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Oakland, RI. 2858

The city Oakland use the area code 401.
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 Abigail Follett200 Whitney Ln 4015685715 Albert N. Vanasse Jr25 Remington Ave 4015683138 Alice A. Schram1345 Victory Hwy 4015670168 Anne M. Jacquart24 Remington Ave 4015685460 Antonia Horning108 Remington Ave 4015687674 Arthur E. Roy309 Whipple Ave 4015687653 Atlantic Footcare70 Locust Ln, Unit 2 4015684918


 Bernard Ciotti Jr15 E River St 4015682341 Bertrand J. Taschereau35 Remington Ave 4015686724 Blond Le80 Oakland School St 4015670038 Brenda L. Bush150 Whitney Ln 4015684226 Brenda Salley120 Whitney Ln 4017107323 Brian C. Eaton70 Whitney Ln 4015678517 Brookes A. Leone1501 Victory Hwy 4015684543 Brown Funeral Home1496 Victory Hwy 4015685500 Bruce A. Dulude250 Whipple Ave 4015684829


 Carol C. Oliver31 Whitney Ln 4015685645 Carol Taschereau35 Remington Ave 4015686724 Carole R. Lee1341 Victory Hwy 4015686593 Charles H. Fletcher Jr41 Whitney Ln 4015684979 Charles Newell1290 Victory Hwy 4015689070 Cheryl A. Jerominek51 Whitney Ln 4017109373 Chris M. Brown90 Whitney Ln 4015686961 Christine M. Enos1298 Victory Hwy 4015689212 Christopher Laberge1238 Victory Hwy 4015683617 Ck Custom Kabinetry Inc1155 Victory Hwy 4013712999 Claire A. Rouleau1225 Victory Hwy 4015686377 Constance A. Robert180 Whitney Ln 4015684810 Cynthia Bernard16 Remington Ave 4015682173


 D & S Pump and Supply70 Locust Ln 4015683334 Danny M. Marcil190 Whitney Ln 4017107992 David F. Lamberto10 Whitney Ln 4015688164 David J. Lamontagne1235 Victory Hwy 4015687100 David L. Fournier210 Whipple Ave 4015685709 Debra Jenks160 Whitney Ln 4015687807 Denis Chartier1083 Victory Hwy 4015670994 Denise L. Marcil190 Whitney Ln 4017107992 Denise T. Chartier1083 Victory Hwy 4015670994 Denise T. Lamontagne1235 Victory Hwy 4015687100 Dennis Horning108 Remington Ave 4015687674 Diane E. Corrao71 Whitney Ln 4017109973 Dinola Auto Sales1021 East Ave 4015688383 Dinola Fuels Inc 4014614280 Donna R. Follett200 Whitney Ln 4015685715 Donna Roy48 Alice Ave 4015679037


 Edward Labossiere485 Whipple Ave 4017109538 Edward Laferriere624 Whipple Ave 4017107193 Eileen M. Roy309 Whipple Ave 4015687653 Elaine J. Demarse31 Alice Ave 4015687016


 Gary A. Rouleau1221 Victory Hwy 4015681403 Gary R. Gentile926 East Ave 4015689519 Gary T. Follett200 Whitney Ln 4015685715 George F. Hoppe Jr270 Whipple Ave 4015670876 George Sparrow30 Whitney Ln 4015680732 Gina Hanley1432 Victory Hwy 4015689052 Grant N. Fournier1168 Victory Hwy 4015687632 Grettel Dunn1218 Victory Hwy 4017107412 Grettel M. Dunn24 Pond St 4015682465


 Hart DR Timothy J1376 Bronco Hwy 4015689980


 Jackie Keable1357 Victory Hwy 4015689097 Jacquelyn Keable1357 Victory Hwy 4015689097 James A. Corrao71 Whitney Ln 4017109973 James H. Gouin450 Whipple Ave 4015682479 James M. Schram1345 Victory Hwy 4015670168 James Pierce160 Whipple Ave 4017107683 Jared Rouleau1221 Victory Hwy 4015681403 Jasmine Fournier210 Whipple Ave 4015685709 Jason A. Gaudreau233 Whipple Ave 4017107871 Jason Vose1098 Victory Hwy 4015686817 Jason W. Jerominek51 Whitney Ln 4017109373 Jean A. Bishop81 Remington Ave 4015682033 Jeannine M. Bourbonniere1183 Victory Hwy 4015682939 Jenna Lamoureux1442 Victory Hwy 4015685718 Jennifer Gaulin47 Oakland Ave 4015686216 Jennifer R. Lariviere621 Whipple Ave 4013712729 Jennifer Rivers1218 Victory Hwy 4015687081 Jessica Bailey1187 Victory Hwy 4015682790 Jill N. Leone1501 Victory Hwy 4015684543 Joan Wheeler20 Oakland School St 4015687777 Joann Fiore33 Remington Ave 4015689314 Joelle L. Werner380 Whipple Ave 4015684637 John E. Wheeler Sr20 Oakland School St 4015687777 John Hanley1432 Victory Hwy 4015689052 John S. Koprusak Sr66 Clear River DR 4015682695 Jonathon Armond80 Remington Ave 4015684529 Joseph A. Saccoccia Sr1386 Victory Hwy 4017109546 Joseph C. Bagaglia20 Whitney Ln 4017109773
Joyelle Galvin14 Mill St 4015683785 Judith A. Barbrie240 Whipple Ave 4015680883


 K. Cahille25 Mill St 4015683540 Kassondra L. Rouleau1221 Victory Hwy 4015681403 Katherine A. Rouleau1221 Victory Hwy 4015681403
Katherine E. Carpentier1198 Victory Hwy 4015684887 Kathi E. Carpentier1198 Victory Hwy 4015684887 Kelly A. Martins1187 Victory Hwy 4015683450 Kevin Jenks160 Whitney Ln 4015687807 Kristen L. Fletcher41 Whitney Ln 4015684979


 L. F. David210 Whipple Ave 4015685709 Larry Werner380 Whipple Ave 4015684637 Laura Jacquart24 Remington Ave 4015685460 Leigha C. Joyal1168 Victory Hwy 4015688278 Leo G. Dunn Jr24 Pond St 4015682465 Lincoln Follett200 Whitney Ln 4015685715 Linda Dulude250 Whipple Ave 4015684829 Lise M. Gleason170 Whitney Ln 4015670435 Luc Carpentier1198 Victory Hwy 4015684887 Lucille M. Gentile926 East Ave 4015689519 Lucille M. Tremblay24 Mill St 4015688245 Lydia Lapierre1148 Victory Hwy 4015686136 Lynn A. Rainville655 Whipple Ave 4015684127 Lynn S. Fournier210 Whipple Ave 4015685709


 Margaret L. Dudley10 Mill St 4015684662 Marshall F. Richard340 Whipple Ave 4015686191 Mary B. Ziegler57 Oakland Ave 4015689317 Mary K. Condon1288 Victory Hwy 4015686263 Mary L. Cash1403 Victory Hwy 4015681622 Mary L. Lamberto10 Whitney Ln 4015688164 Mary R. Keable1357 Victory Hwy 4015689097 Marylin Gaudreau233 Whipple Ave 4017107871 Maureen Baxter1189 Victory Hwy 4017109246 Melissa Morris32 Oakland School St 4015689274 Michae Ziegler57 Oakland Ave 4015689317 Michael D. Ziegler57 Oakland Ave 4015689317 Michael E. Keable1357 Victory Hwy 4015689097 Ml L. Cash1403 Victory Hwy 4015681622 Monette H. Patrie91 Whitney Ln 4015684353 Monique J. Ciotti15 E River St 4015682341


 N. V. Albert Jr25 Remington Ave 4015683138 Norma W. Koprusak66 Clear River DR 4015682695


 O'Keefe Trucking & Equipment95 Locust Ln 4015688580 Oakland Mapleville Fire Dept1477 Victory Hwy 4015682121 Oakland-Mapleville Fire District46 Oakland School St 4015685720


 Patricia E. Wijangco275 Whipple Ave 4017107794 Patricia E. Wijangco275 Whipple Ave 4015686213 Patricia Gignac621 Whipple Ave 4015678902 Patricia Gignan621B Whipple Ave 4015678902 Patricia J. Vanasse25 Remington Ave 4015683138 Patrick L. Lozeau Jr632 Whipple Ave 4015684654 Paul Degnan100 Whitney Ln 4015684320 Paula A. Hoppe270 Whipple Ave 4015670876 Paula J. Degnan100 Whitney Ln 4015684320 Paula M. Richard340 Whipple Ave 4015686191 Peter A. Salley120 Whitney Ln 4017107323 Peter J. Leone Jr1501 Victory Hwy 4015684543 Polly E. Leone1501 Victory Hwy 4015684543


 Raymond F. Bush150 Whitney Ln 4015684226 Richard E. Bishop81 Remington Ave 4015682033 Richard Lacroix70 Locust Ln 4015686232 Richard Rainville655 Whipple Ave 4015684127 Richard Rouleau1225 Victory Hwy 4015686377 Robert Galvin Jr14 Mill St 4015683785 Roger J. Robert Sr180 Whitney Ln 4015684810 Roger P. Bourbonniere1183 Victory Hwy 4015682939 Roland A. Tremblay Jr24 Mill St 4015688245 Ron Gavel1401 Victory Hwy 4015684564


 Shari V. Eaton70 Whitney Ln 4015678517 Sharon G. Gelinas1365 Victory Hwy 4017109388 Shawn E. Desrosiers1 Remington Ave 4015683619 Stacey F. Dube600 Whipple Ave 4013712828 Steven Roy48 Alice Ave 4015679037 Susan E. Dinola1015 East Ave 4015684934


 Tanisha M. Fournier210 Whipple Ave 4015685709 Theodore H. Patrie Jr91 Whitney Ln 4015684353 Theresa Newell1290 Victory Hwy 4015689070 Thomas D. Oliver Jr31 Whitney Ln 4015685645 Thomas R. Dinola1015 East Ave 4015684934 Timothy J. Hart1376 Bronco Hwy 4015689980 Toni Chat42 Remington Ave 4017109664 Tracy L. Griffith400 Whipple Ave 4015686269


 Victoria Ludden1000 East Ave 4015682460


 Wendy Lozeau632 Whipple Ave 4015684654 William J Yagnesak Jr1245 Victory Hwy 4015685907 William L. Wijangco275 Whipple Ave 4017107794 William L. Wijangco275 Whipple Ave 4015686213 William V. Barbrie240 Whipple Ave 4015680883
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