Helen G. Bigos896 Main Rd 4016244905 Helen M. Sylvia345 Hancock St, Apt 207 4016249054 Helen Pietraszek108 E Bourne Ave 4016249693 Helen Rogers132 Russell DR 4016248102 Helen Silvia18 Bullfrog Ln 4016243780 Helen Southworth70 Blackbird St 4016244818 Helger's United Oil Co136 Main Rd 4016249289 Helgers Ice Cream2490 Main Rd 4016244560 Helgers Ice Cream Shoppe2475 Main Rd 4016244560 Helyn Holahan726 Main Rd 4016249397 Hennry J. Taylor221 Bulgarmarsh Rd 4016243190 Henrietta C. Jusseaume60 Primrose Ln 4016244977 Henry A. Blanchette74 Durfee Rd 4016243628 Henry Bishop82 Kearns Ave 4016248830 Henry C. Augusto55 Shannon Ave 4016248990 Henry C. Durfee Jr432 Seapowet Ave 4016244807 Henry E. Curran132 Evans Ave 4016255714 Henry J. Stark Jr4 O'Connell Rd 4016249314 Henry R. Medeiros140 Hooper St 4016249217 Henry W. Kosior144 Bramble Way 4016255547 Herminia Chambers166 Beech Ave 4016249706 Herminio Costa399 Hooper St 4016242609 Herminio Costa399 Hooper St 4016255972 Hernan Peralta40 Cook St 4018160828 Hernino C. Costa399 Hooper St 4016255972 Hernino C. Costa399 Hooper St 4016242609 Highland Builders9 Warren Ave 4016251667 Hilda Melanson19 Massey Rd 4016242509 Hilda Silva134 Evergreen Ave 4016249674 Hj Jerauld611 Old Colony Ter 4016242217 Holland Agency3948 Main Rd 4016248469 Holly Coelho51 Michaels Ln 4016244177 Holly M. Silvia42 Chace Ave 4016255247 Holy Ghosh Church311 Hooper St 4016248131 Holy Ghost Church303 Hooper St 4016248131 Holy Ghost Club66 Bottom St 4016243995 Holy Ghost Religious Education303 Hooper St 4016243664 Holy Trinity Church1956 Main Rd 4016244759 Home And Site Nursery Center50 Stafford Rd 4016249600 Hoops George1700 Bulgarmarsh Rd 4016241970 Hope E. Tarbox122 Nanaquaket Rd 4016244569 Hope Platts24 Dion Ave 4016246879 Horace FerreiraRandolph Ave 4016255344 Hormidas R. Benoit15 Hummingbird Ln 4016251117 Howard I. Benesch219 Brackett Ave 4016243284 Howard R. Whitaker206 Richard DR 4016244260 Hughes James T Sheet Metal Inc - Res Harold J T Hughes224 Nanaquaket Rd 4016249426 Humphrey Oil Co Inc295 Main Rd 5086751116 Humphrey Oil Co Inc590 Main Rd 4018468000 Humphrey P D Co590 Main Rd 4016248800 Humphrey Richard S Atty3852 Main Rd 4012535272 Humphrey's Kitchen & Bath Design Center590 Main Rd 4016248800 Hunter White39 Dix Rd 5085845523 Hvs Newport Ri327 Village Rd 4016255015


 I. Humphrey123 Indian Point Rd 4016242063 I. J. Raposa41 Farnsworth Ave 4016241268 I. Karzanski 4016248290 Ida Murphy40 Louise DR 4016244043 Ideal Fund Raising79 Aquidneck DR 4016246628 Ihab A. Chamseddine25 Mountain Laurel Ln 4016246162 Industrial Pump Sales & Service Inc37 William S Canning Blvd 4016242977 Inland Fuel Terminals Inc25 State Ave 4016251183 Innovative Construction, Inc.295 Main Rd 4016244505 Interstate Insurance & Finance Co80 Main Rd, Unit 1 4016248477 Irene Correia417 Judson St 4016246755 Irene Deschenes1735 Eagleville Rd 4016242987 Irene Grota33 Randolph Ave 4016248208 Irene L. Lapointe152 Furey Ave 4016249241 Irene M. Oliveira80 Louise DR 4016242635 Irene M. Souza49 Presidential DR 4016247130 Irene P. Belanger22 Warren Ave 4016242515 Irene P. Soares50 Beech Ave 4016249629 Irene Riley175 N Brayton Rd 4016244883 Irene S. Stours40 Alicia Cir 4016246891 Irene Souza39 Alan St 4016249851 Irene Wilder83 Brackett Ave 4016244841 Irving D. Humphrey Iii1215 Main Rd 4016244326 Isaac Peel1660 Eagleville Rd 4016242061 Isabel D. Jusseaume187 Richard DR 4016248562 Isabel White21 Summit Ave 4016251451 Isaura Palmer35 Blueberry Ln 4016255795 Isobel J. Hart4461 Main Rd 4016242656 Ivana Clemente81 Bramble Way 4016243988


 J & A Landscaping911 Bulgarmarsh Rd 4016244917 J. A. Caito98 Driftwood DR 4016246599 J. A. Jones1745 Main Rd 4016243113 J. C. Chavez35 Mount Hope Ave 4016242366 J. Cordeiro 4016242679 J. Hastings1502 Main Rd 4016242806 J. Johnson108 N Christopher Ave 4016259762 J. Leino1215 Main Rd 4016248986 J. Lopes14 Glendale Ave 4016247280 J. Minzel 4018165199 J. Perry70 Beth Rd 4016242271 J. Perry70 Beth Rd 4016242277 J. R. Gray55 Kaufman Rd 4016255797 J. R. Pezzulo136 Belleview Ave 4016248095 J. Smith 4018160590 Jack Bertherman CPA LLC2354 Main Rd 4018160885 Jack Clarke 4016249509 Jack's Auto Body100 Bay St 4016249050 Jaclyn A. Stlaurent63 Cornell Rd 4016243068 Jacob J. Rowland112 Brackett Ave 4016243027 Jacob J. Smialek22 Belleview Ave 4016244478 Jacob P. Medeiros650 Crandall Rd 4016246686 Jacob S. Benesch219 Brackett Ave 4016243284 Jacquelin Costa18 Grinnell Ave 4016244606 Jacqueline A. Costa18 Grinnell Ave 4016244606 Jacqueline Affonso301 Bulgarmarsh Rd 4016246195 Jacqueline E. Twiss50 Norman DR 4016255975 Jacqueline M. Jobin506 Crandall Rd 4016241295 Jacqueline M. Joubert26 Knotty Pine Rd 4016246304 Jacqueline Silvia400 Riverside DR 4016243074 Jade Rodriques25 Brackett Ave 4016242684 Jake Mellen30 Primrose Ln 4018160551 James A. Powers Jr437 Fish Rd 4016255995 James B. Rake691 Brayton Rd 4016352308 James B. Roy9 Lake Rd 4016246367 James C. Dubois14 Wood Ave 4016255635 James C. Lipe Iv86 Hobson Ave 4016249249 James Cavaca115 East Rd 4016246828 James Charette35 Lake Side DR 4016251629 James D. Hagerty64 Nonquit Ln 4016244916 James D. Perry107 John Duggan Rd 4016249513 James Driscoll2 Crandall Rd 4016246750 James E Phys FellPunkateest Neck Rd 4016244502 James E. Bonas66 Ash Ave 4016244565 James E. Carberry35 Coral Ln 4016251974 James E. Correia Jr210 Furey Ave 4016249775 James E. Davis Jr26 Harris DR 4016242042 James E. Pimental Jr22 E Beardsworth Rd 4016249255 James E. Simonetti112 Russell DR 4016246935 James F. Higgins257 Robert Gray Ave 4016244534 James F. Melanson19 Massey Rd 4016242509 James H. Carr647 Crandall Rd 4016248845 James H. Couturier Sr1812 Crandall Rd 4016249803 James H. Couturier Sr1812 Crandall Rd 4016242464 James J. Holliday63 Simmons Ln 4016352384 James J. Mcgowan58 Crandall Rd 4016247397 James J. Porter100 Riverside DR 4018160606 James J. Vieira90 Grinnell Ave 4016242268 James J. Welch Jr301 Bulgarmarsh Rd, Lot 55 4016243637 James K. Silvia14 Vallee St 4016244098 James L. Brooks405 Brayton Rd 4016246917 James M. Barboza321 Hooper St 4016248536 James M. Camara Ii1221 Crandall Rd 4016242334 James M. Farias83 Borden Rd 4016243369 James M. Medeiros6 Fairwood DR 4016244686 James N. Hall200 Kenyon Rd 4016249339 James N. Neeld327 Brayton Rd 4016243213 James P. Amarantes17 West Ave 4016244765 James P. Muzaca140 North CT 4016255233 James P. Raposa60 Dewey Ave 4016243117 James P. Roies886 Crandall Rd 4016248517 James P. Winning41 Seaconnet Ave 4016246315 James R. Barrett5 Pine Tree Rd 4016244689 James R. French107 Brackett Ave 4016249012 James R. Marchetti19 Cardinal CT 4018160170 James R. Massey1623 Bulgarmarsh Rd 4016242279 James S. Jestings59 Riverview Ave 4016249788 James T. Oblinger Jr105 Stoney Hollow Rd 4016241748 James T. Patterson4070 Main Rd 4016255614 James Vieira98 Grinnell Ave 4018160796 James W. Probasco195 Colonial Ave 4016249467 James W. Russell Jr18 Evans CT 4016246982 Jamie Goulart50 Thomas St 4016247297 Jamie L. Davis91 Brayton Rd 4018165423 Jamie M. Sanford494 Cornell Rd 4016246313 Jan Messek16 Evergreen Ave 4016255676 Jane A. Ferreira15 Craig Ave 4016255231 Jane A. Ferreira15 Craig Ave 4016246274 Jane A. Scott173 Hooper St 4016248137 Jane G Miniutti DO1800 Main Rd 4016241400 Jane Martel124 Beech Ave 4016249479 Jane Miniutti DO1334 Main Rd 4016255552 Jane T. Bodell145 Evans Ave 4016246969 Jane T. Lauth2 Redwood Rd 4016244191 Janene E. Hennig150 Briarwood Ave 4016247563 Janet M. Busse20 Hillside Ave 4016255803 Janice Bond60 Haskins Ave 4016243410 Janice Gomes58 Massey Rd 4016251037 Janice Pimentel49 Evergreen Ave 4016241753 Janith Larrivee69 Crandall Rd 4016246726 Jannette Feliciano160 John Duggan Rd 4016251126 Jaquelyn Henderson81 Pocasset Ave 4018160824 Jason B. Feld1070 Crandall Rd 4016243828 Jason Barnhart37 Isabella DR 4018160413 Jason Dupont2 Frank DR 4016246759 Jason K. Colberg125 Church Pond DR 4016243503 Jason L. Polofsky1390 Fish Rd 4016242884 Jason L. Rosenstein21 Carl DR 4016249060 Jason P. Durand19 Saxony Ave 4016244025 Jay J. Lambert85 Sunset View DR 4016243969 Jay P. Edwards143 Merritt Ave 4016243705 Jay R. Stirnemann165 Colonial Ave 4016243769 Jayne E. Timberlake65 Reed St 4016244589 Jean A. Martin39 Restview Ave 4016246073 Jean Bento4484 Main Rd 4016244872 Jean E. Maggiacomo391 S Christopher Ave 4016251491 Jean L. Sisson99 Hancock St, Apt 262 4016242540 Jean M. Cameron9 Fern Way 4016246515 Jean N. Levesque14 Walnut St 4016249859 Jean Neville2046 Main Rd 4016244583 Jeanne B. Hill368 Souza Rd 4016244745 Jeanne F. Thiboutot797 Stafford Rd 4016244594 Jeanne Gaspar3 Earle Ln 4016241651 Jeanne M. Rapoza53 Sleepy Hollow Rd 4016244218 Jeanne M. Whitehead71 Leger Ln 4016248104 Jeanne Rego20 Mary St 4016243112 Jeanne Souza47 Walnut St 4016244728 Jeannette A. Frazier1194 Stafford Rd 4016247011 Jeannette Roy48 Merritt Ave 4016255139 Jeannie E. Valdez37 E King Rd 4016247210 Jeff Keenan23 Main Rd 4018160172 Jeff Santos-Christos26 Quaker Ave 4016244787 Jeffery A. Rego403 Fish Rd 4016246716 Jeffery A. Rego403 Fish Rd 4016243013 Jeffery A. Rego403 Fish Rd 4016255829 Jeffery J. Bond177 East Rd 4016243875 Jeffrey A. Coelho102 Canonicus St 4016241820 Jeffrey A. Gosselin202 Canonicus St 4016244858 Jeffrey A. Henrique47 Fernandes Ave 4016248582 Jeffrey A. Rego403 Fish Rd 4016246716 Jeffrey A. Rego403 Fish Rd 4016255829 Jeffrey A. Rego403 Fish Rd 4016243013 Jeffrey A. Smith63 Simmons Ln 4016251574 Jeffrey A. Soares14 Summerfield Ln 4016242683 Jeffrey C. Bamonte312 Winnisimet DR 4016244150 Jeffrey C. Meyer2 Highland Rd 4016251463 Jeffrey Chace39 Lepes Rd 4016249246 Jeffrey D. Mcdonald12 Poplar DR 4018165680 Jeffrey E. Sullivan Iii24 Bismark Ave 4016249941 Jeffrey I. Cooley34 High Ridge Ter 4016249251 Jeffrey J. Farias83 Borden Rd 4016243369 Jeffrey M. Edwards143 Merritt Ave 4016243705 Jeffrey P. Reynolds11 Louise DR 4016255790 Jeffrey P. Richard5 Cheryl DR 4016249322 Jehovah's Witnesses615 Fish Rd 4016255846 Jelco53 Wood Ave 4016246550 Jen Thomas24 Lowell St 4016255397 Jennie Latulippe72 Main Rd 4016248470 Jennifer A. Delisle39 Pine Tree Rd 4016242823 Jennifer A. Turner43 Durfee Rd 4016242982 Jennifer B. Allen21 Sterling DR, Apt 10 4016241872 Jennifer Burns30 Canonicus St 4016246374 Jennifer Farias 4018166855 Jennifer Karow15 Dewey Ave 4016246269 Jennifer L. Dyer1520 Main Rd 4016249236 Jennifer L. Landoch39 Bouchard Ln 4016243543 Jennifer L. Manchester2734 Main Rd 4016246236 Jennifer L. Perry98 Clegg Ave 4016246571 Jennifer L. Pieroni220 Sawdy Pond Ave 4016244756 Jennifer L. Richardson17 Colonial Ave 4016246207 Jennifer Lazzarini 4018165167 Jennifer Peckham634 Highland Rd 4016241203 Jennifer Rashleigh184 Highland Rd 4016241932 Jennifer W. Thomas24 Lowell St 4016255397 Jennifer White113 John Duggan Rd 4016247761 Jeremiah Holland Attorney3948 Main Rd 4016248469 Jeremy Giguere169 Lazywood Ln 4016242839 Jeremy J. Travers51 Riverview Ave 4016242162 Jessica A. Dias19 Mill St 4016246010 Jessica A. Drolet38 Karen Ave 4016251103 Jessica Costa336 Main Rd 4016243303 Jessica E. Cooper11 Pleasant Ave 4016251055 Jessica Grota12 Randolph Ave 4016242708 Jessica L. Vieira15 Mathias Ave 4016248894 Jessica M. Pawlik43 Maple DR 4016243355 Jill Silvia 4018165512 Jillian Cayer690 Brayton Rd 4016255759 Jillian F. Collard75 Massey Rd 4016243009 Jillian L. Cohen39 Morning Dove DR 4018160747 Jim Albert857 Crandall Rd 4016255252 Jim Albert857 Crandall Rd 4016255117 Jim Combra58 Springer Ave 4016247099 Jim Roies & Son Logging Co886 Crandall Rd 4016246220 Jim Standish2967 Main Rd 4016839275 Jo A. Cooley34 High Ridge Ter 4016249251 Jo Carreiro6 Harris DR 4016242128 Jo Dumond129 Kenyon Rd 4016255842 Jo-Ann A. Carreiro6 Harris DR 4016242128 Jo-Ann A. Cooley34 High Ridge Ter 4016249251 Jo-Ann's Music Center295 Main Rd 4016243738 Joan A. Carleton72 Fir Ave 4016243393 Joan A. Figueredo15 Craig Ave 4016246274 Joan Arruda Jr359 Stafford Rd 4016255292 Joan L. Porter100 Riverside DR 4018160606 Joan M. Blanchette10 Quaker Ave 4016255710 Joan M. Pacheco75 Seaview CT 4016243634 Joan Platte78 Old Bulgarmarsh Rd 4016246018 Joan T Harrison MD550 Main Rd 4016248200 Joan T. Harrison550 Main Rd 4016248200 Joan Twaddle67 Leonard DR 4016249385 Joann A. Marinosci34 Pelham Rd 4016242524 Joann Faris108 Evans Ave 4016242266 Joann M. Dumond129 Kenyon Rd 4016255842 Joann S. Raposa41 Farnsworth Ave 4016241268 Joanne C. Moniz184 Stoney Hollow Rd 4018166971 Joanne C. Morrow32 Doris Ave 4016244299 Joanne E. Souza320 Main Rd 4016243754 Joanne M. Augusto55 Shannon Ave 4016248990 Joanne M. Lamora100 Linda Rd 4016243115 Joaquim M. Grota33 Randolph Ave 4016248208 Jocelyn Briggs736 Lafayette Rd 4016242770 Jocelyn Irla55 Horizon DR 4016255937 Joe Amaral128 Arbor Ter 4016242368 Joe Christopher110 Hambly Rd 4016241660 Joel Raskin4059 Main Rd 4016251485 Johann Replogle59 Bud Way 4016251559 John A Pagliarini Jr3913 Main Rd 4018165100 John A. Brandao333 Hancock St 4016247445 John A. Cabral Sr1133 Crandall Rd 4016246813 John A. Holahan726 Main Rd 4016249397 John A. Lachapelle Sr204 Brayton Rd 4016255602 John A. Lachappelle204 Brayton Rd 4016255602 John A. Medeiros51 Walnut St 4016243422 John A. Michaels Jr72 Louise DR 4016242662 John Arruda359 Stafford Rd 4016255292 John B. Conboy30 Leonard DR 4016246340 John B. Raposa605 Main Rd 4016251287 John B. Silvia621 Fish Rd 4016248058 John B. Souza49 Presidential DR 4016247130 John Bettencourt230 Bettencourt Ln 4016249192 John Botelho115 Randolph Ave 4016242685 John Burns3137 Main Rd 4016242014 John Cambra91 State Ave 4016251471 John D. Hartwein224 Christopher Ave 4016246698 John D. Rogers Jr6 Pine Tree Rd 4016255050 John E. Oliveira Jr60 Linda Rd 4016246979 John E. Rebello Jr93 Topsail DR 4016247373 John E. Silvia Jr42 Chace Ave 4016255247 John F. Aguiar400 Souza Rd 4016248273 John F. Bouchard487 Fish Rd 4016242024 John F. Cox122 Songbird Ln 4016255461 John F. Tallmadge117 Lucy Ave 4016241940 John Farir330 S Christopher Ave 4016242405 John Furtado8 Bluebird DR 4016244717 John G. Perry Sr25 Ames St 4016247575 John Gancarski1725 Eagleville Rd 4016242351 John Golubek279 Robert Gray Ave 4016248865 John Gorman45 Mount Hope Ave 4016251684 John H. Ellis242 Church Pond DR 4016255769 John H. Pacheco349 Main Rd 4016248111 John Harrer2040 Main Rd 5086364544 John Hartwein-Sanchez224 Christopher Ave 4016246698 John J. Burke200 Fairwood DR 4016246974 John J. Cabral69 Beth Rd 4016255644 John J. Dyer1524 Main Rd 4016255143 John J. Mlynek210 Riverside DR 4016246283 John J. Pimental Jr15 Blaisdell Ave 4016255282 John J. Richardson Jr90 Maple DR 4016251378 John J. Santos9 Willow St 4016244926 John J. Santos9 Willow St 4016249253 John J. Travers51 Riverview Ave 4016242162 John Janelle750 East Rd 4016244137 John K. Dutra50 Bucks Way 4018160115 John M. Frost144 Woodland Cir 4016243412 John Margarida23 Bluebird DR 4016251380 John Martins155 Hemlock St 4016242377 John Mulcahy279 Hilton St 4016255543 John N. Ephraim74 N Christopher Ave 4016244571 John N. Neronha Sr576 East Rd 4016255308 John Oliveira Jr 4018165898 John P. Biszko280 Fish Rd 4016251623 John P. Farias Iii232 Warren Ave 4016242397 John P. Manchester2970 Main Rd 4016251384 John P. Pawlik Jr43 Maple DR 4016243355 John P. Raposa28 Nightingale Ln 4016251533 John P. Wehle667 Neck Rd 4016244948 John Palermo121 Leger Ln 4016242733 John Pimental85 Haskins Ave 4016248523 John R. Benevides Jr102 Fir Ave 4016246501 John R. Costa336 Main Rd 4016243303 John R. Jackson Jr24 Bourne Ave 4016248740 John R. Medeiros174 Beech Ave 4016244238 John R. Vincent190 Nanaquaket Rd 4016255668 John Rose108 Horizon DR 4016251601 John S. Burns72 Fogland Rd 4016248623 John S. Christo48 Canonicus St 4016243568 John S. Christo48 Canonicus St 4016246002 John S. Medeiros Jr390 King Rd 4016246549 John S. Moniz408 Stafford Rd, Apt 1 4016251951 John S. Simpson123 Judson St 4016246189 John Sullivan59 Durfee Rd 4016248586 John Swartz301 Bulgarmarsh Rd, Lot G10 4016255938 John Tartaglino46 Arrowhead DR 4016242786 John Tavares2 Lark Ln 4016255407 John Thomson140 Stoney Hollow Rd 4016242894 John W. Quick Iii36 Ash Ave 4016251622 John W. Shelton2 Bismark Ave 4016246049 Johnathan A. Bernier38 E Beardsworth Rd 4016244118 Johnnie Platts720 Windwood DR 4016242109 Jolene E. Durand19 Saxony Ave 4016244025 Jon P Van Regenmorter Dentst1359 Main Rd 4016249177 Jon P. Vanregenmorter1359 Main Rd 4016249177 Jonas M. Deldeo58 Roseland Ter 4016249829 Jonathan A. Silvia25 Randolph Ave 4016242470 Jonathan Barretto98 Merritt Ave 4016242175 Jonathan R. Munroe361 Bulgarmarsh Rd, Bldg A 4016249226 Jonathan S. Beaupre15 Summerfield Ln 4016246556 Jonathan W. Devolve23 Hayden Ave 4016242062 Jonathan W. Peckham644 Highland Rd 4016249496 Jonette E. Lopes14 Glendale Ave 4016247280 Jorge Rivera42 Mountain Laurel Ln 4016255295 Jose A. Vidinha71 Furey Ave 4016246190 Jose B. Oliveira283 Canonicus St 4016247762 Jose C. Andrade371 Hancock St 4016246783 Jose Cordeiro51 Canonicus St 4016246568 Jose E. Medeiros96 Bridle Way 4016246812 Jose M. Costa195 Richard DR 4016242308 Joseph A. Bissonnette840 Stafford Rd 4016241739 Joseph A. Mattos36 Brackett Ave 4016244973 Joseph A. Perry Jr133 E Bourne Ave 4016243370 Joseph A. Souza84 Ash Ave 4016244003 Joseph A. Souza84 Ash Ave 4016248375 Joseph Aguiar130 Bay St 4016248427 Joseph Bossom580 Cornell Rd 4016255415 Joseph C. Ciabattoni13 Bayberry Ln 4016241930 Joseph C. Perry Jr98 Clegg Ave 4016246571 Joseph Carr Ii1576 Eagleville Rd 4018166878 Joseph D. Braga20 Narragansett Ave 4016249319 Joseph Decosta704 Bulgarmarsh Rd 4016244233 Joseph E. Farias83 Borden Rd 4016243369 Joseph E. Maggiacomo391 S Christopher Ave 4016251491 Joseph E. Treeful1103 Bulgarmarsh Rd 4016246437 Joseph F. Aguiar85 Doris Ave 4016246083 Joseph F. Bento58 South Ave 4016244133 Joseph F. Costa89 Randolph Ave 4016246394 Joseph F. Day77 Fir Ave 4016244768 Joseph F. Duarte9 Hilton St 4016247893 Joseph Farias72 Horizon DR 4016247945 Joseph G. Bento Iii536 Highland Rd 4016242826 Joseph J. Leduc Jr945 East Rd 4016244381 Joseph J. Silva Sr202 Lepes Rd 4016244236 Joseph J. Souza102 Randolph Ave 4016242737 Joseph L. Araujo295 Lepes Rd 4016255930 Joseph L. Cabeceiras110 Hambly Rd 4016241660 Joseph M. Belaeff54 Ash Ave 4016249071 Joseph M. Belaeff64 Bismark Ave 4018160620 Joseph M. Carreiro Iii86 Haskins Ave 4016249013 Joseph M. Costa195 Richard DR 4016242308 Joseph M. Medeiros53 Fir Ave 4016249187 Joseph N. Medeiros1644 Main Rd 4016248280 Joseph P. Lepage Iii133 Brayton Rd 4016244318 Joseph Plocica101 Briarwood Ave 4016243482 Joseph R. Aiello1107 Bulgarmarsh Rd 4016246264 Joseph R. Martel124 Beech Ave 4016249479 Joseph S. Miranda Iii99 Eight Rod Way 4016243430 Joseph S. Moniz Jr454 Stafford Rd 4016246620 Joseph S. Neronha Sr576 East Rd 4016255308 Joseph S. Raposa Iii41 Farnsworth Ave 4016241268 Joseph Souza19 Mockingbird Ln 4016247512 Joseph Turner43 Durfee Rd 4016242982 Joseph W. Souza Jr47 Walnut St 4016244728 Josephine Neronha25 Highland CT 4016244240 Joshua C. Macfarlane33 Ford Farm Rd 4018160568 Joshua J. Soares14 Summerfield Ln 4016242683 Joyce A. Westcott15 Summit Ave 4016244102 Joyce Costa336 Main Rd 4016243303 Joyce F. Souza320 Main Rd 4016243754 Joyce Lamothe116 Stafford Rd 4016246342

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