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Rumford, RI. 2916

The city Rumford use the area codes: 401, 800.
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 A Charitable Life Marketing1240 Pawtucket Ave 4012702443 A. B. Brindle30 Duncan Rd 4014382357 A. Gower340 Newman Ave 4014348368 A. Mccourt6 Sutcliffe Cir 4014384649 A. R. Frackelton175 Barney St 4014380391 Aaron P. Pierard10 Bent Rd 4014389716 Aaron T. Cunha43 Magnolia St 4014346802 Aaron's66 Newport Ave 4014355222 Abigail D. Rivera56 West DR 4014348670 ACCU Care Supply Inc109 King Philip Rd 4014387110 Adam Derouin84 Coyle Ave 4014353229 Adam J. Varone10 Moore St 4014382479 Adam J. White2 Sutcliffe Cir 4014340749 Admindo M. Costa109 Ruth Ave 4014385073 Adolph F. Labarbara Jr229 Pleasant St 4014341212 Adrian Pacheco200 Roger Williams Ave 4014383289 Adriana Pacheco200 Roger Williams Ave 4014383289 Adrienne Jeudi41 Dunbar Ave 4014344829 Advance America190 Newport Ave 4014384217 Advanced Construction Technologies264 Roger Williams Ave 4012709601 Advocare Health Group1240 Pawtucket Ave 4014346727 Agawam Hunt:    -Maintenance Dept15 Roger Williams Ave 4014348512    -Pro Shop15 Roger Williams Ave 4014343254    -Tennis Ct15 Roger Williams Ave 4014342743 Agostini Construction Company Inc243 Narragansett Park DR 4014354848 Aimee Pagano60 Pearl Ave 4014354857 Ajay Vinoben3 Ellis St 4014358068 Alan H. Maynard235 Don Ave 4014384328 Alan H. Maynard235 Don Ave 4014385958 Alan H. Maynard235 Don Ave 4014348073 Alan R. Cabral10 Riverwoods CT 4014384033 Albert G. Lee Jr106 Greenwood Ave 4014347614 Albino J. Pires28 Orange St 4014356603 Alec A. Barnes24 Vineland Ave 4014335278 Alex Jace300 Newport Ave 4014343845 Alex Palmisciano30 Ruth Ave 4014385606 Alexander Buteau1 Fern DR 4014385966 Alexandra Derby200 Roger Williams Ave 4015211567 Alexandra E. Maynard107 Frederick St 4014343985 Alexandra Morgan330 N Broadway 4014343687 Alfred D. Patterson111 Don Ave 4014376179 Alfred E. Crowley90 Redland Ave 4014347344 Alfred J. Rockwell80 Catlin Ave 4014347672 Alfred J. Tente Sr105 Newman Ave 4014341957 Alfred L. Sousa226 Thatcher St 4014383162 Alfred Mello50 Jay St 4014346089 Alfred Mello50 Jay St 4014343929 Alfred R. Kelly20 Newman Ave, Unit 3506 4012708287 Alfred Souza21 Hood Ave 4014340189 Alice E. Marcoux6 Ridgewood DR 4014346203 Alicia J. Ecklund4 Judkins St 4014385910 Alicia Mcneil400 Pleasant St 4014346469 Alison C. Denno102 Hood Ave 4014347296 Alison C. Denno102 Hood Ave 4014353893 Alison Huftalen41 Frederick St 4014343594 Alison R. Clark30 Berwick Pl 4014382243 All Day Emergency Locksmith310 Greenwood Ave 4018541514 Allen A. Dennison325 Newman Ave 4014340989 Allen H. Chatterton Iii99 Jay St 4012286356 Allen J. Swiech Sr95 Newman Ave, Apt N609 4012288185 Allfund Mortgage225 Newman Ave 4012288210 Allison M. Kirwan5 Bridgham CT 4014356228 Allison P. Armstrong33 Berwick Pl 4012702536 Altino C. Aguiar50 Nevada Ave 4014386188 Alyssa Pate19 Washburn Ave 4014345694 Alyssa R. Morin36 Haliburton Rd 4013833818 Am Source261 Narragansett Park DR 4014348491 Am-Source Inc261 Narragansett Park DR 4014314080 Amanda Roderick46 Carrie Ave 4014344069 Amauri Docen81 N Broadway 4014340356 Amazing Videos155 Newport Ave 4014383070 Amelia M. Sell105 Newman Ave 4014341761 America's Best Value Inn400 Newport Ave 4014348000 American Printing260 Narragansett Park DR 4018611830 American Rare Coin311 Newport Ave 4014341440 American Surplus Inc1 Noyes Ave, Bldg B 4014344355 Amina L. Hetu16 Fern DR 4014380428 Amy B. Lebeau35 Mayfair DR 4012707423 Amy Doherty71 Bishop Ave 4013833954 Amy T. Trodson77 Don Ave 4014346999 Ana S. Xavier20 Newman Ave 4014346013 Andrea Fortin30 Marshall Way 4013533080 Andrea J. Bond61 Algonquin Rd 4014384580 Andrew Bartlett34 Miller St 4014344744 Andrew Cellemme14 Larchmere DR 4014348669 Andrew D. Chiariello111 Miller Ave 4014353352 Andrew J. Barrone49 Mayfair DR 4014344562 Andrew O. Armstrong33 Berwick Pl 4012702536 Andrew R. Williams65 Jay St 4014381877 Andrew S. Massey34 Whitaker Ave 4014380044 Angela G. Raufi38 Bridgham Farm Rd 4014344721 Angela H. Kondon15 Bent Rd 4014356556 Angela Prew1615 Pawtucket Ave 4014389597 Anita B. Corrigan70 Hood Ave 4014384481 Anita Sousa226 Thatcher St 4014383162 Ann L. Veyera61 East DR 4014387493 Ann M. Burns24 Wood Hollow Ln 4014343813 Ann M. Gilbert19 Webster Ave 4014383757 Ann Quinn105 Newman Ave 4014384392 Ann Shewcov10 Don Ave 4012700318 Ann Sisto95 Newman Ave 4014389346 Ann Smith40 Tryon Ave 4014346758 Ann-Marie Burns24 Wood Hollow Ln 4014343813 Anna Bruno25 Martha Rd 4014344859 Anna Veyera61 East DR 4014387493 Anne A. Agresti20 Fletcher St 4014386667 Anne M. Brum56 Pawtucket Ave 4014385792 Anne M. Coelho179 Don Ave 4014387737 Anne Mckinnon255 Pawtucket Ave 4014346761 Annette M. Lloyd121 Don Ave 4014345823 Annie M. Gallogly200 Roger Williams Ave 4014344802 Ansley A. Barnes24 Vineland Ave 4014335278 Anthony A. Caputo100 Hope St 4014343513 Anthony C. Bomba146 Don Ave 4012706368 Anthony Harraka Sr60 Drowne Pkwy 4014348818 Anthony J. Alario80 Jay St 4014344602 Anthony J. Bruno Jr25 Martha Rd 4014344859 Anthony J. Gomes Jr36 Hood Ave 4014385240 Anthony M. Andrade17 Glenwood Ave 4014353083 Anthony Michals129 Troy St 4014384847 Antoinette M. Gough107 Pavilion Ave 4019411794 Antonia M. Gibbs10 Windmill Ln 4012705153 Antonio Asimiro11 Nimitz Rd 4014380973 Antonio J. Fontes215 Bourne Ave 4014340969 Antonio L. Casimiro Iii11 Nimitz Rd 4014380973 Antonio M. Ramos12 Holsmith CT 4014315009 Antonio S. Norte25 Bellevue Blvd 4014381076 Apple Valley Kenco45 Newport Ave 4013832629 April Medeiros52 Island Ave 4014357011 April Sulfarro45 Vista DR 4012702933 Ar Papagan & Assoc225 Newman Ave, Ste 7 4014389696 Ar Pereira240 Don Ave 4014346238 Arashag H. Srabian36 Martha Rd 4014341954 Arden Corporation The Invstmt60 Taylor DR 4014342500 Arlene C. Spencer39 Castro St 4014385746 Arlene R. Webster10 Elm CT 4014344906 Arnold Fontaine99 Tryon Ave 4014383163 Arnold J. Battersby18 Bellevue Blvd 4014310396 Arshag H. Srabian36 Martha Rd 4014341954 Arthur A. Willis Iii18 Huntington DR 4014347963 Arthur F. Lindberg125 Campbell Ave 4014347341 Arthur G. Georgeu65 Newport Ave 4014343220 Arthur Georgeu DMD65 Newport Ave, Ste 4 4014343220 Arthur J. Licciardi Jr899 Roger Williams Ave 4014343323 Arthur L. Jodat Jr125 Redland Ave 4014382629 Arthur Rose43 Bellevue Blvd 4014346568 Arthur S. Avedisian34 Nevada Ave 4014348767 Arthur Vasconcellos Jr183 Roger Williams Ave 4014380162 Ashlee Gray18 Chauncey Ave 4014344589 Ashley A. Almeida1 Leahy St 4014348834 Ashley A. Silva70 Merrick St 4014384238 Ashley C. Hunter32 Beaumont St 4014385195 Ashley Crone28 Roger Williams Ave 4014384358 Ashley Turmel30 Nimitz Rd 4014340322 Associates In Therapy225 Newman Ave 4016546300 Atlantic Plywood1 Noyes Ave, Bldg D 4014342422 August Fensterer16 Upyonda Way 4014344828 Auto Locksmith of Rumford25 Circle St 4018541523 Autumn L. Costa18 Moore St 4014342723 Avenue N20 Newman Ave 4012702836


 B & C Cleaners326 N Broadway 4014380201 B. Munson105 Newman Ave 4014353667 B. Patch9 Duncan Rd 4014354118 B. Robbins68 Dunbar Ave 4014340626 B. T. Danby31 Marshall Way 4014385436 Bacon Construction Co Inc241 Narragansett Park DR 4014311200 Baer Supply70 Pawtucket Ave 4013512121 Baer Supply70 Pawtucket Ave 4014356496 Bally Total Fitness50 Narragansett Park DR 4014341500 Bank Of America - Arctic505 Pleasant St 8004321000 Barbara A. Antonio31 Brayton Ave 4014349297 Barbara A. Cute68 Pavilion Ave 4014341602 Barbara A. Feiring9 Coyle Ave 4014340914 Barbara Ackaway24 Riverwoods Ct 4014322623 Barbara C. Pinault300 Wilson Ave 4014380581 Barbara Connors65 Barney St 4014340363 Barbara F. La229 Pleasant St 4014341212 Barbara H. Rhine37 Berwick Pl 4014311021 Barbara Husband72 Miller Ave 4014385016 Barbara J. Francis2 Doro Pl 4014383232 Barbara J. Robinson109 Roger Williams Ave 4014342944 Barbara L. Vincent45 Priscilla Ave 4014340481 Barbara M. Lozito170 Roger Williams Ave 4014355899 Barbara Massey21 Jay St 4014383983 Barbara N. Kurczap105 Newman Ave, Apt S603 4013838943 Barbara Patterson33 Harlem St 4014344129 Barbara Rogers86 Don Ave 4014341570 Barbara S. Jenkins165 Pavilion Ave 4014347125 Barbara T. Mcdonnell45 Sylvan Rd 4014343579 Barbara Westgate30 Thatcher St 4014382346 Bargain Outlet80 Newport Ave 4014383108 Bartholomew E. Thorpe8 Circle St 4014348859 Bay State Search LLC105 Newman Ave, Apt S904 4014340638 Beatrice A. Wright33 Byron Ave 4014385269 Belinda Baxton118 Metacomet Ave 4014340652 Ben Macedo109 Ruth Ave 4014380514 Benedict S. Pietruszka Jr5 Edward Ave 4014340196 Benjamin J. Hadsell34 Bridgham Farm Rd 4014311965 Benjamin L. Choiniere225 Wilson Ave 4014340142 Benjamin T. Mirza53 Drowne Pkwy 4014383339 Benwin Electronics Inc60 Pawtucket Ave 4014383313 Bernard D. Make50 Hood Ave 4014383323 Bernard Dube10 Bridgham St 4014385976 Bernard E. Lemieux4 West DR 4014340351 Bernard E. Lemieux4 West DR 4014347351 Bernard Newman12 Tryon Ave 4014348116 Bernard T. Sewell Jr91 Taylor DR 4014387419 Bernardo Mfg54 Taylor DR 4014354648 Bertrand L. Choiniere225 Wilson Ave 4014340142 Bessie Snead69 Dunbar Ave 4014340787 Beth A. Lampron45 Ruth Ave 4014383655 Beth L. White2 Sutcliffe Cir 4014340749 Beth M. Hallal397 Greenwood Ave 4014345658 Bethany Church of The Nazarene1275 Pawtucket Ave 4014310371 Bethany White2 Sutcliffe Cir 4014340749 Betsey C. Quigley59 Jay St 4014383863 Bette Shaw106 Coyle Ave 4014346740 Beverly A. Brindle30 Duncan Rd 4014382357 Bh Rhine37 Berwick Pl 4014311021 Bianca Vieira922 Roger Williams Ave 4014344969 Bintou T. Chatterton99 Jay St 4012286356 Bob Desmarais156 Bourne Ave 4014341724 Bobbi O. Dean33 Nevada Ave 4014388517 Bonnie Wright33 Byron Ave 4014385269 Bori Auto Trans Port1240 Pawtucket Ave 4014158600 Brad F. Fackler10 Little St 4014346267 Brande R. Frails47 Taylor DR 4014380371 Brandon Gaudiano51 Catlin Ave 4014327820 Brandon Pietruszka5 Edward Ave 4014340196 Brenda J. Buja13 Washburn Ave 4014383603 Brenda L. Davey46 Nimitz Rd 4014348125 Brenda Mcgee79 Roger Williams Ave 4014384616 Brian Aldrich56 Deer St 4014344573 Brian C. Perry130 Bourne Ave 4014382857 Brian Cohen40 Redland Ave 4014319259 Brian J. Xavier9 Vermont Ave 4014345349 Brian M. Parylak40 Haliburton Rd 4013834550 Brian P. Crookes156 Wilson Ave 4014387035 Brian Perry88 Algonquin Rd 4014385598 Brian S. Fontes215 Bourne Ave 4014340969 Brian W. Allen337 Pleasant St 4014386037 Brienna Caparco2 Judkins St 4014385405 Brittany L. Pietruszka5 Edward Ave 4014340196 Brittany Monroe189 Roger Williams Ave 4014310489 Brittany Smith61 Dunbar Ave 4014387658 Brittnee Feix-Smith65 New Rd 4014345809 Brooke Fairman39 Weeden Ave 4014341068 Brothers Gas Inc317 N Broadway 4014343144 Brown Play School4 Newman Ave 4014350126 Bruce B. Chick235 Pleasant St 4014347734 Bruce Fischer27 Holbrook Ave 4014386095 Bruce J. Lethbridge10 Garfield Ave 4014382871 Bruce Lancaster37 Doro Pl 4014319856 Bryan C. Silva21 Rich St 4013839729 Bud O. Oriley5 Fern DR 4014315035 Burger King Family Restaurants67 Newport Ave 4014387056 Burlington Coat Factory60 Newport Ave 4014344400 Burlington Coat Factory - Baby Depot60 Newport Ave 4014344400


 C & S Machine Co55 Pawtucket Ave 4014311830 C. F. Clow66 Weeden Ave 4014388203 C. Goyette105 Newman Ave, Apt S1009 4014340407 C. R. Loven53 Algonquin Rd 4014342349 C. S. Ayliffe30 Riverwoods CT 4014310737 C. Z. Field1474 Pawtucket Ave 4014310257 Cadance Corporation225 Newman Ave, Ste 16 4014349400 Cal Raye's DJ & Karaoke Services50 West DR 4014356565 Calais R. Loven53 Algonquin Rd 4014342349 Calvin Wattsiii101 Ruth Ave 4012700568 Camelia Richardson30 Pilgrim Ave 4017510565 Caputo And Wick Ltd1150 Pawtucket Ave 4014348880 Car Locksmith In90 Newport Ave 4018541502 Car Locksmith In Rumford90 Newport Ave 4018541502 Cara L. Lampron45 Ruth Ave 4014383655 Carl Valente24 Roger Williams Ave 4014385770 Carlo O. Iannelli341 Ferris Ave 4014340424 Carlos A. Guerra2 Carriage Ln 4014340924 Carmark Ronald CPA225 Newman Ave 4013833665 Carmen Reid10 Larchwood DR 4014385374 Carmina M. Caloremoretti170 Pleasant St 4014344983 Carol A. Brady8 Beech Tree Rd 4014349143 Carol A. Champagne105 Newman Ave 4014341810 Carol A. Champagne105 Newman Ave 4017282094 Carol A. Dias93 Miller Ave 4014348695 Carol A. Stewart14 Chaffee St 4013836569 Carol Brickel49 East DR 4014344260 Carol Costa853 Roger Williams Ave 4014343964 Carol Costa105 Newman Ave 4012701749 Carol Dias49 Byron Ave 4014345775 Carol M. Gray105 Newman Ave 4014342519 Carole A. Difabio51 Magnolia St 4014388360 Carole Woodruff10 Merchant St 4014385370 Caroline Chick235 Pleasant St 4014347734 Caroline N. Loffredo28 Upyonda Way 4014342635 Carolyn A. O'connor151 Pavilion Ave 4014348990 Carolyn Beaudry45 Thatcher St 4014312922 Carolyn M. Chadsey70 Bent Rd 4014347113 Carolyn M. Lake18 Merrick St 4014384154 Carolyn M. Murray30 Adele Ave 4014342232 Cassandra D. Buchanan109 Wilson Ave 4014384102 Cassandra L. Mcquiggan73 Frederick St 4014342437 Catharine M. Mcenneny1 Harlem St 4014344023 Catherine Killian15 Windmill Ln 4014314060 Catherine L. Fisher65 Don Ave 4014388406 Catherine S. Harris10 Carrie Ave 4014311271 Cathleen D. Corrigan20 Riverwoods CT 4014343662 Cathy Levesque5 Sutcliffe Cir 4014347258 Cecile Danehy10 Merrick St 4014385855 Cecilia Ceciliaduarte20 Newman Ave 4014310619 Cecilia Dauphine95 Newman Ave, Apt N405 4014341259 Celeste S. Radock25 Bourne Ave 4014340417 Cepeda J. Cepeda716 Roger Williams Ave 4014381958 Cepeda J. Cepeda716 Roger Williams Ave 4014355992 Chanika Phornphutkul380 Greenwood Ave 4014382812 Charlene I. Underhill16 Beaumont St 4014386347 Charlene Russo113 Centre St 4018610219 Charles D. Bodell15 Jay St 4014387429 Charles F. Denno102 Hood Ave 4014347296 Charles F. Denno102 Hood Ave 4014353893 Charles F. Rogers86 Don Ave 4014341570 Charles J. Izzi105 Newman Ave 4014348985 Charles J. Smith40 Tryon Ave 4014346758 Charles K. Dwyer432 Roger Williams Ave 4014386065 Charles L. Carson21 Duncan Rd 4014330798 Charles L. Lindberg125 Campbell Ave 4014347341 Charles M. Medeiros60 Bent Rd 4014388999 Charles Machado42 Larchmere DR 4014342494 Charles R. Simpson24 Algonquin Rd 4014348431 Charles Ryan20 Redland Ave 4014348191 Charlotte L. Newton97 Hope St 4014315632 Charlotte M. Vincent95 Newman Ave 4018086787 Charmaine Cook200 Roger Williams Ave 4014345691 Chelo's Hometown Bar and Grille45 Newport Ave 4012235050 Cheryl A. Burrell1370 Pawtucket Ave 4014382822 Cheryl A. Collins33 Orange St 4014355630 Cheryl A. Greaves60 Algonquin Rd 4012283332 Cheryl A. Mcdonald70 Greenwood Ave 4014342139 Cheryl A. Valentine33 Brentwood DR 4014380338 Cheryl I. Pariseau211 Don Ave 4014310663 Cheryl J. Szczepanek49 Frederick St 4014354984 Cheryl L. Johnson172 Ferris Ave 4014345336 Cheryl Schofield177 Roger Williams Ave 4019195475 Cheryl Sheehy10 Beech Tree Rd 4014350018 Cheryl Wrubel1126 Pawtucket Ave 4014384905 Chevonda White101 N Broadway 4014340307 Chia Blais225 Newman Ave 4012283330 Chloe H. Paulhus31 Riverwoods CT 4014340492 Chris J. Ricci34 Horsford Ave 4013835654 Chris Rattey137 Ferris Ave 4014348532 Christin A. Lynch26 Linden Ave 4014357160 Christine A. Suriner20 Newman Ave 4014343490 Christine A. Tripp90 Algonquin Rd 4014381834 Christine Barry20 Newman Ave 4014343167 Christine D. Patterson111 Don Ave 4014376179 Christine E. Langlois153 Greenwood Ave 4014352077 Christine L. Rochefort18 Orange St 4014310854 Christine M. Copley9 Dalton St 4014310180 Christine M. Tremblay23 Redland Ave 4013837139 Christine T. Zollo23 Fern DR 4014341121 Christine's Beauty Salon272 Pawtucket Ave 4014348444 Christopher B. Aragao278 Pawtucket Ave 4014900343 Christopher Bell51 Ray St 4014343921 Christopher Bergin14 Beech Tree Rd 4014387987 Christopher D. Graham21 Drowne Pkwy 4014310263 Christopher Denelie11 Huntington DR 4014343781 Christopher Dyer200 Roger Williams Ave 4014343631 Christopher J. Lenhart95 Catlin Ave 4014340245 Christopher L. Collins33 Orange St 4014355630 Christopher L. Dicecco145 Centre St 4014384676 Christopher L. Howard15 Hood Ave 4014342376 Christopher Miller34 Chaffee St 4014381820 Christopher Montalbano118 Hoyt Ave 4014381225 Christopher N. Kudarauskas66 Greenwood Ave 4012709551 Christopher R. Vandal14 Lillian Ave 4014341237 Christopher R. Vandal14 Lillian Ave 4014353543 Christopher Sheehy10 Beech Tree Rd 4014350018 Christopher T. Barnes24 Vineland Ave 4014335278 Chrisula Aglione376 Pawtucket Ave 4014382894 Cilantro Mexican Grill430 Newport Ave 4013838380 Cindi Emerson140 Bourne Ave 4014340427 Cindy M. Coite14 Nelson St 4014386225 Cindy Sparr30 Bridgham Farm Rd 4014340960 Cindy Thrana31 Beech Tree Rd 4014382545 Cinema Holdings Group LLC60 Newport Ave 4014381100 Circlegraphics3 Hayward Pl 4014355631 Claire A. Sweeney33 Cornell Ave 4014380834 Claire C. Mars20 Newman Ave 4014347163 Claire L. Bailey95 Newman Ave 4014384378 Claire L. Mcbride151 Redland Ave 4014310693 Claire M. Lenhart95 Catlin Ave 4014340245 Claire T. Davis95 Newman Ave 4014344202 Claudia J. Simpson110 New Rd 4014386258 Cleantech Services Inc243 Narragansett Park DR 4014344650 Clifton Moore310 Roger Williams Ave 4014347720 Colleen Donnelly95 Newman Ave 4014349811 Colleen Giles25 Ellis St 4014380981 Colleen M. Almeida1 Leahy St 4014348834 Colleen R. Smith11 Alma Ave 4014346912 Collins F. Ferrara20 Deer St 4014381286 Commercializado Ra La Feri62 Newport Ave 4012704863 Complete Picture200 Newport Ave 4014387703 Concetta S. Goncalves29 Miller St 4014387015 Conrad Ostrowski10 Beaumont St 4014341476 Consigned Systems Inc310 Bourne Ave 4014315999 Constance A. Crowshaw4 Miriam St 4014384910 Constance Dicecco14 Merchant St 4014345324 Constance M. Licciardi899 Roger Williams Ave 4014343323 Constance Mitchell85 Tryon Ave 4014381164 Contech Research Inc750 Narragansett Park DR 4014385476 Cooper B. Hopkins24 Doro Pl 4014311364 Copex Inc40 Patton Rd 4014311137 Coram Inc Specialty Infusion Services1240 Pawtucket Ave 4014342082 Corey J. Furtado30 Brentwood DR 4013834365 Corian Ayliffe-Jessup30 Riverwoods CT 4014310737 Corlis A. Gross81 Catlin Ave 4014382026 Cornelius Donato1140 Pawtucket Ave 4014387613 Correne Donnelly184 Bourne Ave 4014385578 Cory J. Almeida1 Leahy St 4014348834 Courtney Contente60 Weeden Ave 4014340604 Courtney L. Wheeler58 Tryon Ave 4014388366 Cox Solutions Store45 Newport Ave 4013057600 Craig G. Altmeyer203 Wilson Ave 4014381854 Craig M. Nahabedian11 Victoria Ave 4014380848 Create Power Yoga LLC200 Newport Ave 4014340262 Cross Insurance376 Newport Ave 4014343676 Crugnale Bakery Inc237 Newman Ave 4014353037 Crystal L. Barr255 Roger Williams Ave 4014378757 Curt Davis13 Wilson Ave 4014340459 Curtis J. Noel200 Roger Williams Ave, Unit 308 4014380703 Custom Pro'fit80 Newport Ave 4017817741 Cyndie Taylor32 Martha Rd 4014346045 Cynthia A. Stone10 Catlin Ave 4014216688 Cynthia G. Blanchette45 Magnolia St 4014346704 Cynthia H. Simon60 Lillian Ave 4014384871 Cynthia I. Kiessling253 Roger Williams Ave 4014341578 Cynthia Lama65 New Rd 4012707662


 D & M Antiques337 N Broadway 4014311231 D. Boreck101 Bishop Ave 4014385452 D. P. Murphy50 Larchmere DR 4014340064 Daffanie Brewton105 Newman Ave 4014343052 Dale R. Abatiello103 Bishop Ave 4014340894 Dana Francis2 Doro Pl 4014383232 Dani Santos41 Sheridan Ave 4014384155 Danica Aldrich52 Goff St 4014342181 Daniel A. Stone Jr10 Catlin Ave 4014216688 Daniel Attorney Stone At Law10 Catlin Ave 4014216688 Daniel D. Santos41 Sheridan Ave 4014384155 Daniel Hardy1354 Pawtucket Ave 4014343125 Daniel Hochberger400 Pawtucket Ave 4014316224 Daniel J. Evangelista140 Ferris Ave 4014310995 Daniel K. Rowe33 Sylvan Rd 4014383145 Daniel M. Pita24 Don Ave 4014381930 Daniel Shea40 Algonquin Rd 4014344628 Daniel Xavier20 Newman Ave 4014346013 Danielle Boucher2 Newman Ave 4014352023 Danielle Clarke65 Magnolia St 4014346251 Danl Hochberger MD400 Pawtucket Ave 4014316224 Danny Habib17 Anama Ave 4014381892 Darlene A. Andrade17 Glenwood Ave 4014353083 Darlene Arenas261 Bourne Ave 4012723983 Darlene Dymsza18 Case St 4014345052 Darlene V. Dymsza20 Case St 4014345051 Dave's TV & VCR Repair190 Newport Ave 4014310191 David A. Borges70 Ferris Ave 4012709340 David A. Brennan1319 Pawtucket Ave 4014343563 David A. Coite14 Nelson St 4014386225 David A. Gering111 N Broadway, Apt 304B 4014340985 David A. Pruett21 Benson Ave 4014344011 David B. Bergin14 Beech Tree Rd 4014387987 David B. Henderson55 Bourne Ave 4014343209 David Brown40 Victoria Ave 4014380220 David Chow101 N Broadway 4014381828 David Czerwonka241 Don Ave 4014311423 David E. Hazlett165 Redland Ave 4014353363 David G. Wright280 Roger Williams Ave, Apt 27 4014355350 David Gower340 Newman Ave 4014348368 David H Yuells Licsw300 Newport Ave 4015276495 David J. Habib17 Anama Ave 4014381892 David J. Lanni23 Larchwood DR 4014341544 David J. Larsen25 Tryon Ave 4014310912 David J. Seddon100 Greenwood Ave 4014311118 David J. Tente18 Windmill Ln 4014384388 David L. Weesner106 Frederick St 4014381015 David M. Archard41 Adele Ave 4014347504 David M. Duarte36 Pearl Ave 4014344672 David M. Sheats230 Centre St 4014356154 David Noelte45 Martha Rd 4014387654 David P. Whitman199 Don Ave 4014383187 David Presbrey35 Josephine Ave 4014381610 David Sheatf230 Centre St 4014356154 David Sirois46 West DR 4014356602 David T. Miles34 Tryon Ave 4014348221 David Tarantelli71 Metacomet Ave 4014381280 David W. Lozito170 Roger Williams Ave 4014355899 Dawn J. Vierra Jr16 Metacomet Ave 4014340434 Dean F. Harrington19 Windmill Ln 4014387828 Deborah A. Calcagni28 Wood Hollow Ln 4014344592 Deborah A. Seger46 Hope St 4014347401 Deborah A. Sirois46 West DR 4014356602 Deborah A. Stolle101 N Broadway, Apt 207D 4014381793 Deborah A. Woodhill95 Newman Ave 4019418866 Deborah Crepeau1361 Pawtucket Ave 4014348157 Deborah M. Brun33 Vista DR 4014383041 Deborah Murphy12 Doro Pl 4014311083 Deborah Ormerod156 Thatcher St 4019195398 Deborah S. Bentz24 Dalton St 4014388912 Deborah S. Fackler10 Little St 4014346267 Deborah S. West25 Wilson Ave 4014341859 Deborah Wright41 Nimitz Rd 4014341989 Debra A. Cawley61 Thatcher St 4014312116 Debra A. Pruett21 Benson Ave 4014344011 Debra A. Sutton42 West DR 4013830602 Debra B. Sharpe22 Drowne Pkwy 4014382972 Debra J. Hobday108 Greenwood Ave 4014350568 Debra L. Williams65 Jay St 4014381877 Dede Moubayed95 Greenwood Ave 4015216968 Deirdre M. Ullucci91 Greenwood Ave 4014311813 Del A. Marshall94 Tryon Ave 4014315061 Delio Dorego12 Kelley Ave 4014380206 Denise A. Frageorgia28 Riverwoods CT 4014344167 Denise C. Danho31 Wood Hollow Ln 4014353595 Denise L. Costa41 East DR 4014354489 Denise R. Lema41 Victoria Ave 4014346457 Denise Ross24 Metacomet Ave 4014380750 Dennis Costa21 Dunbar Ave 4014345344 Dennis Danho31 Wood Hollow Ln 4014353595 Dennis E. Chappell32 Centre St 4014381268 Dennis F. Fagan76 Pavilion Ave 4014349314 Dennis Lage45 Island Ave 4016545273 Dennis S. Wayland Sr1300 Pawtucket Ave 4014353121 Derek Thistle76 Ruth Ave 4012701602 Desinee Dow252 Roger Williams Ave 4014340321 Detection Technology1240 Pawtucket Ave, Ste 3 4014382670 Devine James E III65 Newport Ave 4014356691 Diana D. Medeiros60 Bent Rd 4014388999 Diana L. Hosey16 Mayfair DR 4014340694 Diana Reels105 Newman Ave, Apt S1009 4014346699 Diane Badger33 Island Ave 4014348967 Diane Choquette14 Diana DR 4014381574 Diane D. Dagostino27 Cornell Ave 4016324823 Diane L. Moubayed95 Greenwood Ave 4015216968 Diane M. Chappell32 Centre St 4014381268 Diane M. Nelson169 Roger Williams Ave 4014385110 Diane M. Varone200 Don Ave 4014342794 Diane P. Rattey137 Ferris Ave 4014348532 Diane S. Larsen25 Tryon Ave 4014310912 Diane S. Vandendorpel194 Pleasant St 4014356489 Dianna M. Machado42 Larchmere DR 4014342494 Dianne Hughes25 Gill St 4014381392 Dina B. Fortes857 Roger Williams Ave 4014386635 Dina M. Correia31 Taylor DR 4014341064 Dinsmore Paul25 Orange St 4014343250 Djony M. Centeio86 Campbell Ave 4012702675 Dm Machado42 Larchmere DR 4014342494 Doctor Doolittles58 Newport Ave 4014346014 Dollar Tree110 Narragansett Park DR 4014356970 Dolores M. Basile28 Bellevue Blvd 4014386764 Dolores M. Danielson306 Pleasant St 4014344231 Dolores M. Palmer52 Deer St 4014383748 Domenic Rendine36 Ruth Ave 4014381339 Domenic T. Murino Jr39 Arcadia Ave 4014340723 Donald Bowden70 Pearl Ave 4014346036 Donald E. Perdue62 Byron Ave 4014343177 Donald E. Pierce Jr166 Pleasant St 4014370996 Donald E. Trodson77 Don Ave 4014346999 Donald F. Clow66 Weeden Ave 4014388203 Donald F. Jenkins165 Pavilion Ave 4014347125 Donald F. Mccoart Sr180 Thatcher St 4014345352 Donald G. Crooks21 Vista DR 4014346283 Donald G. Paulhus Sr31 Riverwoods CT 4014340492 Donald L. Depatie170 Centre St 4014310294 Donald Mello Jr71 Bent Rd 4014346237 Donald N. Larence26 Anama Ave 4014350168 Donald S. Britton1520 Pawtucket Ave 4014388587 Donald S. Rogers11 Sutcliffe Cir 4014382397 Donald V. Stevens37 Beaumont St 4014346808 Donna A. Mcenery160 Ferris Ave 4014381959 Donna B. Sousa Jr110 Algonquin Rd 4014355339 Donna B. Sousa Jr110 Algonquin Rd 4014381599 Donna Drapeau28 Riverwoods CT 4014340122 Donna E. Nicholson52 Wildwood Ave 4014310961 Donna J. Barnes24 Vineland Ave 4014335278 Donna L. Gibeault135 New Rd 4014380868 Donna L. Langille169 Barney St 4014383852 Donna M. Bator71 Priscilla Ave 4014387514 Donna M. Capelo210 Thatcher St 4014384733 Donna M. Dow252 Roger Williams Ave 4014340321 Donna M. Fanion49 Martha Rd 4014389493 Donna M. Fontaine23 East DR 4014310329 Donna M. Kirwan5 Bridgham CT 4014356228 Donna M. Patch9 Duncan Rd 4014354118 Donna R. Burgess30 Dunbar Ave 4014356325 Donna S. Noelte45 Martha Rd 4014387654 Dorean Gomes108 Metacomet Ave 4014319049 Doris M. Chace105 Newman Ave 4014384744 Dorothy Angell40 Bellevue Blvd 4014343590 Dorothy B. Hunter32 Beaumont St 4014385195 Dorothy E. Mallon95 Newman Ave, Apt N511 4014345093 Dorothy J. Kenney17 Westwood Ave 4014345182 Dorothy J. Murray39 Sylvan Rd 4014349699 Dorothy M. Brice4 Castro St 4014380870 Dorothy M. Duarte83 Barney St 4014344888 Dorothy M. Reposa17 Vermont Ave 4014382893 Douglas E. Scala63 Hoyt Ave 4014348588 Drew E. Harry176 Wilson Ave 4014387847 Duarte M. Piques40 Priscilla Ave 4014380971 Duchin Gloria Inc201 Narragansett Park DR 4014315016 Duchin Gloria Inc201 Narragansett Park DR 4014385490 Dunkin' Donuts399 N Broadway 4014343213 Dunkin' Donuts223 Newport Ave 4014310001 Durval M. Correia31 Taylor DR 4014341064


 E. Ferriera105 Newman Ave 4014342467 E. Georgiadis616 Roger Williams Ave 4014353355 E. L. Held63 Campbell Ave 4014312076 E. Lambrou79 Green Lane Rd 4014343927 E. Staffos100 Washburn Ave 4014344314 Earl E. Angell40 Bellevue Blvd 4014343590 Earl Weddell105 Newman Ave 4014340367 East Providence Historical Society65 Hunts Mills Rd 4014381750 East Providence Lanes80 Newport Ave 4014382300 East Providence Small Engine Repair177 Greenwood Ave 4012280083 Eastman John O225 Newman Ave, Ste 5 4014385577 Eaton Corporation10 New Rd, Unit 1 4017814700 Eddie's Barber Salon336 N Broadway 4014341964 Edith A. Crump101 N Broadway 4014341525 Edith B. Weinstein46 Bridgham Farm Rd 4014342990 Edith W. Silva70 Merrick St 4014384238 Edmond Doctor105 Newman Ave 4014315180 Edna F. Anness403 Greenwood Ave 4014343347 Edward C. Richmond63 Greenwood Ave 4014389530 Edward F. Gillheeney Jr152 Centre St 4014382661 Edward J. Dias93 Miller Ave 4014348695 Edward J. Hebert176 Roger Williams Ave 4014346948 Edward J. Lang15 Holbrook Ave 4014341687 Edward J. Monteiro200 Roger Williams Ave, Unit 403 4014343638 Edward J. Synan44 Hood Ave 4014314025 Edward L. Jackson334 Roger Williams Ave 4014315601 Edward M. Adams Jr63 Pleasant St 4014389151 Edward M. Simpson20 Newman Ave, Unit 9010 4014344448 Edward P. Lynch123 Don Ave 4014389135 Edward Pezzelli30 Holbrook Ave 4014383237 Edward R. Barlow5 Louise Ave 4014348350 Edward R. Trowbridge29 Merrick St 4014386458 Edward R. Wheeler58 Tryon Ave 4014388366 Edward V. Bouvier Jr75 Nimitz Rd 4014385923 Edward Wencis6 Mayfair DR 4013833614 Edward Wends6 Mayfair DR 4013833614 Edward White200 Roger Williams Ave 4014382825 Edwin L. Danielson Jr306 Pleasant St 4014344231 Edwin Rivera65 New Rd 4014343050 Eileen A. Falvey6 Moore St 4014383717 Eileen B. Silveira60 Metacomet Ave 4014385539 Eileen E. Ullmann57 Bourne Ave 4014340529 Eileen Oakland7 Holmes Ave 4014380681 Eileen P. Kelly48 Centre St 4014386637 Eileen Palenchar11 Mayfair DR 4014344381 El Azteca Restaurant335 Newport Ave 4012287552 Elaine D. Habib17 Anama Ave 4014381892 Elaine I. Precopio140 Wilson Ave 4014381480 Elaine L. Swiech95 Newman Ave, Apt N609 4012288185 Elaine Lethbridge10 Garfield Ave 4014382871 Elaine M. Choiniere225 Wilson Ave 4014340142 Elaine R. Doull200 Pleasant St 4014344403 Eleanor Eleanorarrighi105 Newman Ave 4014343165 Eleanor Imndi95 Newman Ave, Apt N112 4014340908 Eleanor L. Tavares25 Albert Ave 4014380182 Eleanor M. Jodat125 Redland Ave 4014382629 Eleanor M. Monteiro28 Metacomet Ave 4014348194 Eleanor R. Ryan20 Redland Ave 4014348191 Eleanor Smtih154 Ferris Ave 4014345913 Eleanor T. Perdue62 Byron Ave 4014343177 Eleanor T. Smith154 Ferris Ave 4014345913 Eleanor V. Gillie136 Miller Ave 4014347932 Eliza Harrison125 Miller Ave 4014314039 Elizabeth A. Clupny30 Bourne Ave 4014343705 Elizabeth A. Worden260 Wilson Ave 4013830618 Elizabeth Burke29 Chauncey Ave 4014346097 Elizabeth C. Graham21 Drowne Pkwy 4014310263 Elizabeth F. Wilson1 Horton Pl 4014346095 Elizabeth Fagan76 Pavilion Ave 4014349314 Elizabeth Gumley7 Tryon Ave 4014341579 Elizabeth L. Howard15 Hood Ave 4014342376 Elizabeth Luis22 Sheridan Ave 4014341627 Elizabeth N. Mcdonald44 Lynn Ave 4012707884 Elizabeth Ortiz30 Pine Grove St 4014381874 Elizabeth Primmer140 Don Ave 4014383979 Elizabeth R. Hedden108 Roger Williams Ave 4014310197 Elizabeth Scala63 Hoyt Ave 4014348588 Elizabeth T. Albright31 Deer St 4014343464 Elizandra Vazquez5 Victoria Ave 4014310184 Ellen Buegling31 Beaumont St 4014385485 Ellen Gurney21 Miller St 4013839291 Ellen M. Clark91 Algonquin Rd 4014346576 Ellen M. Conley95 Hoyt Ave 4014355678 Ellen M. Frazier73 Jay St 4014344141 Ellen M. Paine9 East DR 4013838546 Ellis V. Mayers Jr223 Newman Ave 4014386243 Elmer D. Difilippo42 Ruth Ave 4014319860 Emanuel G. Costa18 Moore St 4014342723 Emergency Locksmith375 N Broadway 4014732681 Emergency Locksmith In 0291625 Circle St 4014732686 Emergency Locksmith In Rumford52 Narragansett Park DR 4014732687 Emil L. Heid63 Campbell Ave 4014312076 Emily A. Atkinson10 Woburn Rd 4014353884 Emily E. Huftalen41 Frederick St 4014343594 Emily J. Bouvier75 Nimitz Rd 4014385923 Emily Lydon15 Woburn Rd 4014388147 Emily M. Harrison15 Oriole St 4014315193 Emma Heid63 Campbell Ave 4014312076 Emma O. Greenfield95 Newman Ave, Apt N907 4014342793 Emmanuel Lopez105 Newman Ave 4014355327 Empire Vision Center45 Newport Ave 4014358037 Entenmanns Bakery82 Newport Ave 4014341719 Enterprise Printing and Products150 Newport Ave 4014383838 Eric A. Fillion386 Pleasant St 4014387338 Eric and Kate29 Frederick St 4014376322 Eric B. Olson19 East DR 4014341175 Eric B. Sweet15 Duncan Rd 4014345544 Eric Bogdahn201 Pleasant St 4014341188 Eric Bogdan201 Pleasant St 4014341188 Eric City241 Wilson Ave 4014322620 Eric Gonzalez177 Bourne Ave 4014383821 Eric I. Gough107 Pavilion Ave 4019411794 Eric J. Santos30 Chauncey Ave 4015723781 Eric J. Silveira61 Elm Ave 4014341210 Eric J. Torres76 Coyle Ave 4014386945 Eric O. Underhill16 Beaumont St 4014386347 Erika Fittro38 Larchmere DR 4014384379 Erika N. Molignano10 Larchmere DR 4014380392 Erin Chase2 Duncan Rd 4014346829 Erin E. Dellefemine25 Algonquin Rd 4014381869 Erin E. Hazlett165 Redland Ave 4014353363 Erinn R. Clark30 Berwick Pl 4014382243 Ernest J. Dutra Jr212 Centre St 4014388449 Ernest L. Price253 Bourne Ave, Apt 12 4014340876 Ernestine L. Andrews181 Bourne Ave 4014344540 Eryka Smith55 Dunbar Ave 4014382043 Estela Santos88 Nimitz Rd 4014345451 Esther Tracy134 Don Ave 4014347666 Ethan J. Crichton32 Victoria Ave 4017140602 Ethan Zexter98 Greenwood Ave 4014355823 Ethel J. Jacob95 Newman Ave, Apt N805 4014340190 Eugene F Martin CPA225 Newman Ave, Ste 4 4014383700 Eugene F. Carpenter37 Nimitz Rd 4014389312 Eugene L. Oakland7 Holmes Ave 4014380681 Eva A. Enos95 Newman Ave 4014346822 Eva M. Merrifield105 Newman Ave 4014380277 Evangeline Brennan100 Centre St 4014358008 Evangelos C. Georgiadis616 Roger Williams Ave 4014353355 Evangelos Lambrou79 Green Lane Rd 4014343927 Evelyn M. Lodge1535 Pawtucket Ave 4014384116 Everett F. Mckinnon255 Pawtucket Ave 4014346761 Everett G. Smith61 Dunbar Ave 4014387658 Everette G. Smith Jr61 Dunbar Ave 4014387658 Evolution Hair Designs198 Newport Ave 4013838887 Express Locksmith223 Newport Ave 4018541527


 F. D. Harrington19 Windmill Ln 4014387828 F. Ferrara20 Deer St 4014381286 Family Dollar56 Newport Ave 4014348132 Fast Rumford Locksmith237 Newman Ave 4018541503 Fatima C. Macedo109 Ruth Ave 4014380514 Fernando M. Silveira60 Metacomet Ave 4014385539 Filomena L. Rebelo304 Wilson Ave 4014381901 Financial Transitions Group LLC1240 Pawtucket Ave 4014353535 First Baptist Church In E Prov1400 Pawtucket Ave 4014344407 Fitzroy S. Robinson43 Taylor DR 4014340250 Florence D. Depatie170 Centre St 4014310294 Florence Mello50 Jay St 4014346089 Florence Mello50 Jay St 4014343929 Fo Dalen55 Chauncey Ave 4012286363 Frances L. Slade105 Newman Ave 4014384921 Frances Murray95 Newman Ave 4014385467 Francis G. Simpson Jr40 Sheridan Ave 4014386564 Francis Giorgio30 Elmsgate Way 4014380501 Francis J. Oriley5 Fern DR 4014315035 Francis L. Ryan20 Redland Ave 4014348191 Francis T. Hughes25 Gill St 4014381392 Francisco A. Rosa122 Hoyt Ave 4014311884 Frank C. Musche Jr284 Pleasant St 4014348757 Frank E. Stangl332 Ferris Ave 4014343567 Frank E. Titus Jr53 Vista DR 4014382673 Frank G. Silva95 Newman Ave 4014342809 Frank G. Silva95 Newman Ave 4014352885 Frank G. Silva95 Newman Ave 4014343937 Frank J. Lanning201 Roger Williams Ave 4014387765 Frank J. Rego19 Bowen St 4014349520 Frank J. Soares92 Ruth Ave 4012700677 Frank L. Tavares Jr25 Albert Ave 4014380182 Frank S. Shaw106 Coyle Ave 4014346740 Frank W. Pulaski Jr21 East DR 4014350517 Franklin Dion105 Newman Ave, Apt S211 4014380892 Franklin F. Labarbara229 Pleasant St 4014341212 Fred A. Jones Sr57 Kelley Ave 4014348513 Fred Engle Vide55 Pawtucket Ave 4014343497 Fred F. Brown Jr12 Glenwood Ave 4014385431 Fred F. Ferrara20 Deer St 4014381286 Fred Ziemba95 Newman Ave 4014310660 Frederick J. Pocai112 New Rd 4014385427 Frederick S. Radway225 Pleasant St 4014344354 Fritz Stangl332 Ferris Ave 4014343567 Fullport Plumbing and Heating264 Roger Williams Ave 4014358016 Future Affair Productions310 Bourne Ave 4014218811


 G. Fernandes352 N Broadway 4014389271 G. J. Gomes36 Hood Ave 4014385240 G. O. Kelley22 Duncan Rd 4014344308 G. R. Kelly48 Centre St 4014386637 Gabryl Designs9 Newman Ave 4014381317 Gail Hermiz62 Tryon Ave 4014344283 Gail L. Carvelli31 Weeden Ave 4014342523 Gail Murphy161 Bourne Ave 4014319840 Gail P. Altmeyer203 Wilson Ave 4014381854 Gajender K. Bansal125 Roger Williams Ave 4014340745 Gallagher Robt J & Insurance Assoc1240 Pawtucket Ave 4014310837 Gansett Animal Hospital167 Newport Ave 4014342751 Gansett Mobile Home Park40 Taylor DR 4014345005 Garold Hannaford150 Barney St 4014347149 Garret P. Caffrey95 Don Ave 4014380062 Garry R. Vincent45 Priscilla Ave 4014340481 Gary A. Kent126 Weeden Ave 4014387193 Gary P. Dias20 Kenton Ave 4014383536 Gary R. Hermiz62 Tryon Ave 4014344283 Gary V. Paolo66 Larchmere DR 4014341220 Gaston M. Malloy384 Roger Williams Ave 4014310856 Gaurang Sheth Inc250 Newport Ave 4014385943 Genevieve V. Ziemba95 Newman Ave 4014310660 Gennis Chappell32 Centre St 4014381268 Geoffrey P. Dias20 Kenton Ave 4014383536 George D. Marquis24 Byron Ave 4014380978 George Dwyer432 Roger Williams Ave 4014386065 George E. Burke Jr29 Chauncey Ave 4014346097 George G. Peters Jr286 Wilson Ave 4014388672 George J. Travers26 Brentwood DR 4014387511 George L. Cepeda716 Roger Williams Ave 4014355992 George L. Cepeda716 Roger Williams Ave 4014381958 George O. Breault23 Case St 4014312945 Georgeu Arthur65 Newport Ave, Ste 4 4014343220 Georgia M. Allen71 Miller Ave 4014382830 Gerald E. Cousineau98 Catlin Ave 4014344836 Gerald P. Durand46 Nimitz Rd 4014346149 Gerald S. Rattey Jr137 Ferris Ave 4014348532 Geraldine B. Furtado30 Brentwood DR 4013834365 Geraldine B. Graves44 Horsford Ave 4014373465 Geraldine M. Crooks21 Vista DR 4014346283 Gerry D. Nelson169 Roger Williams Ave 4014385110 Gertrude A. Carbrol95 Newman Ave 4014352035 Gilbane Insurance428 Pawtucket Ave 4014316140 Gilbert 2. Pemberton Ii21 Derman St 4014385522 Gilberto Dasilva3 Hollow Ridge Rd 4014342417 Gisella Solano139 Bourne Ave 4014381457 Gk Bansal125 Roger Williams Ave 4014340745 Gladys E. Murino39 Arcadia Ave 4014340723 Glenda L. Difilippo42 Ruth Ave 4014319860 Glenda P. Crookes156 Wilson Ave 4014387035 Glenn J. Cabral122 Metacomet Ave 4014345915 Global Locksmith223 Newport Ave 4018541194 Gloria Guisti1001 Pawtucket Ave 4014382438 Gloria Radway14 Drowne Pkwy 4014348601 Gloria T. Spaulding26 Campbell Ave 4014340721 Gordon A. Reels105 Newman Ave, Apt S1009 4014346699 Gordon D. Fox146 King Philip Rd 4018317677 Gosnold On Cape Cod 8004441554 Got Nail and Spa192 Newport Ave 4013834449 Grab N Go350 N Broadway 4014314032 Grant Thomas111 N Broadway 4014342461 Graves R. Kelly48 Centre St 4014386637 Gregg Farrar119 Bishop Ave 4013836514 Gregory M. Palumbo45 Berwick Pl 4014311969 Gregory R. Costa59 Beech Tree Rd 4014381024 Gregory S. Das57 Tryon Ave 4014310648 Gregory S. Dias57 Tryon Ave 4014310648 Gregory S. Perry200 Roger Williams Ave 4014342060 Gregory Saraiva11 Wood Hollow Ln 4012702844 Growers Edge Indoor Garden Supply155 Newport Ave 4013831860


 H & R Block50 Newport Ave 4014380690 H. Maynard235 Don Ave 4014348073 H. Maynard235 Don Ave 4014384328 H. Maynard235 Don Ave 4014385958 Hair Antics256 Pawtucket Ave 4014354554 Handy Bake Shoppe119 Bishop Ave 4014382946 Hannah L. Harry176 Wilson Ave 4014387847 Harbor Light Inc1240 Pawtucket Ave, Ste 4 4014340103 Hardy Locksmith15 Roger Williams Ave 4014733174 Harold Greene95 Newman Ave 4012709409 Harold R. Benson205 Roger Williams Ave 4014344512 Harold W. Rose97 Ruth Ave 4014382120 Harriet C. Sharp45 Pearl Ave 4014347218 Harriet Hemmasi10 Morra Way 4018313819 Harriette A. Hemmasi10 Morra Way 4018313819 Harrison Yaghjian30 Elmwood DR 4014346451 Harry Barsoian7 Elm CT 4014348870 Hawksley Wayne113 Centre St 4014345667 Hazel Silva95 Newman Ave 4014343937 Hazel Silva95 Newman Ave 4014352885 Hazel Silva95 Newman Ave 4014342809 Heather C. Demacedo57 Ruth Ave 4014353920 Heather E. Contente60 Weeden Ave 4014340604 Heather E. Fox374 Greenwood Ave 4013833414 Heather L. Rooney24 Hill CT 4014341571 Heather L. Thurber110 Redland Ave 4012709891 Helen C. Bodell15 Jay St 4014387429 Helen D. Cook105 Newman Ave 4014353044 Helen D. Roy40 Agawam Park Rd 4014388872 Helen Kazarian36 Leahy St 4014382075 Helen Simpson24 Algonquin Rd 4014348431 Henry J. Costa853 Roger Williams Ave 4014343964 Henry N. Mccarthy23 Taylor DR 4014388337 Henry Perates30 Hood Ave 4014342315 Henry S. Hayward78 Tryon Ave 4014348942 Herbert E. Anderson15 Campbell Ave 4014384186 Hibachi Grill58 Newport Ave 4014316200 Hildegard Barlow5 Louise Ave 4014348350 Hillary J. Lyons21 Dalton St 4014383154 Hilson M. Aguiar50 Nevada Ave 4014386188 Holland Communications Inc264 Roger Williams Ave 4014386630 Hollie Quigley59 Jay St 4014383863 Holly D. Gibeault135 New Rd 4014380868 Homer A. Pirtle26 Vermont Ave 4014382697 Homestead Baking145 N Broadway 4014340551 Honey Dew Donuts100 Newport Ave 4014347927 Hope M. Beeley35 Whitaker Ave 4014382944 Hot Leather90 Newport Ave 4014356346 Howard B. Padoll194 Bourne Ave 4014355873 Howard J. Farrell11 Kenton Ave 4014345932 Howard L. Dooley74 Roger Williams Ave 4014349121 Howard R. Molignano10 Larchmere DR 4014380392 Humberta C. Piques40 Priscilla Ave 4014380971 Humberto E. Pereira99 Centre St 4014342565 Hung V. Nguyen28 Victoria Ave 4014345968 Hutch Costello151 Metacomet Ave 4014381592


 Igus Bearings Inc257 Ferris Ave 4014382200 IMC Enterprises Inc225 Newman Ave 4014902265 Inez H. Blackler95 Newman Ave 4014340209 Insurance Systems Inc1240 Pawtucket Ave, Ste 2 4014380070 Intermix Locksmith1392 Pawtucket Ave 4014733362 Interplex Metal Logic231 Ferris Ave 4014329936 Interplex Metal Logic231 Ferris Ave 4014346543 Irene S. Lang15 Holbrook Ave 4014341687 Isabel R. Newton97 Hope St 4014315632 Isabelle Livramento105 Newman Ave 4014335762


 J and M Diamond Tool Co43 Roger Williams Ave 4014312220 J. E. Gagan263 Roger Williams Ave 4014344091 J. P. Raymond24 Don Ave 4014381930 J. W. Quigley59 Jay St 4014383863 Jace Salon and Spa346 Ferris Ave 4014378860 Jackson H. Skillings7 Harlem St 4014347169 Jacob H. Sydney178 Barney St 4014342950 Jacobs M. Metivier18 Coombs St 4014343843 Jacqueline A. Kazarian380 Pleasant St 4014343204 Jacqueline Alvarez147 Roger Williams Ave 4014344290 Jacqueline B. Richardson38 Pearl Ave 4014344404 Jacqueline Dube105 Newman Ave, Apt S710 4014342495 Jacqueline Hicks111 N Broadway 4014380213 Jacqueline M. Bisson9 Leahy St 4014341690 Jacqueline Marquis129 Centre St 4014353835 Jacqueline Marquis129 Centre St 4014381073 Jacquelyn K. Moss23 Wood Hollow Ln 4014345231 Jacquelyn Rogers50 Kelley Ave 4014380653 Jacquelyn Waters63 N Broadway 4014382624 Jaime L. Raposo6 Coyle Ave 4014387119 James A. Mello71 Bent Rd 4014346237 James A. Naismith124 Washburn Ave 4014380513 James B. Wertheimer68 Campbell Ave 4014343690 James C. Baxter7 Carriage Ln 4014355220 James C. Kershaw Jr171 Wilson Ave 4014381885 James Crowshaw36 Algonquin Rd 4014381830 James Defayette2 Little St 4014340520 James E. Roberts50 Agawam Park Rd 4014348277 James E. Rose93 Wilson Ave 4014345581 James F. Garvin9 Dunbar Ave 4012705083 James F. Kelley73 Bourne Ave 4014343530 James F. Pothier34 Upyonda Way 4014388218 James Ford27 Windmill Ln 4014381917 James J. Regan32 Ruth Ave 4014385857 James K. Laughlin Jr105 Newman Ave, Apt S407 4014387546 James K. O'leary5 Gill St 4014349544 James M. Atkinson Iii10 Woburn Rd 4014353884 James M. Kirwan5 Bridgham CT 4014356228 James R. Boyd Jr15 Oriole St 4014315193 James R. Davey Iii46 Nimitz Rd 4014348125 James R. Thomas42 Elm Ave 4014346145 James R. Waters63 N Broadway 4014382624 James S. Powers1471 Pawtucket Ave 4014383118 James Smith11 Alma Ave 4014346912 James T. Corbett198 Thatcher St 4014382532 James W. Berry16 Westwood Ave 4014355755 James Warner95 Newman Ave, Apt N1008 4014340216 James Werthelmer68 Campbell Ave 4014343690 James Woods20 Newman Ave 4014341907 Jamie Cardoza800 Narragansett Park DR 4014380812 Jan G. Fensterer16 Upyonda Way 4014344828 Jana Morettini90 Miller Ave 4014381746 Jane Brito63 Magnolia St 4014359335 Jane C. Siniscalchi1001 Pawtucket Ave 4014382438 Jane E. Cilli115 Hope St 4014389466 Jane E. Lavallee5 Arcadia Ave 4014348434 Jane M. Antonio145 Ferris Ave 4014355242 Jane M. Chiariello111 Miller Ave 4014353352 Jane M. Dennison325 Newman Ave 4014340989 Jane Nalls95 Newman Ave 4014341694 Janet C. Fitzgerald41 Bent Rd 4018614281 Janet Champagne25 East DR 4014383994 Janet D. Bliss135 Don Ave 4014349216 Janet M. Pietruszka5 Edward Ave 4014340196 Janet M. Tarpey117 Hoyt Ave 4014343498 Janet T. Bartlett95 Newman Ave, Apt N911 4014344925 Janice M. Peters286 Wilson Ave 4014388672 Janice R. Santos41 Sheridan Ave 4014384155 Jasmine Clarke91 Barney St 4014343914 Jason Fitterling15 Algonquin Rd 4013697808 Jason K. Dellefemine25 Algonquin Rd 4014381869 Jason K. Harry176 Wilson Ave 4014387847 Jason L. Newton97 Hope St 4014315632 Jason Name280 Ferris Ave 4014380716 Jason R. Starr205 Wilson Ave 4014345801 Jason S. Langille169 Barney St 4014383852 Jason W. Creelman128 King Philip Rd 4014340235 Jay R. Frails47 Taylor DR 4014380371 Jaye L. Benson75 Byron Ave 4014347577 Jayne E. Poland15 Fletcher St 4014382341 Jazzmine Napolipano2 Leahy St 4014343536 Jean A. Baxter7 Carriage Ln 4014355220 Jean A. Butler30 Agawam Park Rd 4014380889 Jean E. Christensen44 Drowne Pkwy 4014355959 Jean E. Shorrock63 Campbell Ave 4014312076 Jean Giorgio30 Elmsgate Way 4014380501 Jean H. Mccoart180 Thatcher St 4014345352 Jean L. Peretti34 Nimitz Rd 4014341098 Jean M. Clarke1371 Pawtucket Ave 4014347626 Jean M. Piques40 Priscilla Ave 4014380971 Jeanette Gillheeney152 Centre St 4014382661 Jeanette M. Cadoret48 Coyle Ave 4014346534 Jeanne A. Davis61 Centre St 4014383870 Jeanne A. Powers1471 Pawtucket Ave 4014383118 Jeanne H. Clarke17 Whitaker Ave 4014385065 Jeanne L. Gomes95 Newman Ave 4013830885 Jeanne M. Waters157 Pleasant St 4014386612 Jeanne S. Lundgren27 Bowen St 4014310159 Jeannette B. Gillheeney152 Centre St 4014382661 Jeannine Jackson1 Little St 4014385387 Jeff Laughlin105 Newman Ave, Apt S407 4014387546 Jeff W. Hardacker430 Roger Williams Ave 4013514757 Jeffrey A. Petrarca8 Byron Ave 4014381586 Jeffrey Adams5 Amber Ave 4014900214 Jeffrey D. Williams92 Roger Williams Ave 4018086535 Jeffrey Deoliveira1 Diana DR 4014385836 Jeffrey Hedden108 Roger Williams Ave 4014310197 Jeffrey J. Distefano4 Ellis St 4014322681 Jeffrey J. Pimental27 Duncan Rd 4013837727 Jeffrey L. Weiss32 Drowne Pkwy 4012747815 Jeffrey L. Wright33 Byron Ave 4014385269 Jeffrey M. West25 Wilson Ave 4014341859 Jeffrey Robbins20 Newman Ave 4014345649 Jenetty Luciano12 Elmwood DR 4014340439 Jenna E. Nichols10 Kenton Ave 4014383828 Jennifer B. Dalen55 Chauncey Ave 4012286363 Jennifer C. Healey29 Bent Rd 4014384065 Jennifer C. Shymanik24 Kenton Ave 4014343286 Jennifer J. Cabral32 Leahy St 4014355193 Jennifer L. Deoliveira1 Diana DR 4014385836 Jennifer L. Mello33 Victoria Ave 4014343173 Jennifer L. Pacheco209 Bourne Ave 4014344379 Jennifer L. Souza50 Thatcher St 4014389485 Jennifer M. Darocha21 Rosanna Ave 4014342909 Jennifer M. Saraiva11 Wood Hollow Ln 4012702844 Jennifer Mottur3 Sylvan Rd 4014380832 Jennifer Rodriques10 Barney St 4014341517 Jenny L. Pezzullo117 Washburn Ave 4014341041 Jeremy A. Dyer101 Wilson Ave 4014383064 Jeremy C. Pierce46 Larchmere DR 4014349791 Jeremy Dyer151 Ferris Ave 4013837775 Jerry D. Daniels47 Don Ave 4014316096 Jerry E. Weinstein46 Bridgham Farm Rd 4014342990 Jesse D. Crichton32 Victoria Ave 4017140602 Jesse H. Albright31 Deer St 4014343464 Jessica A. Wrubel1126 Pawtucket Ave 4014384905 Jessica B. Parylak40 Haliburton Rd 4013834550 Jessica Chapman150 Pavilion Ave 4014383272 Jessica Fortunado47 Barney St 4014341679 Jessica L. Szczepanek49 Frederick St 4014354984 Jessica Leach20 Newman Ave, Unit 3301 4014341470 Jessica Leach20 Newman Ave 4014384270 Jessica N. Pombo18 Island Ave 4014319839 Jessica Pierce46 Larchmere DR 4014349791 Jill E. Ramsden29 Merrick St 4014386458 Jill M. Harraka60 Drowne Pkwy 4014348818 Jill Sarmento14 Case St 4014344844 Jill W. Owen27 Jay St 4014380871 Joan A. Dambra42 Vista DR 4014345392 Joan A. Jackson334 Roger Williams Ave 4014315601 Joan A. Kelley197 Wilson Ave 4014353940 Joan C. Kazarian21 Woburn Rd 4014387243 Joan D. Moore310 Roger Williams Ave 4014347720 Joan E. Shea54 Dalton St 4014348635 Joan M. Anthony10 Redway Cir 4014343473 Joan M. Cox1347 Pawtucket Ave 4014341152 Joan R. Perry144 Centre St 4014385031 Joan W. Koehler117 Roger Williams Ave 4014386131 Joann Larangeira27 Riverwoods CT 4014385381 Joann M. Evangelista140 Ferris Ave 4014310995 Joanne A. Souza21 Hood Ave 4014340189 Joanne M. Lanning201 Roger Williams Ave 4014387765 Joanne M. Lynch123 Don Ave 4014389135 Joanne Pereira99 Centre St 4014342565 Joao A. Silva1337 Pawtucket Ave 4014311762 Jodi A. Cabral42 Kelley Ave 4014341441 Joel E. White95 Barney St 4014385943 Joel V. Alcordo60 Centre St 4014358060 Johanna Quattrucci1290 Pawtucket Ave 4014343057 John A. Costa95 Newman Ave 4014331420 John A. Costa95 Newman Ave 4014380823 John A. Lawson Jr120 Wilson Ave 4014341491 John A. Lawson Jr120 Wilson Ave 4014343333 John A. Medeiros42 Haliburton Rd 4014342273 John A. Woodruff206 Ferris Ave 4014341979 John B. Nixon63 Sylvan Rd 4014347362 John C. Dufresne40 Linden Ave 4014343692 John C. Kortenbeutel53 Bourne Ave 4014347198 John C. Nelson5 Golf Ave 4014341424 John Crepeau1361 Pawtucket Ave 4014348157 John D. Enos151 Bourne Ave 4014343750 John D. Gilbane80 Don Ave 4014380187 John D. Richardson38 Pearl Ave 4014344404 John Danehy10 Merrick St 4014385855 John E. Bell Jr19 Fern DR 4014340574 John E. Shea54 Dalton St 4014348635 John F. Conley Ii95 Hoyt Ave 4014355678 John F. Costigan22 Reservoir Ave 4014387777 John F. Davis Sr61 Centre St 4014383870 John F. Fitzgerald Iii1475 Pawtucket Ave 4014384143 John F. Kenney Jr20 Elmsgate Way 4014349462 John F. Needham8 Louise Ave 4014383981 John F. O'connor151 Pavilion Ave 4014348990 John F. Rafuse5 Diana DR 4014385772 John F. Rogers50 Kelley Ave 4014380653 John F. Staniunas Jr65 Roger Williams Ave 4014388558 John G. Christensen44 Drowne Pkwy 4014355959 John H. Donnelly184 Bourne Ave 4014385578 John H. Gill Jr20 Gill St 4014344890 John Heatherton21 Thatcher St 4014384070 John J. Precopio Jr140 Wilson Ave 4014381480 John J. Sullivan194 Hoyt Ave 4014345333 John Johndelrosso8 Judkins St 4014345082 John Langwell200 Roger Williams Ave 4014341426 John Macdonald64 Greenwood Ave 4014316273 John Marzilli83 Wilson Ave 4014358930 John Mynarski125 Pavilion Ave 4014385137 John Naismith124 Washburn Ave 4014380513 John O Eastman DDS225 Newman Ave, Ste 12 4014385577 John O'neill24 Bellevue Blvd 4014387723 John P. Boyce25 Drowne Pkwy 4014386016 John P. Butler30 Agawam Park Rd 4014380889 John P. Crowe Jr135 Troy St 4013697133 John Rebello48 Barney St 4014312976 John Richardson30 Pilgrim Ave 4017510565 John S. Bentz24 Dalton St 4014388912 John S. Czerwonka241 Don Ave 4014311423 John Sarmento14 Case St 4014344844 John Silva1337 Pawtucket Ave 4014311762 John Smith6 Puritan Ave 4014344837 John Suliveras66 N Broadway 4014384723 John T. Almeida1 Leahy St 4014348834 John T. Foley11 Reservoir Ave 4014347079 John T. Hofman Jr26 Doro Pl 4014386692 John T. Hofmann Jr26 Doro Pl 4014386692 John T. Howe8 Carriage Ln 4014380377 John Vieira922 Roger Williams Ave 4014344969 John W. Bartlett95 Newman Ave, Apt N911 4014344925 John W. Hosey Jr16 Mayfair DR 4014340694 John W. Richardson Jr16 Pleasant St 4014385753 Jonathan B. Katzen9 Josephine Ave 4013837927 Jonathan G. Bennett127 Bishop Ave 4017140427 Jonathan Murphy20 Newman Ave 4014385834 Jonathan T. Anderson25 Carrie Ave 4014356665 Jordan Andrade17 Glenwood Ave 4014353083 Jordan M. Pacheco209 Bourne Ave 4014344379 Jorge L. Cepeda716 Roger Williams Ave 4014355992 Jorge L. Cepeda716 Roger Williams Ave 4014381958 Jose A. Antonio31 Brayton Ave 4014349297 Jose F. Moniz24 Martha Rd 4014386732 Jose M. Desousa219 Pawtucket Ave 4014381562 Joseph A. Brissette1527 Pawtucket Ave 4012287283 Joseph A. Burrell1370 Pawtucket Ave 4014382822 Joseph Aglione Ii376 Pawtucket Ave 4014382894 Joseph C. Santos2 Wynne DR 4014380417 Joseph Cabral Iii42 Kelley Ave 4014341441 Joseph Connors65 Barney St 4014340363 Joseph E. Capelo210 Thatcher St 4014384733 Joseph E. Merlin61 Magnolia St 4014381969 Joseph E. Murray30 Adele Ave 4014342232 Joseph H. Gallant Jr39 Harlem St 4014342528 Joseph H. Perates30 Hood Ave 4014342315 Joseph J. Travers Jr26 Brentwood DR 4014387511 Joseph Jannerelli335 Pleasant St 4014383871 Joseph Josephbergeron296 Roger Williams Ave 4014346107 Joseph L. Hanley333 Newman Ave 4014311620 Joseph Lydon15 Woburn Rd 4014388147 Joseph M. Almeida124 Roger Williams Ave 4014381432 Joseph M. Yuski11 Arcadia Ave 4014342292 Joseph Medeiros4 Hollow Ridge Rd 4014348338 Joseph N. Brice Jr4 Castro St 4014380870 Joseph P. Mello62 Nimitz Rd 4014340523 Joseph Ptaszek49 Dalton St 4014345407 Joseph R. Campos105 Newman Ave 4014341004 Joseph Rezendes105 Newman Ave, Apt S501 4014382166 Joseph S. Lampron45 Ruth Ave 4014383655 Joseph T. Tarpey117 Hoyt Ave 4014343498 Joshua Gresko154 Redland Ave 4014340132 Joyce A. Federowicz21 Leahy St 4014384323 Joyce A. Pierce166 Pleasant St 4014370996 Joyce A. Thorpe8 Circle St 4014348859 Joyce D. Grant105 Newman Ave 4014340638 Joyce Drake90 Tryon Ave 4014344103 Joyce E. Collard174 Pleasant St 4014386509 Joyce G. Gomes36 Hood Ave 4014385240 Joyce M. Rafuse5 Diana DR 4014385772 Juan Jusino93 Roger Williams Ave 4013314958 Judith A. Kelley22 Duncan Rd 4014344308 Judith Collins65 New Rd, Apt 56 4014342452 Judith D. Make50 Hood Ave 4014383323 Judith L. Santos2 Wynne DR 4014380417 Judy Presnol6 Tryon Ave 4014357015 Julia A. Nahas152 Wilson Ave 4014342364 Julia Troy24 Ellis St 4014388570 Julie A. Kirby85 Hoyt Ave 4014341352 Julie C. Weesner106 Frederick St 4014381015 Julie Camara14 Coyle Ave 4014340180 Julie Dyer101 Wilson Ave 4014383064 Julie Montalbano118 Hoyt Ave 4014381225 Julie Travers55 Deer St 4014344817 Juliet Dunn14 Coombs St 4014386444 Julieta E. Travers55 Deer St 4014344817 Juliette M. Dunn14 Coombs St 4014386444 June Lawton6 Carriage Ln 4014343722 Junior G. Luciano12 Elmwood DR 4014340439 Justin T. Jones57 Kelley Ave 4014348513 Justin Turmel30 Nimitz Rd 4014340322


 K'lynn Johnston22 Pearl Ave 4014383265 K. Loaiza28 Edward Ave 4014340243 Kane Hayes261 Wilson Ave 4014384755
Kangaroo20 Newman Ave 4012286691 Karen A. Kelly11 Elm CT 4013836054 Karen A. Sorrentine15 Marshall Way 4016546042 Karen Brown140 Bourne Ave 4016494620 Karen E. Clarkson68 Toner St 4014381043
Karen H. Chase2 Duncan Rd 4014346829 Karen J. Cordischi15 Elm CT 4014330249 Karen M. Lister49 Larchmere DR 4014341144 Karen R. Rowe33 Sylvan Rd 4014383145 Karen S. Hardcastle20 Beech Tree Rd 4013838734 Karen V. Williams110 Catlin Ave 4014342029 Karie A. Hayes261 Wilson Ave 4014384755 Karla Harry176 Wilson Ave 4014387847 Karla Mcguy8 Kenton Ave 4014344306 Karyn P. Mcgee30 Ferris Ave 4014359022 Kate Ericand29 Frederick St 4014376322 Kate L. Fitterling15 Algonquin Rd 4013697808 Katharine E. Bowers15 Miller St 4014381789 Katherine Cohen40 Redland Ave 4014319259 Katherine Howard15 Hood Ave 4014342376 Katherine K. Mcknight149 Barney St 4014356712 Katherine Kasheta1240 Pawtucket Ave 4014310600 Katherine L. Monteiro200 Roger Williams Ave, Unit 403 4014343638 Katherine Loffredo28 Upyonda Way 4014342635 Katherine M. Hermiz62 Tryon Ave 4014344283 Katherine M. Noyes114 Miller Ave 4014326433 Katherine Mavromatis53 Thatcher St 4018617542 Katherine Mcmanus101 N Broadway, Apt 304B 4014342925 Katherine Rockwell80 Catlin Ave 4014347672 Katherine S. Kazarian380 Pleasant St 4014343204 Kathleen A. Fontaine99 Tryon Ave 4014383163 Kathleen A. Keisa61 Ferris Ave 4014383274 Kathleen A. Pierard10 Bent Rd 4014389716 Kathleen A. Simpson194 Don Ave 4014380623 Kathleen Adams5 Amber Ave 4014900214 Kathleen Agren21 Glenwood Ave 4014345008 Kathleen H. Caffrey95 Don Ave 4014380062 Kathleen K Stone Electrlgst225 Newman Ave 4014347420 Kathleen K Stone Licensed Electrolgsis225 Newman Ave, Ste 11 4014347420 Kathleen K Stone Licensed Electrolsis25 Newman Ave 4014347420 Kathleen Moran70 Kelley Ave 4017219878 Kathleen P. Forrest11 Doro Pl 4014348164 Kathleen P. Forrest11 Doro Pl 4014383223 Kathleen Phaneuf105 Newman Ave 4014344901 Kathryn A. Tarpey117 Hoyt Ave 4014343498 Kathryn H. Daniels47 Don Ave 4014316096 Kathryn Santos10 Vista DR 4014326688 Kathryn T. Rogers50 Kelley Ave 4014380653 Kathy A. Britton1520 Pawtucket Ave 4014388587 Kathy A. O'leary5 Gill St 4014349544 Kathy L. Dias49 Byron Ave 4014345775 Kathy Lever104 Wilson Ave 4014344759 Kathy P. Davenport6 Drowne Pkwy 4014388998 Kaufman Sales261 Narragansett Park DR 4014385600 Kayla Buja13 Washburn Ave 4014383603 Keith A. Marquis92 N Broadway 4014355806 Keith D. Queenan6 Vermont Ave 4014342666 Keith P. Hardy133 Centre St 4014344392 Kellie M. Sullivan38 Thatcher St 4014344284 Kelly A. Lydon15 Woburn Rd 4014388147 Kelly A. Zexter98 Greenwood Ave 4014355823 Kelly B. Lyons21 Dalton St 4014383154 Kelly P. Kinder62 Algonquin Rd 4014345696 Kelsey Kinder62 Algonquin Rd 4014345696 Kelsey P. Jenks44 Priscilla Ave 4014383962 Kelsey Seddon100 Greenwood Ave 4014311118 Kenneth A. Williams31 Pilgrim Ave 4014383334 Kenneth D. Clarke17 Whitaker Ave 4014385065 Kenneth E. Demers88 Hood Ave 4014380106 Kenneth J. Cabral32 Leahy St 4014355193 Kenneth P. Bergin35 N Broadway 4014341050 Kenneth W. Adams215 Pawtucket Ave 4014355335 Kennethan Tripp90 Algonquin Rd 4014381834 Kent F. Kiessling253 Roger Williams Ave 4014341578 Kent R. Weesner106 Frederick St 4014381015 Keri Dwyer432 Roger Williams Ave 4014386065 Kerri A. Afonso43 Puritan Ave 4014340971 Kerry Quinn35 East DR 4014388076 Kevin Guinea77 Tryon Ave 4013512268 Kevin M. Antonio145 Ferris Ave 4014355242 Kevin Martes25 Huntington DR 4012723937 Kevin P. Mcnamara23 Catlin Ave 4014347229 Kevin T. Wright41 Nimitz Rd 4014341989 Kevin W. Mcknight149 Barney St 4014356712 Kevin W. Schott29 Brentwood DR 4012709707 Kim Battersby18 Bellevue Blvd 4014310396 Kimberly A. Welch20 Newman Ave, Unit 3411 4014345945 Kimberly Andrews17 Deer St 4014352838 Kimberly Cipriano393 Greenwood Ave 4014341533 Kimberly Corbett256 Pawtucket Ave 4014354554 Kimberly D. Cabral2 Redway Cir 4014384883 Kimberly Daddio71 Don Ave 4014341965 Kimberly L. Cepeda716 Roger Williams Ave 4014381958 Kimberly L. Cepeda716 Roger Williams Ave 4014355992 Kimberly S. Weiss32 Drowne Pkwy 4012747815 Kirk Solomito19 Rosanna Ave 4016546844 Kittichai Promrat380 Greenwood Ave 4014382812 Kristen A. Fox374 Greenwood Ave 4013833414 Kristen E. Schott29 Brentwood DR 4012709707 Kristen Gower340 Newman Ave 4014348368 Kristi Mcdonald70 Greenwood Ave 4014342139 Kristin A. Picard55 Vineland Ave 4014384092 Kristine L. Rose93 Wilson Ave 4014345581 Kristofer Mayotte20 Newman Ave 4014380271 Kristopher J. Barr255 Roger Williams Ave 4014378757 Kristopher J. Solomito19 Rosanna Ave 4016546844 Kristy L. Borges70 Ferris Ave 4012709340 Kristy L. Dalrymple51 Catlin Ave 4014327820 Kurt F. Mutter117 Centre St 4014345374 Kyle E. Long133 Redland Ave 4014343373 Kyle Medeiros42 Haliburton Rd 4014342273


 L. Thompson15 Dunbar Ave 4014358978 Lakeesha Craig130 Bourne Ave 4014383750 Lakeside Cemetery Assn150 Newman Ave 4014342927 Lapointe Robert L225 Newman Ave, Ste 14 4014387790 Laura A. Loffredo28 Upyonda Way 4014342635 Laura E. Souza50 Thatcher St 4014389485 Laura J. Crowe135 Troy St 4013697133 Laura R. Queenan6 Vermont Ave 4014342666 Laura S. Silveira61 Elm Ave 4014341210 Laurel E. Fensterer16 Upyonda Way 4014344828 Lauren Moss375 Pleasant St 4014383597 Lauren V. Iannelli341 Ferris Ave 4014340424 Lauren Welicky11 Little St 4013833475 Laurie M. Nichols10 Kenton Ave 4014383828 Laurie Stewart14 Chaffee St 4013836569 Law Office of Judy Davis20 Newman Ave 4013834404 Lawrence Arden142 King Philip Rd 4014384904 Lawrence V. Walinski13 Victoria Ave 4014380937 Leanora Rezendes105 Newman Ave, Apt S501 4014382166 Lee B. Spielberger51 Greenwood Ave 4014341661 Leeann A. Dias57 Tryon Ave 4014310648 Leigh Turner320 Greenwood Ave 4014310710 Leila P. Silva1337 Pawtucket Ave 4014311762 Lenore F. Holden131 Frederick St 4014341009 Leo Mello194 Newport Ave 4014349459 Leo Proulx260 Ferris Ave 4014341699 Leonard R. Francis2 Doro Pl 4014383232 Leonor C. Fontes215 Bourne Ave 4014340969 Lesa A. Duarte36 Pearl Ave 4014344672 Leslie C. Berge2 Martha Rd 4014349455 Leslie E. Newton97 Hope St 4014315632 Leslie Fortes857 Roger Williams Ave 4014386635 Leslie J. Tente18 Windmill Ln 4014384388 Lesya M. Kreshchuk111 Ferris Ave 4014379416 Levi C. Maaia18 Bourne Ave 4014380046 Liam Fisher65 Don Ave 4014388406 Lida M. Pirtle26 Vermont Ave 4014382697 Lijuca M. Centeio86 Campbell Ave 4012702675 Lillian Gill20 Gill St 4014344890 Lillian J. Clark18 Ellis St 4014345654 Lillian J. Goldstein1 Catlin Ave 4014381179 Lillian White200 Roger Williams Ave 4014382825 Lily Zexter98 Greenwood Ave 4014355823 Lina M. Williams31 Pilgrim Ave 4014383334 Linda Bloch20 Newman Ave, Unit 3409 4014352062 Linda C. Agresti20 Fletcher St 4014386667 Linda J. Maaia18 Bourne Ave 4014380046 Linda J. Mccoart180 Thatcher St 4014345352 Linda K. Foley11 Reservoir Ave 4014347079 Linda L. Bertrand75 Bailey St 4014340984 Linda L. Legge40 Roger Williams Ave 4014340387 Linda L. Padoll194 Bourne Ave 4014355873 Linda M. Silva47 Benson Ave 4014381063 Linda Rita30 Vista DR 4012286425 Linda Vaughan86 Ruth Ave 4014348432 Linda-Ann Agresti20 Fletcher St 4014386667 Lindsay B. Sousa110 Algonquin Rd 4014355339 Lindsay B. Sousa110 Algonquin Rd 4014381599 Lisa A. Coningford32 Martha Rd 4014346045 Lisa A. Macdonald40 Holbrook Ave 4014340976 Lisa A. Pita9 Holbrook Ave 4014380124 Lisa A. Vales80 Washburn Ave 4014386860 Lisa Bell51 Ray St 4014343921 Lisa E. Rego19 Bowen St 4014349520 Lisa G. Gallant39 Harlem St 4014342528 Lisa Goldstein1 Catlin Ave 4014381179 Lisa M. Avedisian34 Nevada Ave 4014348767 Lisa M. Giangiacomo186 Thatcher St 4014347706 Lisa M. Souza50 Thatcher St 4014389485 Lita Garrett111 N Broadway, Apt 108D 4014387408 Little Caesars Pizza45 Newport Ave 4014383333 Little Scholars Preschool355 Ferris Ave 4014341234 Lloyd I. Chadsey70 Bent Rd 4014347113 Local Locksmith346 Ferris Ave 4014732685 Locksmith198 Newport Ave 4014732684 Locksmith Emergency256 Pawtucket Ave 4014732682 Locksmith Emergency Service20 Newman Ave 4014732689 Locksmith In375 N Broadway 4018541512 Locksmith In Rumford375 N Broadway 4018541512 Locksmith of Rumford63 Newport Ave 4018541511 Lois Dias400 Pleasant St 4014356466 Lois E. Bailey367 Pleasant St 4014311973 Lois E. Carlson153 Pleasant St 4014382826 Lola A. Wright280 Roger Williams Ave, Apt 27 4014355350 Loretta Lavoie80 Centre St 4014386895 Loretta Moline22 Nevada Ave 4014380988 Lori A. Enos151 Bourne Ave 4014343750 Lori A. Marshall94 Tryon Ave 4014315061 Lori A. Michals129 Troy St 4014384847 Lori A. Moss375 Pleasant St 4014383597 Lori A. Pagano60 Pearl Ave 4014354857 Lori J. Federico280 Thatcher St 4014357079 Lori J. Valois88 Pawtucket Ave 4014345538 Lori S. Seguin246 Roger Williams Ave 4014381716 Loris C. Sheats230 Centre St 4014356154 Lorraine E. Sewell91 Taylor DR 4014387419 Lorraine Townes65 New Rd 4014319021 Lou's Customer Exhaust195 Newport Ave 4014345687 Louis P. Papineau95 Newman Ave 4014343940 Louis R. Ullmann57 Bourne Ave 4014340529 Louise Capello16 Reservoir Ave 4014388227 Louise F. Rice388 Pawtucket Ave 4014346168 Louise H. Dhaenens95 Newman Ave 4014343846 Louise H. Lydon15 Woburn Rd 4014388147 Louise Namara20 Newman Ave 4014346919 Louise R. Karas10 Ellis St 4014344826 Louise S. Pierce46 Larchmere DR 4014349791 Lourdes M. Simonds73 Redland Ave 4014388466 Lovely Nails150 Newport Ave 4014342727 Lowell E. Anness403 Greenwood Ave 4014343347 Lowell H. Anness60 Greenwood Ave 4014380869 Luanne M. Simon104 Centre St 4014340726 Lucie L. Contente60 Weeden Ave 4014340604 Lucille H. Ayotte105 Newman Ave 4014340562 Lucille L. Winfield21 Cornell Ave 4014311713 Lucille M. Corbett198 Thatcher St 4014382532 Lucy Whitehead22 Vermont Ave 4014385769 Luis A. Ciccia95 Newman Ave 4014340126 Luis A. Cumplido139 Bourne Ave 4012709303 Luis C. Rego253 Don Ave 4014341356 Luis Santos88 Nimitz Rd 4014345451 Luiz B. Santos88 Nimitz Rd 4014345451 Luizzi Michelle CPA225 Newman Ave 4014384400 Lutz Air Company66 Taylor DR 4014311000 Lynch J H & Sons Inc9 Newman Ave 4014380660 Lynn Durand46 Nimitz Rd 4014346149 Lynne J. Bergin14 Beech Tree Rd 4014387987 Lynne J. Mcleod46 Sylvan Rd 4012772990 Lynne M. Dicecco145 Centre St 4014384676 Lystra D. Turner320 Greenwood Ave 4014310710


 M. C. Games15 Pearl Ave 4014342377 M. Coehn61 Campbell Ave 4014354224 M. E. Lavallee5 Arcadia Ave 4014348434 M. Healey150 Ferris Ave 4014345469 M. J. Walsh20 Newman Ave 4018314586 M. P. Asermely94 Algonquin Rd 4014381522 M. Simoes10 Barbara Cir 4014340143 M. T. Walsh20 Ellis St 4014380033 Maamoun Janoudi251 Newman Ave 4014342318 Mabrouk Imports Egyptian Treasures45 Patton Rd 4014351144 Madison O. Brown60 Pleasant St 4014312903 Malgorzata Sondej374 Pawtucket Ave 4012736069 Manhattan Housing Specialists320 Newport Ave 4014353601 Manon M. Lapointe26 Elmsgate Way 4014344196 Manuel A. Raposo6 Coyle Ave 4014387119 Manuel J. Ventura Jr40 Frederick St 4014345444 Manuel S. Larangeira27 Riverwoods CT 4014385381 Marc L. Handy Sr130 Bourne Ave, Apt 18 4014343965 Marc L. Sawyer200 Roger Williams Ave 4012703466 Marc Pereira240 Don Ave 4012709455 Marc Periera240 Don Ave 4012709455 Marcia Carpenter105 Newman Ave 4014350117 Marcia T. Huftalen41 Frederick St 4014343594 Marcos L. Ribeiro34 Chaffee St 4014376687 Marg Battersby18 Bellevue Blvd 4014310396 Margaret A. Cote95 Newman Ave 4014348891 Margaret E. Coningford33 Pearl Ave 4014343366 Margaret E. Donahue104 Hope St 4014343221 Margaret E. Thomas21 Derman St 4014388866 Margaret J. Kelly20 Newman Ave, Unit 3506 4012708287 Margaret J. Lindberg125 Campbell Ave 4014347341 Margaret M. Battersby18 Bellevue Blvd 4014310396 Margaret M. Hofmann26 Doro Pl 4014386692 Margeret Sondej374 Pawtucket Ave 4012736069 Margette Kelly20 Newman Ave, Unit 3506 4012708287 Marguerite Henderson55 Bourne Ave 4014343209 Maria A. Duarte39 Bellevue Blvd 4014340461 Maria Aguiar50 Nevada Ave 4014386188 Maria C. Arelo28 Orange St 4014356603 Maria C. Jezierny7 Gertrude Ave 4014385333 Maria C. Moniz24 Martha Rd 4014386732 Maria Guerra2 Carriage Ln 4014340924 Maria J. Cataldo50 Westwood Ave 4014343570 Maria L. Bergin35 N Broadway 4014341050 Maria M. Centeio86 Campbell Ave 4012702675 Maria Miranda105 Newman Ave 4014388598 Maria Norte25 Bellevue Blvd 4014381076 Mariana B. Silveira60 Metacomet Ave 4014385539 Mariane Lykus30 Barney St 4014380361 Marianne Long133 Redland Ave 4014343373 Marie B. Lawrence17 Bradley St 4014316466 Marie Lawernce17 Bradley St 4014345481 Marie Perates30 Hood Ave 4014342315 Marie Troy24 Ellis St 4014388570 Marilyn Cabral2 Redway Cir 4014384883 Marilyn Cellemme14 Larchmere DR 4014348669 Marilyn H. Rossi32 Bellevue Blvd 4014341919 Marilyn H. Simpson24 Algonquin Rd 4014348431 Mario D. Furtado30 Brentwood DR 4013834365 Mario J. Goncalves29 Miller St 4014387015 Marion Flanagan111 N Broadway, Apt 102A 4014389392 Marjorie Frackelton175 Barney St 4014380391 Marjorie M. Green104 Weeden Ave 4014343416 Marjorie Mccarthy23 Taylor DR 4014388337 Marjorie P. Dias20 Kenton Ave 4014383536 Mark I. Hedden108 Roger Williams Ave 4014310197 Mark J. Karas Sr10 Ellis St 4014344826 Mark Leinhauser166 Barney St 4014384540 Mark V. Lebeau35 Mayfair DR 4012707423 Mark W. Kenney17 Westwood Ave 4014345182 Martha R. Cote166 King Philip Rd 4014341608 Martha Silva95 Newman Ave 4014352885 Martha Silva95 Newman Ave 4014342809 Martha Silva95 Newman Ave 4014343937 Martha Y. Tourtellot80 Miller Ave 4014387825 Marti Early130 Bourne Ave, Apt 9 4013832481 Martin & Associates225 Newman Ave, Ste 4 4014383700 Martin C. Kazarian21 Woburn Rd 4014387243 Mary A. Hadsell Jr34 Bridgham Farm Rd 4014311965 Mary A. Metz59 Bourne Ave 4014380105 Mary C. Rego253 Don Ave 4014341356 Mary C. Taylor105 Newman Ave 4014340066 Mary D. Jacobs20 Little St 4014385854 Mary E. Danby31 Marshall Way 4014385436 Mary E. Hayward78 Tryon Ave 4014348942 Mary E. Sosa67 Greenwood Ave 4014386542 Mary E. Torres76 Coyle Ave 4014386945 Mary G. Caten177 Don Ave 4014349211 Mary Garrity105 Newman Ave, Apt S711 4014383436 Mary H. Medeiros4 Hollow Ridge Rd 4014348338 Mary J. Armington38 West DR 4014355280 Mary J. Chartier105 Newman Ave 4014341290 Mary J. Chase25 Anama Ave 4014348804 Mary J. Mcdonald70 Greenwood Ave 4014342139 Mary J. Mcdonald16 Catlin Ave 4014349347 Mary L. Lancaster37 Doro Pl 4014319856 Mary L. Pocai112 New Rd 4014385427 Mary Leddy19 Mayfair DR 4014385130 Mary M. Carpenter37 Nimitz Rd 4014389312 Mary M. Huftalen41 Frederick St 4014343594 Mary M. Pierson7 Coyle Ave 4014354976 Mary Proulx260 Ferris Ave 4014341699 Mary Richardson16 Pleasant St 4014385753 Mary S. Hennigan20 Newman Ave 4014381786 Mary S. Rosa23 Windmill Ln 4014384377 Mary S. Titus53 Vista DR 4014382673 Mary W. Tucker7 Beech Tree Rd 4014349140 Mary Wheeler58 Tryon Ave 4014388366 Marya Baldwin71 Hoyt Ave 4014327880 Maryann Palumbo65 New Rd 4014381542 Maryanne A. Jones57 Kelley Ave 4014348513 Maryanne Long133 Redland Ave 4014343373 Master Engravers424 Newport Ave 4014310503 Master Rumford Locksmith12 Narragansett Park DR 4018541505 Mathew's Floors75 Vineland Ave 4014356443 Matress Recyclers310 Bourne Ave 4013838400 Matt Clarke59 Drowne Pkwy 4014380648 Matt Deomonico11 Nevada Ave 4014342192 Matt R. Pita24 Don Ave 4014381930 Mattheu Paulik310 Ferris Ave 4014382587 Matthew A. Carpenter37 Nimitz Rd 4014389312 Matthew E. Seger46 Hope St 4014347401 Matthew J. Brady8 Beech Tree Rd 4014349143 Matthew P. Caffrey95 Don Ave 4014380062 Matthew Pawlik310 Ferris Ave 4014382587 Matthew Powers1471 Pawtucket Ave 4014383118 Matthew R. Pita9 Holbrook Ave 4014380124 Matthew R. Rooney24 Hill CT 4014341571 Matthew Scarpaci303 Newman Ave 4014342387 Matthew T. Silva70 Merrick St 4014384238 Matthew Travers47 N Broadway 4014342111 Maura M. White95 Barney St 4014385943 Maura Mcknight149 Barney St 4014356712 Maureen A. Budnick9 Fletcher St 4012703854 Maureen Casey5 Lowell DR 4014388262 Maureen M. Macomber104 Redland Ave 4014340440 Maureen Medeiros42 Haliburton Rd 4014342273 Maureen O'leary95 Newman Ave 4014347555 Maurice Beaulieu11 Cornell Ave 4014340698 Maurice L. Bessette73 Larchmere DR 4014353234 Mcdonald's72 Newport Ave 4014340490 Mcdonald's Restaurant72 Newport Ave 4014348372 Meagan E. David6 Doro Pl 4013834366 Meagan Queenan6 Vermont Ave 4014342666 Meaghan Mcgee30 Ferris Ave 4014359022 Megan Blood201 Wilson Ave 4014342050 Megan Lourenco36 Pavilion Ave 4014341871 Megan Pawlik310 Ferris Ave 4014382587 Meghan E. Robinson43 Taylor DR 4014340250 Melanie Aragao278 Pawtucket Ave 4014900343 Melanie T. Carson21 Duncan Rd 4014330798 Melinda E. Brown332 Pleasant St 4014326401 Melissa A. Yuski11 Arcadia Ave 4014342292 Melissa L. Dambra42 Vista DR 4014345392 Mercedes Domenech11 Bridgham St 4014350263 Meredith F. Howe8 Carriage Ln 4014380377 Meredith L. Nixon63 Sylvan Rd 4014347362 Meredith M. Denno102 Hood Ave 4014347296 Meredith M. Denno102 Hood Ave 4014353893 Meribeth Bowden70 Pearl Ave 4014346036 Meta Delderfield95 Newman Ave 4014346271 Metro PCS190 Newport Ave 4012705666 Michael A. Batista106 Ruth Ave 4018086622 Michael A. David6 Doro Pl 4013834366 Michael A. Lyons21 Dalton St 4014383154 Michael Almeida87 Miller Ave 4014326362 Michael B. Graves44 Horsford Ave 4014373465 Michael Bedrosian105 Newman Ave 4014344544 Michael C. Veader Jr25 Victoria Ave 4014345343 Michael Clarke139 Don Ave 4014356612 Michael D. Resnick348 Pleasant St 4014314023 Michael Doherty71 Bishop Ave 4013833954 Michael E. Noelte45 Martha Rd 4014387654 Michael E. Pezza19 Reservoir Ave 4014349579 Michael Fleisch20 Newman Ave 4014343871 Michael Fontes215 Bourne Ave 4014340969 Michael G. Anthony70 Algonquin Rd 4014359065 Michael Goldstein1 Catlin Ave 4014381179 Michael J. Fox Jr7 Don Ave 4014341006 Michael J. Huber83 Don Ave 4014380852 Michael J. Huftalen41 Frederick St 4014343594 Michael J. Hughes20 Newman Ave 4014348986 Michael J. Lydon15 Woburn Rd 4014388147 Michael J. Mcenneny1 Harlem St 4014344023 Michael J. Palmer Sr52 Deer St 4014383748 Michael J. Rose93 Wilson Ave 4014345581 Michael J. Seger46 Hope St 4014347401 Michael John LTD25 Circle St, Ste B 4014382760 Michael K. Mcgee30 Ferris Ave 4014359022 Michael Kirwan5 Bridgham CT 4014356228 Michael Langie55 Vermont Ave 4014310860 Michael P. Agren21 Glenwood Ave 4014345008 Michael P. Villone41 Tryon Ave 4014343460 Michael Pierard10 Bent Rd 4014389716 Michael R. Paylor25 Vista DR 4014384364 Michael R. Taylor25 Vista DR 4014384364 Michael S. Armington38 West DR 4014355280 Michael S. Worden260 Wilson Ave 4013830618 Michael Santos10 Vista DR 4014326688 Michael Sweeney20 Newman Ave 4014340154 Michael T. Grant1 Judkins St 4014381390 Michael T. Wheeler58 Tryon Ave 4014388366 Michael V. Collins33 Orange St 4014355630 Michael W. Clark91 Algonquin Rd 4014346576 Michaela Burke22 Mayfair DR 4014340091 Michele A. Costa59 Beech Tree Rd 4014381024 Michele C. Duff18 Horsford Ave 4014344422 Michele Innace20 Newman Ave 4014381580 Michele Kazarian380 Pleasant St 4014343204 Michele M. Maynard107 Frederick St 4014343985 Michele Metivierjacobs18 Coombs St 4014343843 Michelino J. Paolino49 Larchwood DR 4014352849 Michelle A. Brissette1527 Pawtucket Ave 4012287283 Michelle Aguiar47 N Broadway 4014342111 Michelle C. Rogers11 Sutcliffe Cir 4014382397 Michelle Cady-Messa72 Toner St 4014312321 Michelle Galegoez12 Brentwood DR 4014344240 Michelle J. Richardson30 Pilgrim Ave 4017510565 Michelle L. Travers47 N Broadway 4014342111 Michelle M. Rockwell80 Catlin Ave 4014347672 Michelle Spinelli5 Redland Ave 4014310148 Mickey Lyons21 Dalton St 4014383154 Miguel Ruano20 Newman Ave 4014676860 Mike Badger33 Island Ave 4014348967 Mike J. Burke Iii40 Doro Pl 4014387779 Mike J. Huber50 Bent Rd 4014340760 Mike J. Souza122 Campbell Ave 4014382437 Mike P. Sousa236 Don Ave 4014327450 Miller Mechanical11 Centre St 4014359500 Miriam Kenney20 Elmsgate Way 4014349462 Mitchell Agresti20 Fletcher St 4014386667 Mitchell C. Palumbo45 Berwick Pl 4014311969 Mobil Oil Corporation440 Pawtucket Ave 4014340022 Mobile Locksmith In52 Narragansett Park DR 4018541524 Mobile Locksmith In Rumford52 Narragansett Park DR 4018541524 Molly Kazarian21 Woburn Rd 4014387243 Molly Powers1471 Pawtucket Ave 4014383118 Mona L. Breault23 Case St 4014312945 Monica Mansfield145 Ferris Ave 4012707937 Monica P. Costigan22 Reservoir Ave 4014387777 Moretti C. Calore170 Pleasant St 4014344983 Morgan Bertone20 Newman Ave 4014383091 Morgan C. Harrington19 Windmill Ln 4014387828 Morse Locksmith155 Roger Williams Ave 4018541067 Muriel Costa95 Newman Ave 4014380823 Muriel Costa95 Newman Ave 4014331420 Muriel Hughes95 Newman Ave, Apt N606 4014341466 Muriel J. Bessette73 Larchmere DR 4014353234 Myanh Nguyen120 Campbell Ave 4014327451


 N. Lafrance26 Duncan Rd 4014355646 Nadine L. Kelley73 Bourne Ave 4014343530 Nadine M. Dwyer432 Roger Williams Ave 4014386065 Nail Chic Salon & Spa65 Newport Ave, Ste 1 4013697933 Nancy A. Barlow5 Louise Ave 4014348350 Nancy A. Oldham48 Martha Rd 4014380273 Nancy A. Palumbo45 Berwick Pl 4014311969 Nancy E. Banaczuk10 Mayfair DR 4014386001 Nancy E. Harraka60 Drowne Pkwy 4014348818 Nancy E. Olson19 East DR 4014341175 Nancy E. Rogers39 Drowne Pkwy 4014355625 Nancy Gage49 Roger Williams Ave 4014382730 Nancy J. Brant125 Roger Williams Ave 4014340745 Nancy R. Godfray20 Reservoir Ave 4014343574 Nancy Stevens37 Beaumont St 4014346808 Nancy Wojtyto91 Hope St 4014380385 Nann P. Hightower59 Metacomet Ave 4014380829 Narragansett Marketing Group LTD261 Narragansett Park DR 4014348478 Natalie G. Kent126 Weeden Ave 4014387193 Natasha Janeiro408 Roger Williams Ave 4014343629 Nathan Pimentel92 Centre St 4014340108 Nathan R. Jendza258 Pawtucket Ave 4014341754 Nathan Thurber110 Redland Ave 4012709891 National Staffing1240 Pawtucket Ave 4014359000 Ne Construction293 Bourne Ave 4014340112 Neal D. Bogosian283 Newport Ave 4013833544 Neil D. Sharpe22 Drowne Pkwy 4014382972 Nelson Paine9 East DR 4013838546 New England Engineering293 Bourne Ave 4014340112 New England Medical Billing75 Newman Ave 4018542421 New England Medical Billing75 Newman Ave 4014357035 Newman Congregational Church100 Newman Ave 4014344742 Nextel Communications1160 Pawtucket Ave 4014311311 Nicholas C. Simon Jr60 Lillian Ave 4014384871 Nicholas D. Graham21 Drowne Pkwy 4014310263 Nicholas D. Habib17 Anama Ave 4014381892 Nicolau R. Pereira57 Thatcher St 4014310536 Nicole A. Kudarauskas66 Greenwood Ave 4012709551 Nicole Dejesus261 Roger Williams Ave 4014340342 Nicole Presbrey35 Josephine Ave 4014381610 Nicole Rabideiau22 Haliburton Rd 4014380735 Nicole Sampson45 Puritan Ave 4014310840 Nicole Silva21 Rich St 4013839729 Nicolson Cutter Grinding & Supply Co300 Ferris Ave 4014310469 Nina K. Mello62 Nimitz Rd 4014340523 Nina L. Malloy384 Roger Williams Ave 4014310856 Nishan I. Lawton6 Carriage Ln 4014343722 Noah M. Breitmaier26 Moore St 4014340959 Noel Silva65 New Rd 4014346101 Noel W. Barboza105 Newman Ave 4014353068 Noelle C. Walters201 Pleasant St 4014341188 Norma F. Crowley105 Newman Ave 4014343529 Norman A. Westgate30 Thatcher St 4014382346 Norman Bisson9 Leahy St 4014341690 Norman P. Williams92 Roger Williams Ave 4018086535 Normand J. Marcoux6 Ridgewood DR 4014346203 Normand Lapointe26 Elmsgate Way 4014344196 Nowell T. Scala63 Hoyt Ave 4014348588


 O'donnell Michael Painting & Wallpapering39 Josephine Ave 4014310057 O. Crawford45 Lillian Ave 4014352207 O. Crawford45 Lillian Ave 4014352208 Ocean State Janitorial243 Narragansett Park DR 4014319050 Olive Lanni23 Larchwood DR 4014341544 Oliver F. Frails47 Taylor DR 4014380371 Omni Color Printing331 N Broadway 4014348130 Otis O. Brown Jr60 Pleasant St 4014312903 Ourania Voulgari20 Newman Ave 4014340350 Oveta Crawford45 Lillian Ave 4014352207 Oveta Crawford45 Lillian Ave 4014352208


 P. Alves187 Bourne Ave 4014343452 P. Coningford33 Pearl Ave 4014343366 P. M. Hull19 Clifford St 4014380744 P. Moss375 Pleasant St 4014383597 P. S. Oppenheimer22 Woburn Rd 4014311415 Paige Pezza19 Reservoir Ave 4014349579 Pamela Goulet9 Westwood Ave 4014340764 Pamela Heatherton21 Thatcher St 4014384070 Pamela L. Hagy81 Ruth Ave 4014350309 Pamela P. Costigan22 Reservoir Ave 4014387777 Pamela Walker214 Pleasant St 4014385418 Papa Gino's12 Narragansett Park Dr 4014343830 Parker Construction320 Narragansett Park DR 4014278500 Parsonskellogg310 Bourne Ave 4014380650 Patricia A. Archard41 Adele Ave 4014347504 Patricia A. Beaupre71 Algonquin Rd 4014342940 Patricia A. Iannelli341 Ferris Ave 4014340424 Patricia Annarummo124 Ferris Ave 4014382980 Patricia B. Hopkins24 Doro Pl 4014311364 Patricia B. Worringham33 Glenwood Ave 4014356513 Patricia C. Clark30 Berwick Pl 4014382243 Patricia E. Buteau1 Fern DR 4014385966 Patricia E. Rao95 Newman Ave 4014340684 Patricia Harrington19 Windmill Ln 4014387828 Patricia J. Seddon100 Greenwood Ave 4014311118 Patricia Kurzynski Jr19 Lester St 4014347680 Patricia M. Armstrong33 Berwick Pl 4012702536 Patricia M. Darocha21 Rosanna Ave 4014342909 Patricia M. Flatley217 Newman Ave 4014386464 Patricia M. Henry80 N Broadway 4014344051 Patricia M. Pita24 Don Ave 4014381930 Patricia M. Walinski13 Victoria Ave 4014380937 Patricia O. Cabral122 Metacomet Ave 4014345915 Patricia O. Mccaughey65 New Rd 4014314064 Patricia Phillips20 Garfield Ave 4014347447 Patricia W. Trodson77 Don Ave 4014346999 Patricia Whitman199 Don Ave 4014383187 Patricia Wilson45 Weeden Ave 4013835615 Patrick C. Lynch26 Linden Ave 4014357160 Patrick Hagy81 Ruth Ave 4014350309 Patrick Magner140 Bourne Ave 4014384879 Patrick R. Falvey51 Washburn Ave 4012706702 Patrick Rogers69 Merrick St 4014340859 Paul A. Agresti20 Fletcher St 4014386667 Paul A. Bell51 Ray St 4014343921 Paul A. Dinsmore25 Orange St 4014343250 Paul A. Maynard Sr107 Frederick St 4014343985 Paul A. Monteiro28 Metacomet Ave 4014348194 Paul A. Tucker7 Beech Tree Rd 4014349140 Paul Agren21 Glenwood Ave 4014345008 Paul C. Newman12 Tryon Ave 4014348116 Paul Cabral122 Metacomet Ave 4014345915 Paul D. Butler30 Agawam Park Rd 4014380889 Paul D. Kinder62 Algonquin Rd 4014345696 Paul Dinsmore Atty25 Orange St 4014343250 Paul F. Lopes Jr33 Dalton St 4014382440 Paul F. Pariseau211 Don Ave 4014310663 Paul F. Szczepanek49 Frederick St 4014354984 Paul G. Treanor65 Catlin Ave 4013833971 Paul Goulet9 Westwood Ave 4014340764 Paul J. Mello71 Bent Rd 4014346237 Paul J. Torres76 Coyle Ave 4014386945 Paul J. Valois88 Pawtucket Ave 4014345538 Paul Jannetti6 Gibbs St 4014353718 Paul Lawrence17 Bradley St 4014316466 Paul M. Moura31 Windmill Ln 4014900811 Paul R. Lavoie80 Centre St 4014386895 Paul R. Williams65 Jay St 4014381877 Paul Rebello6 Hood Ave 4014340589 Paula A. Fillion386 Pleasant St 4014387338 Paula A. Gonsalves30 Miller St 4014340765 Paula M. Ashcraft11 Alma Ave 4014346912 Paula M. Mcnamara23 Catlin Ave 4014347229 Paulaj Amaral136 Campbell Ave 4014383814 Paulette G. Larence26 Anama Ave 4014350168 Pauline A. Berard34 Harlem St 4014341959 Pauline G. Dugas195 Newman Ave 4014315988 Pauline Kelley73 Bourne Ave 4014343530 Pauline Langloise95 Newman Ave, Apt N406 4014312908 Pauline M. Cousineau98 Catlin Ave 4014344836 Paulo J. Camara14 Coyle Ave 4014340180 Pcl Fixtures Inc275 Ferris Ave 4014344330 Pearl R. Houle33 Dalton St 4014341671 Peg Salgueiro105 Newman Ave 4014381455 Penelope Nahabedian11 Victoria Ave 4014380848 Peregrine Group20 Newman Ave, Unit 1000 4012700600 Perfect Fit Tailoring & Dry Cleaning196 Newport Ave 4014388800 Periane Thomas400 Pleasant St, Apt 20 4014345905 Persy's Place LLC140 Newport Ave 4014348899 Peter A. Carvelli31 Weeden Ave 4014342523 Peter B. Gross81 Catlin Ave 4014382026 Peter D. Oliver156 Barney St 4014345450 Peter E. Cataldo Jr50 Westwood Ave 4014343570 Peter G. Barilla12 Miller St 4014348253 Peter J. Moubayed95 Greenwood Ave 4015216968 Peter K. Hayes Ii261 Wilson Ave 4014384755 Peter Russo15 Josephine Ave 4014342861 Peter Tabor33 Bourne Ave 4014388295 Philip J. Zexter98 Greenwood Ave 4014355823 Phillip Phillipchaves9 Diana DR 4014385601 Pierre E. Patry31 Beech Tree Rd 4014382545 Poly/Sperse Corp250 Narragansett Park DR 4014381870 Princess S. Bomba146 Don Ave 4012706368 Production Design Products Inc125 Roger Williams Ave 4014341183 Punch Gym Rumford20 Newman Ave, Unit 1105 4013835959


 Quality Cleaning Inc1240 Pawtucket Ave, Ste 2 4014343280 Quality Cleaning Inc1240 Pawtucket Ave, Ste 2 4014343278 Quint R. Dow252 Roger Williams Ave 4014340321


 R. Steele1392 Pawtucket Ave 4014385426 R. Stewart14 Chaffee St 4013836569 Rachel A. Farrell115 Greenwood Ave 4014346828 Rachel H. Nichols120 Miller Ave 4014384191 Rachel J. Garvin9 Dunbar Ave 4012705083 Rachel Ptaszek49 Dalton St 4014345407 Rachelle R. Green20 Newman Ave, Unit 1214 4012729667 Ralph T. Dellarosa60 Don Ave 4014382373 Ramie N. Daponte1335 Pawtucket Ave 4014381254 Randi L. Mclaughlin14 Orange St 4014380680 Randi M. Snead69 Dunbar Ave 4014340787 Raymond Broderick95 Newman Ave 4014345124 Raymond Frackelton175 Barney St 4014380391 Raymond J. Cabral2 Redway Cir 4014384883 Raymond J. Cadoret48 Coyle Ave 4014346534 Raymond J. Cox1347 Pawtucket Ave 4014341152 Raymond J. Levesque Sr5 Sutcliffe Cir 4014347258 Raymond K. Mcbride151 Redland Ave 4014310693 Raymond P. Cassola59 N Broadway 4014385927 Raymond P. Pita24 Don Ave 4014381930 Raymond Paiva38 Vista DR 4014387149 Raymond W. Patch9 Duncan Rd 4014354118 Real Reel Corp50 Taylor DR 4014341070 Rebecca A. Petrarca8 Byron Ave 4014381586 Rebecca Adams215 Pawtucket Ave 4014355335 Rebecca Allen24 Huntington DR 4014387090 Rebecca Creelman128 King Philip Rd 4014340235 Rebecca E. Jenness200 Roger Williams Ave 4018311962 Rebecca L. Solomito19 Rosanna Ave 4016546844 Rebecca Rego12 Farrell Pl 4014340811 Rebecca W. Stone10 Catlin Ave 4014216688 Rebecca Wilkin15 Larchwood DR 4014341373 Regina A. Vasconcellos183 Roger Williams Ave 4014380162 Regina F. Sadlier138 Pavilion Ave 4014343264 Regina M. Moura31 Windmill Ln 4014900811 Renee C. Haggerty10 Hill CT 4012708100 Renee Pippen65 New Rd 4014310817 Rev Dani Whitney Reverend15 Chaffee St 4014348608 Rgis225 Newman Ave 4014345345 Rhoda M. Bucci33 Metacomet Ave 4012707197 Ri Lice Removal1240 Pawtucket Ave 4012704464 Ri Rare Disease Foundation46 Kenton Ave 4014340052 Richard B. Worringham33 Glenwood Ave 4014356513 Richard C. Capracotta10 Dunbar Ave 4014349111 Richard C. Cordeiro18 Bicknell Ave 4014356923 Richard Dalen55 Chauncey Ave 4012286363 Richard E. Kirby85 Hoyt Ave 4014341352 Richard F. Falardeau4 Lynn Ave 4014381139 Richard F. Kelley197 Wilson Ave 4014353940 Richard Fensterer16 Upyonda Way 4014344828 Richard Fox374 Greenwood Ave 4013833414 Richard G. Giguere95 Newman Ave 4014340788 Richard G. Kelly48 Centre St 4014386637 Richard Hodge16 Shaw St 4014342190 Richard J. Mitchell85 Tryon Ave 4014381164 Richard J. Primmer Jr140 Don Ave 4014383979 Richard J. Tracy134 Don Ave 4014347666 Richard L. Lundgren27 Bowen St 4014310159 Richard Lindsay336 N Broadway 4014343296 Richard M. Brown332 Pleasant St 4014326401 Richard N. Morse9 Coyle Ave 4018294825 Richard P. Tremblay23 Redland Ave 4013837139 Richard R. Reels105 Newman Ave, Apt S1009 4014346699 Richard Reels105 Newman Ave 4014340987 Richard Salgueiro105 Newman Ave 4014381455 Richard Santos398 N Broadway 4014345241 Richard W. Lawson120 Wilson Ave 4014341491 Richard W. Lawson120 Wilson Ave 4014343333 Richelle Y. Pierce46 Larchmere DR 4014349791 Richmond A. Patterson33 Harlem St 4014344129 Rider A. Casella20 Beaumont St 4014384183 Rita D. Konicki95 Newman Ave 4014353604 Rita Demetriou95 Newman Ave, Apt N310 4014383980 Rita F. Bouthillier15 Vermont Ave 4014340360 Rita M. Wheeler39 Redland Ave 4014384973 Robert A. Basile28 Bellevue Blvd 4014386764 Robert A. Capello16 Reservoir Ave 4014388227 Robert A. Jackson1 Little St 4014385387 Robert A. Mignacca Jr128 Wilson Ave 4014384788 Robert A. Sewell91 Taylor DR 4014387419 Robert A. Turner320 Greenwood Ave 4014310710 Robert Brown60 Pleasant St 4014312903 Robert Caron262 Pawtucket Ave 4014380609 Robert Caron262 Pawtucket Ave 4014386137 Robert Conklin20 Newman Ave, Unit 1312 4015339555 Robert D. ConleyPo Box 4844 4016833891 Robert D. Coogan31 N Broadway 4014343862 Robert E. Demacedo57 Ruth Ave 4014353920 Robert E. Metz59 Bourne Ave 4014380105 Robert E. Roy Jr40 Agawam Park Rd 4014388872 Robert E. Sharp Jr45 Pearl Ave 4014347218 Robert E. Simpson110 New Rd 4014386258 Robert F. Clarke1371 Pawtucket Ave 4014347626 Robert F. Pyper15 Doro Pl 4014342076 Robert Fortin30 Marshall Way 4013533080 Robert G. Clark30 Berwick Pl 4014382243 Robert G. Pinault300 Wilson Ave 4014380581 Robert Grady20 Newman Ave 4013836115 Robert J. Holden Sr131 Frederick St 4014341009 Robert J. Mcclellan155 Pleasant St 4014346397 Robert J. Radock Sr25 Bourne Ave 4014340417 Robert J. Smith61 Dunbar Ave 4014387658 Robert J. Stewart14 Chaffee St 4013836569 Robert Kashow9 Rich St 4014385158 Robert L Lapointe Atty225 Newman Ave 4014387790 Robert L. Blanchette Jr45 Magnolia St 4014346704 Robert L. Dube32 Leahy St 4014341075 Robert L. Lapointe26 Elmsgate Way 4014344196 Robert Leach Insurance225 Newman Ave, Ste 14 4014355000 Robert Lepointe26 Elmsgate Way 4014344196 Robert M. Brady8 Beech Tree Rd 4014349143 Robert M. Caten Jr177 Don Ave 4014349211 Robert M. Choquette14 Diana DR 4014381574 Robert M. Cute68 Pavilion Ave 4014341602 Robert M. Falvey6 Moore St 4014383717 Robert Mclean33 Wood Hollow Ln 4014381984 Robert N. Oneil16 Washburn Ave 4014312329 Robert Neves21 Vermont Ave 4014384839 Robert P. Long6 Garfield Ave 4014340313 Robert R. Carmody16 Rosanna Ave 4014345009 Robert R. Fonseca21 Brentwood DR 4014345348 Robert Radway14 Drowne Pkwy 4014348601 Robert Ramsden29 Merrick St 4014386458 Robert S. Fritsche Jr23 Clifford St 4014342169 Robert Simonds73 Redland Ave 4014388466 Robert Sosa67 Greenwood Ave 4014386542 Robert Souza50 Thatcher St 4014389485 Robert Taylor111 N Broadway 4014384707 Robert W. Veyera61 East DR 4014387493 Roberta J. Adams63 Pleasant St 4014389151 Roberta M. Mayers223 Newman Ave 4014386243 Roberta Sharp400 Pleasant St 4014380943 Robin A. Pothier34 Upyonda Way 4014388218 Robin A. Rollo21 Don Ave 4014312613 Robin H. Gross81 Catlin Ave 4014382026 Robin M. Alario80 Jay St 4014344602 Robin Paquette50 Nimitz Rd 4014344855 Rocco Albanese352 N Broadway 4014311315 Rochelle Santos30 Chauncey Ave 4015723781 Rodrigues Auto405 N Broadway 4014327910 Roger Cournoyer167 Newport Ave 4014342751 Roger N Cournoyer Vetnarn167 Newport Ave 4014342751 Roger Nascimento17 Huntington DR 4014340423 Roland D. Buteau Jr1 Fern DR 4014385966 Roland Labbe105 Newman Ave 4014340401 Roland Messier105 Newman Ave 4014341895 Roland Spencer39 Castro St 4014385746 Ronald A. Beaupre71 Algonquin Rd 4014342940 Ronald B. Coia95 Newman Ave, Apt N511 4014380906 Ronald D. Vandendorpel194 Pleasant St 4014356489 Ronald H. Beeley35 Whitaker Ave 4014382944 Ronald J. Champagne25 East DR 4014383994 Ronald J. Procopio38 Brentwood DR 4014346304 Ronald J. Travers55 Deer St 4014344817 Ronald L. Antuono83 Barney St 4014381983 Ronald R. Ricco25 Circle St 4014340222 Ronald Ricco MD25 Circle St, Ste C 4014340222 Ronald W. E140 Bourne Ave 4014342586 Rosanna V. Wertheimer68 Campbell Ave 4014343690 Rose Arnold95 Newman Ave 4012700354 Rose B. Bentley95 Newman Ave 4014383561 Rose S. Barsoian7 Elm CT 4014348870 Rose V. Levesque5 Sutcliffe Cir 4014347258 Rose Warner95 Newman Ave, Apt N1008 4014340216 Rosella K. Crowshaw36 Algonquin Rd 4014381830 Rosemary E. Cournoyer167 Newport Ave 4014342751 Roxanne M. Smith61 Dunbar Ave 4014387658 Royce A. Robinson Jr109 Roger Williams Ave 4014342944 Ruben F. Mello33 Victoria Ave 4014343173 Ruby D. Hebert176 Roger Williams Ave 4014346948 Rui R. Macedo109 Ruth Ave 4014380514 Rumford Apartments105 Newman Ave 4014310661 Rumford Apartments95 Newman Ave 4014345961 Rumford Barber Salon25 Circle St 4014340850 Rumford Beauty Salon310 Greenwood Ave 4014380163 Rumford Center20 Newman Ave, Unit 2001A 4018656642 Rumford Dental20 Newman Ave, Unit 1020 4014344304 Rumford Emergency Locksmith45 Newport Ave 4014732688 Rumford Food Mart1246 Pawtucket Ave 4014385111 Rumford Grange125 N Broadway 4014380638 Rumford Irving411 N Broadway 4014327325 Rumford Lockout Locksmith110 King Philip Rd 4018541509 Rumford Locksmith Solution311 Newport Ave 4018541477 Rumford Locksmith Store320 Narragansett Park DR 4018541478 Rumford Safety Locksmith86 Narragansett Park DR 4018541489 Russell A. Lema41 Victoria Ave 4014346457 Russell E. Chace44 Martha Rd 4014349329 Russell F. Mcketon Jr105 Newman Ave 4014342163 Ruth A. Desmarais37 Metacomet Ave 4014341114 Ruth B. Skillings7 Harlem St 4014347169 Ruth E. Magee200 Roger Williams Ave, Unit 309 4014346507 Ruth G. Goldstein1 Catlin Ave 4014381179 Ruth L. Bodell15 Jay St 4014387429 Ruth Lawson120 Wilson Ave 4014341491 Ruth Lawson120 Wilson Ave 4014343333 Ryan Cute68 Pavilion Ave 4014341602 Ryan J. Daponte1335 Pawtucket Ave 4014381254 Ryan M. Queenan6 Vermont Ave 4014342666 Ryan Procopio38 Brentwood DR 4014346304 Ryan Williams31 Pilgrim Ave 4014383334


 S E Consulting LLC264 Roger Williams Ave 4014341143 S. Banaczuk10 Mayfair DR 4014386001 S. Bashall98 Ferris Ave 4014341802 S. Beckett338 Pleasant St 4014381444 S. Lawrence2 Deer St 4014344039 S. S. Fritsche23 Clifford St 4014342169 Sally J. Rogers86 Don Ave 4014341570 Salvatore J. Annarummo124 Ferris Ave 4014382980 Samantha G. Hedden108 Roger Williams Ave 4014310197 Sandra J. Tavares33 Vineland Ave 4014346855 Sandra Oliviera12 Wilson Ave 4014348630 Sandra Perry30 Ruth Ave 4014327577 Sandy Soares92 Ruth Ave 4012700677 Santander Bank255 Newport Ave 4014387743 Santander Bank - Offices255 Newport Ave 4014387743 Sara E. Rose95 Ruth Ave 4014343650 Sara F. Willis18 Huntington DR 4014347963 Sara L. Erskine37 Chauncey Ave 4014340844 Sara P. Pearson344 Newman Ave 4014316182 Sara R. Ford27 Windmill Ln 4014381917 Sarah Donato22 Brentwood DR 4014340375 Sarah E. Treanor65 Catlin Ave 4013833971 Sarah K. Kundel22 Pawtucket Ave 4014340384 Sarah Langlois95 Newman Ave 4013697316 Scot Harris10 Carrie Ave 4014311271 Scott A. Alario80 Jay St 4014344602 Scott A. Haggerty10 Hill CT 4012708100 Scott A. Woodruff10 Merchant St 4014385370 Scott Allen24 Huntington DR 4014387090 Scott C. Budnick9 Fletcher St 4012703854 Scott G. Lloyd121 Don Ave 4014345823 Scott M. Harris10 Carrie Ave 4014311271 Scott P. Abate28 Gertrude Ave 4014384156 Scott Pickering9 Rich St 4014343419 Scott Vadenais99 Weeden Ave 4012725760 Scott Volkswagen Collision Center270 Newport Ave 4014345053 Scott W. Cordischi15 Elm CT 4014330249 Sean A. Mcquiggan73 Frederick St 4014342437 Sean Murphy71 Catlin Ave 4016320712 Seasource Imports LTD20 Newman Ave, Unit 1025 4014354500 Selina Vazquez5 Victoria Ave 4014310184 Sen-Ko Banaczuk10 Mayfair DR 4014386001 Sergio A. Silveira61 Elm Ave 4014341210 Sevana M. Ferreira1 Vista DR 4014342645 Seven Stars Bakery20 Newman Ave, Unit 3001 4013834483 Shaghalian Family Dental1002 Pawtucket Ave 4014384964 Shamrock Financial75 Newman Ave, Ste 1 4014380202 Shandy Lavallee400 Pleasant St, Apt 1 4014381495 Shannon D. Neves21 Vermont Ave 4014384839 Sharon A. Nixon63 Sylvan Rd 4014347362 Sharon Baker13 Wilson Ave 4014344078 Sharon Rebello48 Barney St 4014312976 Shawn Clayton918 Roger Williams Ave 4014345479 Sheila C. Christensen44 Drowne Pkwy 4014355959 Sheila H. Vandal14 Lillian Ave 4014341237 Sheila H. Vandal14 Lillian Ave 4014353543 Sheila Haley133 Wilson Ave 4014358828 Sheila Mccarthy20 Redland Ave 4014348191 Sheila W. Desousa219 Pawtucket Ave 4014381562 Shelley M. Pena101 N Broadway 4014900385 Shirley A. Collins20 Deer St 4014381286 Shirley A. Ferrara20 Deer St 4014381286 Shirley A. Lawson120 Wilson Ave 4014341491 Shirley A. Lawson120 Wilson Ave 4014343333 Shirley A. Omara123 Troy St 4014387867 Shirley Drummond105 Newman Ave 4014380125 Shirley Ferrara-Collins20 Deer St 4014381286 Shirley L. Smith55 Dunbar Ave 4014382043 Shu-Wen Hedden108 Roger Williams Ave 4014310197 Sidney Pierce46 Larchmere DR 4014349791 Silvana C. Waghelstein1 Garfield Ave 4014340473 Simon Fanion49 Martha Rd 4014389493 Simone S. Ribeiro34 Chaffee St 4014376687 Simpson Edward M20 Newman Ave, Unit 1000 4014344448 Sky Zone Trampoline Park70 Pawtucket Ave 4013836000 Solutions Family Behavior225 Newman Ave 4012707110 Sonda M. Pimental27 Duncan Rd 4013837727 Southern Cross X-Ray Supply264 Roger Williams Ave 4014380700 Sprint Nextel1160 Pawtucket Ave 4014311311 Sprint Store45 Newport Ave, Ste C 4013836574 Sprint Store by Advanced Mobile Solutions45 Newport Ave, Ste C 4013836574 St Margaret Ccd Office1098 Pawtucket Ave 4014354755 Stacey Pimentel92 Centre St 4014340108 Stacie M. Bennett127 Bishop Ave 4017140427 Stan Gillie136 Miller Ave 4014347932 Stan Kurzynski19 Lester St 4014347680 Stanley G. Clark Jr18 Ellis St 4014345654 Stanley Granite Monument Co91 Pawtucket Ave 4014344064 Stanley J. Gillie Jr136 Miller Ave 4014347932 Stanley Jacobs20 Little St 4014385854 Stanley P. Kurzynski Jr19 Lester St 4014347680 Starlight Limousine and Transportation1160 Pawtucket Ave 4014355466 Stephanie D. Graham21 Drowne Pkwy 4014310263 Stephanie Dasilva1118 Pawtucket Ave 4014341755 Stephen Bentz24 Dalton St 4014388912 Stephen Cirelli73 Washburn Ave 4014381310 Stephen Dicecco14 Merchant St 4014345324 Stephen Ellis43 Kenton Ave 4014340183 Stephen L. Nicholson52 Wildwood Ave 4014310961 Stephen M. Rosa23 Windmill Ln 4014384377 Stephen S. Fitzgerald41 Bent Rd 4018614281 Stephen S. Johnson Sr66 West DR 4014359166 Steve A. Medeiros Ii52 Island Ave 4014357011 Steve D. Neves21 Vermont Ave 4014384839 Steve's Auto Care Center155 Roger Williams Ave 4014389494 Steven A. Loffredo28 Upyonda Way 4014342635 Steven A. Nichols120 Miller Ave 4014384191 Steven Abatiello103 Bishop Ave 4014340894 Steven Dearborn200 Roger Williams Ave 4017223164 Steven Greaves60 Algonquin Rd 4012283332 Steven J. Benson75 Byron Ave 4014347577 Steven J. Hardcastle20 Beech Tree Rd 4013838734 Steven K. Silva17 Agawam Park Rd 4014344307 Steven L. Federico280 Thatcher St 4014357079 Steven M. Pimentel92 Centre St 4014340108 Steven Rego12 Farrell Pl 4014340811 Steven T. Jezierny7 Gertrude Ave 4014385333 Steven T. Williams92 Roger Williams Ave 4018086535 Steven W. Raffa40 Ruth Ave 4014342545 Strategic Sales Group1240 Pawtucket Ave, Ste 1 4012731215 Strike FX PRO Shops Inc80 Newport Ave 4014342222 Stuart Macdonald64 Greenwood Ave 4014316273 Subway411 N Broadway 4014327742 Subway80 Newport Ave 4012701925 Sue W. Kershaw171 Wilson Ave 4014381885 Sunny H. Nguyen120 Campbell Ave 4014327451 SunSational Tanning202 Newport Ave 4014388266 Sunshine Creamery305 N Broadway 4014312828 Susan A. Chace44 Martha Rd 4014349329 Susan Bartlett34 Miller St 4014344744 Susan Bourgault816 Roger Williams Ave 4014344296 Susan E. Alario80 Jay St 4014344602 Susan G. Synan44 Hood Ave 4014314025 Susan J. Nascimento17 Huntington DR 4014340423 Susan L. Morettini90 Miller Ave 4014381746 Susan L. Musche284 Pleasant St 4014348757 Susan M. Derouin84 Coyle Ave 4014353229 Susan M. Katzen9 Josephine Ave 4013837927 Susan M. Silveira61 Elm Ave 4014341210 Susan M. Staniunas65 Roger Williams Ave 4014388558 Susan Macdonald64 Greenwood Ave 4014316273 Susan Patterson20 Newman Ave 4014341864 Susan Peck66 Tryon Ave 4014348885 Susan W. Ball95 Newman Ave 4014343754 Susann G. Dellarosa60 Don Ave 4014382373 Susanne E. Kershaw171 Wilson Ave 4014381885 Susilee H. Dean33 Nevada Ave 4014388517 Suzanne Garham40 Sylvan Rd 4014343164 Suzanne H. Gorham40 Sylvan Rd 4014343164 Suzanne Wilson45 Weeden Ave 4013835615


 T. Marques61 Dalton St 4014353487 Tabitha A. Aldrich52 Goff St 4014342181 Tammy Borges11 Coyle Ave 4014344055 Tania Costa109 Ruth Ave 4014385073 Tara L. Grant1 Judkins St 4014381390 Tara M. Lindberg125 Campbell Ave 4014347341 Tax Technician45 Lillian Ave 4014352207 Taylor A. Lampron45 Ruth Ave 4014383655 Taylor D. Harrington19 Windmill Ln 4014387828 Td Aldrich52 Goff St 4014342181 Td Bank440 Pawtucket Ave 4014314057 Telmo Ferreira76 Kelley Ave 4014346282 Teresa C. Silva1337 Pawtucket Ave 4014311762 Teresa Capracotta10 Dunbar Ave 4014349111 Terrance Turner200 Roger Williams Ave 4014383640 Terry A. Capracotta10 Dunbar Ave 4014349111 Terry Biafore50 Catlin Ave 4014341508 The Children's Workshop411 Narragansett Park DR 4014341118 The Clothes Pin64 Newport Ave 4012286974 The Cutting Gallery375 N Broadway 4014315095 The Early Leraning Centers of Rhode Island268 Pawtucket Ave 4012287770 The Knights of Martial Arts200 Newport Ave 4013834948 The Nazarene Bethany Church15 Chaffee St 4014348608 The Rumford Gardener225 Newman Ave, Ste 15 4014310084 Thelma Creelman128 King Philip Rd 4014340235 Thelma Travis105 Newman Ave 4014345496 Theodore F. Dugas Jr195 Newman Ave 4014315988 Theodore F. Lotring95 Newman Ave, Apt N904 4014353031 Theodore Kalaitzidis95 Washburn Ave 4014381569 Theresa A. Fagan76 Pavilion Ave 4014349314 Theresa C. Weddell105 Newman Ave 4014340367 Theresa E. Lamothe95 Newman Ave 4014355138 Theresa J. Mello135 Roger Williams Ave 4014389173 Theresa N. Miles34 Tryon Ave 4014348221 Theresa Pereira57 Thatcher St 4014310536 Theresa Walsh105 Newman Ave 4014381288 Theresa Y. Barriere105 Newman Ave 4014380586 Therese F. Langlois9 Gertrude Ave 4014357051 Thomas A. Ciavola360 Greenwood Ave 4014342220 Thomas A. Costa41 East DR 4014354489 Thomas C. Pinault300 Wilson Ave 4014380581 Thomas D. Sorrentine15 Marshall Way 4016546042 Thomas E. Brun33 Vista DR 4014383041 Thomas E. Dorsey400 Pleasant St 4014341629 Thomas E. Henry80 N Broadway 4014344051 Thomas E. Noyes114 Miller Ave 4014326433 Thomas E. Varone10 Moore St 4014382479 Thomas F. Houle33 Dalton St 4014341671 Thomas F. Mynarski125 Pavilion Ave 4014385137 Thomas F. Oldham48 Martha Rd 4014380273 Thomas Falco105 Newman Ave 4014347639 Thomas J. Collard174 Pleasant St 4014386509 Thomas Klump21 Beaumont St 4014343459 Thomas L. Clupny30 Bourne Ave 4014343705 Thomas L. Godfray20 Reservoir Ave 4014343574 Thomas L. Mirza53 Drowne Pkwy 4014383339 Thomas Lima65 New Rd 4014341489 Thomas M. Cunha43 Magnolia St 4014346802 Thomas M. Nelson10 Orange St 4014319838 Thomas Mottur3 Sylvan Rd 4014380832 Thomas P. Ellis43 Kenton Ave 4014340183 Thomas Taylor32 Martha Rd 4014346045 Thomas W. Wojtyto Iii91 Hope St 4014380385 Thomas Walsh42 Elm Ave, Apt 4B 4014346450 Thomas Westgate27 Cornell Ave 4016324823 Thomsen Inc Trunk E B141 Narragansett Park DR 4014312190 Thos E. Lister49 Larchmere DR 4014341144 Tiaffani Azulay6 Island Ave 4014384618 Tiffanie Benson39 Wood Hollow Ln 4012701662 Timothy A. Frazier73 Jay St 4014344141 Timothy Ashton200 Roger Williams Ave, Unit 201 4014385010 Timothy E. Harrison125 Miller Ave 4014314039 Timothy K. Sullivan38 Thatcher St 4014344284 Timothy M. Anderson61 Bishop Ave 4012700129 Timothy M. Archard41 Adele Ave 4014347504 Timothy M. Mcenery160 Ferris Ave 4014381959 Timothy M. Oneil Jr54 Tryon Ave 4014355774 Timothy P. Brady8 Beech Tree Rd 4014349143 Timothy P. Lopes33 Dalton St 4014382440 Timothy T. Danby31 Marshall Way 4014385436 Tina M. Souza122 Campbell Ave 4014382437 Tish B. Hopkins24 Doro Pl 4014311364 Todd D. Moline18 Don Ave 4014385845 Todd N. Tewksbury69 Hope St 4014340339 Todd Wallace50 Drowne Pkwy 4014381608 Tom P. Harrington Jr95 Newman Ave 4014343864 Tom Smith154 Ferris Ave 4014345913 Tommy Rego145 Campbell Ave 4014357163 Toni Fernandes1 Frederick St 4014342229 Toni Gonzalez10 Riverwoods CT 4014384033 Tonia Duncan-Lathrobe185 King Philip Rd 4014350780 Tonia Q. Duncan185 King Philip Rd 4014350780 Tower Imaging264 Roger Williams Ave, Ste 8 4014380024 Town Wine And Spirits179 Newport Ave 4014340230 Tracee L. Johnson172 Ferris Ave 4014345336 Tracey F. Anthony70 Algonquin Rd 4014359065 Tracey M. Damico100 Don Ave 4015723625 Tracey T. Moline18 Don Ave 4014385845 Tracie A. Quilty45 Brentwood DR 4014384560 Tracy A. Shaw106 Coyle Ave 4014346740 Tracy L. Hardacker430 Roger Williams Ave 4013514757 Tracy Rossignol6 Tryon Ave 4014387251 Tricia S. Oneil54 Tryon Ave 4014355774 Troy Pires & Allen376 Newport Ave 4014319200 Twyler Boyce25 Drowne Pkwy 4014386016 Ty Parmenter55 Dalton St 4014381974 Tyler Kinder62 Algonquin Rd 4014345696


 Uncle Bob's Self Storage800 Narragansett Park DR 4014347505 Uncle Bob's Storage800 Narragansett Park DR 4014337571 Uncle Tony's Pizza & Pasta141 Newport Ave 4014384900 Uncle Tony's Pizza & Pasta141 Newport Ave 4014384646 United East Llc170 Greenwood Ave 4014344887 United Skates of America75 New Rd 4014389898


 Valarie J. Lawson122 Hoyt Ave 4014350511 Valarie Wallace50 Drowne Pkwy 4014381608 Valerie A. Dymsza18 Case St 4014345052 Valerie J. Lawson122 Hoyt Ave 4014350511 Valerie White101 N Broadway 4014340307 Vaporetti50 Newport Ave 4014327889 Verez C. Nahabedian11 Victoria Ave 4014380848 Veronica A. Moniz74 Byron Ave 4014343786 Veronica Beaulieu11 Cornell Ave 4014340698 Veronica Farrell11 Kenton Ave 4014345932 Veronica M. Procopio38 Brentwood DR 4014346304 Vicente M. Pereira14 Island Ave 4014343423 Vicki Noel200 Roger Williams Ave, Unit 308 4014380703 Vickie A. Lorkiewicz18 Metacomet Ave 4014344239 Vickie A. Noel200 Roger Williams Ave, Unit 308 4014380703 Victor M. Contente60 Weeden Ave 4014340604 Vincent Agliata99 Catlin Ave 4014344145 Vincent E. Bouthillier15 Vermont Ave 4014340360 Violett Kelley95 Newman Ave 4014380161 Virginia C. Roberts50 Agawam Park Rd 4014348277 Virginia E. Woodruff206 Ferris Ave 4014341979 Virginia L. Brown12 Glenwood Ave 4014385431 Virginia M. Pierson70 Campbell Ave 4014380114 Virginia N. Gross81 Catlin Ave 4014382026 Virginia Piti160 Bourne Ave 4014355240


 W. C. Doherty261 Newman Ave 4014383818 Wade L. Pezzullo117 Washburn Ave 4014341041 Wallace J. Perry144 Centre St 4014385031 Walter B. Dobbs109 Washburn Ave 4014341815 Walter C. Hunter32 Beaumont St 4014385195 Walter E. Snead69 Dunbar Ave 4014340787 Walter G. Anness60 Greenwood Ave 4014380869 Walter J. Atwood133 Wilson Ave 4014358828 Walter L. Sousa Jr110 Algonquin Rd 4014355339 Walter L. Sousa Jr110 Algonquin Rd 4014381599 Walter Moline22 Nevada Ave 4014380988 Walter Phillips20 Garfield Ave 4014347447 Walter S. Kondon15 Bent Rd 4014356556 Wanda C. Rego145 Campbell Ave 4014357163 Wannamoisett Country Club96 Hoyt Ave 4014341200 Wayne A. Barnes171 King Philip Rd 4014342117 Wayne B. Houle33 Dalton St 4014341671 Wayne Gage49 Roger Williams Ave 4014382730 Wayne J. Forrest11 Doro Pl 4014348164 Wayne J. Forrest11 Doro Pl 4014383223 Wendell O. Brown60 Pleasant St 4014312903 Wendy A. Johnson67 Algonquin Rd 4014348417 Wendy I. Xavier9 Vermont Ave 4014345349 Wendy S. Brown60 Pleasant St 4014312903 Wendy W. Pyper15 Doro Pl 4014342076 Wendy's Old Fashioned Hamburgers63 Newport Ave 4014359208 Wil Mcenery160 Ferris Ave 4014381959 Will's Local Locksmith375 N Broadway 4014732062 William A. Castro88 Byron Ave 4014342998 William A. Mcenery Jr160 Ferris Ave 4014381959 William B. Omara123 Troy St 4014387867 William C. Fisher65 Don Ave 4014388406 William C. Maaia18 Bourne Ave 4014380046 William E. Corrigan Jr70 Hood Ave 4014384481 William E. Kreutel130 Bourne Ave 4014341808 William E. Massey Jr21 Jay St 4014383983 William E. Murray Iii39 Sylvan Rd 4014349699 William E. Rice Jr388 Pawtucket Ave 4014346168 William F. Badger33 Island Ave 4014348967 William F. Gibeault135 New Rd 4014380868 William G M. Perrin Jr42 Hill CT 4014343339 William H. Chace44 Martha Rd 4014349329 William H. Nichols10 Kenton Ave 4014383828 William Higgins115 Bourne Ave 4014345619 William J. Anthony10 Redway Cir 4014343473 William J. Blessing Jr90 Bishop Ave 4014386251 William J. Brickel49 East DR 4014344260 William J. Cilli115 Hope St 4014389466 William J. Dias Jr49 Byron Ave 4014345775 William J. Gilbert19 Webster Ave 4014383757 William J. Hetu16 Fern DR 4014380428 William J. Leddy19 Mayfair DR 4014385130 William J. Waters157 Pleasant St 4014386612 William K. Bowers15 Miller St 4014381789 William Kelley95 Newman Ave 4014380161 William Kenney17 Westwood Ave 4014345182 William L. Drapeau26 Drowne Pkwy 4014348107 William M. Turner Ii37 Dunbar Ave 4014343248 William Mallon95 Newman Ave, Apt N511 4014345093 William Prew1615 Pawtucket Ave 4014389597 William R. Simpson Ii194 Don Ave 4014380623 William S. Hopkins24 Doro Pl 4014311364 William T. Nahas152 Wilson Ave 4014342364 William T. Wilson1 Horton Pl 4014346095 Wine Wizards55 Pawtucket Ave, Ste C 4014342429 Winfield Lucille21 Cornell Ave 4014311713 Winifred O. Cardosi95 Newman Ave 4014345986 Winkler Group LTD54 Taylor DR 4012483061 Wishing Well Bridal333 Newport Ave 4014344600 Wm Paine105 Newman Ave 4014389472


 Yankee Drummer Antiques326 N Broadway 4014355540 Yoeun Som45 Plain St 4014341174 Yolanda J. Alcordo60 Centre St 4014358060 Yolanda O'neill24 Bellevue Blvd 4014387723 Ytuky Kreshchuk111 Ferris Ave 4014379416 Yuri G. Kreshchuk111 Ferris Ave 4014379416 Yvonne Peal155 Don Ave 4014343635


 Zachary A. Kazarian21 Woburn Rd 4014387243 Zachary R. Palumbo45 Berwick Pl 4014311969 Zackary Smith280 Roger Williams Ave 4014341561 Zeferino J. Domingues344 Pleasant St 4014343853 Zenas W. Bliss Ii135 Don Ave 4014349216 Zotico Vazquez5 Victoria Ave 4014310184


 24 Hours Locksmith In Rumford198 Newport Ave 4018541515 24 Hr Emergency Locksmith310 Greenwood Ave 4014732683
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