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Riverside, RI. 2915

The city Riverside use the area codes: 401, 508, 617.
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 A Bug Out Pest Control 4014331398 A Qm Information Solutions Inc40 Amaral St 4014343794 A Splash Of Color216 Willett Ave 4014332787 A. And24 Reardon Ave 4014332927 A. E. Thibeault2928 Pawtucket Ave, Apt 5 4014355260 A. Farina10 Brookfield Rd 4014353435 A. Farina10 Brookfield Rd 4014385348 A. M. James Jr9 Connors Ln 4014334117 A. Mckenna50 Circuit DR 4014331199 A. Pinhero25 Harris St 4014335671 A. R. Barros45 Gerald St 4014385461 A1 Services LTD181 Willett Ave 4014732675 Aa Aa175 Providence Ave 4014330358 Aaron Fleming47 White Ave 4014331976 Aaron G. Lindsey17 Peach Orchard DR 4014331451 Aaron S. Santos19 Leroy DR 4014372023 Abel F. Oliveira24 River St 4014330712 Abel Gomes183 Wampanoag Trl 4014386575 Abigail Collins4 Fuller Ave 4014335689 Abraham J. Rahed137 Earl Ave 4014376023 Adam Harris15 Ramsay St 4014331267 Adam M. Perry9 Promenade St 4014332430 Adam Turner113 Crown Ave 4014345725 Adam White20 Indian Rd 4014332614 Adamek S. Hardt57 Armington Ave 4013834556 Adelino Machado277 Burnside Ave 4014331254 Adolph Gennari1025 Bullocks Point Ave 4014332198 Adriano A. Oliveira Iv60 Lakeside St 4013835262 Adrith L. Andrade28 Pine Crest DR 4014331382 ADS Construction Inc300 Wampanoag Trl 4014311228 Aida H. Costandi51 Colony Rd 4014336884 Aileen T. Boudreau858 Bullocks Point Ave 4014330217 Al J. Martin114 Sherman St 4014332308 Alan Cuthill102 Oak Ave 4014331646 Alan D. Daiello Sr153 Circuit DR 4014330758 Alan E. Haydt102 Beverly Rd 4014371763 Alan Ferreira72 Benedict St 4016544972 Alan Macquattie125 Village Grn N 4014344892 Alan Zeigler10 Avenue A 4014372902 Alannah M. Durand71 Earl Ave 4014330175 Alarm New England LLC34 Hemingway DR 4014340800 Alastair N. Wright42 Colony Rd 4014332397 Albano M. Couto15 Rhodes Ave 4014330822 Albert A. Pointe23 Monmouth DR 4014370930 Albert A. Whitaker Iii157 Norton St 4014346486 Albert Coy735 Willett Ave, Unit 806 4014332159 Albert E. Conti286 Terrace Ave 4014334228 Albert L. Boucher74 Bay View Ave 4014310581 Albert M. Dunkel Jr50 Woodbine St 4014331479 Albert S. Holstius2891 Pawtucket Ave 4014311837 Alberto Colansanti38 Monmouth DR 4014333406 Alberto Colasanti38 Monmouth DR 4014333406 Albina P. Gizzarelli1440 Wampanoag Trl 4014334060 Albino S. Lage770 Willett Ave 4014333669 Alcida M. Correia17 Elder Ave 4014389894 Alethea C. Schenck3482 Pawtucket Ave 4014331003 Alexander D. Vermilyea54 North St 4014332317 Alexander Duarte22 Waverly Rd 4014330819 Alexander S. Leach87 Terrace Ave 4016324227 Alexandra M. Dempsey46 Euclid Ave 4014330628 Alexandra Whitfield11 N Shore DR 4014331941 Alexandria Santos7 Anson DR 4014327730 Alexandrina Fasteson132 Thurston St 4014370053 Alexis Smith7 Locust St 4014330875 Alfonse Genovesi96 River St 4014331582 Alfred A. Perry4 Carousel DR W 4014374117 Alfred Diquinzio2936 Pawtucket Ave, Apt 214 4014330319 Alfred E. French281 Burnside Ave 4014331246 Alfred L. Jacks862 Willett Ave 4014332889 Alfred R. Ramos Jr128 Fenner Ave 4014333514 Alfred R. Sousa Jr24 Circuit DR 4014333363 Alfred Rotondo14 White Ave 4014331575 Alfred Samways1440 Wampanoag Trl, Apt 250 4014331368 Alfred Santie170 Forbes St 4014332398 Alfred T. Testa Jr23 Sprague Ave 4014370934 Alice C. Dubuc63 Temple DR 4014332620 Alice E. Geoffrey144 Bell Ave 4014374588 Alice E. Yates48 Reardon Ave 4014334941 Alice Silva996 Willett Ave, Apt 4 4014331136 Alice T. Gregory72 Indian Rd 4012705199 Alice T. Roy735 Willett Ave, Unit 401 4014331942 Alicia J. Shea65 Beach Point DR 4014326162 Alicia K. Kane111 Holland Ave 4014336806 Alisha R. Kearney103 Beverly Rd 4014330480 Alison Peavy18 Wingate Rd 4014372437 Alissa B. Rigney40 Ashton Rd 4012708453 Alissa M. Gregory95 Argyle Ave 4014332370 Alissa M. Monaghan194 Arnold St 4014332714 All State Drilling227 Wampanoag Trl 4014347458 Allan D. Gilmore177 Terrace Ave 4014370508 Allen G. Lemoi235 Becker Ave 4014330368 Allen Hanson3645 Pawtucket Ave, Apt A 4012867562 Allison L. Nichols11 Cumberland Rd 4016320734 Allyson Rego17 Wamsetta Ave 4014330917 Almira Thompson26 Adams Ave 4014326277 Alpha Electrical Contractors Inc300 Wampanoag Trl, Ste D 4014340227 Alyssa K. Anderson9 Primrose DR 4016320951 Amanda D. Pierce50 Monmouth DR 4014332423 Amanda E. Lord105 Leroy DR 4014334649 Amanda Gouin2928 Pawtucket Ave, Apt 11 4014341896 Amanda Haywood60 Lakeside St 4014334983 Amanda Horton28 Harvey Ave 4014371249 Amanda L. Bullock96 Stowe Ave 4014332393 Amanda M. Fournier35 Bristol Ave 4014331505 Amanda Marshal40 Claire St 4014335960 Amanda Pion3031 Pawtucket Ave 4014345035 Amanda S. Hainsworth99 Worcester Ave 4014331865 Amanda Soderlund60 Ramsay St 4016320081 Amanda Wilson22 Borden St 4014332569 Amar D. Singh13 Harding Ave 4012741595 Amber G. Silva33 Oak Crest DR 4014374078 Amber Vargas21 Lunn St 4014331968 Amelia Entin1440 Wampanoag Trl 4013510669 Amelia F. Smith23 Floyd Ave 4014370550 Amelia Farias1 Curtis Ln 4014385301 Amelia M. Zuius1061 Willett Ave 4014331126 Amelia Vermilyea54 North St 4014332317 Amendolara Robert Assocs Inc1375 Wampanoag Trl 4017515643 American Floors13 Benedict St 4014330530 American Legion830 Willett Ave 4014339859 American Mortgage2900 Pawtucket Ave 4014381904 Americo Calas22 Ferncrest DR 4014334098 Amiato J. Martins24 Jefferson Ave 4014379358 Amoroso E. Rogers15 Riley DR 4014347990 Amoy Williams2 Carousel DR W 4014330513 Amy A. Corrado74 Temple DR 4012704278 Amy Andrews74 Temple DR 4012704278 Amy D. Moran62 Kingsford Ave 4014381818 Amy E. Beaudoin118 Becker Ave 4014379226 Amy Housley31 Crescent View Ave 4016544914 Amy L. Lasky38 Maple Ave 4013839979 Amy L. Soares77 Beverly Rd 4014335974 Amy L. Soares73 Catalpa Ave 4014331591 Amy W. Thompson11 Crescent Ave 4014333221 Ana Benevides102 Bay View Ave 4014343614 Ana M. Sousa105 Grassy Plain Rd 4014372759 Ana P. Cativo38 Primrose DR 4014335299 Ana W. Santiago617 Bullocks Point Ave 4014334688 Anabel M. Bedard8 Cumberland Rd 4014346169 Anabela Lopes46 Smith St 4014371686 Anazine Nardoza6 Woodbine St 4014331378 Anderson Motors170 Amaral St 4014345900 Andre F. Sousa15 Muriel St 4014374149 Andre M. Williams137 Estrell DR 4014334212 Andre Scavassin9 Carousel DR 4014334108 Andre Williams29 Luray St 4014330519 Andrea L. Sprout78 Leroy DR 4014370342 Andrea N. Holden55 Rounds Ave 4014330831 Andrea Padula130 Dorr Ave 4014371051 Andrew A. Dolby161 Earl Ave 4014334716 Andrew Argenbright2951 Pawtucket Ave 4014384153 Andrew Bechard4 Mountain Ave 4014345836 Andrew Bettencourt40 E Knowlton St 4014333061 Andrew D. Kettle2 Meadowcrest DR 4014333020 Andrew D. Leddy Jr13 Lindy Ave 4014331006 Andrew E. Borges144 Oak Crest DR 4014331951 Andrew E. Borges144 Oak Crest DR 4014372761 Andrew G. Camuso45 Riley DR 4014389397 Andrew J. Soderlund60 Ramsay St 4016320081 Andrew M. Cordeiro121 Prescott Ave 4014379072 Andrew O. Williams29 Luray St 4014330519 Andrew R. Tokarz290 Burnside Ave 4014333161 Andrew T. Poirier23 Plum Rd 4014335026 Andy's Nails1086 Willett Ave, Unit 8 4014334395 Angela A. Martins37 Arrowhead Ave 4014376787 Angela Fontaine73 Prescott Ave 4014326140 Angela Unknownas35 Sherman St 4014371053 Angell Disend & Quesnel of Ri Inc10 Hemingway DR 4014389251 Angelo Barresi104 Oak Ave 4014372704 Angelo Treglia25 Kingsford Ave 4014373616 Animal Experiences29 Argyle Ave 4014334722 Anita Rooney2941 Pawtucket Ave 4014342919 Ann C. Brown148 Terrace Ave 4014330483 Ann Deluca16 Pinehurst Rd 4014333399 Ann E. Procopio44 Lindy Ave 4014371840 Ann Hanson32 Whitcomb Rd 4014372925 Ann L. Pineau36 Willett Ave 4014370968 Ann Langello37 Medberry St 4014371316 Ann M. Andrews19 Fenwick Rd 4014331433 Ann M. Garrido148 Bell Ave 4014334509 Ann M. Lister1440 Wampanoag Trl 4014371414 Ann Mcqueeney34 Burton Ave 4014371089 Ann Souza4 Carousel DR W 4014347425 Ann Walsh55 Burke St 4014370153 Anna Cangiano86 Turner Ave 4014335454 Anna L. Howes243 Crescent View Ave 4014330657 Anna M. Amaral56 Park Rd 4014383938 Anna M. Cabral70 Dearborn DR 4014333542 Anna M. Meservey51 Jackson Ave 4014371293 Anna M. Paolella1061 Willett Ave, Apt 214 4014332630 Anna M. Peters14 Shore Rd 4014370429 Anna T. Griffin2936 Pawtucket Ave, Apt 323 4014345394 Anne B. Hughes82 Winslow St 4014373765 Anne C. Donahue16 Oak Ave 4014331057 Anne E. Conaty2 Sprague Ave 4014371419 Anne E. Esten616 Willett Ave 4014370095 Anne E. Mowchan65 Merritt Rd 4014383270 Anne F. Laderer18 Monmouth DR 4014334959 Anne Feiten1440 Wampanoag Trl 4014212081 Anne M. Barilla142 Circuit DR 4014385190 Anne M. Galvin31 Dearborn DR 4014331386 Anne M. Handfield9 Stephen St 4014335244 Anne M. Mcneil165 Holland Ave 4014330538 Anne M. Newberg30 Monmouth DR 4014334629 Anne M. Uhl22 Indian Rd 4014371764 Anne M. Zarembka6 Woodcrest DR 4014334315 Anne Pari134 Pine Crest DR 4014371557 Anne S Waiters Psycholgst1011 Veterans Memorial Pkwy 4014343400 Anne W. Scurria120 Riverside DR 4014372297 Anne Z. Bessette50 Park Rd 4014341980 Annette A. Tammaro54 Meadowcrest DR 4014331965 Annette N. Paolello17 Glen St 4014333189 Annmarie M. Hanson32 Whitcomb Rd 4014372925 Annmarie Smith19 Pinehurst Rd 4014334525 Anodyne Corp300 Wampanoag Trl, Ste D 4014347500 Anthony A. Amerantes Jr109 Promenade St 4014335272 Anthony A. Andrade122 Terrace Ave 4015339699 Anthony Almeida30 Ivan Ave 4014386602 Anthony Araujo Jr26 Pinehurst Rd 4014331233 Anthony Bochichio Jr9 Lunn St 4014379853 Anthony Botelho22 Circle DR 4014334274 Anthony Bouillon37 Heath St 4014311585 Anthony Carroll160 Allen Ave 4014332539 Anthony D. Daloisio7 Vernon DR 4014330565 Anthony D. Oliver8 Allison CT 4014338253 Anthony Dimonte25 Jackson Ave 4014334482 Anthony F. Guglielmi Jr1 River St, Apt 2A 4014376765 Anthony Falco96 Lincoln Ave 4014330676 Anthony J. Gibalerio Jr1 Barrington CT 4014331979 Anthony J. Leonardo16 Prescott Ave 4014332588 Anthony J. Rego Jr141 Circuit DR 4014332537 Anthony J. Rosato64 Indian Rd 4014330717 Anthony J. White20 Indian Rd 4014332614 Anthony J. Williams137 Estrell DR 4014334212 Anthony Jaworski60 Brookfield Rd 4014346661 Anthony Leiter310 Bullocks Point Ave 4014326661 Anthony M. Pedulla15 Claire St 4014330178 Anthony Maciel121 Elder Ave 4014345565 Anthony Marrocco Jr130 Thurston St 4014338651 Anthony Mclean118 Crown Ave 4014346564 Anthony Parisi31 Winthrop St 4014332615 Anthony R. Laroche Jr114 Turner Ave 4014330517 Anthony T. Iacavone165 Norton St 4017140697 Anthony W. Loffredio83 Fenner Ave 4014330526 Antoinette L. Costa30 Argyle Ave, Apt 103 4014332482 Antoniette Costa1440 Wampanoag Trl 4014332482 Antonio Andrade51 Robin Hood DR 4014334838 Antonio Barvosa100 Leroy DR 4014334479 Antonio C. Santiago15 Meadowcrest DR 4014331929 Antonio D. Deoliveira473 Bullocks Point Ave 4014371096 Antonio J. Pimentel33 Avenue A 4014330531 Antonio N. Resendes8 Floyd Ave 4014334756 Antonio R. Carvalho86 Holly St 4014374522 Antonio Silva109 Smith St 4014333102 Antonio T. Santos61 Meadowcrest DR 4014334107 Applebaum Dental1445 Wampanoag Trl 4014332400 April D. Elderkin25 Upland Rd 4014350344 April H. Martin60 Willett Ave 4014370073 April L. Guertin18 Read St 4014334313 April R. Barresi104 Oak Ave 4014372704 Aram Petit150 Allen Ave 4014334955 Archies Bait & Tackle292 Bullocks Point Ave 4014372630 Ardath Fontes10 Yale Ave 4014332136 Ari M. Fernandes87 Bluff St 4014332825 Arlene J. Crevier98 Main St 4014372582 Armando Damiani855 Willett Ave 4014332877 Armelle Lescarbeau150 Riverside DR 4014330273 Arnold A. Andrade28 Pine Crest DR 4014331382 Arnold W. Ford Jr40 Sweetbriar Ave 4014385935 Arnold W. Ford Jr40 Sweetbriar Ave 4014384046 Arsenio Costa1061 Willett Ave 4014331060 Arthur Cabral3044 Pawtucket Ave 4014380481 Arthur F. Andrade141 Palmer Ave 4014335139 Arthur J. Plouff Jr1270 Wampanoag Trl 4014371253 Arthur J. Rebello Jr99 Beverly Rd 4014371951 Arthur M. Lescarbeau150 Riverside DR 4014330273 Arthur R. Gernt Sr2936 Pawtucket Ave 4014370295 Arthur R. Hurley Jr89 Park DR 4014372066 Arthur S. Dolloff38 Dorr Ave 4014331319 Arthur Senra65 Sprague Ave 4014332146 Arthur Tacker2 Ravena Ave 4014349038 Arthur W. Alarie Jr79 Grassy Plain Rd 4014331851 Ashlee S. Cabral148 Worcester Ave 4012700123 Ashley A. Niederberger22 Dearborn DR 4014371832 Ashley Amaral75 Cedar Ave 4014330729 Ashley E. Cole75 Sweetbriar Ave 4014388344 Ashley E. Keane16 Penrod Ave 4014370398 Ashley M. Cangiano86 Turner Ave 4014335454 Ashley R. Lasalle161 Dyer Ave 4014331993 Aubrey Collins83 Padelford Ave 4014331839 Aubrey Collins83 Padelford Ave 4014330910 Audrey Ferretti27 Bullocks Point Ave, Apt 8C 4014331611 Aurelio Zottola14 Virginia Ln 4014371656 Aurora Maintenace66 North St 4014332477 Autopart International115 Amaral St 4014380420 Avis L. Castro37 Somerset Ave 4019411660 Aziz A. Sultan77 Maple Ave 4014370774


 B. Verra17 Lunn St 4014374412 Babara Eckardt30 Carousel DR 4014330011 Bain M. Edmondson39 Tanglewood DR 4014371973 Bank Of America3400 Pawtucket Ave 4014732500 Barabra Doughty1355 Wampanoag Trl 4014330641 Barbara A. Adam878 Bullocks Point Ave 4013836319 Barbara A. Amaral26 Cumberland Rd 4014382679 Barbara A. Ballou94 Cozzens Ave 4014370337 Barbara A. Batz100 Fenner Ave 4014379881 Barbara A. Bergeron113 Pine Crest DR 4014371758 Barbara A. Brown35 Grant Ave 4014330887 Barbara A. Costa206 Becker Ave 4014330219 Barbara A. Frerichs26 Griffith DR 4014331612 Barbara A. Lacroix218 Terrace Ave 4014379451 Barbara A. Lardner27 Wannisett Ave 4014335053 Barbara A. Lewis112 Prescott Ave 4014331809 Barbara A. Long6 Prescott Ave 4014334305 Barbara A. Prosser104 Cedar Ave 4014371980 Barbara A. Stover46 Holly St 4012705132 Barbara A. Treglia25 Kingsford Ave 4014373616 Barbara A. Wallace40 Euclid Ave 4014332102 Barbara A. Whitfield11 N Shore DR 4014331941 Barbara C. Cook850 Bullocks Point Ave 4014331113 Barbara C. Cook850 Bullocks Point Ave 4014332483 Barbara D. Guertin18 Read St 4014334313 Barbara Dallesandro58 Fenner Ave 4014334194 Barbara E. Zanghi95 Leroy DR 4014333645 Barbara F. Hicks40 Planet Ave 4014330973 Barbara G. Hess128 Forbes St 4014334101 Barbara H. Carroll1 Shady Ln 4014372489 Barbara H. Smith9 Sandra CT 4015339945 Barbara Howkins38 Ferncrest DR 4014331729 Barbara J. Bettencourt229 Norton St 4014342786 Barbara J. Gibb30 Argyle Ave 4014344261 Barbara J. Gomes3663 Pawtucket Ave 4014330874 Barbara J. Mayforth33 Poplar Ave 4014334151 Barbara K. Chace2 Ravena Ave, Apt 202 4014381271 Barbara L. Diquinzio2936 Pawtucket Ave, Apt 214 4014330319 Barbara L. Hoskin65 Dorr Ave 4014335084 Barbara L. Niederberger22 Dearborn DR 4014371832 Barbara M. Morency10 Harrington St 4014332151 Barbara P. Gagnon18 Lantern Ln 4014330764 Barbara R. Mcgovern125 Holland Ave 4014371071 Barbara Robertson10 Willett Ave 4014330158 Barbara S. Bunker88 Terrace Ave 4014334659 Barbara S. Connell9 Timberland DR 4014331943 Barbara S. Moore16 Ivan Ave 4014384574 Barbara Savignano1440 Wampanoag Trl 4014334626 Barbara Thornton27 Winthrop St 4014330283 Barry D. Reed116 Boyden Blvd 4012286630 Barry G. Robinson Sr14 Lottie DR 4014332706 Barry M. Press120 Riverside DR 4014372297 Barry Marshall37 Bullocks Point Ave 4017242046 Bayside Auto Repair Llc3393 Pawtucket Ave 4014341008 Baystate Financial Services401 Wampanoag Trl 4014380632 Beatrice Connell243 Crescent View Ave, Apt 111 4014334367 Beatrice E. Cain100 Hilton Ave 4014330349 Beatrice S. Sharkey116 Estrell DR 4014332174 Becky L. Boudreau28 Booth Ave 4014331276 Becky L. Ferreira107 Holland Ave 4014326650 Bee Dee122 Becker Ave 4014371929 Bella Villa336 Willett Ave 4014370336 Benjamin Bartone22 Smith St 4014330884 Benjamin Lemoi173 Becker Ave 4014332519 Benjamin M. Correia17 Elder Ave 4014389894 Benjamin Nadrowski92 Hilton Ave 4012286462 Benjamin Seal10 Mohawk DR 4014334320 Benvindo O. Leitao172 Norton St 4014340945 Bernadette Bouthillier36 River St 4014330567 Bernadette Marcel38 Silver Spring Ave 4014354749 Bernard Lofgren5 Pinehurst Rd 4014332027 Bernice B. Demendonca18 Silver Spring Ave 4014384245 Berta F. Ponte29 Monroe Ave 4014330726 Best Pest Control20 Arrowhead Ave 4014371274 Bestin J. Vayalunkal36 Forest Ave 4014332470 Beth A. Leonardo16 Prescott Ave 4014332588 Beth A. Vickers6 Glenrose DR 4014333283 Beth Zuleger6 Glenrose DR 4014333283 Bethany A. Enos217 Norton St 4014386571 Bethany A. Williamson217 Norton St 4014386571 Bethany G. Johnson3 Lilac St 4014346050 Bethany J. Cary46 Arnold St 4014334083 Bethany L. Balzano45 Prescott Ave 4012706447 Bethany L. Eddy4 Myra Ave 4014334297 Bethany L. Paiva86 Brook Ave 4014331419 Betsy A. Aubin42 Dartmouth Ave 4014332163 Bette A. Pacheco39 Robin Hood DR 4016546750 Bettie E. Viera15 Redfern St 4014381676 Betty D. Perkins36 Rogers Ave 4014331680 Betty Goff26 Monmouth DR 4014371680 Betty I. Mcvay105 Terrace Ave 4014330577 Betty L. Clancy53 Kingsford Ave 4014333089 Betty Mckenzie21 Pine Crest DR 4014332695 Bettyann Perry20 Harding Ave 4014334583 Beverley Burrows81 Ferncrest DR 4014370412 Beverly A. Frank31 Ivan Ave 4014385398 Beverly A. Palazzi35 Ivan Ave 4014343418 Beverly C. Francis49 Park DR 4014331980 Beverly Hirst1440 Wampanoag Trl 4014371006 Beverly J. Burrows81 Ferncrest DR 4014370412 Beverly J. Carreiro53 Harris St 4014331535 Beverly J. Sutton38 Narragansett Ave 4014330920 Beverly M. Parsons149 Hoppin Ave 4012704712 Beverly Romanelli93 Hilton Ave 4014330780 Bianco Richard M699 Willett Ave 4014330600 Big Brothers/Big Sisters3300 Pawtucket Ave 4014329955 Bill Lizotte Architectural Glass400 Wampanoag Trl 4013839535 Bishop And Co Inc1365 Wampanoag Trl, Unit 2 4014383550 Blind Designs186 Terrace Ave 4014331957 Blind Designs186 Terrace Ave 4014335416 Bob Fren128 Grassy Plain Rd 4014370843 Bobby L. Allen30 Bullocks Point Ave 4014370284 Bobby Vieira141 Wampanoag Trl 4014384062 Bonnie C. Sabourin15 Lottie DR 4014371372 Bonnie Filippo10 Woodcrest DR 4014332386 Bonnie J. Gallinelli1061 Willett Ave, Apt 102 4014331260 Bonnie J. Grant16 Allison CT 4014332475 Bonnie L. Harrison25 Garden DR 4014387052 Bonnie L. Machado277 Burnside Ave 4014331254 Book Senior Care22 Metropolitan Park DR 4014334539 Boris S. Kreshchuk243 Crescent View Ave 4014353717 Bottom-Line Solutions LLC1445 Wampanoag Trl, Unit 105 4014331445 Bouthillier Bernadette198 Willett Ave 4014331434 Bouthillier Bernadette198 Willett Ave 4014331318 Brad George150 Brookfield Rd 4014349092 Bradford O'keefe955 Bullocks Point Ave 4014330438 Bradley Conners15 Stephen St 4014335564 Bradley Hospital1011 Veterans Memorial Pkwy 4014321000 Brady Nascimento114 Earl Ave 4014334029 Braided Products9 Industrial Way 4014340300 Branch Truck Wash155 Amaral St 4014354449 Brandon J. Seals30 Stephen St 4014374785 Brandon J. Silva53 Dearborn DR 4014333602 Brandon O. Ballou94 Cozzens Ave 4014370337 Breeana Zuleger6 Glenrose DR 4014333283 Breeze Hill Lamps and Lampshades1447 Wampanoag Trl 4014330500 Brenda G. Barresi104 Oak Ave 4014372704 Brenda J. Dias69 Harris St 4014370512 Brenda J. Tabor1061 Willett Ave 4014372260 Brenda L. Salem30 Ravena Ave 4014389811 Brenda L. Smith70 North St 4014335934 Brendan S. Fletcher2 Arnold St 4014330510 Brenden D. Chase136 Worcester Ave 4013831202 Brent B. Goff64 Gerald St 4014380950 Brenton M. Medeiros18 Ormond DR 4016320386 Breonna L. Rose2987 Pawtucket Ave 4014312188 Breonna L. Rose2987 Pawtucket Ave 4014381361 Brett D. Thomas73 Lindy Ave 4014330974 Brian B. Goff64 Gerald St 4014380950 Brian C. Kacmarsky6 Spinnaker DR 4013839779 Brian Castro427 Dover Ave 4014310838 Brian Fraser187 Forbes St 4012701376 Brian Harkin58 Legion Way 4014331387 Brian J. Cabral148 Worcester Ave 4012700123 Brian J. Crevier62 Thurston St 4014330455 Brian J. Faria44 Lunn St 4014373636 Brian J. Ferreira56 Washington Ave 4014333474 Brian J. Lacerda17 Heath St 4014387130 Brian J. Levesque105 Burnside Ave 4014330821 Brian J. Paiva86 Brook Ave 4014331419 Brian K. Flodin83 Locust St 4012703941 Brian Poole42 Narragansett Ave 4014376345 Brian R. Mello42 Franklin St 4014373504 Brian S. Conklin41 E Knowlton St 4013839738 Brian S. Hetland2 Bergin St 4016320366 Brian T. Burke15 Royal Ave 4014333205 Briana Orso120 Maple Ave 4014334706 Brianna Cherry94 Padelford Ave 4014385009 Bridget Martinez23 Bullocks Point Ave 4014330367 Brionca Williams71 Washington Ave 4014371890 Britni C. Gorman101 Leroy DR 4014331657 Brittany Bartone22 Smith St 4014330884 Brittany Muth46 Griffith DR 4014332878 Brown Advisory Group1445 Wampanoag Trl, Unit 205 4014331100 Bruce A. Birch54 Temple DR 4014333309 Bruce Goff1440 Wampanoag Trl 4014331278 Bruce H. Bates Jr42 White Ave 4014332325 Bruce H. Cox1481 Wampanoag Trl 4014371100 Bruce H. Perreault139 Narragansett Ave 4014330547 Bruce H. Tanner6 Winthrop St 4014332908 Bruce H. Tanner6 Winthrop St 4014378799 Bruce P. Laderer18 Monmouth DR 4014334959 Bruce R. Ditraglia120 Smith St 4014371892 Bruce R. Miller55 Metropolitan Park DR 4014334074 Bruce R. Rinebolt26 Channing Ave 4014330621 Bruce R. Soderlund70 Ramsay St 4014331215 Bryan A. Soderberg47 Timberland DR 4014332626 Bryan C. Souza69 Madeline DR 4014347955 Bryan E. Clegg2 Carousel DR W, Apt 116 4014332715 Bryan Lafreniere10 Bullocks Point Ave, Apt 209 4014330912 Bryan R. Losasso16 Harvey Ave 4014379562 Bryan R. Monaghan194 Arnold St 4014332714 Bryan Rinebolt26 Channing Ave 4014330621 Bryan Sullivan195 Norton St 4019413709 Bryana Williams109 Park DR 4014379539 Bullock Cove Marine254 Riverside DR 4014333010 Bullock Point Village596 Bullocks Point Ave 4014371010 Bullocks Point Associates249 Providence Ave 4014332419 Bullocks Point Laundromat257 Bullocks Point Ave 4014332708 Burke B. Gregory302 Terrace Ave 4012705904 Burke Carpet Concepts47 Cul De Sac Way 4019427799 Butler J. Lee26 Manning DR 4014314093


 C. Gambin2 Ravena Ave, Apt 2 4014343721 C. J. Anterni1058 Bullocks Point Ave 4016324362 C. Lee50 Jackson Ave 4014332682 C. Thompson232 Burnside Ave 4014371510 Caherine Garrity71 Buckthorne Ave 4014382257 Caitlin Wilson189 Narragansett Ave 4014373843 Cameron Devall27 Monmouth DR 4014334216 Camille A. Gaulin2937 Pawtucket Ave 4014346069 Candace Pace91 Estrell DR 4014331794 Candace W. Almeida27 Bullocks Point Ave, Apt 4A 4014332374 Cande C. Delross115 Worcester Ave 4014332527 Captain Cruise and Crew2900 Pawtucket Ave 4014311480 Cara Horta120 Prescott Ave 4013831071 Cara J. O'hare1 Plum Rd 4014330925 Carin J. Baker5 Park Square Ave 4014333167 Carl E. Anderson68 Stowe Ave 4014335040 Carl E. Carlson Jr18 Manning DR 4014345123 Carl E. Lavin31 Monmouth DR 4014333027 Carl J. Palumbo161 Rounds Ave 4014335847 Carl M. Cotoia121 Terrace Ave 4014331081 Carl M. Cotoia121 Terrace Ave 4014372021 Carl Palumbo3663 Pawtucket Ave 4014371935 Carl R. Toothaker1440 Wampanoag Trl 4014334048 Carl S. Torres Jr114 Beverly Rd 4014356247 Carleen M. Scienzo58 Woodbine St 4014371090 Carlos A. Medina40 Winthrop St 4016320221 Carlos A. Mendes50 Estrell DR 4017291278 Carlos A. Xavier119 Beverly Rd 4013836627 Carlos C. Cabral429 Dover Ave 4014350566 Carlos G. Lacerda70 Catalpa Ave 4014371083 Carlos H. Pereira102 Willett Ave 4014370747 Carlos H. Pereira102 Willett Ave 4012705424 Carlos M. Cativo38 Primrose DR 4014335299 Carlos R. Santos34 Maple Ave 4014372778 Carlotta M. Shaw15 Griffith DR 4014332766 Carly Manchester37 Floyd Ave 4014372924 Carmalita Moura483 Willett Ave 4014333359 Carmel V. Rollinson11 Leroy DR 4014335687 Carmelita Moura483 Willett Ave 4014333359 Carmella C. Pascale1061 Willett Ave, Apt 305 4014331872 Carmen Pryor2 Carousel DR W 4014330015 Carnelius Godbolt591 Willett Ave 4014331679 Carol A. Belanger851 Willett Ave 4014335888 Carol A. Capaldi24 Thurston St 4014334861 Carol A. Delross35 Cove St 4014333048 Carol A. Gibson156 Circuit DR 4014373842 Carol A. Gilmore177 Terrace Ave 4014370508 Carol A. Lambert23 Bullocks Point Ave 4013830232 Carol A. Lander50 Anson DR 4014371762 Carol A. Larkin104 Estrell DR 4014370384 Carol A. Macrae118 Waterview Ave 4014383084 Carol A. Martinelli33 Bullocks Point Ave, Apt 3A 4012457474 Carol A. O'brien19 Hascall St 4014385149 Carol A. Silvia748 Willett Ave 4014332281 Carol Allsworth49 Estrell DR 4014331716 Carol Barrows122 Francis Ave 4014370211 Carol Brown22 Waterview Ave 4014385755 Carol Carlson54 Maple Ave 4014330203 Carol Carroll162 Circuit DR 4014372606 Carol E. Couitt54 Monmouth DR 4014331847 Carol E. Massey99 Riverside DR 4014371909 Carol H. Bliss25 Dyer Ave 4014331846 Carol J. Bush52 Elder Ave 4014356230 Carol J. Cunha129 Smith St 4014331152 Carol J. Ladeira2936 Pawtucket Ave, Apt 123 4014356488 Carol J. Sceeles84 Shore Rd 4012286832 Carol L. Connell19 Monmouth DR 4014332999 Carol L. Kollett54 Firglade Ave 4014370622 Carol L. Olson59 Sherman St 4014332227 Carol M. Hay7 Glenn Ave 4014334033 Carol M. Leonard66 Village DR 4014340306 Carol M. Martin163 Allen Ave 4014335574 Carol P. Aiello10 Brookfield Rd, Apt D6 4014383478 Carol Ruest5 Fenwick Rd 4014334486 Carole A. O'connell2000 Village Grn S, Apt C 4014388178 Carole Costello72 Beach Point DR 4014332387 Carole F. Skeffington54 Estrell DR 4014332330 Caroline D. Sadowski33 Euclid Ave 4014335555 Caroline Demoura1440 Wampanoag Trl 4013313408 Caroline Whitaker10 Barrington CT 4014330928 Carolyn A. Bouillon37 Heath St 4014311585 Carolyn A. Fasano665 Willett Ave 4014370643 Carolyn A. Nataly3109 Pawtucket Ave 4014348963 Carolyn B. Conti286 Terrace Ave 4014334228 Carolyn Clark28 Indian Rd 4014331019 Carolyn D. Daiello153 Circuit DR 4014330758 Carolyn Deshong37 Beach Point DR 4014332646 Carolyn H. Faulhaber26 Tanglewood DR 4014330223 Carolyn J. Guarino29 Garden DR 4014359002 Carolyn J. Plouff1276 Wampanoag Trl 4014333315 Carolyn L. Pellegrino3042 Pawtucket Ave 4012287808 Carolyn M. Amaral33 Read St 4014371640 Carolyn R. Arlan35 Colony Rd 4014330828 Carolyn W. Plante5 Ferncrest DR 4014330077 Carrie Barlow42 Somerset Ave 4014330128 Carrie Nerstheimer11 North St 4014378099 Carter Welch3663 Pawtucket Ave 4014335233 Caruolo George D670 Willett Ave 4014370905 Case Construction Co225 Wampanoag Trl 4014346511 Casey Cullinan73 Temple DR 4014330779 Casey Leonard34 Read St 4014334953 Cassie Silva93 Sherman St 4014334429 Catherine A. Covill35 Harold St 4014334317 Catherine A. Emery122 Circuit DR 4014330775 Catherine A. Paquette52 Holland Ave 4014379419 Catherine C. Kamowski19 Barrington CT 4014371339 Catherine D. Jackman184 Norton St 4014386577 Catherine Donnelly116 Anson Dr 4014371752 Catherine E. Garrity71 Buckthorne Ave 4014382257 Catherine F. Gordon5 Harding Ave 4014335232 Catherine Imbriglio1 N Shore DR 4014330132 Catherine L. Robinson1440 Wampanoag Trl 4014330218 Catherine Lasalandra45 Benedict St 4014370077 Catherine Legault22 Harding Ave 4014330927 Catherine M. Gallagher42 Griffith DR 4012452357 Catherine Muth46 Griffith DR 4014332878 Catherine Oliver34 Ravena Ave 4014381911 Catherine Racine115 Thurston St 4014334975 Catherine Sullivan38 Meadowcrest DR 4014334276 Catherine Travers43 Meadowcrest DR 4014332885 Cathleen A. Duarte23 Providence Ave 4014330429 Cathleen I. Larose31 Mountain Ave 4014340988 Cathy A. Lasalle161 Dyer Ave 4014331993 Cathy Grant92 Terrace Ave 4014331197 Cecelia I. Seippel101 Bay View Ave 4014340448 Cecile Rua1440 Wampanoag Trl 4014330309 Cecilia D. Maney33 Peach Orchard DR 4014334272 Celeste F. Griffin1440 Wampanoag Trl 4014381061 Celia Drumm3 Knowlton St 4014334344 Celina D. Leitao172 Norton St 4014340945 Center for Sports Medicine1525 Wampanoag Trl, Ste 202 4014331860 Centre Court Tennis Club55 Hospital Rd 4014371210 Century Sheet Metal19 Maple Ave 4014331380 Cesar's Auto Service635 Bullocks Point Ave 4014373688 Chaffeeindustrial Roofing193 Amaral St 4014381160 Chantee Lans1357 Wampanoag Trl 4014334830 Chao H. Li88 Shore Rd 4014335505 Chapman Timothy J670 Willett Ave 4014335200 Chappell's Repair Service15 Brookfield Rd 4014343910 Charlene A. Painter243 Crescent View Ave, Apt 317 4014370970 Charlene R. Vargas76 Boyden Blvd 4014345866 Charles A. Ouellette96 Merritt Rd 4014345271 Charles C. Bowdoin591 Willett Ave 4014335738 Charles Collins103 Willett Ave 4014330921 Charles Costello72 Beach Point DR 4014332387 Charles E. Bradley3191 Pawtucket Ave 4014310244 Charles E. Cole Jr15 Elson DR 4014332523 Charles E. Swenson5 Sandra CT 4014334798 Charles E. Thornton27 Winthrop St 4014330283 Charles F. Bryant34 Woodcrest DR 4014333237 Charles F. Hagan73 Sprague Ave 4014371418 Charles F. Thurber Jr78 Thurston St 4014331724 Charles H. Adam Jr878 Bullocks Point Ave 4013836319 Charles H. Loudfoot4 Whitcomb Rd 4014371281 Charles H. Richards Iii42 Upland Rd 4014343160 Charles H. Saunders20 Barrington CT 4014338321 Charles J. Case Jr50 Hartford Ave 4014346511 Charles J. Driscoll125 Thurston St 4014373008 Charles K. Arlan Jr17 Sherman St 4014335411 Charles L. Church3595 Pawtucket Ave 4014334855 Charles L. Noice58 North St 4014333119 Charles Oliveira996 Willett Ave, Apt 3 4014332305 Charles P. Curti15 Ferncrest DR 4014333571 Charles P. Szylin123 Lindy Ave 4014332270 Charles R. Duquette105 Bay View Ave 4014340956 Charles R. Jungwirth23 Manning DR 4014348407 Charles Rainey38 Narragansett Ave 4014330154 Charles S. Rose58 Euclid Ave 4014371443 Charles V. Phillips621 Forbes St 4014379329 Charles V. Simek Jr23 Plaza DR 4014330629 Charles Wrobleski109 Earl Ave 4014370193 Charlie Dasilva10 Julie Ann Cir 4014339885 Charlotte L. Rice90 Read St 4014334092 Charlotte M. Laiter36 Upland Rd 4014388823 Chelsea L. Dolloff38 Dorr Ave 4014331319 Chelsea M. Anderson166 Becker Ave 4014333211 Cheri A. Logan45 Metropolitan Park DR 4014332292 Cheri Nascimento114 Earl Ave 4014334029 Cheryl A. Amerantes109 Promenade St 4014335272 Cheryl A. Gomes4 Euclid Ave 4014370788 Cheryl A. Lethbridge319 Willett Ave 4014333001 Cheryl A. Nascimento114 Earl Ave 4014334029 Cheryl A. Salgueiro25 Elder Ave 4014382875 Cheryl A. Viau3040 Pawtucket Ave 4014356137 Cheryl Brown22 Waterview Ave 4014385755 Cheryl L. Muth46 Griffith DR 4014332878 Cheryl L. Silva14 Connors Ln 4014371212 Cheryl Tarvis52 Read St 4014339818 Cheryl-Lee Muth46 Griffith DR 4014332878 Chester C. Zuromski72 Spring St 4014332638 Chester J. Swiszcz15 Connors Ln 4014331240 Chesterc C. Zuromski72 Spring St 4014332638 Chestnut Terrace Nursing & Rehab100 Wampanoag Trl 4014384275 China Gourmet181 Willett Ave, Unit 1 4014336888 Chris J. Espada40 Oak Ave 4014371218 Chris Pari157 Worcester Ave 4013837594 Chris R. Oldham18 Ferncrest DR 4014370061 Chris Rogers122 Francis Ave 4014371067 Christina A. Pedulla17 Allison CT 4014330659 Christina Farley41 Kingsford Ave 4014371609 Christina Libramento24 Oak Ave 4014334196 Christina M. Botelho30 Oak Ave 4012288628 Christine A. Duquette105 Bay View Ave 4014340956 Christine E. Bristol23 Bullocks Point Ave, Apt 6A 4014331089 Christine H. Barlow42 Somerset Ave 4014330128 Christine Jaworski60 Brookfield Rd 4014346661 Christine K. Gough16 Harris St 4014332526 Christine L. Vieira19 Colony Rd 4014333565 Christine Luciano16 Sandra CT 4014334188 Christine M. Bergeron10 Luray St 4016324699 Christine M. Holahan28 Thurston St 4014331305 Christine M. Robinson735 Willett Ave, Unit 701 4014331025 Christine Medeiros118 Turner Ave 4014330728 Christine Ottone3663 Pawtucket Ave 4014372622 Christine Proulx180 Burnside Ave 4014334056 Christine R. Bennett152 Terrace Ave 4013831049 Christine R. Marcotte79 Brookfield Rd 4012700043 Christine R. Reposa23 Wingate Rd 4014374678 Christine Reed27 Bullocks Point Ave 4014330545 Christine Santurri227 Providence Ave 4014330662 Christino E. Espada40 Oak Ave 4014371218 Christoper J. Kennedy156 Dyer Ave 4017140459 Christopher A. Williamson217 Norton St 4014386571 Christopher Arlan17 Sherman St 4014335411 Christopher D. Beland1434 Wampanoag Trl 4014330034 Christopher D. Bianco27 Tanglewood DR 4014335766 Christopher D. Labrecque34 Reardon Ave 4014332298 Christopher D. Mann10 Willow St 4014332814 Christopher D. Oliver34 Forbes St 4014353689 Christopher F. Howe Sr2887 Pawtucket Ave 4014356908 Christopher Gasbarro147 Terrace Ave 4014334410 Christopher H. Cunha129 Smith St 4014331152 Christopher J Newton MD1525 Wampanoag Trl 4014370500 Christopher J. Daft15 Allison CT 4014372871 Christopher J. Kennedy156 Dyer Ave 4017140459 Christopher J. Silva54 Fenner Ave 4014333454 Christopher L. Farrar22 Somerset Ave 4014371317 Christopher L. Farrar22 Somerset Ave 5085320710 Christopher L. Ferris214 Becker Ave 4014330387 Christopher M. Riel45 Legion Way 4014370294 Christopher M. Sprout78 Leroy DR 4014370342 Christopher Oshea6 Shore Rd 4014330957 Christopher P. Grant16 Allison CT 4014332475 Christopher R. Nunes15 Catalpa Ave 4014374781 Christopher S. Hill26 Poplar Ave 4014333319 Christopher Shaughnessy161 Allen Ave 4014334120 Christopher Sylvester6 Connors Ln 4012707681 Christopher T. Falaguerra29 Woodcrest DR 4017140565 Christopher T. Lofgren5 Pinehurst Rd 4014332027 Christopher Tanguay3097 Pawtucket Ave 4014310152 Christopher Vilardi30 Euclid Ave 4014371684 Ciara Nallen50 Dartmouth Ave 4014330868 Cindy E. Giunta37 Ferncrest DR 4014330432 Cindy H. Chun10 Allen Ave 4014370589 Cindy J. Ray52 Beach Point DR 4014330934 Cindy Pereira78 Locust St 4014332941 Cindy Prew15 Promenade St 4014332586 Cindy's Kitchen664 Bullocks Point Ave 4015339944 Citadel Communications - Office1502 Wampanoag Trl 4014334200 Citizens Bank2830 Pawtucket Ave 4013301900 Citizens Bank - East Providence Offices - Kent Heights2823 Pawtucket Ave 4014341400 Claire Armstrong14 Elson DR 4014332405 Claire Colburn61 Read St 4014335197 Claire H. Pietryski39 Bullocks Point Ave, Apt 4B 4014331686 Claire Holst4 Carousel DR W, Apt 116 4014371799 Claire M. Blue46 Bay View Ave 4014385013 Claire M. Blue46 Bay View Ave 4014345280 Claire T. Mccue155 Beverly Rd 4014334124 Clara Lara10 Bullocks Point Ave, Apt 102 4014334129 Clara Marrocco130 Thurston St 4014338651 Clare L. Bianco27 Tanglewood DR 4014335766 Clarence M. Pelletier19 Sprague Ave 4014373269 Claudette A. Gillheeney133 Anson DR 4014334961 Claudette R. Bassett13 Elinora St 4014332650 Claudia Cerina84 Temple DR 4014379470 Claudia J. Pierce9 Holland Ave 4013839003 Clifford A. Andreozzi87 Main St 4014332034 Clifford A. Robinson77 Bay View Ave 4014358811 Clifford A. Robinson77 Bay View Ave 4014381851 Clifford A. Soderberg47 Timberland DR 4014332626 Clifford D. Maney Jr33 Peach Orchard DR 4014334272 Clift's Liquors191 Willett Ave 4014334223 Coastal Family Medicine1445 Wampanoag Trl 4014340730 Cobra Locksmith120 Silver Spring Ave 4014733173 Colby Miller245 Norton St 4014387366 Colleen A. Keane16 Penrod Ave 4014370398 Colleen Allen6 Allison CT 4014334813 Colleen Champagne39 Sachem Rd 4014371539 Colleen M. Kinder7 Jill CT 4014371912 Colleen M. Mckay3181 Pawtucket Ave 4012706359 Collin F. Kennedy91 Lindy Ave 4014335332 Columbus Club of East Prov3200 Pawtucket Ave 4014349744 Community Services Administration-Self-Help Inc100 Bullocks Point Ave, Ste 1 4014371000 Concetta Gomes2936 Pawtucket Ave, Apt 115 4014340591 Conley Patrick T Atty1445 Wampanoag Trl 4012731791 Connie C. Pascale1061 Willett Ave, Apt 305 4014331872 Connie E. Bizzle113 Anson DR 4014332256 Connie J. Snead125 Worcester Ave 4014330284 Conrad L. Luster3048 Pawtucket Ave 4014347539 Conrad L. Ober2939 Pawtucket Ave 4016320191 Constance A. Baird409 Willett Ave 4014334965 Constance Bagain2936 Pawtucket Ave 4014384753 Constance Boyd1121 Bullocks Point Ave 4014331520 Constance Boyd1121 Bullocks Point Ave 4014334900 Constance F. Barlow115 Waterview Ave 4014386460 Constance M. Dykeman199 Riverside DR 4014331592 Contractors Supply Inc3340 Pawtucket Ave 4014344300 Cora E. Rose2987 Pawtucket Ave 4014381361 Cora E. Rose2987 Pawtucket Ave 4014312188 Coral Santos7 Anson DR 4014327730 Coralia Santos7 Anson DR 4014327730 Corey A. Conti11 Indian Rd 4014354242 Corey D. Henderson153 Brookfield Rd 4014341490 Corey E. Gomes4 Euclid Ave 4014370788 Corey M. Motta65 Padelford Ave 4014379542 Corinne J. Dufresne54 Stanton Ave 4014334857 Corinne M. O'donnell75 Francis Ave 4014371795 Costa Construction46 Prescott Ave 4014370390 Courtney A. Libby3 Whipple Ave 4014331750 Courtney K. Springer64 Floyd Ave 4014370130 Courtney Quinn110 Catalpa Ave 4012709933 Covenant Co-Op Nursery School165 Rounds Ave 4014333196 Craft And Trade Employment26 Hemingway DR 4015335194 Craig Harris15 Ramsay St 4014331267 Craig R. Coelho50 Colony Rd 4014333541 Craig R. Horton28 Harvey Ave 4014371249 Creative Circle Advertising Solutions52 Amaral St 4012721122 Cremilde K. Atherton118 Bluff St 4014334275 Crescent Park Manor243 Crescent View Ave 4014330523 Cristina M. Amaral56 Park Rd 4014383938 Cssey Wallace116 Prescott Ave 4014330398 Cumberland Farms2812 Pawtucket Ave 4014342245 Cvs Pharmacy444 Willett Ave 4014331120 Cynthia A. Bussard10 Timberland DR 4014330212 Cynthia A. Gallant779 Willett Ave 4014331432 Cynthia A. Harrington5 Main St 4014330424 Cynthia A. Losasso16 Harvey Ave 4014379562 Cynthia A. Major55 Sherman St 4012703161 Cynthia A. Parr23 Primrose DR 4014331436 Cynthia Christie20 Star Ave 4012288010 Cynthia L. Nichols28 Reardon Ave 4014334938 Cynthia L. Ricci20 Allison CT 4014370602 Cynthia L. Tanner49 Terrace Ave 4012701312 Cynthia M. Oliver34 Forbes St 4014353689 Cynthia R. Reynolds99 Bay View Ave 4014385363


 D'ambra Realty Corp1481 Wampanoag Trl, Ste 6 4014331155 D. Achilli25 Bullocks Point Ave 4014330234 D. M. Grassley255 Providence Ave 4014372089 D. Searles143 Rounds Ave 4014372250 Daisy Araujo9 Leigh Ln 4014331806 Dale E. Cribari110 Main St 4014335145 Dale M. Adams525 Willett Ave 4014330412 Dallas Doppke1357 Wampanoag Trl 4014371782 Damin Dermody48 Knowlton St 4014330305 Dana R. King70 Timberland DR 4014331672 Daniel A. Niederberger22 Dearborn DR 4014371832 Daniel B. Lasalle161 Dyer Ave 4014331993 Daniel C. Brown35 Grant Ave 4014330887 Daniel Cardella2 Ferncrest DR 4014330754 Daniel Furtado77 Dorr Ave 4014330496 Daniel J. Allen6 Allison CT 4014334813 Daniel J. Esten616 Willett Ave 4014370095 Daniel J. Fortin25 Borden St 4014330039 Daniel J. Hassell69 Turner Ave 4012705590 Daniel J. O'connell10 Circuit DR 4014338201 Daniel J. Pacheco125 Crown Ave 4014356016 Daniel J. Pineau36 Willett Ave 4014370968 Daniel L. Cabral15 Avenue A 4014334308 Daniel L. Danieli3062 Pawtucket Ave 4014354370 Daniel L. Pereira97 Merritt Rd 4014350541 Daniel M. Fiske88 Elder Ave 4014355211 Daniel O. Mccall Sr95 Sherman St 4014335455 Daniel Oneil101 Ravena Ave 4014385347 Daniel P. Mcgovern125 Holland Ave 4014371071 Daniel Peterson27 Plum Rd 4014332727 Daniel Poitras156 Burnside Ave 4014333261 Daniel Q. Correa Jr40 Thurston St 4014330675 Daniel R. Champagne39 Sachem Rd 4014371539 Daniel R. Kutcher164 Carousel DR E, Apt 211 4012461987 Daniel R. Paiva50 Winthrop St 4014330084 Daniel Reis22 Middle St 4019422321 Daniel S. Cardoza35 Elinora St 4014334724 Daniel T. Major30 Charlotte St 4014334868 Daniel Vieira105 Wampanoag Trl 4014344806 Daniel Wood1440 Wampanoag Trl 4016324945 Danielle M. Boucher74 Bay View Ave 4014310581 Danny T. Martins37 Arrowhead Ave 4014376787 Daphne A. Phillips44 Lincoln Ave 4018086904 Dari-Bee240 Bullocks Point Ave 4014331931 Darlene C. Hall67 Cul De Sac Way 4014374085 Darlene M. Olson69 Argyle Ave 4014371663 Darlene Rae3663 Pawtucket Ave 4014376145 Darrell D. Pion3031 Pawtucket Ave 4014345035 Darren C. Flynn19 Sumach Ave 4012706699 Darren D. Ellinwood5 Hartford Ave 4014334145 Darryl S. Holland Sr3040 Pawtucket Ave 4013835555 David A. Amaral53 Ferncrest DR 4014333105 David A. Brazil77 Main St 4014334140 David A. Brown15 Bond Rd 4014344114 David A. Demilia133 Earl Ave 4018283410 David A. Gervais506 Willett Ave 4014335756 David A. Gervais30 Hoppin Ave 4012287337 David A. Gracia12 Sachem Rd 4012700107 David A. Lake12 Pinehurst Rd 4016807683 David A. Macaulay44 Stanton Ave 4014334699 David A. Ober2939 Pawtucket Ave 4016320191 David B. Hay7 Glenn Ave 4014334033 David Branco21 Timberland DR 4014371081 David C. Guliano Sr157 Riverside DR 4014334349 David C. Hall67 Cul De Sac Way 4014374085 David C. Robson336 Sea View Ave 4014335288 David C. Seifert369 Bullocks Point Ave 4014332204 David C. Vasiliauskas5 Glendale Ave 4014341061 David Cavaco65 Ravena Ave 4014347331 David D. Niederberger23 Fenwick Rd 4014336932 David D. Peterson25 Cul De Sac Way 4014331423 David E. Allsworth49 Estrell DR 4014331716 David E. Allsworth132 Rounds Ave 4016546545 David E. Clauss1115 Bullocks Point Ave 4014330582 David F. Ashton330 Sea View Ave 4014331226 David F. Crowell Jr147 Burnside Ave 4014330962 David G. Boehmke85 Riverside DR 4014334571 David G. Neville1 Monmouth DR 4014335698 David G. Ray10 Planet Ave 4014335101 David Garant38 Somerset Ave 4014332718 David H. Keane16 Penrod Ave 4014370398 David H. Mueller Sr144 Holland Ave 4014335369 David H. Smith45 Peach Orchard DR 4014327288 David J. Aubin Sr32 Jackson Ave 4012455179 David J. Capobianco104 Merritt Rd 4014345613 David J. Cardullo5 Anchor Way 4014335394 David J. Horta120 Prescott Ave 4013831071 David J. Kelleher36 Riverside DR 4014332763 David J. Perry3 Anchor Way 4014335381 David K. Downey157 Turner Ave 4014332645 David K. Pandolfo46 Meadowcrest DR 4014327143 David L Renaud DDS LTD1235 Wampanoag Trl 4014373320 David L. Brown53 Peck Ave 4014311393 David L. Harris22 Meadowcrest DR 4014330201 David L. Johnson3 Lilac St 4014346050 David L. Phillips1 Connors Ln 4012707434 David Long1440 Wampanoag Trl 4014330756 David M Ruggiero Dpm1525 Wampanoag Trl 4012286710 David M. Case20 Claire St 4014372538 David M. Seales65 Locust St 4014372407 David Mills27 Harding Ave 4014326404 David Peixoto780 Willett Ave 4014330304 David Poland30 Carousel DR 4014330011 David R. Desousa236 Burnside Ave 4014379426 David R. Huggins57 Harris St 4014372142 David R. Tanner49 Terrace Ave 4012701312 David S. Coletta6 Merritt Rd 4014344950 David S. Elliott10 Fales St 4013832030 David S. Martins55 Buckthorne Ave 4014353829 David S. Vargas10 Bullocks Point Ave, Apt 210 4014330182 David Seel Jr106 Grassy Plain Rd 4014331124 David Sheldon2 Shady Ln 4014334827 David Simmons2936 Pawtucket Ave 4014355679 David Stringfellow1 Bullocks Point Ave 4014370475 David T. Cabral22 Palmer Ave 4014372712 David T. Gagne7 Cul De Sac Way 4014334760 David T. Martin163 Allen Ave 4014335574 David W. Amaral56 Park Rd 4014383938 David W. Benson17 Somerset Ave 4014334653 David W. Benson17 Somerset Ave 4014335341 David W. Collins83 Padelford Ave 4014330910 David W. Collins83 Padelford Ave 4014331839 David W. Hall Jr9 Peach Orchard DR 4017220260 David W. Hughett111 Tripps Ln 4014346647 David W. Murray238 Terrace Ave 4014372414 Davie Green78 Terrace Ave 4014332109 Dawn A. Sullo15 Pine Crest DR 4014330599 Dawn B. Paiva86 Brook Ave 4014331419 Dawn Brown99 Fenner Ave 4014330590 Dawn Campbell52 Planet Ave 4016546377 Dawn L. Branco21 Timberland DR 4014371081 Dawn M. Creighton85 Willett Ave 4014370798 Dawn M. Dubord65 Viola Ave 4014332286 Dean R. Monsees45 Astral Ave 4014386216 Deana M. Ward10 Sumach Ave 4014376388 Deane S. Currie54 Wannisett Ave 4013697732 Debbie F. Penedo115 Riverside DR 4014335737 Debora A. Gomes43 Bullocks Point Ave, Apt 2C 4014335470 Debora Bush2936 Pawtucket Ave 4014340943 Deborah A. Benedetti43 Peck Ave 4014332199 Deborah A. Clarke1061 Willett Ave, Apt 201 4014381611 Deborah A. Davey151 Worcester Ave 4014372583 Deborah A. Hambly4 Read St 4014335866 Deborah A. Renaud37 Terrace Ave 4014332223 Deborah A. Taylor47 Winthrop St 4014333348 Deborah C. Cabral57 Holly St 4014334280 Deborah E. Bradshaw1357 Wampanoag Trl, Apt 234 4014371757 Deborah E. Garner21 Lindy Ave 4014379459 Deborah Gonsalves2 Ramsay St 4014332604 Deborah J. Andreozzi87 Main St 4014332034 Deborah J. Phillips294 Burnside Ave 4016324509 Deborah J. Sears56 Euclid Ave 4014332578 Deborah J. Shell1126 Bullocks Point Ave 4014379452 Deborah Jarocki67 Dearborn DR 4014330643 Deborah L. Cole15 Elson DR 4014332523 Deborah L. Donahue31 Forbes St 4014371624 Deborah L. Gibson225 Narragansett Ave 4014379554 Deborah L. Gregory19 Dartmouth Ave 4014335996 Deborah M. Gardner26 Whitcomb Rd 4012287371 Deborah Phillips930 Bullocks Point Ave 4014371267 Debra A. Dyer31 Aberdeen Rd 4014389824 Debra A. Richards25 Wetmore Ave 4014340429 Debra Antonevich996 Willett Ave 4014371874 Debra Ku13 White Ave 4014332128 Debra M. Dias17 Peck Ave 4012705918 Debroah J. Gonsalves2 Ramsay St 4014332604 Deirde Bartone32 Lunn St 4014373333 Delores A. Donahue16 Oak Ave 4014331057 Deloris Corveno72 Stowe Ave 4014335318 Denis A. Dionne166 Stanton Ave 4014333605 Denis Laselle6 Leroy DR 4014335524 Denis R. Lasalle6 Leroy DR 4014335524 Denise A. Dupre20 Stephen St 4014330520 Denise A. Marciano69 Rogers Ave 4014371174 Denise E. Bilodeau19 Dearborn DR 4014332222 Denise Geoffery37 Cove St 4014331080 Denise L. Bellamy30 East St 4014330879 Denise L. Wooten48 Peck Ave 4012890414 Denise M. Ferro21 Ferncrest DR 4014371957 Denise M. Labrecque34 Reardon Ave 4014332298 Denise M. Reels1357 Wampanoag Trl, Apt 323 4014355980 Denise M. Walters77 Burnside Ave 4014326639 Denise Marsh38 Franklin St 4012723751 Denise Mowry378 Bullocks Point Ave 4014334032 Denise S. Martino56 Plum Rd 4014330467 Denise T. Morel47 Tanglewood DR 4014330546 Dennis Crosson58 Merritt Rd 4014386356 Dennis D. Kamowski19 Barrington CT 4014371339 Dennis D. Page3129 Pawtucket Ave 4014342290 Dennis E. Ellinwood66 Holland Ave 4014371215 Dennis J. Estrela55 Sumach Ave 4014345884 Dennis L. Smith19 Pinehurst Rd 4014334525 Dennis Mello Iii51 Dearborn DR 4014330108 Dennis Pelletier9 Woodcrest DR 4014332891 Dennis R. Gilbride15 Pinehurst Rd 4014372295 Dennis S. Farias112 Estrell DR 4014334945 Dennis T. Murphy11 Balkcom St 4014335787 Dennison A J Co Inc1 East St 4014333232 Derek C. Ward10 Sumach Ave 4014376388 Derek G. Thomas11 Buckthorne Ave 4014381197 Derek J. Butler137 Dorr Ave 4014386344 Derek J. Vangyzen54 Bay View Ave 4014387029 Derek J. Walters77 Burnside Ave 4014326639 Derek Pacheco111 Legion Way 4018086327 Derek R. Silvia8 Leigh Ln 4014330965 Deriek Teles32 Balkcom St 4014334894 Derik B. Braga430 Dover Ave 4014344971 Derik J. Pires205 Norton St 4014376463 Derrick B. Leitao172 Norton St 4014340945 Derrick Rose2987 Pawtucket Ave 4014381361 Derrick Rose2987 Pawtucket Ave 4014312188 Derrik Neal64 Harold St 4014331763 Deryl J. Robson336 Sea View Ave 4014335288 Desdemona L. Btousseau143 Rounds Ave 4014372250 Desdemona Searles143 Rounds Ave 4014372250 Desi Searles143 Rounds Ave 4014372250 Detria Manuel109 Arnold St 4014331063 Devin Schio4 Arnold St 4014341654 Devon Brown6 Fuller Ave 4012706765 Dexter E. Patterson Jr62 Holland Ave 4014330890 Dexter E. Patterson Sr1076 Bullocks Point Ave 4014330428 Dexter W. Pike7 Squire Ln, Apt D 4014386982 Diabetes Resources2 Hemingway DR 4014329911 Dian P. Birkbeck82 Crescent View Ave 4012286677 Diana K. Turner886 Bullocks Point Ave 4014330278 Diane A. Smith28 Cove St 4014371308 Diane D. Dambrosca91 Estrell DR 4014331794 Diane E. Marchand2 Beaver CT 4014330905 Diane E. Rose16 Wendell St 4014333292 Diane J. Gallagher5 Beaver Rd 4014371146 Diane L. Casavecchia19 Thurston St 4014332349 Diane M. Machado30 Riley DR 4014380416 Diane M. Mayer17 Scott DR 4014339883 Diane M. Roderick114 Crown Ave 4014386436 Diane M. Simek23 Plaza DR 4014330629 Diane Monaghan19 Locust St 4014332053 Diane Perkins77 Metropolitan Park DR 4014330644 Diane R. Neville1 Monmouth DR 4014335698 Diane S. Ellis16 Kingsford Ave 4014330406 Diane S. O'connor1 Peary St 4014338610 Diane Taylor2936 Pawtucket Ave, Apt 225 4014357193 Diane Thurber74 President Ave 4014332352 Dianna Leiter310 Bullocks Point Ave 4014326661 Dianna M. Dauphinee39 Legion Way 4014349479 Dianna S. Poissant59 Beach Point DR 4014331477 Dianne M. Viera31 Sunset Ave 4014370784 Dianne Vieira31 Sunset Ave 4014370784 Dilia M. Medeiros18 Ormond DR 4016320386 Dina J. Bastanzi45 Whitcomb Rd 4014332694 Dinarte M. Cabral74 Gerald St 4014326186 Diogo R. Mello36 Gerald St 4014381074 Dmw Associates1445 Wampanoag Trl, Unit 101 4014379328 Doctor R Wood Craig DMD Limited600 Wampanoag Trl 4014342626 Dolores C. Falaguerra12 Plum Rd 4014331625 Dolores R. Parker20 Vintner Ave 4014370178 Dolores Therrien141 Thurston St 4014332217 Dolores Travers1061 Willett Ave, Apt 217 4014332970 Domenic A. Amoroso15 Riley DR 4014347990 Domenic Deangelis46 Tanglewood DR 4014371869 Dominic J. Deangelis46 Tanglewood DR 4014371869 Dominic Sollitto181 Norton St 4014384557 Domino's Pizza1086 Willett Ave 4014330200 Donald Arel102 Turner Ave 4014331649 Donald B. Mclean88 Brookfield Rd 4014341952 Donald Dane27 East St 4013534543 Donald E. DoxeyPo Box 15112 4014371556 Donald J. Mackay4 Sprague Ave 4014370693 Donald J. Mackay59 North St 4012706363 Donald J. Rogers874 Bullocks Point Ave 4014333277 Donald L. Anderson166 Becker Ave 4014333211 Donald L. Gregory19 Dartmouth Ave 4014335996 Donald M. O'connor1 Peary St 4014338610 Donald Munroe7 Winter Harbor Ave 4014334832 Donald R. Guertin18 Read St 4014334313 Donald R. Marcotte79 Brookfield Rd 4012700043 Donald R. Oliver75 Waterview Ave 4014381587 Donald R. Thompson26 Adams Ave 4014326277 Donald R. Webb1061 Willett Ave 4014330979 Donald Rogers122 Francis Ave 4014371067 Donald Tirrell84 Wannisett Ave 4014332493 Donald W. Button55 Plum Rd 4014371571 Donald Williams29 Luray St 4014330519 Donetta F. Barros57 Sweetbriar Ave 4016320818 Donn M. Decollibus36 Jefferson Ave 4014372576 Donna E. Wall34 Metropolitan Park DR 4014335885 Donna Freeman3042 Pawtucket Ave 4014380134 Donna H. Germano9 Heath St 4014386230 Donna Hickey112 Circuit DR 4014332566 Donna J. Daft15 Allison CT 4014372871 Donna J. Fanti23 Pinehurst Rd 4014334805 Donna J. Hanley6 Scott DR 4014332449 Donna J. Hassell55 Forbes St 4014334438 Donna J. Lord121 Rounds Ave 4014371927 Donna J. Mackie2 Fuller Ave 4013833563 Donna J. Nawrocki50 Tanglewood DR 4014334030 Donna L. Gomes130 Crown Ave 4014385624 Donna L. Phillips110 Hilton Ave 4014342450 Donna L. Reel5 Julie Ann Cir 4014333625 Donna L. Wells5 Allison CT 4014379028 Donna M. Farias112 Estrell DR 4014334945 Donna M. Hughes107 Viola Ave 4014335374 Donna M. Mcmahon233 Norton St 4014343201 Donna M. Niederberger23 Fenwick Rd 4014336932 Donna M. Sears47 Colony Rd 4014333145 Donna Mace178 Norton St 4014330187 Donna R. Pitzer115 Brookfield Rd 4014387998 Dorcas L. Henderson153 Brookfield Rd 4014341490 Doreen E. Carter124 Bluff St 4014330216 Doreen L. Ku13 White Ave 4014332128 Doreen M. Morency29 Harvey Ave 4014333044 Doreen Noonan1355 Wampanoag Trl 4018656162 Dorina A. Igo78 Allen Ave 4014372062 Doris J. Galinelli1948 Village Grn S, Apt D 4014343841 Doris Meehan75 Riverside DR 4014331767 Doris Meehan75 Riverside DR 4014330405 Doris T. Kenney1440 Wampanoag Trl 4014332425 Doris W. Miller19 Cedar Ave 4014332781 Dorothy A. O'rourke164 Carousel DR E, Apt 314 4014334350 Dorothy B. Johnson58 Lindy Ave 4014333299 Dorothy Church3595 Pawtucket Ave 4014334855 Dorothy Correia75 Buckthorne Ave 4014357141 Dorothy E. Searle104 Waterview Ave 4014382317 Dorothy Fanara28 Leroy DR 4014332037 Dorothy H. Fay19 Cumberland Rd 4014345701 Dorothy H. Testa18 Dearborn DR 4014334239 Dorothy H. Williams137 Estrell DR 4014334212 Dorothy J. Amaral53 Ferncrest DR 4014333105 Dorothy Korkuc61 Holland Ave 4014333151 Dorothy L. Kehoe4 Carousel DR W, Apt 308 4014332701 Dorothy L. Rockwell61 Aberdeen Rd 4014345115 Dorothy M. Tanner49 Terrace Ave 4012701312 Dorothy M. Taylor71 Lincoln Ave 4014334080 Dorothy Marcoullier25 Riley DR 4014341678 Dorothy Muth1440 Wampanoag Trl, Apt 345 4014334593 Dorothy N. Duane81 Anson DR 4014332819 Dorothy N. Shaw21 Circle DR 4014335085 Dorothy R. Zuromski72 Spring St 4014332638 Dorothy Teeden2936 Pawtucket Ave, Apt 206 4014386734 Douglas Collins4 Fuller Ave 4014335689 Douglas Gomes177 Rounds Ave 4014370924 Douglas J Glod Dpm250 Wampanoag Trl 4014310283 Douglas J Glod Dpm1525 Wampanoag Trl 4012286710 Douglas J. Grant92 Terrace Ave 4014331197 Douglas K. Bryan52 Armington Ave 4014385314 Douglas M. Hunt503 Bullocks Point Ave, Apt 5 4014330606 Douglas Paiva72 Merritt Rd 4014346671 Douglas Wine & Spirits1235 Wampanoag Trl 4014330231 DR Andrea Mernan MD250 Wampanoag Trl 4014350044 DR Dale Radka MD1011 Veterans Memorial Pkwy 4014343400 DR Henry Sachs MD1011 Veterans Memorial Pkwy 4014343400 DR R Wood Craig DMD LTD600 Wampanoag Trl 4014342626 Drive Media LLC120 Amaral St 4014384800 Duane Feiro90 Turner Ave 4014333386 Duarte Asphalt Paving460 Bullocks Point Ave 4014379000 Duarte Corporation460 Bullocks Point Ave 4014379000 Duarte J. Gomes136 Allen Ave 4014331485 Dulce M. Faria45 Holly St 4014371462 Duncan Watson34 Breeze Ave 4014331918 Dunkin' Donuts925 Willett Ave 4014334570 Dunkin' Donuts3348 Pawtucket Ave 4014385356 Dunkin' Donuts900 Wampanoag Trl 4014354536 Durvalino Decastro159 Beverly Rd 4014370704 Dwayne Harriger557 Forbes St 4014334729 Dylan J. Germano9 Heath St 4014386230


 E H Ashley Co Inc1 White Squadron Rd 4014310950 E. Candon127 Beverly Rd 4014330252 E. Jean6 Virginia Ln 4014370221 E. Marcus25 Upland Rd 4014350344 E. T. Stone16 Luray St 4014330794 Eager Family Dentistry600 Wampanoag Trl, Ste A 4014342626 Eand P. Serowik147 Bell Ave 4014332466 Earl E. Tetreault100 Holland Ave 4014330578 Earle C. Lewis250 Terrace Ave 4014334489 East Bay Bookkeeping Services1445 Wampanoag Trl, Unit 106 4014332612 East Bay Community Action Program100 Bullocks Point Ave, Ste 1 4014371000 East Bay Community Actionprogram3624 Pawtucket Ave 4014330383 East Bay House Riverside803 Willett Ave 4014335400 East Bay Limousine Service1 Arrowhead Ave 4014371900 East Bay Manor1440 Wampanoag Trl 8003678558 East Bay Mental Health Center - Administrative Offices52 Amaral St 4014319875 East Bay Self Storage3346 Pawtucket Ave 4014311400 East Bay Solar Panel3346 Pawtucket Ave 4014358012 East Coast Auto Transport375 Wampanoag Trl 4014386454 East Providence Church of Christ22 Wampanoag Trl 4014341526 East Providence City Of:    -Recreation Center100 Bullocks Point Ave 4014336360    -Water Pollution Control Div - Nights Sat Sun Holidays1 Crest Ave 4014336376 East Providence Community Health Center100 Bullocks Point Ave 4014371008 East Providence Cycle Co111 Crescent View Ave 4014372453 East Providence Early Childhood Learning Center240 Crescent View Ave 4014331055 East Providence Family Eye Care Ltd250 Wampanoag Trl, Ste 304 4014355555 East Providence House of Pizza187 Willett Ave 4014335901 East Providence Paint & Wallpaper200 Willett Ave 4014371444 East Providence Self Storage181 Amaral St 4014346100 East Side Clinical Lab250 Wampanoag Trl 4014312200 East Side Clinical Laboratory217 Willett Ave 4014338370 East Side Clinical Labs225 Willett Ave 4014338370 East Side Masonry90 Riverside DR 4014333338 Ed Hicks40 Planet Ave 4014330973 Ed Renaud37 Terrace Ave 4014332223 Ed Vieira47 Madeline DR 4014344904 Eddins S. Dussault214 Terrace Ave 4014379628 Edgar Farley1440 Wampanoag Trl 4014370530 Edgar Phillips930 Bullocks Point Ave 4014371267 Edith Bettencourt10 Connors Ln 4014331494 Edith Seifert129 Worcester Ave 4014330275
Edmond Moniz77 Thurston St 4014330566 Edmond Renaud37 Terrace Ave 4014332223 Edmund J. Desano Jr55 Monroe Ave 4014334920 Edmund Loiselle10 Village Grn N 4014343734 Edmund T. Korkuc61 Holland Ave 4014333151
Edna Attias888 Bullocks Point Ave 4014331934 Edna Crevier9 Mystic Ave 4014331149 Edna H. Couto15 Rhodes Ave 4014330822 Eduardo J. Vieira Iii31 Sunset Ave 4014370784 Eduardo M. Faria45 Holly St 4014371462 Edward A. Mace477 Bullocks Point Ave 4014333331 Edward A. Serowik Sr147 Bell Ave 4014332466 Edward B. Macrae118 Waterview Ave 4014383084 Edward Bonetti41 Riley DR 4014346547 Edward C. Roque214 Norton St 4016320352 Edward Cabral3663 Pawtucket Ave 4014371528 Edward Couitt25 Charlotte St 4014331308 Edward Dallesandro58 Fenner Ave 4014334194 Edward E. Corveno Jr72 Stowe Ave 4014335318 Edward F. Hanley Jr856 Bullocks Point Ave 4013519697 Edward F. Souza2936 Pawtucket Ave, Apt 124 4014679039 Edward G. Leonard Sr10 Aberdeen Rd 4014380064 Edward H. Bedard8 Cumberland Rd 4014346169 Edward I. Babayev11 Elizabeth St 4014374984 Edward J. Bodell53 Terrace Ave 4014330796 Edward J. Brayton Jr396 Bullocks Point Ave 4014331118 Edward J. Pizzuti150 Hoppin Ave 4014379446 Edward J. Rezendes Jr15 Aberdeen Rd 4014344597 Edward J. Sweeney10 Wingate Rd 4014330614 Edward Kulig109 Earl Ave 4014370193 Edward L. Larisa1061 Willett Ave 4014331519 Edward L. Tanguay Jr157 Forbes St 4014334179 Edward L. Tetreault60 Madeline DR 4014346858 Edward M. Boudreau858 Bullocks Point Ave 4014330217 Edward M. O'brien19 Hascall St 4014385149 Edward M. Prew43 Rogers Ave 4014332997 Edward M. Souza39 Breeze Ave 4014334065 Edward Medeiros65 Ramsay St 4013831586 Edward N. Callahan126 Cedar Ave 4014332937 Edward Poirier15 Buckthorne Ave 4014386124 Edward R. Geoffrey Jr144 Bell Ave 4014374588 Edward R. Kollett Iii54 Firglade Ave 4014370622 Edward R. Oliver34 Ravena Ave 4014381911 Edward R. Stahowiak35 Woodbine St 4014330408 Edward Rogers3663 Pawtucket Ave 4014379208 Edward Rose1440 Wampanoag Trl, Apt 342 4014342088 Edward T. Rodman51 Bond Rd 4014344994 Edward T. Terrien1145 Bullocks Point Ave 4014334241 Edward Vieira31 Sunset Ave 4014370784 Edward W. Mcgee623 Willett Ave 4014336871 Edward W. Wardyga Jr110 Stowe Ave 4014370628 Edward W. Waroyga Jr110 Stowe Ave 4014370628 Edwards Hairdrsrs210 Willett Ave 4014371204 Edwin B. Johnson Jr58 Lindy Ave 4014333299 Eileen F. Lamountain153 Terrace Ave 4013535108 Eileen F. Pringle40 Ramsay St 4014330955 Eileen Harvey18 Brook Ave 4014330674 Eileen M. Smith13 Brookfield Rd 4014347484 Eileen Major30 Charlotte St 4014334868 Eileen T. Botelho22 Circle DR 4014334274 Eileen T. Lemoi235 Becker Ave 4014330368 Elaine A. Fredrick735 Willett Ave, Unit 605 4014371337 Elaine A. Layton54 Winthrop St 4014370369 Elaine A. Scanlan41 Woodcrest DR 4014332904 Elaine D. Trevitt129 Circuit DR 4014330888 Elaine F. Haste28 Glenrose DR 4012534980 Elaine G. Waller37 Bay View Ave 4014385971 Elaine H. Conners15 Stephen St 4014335564 Elaine Hordern-Gerling150 Peach Orchard DR 4014370922 Elaine L. Carvara57 Peach Orchard DR 4014335776 Elaine M. Eckles613 Forbes St 4014332063 Elaine M. Gerling150 Peach Orchard DR 4014370922 Elaine M. Leitao172 Norton St 4014340945 Elaine M. Mathers44 Cove St 4014333166 Elaine M. Sousa154 Worcester Ave 4014331450 Elaine S. Sirmalis173 Terrace Ave 4014330359 Elaine T. Andrade122 Terrace Ave 4015339699 Eleanor M. Leighton97 Cedar Ave 4014331392 Eleanor M. Marco90 Catalpa Ave 4014370839 Eleanor Paparella61 Wampanoag Trl 4014345155 Eleanor Tetreault100 Holland Ave 4014330578 Elias Deeb1958 Village Grn S 4014385276 Elijah Anderson102 Elder Ave 4014344891 Elinor Martin18 Euclid Ave 4014330516 Elisabeth G. Shayer3040 Pawtucket Ave 4014343536 Elisabeth Galligan89 Smith St 4014333635 Elise M. Messier139 Holland Ave 4014333354 Elite Title & Closing2900 Pawtucket Ave 4013697877 Eliz Carter35 Oak Ave 4014333518 Eliza B. Holtzman18 Fairfield Ave 4014345032 Elizabeth A. Carter35 Oak Ave 4014333518 Elizabeth A. Costa14 Crescent Ave 4014336957 Elizabeth A. Hallenbeck58 Viola Ave 4014372506 Elizabeth A. Kaiser34 Carousel DR 4013837990 Elizabeth A. Sirmalis37 Carousel DR 4014370098 Elizabeth A. Sorrentino20 N Shore DR 4014334298 Elizabeth Brosseau151 Willett Ave, Apt 3 4014330267 Elizabeth C. Carpenter28 Bond Rd 4014384816 Elizabeth Castello108 Legion Way 4012700554 Elizabeth Castigliego77 Palmer Ave 4013697861 Elizabeth Correa40 Thurston St 4014330675 Elizabeth Costa41 Indian Rd 4014331016 Elizabeth J. Nadrowski42 Dearborn DR 4014334947 Elizabeth J. Nickerson784 Willett Ave 4014334057 Elizabeth K. Welch14 Lunn St 4014335589 Elizabeth L. Boehmke85 Riverside DR 4014334571 Elizabeth Larose31 Mountain Ave 4014340988 Elizabeth M. Conti108 Ivan Ave 4014343159 Elizabeth M. Crevier62 Thurston St 4014330455 Elizabeth M. Deoliveira473 Bullocks Point Ave 4014371096 Elizabeth M. Gilheeney104 Crown Ave 4014341007 Elizabeth M. Robitaille38 Mountain Ave 4014385346 Elizabeth P. Costa187 Becker Ave 4014332980 Elizabeth Pegg74 Sweetbriar Ave 4014385886 Elizabeth R. Paiva175 Holland Ave 4014333361 Elizabeth R. Platt101 Thurston St 4014331675 Elizabeth S. Capobianco104 Merritt Rd 4014345613 Elizabeth V. Kettell23 Claire St 4014331720 Elizabeth Wahl24 Beach Point DR 4014332510 Elizabeth Young27 Bullocks Point Ave, Apt 2B 4014332674 Ella Creighton85 Willett Ave 4014370798 Ellen Cotter1440 Wampanoag Trl 4014344791 Ellen E. Manchester1061 Willett Ave, Apt 316 4014370283 Ellen F. Mauro4 Palmer Ave 4014370578 Ellen J. Amoroso15 Riley DR 4014347990 Ellen K. Donovan39 Forest Ave 4014334433 Ellen M. Perreault39 Bullocks Point Ave, Apt 6A 4018281798 Ellen M. Zawislak140 Providence Ave 4014332215 Ellen P. Salvatore9 Avenue B 4014331593 Ellen S. Reinhardt26 Fenwick Rd 4014331221 Elsie C. Metcalfe3 Bergin St 4014340631 Elsie Machado91 Argyle Ave 4014334335 Elsie Pontarelli1440 Wampanoag Trl 4014334568 Elton E. Wood948 Veterans Memorial Pkwy 4014353104 Emergency Car Locksmith401 Bullocks Point Ave 4014732676 Emergency Car Locksmith24 Monroe Ave 4014732680 Emergency Locksmith1235 Wampanoag Trl 4014732677 Emilio Petrucci Jr87 Heath St 4014343259 Emily Deschenes30 Cumberland Rd 4014340099 Emily L. Candon73 Beverly Rd 4014334637 Emily M. Pacheco244 Becker Ave 4013837284 Emily S. Reinhardt26 Fenwick Rd 4014331221 Emily S. Squittiere5 Plum Rd 4014331154 Emma L. Wroblinski10 Beach Point DR 4014334211 Emma Peterson74 Rogers Ave 4014331643 Emma Seamans5 Forest Ave 4014334005 Energize Locksmith925 Willett Ave 4014733511 Engraving for Industry1169 Bullocks Point Ave 4013830094 Environmental Science Services401 Wampanoag Trl, Ste 400 4014345560 Equity Title & Closing Services Inc401 Wampanoag Trl 4014345500 Eric A. Daiello153 Circuit DR 4014330758 Eric A. Dziekiewicz11 Stephen St 4014331258 Eric Beaudoin118 Becker Ave 4014379226 Eric Bronner22 Grassy Plain Rd 4016544941 Eric Buzzi11 Allison CT 4014331764 Eric D. Paiva50 Winthrop St 4014330084 Eric J. Hanson32 Whitcomb Rd 4014372925 Eric L. Simpson70 Forbes St 4014379759 Eric Loiselle49 Cove St 4014332316 Eric N. Ross520 Bullocks Point Ave 4014371062 Eric Sadowski33 Euclid Ave 4014335555 Eric Soares77 Beverly Rd 4014335974 Eric Soares33 Lakeside St 4014330459 Eric Stauff40 Washington Ave 4014331525 Eric Tarvis52 Read St 4014339818 Eric Tobin19 Winslow St 4013533731 Erica L. Wheeler68 Riverside DR 4014330784 Erik A. Holstius2891 Pawtucket Ave 4014311837 Erik Shea65 Beach Point DR 4014326162 Erika L. Santie170 Forbes St 4014332398 Erika M. Medeiros24 Hoppin Ave 4013831001 Erin A. Brown49 Lakeside St 4014370876 Erin A. Collins36 Pine Crest DR 4013831867 Erin Dimaria26 Primrose DR 4013833710 Erin E. Grady21 Catalpa Ave 4014370042 Erin J. Lombardo1 Vernon DR 4014330718 Erin L. Banigan25 Planet Ave 4014334164 Erin L. Platt101 Thurston St 4014331675 Erin L. Weber26 Primrose DR 4013833710 Ermelinda C. Waldron90 Padelford Ave 4014357078 Ernest A. Loiselle49 Cove St 4014332316 Ernest H. Mcvay Jr273 Terrace Ave 4014331496 Ernest Peck36 Thurston St 4014330997 Ernest Ricci713 Willett Ave 4014331917 Ernest W. Allen81 Silver Spring Ave 4014385921 Ernest W. Lynch65 Estrell DR 4014332607 Ernestine M. Elderkin25 Upland Rd 4014350344 Ess Group Inc10 Hemingway DR 4014340232 Esther Lenihan1440 Wampanoag Trl, Apt 250 4014330363 Esther M. Mollerberg18 Breeze Way 4014332048 Ethan Gervais57 Smith St 4014331603 Eugene F. Duquette81 Heath St 4014386409 Eugene G. Hollvey523 Forbes St 4014355367 Eugene J. Kennedy Jr30 Thurston St 4014335179 Eugene S. Clauss1115 Bullocks Point Ave 4014330582 Eugenia Conaty2 Sprague Ave 4014371419 Eulalia M. Soares77 Beverly Rd 4014335974 Eunice H. Wharton3614 Pawtucket Ave 4014330290 Eunice V. Enos48 Becker Ave 4014332395 Eva Casanova65 Crescent View Ave 4013837497 Eva M. Coffey3226 Pawtucket Ave, Apt 24 4014340432 Evamarie Casanova65 Crescent View Ave 4013837497 Evan R. Berube1357 Wampanoag Trl, Apt 329 4014332721 Evan Sowa3536 Pawtucket Ave 4014330392 Evan W. Meekins94 Sweetbriar Ave 4014381219 Evangelical Covenant Church165 Rounds Ave 4014334356 Evangeline Fernandes1440 Wampanoag Trl, Apt 232 4014332608 Evelyn Alves89 Crescent View Ave 4014333694 Evelyn Capone90 Village DR 4012286883 Evelyn E. Hassell98 Catalpa Ave 4014371385 Evelyn J. Gregory19 Dartmouth Ave 4014335996 Evelyn M. Kelleher36 Riverside DR 4014332763 Everett Holland18 Sachem Rd 4014331243 Everett J. Silva41 Holly St 4014333176 Evocare Home Health Services66 Amaral St 4014353324 Exotic Tans1086 Willett Ave 4014374786 Express Gas and Food Mart1345 Wampanoag Trl 4014331200


 F Devine Gilbert CPA1445 Wampanoag Trl, Unit 201 4013834100 F. Cook2 Carousel DR W 4015217527 F. D. Mills33 Poplar Ave 4014332078 F. E. Sawicki1440 Wampanoag Trl, Apt 202 4014330360 F. Moses107 Arnold St 4017140886 F. Moses107 Arnold St 4014330448 F. X. Berlant22 Beaver Rd 4014331522 F. X. Berlant22 Beaver Rd 4014331558 Faith A. Mello21 Harris St 4014371184 Faith F. Levesque105 Burnside Ave 4014330821 Farley Michael J Atty41 Kingsford Ave 4014371609 Farnsworth Cafe302 Willett Ave 4014333426 Fausat Alli-Owe251 Providence Ave 4014335141 Faye Zuckerman131 Allen Ave 4014330562 Federal Mediation and Conciliation Service1275 Wampanoag Trl, Unit 106 4014331004 Federal Mediation And Conciliation Service1275 Wampanoag Trl 4014331748 Federal Mediation And Conciliation Service - Commissioner Joseph Kelleher1275 Wampanoag Trl 4014330295 Fernando Brasil97 Becker Ave 4014330420 Festival of The Vine145 Terrace Ave 4015219463 Figliolini John C Oral Surg600 Wampanoag Trl 4014344646 Filomena M. Cole75 Sweetbriar Ave 4014388344 Filomena Silva100 Wampanoag Trl 4014340270 Filomena Watson34 Breeze Ave 4014331918 Fiorella Bower1964 Village Grn S 4014310649 Flora Lynch65 Estrell DR 4014332607 Floren Cantrell96 Narragansett Ave 4014334612 Florence A. Cantrell96 Narragansett Ave 4014334612 Florence A. Redman31 Bullocks Point Ave, Apt 4A 4014389099 Florence E. Oliver2936 Pawtucket Ave 4014381805 Florence Hodgson1440 Wampanoag Trl 4014344232 Florence Mills27 Harding Ave 4014326404 Florence O'connell10 Circuit DR 4014338201 Flori Carillo58 Cypress St 4014330575 Florinda Vieira141 Wampanoag Trl 4014384062 Floyd Johnston10 Leigh Ln 4014335879 Forbes Street Solar Llc241 Forbes St 4014334604 Fran Brelsford80 Circuit DR 4014334394 Frances A. Chase81 Metropolitan Park DR 4014331384 Frances A. Williams39 Meadowcrest DR 4014333115 Frances Brown75 Main St 4014330616 Frances Gross1440 Wampanoag Trl, Apt 337 4014346555 Frances L. Giles64 Locust St 4014334123 Frances L. Giles64 Locust St 4014332421 Frances P. Tinkham62 Francis Ave 4014334826 Frances Shanahan8 Gladys St 4014332809 Francine A. Mcvay273 Terrace Ave 4014331496 Francine A. Patriarca30 E Knowlton St 4014371922 Francine E. Difruscio42 Ferncrest DR 4014331266 Francine I. Brelsford80 Circuit DR 4014334394 Francine P. Jacks862 Willett Ave 4014332889 Francis A. Tosi70 Sweetbriar Ave 4014384050 Francis Giles64 Locust St 4014332421 Francis Giles64 Locust St 4014334123 Francis J. Pickett Jr3568 Pawtucket Ave 4014371133 Francis J. Smith66 Ferncrest DR 4014331624 Francis L. Hoague Jr86 Earl Ave 4014334594 Francis M. Gomes4 Euclid Ave 4014370788 Francis Rose30 Forest Ave 4014370135 Francis S. Fayne61 Franklin St 4014371322 Francis Squittiere5 Plum Rd 4014331154 Francisco P. Ripley55 Bullocks Point Ave 4014331707 Frank A. Devall Jr27 Monmouth DR 4014334216 Frank A. Maciel30 Somerset Ave 4014371474 Frank A. Nightingale12 Ocean Ave 4014373117 Frank A. Palumbo29 Rhodes Ave 4014370925 Frank A. Rositer95 Oak Ave 4013697213 Frank A. Santie170 Forbes St 4014332398 Frank A. Shea Jr65 Beach Point DR 4014326162 Frank Blase31 Bullocks Point Ave, Apt 6A 4014334267 Frank Duarte23 Providence Ave 4014330429 Frank E. Andrews Sr65 Garden DR 4014343272 Frank E. Meservey Jr51 Jackson Ave 4014371293 Frank Kenney1440 Wampanoag Trl 4014332425 Frank L. Borges144 Oak Crest DR 4014372761 Frank L. Borges144 Oak Crest DR 4014331951 Frank Lomba14 Hospital Rd 4015339671 Frank Luiz28 Jackson Ave 4014371651 Frank M. Roderick114 Crown Ave 4014386436 Frank P. Moreira Jr16 Kingsford Ave 4014330406 Frank Romanelli93 Hilton Ave 4014330780 Frank S. Macedo Jr49 Griffith DR 4014371545 Frank S. Oliver2936 Pawtucket Ave 4014381805 Frank Serio Jr47 Robin Hood DR 4014373858 Frank T. Correia99 River St 4014373409 Franklin J. Tainsh15 Manning DR 4014344450 Franklin T. Taylor71 Lincoln Ave 4014334080 Franz O. Werner983 Bullocks Point Ave 4014370947 Fred W. Reinhardt Iii26 Fenwick Rd 4014331221 Fred's Service Center Inc3730 Pawtucket Ave 4014333000 Frederic E. Bisshopp163 Halleck Ave 4014331725 Frederick A. Brehm56 Whitcomb Rd 4014370782 Frederick Cook42 E Knowlton St 4014332382 Frederick Corrado6 Daisy DR 4014334529 Frederick F. Foeri Jr50 Ferncrest DR 4014334546 Frederick F. Frank Jr31 Ivan Ave 4014385398 Frederick Frank541 Bullocks Point Ave 4014330949 Frederick H. Harris Jr65 Willow St 4014373766 Frederick H. Macdonald305 Terrace Ave 4014370254 Frederick H. Macdonald305 Terrace Ave 4014332939 Frederick M. Pierce Jr9 Holland Ave 4013839003 Frederick R. Roberts94 Providence Ave 4014332220 Fredk J. Frank Jr31 Ivan Ave 4014385398 Fredrick Harris65 Willow St 4014373766 Free Free579 Bullocks Point Ave 4014334792 Fulford Manufacturing65 Tripps Ln 4014312000


 Gabriel E. Sullivan1 Holly St 4014334106 Gaebe & Kezirian1445 Wampanoag Trl, Unit 115 4013310800 Gai Kreshchuk2 Carousel DR W, Apt 302 4014332354 Gail A. Dubois31 Borden St 4014331977 Gail A. Mccarthy30 Harvey Ave 4014331945 Gail A. Provost27 Bullocks Point Ave 4014334928 Gail B. Landry77 Griffith DR 4014372291 Gail C. Conley1445 Wampanoag Trl 4012731791 Gail C. Hoague86 Earl Ave 4014334594 Gail E. Snow6 Florence St 4014334812 Gail E. White20 Indian Rd 4014332614 Gail Medeiros23 Bullocks Point Ave 4014332750 Gail P. Carrier15 Yuro St 4014331489 Garret Ballou94 Cozzens Ave 4014370337 Garth Huckabee1972 Village Grn S 4014380418 Gary D. Landry54 Sumach Ave 4014388717 Gary E. Zunda1 Princeton Ave 4014332506 Gary J. Silva14 Connors Ln 4014371212 Gary M. Farrea657 Bullocks Point Ave 4014372564 Gary M. Galinelli1948 Village Grn S, Apt D 4014343841 Gary Martin6 Dartmouth Ave 4014158916 Gary P. Benedetti57 Locust St 4014330025 Gary S. Paquette52 Holland Ave 4014379419 Gary W. Vandyke30 Argyle Ave, Apt 102 4014335014 Gayle L. Baxter735 Willett Ave, Unit 305 4014335198 Gayle R. Rieth18 Edna Ave 4014371941 Gayle Rhodes18 Edna Ave 4014371941 Geared to Perfection404 Wampanoag Trl 4014344800 Geisser Engineering Corp227 Wampanoag Trl 4014387711 Gema E. Hegarty3624 Pawtucket Ave 4014335406 Gena Hegarty3624 Pawtucket Ave 4014335406 Gentle Giant Moving Co125 Amaral St 4014534400 George A. Declercq132 Riverside DR 4014330589 George A. Hubbard55 Cul De Sac Way 4014331702 George A. Leonardo16 Prescott Ave 4014332588 George Bettencourt10 Connors Ln 4014331494 George Brown75 Main St 4014330616 George D. Caruolo670 Willett Ave 4014370905 George D. Rosa153 Park DR 4012706445 George E. Major55 Sherman St 4012703161 George E. Rochefort Jr57 Euclid Ave 4014331201 George E. Waller37 Bay View Ave 4014385971 George Garner21 Lindy Ave 4014379459 George Gennari21 Riley DR 4014383658 George Grady21 Catalpa Ave 4014370042 George H. Landry77 Griffith DR 4014372291 George J. Bouchard Jr17 Crescent Ave 4014340561 George J. Geisser Jr45 Brookfield Rd 4014341632 George J. Morse Jr103 Lindy Ave 4014371920 George J. Pacheco39 Robin Hood DR 4016546750 George K. Gregory302 Terrace Ave 4012705904 George Leonard Ii104 Shore Rd 4012704965 George Levasseur1440 Wampanoag Trl 4014331416 George M. Christie20 Star Ave 4012288010 George Paloukas30 Theresa St 4014331703 George S. Bush52 Elder Ave 4014356230 George S. Furtado61 Ravena Ave 4014387876 George Soares80 Brookfield Rd 4014384886 George Sweet131 Fenner Ave 4014330215 George W. Hagy1440 Wampanoag Trl 4014330902 George Williams137 Estrell DR 4014334212 Georgette Bergeron1061 Willett Ave 4014371743 Georgette D. Bergeron1061 Willett Ave, Apt 317 4014331920 Gerald A. Bessette50 Park Rd 4014341980 Gerald A. Leddy11 Garden DR 4014312034 Gerald A. Vaccaro27 Robin Hood DR 4014371429 Gerald H. Read65 Kingsford Ave 4014332726 Gerald J. Platt101 Thurston St 4014331675 Gerald R. Ruest5 Fenwick Rd 4014334486 Gerald Silva131 Beverly Rd 4014383055 Geraldine A. Santilli2 Ravena Ave, Apt 306 4012707385 Geraldine Fiyod35 Robin Hood DR 4014330195 Geraldine G. Dolan103 Providence Ave 4014372120 Gerard Founier9 Bart DR 4014334564 Gerard Ross188 Narragansett Ave 4014334128 Gerilyn A. Frank31 Ivan Ave 4014385398 Geronimo M. Paulo8 Sherman St 4014330999 Gery E. Moore16 Ivan Ave 4014384574 Gil Enos77 Circuit DR 4014332322 Gilbert Bown49 Lakeside St 4014370876 Gilbert D. Brown49 Lakeside St 4014370876 Gilbert R. Burger15 Lyman St 4014330452 Gilbert Soares33 Lakeside St 4014330459 Gilbert Soares77 Beverly Rd 4014335974 Gina M. King203 Earl Ave 4014374454 Ginny H. Mckenzie21 Pine Crest DR 4014332695 Girish T. Rajashekar6 Village Grn N 4014386884 Girl Scouts Of Ri Inc - Girl Scout Houses351 Willett Ave 4014334611 Gisele G. Richardson143 Silver St 4014370034 Gladys Forte92 Catalpa Ave 4014371082 Gladys M. Holland3040 Pawtucket Ave 4013835555 Gladys Wyatt36 Benedict St 4014331206 Glenn B. Cabral6 Becker Ave 4014332580 Glenn C. Rotondo14 White Ave 4014331575 Glenn J. Gorman101 Leroy DR 4014331657 Glenn S. Delross115 Worcester Ave 4014332527 Gloria A. Maciel30 Somerset Ave 4014371474 Gloria Coelho50 Colony Rd 4014333541 Gloria N. Peterson25 Cul De Sac Way 4014331423 Gloria T. Wallace141 Oak Crest DR 4014370889 Goarik Ayrapetova3663 Pawtucket Ave 4014379666 Good Neighbors55 Turner Ave 4014330045 Gordon H. Fisher23 Beaver Rd 4014334407 Gordon M. Macdonald90 Grassy Plain Rd 4014331204 Gordon Smith75 Hospital Rd, # PRIVATE 4014335653 Grace C. Devall27 Monmouth DR 4014334216 Grace M. Gomes136 Allen Ave 4014331485 Grant R. Smith60 Fenner Ave 4014331549 Grapentine W L Phys1011 Veterans Memorial Pkwy 4014343400 Greg D. Carpenter28 Bond Rd 4014384816 Greg Filippo10 Woodcrest DR 4014332386 Gregg A. Medeiros43 Mountain Ave 4014345940 Gregory B. Krause8 Merritt Rd 4014358027 Gregory J. Moses107 Arnold St 4017140886 Gregory J. Moses107 Arnold St 4014330448 Gregory L. Seal10 Mohawk DR 4014334320 Gregory M. Holmes24 Vintner Ave 4014332518 Gregory M. Lamarre10 Locust St 4014332533 Gregory M. Paiva72 Merritt Rd 4014346671 Gregory P. Glazier19 Connors Ln 4014330584 Gregory Perry3 Anchor Way 4014335381 Gregory R. Antonelli26 Dartmouth Ave 4014371921 Greta Francis Psycholgst1011 Veterans Memorial Pkwy 4014343400 Gretchen S. Yealy116 Rounds Ave 4012283321 Griffith J. Thomas73 Lindy Ave 4014330974 Guilherme Ferro33 Somerset Ave 4014332142 Gunnar C. Johnson3 Lilac St 4014346050 Gustafson Frank & Sons Inc225 Wampanoag Trl 4014311700 Gyzen T. Van54 Bay View Ave 4014387029


 H&R Block220 Willett Ave 4014371251 H. Harris15 Ramsay St 4014331267 H. M. Hogan2916 Pawtucket Ave, Apt D 4014385303 H. M. Lacroix218 Terrace Ave 4014379451 H. M. Smith66 Ferncrest DR 4014331624 H. Raff66 Aberdeen Rd 4014340670 H. Smith38 Lakeside St 4014331597 H. Sorentino33 Legion Way 4014335669 Hair Essentials1070 Willett Ave 4014331400 Hair Studio101 Turner Ave 4012705884 Haji Ahmad732 Willett Ave 4014331333 Haley A. Martins55 Buckthorne Ave 4014353829 Haley Couchon119 Turner Ave 4014334348 Haley Defontes26 Rhodes Ave 4014370261 Hanabel C. Amaral Jr33 Read St 4014371640 Hannah L. Wroblinski10 Beach Point DR 4014334211 Hannah Santos7 Anson DR 4014327730 Harold D. Frese57 Leroy DR 4014332463 Harold J. Degnan Jr110 Becker Ave 4014335134 Harold Painter243 Crescent View Ave, Apt 317 4014370970 Harold Steen65 Shore Rd 4014330915 Harriet M. Moore297 Terrace Ave 4018086290 Harry J. Emore1440 Wampanoag Trl, Apt 334 4014332080 Harry P. Mihalos5 Lunn St 4014370274 Harry V. Rockwell Jr61 Aberdeen Rd 4014345115 Harry W. Cary Iii46 Arnold St 4014334083 Hassells Garage269 Wampanoag Trl 4014385900 Hattie Ide Chaffee200 Wampanoag Trl 4014341520 Haven United Methodist Church - Parsng28 Bond Rd 4014384816 Hazel V. Haggstrom45 Ramsay St 4014333321 Head Start Turner Ave70 Turner Ave 4016494233 Heath T. Bastanzi45 Whitcomb Rd 4014332694 Heather A. Comerford677 Willett Ave 4014331475 Heather A. Facteau20 Becker Ave 4013697241 Heather Boyd1121 Bullocks Point Ave 4014331520 Heather Boyd47 Kingsford Ave 4014331784 Heather Boyd1121 Bullocks Point Ave 4014334900 Heather Cabral6 Becker Ave 4014332580 Heather D. Nelson25 Argyle Ave 4014371852 Heather J. Amaral5 Beaver CT 4014334277 Heather J. Butler10 Waverly Rd 4014374843 Heather Kline49 Ferncrest DR 4014330325 Heather L. Andrade45 Wampanoag Trl 4014344168 Heather M. Swanson1 Clarke Ave 4014332152 Heather Martin45 Bullocks Point Ave, Apt 1C 4014330481 Heather Tetreault114 Maple Ave 4016545365 Heidi H. Peterson172 Narragansett Ave 4014330433 Heidi M. Eberhard23 Holly St 4014335980 Heidi M. Rogers874 Bullocks Point Ave 4014333277 Heidi Silva23 Legion Way 4014334796 Helen A. Mcqueeney93 Catalpa Ave 4014332776 Helen A. Pereira97 Merritt Rd 4014350541 Helen Bandel74 Monmouth DR 4014331502 Helen Bryant34 Woodcrest DR 4014333237 Helen E. Santos61 Meadowcrest DR 4014334107 Helen Hubbard55 Cul De Sac Way 4014331702 Helen I. Genovesi96 River St 4014331582 Helen Jackman184 Norton St 4014386577 Helen M. Maiella1 Robin Hood DR 4014332796 Helen M. Silva55 Firglade Ave 4014332998 Helen W. Macdonald305 Terrace Ave 4014370254 Helen W. Macdonald305 Terrace Ave 4014332939 Helena M. O'neill111 Sherman St 4014334136 Helena M. Read65 Kingsford Ave 4014332726 Helene D. Bradley3191 Pawtucket Ave 4014310244 Henery William35 Bullocks Point Ave 4014330721 Henrietta A. Giragosian138 Circuit DR 4018086399 Henrietta C. Bobe1061 Willett Ave 4014330379 Henriette Giragosian138 Circuit DR 4018086399 Henry Brazil162 Circuit DR 4014372606 Henry Correia75 Buckthorne Ave 4014357141 Henry E. Brandt Jr1 Harold St 4014334836 Henry Fellela103 Burnside Ave 4014330204 Henry H. Mendes Jr64 Park Rd 4014348646 Henry J. Connors Sr14 Tanglewood DR 4014371482 Henry J. Messier Iii139 Holland Ave 4014333354 Henry J. Vieira19 Colony Rd 4014333565 Henry Lariviere66 Tanglewood DR 4014334658 Henry P. Petcavage41 Hartford Ave 4014334476 Henry R. Burt21 Indian Rd 4014333484 Herbert N. Germano Jr9 Heath St 4014386230 Herman C. Ladeira2936 Pawtucket Ave, Apt 123 4014356488 Herman Machado91 Argyle Ave 4014334335 Hermann Winter19 Griffith DR 4014333371 Herschel I. Grossman165 Terrace Ave 4018312257 Hervey V. Mcnally30 Argyle Ave 4014330515 High Food Concep71 Washington Ave 4014541335 Hilaire R. Mcgrath10 River St 4014332735 Hilary J. Fournier18 Lunn St 4014336883 Hilda Cabral1440 Wampanoag Trl 4014371714 Hilda Szala33 Jefferson Ave 4014335607 Holly B. Ferreira56 Washington Ave 4014333474 Holly B. Ogden73 Euclid Ave 4014371131 Holly J. Mendes64 Park Rd 4014348646 Holly L. Gagnon267 Forbes St 4014379807 Holly Martin6 Dartmouth Ave 4014158916 Hollywoofs275 Bullocks Point Ave 4012703347 Homecare New England1070 Willett Ave 6174370848 Honey Dew Donuts652 Bullocks Point Ave 4014333219 Hope G. Newton1440 Wampanoag Trl 4014331493 Horizon Bay Manors Retirement & Assisted Living Communities - East Bay Manor1440 Wampanoag Trl 4014335000 Howard A. King Iii2938 Pawtucket Ave 4014386648 Howard B. Whitaker12 Padelford Ave 4014371018 Howard Brennan25 Claire St 4014334126 Howard J. Springer64 Floyd Ave 4014370130 Howard Lukoff40 Bristol Ave 4014332150 Howard O. Partridge57 Manning DR 4014384291 Howard Peck54 Manning DR 4014340008 Howard Springert64 Floyd Ave 4014370130 Howard W. Mcvay105 Terrace Ave 4014330577 Hua Oliver49 Breeze Ave 4015723832 Hubert T. Meehan75 Riverside DR 4014331767 Hubert T. Meehan75 Riverside DR 4014330405 Hugh Willoughby35 Arnold St 4014371153 Hyon K. Kim36 Claire St 4014379110


 Ian P. Mcnulty218 Forbes St 4014331056 Ian S. Stover46 Holly St 4012705132 Ian S. Stringer6 Roseland CT 4016324924 Ilda Viveiros2 Carousel DR W, Apt 311 4014339804 Imagistics392 Wampanoag Trl 4014356300 Ina C. Howell11 Hartford Ave 4014371453 India C. Seales65 Locust St 4014372407 Infusion Resources2 Hemingway DR 4012706622 Infusion Resources2 Hemingway DR 4014310200 Ingrid W. Kleckner109 Terrace Ave 4014335755 Ingrid Wildkleckner109 Terrace Ave 4014335755 Irene Brightman22 Sunset Ave 4014331367 Irene Cullinan45 Ferncrest DR 4014371327 Irene Smith2924 Pawtucket Ave 4012704257 Irene Souza8 Madeline DR 4014340665 Irene T. Vanner15 Glen St 4014371559 Irene V. Carvalho41 Rounds Ave 4019415389 Irene Y. Vergelli1061 Willett Ave 4012460084 Iris R. Meehan14 Royal Ave 4014333263 Irish Ink79 Grassy Plain Rd 4014331851 Irma A. Pereira35 Forest Ave 4014334325 Isadore J. Ramos Jr33 Bullocks Point Ave, Apt 5A 4014379984 Italian Gourmet1235 Wampanoag Trl 4014158155


 J . Ronald Rodrigues, CPA1445 Wampanoag Trl, Unit 103 4014332610 J D Stores215 Willett Ave 4014332863 J F W Enterprise Inc3350 Pawtucket Ave 4014383030 J Line Inc370 Wampanoag Trl 4014311180 J. Brochu97 Hospital Rd 4014330199 J. Brown53 Peck Ave 4014311393 J. Dosreis22 Heath St 4014344716 J. O'hara1440 Wampanoag Trl 4014330051 J. Pannone62 Bullocks Point Ave 4014332318 J. Rodrigues, Ronald CPA1445 Wampanoag Trl, Unit 103 4014332610 J. Smith26 Knowlton St 4014331637 J. Smith25 Cedarwood DR 4014376057 Jack E. Perry140 Smith St 4014379240 Jack N. Williams114 Middle St 4014332103 Jack R. Peters14 Shore Rd 4014370429 Jack W. Hainsworth99 Worcester Ave 4014331865 Jacklyn Dee1357 Wampanoag Trl 4012701172 Jaclynn M. Tierney6 Waverly Rd 4014334321 Jacob A. Wahl24 Beach Point DR 4014332510 Jacob E. Reynolds169 Fenner Ave 4014371543 Jacqueline J. Loffredio83 Fenner Ave 4014330526 Jacqueline M. Bergeron61 Middle St 4014372050 Jacqueline M. Leblanc12 Shady Ln 4014330151 Jacqueline M. Pace116 Sherman St 4014373375 Jacqueline Rock2 Robin Hood DR 4014332794 Jacquelyn Holstius2891 Pawtucket Ave 4014311837 Jacquelyn Whiting1099 Bullocks Point Ave 4014334055 Jacqulyne Whiting1099 Bullocks Point Ave 4014334055 Jaffe Marc A38 Amaral St 4014383300 Jai L. Davis3222 Pawtucket Ave 4012702499 Jai-Lee Davis3222 Pawtucket Ave 4012702499 Jalysa Harrington5 Main St 4014330424 James A. Accinno Jr36 Elder Ave 4014381582 James A. Ashton40 Middle St 4014331659 James A. Darling89 Holly St 4014335007 James A. Dyer23 Colony Rd 4014331526 James A. Geyer2 Sumach Ave 4017510360 James A. Kelly1355 Wampanoag Trl 4014348188 James A. Munro Jr9 Connors Ln 4014334117 James A. Munroe58 Griffith DR 4014371351 James A. Sylvester1 Glen St 4014333367 James B. Rieck44 Reardon Ave 4014334940 James Bridges1440 Wampanoag Trl 4014332476 James Bryce39 Bullocks Point Ave 4014371315 James C. Belleman40 Firglade Ave 4014372421 James C. Carter886 Willett Ave 4014355401 James C. Parker1 Halleck Ave 4014370565 James C. Welch14 Lunn St 4014335589 James Cullen23 Beach Point DR 4014330036 James D. Buzzi11 Allison CT 4014331764 James Desrosiers7 Elson DR 4016320416 James E Sullivan Lwyr401 Wampanoag Trl 4014328809 James E. Conti286 Terrace Ave 4014334228 James E. Frenier69 Waterview Ave 4014342763 James E. Frenier69 Waterview Ave 4014349416 James E. Wood948 Veterans Memorial Pkwy 4014353104 James Eagleson76 Beverly Rd 4014331476 James F. Thacker Jr22 Brook Ave 4014372427 James H. Baker10 Bullocks Point Ave, Apt 103 4014332320 James H. Cantrell96 Narragansett Ave 4014334612 James H. Donofrio44 Hilton Ave 4014379974 James H. Rock2 Robin Hood DR 4014332794 James H. Work248 Becker Ave 4014331645 James Hopkins26 Village Grn N 4014343483 James I. Howell11 Hartford Ave 4014371453 James J. Allen Jr6 Allison CT 4014334813 James J. Buckley Jr72 Washington Ave 4014370377 James J. Corbett Ii86 Ferncrest DR 4014335284 James J. Devane1440 Wampanoag Trl 4014332627 James J. Whalen71 Grassy Plain Rd 4014370603 James K Sullivan MD250 Wampanoag Trl 4014350044 James K. Sullivan250 Wampanoag Trl 4014350044 James M. Boyce12 Firglade Ave 4014332503 James M. Mccarthy52 Madeline DR 4014387540 James M. Quigley109 Crown Ave 4014310318 James M. Rieth18 Edna Ave 4014371941 James M. Russell55 Bond Rd 4012705437 James M. Saunders1 Spinnaker DR 4014331728 James M. Saunders20 Barrington CT 4014338321 James M. Silva55 Firglade Ave 4014332998 James M. Sullivan44 Lindy Ave 4014343568 James Mccloskey3663 Pawtucket Ave 4012705457 James Mcgovern125 Holland Ave 4014371071 James P. Hall10 Fairfield Ave 4014356280 James P. Vieira16 Thurston St 4013835444 James R Tiede Vetnarn815 Willett Ave 4014332070 James R. Berube15 Balkcom St 4014332496 James R. Davey Ii151 Worcester Ave 4014372583 James R. Lyon Jr740 Willett Ave 4014371853 James R. Racine115 Thurston St 4014334975 James R. Taylor71 Lincoln Ave 4014334080 James R. Whitaker10 Barrington CT 4014330928 James R. Wilkinson6 Mohawk DR 4014371753 James Ray52 Beach Point DR 4014330934 James Ryan68 Oak Ave 4014334361 James S. Bentz47 Sachem Rd 4014334363 James Santos164 Carousel DR E 4013515273 James T. Harrington26 Sachem Rd 4012703585 James Teixeira29 Park Rd 4014355771 James Thurber74 President Ave 4014332352 James Tucker1 Bates Ave 4012700607 James W. Blue46 Bay View Ave 4014345280 James W. Blue46 Bay View Ave 4014385013 James W. Schenck Sr3482 Pawtucket Ave 4014331003 Jamie B. Mckenzie116 River St 4014332481 Jamie Krause8 Merritt Rd 4014358027 Jan B. Gendron56 Bluff St 4014336924 Jan Genderon56 Bluff St 4014336924 Jane A. Drew905 Bullocks Point Ave 4014332309 Jane B. Thomas73 Lindy Ave 4014330974 Jane C. Moniz77 Thurston St 4014330566 Jane Crowell72 Catalpa Ave 4014371436 Jane E. Lewis112 Prescott Ave 4014331809 Jane F. Murray6 Pearce Ave 4012286360 Jane Fernandes87 Bluff St 4014332825 Jane J. Waters86 Sprague Ave 4014334156 Jane Smith66 Ferncrest DR 4014331624 Jane Xavier119 Beverly Rd 4013836627 Janell Reynolds88 Lincoln Ave 4013831778 Janet A. Butler19 Elson DR 4014370709 Janet A. Gausland24 Park Square Ave 4014370257 Janet A. Seals30 Stephen St 4014374785 Janet F. Oliver2936 Pawtucket Ave 4014381805 Janet F. Playe91 Willett Ave 4014330645 Janet G. George62 Elder Ave 4014385846 Janet I. Rockwell71 Aberdeen Rd 4014342979 Janet L. Goulet93 Merritt Rd 4014384119 Janet M. Jaquinto39 Harris St 4014331914 Janet Muchiri23 Anson DR 4014330502 Janet R. Papagni15 Breeze Way 4014335692 Janet Reagan230 Narragansett Ave 4014331369 Jani Nascimento67 Viola Ave 4014330090 Janice L. Gregory111 Brook Ave 4014330972 Janice L. Wheeler68 Riverside DR 4014330784 Janice M. Everett44 Lottie DR 4014332751 Janice M. Frese57 Leroy DR 4014332463 Janice M. Glanvill110 Brook Ave 4014330153 Janice M. Mann159 Allen Ave 4014372823 Janice M. Pires625 Forbes St 4014334946 Janice M. Savard29 Lindy Ave 4014370173 Janice Mann99 Palmer Ave 4014334694 Janice Nascimento67 Viola Ave 4014330090 Janice T. Cabral340 Sea View Ave 4014370068 Janine A. Reynolds169 Fenner Ave 4014371543 Janine A. Vaccaro27 Robin Hood DR 4014371429 Janis Loughlin93 Terrace Ave 4014335404 Janna L. Espada40 Oak Ave 4014371218 Janola R. Daloisio7 Vernon DR 4014330565 Jared Moore62 Promenade St 4014330142 Jarrett A. Staton507 Bullocks Point Ave 4014333280 Jason A. Olson55 Winslow St 4014374255 Jason A. Seals30 Stephen St 4014374785 Jason Cabral57 Holly St 4014334280 Jason E. Potrzeba50 Grassy Plain Rd 4014373740 Jason Horta120 Prescott Ave 4013831071 Jason M. Boucher74 Bay View Ave 4014310581 Jason Morin6 Riley DR 4014388185 Jason R. Carreiro53 Harris St 4014331535 Jason R. Pacheco9 Dearborn DR 4014335158 Jason Silva16 Rounds Ave 4014334389 Jay S. Dent28 Main St 4014333613 Jayne E. Martin18 Euclid Ave 4014330516 Jayne S. Nightingale12 Ocean Ave 4014373117 Jean A. Peterson38 Fenwick Rd 4014332765 Jean B. Tardie164 Carousel DR E, Apt 210 4014334127 Jean E. Paiva85 Anson DR 4014331285 Jean E. Storm34 Narragansett Ave 4014331330 Jean F. Gendron69 Glenrose DR 4014334854 Jean F. Glanville5 Sprague Ave 4014334354 Jean G. Gartner936 Bullocks Point Ave 4014331145 Jean G. Lester2920 Pawtucket Ave, Apt D 4014343545 Jean Gilbride15 Pinehurst Rd 4014372295 Jean H. Zunda1 Princeton Ave 4014332506 Jean M. Delponte6 Riverside DR 4014330194 Jean M. Galbraith26 Circle DR 4014334382 Jean Mackay4 Sprague Ave 4014370693 Jean Orefice50 Arnold St 4014330333 Jean R. Brandt1 Harold St 4014334836 Jeanette M. Fernandes49 Garden DR 4014382018 Jeanette M. Still714 Willett Ave 4014330608 Jeanne Bateman5 Ashton Rd 4014346040 Jeanne H. Atwell18 Tanglewood DR 4014371949 Jeanne L. Ford40 Sweetbriar Ave 4014384046 Jeanne L. Ford40 Sweetbriar Ave 4014385935 Jeanne M. Osmanski27 Barrington CT 4014333517 Jeanne M. Pannill142 Turner Ave 4014371183 Jeanne R. Goff64 Gerald St 4014380950 Jeannette L. Goulet93 Merritt Rd 4014384119 Jeffrey A. Pearson735 Willett Ave, Unit 801 4014372208 Jeffrey D. Craig93 Maple Ave 4014334296 Jeffrey D. Gough16 Harris St 4014332526 Jeffrey D. Hughes43 Dartmouth Ave 4016324565 Jeffrey Gouveia233 Bullocks Point Ave 4014332821 Jeffrey H. Corrado74 Temple DR 4012704278 Jeffrey L. Meriwether26 Dyer Ave 4014330826 Jeffrey M. Andrade122 Terrace Ave 4015339699 Jeffrey P. Andreoni854 Bullocks Point Ave 4014333116 Jeffrey P. Andreoni854 Bullocks Point Ave 4014345400 Jeffrey S. Buckett487 Bullocks Point Ave 4014379651 Jeffrey S. Poland30 Carousel DR 4014330011 Jeffrey W. Cantrell96 Narragansett Ave 4014334612 Jehovah's Witness Riverside475 Forbes St 4012283797 Jehovah's Witnesses475 Forbes St 4014370172 Jelte W. Ligthart105 Park DR 4014332756 Jen Holden45 Griffith DR 4014333375 Jen Ricci20 Allison CT 4014370602 Jenn King30 Indian Rd 4014334161 Jenna E. Freitas23 Elson DR 4014336833 Jennie B. Holden45 Griffith DR 4014333375 Jennifer A. Crowley48 Benedict St 4014334329 Jennifer A. Fiske88 Elder Ave 4014355211 Jennifer A. Howard22 Wingate Rd 4014371945 Jennifer A. Pumple51 Monmouth DR 4014370461 Jennifer C. Furtado61 Ravena Ave 4014387876 Jennifer Duane81 Anson DR 4014332819 Jennifer E. Lapierre105 Maple Ave 4014331067 Jennifer Francazio12 Nathaniel St 4014334674 Jennifer Greene3 Village Grn N 4014388984 Jennifer L. Campbell37 Medberry St 4014334256 Jennifer L. Cavaco4 Daisy DR 4014374258 Jennifer L. Cordeiro8 Pinehurst Rd 4014335087 Jennifer L. Landry54 Sumach Ave 4014388717 Jennifer L. Marshall35 Madeline DR 4014311037 Jennifer L. Mcmahon233 Norton St 4014343201 Jennifer L. Mello36 Gerald St 4014381074 Jennifer L. Wright1040 Bullocks Point Ave 4014371558 Jennifer M. Ciconi17 Lincoln Ave 4012704602 Jennifer M. Davis3580 Pawtucket Ave 4014381235 Jennifer M. Moore297 Terrace Ave 4018086290 Jennifer M. Oliveira153 Beverly Rd 4014334580 Jennifer P. Silveira16 Burke St 4014330444 Jennifer Plouff1276 Wampanoag Trl 4014333315 Jennifer Teixeira22 Shady Ln 4014371269 Jennifer Torres73 Becker Ave 4017232780 Jenny Aylward22 Glen St 4014371450 Jereld Tierney6 Waverly Rd 4014334321 Jeremiah Murphy3663 Pawtucket Ave 4012700957 Jeremy Dziura149 Stanton Ave 4014371268 Jeremy R. Carreiro53 Harris St 4014331535 Jerreth R. Cerina84 Temple DR 4014379470 Jerry P. Tierney6 Waverly Rd 4014334321 Jesse B. Demendonca Ii18 Silver Spring Ave 4014384245 Jesse C. Pfortsch119 Rounds Ave 4014330156 Jesse E. Perry30 Barrington CT 4014370696 Jesse F. Bartlett421 Dover Ave 4014344318 Jesse S. Carvara57 Peach Orchard DR 4014335776 Jessica B. Donato2 Cedarwood DR 4012707361 Jessica Bartlett421 Dover Ave 4014344318 Jessica Beauchaine55 Winslow St 4014374255 Jessica Coettger96 Lincoln Ave 4014334263 Jessica Frey3645 Pawtucket Ave 4014334279 Jessica Gehrke17 Ash St 4014334972 Jessica Kitson243 Crescent View Ave 4014334870 Jessica L. Bettencourt40 E Knowlton St 4014333061 Jessica L. Brelsford80 Circuit DR 4014334394 Jessica L. Carlson9 Elinora St 4014332368 Jessica L. Gervais30 Hoppin Ave 4012287337 Jessica M. O'connor1 Peary St 4014338610 Jessica M. Willis92 Earl Ave 4014379246 Jessica Nascimento114 Earl Ave 4014334029 Jessica Sdar1357 Wampanoag Trl 4014332689 Jessica Smith70 Locust St 4014332337 Jh H. Zunda1 Princeton Ave 4014332506 Jill A. Nascimento67 Viola Ave 4014330090 Jill C. Cardoza35 Elinora St 4014334724 Jill Phillips61 White Ave 4014649992 Jill Weathers25 Woodcrest DR 4014330817 Jillian M. Sevigny201 Norton St 4014356551 Jim Houle29 Planet Ave 4014330849 Jim P. Martin60 Willett Ave 4014370073 Jmart Convenience Store326 Bullocks Point Ave 4014332530 Jo A. Harry7 Circle DR 4014384213 Jo Delvecchio99 Wampanoag Trl 4014383256 Jo Donnelly41 Somerset Ave 4014333298 Jo Santos164 Carousel DR E 4013515273 Jo-Ann A. Coleman37 Becker Ave 4014334901 Jo-Ann A. Santos19 Leroy DR 4014372023 Jo-Ann B. Monsarrat73 Willett Ave 4014335563 Jo-Ann Donnelly41 Somerset Ave 4014333298 Jo-Ann Garcia10 Daisy DR 4014330501 Joan B. Decosta77 Willett Ave 4014331727 Joan C. Prew43 Rogers Ave 4014332997 Joan C. Taber15 Ocean Ave 4014332297 Joan C. Tanzi130 Lindy Ave 4014370202 Joan Chartier1355 Wampanoag Trl 4014332568 Joan Courtemanche80 Providence Ave 4014332509 Joan D. Midgle78 Smith St 4014331545 Joan D. Midgley78 Smith St 4014331545 Joan E. Anthony70 Lindy Ave 4014331932 Joan E. Chianese9 Cedar Ave 4014330131 Joan E. Dusza62 Fenner Ave 4014370571 Joan E. Silva16 Plum Rd 4014330787 Joan Furtaw1355 Wampanoag Trl, Apt 112 4014379972 Joan Gregory19 Dartmouth Ave 4014335996 Joan K. Bowden46 Somerset Ave 4014331736 Joan K. Schroeder1440 Wampanoag Trl, Apt 217 4014330568 Joan M. Bouchard17 Crescent Ave 4014340561 Joan M. O'connell30 Argyle Ave 4014331340 Joan M. Silva53 Dearborn DR 4014333602 Joan Messa164 Norton St 4014385181 Joan Osborne77 Metropolitan Park DR 4014330644 Joan P. Boyce12 Firglade Ave 4014332503 Joann A. Borge3198 Pawtucket Ave 4014341434 Joann A. Delvecchio99 Wampanoag Trl 4014383256 Joann A. Oldham18 Ferncrest DR 4014370061 Joann D. Harry7 Circle DR 4014384213 Joann D. Santie170 Forbes St 4014332398 Joann Hyman111 Viola Ave 4015197006 Joann Rimmer3226 Pawtucket Ave 4012704009 Joann T. Wight149 Wampanoag Trl 4014386973 Joann Whalen71 Grassy Plain Rd 4014370603 Joanna Hetland2 Bergin St 4016320366 Joanna P. Meriwether26 Dyer Ave 4014330826 Joanna Toler30 Dearborn DR 4014331540 Joanne Damiano45 Pine Crest DR 4014330302 Joanne I. Smith60 Fenner Ave 4014331549 Joanne Mansour4 Carousel DR W 4014335533 Joanne Tanner6 Winthrop St 4014332908 Joanne Tanner6 Winthrop St 4014378799 Joao Couto26 Scott DR 4014332451 Jobelle L. Aguiar7 Indian Rd 4014371551 Jocelyn Lebeau96 North St 4014330869 Jodie L. Bothelo90 Sprague Ave 4012286243 Jody Miller24 Winthrop St 4014371724 Jody S. Richards10 Rounds Ave 4014331509 Joe M. Oliveira153 Beverly Rd 4014334580 Joel Simmons81 White Ave 4013835912 Joey Camara62 Park DR 4014331157 Johanna Delacruz10 Rounds Ave 4014331509 John A. Couto26 Scott DR 4014332451 John A. Gilheeney104 Crown Ave 4014341007 John A. Mcqueeney34 Burton Ave 4014371089 John A. Reynolds60 Boyden Blvd 4014389021 John A. Vucci58 Dearborn DR 4014334530 John A. Zottola14 Virginia Ln 4014371656 John Almida31 Fenwick Rd 4014331332 John Arena42 Claire St 4014331241 John Aronson58 Spring St 4014334197 John B. Donnelly2 Carousel DR W, Apt 101 4014330740 John Baldaia87 President Ave 4014333028 John Bettencourt229 Norton St 4014342786 John Blanchette140 Anson DR 4014373253 John Burnette4 Shepard St 4014334284 John C. Alexyon Sr26 Winthrop St 4014331127 John C. Faulhaber Jr26 Tanglewood DR 4014330223 John C. Mcginn38 Aberdeen Rd 4014319224 John C. Medeiros33 Margaret Ave 4014331827 John C. Meek3 Myrtle Ave 4015723986 John C. Vargas21 Lunn St 4014331968 John Cabral40 Brookfield Rd 4014380637 John Carson19 Main St 4014334226 John Clancy680 Bullocks Point Ave 4014334111 John D. Kennedy90 Thurston St 4014331687 John D. Tainsh15 Manning DR 4014344450 John D. Tautenhan Sr4 Carousel DR W, Apt 303 4014332091 John D. Twomey Ii7 Rounds Ave 4014326084 John Donahue16 Oak Ave 4014331057 John Dyson103 Circuit DR 4014355759 John E. Augustyn10 Channing Ave 4014334452 John E. Balzano45 Prescott Ave 4012706447 John E. Bussard Jr10 Timberland DR 4014330212 John E. Kane Jr111 Holland Ave 4014336806 John F. Kennedy4 Pokanoket Ave 4014330816 John F. Medeiros55 Providence Ave 4014370353 John F. Owens29 Cedarwood DR 4014334364 John Facchiano Jr6 Jill CT 4014371650 John Fiore6 Elson DR 4014330561 John Francis81 Sprague Ave 4014331978 John G. Fasteson132 Thurston St 4014370053 John G. Harrington139 Brookfield Rd 4014346096 John G. Harrington139 Brookfield Rd 4014343409 John H. Aronson Jr62 Spring St 4014335009 John H. Macomber10 Bart DR 4014333384 John H. Mckenzie21 Pine Crest DR 4014332695 John Hogan18 Colony Rd 4014334166 John J. Arrighi6 Griffith DR 4014335027 John J. Banigan Iv25 Planet Ave 4014334164 John J. Healy165 Forbes St 4014370016 John J. Lonergan117 Park DR 4014370044 John J. Petell22 Village DR 4014385419 John J. Sousa154 Worcester Ave 4014331450 John K. Chianese9 Cedar Ave 4014330131 John K. Costa14 Crescent Ave 4014336957 John L. Bowler Jr41 Garden DR 4014382152 John L. Clark28 Indian Rd 4014331019 John L. Keevan Iii81 Shore Rd 4014372820 John L. Mello Jr18 Primrose DR 4014330723 John L. Palazzi35 Ivan Ave 4014343418 John L. Pimentel Jr22 Viola Ave 4014330778 John L. Smith28 Cove St 4014371308 John L. Tardie164 Carousel DR E, Apt 210 4014334127 John M. Aguiar7 Indian Rd 4014371551 John M. Almeida Jr31 Fenwick Rd 4014331332 John M. Bozek40 Somerset Ave 4014334849 John M. Cordeiro23 Circle DR 4014334523 John M. Giacomini34 Pine Crest DR 4014333494 John M. Gross1440 Wampanoag Trl, Apt 337 4014346555 John Martin92 Hoppin Ave 4014330958 John Martin60 Willett Ave 4014370073 John Medeiros Jr24 Hoppin Ave 4013831001 John Meehan75 Riverside DR 4014331767 John Meehan75 Riverside DR 4014330405 John Muth46 Griffith DR 4014332878 John N. Casavecchia19 Thurston St 4014332349 John N. Zinni Jr21 Rounds Ave 4014331316 John N. Zinni Jr95 Estrell DR 4014335389 John Oldman18 Ferncrest DR 4014370061 John P. Cunningham101 Gerald St 4014340410 John P. Larose31 Mountain Ave 4014340988 John P. Peixoto29 Charlotte St 4014372776 John P. Salem30 Ravena Ave 4014389811 John Quinn110 Catalpa Ave 4012709933 John R. Oldham18 Ferncrest DR 4014370061 John Rebollo34 Pine St 4014330710 John S. Andrade45 Wampanoag Trl 4014344168 John S. Devault924 Bullocks Point Ave 4014332590 John S. Lasky38 Maple Ave 4013839979 John S. Signore126 Becker Ave 4016320405 John T. Bell23 Timberland DR 4013837002 John T. Botelho990 Bullocks Point Ave 4014335566 John T. Brady3 Florence St 4014332452 John T. Loughlin93 Terrace Ave 4014335404 John V. Lofgren5 Pinehurst Rd 4014332027 John W. Keegan97 Crown Ave 4014342587 John W. Zawislak140 Providence Ave 4014332215 John Wallace40 Euclid Ave 4014332102 John Webster1440 Wampanoag Trl, Apt 141 4014387771 John Ziobrwski243 Crescent View Ave, Apt 207 4014334757 Johnny M. Vargas76 Boyden Blvd 4014345866 Jonathan Estrada234 Terrace Ave 4014332084 Jonathan H. Ryder40 Forest Ave 4014330265 Jonathan K. Pangborn38 Manning DR 4014384638 Jonathan Toler30 Dearborn DR 4014331540 Jonathan W. Thomas2 Connors Ln 4014331488 Jose A. Fialho50 Legion Way 4014334454 Jose A. Rodrigues614 Willett Ave 4014334879 Jose B. Lacerda70 Catalpa Ave 4014371083 Jose Estrela55 Sumach Ave 4014345884 Jose P. Faustino50 Temple DR 4014371369 Jose S. Tomas11 Old Barrington Rd 4014330839 Jose Silva62 Colony Rd 4014370192 Jose Travassos97 Oak Ave 4014371259 Joseph A. Batz100 Fenner Ave 4014379881 Joseph A. Connors Jr5 Cumberland Rd 4014389881 Joseph A. Lonardo Jr29 Claire St 4014334539 Joseph A. Mckenna50 Circuit DR 4014331199 Joseph A. Pangborn Jr94 Crown Ave 4014343297 Joseph B. Kramer19 Shady Ln 4014331146 Joseph C. Carter Jr35 Oak Ave 4014333518 Joseph C. Tanzi Jr130 Lindy Ave 4014370202 Joseph Crevier9 Mystic Ave 4014331149 Joseph D. Brandon37 Bullocks Point Ave 4012702317 Joseph Donato Iv2 Cedarwood DR 4012707361 Joseph Dunford210 Forbes St 4014371726 Joseph E. Braganca109 Bay View Ave 4014385345 Joseph E. Estacio25 Ash St 4014335825 Joseph E. Goodridge3044 Pawtucket Ave, Apt 214 4014352864 Joseph E. King Sr30 Indian Rd 4014334161 Joseph F. Belanger851 Willett Ave 4014335888 Joseph F. Crowell72 Catalpa Ave 4014371436 Joseph F. Felix35 Wannisett Ave 4012706965 Joseph F. Lima33 Cedarwood DR 4014332327 Joseph F. Mcneil Jr56 Oak Ave 4014332936 Joseph F. O'connell30 Argyle Ave 4014331340 Joseph G. Leonardo Jr28 Redfern St 4014341547 Joseph Gagliardi42 Woodcrest DR 4014332860 Joseph Gomes64 Temple DR 4014332806 Joseph Gouveia54 River St 4014330525 Joseph J. Costa16 Adams Ave 4014330317 Joseph J. Mcgee Jr49 Riley DR 4014384995 Joseph Karouz8 Nathaniel St 4014332303 Joseph Kern14 Hilton Ave 4014370659 Joseph L. Cavaco Jr4 Daisy DR 4014374258 Joseph L. Pouliot Jr26 Adams Ave 4012709763 Joseph L. Renaud1 Rhodes Ave 4014333478 Joseph L. Rice123 Cedar Ave 4017850676 Joseph L. Wahl24 Beach Point DR 4014332510 Joseph M. Balkcom99 Turner Ave 4016320654 Joseph M. Capaldi24 Thurston St 4014334861 Joseph M. Forte92 Catalpa Ave 4014371082 Joseph M. Francazio12 Nathaniel St 4014334674 Joseph M. Handfield9 Stephen St 4014335244 Joseph M. Jarocki67 Dearborn DR 4014330643 Joseph M. Rock114 Riverside DR 4014376747 Joseph M. Solecki30 Viola Ave 4014371619 Joseph M. Travassos97 Oak Ave 4014371259 Joseph Mello188 Forbes St 4014371858 Joseph Moniz30 Argyle Ave 4014380271 Joseph O'connell137 Rounds Ave 4013837420 Joseph P. Picchione Jr27 Clifton Ave 4012702970 Joseph R. Miller Iii47 Pine Crest DR 4014381810 Joseph Rochette51 Bluff St 4014330615 Joseph S. Silvia748 Willett Ave 4014332281 Joseph Sears47 Colony Rd 4014333145 Joseph Sullivan27 Connors Ln 4014331144 Joseph Szczepanek25 Meadow Ave 4014356140 Joseph T. Cabral Jr340 Sea View Ave 4014370068 Joseph T. Conaty2 Sprague Ave 4014371419 Joseph T. Lamountain Jr153 Terrace Ave 4013535108 Joseph Taeares75 Cedar Ave 4014330271 Joseph Tessar91 Winslow St 4014370235 Joseph V. Igo78 Allen Ave 4014372062 Joseph V. Rogers Jr609 Forbes St 4014371862 Joseph Victoria3663 Pawtucket Ave 4014334290 Joseph Vieira70 Dyer Ave 4013837135 Josephine A. Moore2 Carousel DR W, Apt 211 4014371086 Josephine Jones96 Silver Spring Ave 4014348748 Josephine Pelletier9 Woodcrest DR 4014332891 Joshua A. Venice30 Manning DR 4014343505 Joshua B. Tait15 Park DR 4012702990 Joshua Blais89 Catalpa Ave 4014371294 Joshua Ford114 Circuit DR 4014330484 Joshua J. Griffin28 Gerald St 4012701266 Joshua J. Varone10 Holland Ave 4013832170 Joshua K. Dygon50 Brookfield Rd 4014345495 Joshua L. Neves36 Woodbine St 4014332984 Joshua L. Wright1040 Bullocks Point Ave 4014371558 Joshua M. Jocelyn5 Cul De Sac Way 4014330206 Joshua Miller47 Pine Crest DR 4014381810 Joshua O'donnell27 Read St 4014332026 Joshua Sylvia1 Rowena DR 4017514239 Joshua Tinkham62 Francis Ave 4014334826 Joshua Tremblay27 Main St 4014335971 Joyce A. Harker24 Oak Crest DR 4014331930 Joyce B. Boyle71 Allen Ave 4014330759 Joyce Butler3663 Pawtucket Ave 4014330375 Joyce C. Selley160 Forbes St 4014370817 Joyce C. Simek23 Plaza DR 4014330629 Joyce D. Cotoia121 Terrace Ave 4014331081 Joyce D. Cotoia121 Terrace Ave 4014372021 Joyce D. Smedberg41 Planet Ave 4014333520 Joyce E. Pacheco42 Riley DR 4014356377 Joyce M. Boucher74 Bay View Ave 4014310581 Joyce M. Rebello99 Beverly Rd 4014371951 Joyce M. Teixeira22 Shady Ln 4014371269 Joyce Stephanopoulos132 Glenrose DR 4014370739 Joyce Storm3663 Pawtucket Ave 4014330753 Juan R. Rodriguez8 Anchor Way 4014370270 Juanita Mclean118 Crown Ave 4014346564 Judith A. Blaydes47 Kingsford Ave 4014331784 Judith A. Butterman49 N Shore DR 4014335121 Judith A. Dodd34 Griffith DR 4014334398 Judith A. Duquette81 Heath St 4014386409 Judith A. Mcnulty218 Forbes St 4014331056 Judith A. Pangborn94 Crown Ave 4014343297 Judith A. Silva131 Beverly Rd 4014383055 Judith A. Smith10 Royal Ave 4014332202 Judith A. Vilardi30 Euclid Ave 4014371684 Judith Aronson58 Spring St 4014334197 Judith Benson17 Somerset Ave 4014334653 Judith Benson17 Somerset Ave 4014335341 Judith G. Newberg48 Viola Ave 4014333482 Judith G. Plume90 Riverside DR 4014333338 Judith Hertzler3544 Pawtucket Ave 4014334867 Judith Hoskin65 Dorr Ave 4014335084 Judith L. Leddy11 Garden DR 4014312034 Judith L. Savard63 Wannisett Ave 4014332551 Judith M. Antonelli74 Riverside DR 4014371466 Judith M. Dixon46 White Ave 4014330208 Judith M. Phillips145 Circuit DR 4014370282 Judith O. Pion3031 Pawtucket Ave 4014345035 Judith Ralph100 Wampanoag Trl 4014340967 Judith Tremblay9 Bergin St 4014381259 Judith V. Enright2 Beaver Rd 4014331704 Judith V. Vasiliauskas5 Glendale Ave 4014341061 Judy A. Carlson18 Manning DR 4014345123 Judy B. Ortman7 N Shore DR 4014330640 Judy G. Newberg48 Viola Ave 4014333482 Judy Savard63 Wannisett Ave 4014332551 Julia G. Arlan17 Sherman St 4014335411 Julie A. Allen1 Wannisett Ave 4014326446 Julie A. Harrington75 Brookfield Rd 4014385287 Julie A. Obering41 Bullocks Point Ave, Apt 7A 4014331322 Julie E. Anthony70 Lindy Ave 4014331932 Julie K. Wall31 Primrose DR 4014333353 Julie M. Friend68 Earl Ave 4014330540 Juliette A. Holtzman18 Fairfield Ave 4014345032 Juliette L. Munroe58 Griffith DR 4014371351 June A. Marshall77 Pine Crest DR 4014331048 June Damiani111 Beverly Rd 4014334402 June E. Balcewicz764 Willett Ave 4014332664 June E. Wood33 Ferncrest DR 4016320530 June M. Mullen897 Bullocks Point Ave 4014331870 June T. Plouff1276 Wampanoag Trl 4014333315 Junior A. Isaac200 Earl Ave 4016324165 Justin Amado61 Burnside Ave 4014330152 Justin D. Ray10 Planet Ave 4014335101 Justin Gavrillen2930 Pawtucket Ave 4014358015 Justin J. Cabral40 Brookfield Rd 4014380637 Justin Terrien1145 Bullocks Point Ave 4014334241 Justin W. Pace116 Sherman St 4014373375 Justin Wood33 Ferncrest DR 4016320530 Justiniano F. Amado61 Burnside Ave 4014330152


 K & S Distributors170 Amaral St 4014326303 K A Painting43 Wannisett Ave 4014335817 K. Aylward41 Bristol Ave 4014371547 K. I. Murphy3226 Pawtucket Ave 4014350132 K. Mitchell557 Bullocks Point Ave 4014334847 Kaitlin Foeri50 Ferncrest DR 4014334546 Kaitlin Leddy13 Lindy Ave 4014331006 Kajsa M. Wyrsch164 Carousel DR E, Apt 214 4014371635 Kali Pires205 Norton St 4014376463 Kaotic Ink2825 Pawtucket Ave 4016268919 Kara A. Casale90 Crescent View Ave 4012705187 Kara Falcon90 Crescent View Ave 4012705187 Kara L. Champagne39 Sachem Rd 4014371539 Karen A. Coleman25 Boyden Blvd 4014383598 Karen A. Kennedy54 Ferncrest DR 4014330783 Karen A. Leach87 Terrace Ave 4016324227 Karen A. Long6 Prescott Ave 4014334305 Karen A. Monsees45 Astral Ave 4014386216 Karen A. Perry3 Anchor Way 4014335381 Karen A. Szylin123 Lindy Ave 4014332270 Karen C. Stringfellow1 Bullocks Point Ave 4014370475 Karen D. Antonelli56 Terrace Ave 4014330494 Karen Dgn Morrone Da MS Pt250 Wampanoag Trl 4014902275 Karen Donovan18 Beach Point DR 4014379573 Karen E. Ellinwood66 Holland Ave 4014371215 Karen E. Mcguel31 Oak Crest DR 4014331410 Karen E. Santos19 Lottie DR 4014379332 Karen E. Thomas24 Dartmouth Ave 4014370787 Karen Emmes2 Ormond DR 4014330885 Karen Harris15 Ramsay St 4014331267 Karen J. Clemente740 Willett Ave 4014336902 Karen J. Munroe251 Becker Ave 4014333069 Karen K. Boulanger6 Booth Ave 4014334499 Karen K. Budz75 Boyden Blvd 4014345723 Karen K. Couto106 Terrace Ave 4014371606 Karen L. Dunford210 Forbes St 4014371726 Karen L. Mendonca175 Riverside DR 4014335324 Karen L. Ryan68 Oak Ave 4014334361 Karen L. Seel106 Grassy Plain Rd 4014331124 Karen M. Bell23 Timberland DR 4013837002 Karen M. Chase136 Worcester Ave 4013831202 Karen M. Cordeiro121 Prescott Ave 4014379072 Karen M. Healy165 Forbes St 4014370016 Karen Menz11 Winter Harbor Ave 4016544079 Karen P. Gallagher42 Griffith DR 4012452357 Karen Pastore Custom Draperies213 Bullocks Point Ave 4013697744 Karen S Cammuso Psycholgst1011 Veterans Memorial Pkwy 4014343400 Karen S. Seal10 Mohawk DR 4014334320 Karen Winchell21 Winthrop St 4014332351 Karin L. Capobianco8 Smith St 4014370069 Karis A. Casavecchia19 Thurston St 4014332349 Karissa Hall10 Fairfield Ave 4014356280 Karlene D. Johnson22 Primrose DR 4014374518 Kasey Falco96 Lincoln Ave 4014330676 Kasey Prew69 Meadowcrest DR 4014370822 Katherine A. Borges26 Arrowhead Ave 4014331726 Katherine E. Mueller144 Holland Ave 4014335369 Katherine K. Ashton330 Sea View Ave 4014331226 Katherine Kirkpatrick10 Leigh Ln 4014335879 Katherine L. Grady21 Catalpa Ave 4014370042 Katherine M. Nelson25 Argyle Ave 4014371852 Katherine R. Notley31 Woodbine St 4014331487 Katherine Robinson14 Lottie DR 4014332706 Katherine Rodman51 Bond Rd 4014344994 Katheryn M. Santos61 Meadowcrest DR 4014334107 Kathie J. Ventura8 Goodall Pl 4014374630 Kathlean Dorcus1010 Willett Ave 4014332859 Kathleen A. Banigan25 Planet Ave 4014334164

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