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Bristol, RI. 2809

This directory have users from Bristol, Providence (Rhode Island).
Use the area codes: 352, 401, 508, 800, 877.
Directory have 5332 users in 3 pages. Showing 1778 users by page.
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 A & R Tax Associates643 Metacom Ave 4012531100 A Fire & Safety Co Inc101 Mount Hope Ave 4013965914 A Moment In Time Photography499 Hope St 4012542648 A New Begining Salon & Spa78 Gooding Ave 4013965911 A New Beginning Salon & Spa87 Gooding Ave, Unit 2 4013965911 A. B. Eric13 Charlotte DR 4012534124 A. B. John7 Harborview Ave 4012532087 A. C. James28 Oliver St 4012531433 A. C. Mark4 Francesca Ln 4012531353 A. C. Norman2 Evangeline CT 4012532048 A. C. Paul43 Thayer St 4012532561 A. C. Theresa62 Dewolf Ave 4012537492 A. Carraturo1 Hydraulion Ave 4012538722 A. Castro22 Baker St 4012537853 A. Cordeira 4012532125 A. Dias30 San Jose DR 4012546007 A. E. Mcgonagle1014 Hope St, Apt F6 4012532471 A. F. James61 Fatima DR 4012538248 A. G. Christopher25 Andrews CT 4012536804 A. G. Seagrave82 Gibson Rd 4012536223 A. G. Walsh 4012533701 A. H. Charles5 Alan DR 4012539931 A. H. Robert300 State St 4012532170 A. H. Rory130 Sunrise DR 4012539664 A. J. Glen18 Anawan Ave 4012536929 A. Joseph28 Massasoit Ave 4012531583 A. Kalogeras120 Berry Ln 4012534358 A. L. Brian29 Sullivan Ln 4012535728 A. M. Carlos531 Metacom Ave 4012539609 A. M. Peter27 Cliff DR 4012533629 A. Medeiros1 Murphy Ave 5086750476 A. P. Arthur29 Monterey DR 4012532588 A. P. Cheryl36 Constitution St 4012534556 A. R. Louis18 Lisa Ln 4012542915 A. R. Silver56 Clipper Way 4012545060 A. V. Joseph5 Dolly DR 4012530329 Aaron F. Usher1245 Hope St 4012537587 Abby R. Paon12 Lang Ave 4012533927 Aberta Nunes36 Dimond Ave 4012533566 Abigail Salon315 Hope St, Unit 1 4012535030 Ablilio Constancia90 Perry St 4012531475 Ac Medeiros1 Murphy Ave 5086750476 Ace Construction Co500 Wood St 4012970513 Ace Hardware28 Gooding Ave 4012538180 Ace Hardware:    -Marine Supplies28 Gooding Ave 4012538180    -Rental Center28 Gooding Ave 4012538180 Ace Towing Inc 4012455710 Ace Towing Inc 4013965990 Adam B. Abilheira74 Monroe Ave 4012535422 Adam Guedes23 Fernwood Rd 4012538454 Adam J. Iervolino Jr970 Hope St 4012534095 Adam J. Palazio29 Platt St 4012532624 Adam P. Ware1 Loveland St 4012532082 Adelia A. Guedes10 Siegel St 4012530385 Adelia S. Ferreira661 Metacom Ave, Apt 10 4012539133 Adelino Cordeiro10 Rock St 4012533410 Adelino Correia36 Sherman Ave 4012536277 Adelino S. Rodrigues Sr11 Wilson St 4012538652 Adrian Demello9 Thompson Ave, Apt 1 4012534436 Adriana Alves650 Wood St 4012532022 Adriana's Design-A-Dress583 Hope St 4012541380 Adriano F. Azevedo45 Sherry Ave 4012539576 Adriano M. Teixeira20 Greenway DR 4012537556 Adventures Kid's Club89 Gooding Ave, Unit 1 4013965437 Affordable Overhead Door 4012538194 Agatha M. Leite22 Fernwood Rd 4012457269 Agnes D. Marshall1014 Hope St 4012538456 Agnes Marshall1014 Hope St, Apt A1 4012535375 Agnes Marshall1014 Hope St, Apt A1 4012540167 Agnes S. Marshall204 State St 4012534190 Agostinho C. Costa19 Franca DR 4012537365 Aida Oliver39 Tobin Ln 4012531729 Aidan's Pub5 John St 4012541940 Aidan's Pub Office5 John St 4013969974 Aileen Ascoli19 Academy Ave 4012534276 Airsports Llc62 Ballou Blvd 4012532400 Ajour Inc267 Thames St 4012542565 Al Daluz320 Metacom Ave 4012970340 Al R. Vedro46 Berry Ln 4012536347 Alan B. Leach Jr25 Pawtucket Ave 4012542611 Alan C. Barboza33 Congregational St 4012535910 Alan Cabral1014 Hope St 4012535602 Alan Cabral1014 Hope St 4012531744 Alan Cabral1014 Hope St 4012535279 Alan Cabral1014 Hope St 4012537738 Alan Oliver1145 Hope St 4012538594 Alan R. Garcia17 King St 4012534307 Alan Sinclair8 Ambrose DR 4012531541 Alan Storms32 Anchorage CT 4012534902 Alane B Torf MD1180 Hope St 4012538900 Alayne White Spa11 Constitution St 4012541772 Albano H. Travassos58 Michael DR 4012541492 Albert A. Brunelli Jr1277 Hope St 4012970405 Albert Benevides1304 Hope St 4012535791 Albert E. Proffitt Jr10 Fort Hill Rd 4012536353 Albert Finger4 Martin Ave 4012537176 Albert G. Costa54 Greylock Rd 4012535086 Albert L. Beaulieu Jr15 Peckham Pl 4012540139 Albert M. Colella308 Windridge Ln 4012534905 Albert M. Schaler21 Gibson Rd 4012536926 Albert Oliver39 Tobin Ln 4012531729 Albert W. Proulx62 Oliver St 4012537031 Alberta C. Nunes36 Dimond Ave 4012533566 Albertina Dasilva61 Sowams DR 4012537262 Albertina F. Vitorino38 Congregational St 4012531354 Albertina Silva160 Franklin St 4012535041 Alberto L. Maia594 Wood St 4012538778 Alberto S. Vitorino38 Congregational St 4012531354 Alberto Silveira69 Broadcommon Rd 4012533119 Alberts Nunes36 Dimond Ave 4012533566 Albino Tavares133 Dewolf Ave 4012535598 Alcida O. Pacheco17 Orchard St 4012530237 Alda Barboza17 Fernwood Rd 4012537879 Alda M. Darosa35 Opechee DR 4012536397 Alden Yachts99 Poppasquash Rd 4016834200 Aleia M. Pontes25 Annawamscutt DR 4012533579 Alex Sanville10 Baker St 4012533562 Alexander Castro9 Baker St 4012536638 Alexander Danzberger273 N Farm DR 4012549712 Alexander J. Rizzini3 Matthew CT 4012532702 Alexander Paiva43 Clipper Way 4012537467 Alexander R. Enes13 Leila Jean DR 4012534317 Alexandra C. Rutter83 Windward Ln 4012538558 Alexandra H. Cornwall135 Sunrise DR 4012531229 Alexis Webb13 Hydraulion Ave 4012541382 Alfred A. Ramos Jr7 Vantage Point DR 4012537488 Alfred Andrade6 Bray Ln 4012537093 Alfred Costa53 Charles St 4012537273 Alfred D. Dosanjos41 Shore Rd 4012536453 Alfred E. Nunes44 Greylock Rd 4012531326 Alfred J. Parent Jr101 Gibson Rd 4012532045 Alfred J. Rezendes44 Coggeshall Ave 4012534579 Alfred J. Rodrigues32 Hydraulion Ave 4012535371 Alfred J. Soares Jr42 Elmwood DR 4012450246 Alfred M. Furtado12 San Francisco St 4012534395 Alfred P. Elk468 Poppasquash Rd 4012536271 Alfred R. Rebello65 Fatima DR 4012536362 Alfred's331 Hope St 4012533465 Alfredo D. Dosanjos41 Shore Rd 4012536453 Alfredo Darosa59 Duffield Rd 4012532966 Alfredo Darosa59 Duffield Rd 4012538139 Alfredo Furtado12 San Francisco St 4012534395 Alfredo's Auto Body and Sales1 Peter Rd 4012533399 Alice A. Estrella11 River St 4012539733 Alice Borges1027 Hope St 4012537911 Alice Cardoza136 Hopeworth Ave 3522593489 Alice F. Nunes597 Wood St 4012537654 Alice Ferreira36 Westwood Rd 4012537404 Alice Kulpa143 Bay View Ave 4012534279 Alice M. Brown408 North Ln 4012542812 Alice V. Rodrigues32 Hydraulion Ave 4012535371 Alice X. Bradford1014 Hope St 4012540518 Alicia Billington212 Wood St 4012532109 Alicia H. Speaker217 Hope St, Apt 1 4012537530 Alicia M. Costa100 Woodlawn Ave 4012537132 Alignmentz Pilates Studio583 Hope St 4013969686 Alisha M. Hunter27 Buttonwood St 4012534564 Alison A. Gamon9 Ursula DR 4012533495 Alison Rego114 Franklin St 4012534875 Alison Souza3 San Francisco St 4012970561 Allan P. Alarie33 Basswood DR 4012547437 Allen Michael J36 Bradford St 4012539636 Allen R. Scott34 Tobin Ln 4012471074 Allerton Framing500 Metacom Ave 4013969918 Allison A. Flannery74 Oliver St 4012535083 Allison Medeiros24 River St 4012531707 Allstate Insurance87 Gooding Ave, Unit 3 4012541400 Almeida De406 Thames St 4012530186 Almerinda C. Ribeiro341 High St 4012536344 Alpha Environmental3 Laurie Ln 4012535809 Alphonse C. Salvaggio11 Bliven Ave 4012535217 Alteris Renewables Inc20 Burnside St 4013969999 Alton A. Fletcher1191 Hope St 4012537929 Alvaro A. Ramos30 Reliance DR 4012546952 Alvaro Carreiro6 River St 4012535853 Alvin E. Edler Jr55 Seabreeze Ln 4012539917 Alyda V. Dewhirst190 Poppasquash Rd 4012546172 Alys F. Macleod476 Poppasquash Rd 4012537429 Alyson Harper300 State St 4012532170 Alyssa Capuano2 Betsy DR 4012537101 Alyssa G. Parente3 Forest Rd 4012534993 Alyssa I. Gaudreau23 Franca DR 4012534314 Alyssa Olsen9 Colonial Rd 4012530163 Alzira R. Guedes23 Fernwood Rd 4012538454 Amado Saylor381 Metacom Ave 4013962283 Amanda L. Holden40 Peckham Pl 4012532899 Amanda Perry19 Ursula DR 4012540455 Amanuel Silva1014 Hope St 4012970309 Amanuel Silva1014 Hope St 4012970328 Amanuel Silva1014 Hope St 4012534819 Amanuel Silva1014 Hope St 4012540445 Amaral Custom Fabrications91 Broadcommon Rd 4013965663 Amelia D. Medeiros18 Bay View Ave 4012532976 Amelia Dasilva20 Catherine St 4012532128 Amelia M. Marabello13 Buttonwood St 4012535629 Amelia M. Sansone617 Hope St 4016940511 Amelia Pacheco11 Massasoit Ave 4012539373 Amrie H. Alexandre23 Cottage St 4012536224 Amy B. Costa2 Lugent Ln 4012534782 Amy Dias244 Wood St 4012535935 Amy M. Walsh35 Evelyn DR 4012535532 An Nunes Insurance Agency549 Hope St 4012535300 Ana Correia38 Mount Hope Ave 4012531947 Ana Leste2 San Juan DR 4012538899 Anabel Azevedo174 Wood St, Apt 2R 4012970430 Andrade John and Helen89 Aaron Ave 4012537930 Andrade John Ins Agcy Inc559 Hope St 4012536542 Andrade's Catch & Wholesale Shellfish186 Wood St 4012534529 Andre Desaulniers180 Franklin St, Apt 342 4012539726 Andrea A. Hoffman16 Hattie Brown Ln 4012530178 Andrea B. Hochberg6 Leyland CT 4012545869 Andrea L. Watson90 Windward Ln 4012542011 Andrea M. Flynn12 Elmwood DR 4012451086 Andrea M. Garry1229 Hope St 4012530167 Andrea N. Rago36 Brooks Farm DR 4012546004 Andrea R. Silvia121 Constitution St 4012534636 Andreia M. Mendonca3 Domenic CT 4012533851 Andrew A. Gates319 North Ln 4012540144 Andrew Augustus391 Wood St 4012970516 Andrew B. Abilheira74 Monroe Ave 4012535422 Andrew Boyes40 Beach Rd 4012546020 Andrew Boyes40 Beach Rd 4012546079 Andrew Conte155 Mount Hope Ave, Apt 2 4012970946 Andrew Cook29 Saint Elizabeth St 4013965904 Andrew J. Calouro7 Sweeney Ln 4012531262 Andrew L. Augustus14 Hampden Rd 4012541309 Andrew M. Battison20 Lisa Ln 4012548987 Andrew Pansa149 High St 4012535497 Andrew Panza21 Roma St 4012970577 Andrew Raimondi9 Sullivan Ln 4012538103 Andrew S. Arcello11 Tupelo St 4012532121 Andrew Teixeira20 Greenway DR 4012537556 Andrew Teixeira15 Sachem Rd 4012531894 Andrew W Gilstein Lwyr500 Hope St 4012541500 Angela A. Sousa10 Bray Ln 4012532364 Angela A. Walpole30 Bay View Ave 4012531322 Angela B. Peloquin14 Tobin Ln 4012537891 Angela Fedorcuk Podiatrist970 Hope St 4012540922 Angela M. Demedeiros71 Gibson Rd 4012539357 Angela M. Mcfarland45 Tower St 4012537158 Angela Tavares17 Jessica DR 4012536872 Angela X. Promades433 Paddock CT 4012479182 Angelica Correia38 Mount Hope Ave 4012531947 Angelina Dupont1014 Hope St 4012537372 Angelina J. Souza50 Cedar DR 4012534873 Angelina's301 Hope St 4013965592 Angelo C. Palumbo18 Violet CT 4012535449 Angelo Conti46 Franklin St 4012533503 Angelo Conti46 Franklin St 4012538419 Angelo I. Antignano Iii533 Metacom Ave 4012530161 Angelo Mazzarella20 Richmond St 4012532389 Angelo Pirri32 Roma St 4012537924 Angelo Stanzione Jr 4012533313 Anibal M. Dasilva19 San Jose DR 4012540494 Anita G. Squatrito23 Maywood Rd 4012537497 Anita Pavlidis153 Seabreeze Ln 4012531696 Ann C. Silvia19 River St 4012535147 Ann Costa9 Stephen DR 4012540582 Ann D. Damico3 Church Cove Rd 4012532473 Ann F. Beekley307 Windridge Ln 4012533874 Ann Fletcher1191 Hope St 4012537929 Ann J. Mello6 Colonial Rd 4012530182 Ann J. Travers221 Hope St, Unit 4 4012532599 Ann L. Corrado10 Quenton Ln 4012452398 Ann M. Delpiano25 Roma St, Apt 1 4012535767 Ann M. Fortin45 E St 4012536077 Ann M. Goglia380 Wood St 4012537615 Ann M. Palma48 Monterey DR 4012534842 Ann M. Ramos30 Reliance DR 4012546952 Ann M. Sousa52 Beachmount Ave 4012538562 Ann M. Tortorice43 Byfield St 4012536927 Ann M. Viera86 Peck Ave 4012536861 Ann P. Bouchard432 Metacom Ave 4012540703 Ann Perry113 Dewolf Ave 4012535865 Ann R. Amaral101 Charles St 4012533280 Ann Ray75 Fales Rd 4012533643 Ann Stgermain132 Mulberry Rd 4012530691 Ann T. Hawkins48 Roosevelt DR 4012532340 Anna Carre17 Jennifer DR 4012472199 Anna Costa54 Greylock Rd 4012535086 Anna Doyle327 North Ln 4012548883 Anna E. Leonard38 Antony Ave 4012535676 Anna F. Carrera36 Westwood Rd 4012537404 Anna Ferreira3 3rd St 4012538124 Anna Ives180 Franklin St, Apt 220 4012535823 Anna Lamora1 Birchwood DR 4012532040 Anna M. Cabral60 Burton St 4012540348 Anne Alix1 Curtis Rd 4012531938 Anne C. Kellerman217 Hope St, Apt 8 4012533808 Anne D. Archibald36 Sunset Rd 4012535391 Anne Dimezza1165 Hope St 4012538399 Anne E. Barry79 Ferry Rd 4012534649 Anne E. Scarano10 Seal Island Rd 4012532768 Anne Furtado111 Bay View Ave 4012537096 Anne G. Danzberger273 N Farm DR 4012549712 Anne Ingram59 Cliff DR 4012533770 Anne J. Fartura11 Corte Real DR 4012538050 Anne M. Mazzarella20 Richmond St 4012532389 Anne M. Scanlan132 High St 4012537083 Anne Paulhus7 Creek Ln 4012532427 Annelise T. Bacher114 Windward Ln 4012532757 Annette M. Ramos10 Roosevelt DR 4012533113 Anthony A. Ribeiro14 Ryan Ave 4012538897 Anthony A. Tokarz11 Seal Island Rd 4012970953 Anthony Amaral64 King Philip Ave 4012538986 Anthony Avila Iii23 Fatima DR 4012537820 Anthony C. Mederos Jr6 Jessica DR 4012539353 Anthony C. Perry5 Thayer St 4012534386 Anthony F. Abilheira Jr74 Monroe Ave 4012535422 Anthony Grande12 Brookwood Rd 4012533778 Anthony H. Rego Jr1176 Hope St 4012533963 Anthony J. Bettencourt Jr1014 Hope St, Apt S5 4012532058 Anthony J. Caldwell23 Patricia Ann DR 4012545137 Anthony J. Deluca210 Arboretum Ln 4012534583 Anthony J. Dennis32 Colonial Rd 4012532876 Anthony J. Micheletti28 Lisa Ln 4012538565 Anthony J. Michelletti28 Lisa Ln 4012538565 Anthony J. Sousa Jr556 Metacom Ave 4012538173 Anthony M. Braid843 Hope St 4012533305 Anthony M. Doughney6 Chester Ave 4012531897 Anthony M. Frias17 Sousa St 4012538688 Anthony Marabello13 Buttonwood St 4012535629 Anthony Marano480 Metacom Ave 4012970360 Anthony Mattos321 State St 4012538117 Anthony Mattos321 State St 4012538280 Anthony P. Pereira60 Varnum Ave 4012459721 Anthony P. Pereira60 Varnum Ave 4012549721 Anthony R. Florenzano14 John St 4012534637 Anthony Rodrigues101 Beachmount Ave 4012536949 Anthony S. Marsello1014 Hope St 4012535721 Antoinetta Troiano72 Oliver St 4012536183 Antoinette Machado34 Michael DR 4012538179 Antoinette O. Petersen25 Seabreeze Ln 4012533153 Antonetta Cappello501 Clarks Row 4012533050 Antonetta S. Ray75 Fales Rd 4012533643 Antonetta Troiano72 Oliver St 4012536183 Antonette D. Pontes25 Annawamscutt DR 4012533579 Antonette Moran6 Woburn St 4012534373 Antonia Bonvegna26 Dreadnaught Ave 4012534921 Antonia Mcguire128 Windward Ln 4012530070 Antonietta Aloi78 Charles St 4012535588 Antonietta Machado34 Michael DR 4012538179 Antonino Aloi78 Charles St 4012535588 Antonio A. Martins208 Franklin St 4012536794 Antonio A. Teixeira21 Cottage St 4012536974 Antonio B. Cabral Iv52 Collins St 4012536310 Antonio C. Fries2 Dreadnaught Ave 4012534809 Antonio C. Lima35 Roma St 4012534695 Antonio C. Sousa84 Franklin St 4012532618 Antonio Cardoza136 Hopeworth Ave 3522593489 Antonio D. Labao601 Wood St, Apt 2 4012542013 Antonio F. Tavares80 Sherry Ave 4012538987 Antonio Flora4 Shaws Ln 4012532496 Antonio Frias2 Dreadnaught Ave 4012534809 Antonio Gaglio25 Cooke St 4012536762 Antonio J. Cardoso8 Fatima DR 4012540504 Antonio J. Dosouto30 Defiance Ave 4013969399 Antonio J. Santos Jr1014 Hope St 4012540415 Antonio M. Ramos30 Reliance DR 4012546952 Antonio M. Rego41 Academy Ave 4012532376 Antonio Moniz137 Bradford St 4012540175 Antonio Nunez82 High St 4012533329 Antonio P. Medina7 Francine St 4012532457 Antonio S. Carinha Jr61 River St 4012534851 Antonio S. Chaves147 Bradford St 4012535456 Antonio S. Peixoto532 Metacom Ave 4012540794 Antonio Specialty Pizza95 Tupelo St 4013969724 Antonio Tabares216 Franklin St 4012538310 Antonio Vieira20 San Juan DR 4012970305 Aquidneck Custom Composites Inc69 Ballou Blvd 4012546911 Aquidneck Hearing Center576 Metacom Ave 4012544327 Ar Marine Corp135 Thames St 4012535331 Arcelino W. Cabral21 Sousa St 4012538547 Arcelino W. Cabral21 Sousa St 4012538942 Architectual Conservation Services190 High St 4014100077 Aristotle Gatos55 State St 4012538250 Arlene Almeida9 Verdi Ln 4012535702 Arlene M. Benevides1304 Hope St 4012535791 Arlene M. Scott54 Clipper Way 4012533267 Arlene S. Colon160 Franklin St 4012533908 Arlete A. Fabio15 2nd St 4012540496 Arline Mckenna48 Cliff DR 4012535023 Arline R. Vittoria21 Bliven Ave 4012536297 Arman Arsenault9 Constitution St 4012539105 Armand Paris46 Sherman Ave 4012536708 Armanda M. Medeiros40 Bourne St, Apt 2 4012535956 Armando F. Ferreira43 Michael DR 4012457333 Armando Germano635 Wood St 4012534131 Armenio Medeiros6 Willow Ln 4012531685 Arminda Simas27 River St 4012534268 Armindo L. Cairrao31 Dreadnaught Ave 4012539229 Arnold A. Silva Jr15 Brooks Farm DR 4012537998 Arnold Lumber Co545 Metacom Ave 4012537322 Arnold Lumber Co545 Metacom Ave 8004307782 Arthur A. Pellerin Jr29 Monterey DR 4012532588 Arthur A. Peloquin14 Tobin Ln 4012537891 Arthur Cook45 Dewolf Ave 4012534251 Arthur D. Lawrence29 Dimond Ave 4012538114 Arthur D. Pontes Jr25 Annawamscutt DR 4012533579 Arthur Defusco Jr109 Woodlawn Ave 4012538736 Arthur Ferreira36 Foxhill Ave 4012536560 Arthur J. Levesque24 Franca DR 4012531456 Arthur J. Turner Jr5 Ericsson Ln 4012534142 Arthur J. Whitney1 Ambrose CT 4013965410 Arthur P. Sousa990 Hope St 4012535668 Arthur R. Almeida2 Center St 4012539936 Arthur S. Pavlidis153 Seabreeze Ln 4012531696 Arthur S. Scott Jr54 Clipper Way 4012533267 Arthur Silvia327 State St 4012539157 Arthur V. Edgette52 Kingswood Rd 4012533201 Asd Asd180 Franklin St 4012533947 Ashley Heady14 Washington St 4012540948 Ashley L. Stonge93 Bay View Ave 4012538221 Ashley R. Herr53 Charles St 4012540712 Atlantic Capes Fisheries16 Broadcommon Rd 4012533241 Atlantic Pest Control & Wild Life6 Francis St 4012532847 Attilio T. Didario Jr50 Seal Island Rd 4012531812 Audrey C. Adams462 North Ln 4012531357 Audrey E. Pacheco5 Smith St 4012537571 Audrey E. Pacheco5 Massasoit Ave 4012536174 Audrey J. Ratti28 Hydraulion Ave 4012546035 Audrey J. Wood24 Seabreeze Ln 4012532774 Audubon Society Environmental Education Ctr1401 Hope St 4012457500 Augustus Ronald14 Hampden Rd 4012541309 Aurelia C. Drolet122 Bay View Ave 4012549702 Aurelio Martins55 Bay View Ave 4012538144 Auto I. Emerald5 Peter Rd 4012532808 Auxilia C. Cabral3 Betsy DR 4012541961 Ava Mascena381 High St 4012531982 Avalon Medical Spa573 Hope St 4012970591 Azorian's Butcher Shop529 Wood St, Frnt 4012537724


 B and B Excavation44 Sowams DR 4013969929 B. C. Still110 Woodlawn Ave 4012531010 B. Demedeiros160 Franklin St 4012540412 B. G. John1229 Hope St 4012530167 B. Marshall215 State St 4012542122 B. Ribeiro14 Ryan Ave 4012538897 B. Toal1 Dawn Hl 4012533211 Bad Dog Tools24 Broadcommon Rd 4012531330 Bam Powder Coating69 Gooding Ave 4012542628 Banda Filarmonica St Isabel120 Franklin St 4012535020 Bank of America6 Gooding Ave 4012538800 Bank of America Financial Center601 Hope St 4012537301 Bar 3129 State St 4012970531 Barbara A. Beanblossom1014 Hope St, Apt E6 4012539523 Barbara A. Booth1161 Hope St 4012539441 Barbara A. Marcotte6 Christine CT 4012970336 Barbara A. Sousa8 Gladding St 4012535166 Barbara Cote180 Franklin St 4012535248 Barbara Goad14 Cedar DR 4012532921 Barbara H. Healy10 Dolly DR 4012531250 Barbara J. Costa2 Lugent Ln 4012534782 Barbara J. Dipalma1111 Hope St 4012537072 Barbara J. Medeiros7 Rosedale DR 4012538467 Barbara J. Mello531 Metacom Ave 4012539609 Barbara J. Ricci11 Tobin Ln 4012535873 Barbara J. Robinson55 Sherman Ave 4012454974 Barbara J. Stamp41 Tobin Ln 4012530325 Barbara J. Truver1103 Hope St 4012530264 Barbara J. Wordell51 Union St 4013969477 Barbara King1014 Hope St, Apt T6 4012544257 Barbara L. Pyle12 Church St 4012539205 Barbara P. Jennings42 Terrace DR 4012546143 Barbara R. Corcoran57 Church St 4012546188 Barbara R. Garofalo3 Sachem Rd 4012539905 Barbara Silva462 Metacom Ave 4012538711 Barbara Swann 4012970468 Barbara Whitman972 Hope St 4012540802 Barber Colonial500 Metacom Ave 4012536955 Barker Land Surveying Inc168 High St 4012540824 Barry H. Goulart27 Narrows Rd 4012533413 Barry Mcgoff7 Creek Ln 4012533467 Batista Bakery & Pastry Inc75 Franklin St 4012539832 Bayside Navigation116 Tupelo St 4013965100 Beatrice Cirillo7 Holly Ln 4012535459 Beatrice Demarco1 Murphy Ave 5086786580 Beatrice Masters18 Franca DR 4012532099 Beatriz F. Dias244 Wood St 4012535935 Bee Hive Cafe Llc10 Franklin St 4013969994 Ben Luk34 Viking DR 4012970427 Benjamin Bergenholtz385 High St 4012533089 Benjamin C. Hinken35 Terrace DR 4012453319 Benjamin Dasilva402 High St 4012535531 Benjamin J. Barboza23 Jane Ln 4012538847 Benjamin J. Choquette2 Evangeline CT 4012532048 Benjamin K. Daponte128 Wood St 4012532096 Benjamin L. Costa2 Lugent Ln 4012534782 Benjamin S. Almeida22 Mason Ave 4012537431 Benny's Inc655 Metacom Ave 4012532892 Bernadett Emery308 State St, Apt 2 4012539038 Bernadette Emery308 State St, Apt 2 4012539038 Bernadette M. Tavares29 Burnside St 4012537167 Bernadine Correia1014 Hope St 4012537772 Bernard E. Demara39 Viking DR 4012535281 Bernard E. Ebbitt82 Beach Rd 4012535896 Bernard G. Rajkumar23 Hamlet CT 4012534555 Bernedette Emery308 State St, Apt 2 4012539038 Bernice Annarummo143 Windward Ln 4012534459 Bernice E. Pezzullo84 Kickemuit Ave 4012535231 Bernice Parella259 High St 4012533455 Berry Plastics Corporation51 Ballou Blvd 4012532595 Berta M. Afonso21 Greenway DR 4012535664 Bertha Agatiello85 Union St 4012537974 Bertha Rensehausen195 High St 4012533570 Bertha Zeitler41 Terrace DR 4012539559 Beth A. Arcello11 Tupelo St 4012532121 Beth A. Coccio5 Milford St 4012540989 Beth A. Lavelle656 Hope St 4012548888 Beth J. Gouveia36 Hamlet CT 4012541568 Betsey S. Parent101 Gibson Rd 4012532045 Betsy D. Ose22 Gibson Rd 4012539218 Betsy Parent101 Gibson Rd 4012532045 Bette A. Walpole30 Bay View Ave 4012531322 Bette V. Leonard160 Franklin St, Apt 329 4012970376 Betty A. Savard12 Birchwood DR 4012540122 Betty A. Weston14 Union St 4012536172 Betty J. Duarte222 Franklin St 4012538030 Betty Lema6 Valley DR 4012539984 Beverly A. Gilmette1014 Hope St, Apt W1 4012533165 Beverly J. Mangone46 Sowams DR 4013965450 Beverly J. Pimental1014 Hope St 4012545061 Beverly M. Mansi22 Seal Island Rd 4012533008 Beverly Molloy27 Roosevelt DR 4012532693 Beverly Molloy27 Roosevelt DR 4012542057 Beverly R. Holt1 Cliff DR 4012533137 Beverly S. Pyne30 Forest Rd 4012970448 Beverly V. Doolan160 Seabreeze Ln 4012535379 Bianca R. Micheletti28 Lisa Ln 4012538565 Bidden J J Cordage Co Inc120 Broadcommon Rd, Unit 1 4012532660 Bill Thomas47 Rosedale DR 4012541075 Bj Stephens1 Leyland CT 4012544297 Blithewold Mansion & Gardens101 Ferry Rd 4012532707 Bobby Leitao115 Fatima DR 4013969096 Bobby Medeiros49 Narrows Rd 4012534610 Bonded Pest Control155 Fatima DR 4012541423 Bonnie Blue39 State St 4012535802 Bonnie J. Foley26 Seal Island Rd 4012534027 Bonnie Morencylima64 Gibson Rd 4012531555 Brad A. Bortone1324 Hope St 4012535216 Brad R. Terra135 Annawamscutt DR 4012536922 Brad Rego6 Church Cove Rd 4012542872 Bradford A1014 Hope St, Apt N1 4012540518 Brandi Gifford74 Constitution St 4012970482 Brandon Paulino52 Thompson Ave 4012539578 Brenda A. Geremia4 Mulberry Rd 4012533381 Brenda B. Cardullo22 Addy DR 4012530413 Brenda H. Austin22 Burton St 4012532308 Brenda L. Octaviano262 Wood St 4012970393 Brendan Hewett11 Wendy DR 4012534812 Brent Flannery74 Oliver St 4012535083 Brett J. Mancieri33 Center St 4012542386 Brian A. Camara14 Greenway DR 4012539363 Brian A. Leger29 Sullivan Ln 4012535728 Brian C. Alegria38 Defiance Ave 4012537241 Brian E. August8 Butterworth Ave 4012536824 Brian K. Bagley31 Terrace DR 4012455620 Brian L. Dasilva27 Wendy DR 4012535478 Brian P. Weber147 Franklin St 4016831540 Brian R. Enes13 Leila Jean DR 4012534317 Brian R. Mancieri67 Sowams DR 4012539812 Brian T. Forsberg14 Jennifer DR 4012531820 Brian T. Joinson104 Mulberry Rd 4012541061 Brianne Harper3 Eisenhower CT 4012545913 Brigette B. Faria20 Tobin Ln 4012539078 Bristol Ace20 Gooding Ave 4012538180 Bristol Aluminum76 Tupelo St 4012537226 Bristol Auto Body80 Gooding Ave 4012536602 Bristol Auto Body80 Gooding Ave 4012536600 Bristol Auto Salvage Inc48 Broadcommon Rd 4012532490 Bristol Bagel Works420 Hope St 4012541390 Bristol Bristol Repair338 Wood St 4014249672 Bristol Buffet LLC180 Mount Hope Ave 4012970777 Bristol Clubhouse95 Tupelo St 4012539844 Bristol County Physical Therapy1180 Hope St 4012541105 Bristol Diamond Locksmith35 Constitution St 4014249444 Bristol Family Restaurant553 Hope St 4012533353 Bristol Food Mart259 Wood St 4012536864 Bristol Garage Doors61 Gooding Ave 4014249670 Bristol Harbor Group Inc99 Poppasquash Rd, Unit 5 4012534318 Bristol Harbor Inn259 Thames St, Unit 1 4012541444 Bristol Historical & Preservation Society48 Court St 4012537223 Bristol House Bed & Breakfast14 Aaron Ave 4013969066 Bristol House of Pizza55 State St, Unit 2 4012532550 Bristol Housing Authority1014 Hope St 4012534464 Bristol Industrial Park500 Wood St 4012532135 Bristol Liquors390 Metacom Ave, Unit 5 4012535510 Bristol Marine99 Poppasquash Rd, Unit 1 4012532200 Bristol Metal Co25 Gooding Ave 4012534070 Bristol Music Academy413 High St 4012536467 Bristol of Bristol20 Brooks Farm DR 4014249671 Bristol Oil Co65 Burton St 4012538936 Bristol Oyster Bar448 Hope St 4013965820 Bristol Phoenix1 Bradford St 4012536000 Bristol Picture Frame Co379 High St 4012537357 Bristol Psychiatry30 Bradford St 4012533095 Bristol Sunset Cafe499 Hope St 4012531910 Bristol Total Fitness685 Metacom Ave 4012543900 Bristol Town Of:    -Animal Shelter10 Minturn Farm Rd 4012534834    -Building Dept10 Court St 4012537000    -Building Dept - Community Development10 Court St 4012537000    -Fire Dept - Emergency10 Minturn Farm Rd 4012536611    -Fire Dept Annawamscutt Dr 4012536912    -Human Services1020 Hope St 4012534831    -Library525 Hope St 4012536948    -Mt Hope High School199 Chestnut St 4012545980    -North Burial Ground1081 Hope St 4012545099    -Police Dept - Guiteras Elementary School35 Washington St 4012545932    -Public Works111 Mount Hope Ave 4012534100    -Reynolds School235 High St 4012545987    -Sewer Dept2 Plant Ave 4012538877    -Tax Dept10 Court St 4012537000    -Tax Dept - Town Administrator10 Court St 4012537000    -Tax Dept - Town Clerk10 Court St 4012537000    -Tax Dept - Town Hall10 Court St 4012537000    -Visitors Center400 Hope St 4014100040 Bristol Town Police Department:    -Police Department395 Metacom Ave 4012536900    -Police Dept365 Metacom Ave 4012536900 Bristol Toyota Reconditioning68 Broadcommon Rd 4012541116 Bristol Toyota Scion685 Metacom Ave 4012532100 Bristol Toyota Scion706 Metacom Ave 4012540100 Bristol Train of Artillery135 State St 4012532928 Bristol Upholstery649 Metacom Ave 4012534359 Bristol Wholesale11 Broadcommon Rd, Unit B 4013963966 Bristol Wholesale11 Broadcommon Rd 4013965966 Bristol Xpress Convenience and Gas1064 Hope St 4012538444 Bristol Yacht Club101 Poppasquash Rd 4012532922 Bristolite Real Estate99 Poppasquash Rd, Unit 1 4013965046 Brittany Terra135 Annawamscutt DR 4012536922 Bruce A. Donahue6 Lafayette DR 4012535966 Bruce B. Carlsten85 Highland Rd 4012540833 Bruce Carbalho113 Fatima DR 4012535669 Bruce Caromile 4012970317 Bruce D. Reiss473 Poppasquash Rd 4012537935 Bruce Derkash104 Windward Ln 4012534143 Bruce E Fischer MD1180 Hope St 4012538900 Bruce E. Fischer1180 Hope St 4012538900 Bruce E. Sousa33 Vernon Ave 4012532579 Bryan Heitzenrater57 Roosevelt DR 4012535765 Bryan J. Rodrigues32 Hydraulion Ave 4012535371 Bucolo Domenic & Urbana2 Karen Ln 4012535696 Budget Termite & Pest Control 4012546196 Burt G. Lewis IiiPo Box 1035 4012545189


 C & C Fiberglass Components75 Ballou Blvd 4012544342 C B Utility Co Inc99 Tupelo St 4012539277 C T M530 Wood St 4012539488 C. B. Coy12 2nd St 4012542350 C. B. Keith152 Fatima DR 4012537386 C. Blase316 North Ln 4012546140 C. C. Boland3 Low Ln 4012533328 C. D. Joseph35 Opechee DR 4012536397 C. D. Manuel60 Monroe Ave 4012535336 C. Da35 River St 4012542947 C. Krushrowski1 Dawn Hl 4012533870 C. L. Antonio35 Roma St 4012534695 C. M. Barboza28 Brooks Farm DR 4012534915 C. M. David36 Woodlawn Ave 4012538623 C. S. Peter102 Charles St 4012537408 C. S. Raymond25 Sowams DR 4012539095 C. Still110 Woodlawn Ave 4012531010 C. T. Jose2 Dolly DR 4012534885 Cabral's Gourmet Chicken Incorporated585 Metacom Ave 4012533913 Caesar Brito1135 Hope St 4012535537 Cafe Central173 Bradford St 4012546164 Caitlin M. Allen5 Glen View DR 4012533850 Calvin P. Darosa59 Duffield Rd 4012538139 Calvin P. Darosa59 Duffield Rd 4012532966 Cam Machine62 Ballou Blvd 4012541950 Camera Frank R 4012534968 Camille S. King84 Ferry Rd 4012532013 Campbell F. Ivor405 Metacom Ave 4012542347 Candace Alessandro254 Hope St 4012537515 Candace H. Burnham33 Central St 4012538530 Candace L. Hanson11 Sousa St 4012535561 Candy A. Alessandro254 Hope St 4012537515 Cara Mccoy661 Metacom Ave 4012970301 Carl A Sakovits Optmtrst1180 Hope St 4012539900 Carl A. Dr. Sakovits Optometrist1180 Hope St 4012539900 Carl A. Sakovits1180 Hope St 4012539900 Carl F Benevides General Contractor70 Tupelo St 4012533157 Carl G. Blomgren11 Verndale Cir 4012546096 Carla J. Ciampanelli314 Hope St, Apt 6 4012540599 Carla T. Mendonca24 Prospect St 4012533666 Carlo Ferreira752 Metacom Ave 4012538367 Carlos A. Barboza17 Fernwood Rd 4012537879 Carlos A. Mello531 Metacom Ave 4012539609 Carlos Couto10 Francesca Ln 4012536389 Carlos D. Ferreira752 Metacom Ave 4012538367 Carlos E. Couto30 Garfield Ave 4012533765 Carlos M. Correia38 Mount Hope Ave 4012531947 Carlos M. Leitao115 Fatima DR 4013969096 Carlos M. Machado65 Berry Ln 4012539442 Carlos Medeiros27 Magnolia St 4012530187 Carlos Pacheco527 Wood St 4012535866 Carmela Cavallaro1 Dawn Hl 4012533682 Carmela Lima18 Aaron Ave 4012534957 Carmella Catalfamo1170 Hope St 4012541223 Carmelo Bonvegna26 Dreadnaught Ave 4012534921 Carmelo Failla10 Highview DR 4012530115 Carmelo M. ScolaroPo Box 95 4012539520 Carol A. Andos3 Lisa Ln 4012532762 Carol A. Andos3 Lisa Ln 4012540237 Carol A. Gormley117 Windward Ln 4012970371 Carol A. Mckenna27 Cliff DR 4012533629 Carol A. Thorp506 Clarks Row 4012970370 Carol Cirillo28 Aaron Ave 4012538718 Carol D. Feldman6 Seal Island Rd 4012533236 Carol E. Diaz48 Oliver St 4012457262 Carol H. Tihen31 Burnside St 4012539611 Carol H. Tihen90 High St 4012474272 Carol J. Perry9 Smith St 4012535947 Carol L. Cirillo104 Union St 4012531976 Carol O'connell8 Leyland CT 4012540104 Carol Viveiros44 Michael DR 4012532165 Carol White1 Dawn Hl 4012545879 Carole A. James10 Justin St 4012540576 Carole F. Boiani8 Rosedale DR 4012532034 Carole M. Anderson44 Church St 4012540338 Carole V. Ritoli3 Arthur Ave 4012532779 Caroline Conena28 Roma St 4012533469 Caroline E. Considine22 Usher Ter 4012531704 Caroline Hughes183 Mount Hope Ave 4012549716 Caroline V. Cook45 Dewolf Ave 4012534251 Carolyn E. Mcgrath33 Sullivan Ln 4012533415 Carolyn L. Pallio31 Seabreeze Ln 4012530666 Carolyn M. Fontes64 Fales Rd 4012530854 Carolyn P. Andrews15 Jane Ln 4012534034 Carolyn S. Dewolf126 Windward Ln 4012536323 Carolyn Salvaggio11 Bliven Ave 4012535217 Carons Jewelry473 Hope St 4012539460 Carroll F. Promades433 Paddock CT 4012479182 Carroll Marine Limited91 Broadcommon Rd 4012531264 Casa Margarita Bristol Inc200 Gooding Ave 4013968933 Casandra J. Pacheco53 Saint Elizabeth St 4012539677 Casilda Bolota14 Shaws Ln 4012537138 Cassandra Constantino MD1180 Hope St 4012538900 Cassidy Hammond403 Wood St, Apt 10 4012533053 Cassie Medeiros24 River St 4012531707 Castro D. De20 Cliff DR 4012538420 Casual Inn Restaurant170 Franklin St 4012530204 Catherine A. Darosa59 Duffield Rd 4012532966 Catherine A. Darosa59 Duffield Rd 4012538139 Catherine A. Harrington40 Narrows Rd 4012542859 Catherine A. Holmes23 Oliver St 4012531641 Catherine A. Marshall33 Beachmount Ave 4012970363 Catherine A. Marshall39 Monroe Ave 4012535094 Catherine A. Marshall12 Belcourt Ave 4012537765 Catherine A. Pratte158 Seabreeze Ln 4012541537 Catherine B. Robinson6 Pawtucket Ave 4012537313 Catherine E. Caruso37 Sandra CT 4012535363 Catherine E. Estacio25 Richmond St 4012538572 Catherine F. Savino46 E St 4012534897 Catherine Hess1112 Hope St 4012538120 Catherine Hibbitt390 Poppasquash Rd 4012538945 Catherine J. Marshall20 San Miguel DR 4012531278 Catherine J. Roan384 High St 4012537254 Catherine M. Dusel162 Seabreeze Ln 4012970566 Catherine M. Esselen23 Summer St 4013969218 Catherine Plamondon61 Seal Island Rd 4012535903 Cathleen A Whelan MD1180 Hope St 4012538900 Cathleen A. Rizzini3 Matthew CT 4012532702 Cathrine Hibbitt390 Poppasquash Rd 4012538945 Cathryn S. Romano50 Woodlawn Ave 4012538356 Cathy B. Cabral8 Birchwood DR 4012531845 Cathy G. Aronson155 Mount Hope Ave, Apt 2 4012534012 Cecelia N. Daponte19 Cooke St 4012538238 Cecelia Perry1014 Hope St 4012970435 Cecilia C. Perry111 High St 4012538620 Cecilia L. Cairrao31 Dreadnaught Ave 4012539229 Cecilia Proto11 Karen Ann DR 4012532287 Cedarz Medical Center812 Metacom Ave 4012530025 Celeste B. Boyce122 Church St 4012536250 Celeste Daponte40 Varnum Ave 4012538436 Celestina Santos161 Franklin St 4012534680 Celia T. Gomes1 Celia CT 4012533138 Chapman Enstone Estate Agents423 Hope St 4013969841 Charlene A. Cioe43 Monroe Ave 4012535603 Charlene A. Ferreira14 Fernwood Rd 4012540587 Charlene M. Grimo31 River St 4012534495 Charles A. Hogenmiller5 Alan DR 4012539931 Charles B. Devol Jr39 Sherman Ave 4012540586 Charles B. Rockwell390 Poppasquash Rd 4012534377 Charles B. Rockwell390 Poppasquash Rd 4012538945 Charles Burke26 Summer St 4012541175 Charles Cavalconte88 Church St 4013969572 Charles E. Collins Ii82 Kickemuit Ave 4012536158 Charles E. Fortin Jr114 Constitution St 4012970320 Charles E. Hoffman47 River St 4012536561 Charles E. Tanner30 Seal Island Rd 4012533883 Charles F. Collins22 Cottage St 4012539398 Charles H. Cummings Jr105 Windward Ln 4012533235 Charles H. Jocelyn10 Hawthorne Ave 4012533724 Charles H. Perry Jr19 Ursula DR 4012540455 Charles H. Schmidt4 Alan DR 4012532055 Charles J. Dyer339 North Ln 4012549635 Charles J. Mcdonald433 Poppasquash Rd 4012538948 Charles J. Pasqua18 Justin St 4012542985 Charles K. Rhynard156 Fatima DR 4012532666 Charles Lazar680 Hope St 4012535938 Charles Marshall33 Beachmount Ave 4012970363 Charles R. Alexandre23 Cottage St 4012536224 Charles R. Rupp Jr17 Varnum Ave 4012540373 Charles S. Mello64 Narrows Rd 4012533509 Charles W. Freeman Jr483 Poppasquash Rd 4012536540 Charlies A. Burke26 Summer St 4012541175 Charlotte Burnham33 Central St 4012538530 Charlotte C. Demarco2 Woodlawn Ave 4012534118 Charlotte L. Marshall20 Wilson St 4012530173 Charlotte R. Usher90 Kickemuit Ave 4012283816 Chartwells School Dining58 Gooding Ave 4012531452 Chas Kalogeras120 Berry Ln 4012534358 Checkers Pizza580 Metacom Ave 4012542880 Cheryl A. Branagan489 Metacom Ave 4012531607 Cheryl A. Ferreira331 State St 4012536559 Cheryl A. Iiams10 Naomi St 4012531722 Cheryl A. Jocelyn10 Hawthorne Ave 4012533724 Cheryl A. Parent36 Constitution St 4012534556 Cheryl A. Robinson2 Kathy CT 4012450888 Cheryl C. Stern56 Seal Island Rd 4012540903 Cheryl Cavalconte88 Church St 4013969572 Cheryl L. Pimental21 Hilltop St 4012533114 Cheryl R. Tella33 Lisa Ln 4012533798 Cheryl Swanson751 Metacom Ave 4012532962 Chester Smolski102 Windward Ln 4012531945 Chic Boutique Hair Designers150 Franklin St 4012539526 Chinese Restaurant531 Wood St 4012539888 Chris C. Samos12 Sheffield Ave 4012540241 Chris Ducharme24 Hamlet CT 4012536461 Chris Fonseca2 Shannon CT, Unit 201 4012531730 Chris Malafronte142 Mount Hope Ave 4012539139 Chris Menton25 Wall St 4012533306 Chris Mundy17 Seabreeze Ln 4012970428 Christa Resendes18 Lisa Ln 4012542915 Christer C. Still110 Woodlawn Ave 4012531010 Christian M. Spina1 Jenny Ln 4012536200 Christie Ribeiro45 Thompson Ave 4012540502 Christina Rego41 Academy Ave 4012532376 Christina Vieira20 San Juan DR 4012970305 Christine A. Cioe43 Monroe Ave 4012535603 Christine A. Dasilva31 Brooks Farm DR 4012538323 Christine A. Jocelyn45 Everett Ave 4012541013 Christine C. Frizzell15 Sandy Ln 4012530152 Christine Furtado38 Wall St 4012533044 Christine Harper25 Rosedale DR 4012530101 Christine L. Anderson37 Seabreeze Ln 4012535609 Christine L. Velleca10 Aaron Ave 4012537932 Christine M. DunbarPo Box 8 4016834080 Christine M. Shelhart4 Franca DR 4012534299 Christine Papa13 Everett Ave 4012541399 Christine Rodrigues60 Lafayette DR 4012534232 Christine S. Macneil20 Anawan Ave 4012532580 Christine Servais 4012537518 Christopher A. Goodrich25 Andrews CT 4012536804 Christopher Diaz48 Oliver St 4012457262 Christopher G. Pelletier17 Tobin Ln 4012532806 Christopher J. Medeiros6 2nd St 4012537973 Christopher Johnson18 Anawan Ave 4012536929 Christopher M. Stewart20 San Jose DR 4012533987 Christopher Macmillan183 Bay View Ave 4012533208 Christopher N. Johnson84 Beach Rd 4012532556 Christopher P. Herzig49 Ridge Rd 4012536976 Christopher Perry996 Hope St 4012537599 Christopher R. Raiola38 Sandra CT 4012537391 Christopher S. Furtado38 Wall St 4012533044 Christopher S. Gonzalez44 Platt St 4012534678 Christopher S. Gonzalez44 Platt St 4012535455 Christopher W. Brito161 Poppasquash Rd 4012533106 Christy C. Hofmann63 Seal Island Rd 4012534225 Cidalia D. Harper300 State St 4012532170 Cindi Sousa59 Court St 4012540286 Cindy Holden40 Peckham Pl 4012532899 Cindy Labao10 Reid St 4012534978 Cisaltina Martins55 Bay View Ave 4012538144 Citizens Bank464 Hope St 4012532385 Citizens Bank - Bristol Offices - Belltower576 Metacom Ave 4012540301 Claire Azzarone1014 Hope St 4012537106 Claire Benson23 Noyes Ave 4012531618 Claire D. Lind76 Seabreeze Ln 4012536718 Claire H. Menker1 Murphy Ave 5086724416 Claire M. Almada15 Sousa St 4012534081 Claire Malafronte142 Mount Hope Ave 4012539139 Claire P. Turner5 Ericsson Ln 4012534142 Claire Wanebo116 Poppasquash Rd 4012533992 Claire Y. Almeida1 Corte Real DR 4012538817 Clara M. Costa19 Franca DR 4012537365 Clarence R. Costa55 Franca DR 4012533333 Clarice Flannery1014 Hope St 4012970554 Classic Pizza349 Metacom Ave, Unit 2 4012531871 Claude A. Curran849 Hope St 4012549616
Claude S. Hirsch24 Griswold Ave 4012470301 Claude S. Hirsch24 Griswold Ave 4012470559 Claudette Coelho1014 Hope St 4012530491 Claudette Coelho1014 Hope St 4012453104 Claudia A. Horton16 Smith St 4012536524
Claudia J. Hoxter188 Bay View Ave 4012531521 Claudia L. Vars41 Bay View Ave 4012532501 Claudina M. Peixoto532 Metacom Ave 4012540794 Claudine Fales646 Metacom Ave 4012535039 Clems Electric Co11 Broadcommon Rd, Unit A 4012534043 Clifford B. Woods133 Poppasquash Rd 4012532095 Clifford M. Ferreira Jr21 King St 4012533748 Coastal Chiropractic Group576 Metacom Ave, Unit 1 4012531130 Coastal Kitchens75 Tupelo St 4012535403 Coelho & Callahan 4012536800 Coggeshall Farm MuseumColt State Park 4012539062 Coggeshall Jewelers473 Hope St 4012539460 Coldwell Banker495 Hope St 4012533295 Coldwell Banker Realty495 Hope St, Unit 2 4012534050 Colin J. Barry75 Aaron Ave 4012535382 Colleen N. Delmage14 Franklin St 4012531665 Colleen S. Donovan2 RegO Ave 4012537837 Colonial Barber500 Metacom Ave, Unit 2 4012536955 Columban Fathers65 Ferry Rd 4012536909 Community Values of Rhode Island1 Cliff DR 4012533137 Compass Group North American Division58 Gooding Ave 4012530327 Compass International Group10 Burnside St 4012537500 Components Solutions Inc16 Peckham DR 4013969411 Components Solutions Inc16 Peckham DR 4013969299 Composite Energy251 Franklin St 4012532670 Composite Energy Technology52 Ballou Blvd 4013965625 Composites One LLC4 Minturn Farm Rd 4012534800 Conceicao M. Costa20 Jane Ln 4012536295 Conceicao R. Ferreira36 Foxhill Ave 4012536560 Concetta Falco21 Kingswood Rd 4012530097 Condominium Association of Belvedre423 Hope St 4012533127 Connie Andrade16 Addy DR 4012539660 Connie L. Hanson11 Sousa St 4012535561 Connie Medeiros24 River St 4012531707 Connie Palumbo35 Division St 4012536874 Connie Palumbo35 Division St 4012535127 Connie R. Ferreira36 Foxhill Ave 4012536560 Connor Devin16 Sandra DR 4012537805 Conor Handley6 Cherry Ln 8774714850 Constance F. Fortin95 Fatima DR 4012531152 Constance Messore424 North Ln 4012542647 Constance S. Marino111 Mulberry Rd 4012537624 Constantino D. Dasilva60 Lafayette DR 4012534232 Contente's Precision Auto59 Buttonwood St 4012541100 Cook's Overhead Doors206 Gooding Ave 4012539470 Cooks & Butler67 Gooding Ave 4012533200 Cora Guido160 Franklin St, Apt 117 4012533192 Core Composite 4013965565 Corey S. Lescault18 Corte Real DR 4012530159 Corianna J. Mascena381 High St 4012531982 Corner Stone Barber Shop290 Wood St 4013965088 Cornerstone Adult Services170 Franklin St 4012549629 Corrado's Canvas & Cushions Inc47 Gooding Ave 4012535511 Corrine Kraemer10 Colt Ave 4012532029 Cory R. Jacques3 Lang Ave 4012532815 Cosmo Mancieri Jr927 Hope St 4012531271 County Cleansers76 State St 4012536368 Courtney B. Poissant62 Varnum Ave 4012535831 Courtney Frye Canario170 Bradford St 4013965880 Courtney Frye Canario170 Bradford St 4013965881 Courtney L. Mello64 Narrows Rd 4012533509 Courtney M. Hugo10 Washington St 4012540184 Couto Carlos10 Francesca Ln 4012536389 Coy C. Bethune Ii12 2nd St 4012542350 Credit Planner Corp.39 State St 4012164000 Crescienzo Malafronte142 Mount Hope Ave 4012539139 Cristiana Rebello1014 Hope St 4012537148 Crown Collision100 Broadcommon Rd 4012533400 Crystal Jocelyn10 Hawthorne Ave 4012533724 Crystal Leitao25 Catherine St, Unit 2A 4012540928 Curls Cuts & More276 High St 4012533800 Curt Lafrance4 Forest Rd 4012531098 Custom Fiberglass Inc58 Ballou Blvd 4012530630 Custom Marine281 Franklin St, Ste 5 4012535400 Cuy Collins18 Betsy DR 4012531256 CVS Pharmacy400 Metacom Ave 4012532050 Cvs Pharmacy173 State St 4012538808 CVS Pharmacy - Pharmacy400 Metacom Ave 4012532050 Cyndi Brown40 Greenway DR 4012537306 Cynthia A. Dupont10 Judy DR 4012530469 Cynthia A. Elder99 Aaron Ave 4012540548 Cynthia A. LewisPo Box 1035 4012545189 Cynthia A. Mccarthy37 Sherry Ave 4012548871 Cynthia A. Merritt107 Woodlawn Ave 4012542940 Cynthia A. Zbyr11 Etelvina CT 4012535818 Cynthia Benevides36 Terrace DR 4012471970 Cynthia D. Booth75 Oliver St 4012533188 Cynthia E. Pesta40 Roosevelt DR 4012532941


 D'Angelo576 Metacom Ave 4012538885 D. B. Andrew40 Beach Rd 4012546079 D. B. Ronald114 Windward Ln 4012532757 D. Barboza23 Jane Ln 4012538847 D. Botelho458 Metacom Ave 4012538764 D. Frizzell15 Sandy Ln 4012530152 D. Garrett 4012531692 D. H. Samuel188 Bay View Ave 4012531521 D. J. Luiz5 Butterworth Ave 4012536372 D. Levis 4013965208 D. Ligeiro104 Woodlawn Ave 4012534212 D. M. Richard20 San Miguel DR 4012531278 D. R. Simmons17 Loring Rd 4012533556 D. Reiss473 Poppasquash Rd 4012537935 D. Simas160 Franklin St, Apt 233 4012536466 D. T. Paul341 Spinnaker Ln 4012548810 Dagmar Hall3 Leyland CT 4012531094 Dale M. Webster50 Seabreeze Ln 4012474723 Dale R. Leonard22 Michael DR 4012535208 Dale W. Wainwright21 Dolly DR 4012542856 Damon F. Gagnon40 Michael DR 4012532540 Damon H. Thomas16 Stephen DR 4012532821 Dan Coffland16 Kickemuit Ave 4012533732 Danceworks62 Gooding Ave 4012535114 Dani Medeiros33 Magnolia St 4012531624 Daniel A. Laufer21 Harborview Ave 4013969124 Daniel C. Furtado38 Wall St 4012533044 Daniel Cabral Jr8 Birchwood DR 4012531845 Daniel F. Cheatom22 Sowams DR 4012542883 Daniel F. Green29 State St 4012536554 Daniel J. Eagan Jr3 Everett Ave 4012532138 Daniel J. Knight Jr35 Seal Island Rd 4012970509 Daniel J. Marusak63 Seabreeze Ln 4012970409 Daniel M. Ragano Sr59 Opechee DR 4012535173 Daniel Masters18 Franca DR 4012532099 Daniel P. Vilenski7 Weetamoe Farm DR 4012540120 Daniel R. Medeiros33 Magnolia St 4012531624 Daniel Ramos10 Roosevelt DR 4012533113 Daniel Rocha50 Opechee DR 4013965205 Daniel Silva494 Thames St 4012531283 Daniel Silva46 Bourne St 4012539088 Daniel Sosa4 Leyland CT 4012970565 Daniel Svogun35 Birchwood DR 4012540568 Daniel W. Robbins Jr43 Kickemuit Ave 4012533662 Danielle Cabral8 Kennedy CT 4012970520 Danielle Mello6 Colonial Rd 4012530182 Danielle Stroessner1 Wapping DR 4012538840 Dantiques125 Peck Ave 4012531122 Daponte Landscaping700 Wood St 4012536225 Darlene L. Stonge93 Bay View Ave 4012538221 Darlene Silva1014 Hope St 4012970309 Darlene Silva1014 Hope St 4012970328 Darlene Silva1014 Hope St 4012534819 Darlene Silva1014 Hope St 4012540445 Darnyl L. Vieira8 Tobin Ln 4012530047 David A. Bennett11 San Miguel DR 4012538088 David A. Erickson16 Baker St 4012534264 David A. Gomes1195 Hope St 4012537189 David A. Sousa990 Hope St 4012535668 David Almeida20 Doran Ave 4012539368 David Alves7 Charlotte DR 4012534829 David C. Holden40 Peckham Pl 4012532899 David C. Lavoie24 Noyes Ave 4012534406 David C. Macdougall36 Woodlawn Ave 4012538623 David C. Mcfarland45 Tower St 4012537158 David E. Barboza92 Constitution St 4012536695 David E. Barboza119 Franklin St 4012536696 David Enos30 Franklin St 4012534129 David Hibbitt393 Poppasquash Rd 4012531536 David J. Coccio33 Greenway DR 4012536698 David J. Coccio5 Milford St 4012540989 David J. Coccio33 Greenway DR 4012542978 David J. Santos15 Harborview Ave 4012539528 David J. Silvia21 E St 4012532925 David L. Dugan16 Fesser Ave 4012536578 David L. Estrella5 Christopher DR 4012530353 David L. Garrison16 Beach Rd 4016836196 David L. Harper3 Eisenhower CT 4012545913 David M. Francis594 Metacom Ave 4012537725 David M. Mattos321 State St 4012538117 David M. Mattos321 State St 4012538280 David M. Vargas12 Cliff DR, Apt 2 4012538678 David N. Pacheco Jr5 Massasoit Ave 4012536174 David O. Hayes23 Seabreeze Ln 4012545068 David P. Sardinha93 Kickemuit Ave 4012531011 David P. Swanson150 Ferry Rd 4012545056 David Paul27 Paull St 4012539492 David Rattray160 Franklin St 4012535653 David S. Schwartz485 Poppasquash Rd 4012532900 David Sardinha Optmtrst375 Metacom Ave 4012532020 David Stone185 Mount Hope Ave 4012531518 David Sylvaria37 Peck Ave 4012539192 David Tognetti3 Woburn St 4012538524 David's Style574 Wood St 4012532010 Dawn C. Rego18 Greg DR 4012534051 Dawn D. Brodrick63 Berry Ln 4012532684 Dawn M. Chauvin9 Jones Ave 4012531835 Dawn M. Morrison1 Patricia Ann DR 4012542193 Dawn M. Morrison1 Patricia Ann DR 4012537845 Dawn Rocha50 Opechee DR 4013965205 Dawn S. Reuss2 San Juan DR 4012531388 Dean W. Robinson Jr6 Pawtucket Ave 4012537313 Debbie Watt11 Weetamoe Farm DR 4012970502 Debora Byrne103 Bradford St 4012533011 Debora L. Lescault18 Corte Real DR 4012530159 Deborah A. Chirnside16 Glen View DR 4012538584 Deborah A. Decosta289 Wood St 4012533102 Deborah A. Furtado50 Peck Ave 4012533705 Deborah A. Medeiros49 Narrows Rd 4012534610 Deborah Arruda83 Kingswood Rd 4012537097 Deborah Blair133 Windward Ln 4012546904 Deborah C. Matson88 Windward Ln 4012533541 Deborah Ferro7 Burke Rd 4012536230 Deborah G. Luther38 Division St 4012538539 Deborah H. Cornwall135 Sunrise DR 4012531229 Deborah H. Elk468 Poppasquash Rd 4012536271 Deborah Herrera410 North Ln 4012970367 Deborah J. Aguiar3 Jones Ave 4012535565 Deborah L. Goulart27 Narrows Rd 4012533413 Deborah L. James11 Franklin St, Apt 1 4012533757 Deborah L. Paiva16 Robin DR 4012535649 Deborah Medeiros52 Monroe Ave 4012535073 Deborah P. Dager31 Clifton Rd 4012530818 Deborah P. Wiacek88 Mulberry Rd 4012533068 Deborah R. Fowler5 Leyland CT 4012535084 Deborah T. Schmeller19 Foxhill Ave 4012535368 Deborah U. Malloy100 Fales Rd 4012536391 Deborah W. Ridolfi286 N Farm DR 4012540212 Debra A. Andrade427 High St 4012535218 Debra Ascoli53 Viking DR 4012536457 Debra C. Berlo27 Poppasquash Rd 4012970536 Debra Cabral3 Betsy DR 4012541961 Debra E. Laufer21 Harborview Ave 4013969124 Debra E. Marshall55 Kingswood Rd 4012534219 Debra J. Buonanno7 Harborview Ave 4012532087 Debra J. Illum12 Sampson St 4013965924 Debra J. Sullo25 Hamlet CT 4013969638 Debra K Filardo MD1180 Hope St 4012538900 Debra Tallman82 High St 4012970382 Dee A. Netto7 Waterman St 4012539231 Dee Jays Car Wash19 Gooding Ave 4012532425 Dee-Ann Netto7 Waterman St 4012539231 Defiance Hose CoHope 4012537200 Deleo Stephen A328 High St 4012532780 Delfina Dosouto30 Defiance Ave 4013969399 Delia B. Furtado73 Oliver St 4012534857 Demetrula Gatos55 State St 4012538250 Dena M. Vezina57 Sherry Ave 4012533751 Denise A. Lima18 Aaron Ave 4012534957 Denise Asciola50 Brooks Farm DR 4012537047 Dennis Doyan62 Burton St 4012536532 Dennis G. Barnes60 Richmond St 4012532763 Dennis J. Pacheco Jr5 Smith St 4012537571 Dennis L. Parente3 Forest Rd 4012534993 Dennis L. Ventura45 Cole St 4012533983 Dennis M. Bennett11 San Miguel DR 4012538088 Dennis M. Matos8 Malden St 4012533837 Dennis M. Silva94 Bay View Ave 4012538361 Dennis Mehlmann36 Evelyn DR 4012533076 Dennis N. Tavares29 Burnside St 4012537167 Dennis P. Hogan67 Seal Island Rd 4012533055 Dennis William P Law Office Inc576 Metacom Ave, Unit 2 4012542992 Dennis William P Law Offices Inc576 Metacom Ave 4012542994 Dental 1 RI / TMJ Migraine Care of New England576 Metacom Ave, Unit 3 4012539500 Deodato Amaral10 Rosita Ave 4012537414 Deolinda D. Anjos4 Lindberg Ave 4012534270 Deotilde Silva1 King St 4012535919 Derek J. Couto594 Wood St, Apt 2 4012530464 Design Turnstyle251 Thames St 4012970424 Dessie L. Wainwright21 Dolly DR 4012542856 Devere V. Carney Iii8 Bray Ln 4012536928 Devine And Associates576 Metacom Ave, Unit 11A 4012540151 Devon Costa233 Metacom Ave 4012532536 Dewolf Tavern267 Thames St 4012542005 Dewolf Tavern Restaurant259 Thames St, Unit 3 4012542005 Diana Camara15 Wilcox St 4012534961 Diana Campbell40 Seal Island Rd 4012541692 Diana Just1014 Hope St 4012535135 Diane Belanger27 Andrews CT 4013969355 Diane C. Mederos6 Jessica DR 4012539353 Diane Campbell40 Seal Island Rd 4012541692 Diane Carosi114 Berry Ln 4012541053 Diane Conti46 Franklin St 4012538419 Diane Conti46 Franklin St 4012533503 Diane E. Nelson1 Reilly Ln 4012457133 Diane H. Olstynski29 Clipper Way 4012542430 Diane J. Silvia1 Murphy Ave 5086737598 Diane Leitao115 Fatima DR 4013969096 Diane M. Costa19 Franca DR 4012537365 Diane M. Holt12 Constitution St 4012538236 Diane M. Vieira181 Mount Hope Ave 4012536891 Diane N. Davis25 Butterworth Ave 4012534964 Diane Pacheco70 Mount Hope Ave 4012530199 Diane Santos161 Franklin St 4012534680 Diane Swire19 Justin St 4012533370 Dianne C. Raiola38 Sandra CT 4012537391 Dichiappari Kirsten 4012535414 Dimity D. Reiss473 Poppasquash Rd 4012537935 Dina L. Criscione941 Hope St 4012532582 Dina M. Vicente15 Casey DR 4012533145 Dinis P. Soares9 Saint Theresa Ave 4012539306 Dinis Sorares9 Saint Theresa Ave 4012539306 Dionne Veronica363 High St 4012533791 Dish A Network605 Metacom Ave 4013960958 Diversified Finishes257 Franklin St, Unit 11 4012535911 Dk Abbass215 State St 4012532094 Dollar Tree10 Gooding Ave 4012533067 Dolores A. Candelmo1 Fesser Ave 4012537071 Dolores Decastro20 Cliff DR 4012538420 Dolores Grey68 Fales Rd 4012539255 Dolores M. Costa55 Franca DR 4012533333 Dolores Malloy21 Doran Ave 4012537272 Dolores Miranda1 Murphy Ave 5086785915 Dolores Rebello65 Fatima DR 4012536362 Dolores Risko16 Patricia Ann DR 4012531157 Dolores Stiglin16 Patricia Ann DR 4012531157 Domenic A. Cappucci4 Francine St 4012544382 Domenic C. Canna117 Beach Rd 4012536633 Domenic Digiorgio16 Gorham Pl 4012536819 Domenic J. Savino46 E St 4012534897 Domenic M. Grimo69 Oliver St 4012538519 Domenic Parisi17 Pearse Ave 4012541173 Domenic U. Bucolo2 Karen Ln 4012535696 Dominic Castigliego25 Roma St 4012538654 Dominic J. Calarco413 Metacom Ave 4012540570 Dominic Rodrigues Iii234 State St 4012534408 Dominic S. Franco26 Tower St 4012537754 Domino's Pizza11 Gooding Ave 4012540404 Don Bobola Pmhcns-Bc170 Bradford St 4013969984 Donald Aguiar120 Berry Ln 4012530319 Donald C. Saracen346 Spinnaker Ln 4012540817 Donald Demello856 Hope St 4012970347 Donald G. Fales646 Metacom Ave 4012535039 Donald H. Gagnon40 Michael DR 4012532540 Donald Hall92 Windward Ln 4012455212 Donald Kingsley221 Hope St 4012540666 Donald M. Bonsanti9 Bray Ln 4012540187 Donald Mcdonough20 Verndale Cir 4012536791 Donald R. Squires Jr9 Tobin Ln 4012537885 Donald Silvia121 Constitution St 4012534636 Donald V. Knapman10 Glen View DR 4012539405 Donald W. Gale1 Brum St 4012537679 Donat A. Fortin45 E St 4012536077 Donn Stuart50 Roosevelt DR 4012533218 Donna A. Medeiros10 Ryan Ave 4012535256 Donna A. Medeiros6 2nd St 4012537973 Donna Cabral60 Burton St 4012540348 Donna Cook114 Church St 4012970517 Donna J. Mull335 North Ln 4012537129 Donna L. Flanagan Jr100 Gibson Rd 4012537206 Donna L. Hogenmiller5 Alan DR 4012539931 Donna L. Poissant62 Varnum Ave 4012535831 Donna L. Weeden15 3rd St 4012451427 Donna M. August6 Butterworth Ave 4012533873 Donna M. Bouchard62 Catherine St 4012970447 Donna M. Canario14 King Philip Ave 4012533728 Donna M. Castigliego70 Kickemuit Ave 4012531507 Donna M. Flannery24 Pawtucket Ave 4012536173 Donna M. Leger29 Sullivan Ln 4012535728 Donna M. Silvia91 Dewolf Ave 4012534662 Donna M. Stuart50 Roosevelt DR 4012533218 Donna Marshall2 Marshall CT 4012537215 Dora A. Hinken35 Terrace DR 4012453319 Dora G. Gonsalves49 Roosevelt DR 4012534871 Doreen Dwyer34 Bay View Ave 4012531119 Doreen E. Pollock1014 Hope St 4012530503 Doreen L. Campo6 Belcourt Ave 4012538696 Doreen M. Vitale5 Dolly DR 4012530329 Doreen M. Watson58 Fales Rd 4012540746 Dorinda A. Rego1176 Hope St 4012533963 Doris Baggett1014 Hope St 4012532235 Doris Hanmer125 Sunrise DR 4012538058 Doris L. Daponte36 Dartmouth St 4012532770 Doris L. Daponte36 Dartmouth St 4012538185 Doris M. Pellegrini8 Roseland Ave 4012536226 Doris R. Meiggs29 Greylock Rd 4012537951 Doris S. Baum110 Windward Ln 4012970568 Doris Serpa1014 Hope St 4012538306 Doris Serpa1014 Hope St 4012535593 Doris V. Principe6 Mason Ave 4012532606 Dorothy A. Almeida81 Perry St 4012535683 Dorothy A. Carreiro906 Hope St 4012536973 Dorothy A. Cirillo25 High St 4012535398 Dorothy A. Enos18 Cottage St 4012535031 Dorothy A. Myslivy1014 Hope St, Apt D9 4012970461 Dorothy A. Valenzuela35 Westwood Rd 4012530501 Dorothy A. Wilson5 Hopeworth Ave 4012542697 Dorothy Arsenault9 Constitution St 4012539105 Dorothy Beal37 Tobin Ln 4012533311 Dorothy Caldwell50 Gibson Rd 4012537764 Dorothy Cordeiro1014 Hope St 4012545173 Dorothy E. Canario17 Milk St 4012531975 Dorothy F. Carlsten85 Highland Rd 4012540833 Dorothy Girard180 Franklin St 4012477040 Dorothy J. Cabral160 Franklin St, Apt 334 4012541143 Dorothy L. Moren50 Ridge Rd 4012536320 Dorothy M. Cabral15 Thompson Ave 4012970572 Dorothy Mccauley3 Spruce Ln 4012530403 Dorothy O. Castro1 Alma Ave 4012538772 Dorothy Schinigoi54 Cole St 4012535569 Dorothy Viera86 Peck Ave 4012536861 Dorvalina C. Cabral21 Sousa St 4012538547 Dorvalina C. Cabral21 Sousa St 4012538942 Douglas A. Delmage14 Franklin St 4012531665 Douglas M. Mitchell12 Stephen DR 4012542999 Douglas P. Catalano1238 Hope St, Apt D 4012450145 Douglas P. Cavalieri38 Dartmouth St 4012537586 Douglas S. Cooper Ii11 Pawtucket Ave 4012533878 Dr Ronald N Mancini & Associates Inc366 Hope St 4012537575 Duarte M. Botelho458 Metacom Ave 4012538764 Duct Genie Inc555 Metacom Ave 4012531200 Dudley A. Williams100 Griswold Ave 4012536111 Dunkin' Donuts381 Metacom Ave 4013965427 Dunkin' Donuts416 Metacom Ave 4012533496 Dunkin' Donuts467 Hope St 4012534646 Dupont Designs500 Wood St 4012538247 Durval Aguiar276 High St 4012530475 Dustin L. Sullo25 Hamlet CT 4013969638 Dw C. Hattub661 Metacom Ave 4012533416 Dwight Doolan160 Seabreeze Ln 4012535379 Dylan Maher10 Ericsson Ln 4012537302 Dylan R. Booth75 Oliver St 4012533188 Dylan Simas342 Metacom Ave 4012541087


 E L J Inc95 Tupelo St 4012539696 E. Araujo4 Jameson DR 4012534826 E. C. Charles Iii82 Kickemuit Ave 4012536158 E. C. Joseph114 Berry Ln 4012541053 E. C. Maurice Jr9 Jones Ave 4012531835 E. Covel7 Doran Ave 4012531661 E. D. Raymond43 Peckham Pl 4012541346 E. F. Michael1 San Antonio Ave 4012540773 E. F. Robert Jr100 Gibson Rd 4012537206 E. F. Thomas14 Jennifer DR 4012531820 E. Fuller 4012970343 E. Lavers 4012545120 E. M. James19 Narrows Rd 4012538292 E. R. Norberto10 Mount Ave 4012541329 E. R. Wilfred9 Loring Rd 4013969465 E. Rock180 Franklin St 4012533063 E. S. Jack22 Everett Ave 4012531128 E. T. Billy47 Rosedale DR 4012541075 E. Walpole30 Bay View Ave 4012531322 Earl L. Dalton53 Foxhill Ave 4012535015 Earle Carlsten85 Highland Rd 4012540833 Earle G. Phillips Jr2 Avenir CT 4012458358 East Bay Appraisal LTD576 Metacom Ave, Unit 8A 4012539910 East Bay Baseball Academy Cell47 Gooding Ave, Unit 1 4018379010 East Bay Beauty Boutique641 Metacom Ave 4012539889 East Bay Bikram Yoga36 Gooding Ave 4013965777 East Bay Gymnastics Inc54 Gooding Ave 4012531267 East Bay Kennels Ltd47 Broadcommon Rd 4012530082 East Bay Laundromat26 Gooding Ave 4012531613 East Bay Manufacturers400 Franklin St 4012542960 East Bay Movers132 Bay View Ave 4012532438 East Bay News1 Bradford St 4012536000 East Bay Real Estate576 Metacom Ave, Unit 8A 4012532983 East Bay Sailing Foundation101 Poppasquash Rd 4012530775 East Bay Window & Remodeling Co15 Gooding Ave 4012531888 East Passage Bot Wrights576 Metacom Ave 4012535555 East Side Management Inc579 Metacom Ave 4012537810 Eddy D. Stiglin16 Patricia Ann DR 4012531157 Edgardo F. Rodriguez110 Griswold Ave 4012539330 Edite Correia56 Monroe Ave 4012535512 Edith E. Allen29 Seabreeze Ln 4012545849 Edith M. August8 Butterworth Ave 4012536824 Edmund Borges23 Aaron Ave 4012536408 Edmund F. Slusarski1 Saint Theresa Ave 4012537606 Edmund Furtado111 Bay View Ave 4012537096 Edmund Morin16 Scott Ln 4013969186 Edmundo M. BarbozaB3 Bristol Woods DR 4012541623 Edmundo S. Figueiredo9 Greg DR 4012535771 Eduarda F. Amaral101 Charles St 4012533280 Eduardo Amaral101 Charles St 4012533280 Eduardo J. Pereira62 Collins St 4012531728 Eduardo Machado65 Berry Ln 4012539442 Eduardo Pereira25 Defiance Ave 4012533045 Eduino C. Medeiros14 Hopeworth Ave 4012542195 Edward A. Austin22 Burton St 4012532308 Edward A. Medeiros43 Bay View Ave 4012534089 Edward A. Pereira25 Defiance Ave 4012533045 Edward B. Stuart50 Roosevelt DR 4012533218 Edward B. Stuart Jr31 Birchwood DR 4012549667 Edward C. Gustafson43 Roosevelt DR 4012533166 Edward C. Hattub661 Metacom Ave, Apt 11 4012534569 Edward C. Hattub661 Metacom Ave 4012533416 Edward Costa82 Woodlawn Ave 4012536711 Edward Ducharme24 Hamlet CT 4012536461 Edward E. Lind76 Seabreeze Ln 4012536718 Edward J. Coughlan Jr19 Lincoln Ave, Apt 1A 4012533916 Edward J. Ferreira68 Dewolf Ave 4012535352 Edward J. Tappero71 Mulberry Rd 4012536982 Edward Jones93 Gooding Ave 4012535727 Edward L. King Jr84 Ferry Rd 4012532013 Edward M. Tanner105 Fatima DR 4012538157 Edward M. Wiacek88 Mulberry Rd 4012533068 Edward Matson88 Windward Ln 4012533541 Edward R. Quinn12 Birchwood DR 4012544374 Edward Rene11 Lincoln Ave 4012535365 Edward S. Cifune270 Wood St 4012532839 Edward S. Medeiros14 Roma St 4012538276 Edward Sardinha150 Franklin St 4016940743 Edward W. Curry221 Hope St, Unit 6 4012549703 Edward W. Wilbur Jr2 Alan DR 4012534021 Edwardo B. Oliveira1014 Hope St 4012532378 Edwin J. Weston14 Union St 4012536172 Edwin P. Calouro61 Sherry Ave 4012533250 Edwina F. Cummings105 Windward Ln 4012533235 Eileen Borges23 Aaron Ave 4012536408 Eileen Botelho48 Foxhill Ave 4012535453 Eileen E. Hewett11 Wendy DR 4012534812 Eileen M. Phaneuf18 Kingswood Rd 4012533760 Eileen Manchester66 Hopeworth Ave 4012534977 Eileen Mclain7 Creek Ln 4012536058 Eileen R. Lindenburg36 Sullivan Ln 4012530067 Eileen Rinaldi93 Constitution St 4012536857 Eileen Sylvia35 Annawamscutt DR 4012538062 Eileene Phaneuf18 Kingswood Rd 4012533760 Elaina M. Cardullo22 Addy DR 4012530413 Elaine C. Holden40 Peckham Pl 4012532899 Elaine Ferrara29 Valley DR 4012539450 Elaine J. Reed310 Windridge Ln 4012531159 Elaine L. Samson58 Cliff DR 4012539644 Elaine M. Specht23 Melrose Rd 4012540554 Elaine M. Stours51 Annawamscutt DR 4012535061 Elaine Roderick309 Metacom Ave 4012536169 Elaine SalomonB12 Bristol Woods DR 4012538998 Eleanor A. Cabral1014 Hope St 4012531744 Eleanor A. Cabral1014 Hope St 4012535279 Eleanor A. Cabral1014 Hope St 4012535602 Eleanor A. Cabral1014 Hope St 4012537738 Eleanor A. Froncillo8 Avenir CT 4012541086 Eleanor A. Mcconaghy522 High Meadow CT 4012535268 Eleanor C. Mcginn12 Kingswood Rd 4012535678 Eleanor Correia40 Magnolia St 4012532704 Eleanor D. Accardi16 Tobin Ln 4012538069 Eleanor D. Silva15 Brooks Farm DR 4012537998 Eleanor F. Sickles354 Spinnaker Ln 4012532733 Eleanor L. O'neill70 Ferry Rd 4012545885 Eleanor Ligeiro130 Ferry Rd 4012539574 Eleanor M. Andreozzi6 Harker Ave 4012535829 Eleanor Martin48 Seabreeze Ln 4012530254 Eleanor Travers1 Dawn Hl 4012539195 Eleanor Vargas53 Narrows Rd 4012531743 Elena Berretto582 Wood St, Apt 1 4012535189 Elena Curran849 Hope St 4012549616 Elinor Flowers31 Harrison St 4012549777 Elinor Lannigan79 Hopeworth Ave 4012535858 Elisa Sansone617 Hope St 4016940511 Elisabeth A. Ridder42 High St 4012545828 Elisabeth Rutkowski4 Fort Hill Rd 4012539608 Eliza S. Burnham33 Central St 4012538530 Elizabeth A. Camara146 Bay View Ave 4012533606 Elizabeth A. Cavalieri38 Dartmouth St 4012537586 Elizabeth A. Defelice75 Constitution St 4012538363 Elizabeth A. Dupont586 Wood St 4012531925 Elizabeth A. Habecker3 Woodlawn Ave 4012970403 Elizabeth A. Riccio14 Jewett Ave 4012540531 Elizabeth A. Vargas12 Cliff DR, Apt 2 4012538678 Elizabeth Bryson180 Franklin St 4012541168 Elizabeth Burns1014 Hope St 4012535238 Elizabeth Dalessio29 Collins St 4012535013 Elizabeth Defelice20 Fesser Ave 4012534097 Elizabeth F. Almeida7 Jenny Ln 4012537524 Elizabeth Fernandes4 Eisenhower Ct 4012535059 Elizabeth G. Brito161 Poppasquash Rd 4012533106 Elizabeth G. Tappero70 Mulberry Rd 4012538080 Elizabeth Gerrior56 Franklin St 4012531892 Elizabeth Grimo1014 Hope St 4012533665 Elizabeth Holby83 Burton St 4012535705 Elizabeth M. Cabral31 Cole St 4012533172 Elizabeth M. Delmage14 Franklin St 4012531665 Elizabeth M. Granoff163 Poppasquash Rd 4012534245 Elizabeth M. Powers3 Judy DR 4012533380 Elizabeth M. Squires89 Wood St 4012537636 Elizabeth M. Squires89 Wood St 4012535816 Elizabeth M. Stephens1 Leyland CT 4012544297 Elizabeth Monafo85 Fatima DR 4012538876 Elizabeth Rene11 Lincoln Ave 4012535365 Elizabeth Riccio56 Franklin St 4012531892 Elizabeth S. Waters1014 Hope St, Apt C2 4012539615 Elizabeth Thornton16 Paull St 4012541316 Elizabeth Usher1245 Hope St 4012537587 Elizabeth Usher23 Terrace DR 4012452734 Elizabeth W. Arnold25 Noyes Ave 4012542629 Elizabeth W. Cambra21 Beach Rd 4012533930 Elizabeth W. Shaw220 Arboretum Ln 4012537995 Elks Lodge1 Constitution St 4012539805 Ella U. Demoura242 State St 4012540898 Ellen B. Bensusan471 North Ln 4012533354 Ellen C. Tompkins985 Hope St 4012545158 Ellen Granoff163 Poppasquash Rd 4012534245 Ellen J. Blomgren11 Verndale Cir 4012546096 Ellen J. Sharp1293 Hope St 4012535485 Ellen M. Bennett11 San Miguel DR 4012538088 Ellen Mayeock7 Avenir CT 4012541169 Elmano M. Moitoso Jr28 Basswood DR 4013969799 Elmco Tool Co3 Peter Rd 4012533611 Elsie C. Goulart14 Magnolia St 4012538468 Elsie Calce10 River St 4012534381 Elsie Disano1014 Hope St 4012538606 Elsie E. Correia1014 Hope St 4012537772 Elsie M. Avila23 Fatima DR 4012537820 Elsie P. Rybka1014 Hope St, Apt I6 4012537146 Elsie Rodrigues15 Valley DR 4012535574 Elvira Costa4 Kennedy CT 4012536806 Elvira G. Abilheira123 Windward Ln 4012530123 Elwood R. Black9 San Juan DR 4012535131 Ema B. Medeiros14 Hopeworth Ave 4012542195 Emanuel A. Almeida Jr2 Center St 4012539936 Emanuel F. Simas342 Metacom Ave 4012541087 Emanuel L. Daponte141 Fales Rd 4012534360 Emerald Auto3 Peter Rd 4012532808 Emergency Car Locksmith35 Constitution St 4014249318 Emergency Locksmith56 Gooding Ave 4014249315 Emergency Locksmith130 Wood St 4014249319 Emilie H. Rabideau17 Sandra DR 4012542097 Emilio D. Iannuccillo825 Hope St 4012535450 Emily A. Bucci282 Chestnut St 4012532448 Emily A. Granoff163 Poppasquash Rd 4012534245 Emily Digiorgio16 Gorham Pl 4012536819 Emily L. Reavis53 Kingswood Rd 4012538309 Emily M. Vollaro85 Burton St 4012530151 Emily Rinaldi7 Creek Ln 4012549632 Empire Bottling Wks61 Buttonwood St 4012537117 Engracia M. Salley61 Church St 4012534629 Enterprise Rent-A-Car412 Metacom Ave 4012539160 Episcopal Diocese Of Rhode Island - St Michael's399 Hope St 4012537717 Eric A. Beck13 Charlotte DR 4012534124 Eric B. Anderson15 Loring Rd 4012532943 Eric B. Lewis1 Everett Ave 4012530046 Eric Cardoza40 Bourne St 4012970490 Eric G. Squires89 Wood St 4012535816 Eric G. Squires89 Wood St 4012537636 Eric J. Tavares28 Griswold Ave 4012541355 Eric K. Marshall36 Roosevelt DR 4012535470 Eric Leffingwell350 Metacom Ave 4012534333 Eric Mull335 North Ln 4012537129 Eric Rogers906 Hope St 4013965732 Erica M. Driscoll6 Carr Ln 4012970477 Erik Bense Jr8 Adelaide Ave 4012537381 Erik E. Nygaard36 Clipper Way 4012542634 Erin C. Flannery74 Oliver St 4012535083 Erin Cassese1050 Hope St 4012533530 Erin Maia594 Wood St 4012538778 Ern Komanapalli20 Andrews CT 4012549651 Ernest J. Bucci282 Chestnut St 4012532448 Ernest J. Calandra45 Kingswood Rd 4012533920 Ernest O. Rabideau Jr17 Sandra DR 4012542097 Ernest P. Komanapalli20 Andrews CT 4012549651 Ernest Ragano57 Opechee DR 4012536567 Ernesto Anguilla12 Tupelo St 4012536272 Ernesto J. Defreitas Ii30 Addy DR 4012531306 Ernie's American Martial Arts Center Inc576 Metacom Ave 4012536409 Erwin M. Schmeller19 Foxhill Ave 4012535368 Es Products Inc280 Franklin St 4012538600 Esmeralda Borges27 Rosedale DR 4012535623 Esmeralda Lawrence29 Dimond Ave 4012538114 Esmeria F. Bolota14 Shaws Ln 4012537138 Estelle A. Tobin4 Karen Ln 4012537126 Estelle J. Oliver720 Hope St 4012538700 Esther Demara39 Viking DR 4012535281 Esther N. Nutini39 Viking DR 4012533975 Esther N. Nutini39 Viking DR 4012535281 Esther Trneny36 Clipper Way 4012542634 Estrella C. Chenevert12 San Jose DR 4012533194 Ethan Dubois21 Riverview Ave 4012539617 Eugene Collins480 Metacom Ave 4012970433 Eunice Hanson29 Summer St 4012536796 Eva H. Parisi17 Pearse Ave 4012541173 Eva Turenne49 Sowams DR 4012535214 Evaldo Santos161 Franklin St 4012534680 Evan A. Dewhirst190 Poppasquash Rd 4012546172 Evan J. Granoff163 Poppasquash Rd 4012534245 Evangeline T. Manuel3 Charlotte DR 4012534703 Evaristo Afonso21 Greenway DR 4012535664 Evaristo Araujo4 Jameson DR 4012534826 Evelyn A. Clark42 High St, Apt 5 4012532843 Evelyn A. Lavey1 Francesca Ln 4012540731 Evelyn Clark36 Valley DR 4012539274 Evelyn E. Potter12 Hillside Rd 4012536481 Evelyn Finger4 Martin Ave 4012537176 Evelyn M. Alarie33 Basswood DR 4012547437 Evelyn M. Laroche142 Bradford St 4012533695 Evelyn Nappi7 Center St 4012536981 Evelyn Pacheco1375 Hope St 4012535155 Evelyn Quinn12 Birchwood DR 4012544374 Ever-ready Engine CoThames 4012537202 Everett Mederios1014 Hope St 4012535489 Exit Realty13 State St 4012530009 Express Electric 4012548900 Extensions School of Dance530 Wood St 4012535902


 F M Filippo Phythrpst1180 Hope St 4012538900 F. A. Aiello521 High Meadow CT 4012537140 F. A. Michael32 Tower St 4012539527 F. H. John10 Dolly DR 4012531250 F. Hanley97 Constitution St 4012532713 F. K. Patricia5 Tobin Ln 4012549660 F. L. Benedict Jr40 Dimond Ave 4012532019 F. M. Manuel7 Highview DR 4012532973 F. Manuel4 Saint Louis Ave 4012535753 F. O. Joseph24 Malden St 4012533624 F. Parent101 Gibson Rd 4012532045 F. Ramos7 Vantage Point DR 4012537488 F. S. Emanuel342 Metacom Ave 4012541087 F. S. Manuel71 Varnum Ave 4012540789 Fagan Door Corp 4012530106 Family Dollar1150 Hope St 4012544243 Fancy Nail Salon458 Hope St 4012536888 Faria-Hughes Kathleen J81 Burton St 4012535995 Fast Locksmith21 Kingswood Rd 4014249439 Fatima A. Milhomens670 Wood St 4012541055 Fatima Coggeshall12 Fatima DR 4012535972 Fatima Dias4 Hopeworth Ave 4012540753 Fatima F. Areia1 Ruth Ave 4012534265 Faustino J. Lima18 Wilson St 4012533051 Faythe Herdrich33 Sunset Rd 4012542120 Federal Properties of Ri Inc328 High St, # OFC 4012535700 Fedorcuk Angela970 Hope St 4012540922 Felice F. De45 Bourne St 4012539535 Felorino Daluz33 Robin DR 4012537996 Ferdinand A. Bruno200 Ferry Rd 4012531015 Fern Roth96 Constitution St 4012532537 Fernanda Almeida18 Wilson St 4012533418 Fernanda Azevedo45 Sherry Ave 4012539576 Fernanda E. Goulart5 San Jose DR 4012538858 Fernanda M. Pereira1014 Hope St 4012534674 Fernanda R. Roth96 Constitution St 4012532537 Fernando Aguiar85 Bay View Ave 4012531139 Fernando Aguiar85 Bay View Ave 4012533521 Fernando B. Lopes31 Birchwood DR 4012535366 Fernando B. Mendonca3 Domenic CT 4012533851 Fernando Brum18 Center St 4012533587 Fernando D. Barbosa139 Franklin St 4012532295 Fernando J. Raposa Jr546 Metacom Ave 4012534363 Fernando M. Andrade4 River St 4012531164 Fernando M. Silveira30 Prospect St 4012534031 Fernando Raposo546 Metacom Ave 4012534363 Ferreira Electric86 Washington St 4012530347 Filomena M. Pacheco163 Bradford St 4012532167 Fire Department - To Report A Fire 4012536611 First Bapt Church Of Bristol250 High St 4012536131 First Congregational Church Of Bristol - Church School281 High St 4012538012 First Step Weight Loss Center685 Metacom Ave 4013969331 Flanagan Robert100 Gibson Rd 4012537206 Flint & Flame295 Hope St 4013969909 Floral Symphony64 Gooding Ave 4012541348 Florence A. Brown70 Foxhill Ave 4012535960 Florence Croteau59 Court St, Apt 2 4012537783 Florence Fleming9 Dolly DR 4012542128 Florentino P. Jardinez Jr6 Hampden Rd 4012537560 Fortuna S. Pietrzyk23 Sandra DR 4012532067 Fortunata Couto10 Francesca Ln 4012536389 Fortune Rope & Metal Co67 Ballou Blvd 4012531344 Fran Marszalek1014 Hope St 4012548221 Frances A. Bettencourt1320 Hope St 4012536816 Frances A. Mcsoley142 Ferry Rd 4012538216 Frances A. Pacheco13 Reilly Ln 4012534694 Frances A. Sousa556 Metacom Ave 4012538173 Frances C. Marshall41 Elmwood DR 4012459310 Frances C. Marshall43 Elmwood DR 4012457747 Frances C. O'donnell68 Franklin St 4012533806 Frances E. Pray724 Hope St 4012533004 Frances L. Correia30 Foxhill Ave 4012535737 Frances Leighton1014 Hope St 4012548905 Frances M. Katzanek111 Windward Ln 4012540314 Frances O. O'connell30 Academy Ave 4012532776 Frances Principe53 Everett Ave 4012531336 Frances V. Martin48 Seabreeze Ln 4012530254 Francis A. Bettencourt1320 Hope St 4012536816 Francis Auto Sales625 Metacom Ave 4012536685 Francis D. Mosher19 Brooks Farm DR 4012535521 Francis D. Parella116 Sunrise DR 4012537468 Francis H. StansfieldSherman Ave 4012535665 Francis J. Duarte222 Franklin St 4012538030 Francis J. Holbrook Ii2 Seal Island Rd 4016190605 Francis J. Kearney3 Edmund Ln 4012535060 Francis J. Luther Jr38 Division St 4012538539 Francis J. Nunes36 Dimond Ave 4012533566 Francis L. Gilmette1014 Hope St, Apt W1 4012533165 Francis Leonard160 Franklin St, Apt 329 4012970376 Francis M. Hanson95 Dewolf Ave 4012535169 Francis Madden34 Dartmouth St 4012539676 Francis P. Catalano14 Coggeshall Ave 4012531906 Francis R. Zbyr11 Etelvina CT 4012535818 Francis T. Hoffman Jr16 Hattie Brown Ln 4012530178 Francisco Cabral21 Sousa St 4012538547 Francisco Cabral21 Sousa St 4012538942 Francisco F. Dias30 San Jose DR 4012546007 Frank 3. Francis Iii7 Viking DR 4012536980 Frank A. Marabello21 Roosevelt DR 4012539213 Frank C. Caizzi45 Seabreeze Ln 4012531899 Frank C. Fales Sr8 Roosevelt DR 4012535486 Frank C. Mota3 Reservoir Ave 4012533780 Frank Croteau59 Court St, Apt 2 4012537783 Frank Daluz1014 Hope St 4012970533 Frank E. Ackerman35 Roosevelt DR 4012536539 Frank E. Sedor17 Monterey DR 4012538316 Frank Francis Jr6 Seaview Ave 4012546923 Frank J. Aiello Jr16 Pearse Ave 4012534069 Frank J. Balzano18 Hilltop St 4012534531 Frank J. Paulino52 Thompson Ave 4012539578 Frank J. Vento Sr16 Charlotte DR 4012533482 Frank J. Vieira39 Brooks Farm DR 4012540622 Frank M. Fales646 Metacom Ave 4012535039 Frank M. Vargas5 Hawthorne Ave 4012535067 Frank Machado53 Roosevelt DR 4012537444 Frank P. Defelice45 Bourne St 4012539535 Frank P. Ruggiero79 Peck Ave 4012537789 Frank Perry34 Foxhill Ave 4012537405 Frank Perry19 E St 4012539132 Frank R. Camera1271 Hope St 4012534968 Frank R. Noonan192 Poppasquash Rd 4012531814 Frank R. Noonan192 Poppasquash Rd 4012534572 Frank S. Arnold Jr25 Noyes Ave 4012542629 Frank S. Pallio31 Seabreeze Ln 4012530666 Frank Sylvia78 High St 4012537108 Frank Tobin327 North Ln 4012548883 Frank Twarog Jr11 Riverview Ave 4012538914 Franklin Court Independent Living150 Franklin St, Unit 5 4012541010 Franklin Self Storage 4012533447 Fred J. Mckenna1014 Hope St 4012535742 Frederick Nenna15 Bourne St 4012539148 Fredk Ivor405 Metacom Ave 4012542347 Freedom Road Baptist Church10 Leila Jean DR 4012540440 Fusco A. De Jr109 Woodlawn Ave 4012538736


 G & D Concrete Cutting & Waterproofing Systems500 Wood St 4012546161 G. A. Thomas18 Bliven Ave 4012530185 G. Esselen23 Summer St 4013969218 G. Farrell 4013965030 G. H. Alan85 Shore Rd 4012536267 G. Jarvis43 Everett Ave 4012549741 G. Medeiros35 Bay View Ave 4012534596 G. Metzler7 Creek Ln 4012532494 G. Roth10 Fairview DR 4012538106 G. W. Sousa1237 Hope St 4012535707 Gabriel A. Goglia380 Wood St 4012537615 Gaetano A. Laroche142 Bradford St 4012533695 Gaetano Armillotto150 Franklin St 4012970388 Gail A. Barker168 High St 4012542939 Gail A. Garcia8 Center St 4012541951 Gail A. JohnsonD8 Bristol Woods DR 4012531195 Gail Bell33 Buttonwood St 4012535658 Gail C. Torinese44 Woodlawn Ave 4012537964 Gail E. Defelice20 Fesser Ave 4012534097 Gail F. Young32 Brookwood Rd 4012970423 Gail Miles1014 Hope St 4013965286 Gail Parella1 Cedar DR 4012533093 Gail S. Storms32 Anchorage CT 4012534902 Gail Thorpe15 Paull St 4012531054 Gale Arsenault359 Metacom Ave 4012531895 Galilean Seafood Inc16 Broadcommon Rd 4012533030 Galina Forostenko103 Windward Ln 4012531317 Garage Door Repair412 Metacom Ave 4014249676 Garage Doors In Bristol251 Thames St 4014249675 Gardiner T A Plumbing & Heating Co 4012533784 Gardiner T A Plumbing & Heating Co 4012548979 Garion E. Illum12 Sampson St 4013965924 Garrett W. Kaufman5 Tobin Ln 4012549660 Gary C. Watros291 High St 4012537901 Gary J. Marshall Sr114 Peck Ave 4012540783 Gary J. Mesagno116 Peck Ave 4012533970 Gary K. Pacheco5 Massasoit Ave 4012536174 Gary Mulcahy1 Weetamoe Farm DR 4012450776 Gary S. Butler3 Sequoia CT 4012541420 Gary Schweighardt1 Murphy Ave 5086731214 Gaylord D. Hallagan26 Courageous Cir 4012546103 Gemma A. Rajkumar23 Hamlet CT 4012534555 Genevieve A. Francis594 Metacom Ave 4012537725 Genevieve Marszalek14 Seabreeze Ln 4012538362 Genoveva Oliveira72 Bay View Ave 4012532266 Geoffrey A. Luther38 Division St 4012538539 Geoffrey E. Marion24 Seal Island Rd 4012545055 Geoffrey R Hamilton MD1180 Hope St 4012538900 George A. Silvia Sr217 Wood St, Apt 1 4012531093 George Amaral1014 Hope St, Apt I7 4012532366 George Botelho48 Foxhill Ave 4012535453 George Bruno744 Metacom Ave 4013100342 George C. Andrade427 High St 4012535218 George C. Lima367 High St 4012535462 George E. Borges83 Berry Ln 4012534788 George E. Wilson Jr86 Ridge Rd 4012535684 George F. Mcginn12 Kingswood Rd 4012535678 George G. Clark36 Valley DR 4012539274 George Gatos55 State St 4012538250 George H. Delmage336 State St 4012531168 George H. Yanyar141 Ferry Rd 4012538695 George Holsten108 Poppasquash Rd 4012541006 George Holsten108 Poppasquash Rd 4012546160 George I. Seyez Iii2 Turner Rd 4012537275 George I. Seyez Iii2 Turner Rd 4012536990 George J. Delmage Jr14 Franklin St 4012531665 George M. Braz14 Fales Rd 4012538472 George M. Sales160 High St 4012970512 George Normandin Ii1014 Hope St 4012545124 George Oliver9 Tupelo St 4012538049 George P. Cooper48 Sherman Ave 4012539173 George Parent36 Constitution St 4012534556

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