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Barrington, RI. 2806

The city Barrington use the area codes: 401, 508, 561, 802.
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 A & 1 Locksmith21 West St 4013379265 A Good Times Limousine Service509 County Rd 4012461031 A. Baker25 Richmond Ave 4014370614 A. Chassaing33 Middle Hwy 4012461039 A. Grause140 Upland Way 4012450361 A. H. Thurber341 Maple Ave 4012479146 A. J. Paul15 George W Finnerty Rd 4012453649 A. J. Pezzullo27 Barrington Ave 4012458284 A. L. Lagerquist11 Elton Rd 4012461215 A. Sargsyan87 Whipple Ave 4012450644 A. Silva3 Cherry Ln 4012479282 A. Tyrka9 Alfred Drown Rd 4012450746 A. Vasdeboncoeu38 Nayatt Rd 4012451058 A. Zeller10 Walsh Ave 4012892052 Aaa - Aaa Branch Offices18 Maple Ave 4012471490 AAA Barrington 4012451050 Aaron M. Gleckman199 Waseca Ave 4013100424 Abigail W. Dawes6 Central Ave 4012892088 Abraham Joshua Heschel School334 County Rd 4013379243 Acamar Associates385 Sowams Rd 4012456046 Accinno John J Cpa33 Riverside DR 4012459303 Ace Hardware156 County Rd 4012453661 Ace Hardware - Marine Supplies156 County Rd 4012453661 Adam J. Kaplan5 Karen DR 4012458382 Adam K. Glaser32 Highland Ave 4012452026 Adam R. Stamatakos366 Nayatt Rd 4012450055 Adreth Poole147 Bay Spring Ave 4012460167 Adrienne L. Levasseur253 Narragansett Ave 4012461691 Affinity Locksmith63 Federal Rd 4013379223 Aimee Dufresne69 Massasoit Ave 4012890575 Al L. Cappuccino8 Driscol Ln 4012479228 Alan Bradburry Woodworking175 Narragansett Ave 4012460457 Alan S. Canestrari5 Valentine DR 4012453941 Alana C. Esposito246 Rumstick Rd 4012458205 Alana J. Brandon3 Plymouth DR 4012470475 Albert C. Taylor270 Narragansett Ave 4012460226 Albert D. Genetti148 Alfred Drown Rd 4012453203 Albert Dinardo287 Nayatt Rd 4012471034 Albert J. Adamo Jr12 Williams St 4014331359 Albert Marcello92 Lincoln Ave 4012461037 Albert S. Glucksman29 Lee Rd 4012454893 Albertina Silva3 Cherry Ln 4012479282 Albertus H. Trevail Jr170 Bay Spring Ave 4012461737 Aleta Johnson MSW237 New Meadow Rd 4012474950 Alex Kaplan265 New Meadow Rd 4012457679 Alexander Douglas79 Rumstick Rd 4012450127 Alexander Douglas79 Rumstick Rd 4012451804 Alexander Vallaro11 Bradford St 4012454473 Alexia N. Hatjopoulos3 Annies Way 4012450550 Alfred Dennis90 Bay Spring Ave 4012467845 Alfred E. Snow25 Manning DR 4012469722 Alfred Gower8 Hemlock DR 8028969431 Alfred J. Gabarra14 Driscol Ln 4012470986 Alfred J. St58 Bowden Ave 4012453612 Alfred J. St58 Bowden Ave 4012456082 Alfred J. Stpierre58 Bowden Ave 4012450314 Alfred M. Schrade Jr5 Driftwood DR 4012455440 Alfred M. Stangelo12 Wallis Ave 4012457294 Alfred T. Campanelli7 Cherry Ln 4012455598 Alfred Y. Hurwitz56 Chapin Rd 4012452209 Ali Najafi15 Agawam Rd 4012458146 Alice Cirillo21 Townsend St 4014044140 Alice Cross25 4th St 4012451923 Alice Fahey9 Elton Rd 4013100249 Alice Fahey9 Elton Rd 4012460249 Alice Graham6 Waverly Rd 4012461227 Alice Myrberg47 Richmond Ave 4014332473 Alice P. Chassaing8 Lister DR 4012456652 Alice Silva692 County Rd 4012462020 Alice W. Roy3 Valentine DR 4012470584 Alice White147 Bay Spring Ave 4012461078 Alicebelle Rubotzky3 Wildacre Ln 4012453688 Alison L. Burke10 Wedgewood Ln 4012450803 Alitia M. Mcbride100 Washington Rd 4012462305 Allen A. Conaway27 Cedar Ave 4012474403 Allison C. Rosener44 Fountain Ave 4012461613 Allison M. Javery7 Pine Top Rd 4012460645 Allmite Termite Pest Control Inc20 Bay Spring Ave 4012461770 Allon S. Dubler26 Alfred Drown Rd 4012450024 Allon S. Dubler26 Alfred Drown Rd 4012472721 Aloha Nails & Spa Inc300 County Rd 4012892777 Aloisio Patricia M20 Pine Top Rd 4012460520 Alphonse J. Lepore52 Upland Way 4012455261 Alyssa Collins66 Prospect St 4012460012 Alyssa Torgan18 Oak Manor DR 4012474825 Amber Locksmith50 Middle Hwy 4013379085 Amelia K. Andreoni3 Tall Pines DR 4012471707 American Legion Hdqtrs - Post No 8Veterans Memorial Pkwy 4012459477 Amit Basu11 John St 4014371469 Amitabh Gautam23 Oak Grove Ave 4012453602 Amy B. Morton289 Waseca Ave 4012890880 Amy Herlihy88 Mark Wood DR 4012453946 Amy L. Gorman1 Hickory Ln 4012467858 Amy M. O'donnell124 Ferry Ln 4013375895 Amy P. Oberg42 Chapel Rd 4012471359 Amy Rasmussen4 Shady Ln 4012471006 Amy Segal185 New Meadow Rd 4013375444 Amy Y. Kiley6 Magnolia Ln 4012460480 Amy's Pest Services27 Stanhope DR 4012470304 Anahit R. Sargsyan87 Whipple Ave 4012450644 Anchor Yacht Sales101 Narragansett Ave, Unit 3 4012462100 Andrea Berkowitz8 Karen DR 4012453179 Andrea Coletta12 Winsor DR 4012461235 Andrea D. Harvey450 Nayatt Rd 4012890249 Andrea Ghenta5 Milton Rd 4012460782 Andrea Spieth29 Old Chimney Rd 4012455814 Andreozzi Architects232 Waseca Ave 4012456800 Andreozzi Associates Inc60 Bay Spring Ave, Unit B3 4012456300 Andreozzi Const Inc14 Vineyard Ln 4012451650 Andres Solanot75 Ferry Ln 4012455956 Andrew A. Davis273 Rumstick Rd 4012453080 Andrew Anderson213 New Meadow Rd 4012459144 Andrew Brockway24 Latham Ave 4012461209 Andrew D. Hemingway Sr47 Hawthorne Ave 4012450300 Andrew E. Ardente318 Rumstick Rd 4012452244 Andrew E. Jencks Jr111 New Meadow Rd 4012453606 Andrew G. Ranieri249 Narragansett Ave 4012461021 Andrew J. Harrington10 Newbrook DR 4012474978 Andrew J. Ober20 Pine Ave 4012460229 Andrew J. Scavongelli Jr258 Nayatt Rd 4012451880 Andrew J. Triebwasser139 Nayatt Rd 4012458527 Andrew John3 Owen Ln 4012456234 Andrew L. Mccagney5 Howard St 4012461389 Andrew L. Reid8 Beaver Rd 4012460305 Andrew L. Rosener Jr44 Fountain Ave 4012461613 Andrew Lazouras168 Lincoln Ave 4012450394 Andrew Macauley61 Jennys Ln 4012450119 Andrew N. Macken7 Harbour Rd 4012451710 Andrew N. Simmons89 Prospect St 4012890633 Andrew Y. Benford17 Laurel Ln 4012457257 Andy's Auto Repair251 Washington Rd 4012470667 Angel C. Holy341 Maple Ave 4012457743 Angela Grendander Phys234 Maple Ave 4012471644 Angela M. Terry15 Field Ln 4012459756 Angelika Baker25 Richmond Ave 4014370614 Angelo A. St12 Wallis Ave 4012457294 Angelo P. Medici520 Middle Hwy 4012454584 Angelo Riccitelli11 Houghton St 4013100505 Anika A. Denise31 Bluff Rd 4012454080 Anita Acciardo1580 Wampanoag Trl 4014334148 Anita M. Silvia34 Fales Ave 4012471567 Ann B. Power28 Christine DR 4012470960 Ann B. Strong55 Teed Ave 4012452326 Ann C. Campanelli7 Cherry Ln 4012455598 Ann C. Lownes16 Samoset Ave 4012452944 Ann C. Mason26 Nayatt Rd 4012451727 Ann C. Przybyla10 Winthrop DR 4012458142 Ann Coffey32 Woodbine Ave 4012460450 Ann Greene8 Chapel Rd 4012453214 Ann Integlia4 Hunt DR 4012460979 Ann J. Kittner425 Nayatt Rd 4012452180 Ann M. Beccue5 Devonshire DR 4012453240 Ann M. Iacoi44 Primrose Hill Rd 4012460451 Ann M. John3 Owen Ln 4012456234 Ann M. Raponi10 Jesse Davis Ln 4012452568 Ann M. Stopfel11 Brown Ave 4012461284 Ann Mcbride100 Washington Rd 4012462305 Ann Norwood11 Thomas St 4012453992 Ann O'brien8 Elizabeth Rd 4012460276 Ann S. Florenzano59 Anoka Ave 4012452228 Ann T. Jackson8 Fireside DR 4012452256 Ann Taylor180 County Rd 4012450358 Ann V. Burke8 Colton DR 4012453952 Ann-Marie Iacoi44 Primrose Hill Rd 4012460451 Anna C. Gizzarelli172 Princes Hill Ave 4012456958 Anna Ferrato24 Wildflower Rd 4012477177 Anna J. Merlino73 Blanding Ave 4012460892 Anna M. English167 Narragansett Ave 4012460524 Anna M. Ferreira76 Hamilton Ave 4012470790 Anna M. Silveira4 Hancock Rd 4012460413 Anna N. Paolino185 Whipple Ave 4012450804 Anna N. Paolino185 Whipple Ave 4012459122 Anna R. Johnson8 Bay Rd 4013100544 Anna Russo22 Cady Rd 4012455195 Anna Stangelo12 Wallis Ave 4012457294 Anna T. Barako26 Leslie Ave, # A 4012460390 Annamarie Mcaree15 Pine Cone DR 4012462534 Anne B. Bates65 Primrose Hill Rd 4012461379 Anne B. Callan42 Charles St 4012457581 Anne B. Kraig23 Preston DR 4012471571 Anne C. Alexander3 Hancock Rd 4012460485 Anne C. Stillings2 Connor Ln 4012455185 Anne Durkin248 Rumstick Rd 4012453698 Anne E. Cauley309 Narragansett Ave 4012460384 Anne E. Cauley7 Ocean Ave 4012461806 Anne Goldstein33 Winsor DR 4012460839 Anne L. Chambers1 Sandy Point Rd 4012477586 Anne L. Ferguson205 Foote St 4012459309 Anne M. Harrington10 Newbrook DR 4012474978 Anne Murphy30 Lincoln Ave 4012890265 Anne X. Mcmahon1 Shady Ln 4012474848 Annette J. Iacono39 Townsend St 4012462509 Annette S. Myerson25 Salisbury Rd 4014331578 Annie L. Cappuccino8 Driscol Ln 4012479228 Anthony Amaral2 Caldarone St 4012459294 Anthony Azza164 Lincoln Ave 4012452240 Anthony B. Vollaro8 Whipple Ave 4012454398 Anthony B. Vollaro8 Whipple Ave 4012454529 Anthony C. Tribelli7 Robbins DR 4012451442 Anthony F. Caito190 Whipple Ave 4012451023 Anthony F. Muri1 Stone Tower Ln 4012451296 Anthony G. Dadamo Jr4 Centennial Ave 4012452587 Anthony H. Cioe Jr6 Birch Rd 4012450370 Anthony J. Dimatteo5 Brow St 4012455122 Anthony J. Mainella32 New Meadow Rd 4012892214 Anthony J. Marcello Jr641 County Rd 4012460641 Anthony J. Sousa5 Clover Ln 4012461731 Anthony K. Desisto4 Oxford Rd 4012471832 Anthony M. Ferri351 County Rd 4012456366 Anthony P. Arico Jr166 Lincoln Ave 4012471502 Anthony Panarello78 Roffee St 4012458226 Anthony Scavongelli258 Nayatt Rd 4012451880 Anthony Stanis147 Bay Spring Ave, Apt 206 4012461069 Anthony V. Terry15 Field Ln 4012459756 Anthony W. Ferro Jr25 Teed Ave 4012453828 Anthony W. Mccormick6 Pine Top Rd 4012462044 Antoine G. Mangalo3 Peck Ave 4012460269 Antonetta Amaral2 Caldarone St 4012459294 Antonio J. Desousa Jr2 Wamsutta Ave 4012470019 Antonio Masiello86 Hamilton Ave 4012456981 Anytime Fitness180 County Rd 4012890443 April A. Backman3 Tyler Point Rd 4012451648 April R. Tibbetts88 Martin Ave 4012457615 Aqua Locksmith9 Old County Rd 4013379086 Aquaculturist The 4012477904 Aracklo J. Pezzullo27 Barrington Ave 4012458284 Arieh Lowenstein10 Hamilton Ave 4012455868 Arielle A. Mcaloon69 Annawamscutt Rd 4012472788 Arlene I. Violet499 County Rd 4012460314 Arnold B. Millington684 County Rd 4012461447 Arnold N. Lopes32 Sowams Rd 4012459112 Aron Rea136 County Rd 4016941420 Arthur D. Anderson35 Fales Ave 4012457416 Arthur F. Logan2 Simmons Rd 4012452071 Arthur H. Richter47 Lorraine St 4012455987 Arthur Luke651 County Rd 4012461954 Arthur S. Solvang3 Cheshire DR 4012454642 Arthur Singleton15 Stanhope DR 4012460698 Arthur W. Cannon21 Baron Rd 4012454276 Artistic Design189 Washington Rd 4012467807 ASAP Locksmith230 Waseca Ave 4013379109 Asaro Matthew141 County Rd 4012454619 Ashley E. Wirth23 Brookfield Ave 4012457364 Ashley L. Acciardo12 Driscol Ln 4012455454 Ashley R. Carufel13 Rosedale Ave 4012460109 Aspen Locksmith184 County Rd 4013379436 Atlantic Marine Surveyors81 County Rd 4012452087 Atria Bay Springs147 Bay Spring Ave 4012462500 Aubin Excavating Inc 4012892400 Augustine J. Dellefratte3 Ledge Rd 4012460047 Augusto Morelli93 South St 4014371636 Aura Raposo464 Maple Ave 4012467807 Auto Locksmith182 Bay Spring Ave 4013379104 Auto Locksmith of Barrington21 West St 4013379095 Auto Spool60 Bay Spring Ave 4012461335


 B. Brown11 Jennys Ln 4012450026 B. Dimeo39 Woodland Rd 4012450696 B. Mainella105 Ferry Ln 4012459017 Bagels Etc259 County Rd 4012471213 Balasco Robert344 Sowams Rd 4012458198 Bank Newport330 County Rd 4012473528 Bank of America330 County Rd 4012451000 Bank of America Financial Center257 County Rd 4012452401 Baptist C. BarringtonOld County Rd 4012460233 Baptist C. Barrington25 Old County Rd 4012460262 Baptist C. Barrington7 Old County Rd 4012461782 Baptist C. Barrington25 Old County Rd 4012467872 Baptist Church Barrington25 Old County Rd 4012460188 Baptist Church Barrington1 Old County Rd 4012460540 Barbara A. Baker102 Roffee St 4012471709 Barbara A. Dempsey3 Vermont Ave 4012461567 Barbara A. Gracie63 Fales Ave 4012458143 Barbara A. Grieve2 Jenks Garden Ln 4012461974 Barbara A. Grilo19 Albert Ave 4014330057 Barbara B. Donovan12 Manning DR 4012460888 Barbara C. Clarke5 Washington Rd 4014331394 Barbara E. Paul57 Bowden Ave 4012453961 Barbara Glucksman29 Lee Rd 4012454893 Barbara Hebblewaite52 Middle Hwy 4012461729 Barbara Holmes147 Bay Spring Ave 4012460139 Barbara J. Burns7 Sherbrooke Rd 4012460325 Barbara J. Lopes32 Sowams Rd 4012459112 Barbara L. Crowell675 County Rd 4012461528 Barbara L. Green11 Ferry Ln 4012455508 Barbara L. Waliga16 Pine Top Rd 4012461911 Barbara M Holmes CPA420 Middle Hwy 4012473084 Barbara M. Carlin2 Wright Pl 4012454446 Barbara M. Holmes420 Middle Hwy 4012472634 Barbara M. Simone6 Briarfield Rd 4012470144 Barbara M. Wuth3 Fireside DR 4012457291 Barbara Mosher337 Washington Rd 4012454445 Barbara Northrop6 Deerfield DR 4012461336 Barbara S. Stonestreet66 Bluff Rd 4012453783 Barbara S. Waterman41 Mathewson Rd 4012451269 Barbara Tabor10 Copper Kettle Ln 4012452729 Barbara Travers90 Bay Spring Ave 4012461523 Barone Andrea310 Maple Ave, Ste 107 4012472200 Barrett A. Barnard94 Rumstick Rd 4012451324 Barrington ASAP Locksmith115 Maple Ave 4013379101 Barrington Baptist Church25 Old County Rd 4012460188 Barrington Baptist Church2 County Rd 4012460233 Barrington Baptist Church7 Old County Rd 4012461782 Barrington Baptist Church Maintenance Ofc1 Old County Rd 4012460540 Barrington Books & The Studio184 County Rd 4012457925 Barrington Chiropractic282 County Rd 4012457010 Barrington Community School283 County Rd 4012450432 Barrington Cove Apartments90 Bay Spring Ave 4012462409 Barrington Democratic Club86 Roffee St 4012459489 Barrington Early Childhood Center27 College Ln 4012460037 Barrington Emergency Locksmith167 Sowams Rd 4013379325 Barrington Emergency Locksmith580 Maple Ave 4013379106 Barrington Emergency Locksmith47 Maple Ave 4013379242 Barrington Eye Center33 Kent St, Ste C 4012477393 Barrington Family Dental338 County Rd 4012471777 Barrington Family Medicine60 Bay Spring Ave 4012461300 Barrington Fitness Studio232 Waseca Ave 4012454250 Barrington Health Member Phone94 County Rd 4012470056 Barrington Locksmith270 County Rd 4013379094 Barrington Music Studio33 Kent St, Ste G 4012470008 Barrington Pediatrics334 County Rd 4012472288 Barrington Pilates47 Maple Ave 4012892787 Barrington Pizzeria188 County Rd 4012472202 Barrington Presbyterian Church400 County Rd 4012452218 Barrington Radio & Eletric Co188 County Rd, Ste D 4012455800 Barrington Self Storage65 Bay Spring Ave 4012460552 Barrington Town Of:    -Administration - Supt Of Schools283 County Rd 4012455000    -Assessor 4012471900    -Building Official 4012471900    -Business Line100 Federal Rd 4014373935    -Business Line100 Federal Rd 4014373940    -Elementary Schools - Hampden Meadows297 New Meadow Rd 4012473166    -Fire Dept - Emergency 4014373930    -High School - Guidance220 Lincoln Ave 4012473154    -High School - Nurse220 Lincoln Ave 4012473155    -High School - Ofc220 Lincoln Ave 4012473150    -Highway Dept - Public Works & Rubbish Collection84 Upland Way 4012471907    -Middle School Ofc60 Middle Hwy 4012473160    -Nayatt SchoolTown Hall 4012473175    -Police Dept - Animal Control 4014373936    -Police Dept - Emergency 4014373930    -Primrose Hill School60 Middle Hwy 4012473170    -Public Library281 County Rd 4012471920    -Public Library - Recreation Dept281 County Rd 4012471925    -Public Library - Regional Office281 County Rd 4012473762    -Senior Ctr281 County Rd 4012471926    -Senior Ctr - Town Clerk281 County Rd 4012471900    -Senior Ctr - Town Hall281 County Rd 4012471900    -Senior Ctr - Town Manager281 County Rd 4012471900    -Senior Ctr - Treasurer281 County Rd 4012471900    -Sowams School364 Sowams Rd 4012473180    -Special Education Ofc283 County Rd 4012473145    -Special Education Ofc - Volunteer Services Coord283 County Rd 4012473148 Barrington United Methodist Church230 Washington Rd 4012452385 Barrington Urgent Care310 Maple Ave, Ste 101 4012890011 Barrington Veterinary Clinic260 Waseca Ave, Ste B 4012459226 Barrington Yacht Club25 Barton Ave 4012451181 Barrington Yacht Club25 Barton Ave 4012455680 Barry Lefebvre71 Blanding Ave 4012460665 Bart C. Stanzione424 Middle Hwy 4012471737 Bart C. Stanzione424 Middle Hwy 4012456557 Bay Search Group17 Terrace DR 4012453100 Bay Spring Service115 Bay Spring Ave 4012462700 Bayside Veterinary Care233 Waseca Ave 4013100346 Bayside Veterinary Care233 Waseca Ave 4013100348 Beatrice Gallipeau76 Lincoln Ave 4012461439 Beatrice M. Barrett24 Lister DR 4012458877 Beatrice M. Barrett24 Lister DR 4012471694 Beheshci Javad178 Bay Spring Ave 4012460579 Beltone Hearing Aid Center310 Maple Ave 4012452425 Ben G. Lombardi Jr263 Lincoln Ave 4012450573 Ben Osman 4012455542 Benet M. Mainella105 Ferry Ln 4012459017 Benjamin A. Caplin26 Salisbury Rd 4014335148 Benjamin C. Caldwell5 Boxwood CT 4013375927 Benjamin C. Integlia4 Hunt DR 4012460979 Benjamin Chelo28 Winthrop DR 4012458239 Benjamin E. Wooding9 Manor Rd 4012453997 Benjamin Gudzinowicz334 New Meadow Rd 4012458010 Benjamin Holtzman380 New Meadow Rd 4012459046 Benjamin K. Muri1 Stone Tower Ln 4012451296 Benjamin Lucock61 Middle Hwy 4012461414 Benjamin R. Anderson67 Sowams Rd 4012454467 Benjamin Towne385 Washington Rd 4012459146 Bernadette B. Elson9 Barton Ave 4012454664 Bernard Kittner425 Nayatt Rd 4012452180 Bernard L. Tortorice14 Briarfield Rd 4012456988 Bernard P. Campbell11 Vialls DR 4012453451 Bernard Russian23 Hanson Rd 4012454689 Bernard Zimmermann395 County Rd 4012454007 Bernardine M. Lebeau7 Oak Manor DR 4012457464 Beth M. Machado4 Mallard Cove Way 4012472487 Bethany J. Aspinwall276 Narragansett Ave 4012460818 Bethany J. Imbusch10 Sherbrooke Rd 4012461463 Bethany N. Stoddard12 Kent St 4012457449 Betse Robertson10 Mallard Cove Way 4012457612 Betsey Robertson10 Mallard Cove Way 4012457612 Bette A. Mchugh10 Elton Rd 4012460366 Bette L. Brule20 Stanley Ave 4012451966 Betty Finley147 Bay Spring Ave 4012460807 Betty Gallipeau76 Lincoln Ave 4012461439 Betty Harrower11 Central Ave 4012458283 Betty J. Holden11 Field Ln 4012451636 Betty Strabley31 Half Mile Rd 4012470420 Betty Vohr4 White Birch Ln 4012453067 Betty Wilk30 Anchorage Way 4012456923 Beverly A. Harris5 Henry DR 4012451215 Beverly Christ20 Appian Way 4012454387 Beverly J. Monroe9 Lillis Ave 4012451389 Beverly M. Migliore51 Chachapacasset Rd 4012452896 Beverly Munroe9 Lillis Ave 4012451389 Beverly Reinert11 Talcott St 4012450990 Beverly Rossi147 Bay Spring Ave 4012461352 Beverly Stanley245 Sowams Rd 4012458660 Billie Linden147 Bay Spring Ave 4013100370 Billy R. Scott18 Rustwood DR 4012454637 Billy's286 Maple Ave, Unit 4 4012892888 Blackstone Consulting12 Milton Rd 4012890426 Bloom Salon10 Anoka Ave 4012892788 Body Natural Fitness Center306 County Rd 4012450022 Boleslaw Grabowski143 Foote St 4012539009 Bonnie Cameron11 Meadowbrook DR 4012474477 Bonnie Dimeo31 Bradford St 4012460462 Bonnie Handle213 Promenade St 4014330336 Bonnie Sekeres2 Spinnaker DR 4012477527 Borrelli's Barkery191 Washington Rd 4012460033 BP Service Stations227 County Rd 4012459346 Bradbury Alan Woodworking175 Narragansett Ave 4012460457 Bradford P. Gardner5 Payne Rd 4012452983 Bradford V. Ellsworth Jr64 Lake Ave 4012461990 Bradley J. Bloom311 New Meadow Rd 4012453892 Bradley J. Bloom311 New Meadow Rd 4012477486 Bradley J. Wilson7 Vermont Ave 4012890128 Brandon Lewis17 Vineland DR 4012461789 Brenda A. Scharver20 Pine Top Rd 4012460520 Brenda B. Lowery11 Wedgewood Ln 4012457162 Brenda Kanarian12 Sachem Rd 4012456257 Brenda Migliaccio118 Ferry Ln 4012458809 Brenda Swintak5 Caldarone St 4012477729 Brendan Gerlach6 Newbrook DR 4012450875 Brendan M. Currier27 Sunset DR 4012450472 Brent Wincze18 Broadview DR 4012452471 Brett E. Jenkins8 Lee Rd 4012452494 Brewer Cove Haven Marina101 Narragansett Ave, Unit 2 4012461600 Brian C. Weinstein19 Christine DR 4012470897 Brian Fogarty18 Sherwood Ln 4012892759 Brian Guck167 Mathewson Rd 4012451265 Brian J. Peterson3 Cranberry CT 4012450329 Brian Morgan6 Beaver Rd 4012461668 Brickle Jean8 Strawberry DR 4012474222 Brickyard Wine & Spirits1 Waseca Ave 4012892140 Brienne Brown11 Jennys Ln 4012450026 Brittney L. Lowery11 Wedgewood Ln 4012457162 Brook Mcgregor4 Vialls DR 4012451124 Brooke Mcgregor4 Vialls DR 4012451124 Brooke Rebocho10 Anoka Ave 4012453634 Brownlow Associates Inc 4012472255 Bruce A. Sparfven9 Washington Rd 4014331194 Bruce D Mason31 Pine Top Rd 4012462406 Bruce D. Mason31 Pine Top Rd 4012462406 Bruce G. Bettencourt3 Zompa Rd 4012451465 Bruce M. Abowitt24 Mayfield Rd 4012462747 Bruce P. Millard Sr19 Lafayette Rd 4012454443 Bruce R. Holden11 Field Ln 4012451636 Bruce Remodeling24 Mayfield Rd 4012460060 Bryan W. Cooper35 Townsend St 4012462178 Bryce I. Hall69 Nayatt Pt 4012451931 Bud Chick7 Sachem Rd 4012455888 Budget Blinds Of East Bay And Aquidneck Island 4012471100 Budio J. Thomas65 Bay Rd 4012470076 Burton M. Greifer284 Nayatt Rd 4012451044 Butera Building and Design425 Maple Ave 4012459577 Byron Waterman41 Mathewson Rd 4012451269


 C. CleavesGvnr Bradford 4012471595 C. Collins66 Prospect St 4012460012 C. M. Raad28 Bluff Rd 4012454890 C. Martin33 Middle Hwy 4012462050 C. Mcaloon69 Annawamscutt Rd 4012472788 C. Nikolov47 Blanding Ave 4013100415 Caitlin Mccormick6 Pine Top Rd 4012462044 Caitlin R. Tompkins38 Old County Rd 4012462619 Caleb S. Statser24 Lillis Ave 4012459724 Cameron A. Mccormick6 Pine Top Rd 4012462044 Camilla C. Hemingway47 Hawthorne Ave 4012450300 Camillo Gizzarelli172 Princes Hill Ave 4012456958 Camp Cedarwood7 Old County Rd 4012461782 Candace Breen 4014331815 Candace Clavin33 Water Way 4012477562 Candace E. Roberts20 Conway DR 4012479357 Canvas Cushions Ken's101 Narragansett Ave, Unit 1 4012461244 Cara Kaplan5 Karen DR 4012458382 Carl A. Cira103 Ferry Ln 4012453081 Carl A. Kornmiller24 Bradford St 4012461848 Carl A. Seadale53 New Meadow Rd 4012454345 Carl V. Eklund9 Valentine DR 4012454311 Carla M. Martin28 Old Chimney Rd 4012455359 Carly L. Dewitt8 Preston DR 4012477036 Carmela Carusi110 Church St 4012455911 Carmela Macknight23 Bay Spring Ave 4012892644 Carmelite Monastery25 Watson Ave 4012453421 Carmella C. Azza164 Lincoln Ave 4012452240 Carmen Dimatteo9 George W Finnerty Rd 4012453017 Carmine F. Marabello Jr3 Copper Kettle Ln 4012450688 Carmino A. Dimatteo9 George W Finnerty Rd 4012453017 Carol A. Angelini21 Washington Rd 4014379439 Carol A. Decelles11 Hillside Ave 4012470578 Carol A. Desousa2 Wamsutta Ave 4012470019 Carol A. Dussault35 Pleasant St 4012451743 Carol A. Farrell8 Wedgewood Ln 4012456754 Carol A. Miller9 Hemlock DR 4012460463 Carol A. Slonka82 Walnut Rd 4012454204 Carol A. Steere11 Palisade Ln 4012453025 Carol A. Tanury343 Rumstick Rd 4012450687 Carol A. Wirth21 Brookfield Ave 4012453574 Carol Chandler-Lamb230 Narragansett Ave 4012460045 Carol F. Elliot9 Zephyr Ln 4012461201 Carol F. Spiller147 Bay Spring Ave, Apt 229 4012457544 Carol Gaffney Ph.D.22 Sowams Rd 4012455848 Carol Knopf2 Dana Rd 4012451399 Carol L. Schneider1 Beaver Rd 4012461020 Carol M. Giordano1 Henry DR 4012472766 Carol M. Giusti57 Primrose Hill Rd 4012461803 Carol Plante90 Bay Spring Ave 4013100552 Carol S. Greifer284 Nayatt Rd 4012451044 Carol T. Louttit28 Melrose Ave 4012452299 Carole J. Herrick8 Driftwood DR 4012470311 Carole L. Collins1 Sherwood Ln 4012461556 Carole M. Norberg57 Blanding Ave 4012460311 Carole Wirth21 Brookfield Ave 4012453574 Caroline A. Conaty12 Fairfield Rd 4012467875 Caroline E. Walsh11 George St 4019418680 Carolyn D. Frost15 Sunset DR 4012455496 Carolyn D. Medeiros58 Cottage St 4012456151 Carolyn E. Smith18 Fairway DR 4012451749 Carolyn M. Macksoud282 Middle Hwy 4012472626 Carolyn M. Owens68 Lincoln Ave 4012460213 Carolyn S. Howe216 Washington Rd 4012452342 Carousel Boutique167 Sowams Rd 4012457382 Carrie E. Edens175 New Meadow Rd 4012477761 Carrie E. Edens175 New Meadow Rd 4012477764 Carrie L. Kelly2 4th St 4012451654 Carrie Mathers-Kurland2 N Lake DR 4012452030 Carroll M. Mcloughlin60 Clarke Rd 4012456617 Cary Salisbury4 Clover Ln 4012451890 Caryl S. Salisbury4 Clover Ln 4012451890 Caryl-Ann Nieforth82 Bay Rd 4012453994 Cassidy E. Laidlaw28 Massasoit Ave 4012458850 Casual Catering and Deli230 Waseca Ave, Ste 4 4012471660 Catanzaro & Sons Painting71 Maple Ave 4012453801 Catarina Cowden18 Highland Ave 4012451993 Catarina Cowden18 Highland Ave 4012470594 Cataumet Boats Inc12 Barton Ave 4012455222 Catherine A. Alteri75 Highland Ave 4012451468 Catherine C. Boisseau76 Alfred Drown Rd 4012457693 Catherine Cleaves66 Governor Bradford DR 4012472785 Catherine D. Brody7 Ronald Rd 4012450818 Catherine D. Fitta153 New Meadow Rd 4012455708 Catherine H. Zabriskie29 Annawamscutt Rd 4012892519 Cathleen A. Marcello24 Cove Ave 4012451805 Cathy L. Gibson53 Brook St 4014331751 Cecelia G. Chellel3 Strawberry DR 4012470629 Cecelia G. Chellel3 Strawberry DR 4012454532 Cecil C. Breton15 Laurel Ln 4012452540 Celia Calabresi27 Glen Ave 4012451529 Celia E. Humeston437 Maple Ave 4012451398 Center Barber Shop24 Bosworth St 4012452008 Chad C. Smith11 Tiffany Cir 4012453435 Charis Counseling Center7 Old County Rd 4012460442 Charles A. Adams115 Nayatt Rd 4012452717 Charles A. Collis233 Rumstick Rd 4012452902 Charles A. Collis233 Rumstick Rd 4012454043 Charles A. Paul57 Bowden Ave 4012453961 Charles A. Ross424 New Meadow Rd 4012454829 Charles Anastasia9 Laurel Ln 4012451661 Charles B. Barnhart36 Bowden Ave 4012451853 Charles B. Greenwell10 Briarwood DR 4012455823 Charles B. Sherman Jr15 Preston DR 4012471139 Charles B. Tompkins38 Old County Rd 4012462619 Charles E. Booth Ii71 Walnut Rd 4012461320 Charles E. Callan Jr42 Charles St 4012457581 Charles E. Gracie63 Fales Ave 4012458143 Charles E. Morse Jr11 Glen Ave 4012470916 Charles F. Brown Iii5 Carpenter Ave 4012460279 Charles F. Chapin10 Blount Cir 4012451656 Charles K. Dewitt8 Preston DR 4012477036 Charles Mccoy5 Oyster Shell Ln 4012472599 Charles Miller22 Lantern Ln 4012452047 Charles P. Cole181 Narragansett Ave 4012461469 Charles R. Brule Sr20 Stanley Ave 4012451966 Charles S. Free331 New Meadow Rd 4012471042 Charles S. Harkins Sr84 Anoka Ave 4012458027 Charles S. Mellen Iii2 Nayatt Point CT 4012458006 Charles S. Stoddard Jr12 Kent St 4012457449 Charles Sthilarie90 Bay Spring Ave 4012461896 Charles W. Arneson22 Manning DR 4012461521 Charles W. Kemp Sr10 Winsor DR 4012460860 Charlotte A. Broomhead180 Sowams Rd 4012470356 Charlotte B. Sornborger1 Wildacre Ln 4012458467 Charlotte Dalessio450 Middle Hwy 4012453914 Charlotte Dalessio450 Middle Hwy 4012450947 Charlotte Harrison5 Brook St 4014331857 Charron L. Holtzman380 New Meadow Rd 4012459046 Chas D. Peterson50 Lamson Rd 4012453772 Chelsea Larisa10 College Ln 4012461068 Cheryl A. Abowitt24 Mayfield Rd 4012462747 Cheryl A. Gherardini7 Tyler Point Rd 4012456535 Cheryl A. Harris6 Clover Ln 4012460041 Cheryl B. Weinstein19 Christine DR 4012470897 Cheryl C. Corrine2 Bayberry Ln 4012450423 Cheryl E. Coffey11 Foote St 4012452779 Cheryl Fogarty18 Sherwood Ln 4012892759 Cheryl Hamel371 Rumstick Rd 4012456401 Cheryl King395 County Rd 4012454007 Cheryl L. Lewis17 Vineland DR 4012461789 Cheryl Pace129 New Meadow Rd 4012450185 Cheryl Sayles65 Boyce Ave 4012453303 CHI Lash338 County Rd 4012456100 Chi M. Hai16 Sherwood Ln 4012460627 CHI Spa338 County Rd 4012451900 Chi-Ming Hai16 Sherwood Ln 4012460627 Child D G34 Fessenden Rd 4012454155 Chloe J. Chassaing8 Lister DR 4012456652 Chloe Lister50 Watson Ave 4012452725 Chris E. Conti362 Middle Hwy 4012454803 Chris F. Atkinson15 Charles St 4012453838 Chris M. Scharver20 Pine Top Rd 4012460520 Chris Stack14 Milton Rd 4012890816 Christian Maclea254 Waseca Ave 4013100526 Christina A. Schrade5 Driftwood DR 4012455440 Christina B. Larisa10 College Ln 4012461068 Christina M. Ardente318 Rumstick Rd 4012452244 Christine A. Cuthbertson13 Primrose Hill Rd 4012460619 Christine A. Sousa2 Stanley Ave 4012458370 Christine Craun122 Whipple Ave 4012450891 Christine F. Brown265 New Meadow Rd 4012457679 Christine Gorton15 Hunt DR 4014372986 Christine J. Visconti360 Rumstick Rd 4012471530 Christine Lam16 Sherwood Ln 4012460627 Christine M. Ramalho21 Roberta DR 4012462135 Christine M. Silva619 Maple Ave 4012479048 Christine M. Wallis60 Ferry Ln 4012451827 Christine M. Waring20 Roberta DR 4012892267 Christine Pereira5 Zephyr Ln 4012892378 Christophe Atkinson15 Charles St 4012453838 Christopher Akelman5 Pheasant Ln 4012450324 Christopher B. Brule20 Stanley Ave 4012451966 Christopher Brinkworth5 Bittersweet CT 4012457445 Christopher C. Lucock61 Middle Hwy 4012461414 Christopher C. O'neill14 Sylvester St 4014332907 Christopher C. Zabriskie29 Annawamscutt Rd 4012892519 Christopher Calitri26 Stanley Ave 4012450430 Christopher E. Salvadore34 Prospect St 4012460898 Christopher G. Rein33 Water Way 4012477562 Christopher Grenier10 Watson Ave 4012458360 Christopher H. Chaffee20 Lantern Ln 4012451440 Christopher I. Denise31 Bluff Rd 4012454080 Christopher J. Belanger11 Middle Hwy 4012460730 Christopher J. Houseworth4 Echo DR 4013100316 Christopher Keyes548 Middle Hwy 4012477477 Christopher M Borden Ph.D.260 Waseca Ave 4012454040 Christopher M. Chambers1 Sandy Point Rd 4012477586 Christopher M. Grover20 Thomas St 4012474289 Christopher R. Detoro16 Maudsley Ave 4012450534 Christopher R. John3 Owen Ln 4012456234 Christopher R. Keyes3 Brick Pond DR 4012453636 Christopher R. Silvia6 Nathaniel Rd 4012472165 Christopher S. Feeney28 Roberta DR 4012462836 Christopher Thompkins38 Old County Rd 4012462619 Christopher Tompkins38 Old County Rd 4012462619 Christopher Toolin20 Hazelton Rd 4012460147 Christopher V. Francis57 Orchard Ave 4012471609 Ciao Bella Salon68 Maple Ave 4012450270 Cie A. Mcaloon69 Annawamscutt Rd 4012472788 Cinda L Anderson OD33 Kent St 4012477393 Cindy Canha32 Elm Ln 4012459026 Cindy Pierce4 Beech Tree CT 4012470013 Citizens Bank184 County Rd 4012454700 Claire Almeida65 Chapin Rd 5616271515 Claire Almeida65 Chapin Rd 4012453881 Claire L. Boyes8 Lillis Ave 4012456845 Claire S. Dufresne10 Joann DR 4012461728 Clara G. Despirito424 Middle Hwy 4012456557 Clara Sanantonio41 Wood Ave 4012458133 Clare Kim10 Fireside DR 4012453844 Clare Mcmillan11 Starboard Ln 4012454501 Classic Kitchens & Countertops Inc65 Bay Spring Ave 4012461200 Claude C. Lowery Jr11 Wedgewood Ln 4012457162 Claudia P. Demick56 Massasoit Ave 4012471365 Claudia R. Traub59 Blanding Ave 4012460160 Clay A. Beccue5 Devonshire DR 4012453240 Clermont A. Langlois5 Jenks Garden Ln 4012460541 Clifton E. Johnson53 Greene Ave 4012460969 Clinton C. Dussault35 Pleasant St 4012451743 Clive Bridgham282 County Rd 4012457010 Clive Bridgham DR282 County Rd 4012457010 Clive Watkins61 Annawamscutt Rd 4012892029 Coe-Hosford Agency Inc69 Sowams Rd 4012451206 Coldwell Banker Realty280 County Rd 4012470202 Coldwell Banker Residential Brokerage286 County Rd 4012470202 Coleman Realtors210 County Rd 4012453050 Colewillaidan LLC29 Annawamscutt Rd 4012892519 Colin R. Barako26 Leslie Ave 4012460390 Colleen A. Anderson35 Fales Ave 4012457416 Colleen B. Dupre48 Latham Ave 4012460498 Colleen C. Gato5 Carriage Trl 4012461635 Concetta A. Vallaro11 Bradford St 4012454473 Congregational C. Barrington461 County Rd 4012460111 Conley John24 Linden Rd 4012470633 Connie M. Masiello86 Hamilton Ave 4012456981 Connor R. Mellen2 Nayatt Point CT 4012458006 Constance A. Fayan47 Mason Rd 4012457509 Constance C. Fass14 Wedgewood Ln 4012452452 Constance C. Natale6 Colonial Ave 4012454568 Constance J. Ferland244 Narragansett Ave 4012461518 Constance L. Mellodge10 Lafayette Rd 4012452993 Constance Matook90 Bay Spring Ave 4013100405 Corey H. Philips30 Walnut Rd 4012461350 Corey Millard19 Lafayette Rd 4012454443 Corey Triebwasser139 Nayatt Rd 4012458527 Corey W. Russell28 Columbus Ave 4012457070 Costa M. De292 Sowams Rd 4012453227 Courtney A. Deangelis127 Church St 4012456986 Courtney A. Shilo1 Vernon Pl 4012461092 Courtney Neves51 Cove Ave 4012457072 Couto N. Do113 Roffee St 4012454861 Cove Haven Marina101 Narragansett Ave 4012460731 Cra Bogdanovic10 Thomas St 4012479274 Craig L. Bogdanovic10 Thomas St 4012479274 Craig R. Honeycutt490 Maple Ave 4012462322 Craig S. Hetrick68 Fales Ave 4012452765 Craig S. Mccaffrey9 Agawam Rd 4012452769 Crepelicious60 Maple Ave 4013375945 Crime Watch170 Narragansett Ave 4012460007 Cristine F. Silvestri4 Meadowbrook DR 4012455061 Crown Petroleum Plumbing & Heating Inc11 Grassy Plain Rd 4014370220 Csm Sales & Marketing 4012452211 Curtis N. Bridges5 Zompa Rd 4012456962 Cvs/pharmacy:    -Barrington Shopping Center - Pharmacy Phone 4012450464    -Barrington Shopping Center - Store Phone 4012450166 Cyndie Lucock61 Middle Hwy 4012461414 Cynthia A. Conaty316 Washington Rd 4012452405 Cynthia A. Duffy5 Cold Spring Rd 4012454513 Cynthia A. Gabarra14 Driscol Ln 4012470986 Cynthia A. Grilli74 Acre Ave 4012454666 Cynthia A. Lucock61 Middle Hwy 4012461414 Cynthia A. Silvia293 Washington Rd 4012452418 Cynthia A. Toolin20 Hazelton Rd 4012460147 Cynthia C. Kaplan5 Karen DR 4012458382 Cynthia G. Cioe6 Birch Rd 4012450370 Cynthia J Bearse Lmhc2 County Rd 4012448534 Cynthia J. Fiske135 Ferry Ln 4012459445 Cynthia L. Butts19 Lister DR 4012450116 Cynthia L. Leonard20 Massasoit Ave 4012455553 Cynthia R. Solanot75 Ferry Ln 4012455956 Cynthia S. Butler38 Bay Rd 4012461673 Cyril N. Harper18 Maudsley Ave 4012470099 Cyril Wyche354 Nayatt Rd 4012457096


 D'Angelo186 County Rd 4012470102 D'Angelo's184 County Rd, Ste B 4012470102 D'errico Louis45 Charles St 4012472533 D. F. Silva692 County Rd 4012462020 D. F. Silva-Kollett692 County Rd 4012462020 D. H. Gloria69 Nayatt Pt 4012451931 D. S. Heinold49 Fountain Ave 4012462550 D. V. Roberts9 John St 4014370849 D. Zaluski 4012453651 Daisy Dig'ins Florist & Gifts123 Maple Ave 4012450580 Dale M. Winters14 Middle Hwy 4012460294 Dalton K. Stratton5 Pine Cone DR 4012460853 Dana P. Hall268 Nayatt Rd 4012454752 Dani Enos212 New Meadow Rd 4012455833 Dani Enos212 New Meadow Rd 4012458921 Dani Fairchild16 Primrose Hill Rd 4012461503 Daniel A. Poses5 Ridgeland Rd 4012450904 Daniel Campbell21 Chachapacasset Rd 4012472629 Daniel D. Geoffrey7 Elizabeth Rd 4012461288 Daniel Doyle83 Rumstick Rd 4012458643 Daniel E. Cullman7 Conway DR 4012453462 Daniel E. Cullman7 Conway DR 4012452080 Daniel E. Cullman7 Conway DR 4012457156 Daniel Farynyk47 Upland Way 4012452985 Daniel Flinn6 Evergreen St 4012458124 Daniel I. Enos212 New Meadow Rd 4012458921 Daniel I. Enos212 New Meadow Rd 4012455833 Daniel J. Butts19 Lister DR 4012450116 Daniel J. Fairchild16 Primrose Hill Rd 4012461503 Daniel Loignon11 Wamsutta Ave 4012472142 Daniel O. Horne45 Appian Way 4012454828 Daniel P. Horgan77 Mark Wood DR 4012454939 Daniel S. Kaplan5 Karen DR 4012458382 Danielle Jameison11 Atlantic Xing 4012451051 Dannin Phyllis33 Teed Ave 4012455151 Darcy G. Scott7 Lafayette Rd 4012453976 Daria Mckenzie1721 Wampanoag Trl 4012450516 Dave R. Boyajian53 Alfred Drown Rd 4012457377 David A. Sherwood75 Fales Ave 4012455078 David A. Silva70 Hamilton Ave 4012453030 David B. Opton Sr27 Appian Way 4012453567 David B. Opton Sr27 Appian Way 4012453707 David B. Patterson Iv30 Winsor DR 4012461022 David Beveridge57 Bluff Rd 4013375861 David C. Baker102 Roffee St 4012471709 David C. Paine5 Adelaide Ave 4012472497 David C. Stanley320 Washington Rd 4012453252 David C. Thurber9 Lantern Ln 4012457238 David Cheesman105 Massasoit Ave 4012450282 David D. Clark21 Appian Way 4012470911 David D. Stonestreet66 Bluff Rd 4012453783 David Dufresne168 Rumstick Rd 4012458578 David E. Bates65 Primrose Hill Rd 4012461379 David E. Boyes8 Lillis Ave 4012456845 David E. Jageler6 Kenmore CT 4014332458 David E. Oberg Jr42 Chapel Rd 4012471359 David E. Rizzolo30 Clarke Rd 4012472516 David E. Williams11 Gibbs Ln 4012456196 David E. Williams11 Gibbs Ln 4012457842 David Epps341 Nayatt Rd 4012456432 David G. Greenhalgh26 Woodland Rd 4012471839 David G. Rainey35 Cottage St 4012455622 David Greene63 Prospect St 4012460523 David H. Laidlaw28 Massasoit Ave 4012458850 David H. Piccerelli409 Nayatt Rd 4012470967 David Hemenway15 Bluff Rd 4012450646 David J. Torgan18 Oak Manor DR 4012474825 David K. Parkhurst10 Leslie Ave 4014333532 David M. Rand67 Annawamscutt Rd 4012450492 David Manzella12 Tyler Point Rd 4012454769 David N. Gregory4 Deerfield DR 4012461294 David P. Acciardo41 Cove Ave 4012452260 David P. Ardente318 Rumstick Rd 4012452244 David P. Kaplan265 New Meadow Rd 4012457679 David R. Raposa34 Richmond Ave 4014334625 David Ramsey90 Bay Spring Ave 4013100414 David S. Farrell27 Jennys Ln 4012457353 David Schottland3 Stratford Rd 4012470581 David T. Greene12 Anthony Rd 4012461378 David W. Northrop6 Deerfield DR 4012461336 Dawn A. Marcello641 County Rd 4012460641 Dawn Rubino115 Narragansett Ave 4012460289 Dean A. Brockway Jr24 Latham Ave 4012461209 Dean Gregson38 Anthony Rd 4012460658 Deb R. Dangelo55 Chapel Rd 4012471606 Debora N. Morrow52 Adams Point Rd 4012453773 Deborah A. Dellefratte3 Ledge Rd 4012460047 Deborah A. Powers6 Massachusetts Ave 4012461512 Deborah A. Rainey35 Cottage St 4012455622 Deborah A. Thurber9 Lantern Ln 4012457238 Deborah B. Barton14 Echo DR 4012456422 Deborah Baronas21 Preston DR 4012452383 Deborah Cameron177 New Meadow Rd 4012457295 Deborah F. Hetrick68 Fales Ave 4012452765 Deborah G. Prell70 Bay Rd 4012470513 Deborah Jerome41 S Meadow Ln 4012459559 Deborah L. Bloom311 New Meadow Rd 4012453892 Deborah L. Bloom311 New Meadow Rd 4012477486 Deborah L. Colasanti391 Maple Ave 4012455160 Deborah L. Turnbull12 Short Rd 4012458775 Deborah M. Flinn6 Evergreen St 4012458124 Deborah P. Dinardo287 Nayatt Rd 4012471034 Deborah R. Francis57 Orchard Ave 4012471609 Deborah S. Thurston9 Tall Pines DR 4012471524 Debra A. Saunders228 County Rd 4012471495 Debra Kelty58 Bay Rd 4012479362 Debra L. Roberts24 Short Rd 4012450291 Debra M. Morton2 Haines Park Rd 4014330003 Debra Mallozzi286 Maple Ave, Unit 3 4012454051 Debra S. Torgan18 Oak Manor DR 4012474825 Deirdre Bartone90 Bay Spring Ave 4013100426 Dellefrattes Auto9 Bay Spring Ave 4012461683 Delta Rapoza508 Middle Hwy 4012890104 Dena D. Babin9 Seaview DR 4012455112 Dena Levine9 Seaview DR 4012455112 Denise A. Desisto42 Anoka Ave 4012452459 Denise A. Desisto42 Anoka Ave 4012471765 Denise D. Javery7 Pine Top Rd 4012460645 Denise Dangremond47 Nayatt Rd 4012454244 Denise M. Nilsen75 Massasoit Ave 4012457172 Dennis A. Kloc40 Salisbury Rd 4014335592 Dennis E. Angelini21 Washington Rd 4014379439 Dennis J. Slonka82 Walnut Rd 4012454204 Dennis M. Coffey11 Foote St 4012452779 Derek A. Texeira75 Lincoln Ave 4012460843 Derek T. Rocha6 Meadow Cir 4012450845
Detail Nails322 County Rd 4012892220 Di Salvo Marc Insurance Agency7 George W Finnerty Rd 4012452264 Diana Baxter9 Briarfield Rd 4012477494 Diana M. Ferguson205 Foote St 4012459309 Diane C. Millard19 Lafayette Rd 4012454443
Diane E. Duane75 Foote St 4012451354 Diane K. Sanborn7 Winsor DR 4012461552 Diane King 4012892969 Diane L. Currier27 Sunset DR 4012450472 Diane Lipscombe6 Watson Ave 4012474897 Diane R. Cicone507 County Rd 4012460465 Diane Stanley320 Washington Rd 4012453252 Dianne A. Wilkin17 Stanhope DR 4012461660 Dianne N. Abuelo3 Riverside DR 4012470961 Dianne R. Silva108 Massasoit Ave 4012455063 Dianne S. Venuti17 Stanhope DR 4012460911 Diet Manfred207 Lincoln Ave 4012892381 Dieter Spieth29 Old Chimney Rd 4012455814 Dillon K. Renzi88 Maple Ave 4012531805 DiOrio Plumbing & Heating448 Maple Ave 4012452088 Dizio Stephen MD21 N Lake DR 4012890890 Dk Fabrics70 Maple Ave 4012452300 Doherty Robt J10 George St 4014311320 Dolores A. Petrucci11 Hilltop Ave 4012455967 Dolores Bernardo159 Foote St 4012452831 Dolores E. Cashman17 Rustwood DR 4012455783 Dolores E. Sweeney14 Tall Pines DR 4012459250 Dolores J. Conway1014 County Rd 4014371404 Dolores S. Kollett692 County Rd 4012462020 Domenic Dipierro26 Blanding Ave 4012460571 Domenic Raiola147 Bay Spring Ave 4012460935 Dominic J. Dipierro Jr26 Blanding Ave 4012460571 Dona B. Lycurgus71 Sowams Rd 4012458003 Donal Ripperger11 Plymouth DR 4012470366 Donald A. Conaway27 Cedar Ave 4012474403 Donald A. Roach250 Rumstick Rd 4012472414 Donald C. Angell18 Terrace DR 4012457251 Donald C. Wiseman5 Laurel Ln 4012453484 Donald Decosta2 Ledge Rd 4012460176 Donald E. Guimelli35 Charles St 4012451740 Donald F. Roy3 Valentine DR 4012470584 Donald G. Grieve2 Jenks Garden Ln 4012461974 Donald G. Monroe9 Lillis Ave 4012451389 Donald J. Keenan35 Sowams Rd 4012450655 Donald J. Mara5 Old Chimney Rd 4016831877 Donald J. Mara5 Old Chimney Rd 4012450359 Donald J. Ripperger11 Plymouth DR 4012470366 Donald K. Thurston8 Winsor DR 4012460567 Donald Munroe9 Lillis Ave 4012451389 Donald S. Morton Jr2 Haines Park Rd 4014330003 Donara M. Brandao87 Maple Ave 4012451964 Donn J. Folcarelli31 Sherwood Ln 4012462381 Donna Derrico45 Charles St 4012472533 Donna J. Dupont621 Maple Ave 4012450506 Donna J. Folcarelli31 Sherwood Ln 4012462381 Donna M. Gilmor41 Brook St 4014379553 Donna Personeus211 Sowams Rd 4012453092 Donna Pilsbury14 Lorraine St 4012452681 Door Doctor 4012474246 Doreen A. Martin60 Whipple Ave 4012453242 Doreen F. Loignon11 Wamsutta Ave 4012472142 Doreen T. Feeney28 Roberta DR 4012462836 Dorinda E. Williams11 Gibbs Ln 4012456196 Dorinda E. Williams11 Gibbs Ln 4012457842 Doris Couture11 Adams Point Rd 4012455067 Doris Jones147 Bay Spring Ave 4012892575 Doris Stephens5 Vans Ln 4012456005 Dorothy A. Henry285 Narragansett Ave 4012460181 Dorothy Andreozzi8 Josal DR 4012459029 Dorothy C. Yoreo23 Western Ave 4012461223 Dorothy Coffey7 Stratford Rd 4012454839 Dorothy Dennis90 Bay Spring Ave 4012467845 Dorothy Fiske37 Richmond Ave 4014332367 Dorothy G. Child34 Fessenden Rd 4012454155 Dorothy Heffner147 Bay Spring Ave 4012460819 Dorothy Millington684 County Rd 4012461447 Dorothy R. Mcculloch99 Adams Point Rd 4012475118 Dorothy Zimmering12 Chapin Rd 4012453515 Douglas Brownlow66 Governor Bradford DR 4012472785 Douglas Coffey97 Rogers Ave 4014332515 Douglas D. Anderson419 Sowams Rd 4012450950 Douglas H. Ross16 Manning DR 4012460514 Douglas M. Paul Sr11 Shore DR 4012462989 Douglas M. Ruiru39 Hamilton Ave 4012471735 Douglas O'connor42 Cove Ave 4012457931 Douglas P. Rayner88 Prospect St 4012461326 Douglas W. Dalessio7 Waverly Rd 4012453849 Dr Diane King Inc464 Maple Ave 4012470006 Dr Shusman147 Bay Spring Ave, Apt 356 4012453953 Drew Vatter9 Adelaide Ave 4012450682 Drew Vatter9 Adelaide Ave 4012450726 Duane T. Christy25 Edgewood DR 4012461455 Dudley P. Shaw6 Vermont Ave 4012460659 Duncan A. Maio115 Alfred Drown Rd 4012459901 Duncan Malo115 Alfred Drown Rd 4012459901 Dunkin' Donuts258 County Rd 4012458910 Dwight Mcmillan11 Starboard Ln 4012454501 Dwightm Higney27 Williams St 4014330994


 E. Palermo36 Cady Rd 4012477835 E. Pattie11 Woodhaven Rd 4012450702 E. Perrealt141 Middle Hwy 4012461382 E. Tribelli7 Robbins DR 4012451442 Earl Andrews17 Pine Ave 4012460591 Earl G. Pattie15 Washington Rd 4014330749 Earl H. Jones409 Sowams Rd 4012455675 East Bay Acupuncture461 Maple Ave 4012470221 East Bay Center2 Old County Rd 4012461195 East Bay Lawncare254 Narragansett Ave 4012460096 East Bay Mental Health Center - Community Support Services - Tdd 4012461986 East Bay Pediatric & Adolescent Medicine234 Maple Ave 4012471644 East Bay Strength & Conditioning LLC10 Vineyard Ln 4012890996 Eat Food Group Inc312 County Rd 4013375895 Ecig Shed91 Maple Ave 4012451317 Eda V. Lombardi263 Lincoln Ave 4012450573 Eddy Charron401 New Meadow Rd 4012454628 Eden C. Dewitt8 Preston DR 4012477036 Edith A. Mack96 Massasoit Ave 4012471366 Edith Chisholm6 Tallwood DR 4012455040 Edmund A. Dattelo12 Hazelton Rd 4012460140 Edmund Clegg147 Bay Spring Ave, Apt 314 4012460019 Edmund Conte17 Anthony Rd 4012461579 Edmund L. Alves Jr33 Great Rd 4012460910 Edna C. Lutz8 Belvedere Ave 4012457577 Edward A. Dunn Ii108 Rumstick Rd 4012454175 Edward A. Mason26 Nayatt Rd 4012451727 Edward A. Vollaro8 Whipple Ave 4012454398 Edward A. Vollaro8 Whipple Ave 4012454529 Edward Akelman5 Pheasant Ln 4012450324 Edward C. Barrett52 Sowams Rd 4012457212 Edward Couri147 Bay Spring Ave, Apt 319 4012460345 Edward E. Dufresne10 Joann DR 4012461728 Edward F. Chellel3 Strawberry DR 4012470629 Edward F. Chellel3 Strawberry DR 4012454532 Edward F. Lemoi81 Sowams Rd 4012453765 Edward J. Arseneault Jr41 Chachapacasset Rd 4012479018 Edward J. Leary17 Tiffany Cir 4012470060 Edward J. Lynch65 Walnut Rd 4012460878 Edward Jones Investments232 Waseca Ave, Ste 3 4012458381 Edward L. Parr276 Washington Rd 4012457971 Edward M. Schottland3 Stratford Rd 4012470581 Edward O. Greene8 Chapel Rd 4012453214 Edward P. Collins Jr39 Brook St 4014332563 Edward P. Hawrot6 Watson Ave 4012474897 Edward R. Geoffrey7 Elizabeth Rd 4012461288 Edward R. Nunes15 Walsh Ave 4012460763 Edward R. Pellegrini45 Martin Ave 4012470935 Edward S. Davi10 Greenwood Ave 4012457721 Edwin C. Kilcline10 Opechee DR 4012456281 Edwin H. Mckinlay336 New Meadow Rd 4012457541 Edwin S. Barton Iv14 Echo DR 4012456422 Edwrd Hawrot6 Watson Ave 4012474897 Edythe I. Gagnon86 Rogers Ave 4014331470 Eiko Adams115 Nayatt Rd 4012452717 Eileen Coletta12 Winsor DR 4012461235 Eileen M. Burley47 Townsend St 4012461365 Eileen P. Caito190 Whipple Ave 4012451023 Eileen R. Biancuzzo12 Lister DR 4012455729 Eileen R. Chekal46 Lincoln Ave 4012461554 Eileen Wheeler80 Prospect St 4012461239 Elaine Anterni5 Hunt DR 4012460756 Elaine F. Castaneda90 Bay Spring Ave 4013100407 Elaine L. Logan2 Simmons Rd 4012452071 Elaine M. Bianco8 Seaview DR 4012456805 Elaine M. Salvadore34 Prospect St 4012460898 Elaine R. Boyajian53 Alfred Drown Rd 4012457377 Elaine R. Hill68 Annawamscutt Rd 4012456493 Elaine S. Sirmalis4 Hickory Ln 4012461276 Eleanor A. Baker44 Martin Ave 4012457313 Eleanor Beaver147 Bay Spring Ave 4012892575 Eleanor Hayes90 Bay Spring Ave 4013100360 Eleanor L. Lapides122 Governor Bradford DR 4012456583 Eleanor M. Medici520 Middle Hwy 4012454584 Elena J. Winter3 Hearthwood DR 4012470294 Elfriede A. Collis233 Rumstick Rd 4012452902 Elfriede A. Collis233 Rumstick Rd 4012454043 Eli N. Fass14 Wedgewood Ln 4012452452 Eliz M. Sweet259 New Meadow Rd 4012453736 Elizabeth A. Brooks70 Chachapacasset Rd 4012470662 Elizabeth A. Curran14 Annawamscutt Rd 4012890270 Elizabeth A. Moran24 Anthony Rd 4012460652 Elizabeth A. Rosso186 Whipple Ave 4012453292 Elizabeth A. Silvia6 Nathaniel Rd 4012472165 Elizabeth A. Weed21 Beach Rd 4012453378 Elizabeth B. Staples13 Middle St 4012457667 Elizabeth C. Decelles11 Hillside Ave 4012470578 Elizabeth C. Roche270 Middle Hwy 4012451089 Elizabeth Charron401 New Meadow Rd 4012454628 Elizabeth Cousineau90 Bay Spring Ave, Apt 228 4012460921 Elizabeth Cundy38 Rumstick Rd 4012456706 Elizabeth D. Gower109 Massasoit Ave 4012477298 Elizabeth F. Silveira9 Annies Way 4012457697 Elizabeth G. Champlin18 Adams Point Rd 4012450310 Elizabeth Hagan10 Blanding Ave 4012461756 Elizabeth Harootunian24 Brown Ave 4012460436 Elizabeth I. Greene5 Brookfield Ave 4012458939 Elizabeth J. Trail26 Hazelton Rd 4012461448 Elizabeth L. Douglas10 Whipple Ave 4012458568 Elizabeth M. Sweet259 New Meadow Rd 4012453736 Elizabeth Martini346 Middle Hwy 4012458735 Elizabeth Niemeyer22 Winsor DR 4013100474 Elizabeth R. Balasco344 Sowams Rd 4012458198 Elizabeth R. Doherty10 George St 4014311320 Elizabeth R. Wyatt8 Cold Spring Rd 4012457103 Elizabeth Reid90 Bay Spring Ave 4013100372 Elizabeth T. Peterson50 Lamson Rd 4012453772 Elizabeth Urso19 Pine Top Rd 4012461157 Elizabeth Ward14 Meadowbrook DR 4012457551 Ellen Collis233 Rumstick Rd 4012452902 Ellen Collis233 Rumstick Rd 4012454043 Ellen J. Segal159 New Meadow Rd 4012474850 Ellen L. Thompson286 Nayatt Rd 4012456646 Ellen S. Mara5 Old Chimney Rd 4016831877 Ellen S. Mara5 Old Chimney Rd 4012450359 Ellen Tridento147 Bay Spring Ave 4013100625 Ellen Williams11 Gibbs Ln 4012456196 Ellen Williams11 Gibbs Ln 4012457842 Elliot R. Krieger19 Melrose Ave 4012453699 Eloise Tompkins38 Old County Rd 4012462619 Elsa Grieder31 Linden Rd 4012452068 Elsie Guimelli35 Charles St 4012451740 Elson W. Stanley245 Sowams Rd 4012458660 Elvira Iasa205 Lincoln Ave 4012457883 Elwood Stopfel11 Brown Ave 4012461284 Emergency Car Locksmith184 County Rd 4013379317 Emergency Locksmith21 West St 4013379318 Emergency Locksmith In 0280624 Bosworth St 4013379323 Emergency Locksmith In Barrington230 Waseca Ave 4013379324 Emerson R. Bacon Jr273 New Meadow Rd 4012458748 Emil Corriveau15 Allen Ave 4012460949 Emil Corriveau15 Allen Ave 4012467835 Emile A. Corriveau15 Allen Ave 4012460949 Emile A. Corriveau15 Allen Ave 4012467835 Emile Couture11 Adams Point Rd 4012455067 Emilia Minardi100 Church St 4012471696 Emilie A. Desisto5 Waverly Rd 4012461898 Emilie's Nail Designs24 Bosworth St, Ste 2 4012471112 Emily A. Triebwasser139 Nayatt Rd 4012458527 Emily A. Zimmermann395 County Rd 4012454007 Emily Migliaccio118 Ferry Ln 4012458809 Emily R. Ferland244 Narragansett Ave 4012461518 Emily Robidoux6 Congress Rd 4012461364 Emily Vatter9 Adelaide Ave 4012450682 Emily Vatter9 Adelaide Ave 4012450726 Emma Caruso21 Rustwood DR 4012472912 Emma Esposito246 Rumstick Rd 4012458205 Emma R. Burke8 Colton DR 4012453952 Emma Rainwater6 Hazelton Rd 4012460798 Emmett F. Donegan8 Court Ave 4012454533 Encore191 County Rd 4012457380 Enid W. Yealy147 Bay Spring Ave 4012460840 Enrique A. Farrell8 Wedgewood Ln 4012456754 Envirmntl Fld Srv Inc14 Middle Hwy 4012462400 Eric D. Diebold118 Governor Bradford DR 4012470320 Eric I. Suuberg1 Wildflower Rd 4012472287 Eric J. Stanley55 Sowams Rd 4012459081 Eric R. Harper4 Christine DR 4012454463 Eric Salander4 Elton Rd 4012461348 Erica A. Ferguson205 Foote St 4012459309 Erica H. Mckeown18 Wildflower Rd 4012455483 Erica L. Faulkner12 Samoset Ave 4012892639 Erica L. Lowery11 Wedgewood Ln 4012457162 Erica L. Turnbull12 Short Rd 4012458775 Erin Gamache2 Broadview DR 4012459914 Erin Wilbur91 Nayatt Rd 4012457501 Erma Levitt147 Bay Spring Ave 4013100616 Ernest J. Graustein4 Candy CT 4012451232 Ernest J. Woods93 Fales Ave 4012455549 Eszter S. Chase95 Nayatt Rd 4012455819 Ethel Rubenstein147 Bay Spring Ave 4013100495 Ethel T. Smith147 Bay Spring Ave 4012460830 Ethel T. Smith147 Bay Spring Ave 4012461677 Eunice Kim10 Fireside DR 4012453844 Eva F. Paolo90 Bay Spring Ave, Apt 123 4014312327 Evan Staples13 Middle St 4012457667 Evelyn A. Cole181 Narragansett Ave 4012461469 Evelyn Francis90 Bay Spring Ave, Apt 118 4012461943 Evelyn H. Sylvia4 Vernon Pl 4012460695 Evelyn Morton147 Bay Spring Ave 4012461060 Evelyn N. Balasco12 Broadview DR 4012455644 Evelyn T. Greene6 Deep Meadow Rd 4012479848 Eveready Elect Inc5 Brow St 4012457812 Everitt W. Humeston437 Maple Ave 4012451398 Express Locksmith180 County Rd 4013379100


 F. L. Collis233 Rumstick Rd 4012452902 F. L. Collis233 Rumstick Rd 4012454043 F. Paliy147 Bay Spring Ave 4012460530 F. R. Oakes5 Knapton St 4012454418 F. R. Strabley31 Half Mile Rd 4012470420 Fahey Alice9 Elton Rd 4012460249 Feil Leslie260 Waseca Ave 4012471171 Felicia Marcello641 County Rd 4012460641 Felicia Turner54 Anoka Ave 4012548961 Feminine Fancies290 County Rd 4012471087 Ferdinand R. Derensis18 Hilltop Ave 4012457728 Fernando D. Carranza 4012453325 Figliola & Romano, LLC282 County Rd, Ste 4 4012890404 Final Touch Alterations115 Maple Ave 4012472424 Fiona J. Gibson79 Chachapacasset Rd 4012451275 Fiona J. Gibson79 Chachapacasset Rd 4012458068 Fionatrista Paine5 Adelaide Ave 4012472497 Fitness Together334 County Rd 4012892331 Fitta Jonathan J259 County Rd 4012892811 Florence E. Breton15 Laurel Ln 4012452540 Florence J. Patterson147 New Meadow Rd 4012452972 Florence J. Taft64 Prospect St 4012461240 Florence P. Mccaffrey9 Agawam Rd 4012452769 Florence Saunders20 Cove Ave 4012454023 Forrest B. Leland147 Bay Spring Ave 4012460777 Frances A. Snow25 Manning DR 4012469722 Frances B. Lemoult16 Hampden St 4012890513 Frances Collison43 Townsend St 4012461617 Frances G. Dimatteo9 George W Finnerty Rd 4012453017 Frances M. Dunn108 Rumstick Rd 4012454175 Frances M. Jarvis4 6th St 4012452941 Frances Palazzo28 Anthony Rd 4012460414 Frances Posta5 Plymouth DR 4012457318 Frances R. Rasmussen4 Shady Ln 4012471006 Frances Yorks90 Bay Spring Ave 4013100488 Francesco Dire4 Woodmont CT 4012451346 Francine M. Kouis604 County Rd 4012462187 Francine R. Vargas19 Leslie Ave 4012461878 Francis J. Banisch2 Henry DR 4012451272 Francis J. Cummings14 Manor Rd 4012471838 Francis M. Jarvis Sr4 6th St 4012452941 Francis M. Mcbride100 Washington Rd 4012462305 Francis X. Mcmahon1 Shady Ln 4012474848 Francyne A. Fontaine10 Columbus Ave 4012452053 Frank A. Sternberg90 Bay Spring Ave, Apt 125 4012462030 Frank D. Marcoccia75 Middle Hwy 4012460404 Frank D. Maroccia75 Middle Hwy 4012460404 Frank E. Lingard9 Stone Tower Ln 4012453038 Frank Santos17 Lister DR 4012479010 Frank Voccio39 Wallis Ave 4012892391 Franklin Fitz17 Lister DR 4012474922 Fred Calitri3 Half Mile Rd 4012456519 Fred Chaffa368 New Meadow Rd 4012470210 Fred D. Nolan28 E Side DR 4012452473 Fred R. Tripp58 New Meadow Rd 4012452350 Fred Warrender62 Mark Wood DR 4012459444 Frederic F. Flanagan Jr482 Washington Rd 4012471550 Frederick Chick7 Sachem Rd 4012455888 Frederick J. Mason Jr23 Melrose Ave 4012453745 Frederick J. Mckenna Jr2 Centennial Ave 4012453095 Frederick N. Blount4 Lighthouse Ln 4012452923 Frederick P. Acciardo138 Upland Way 4012459196 Fredk J. Mason23 Melrose Ave 4012453745 Fredk N. Blount4 Lighthouse Ln 4012452923 Freydoun Chaffa368 New Meadow Rd 4012470210


 G. Sousa104 Alfred Drown Rd 4012456166 Gabriel J. Grilli74 Acre Ave 4012454666 Gabriel P. Silveira9 Annies Way 4012457697 Gabriel Weeden25 Joann DR 4012463204 Gabrielle Mccoy5 Oyster Shell Ln 4012472599 Gail A. Violet48 Federal Rd 4012461079 Gail C. Weinstock22 Hilltop Ave 4012472707 Gail Gilkey22 Hilltop Ave 4012472707 Gail M. Read226 Foote St 4012471079 Gail Moakler425 County Rd 4012452377 Gail N. Townsend1 Starbrook DR 4012451184 Gale Toegemann50 Washington Rd 4014331307 Galen T. Conte17 Anthony Rd 4012461579 Gall M. Read226 Foote St 4012471079 Garage Doors of Barrington425 Maple Ave 4013379268 Garrett M. Sier105 Governor Bradford DR 4012451482 Garspro Cleaning LLC18 Maple Ave 4014337340 Gary A. Henry23 Stanley Ave 4012457589 Gary Bilotti2 Burr Ave 4012472154 Gary D. Berkowitz8 Karen DR 4012453179 Gary D. Dambra10 Oyster Shell Ln 4012471289 Gary Dufresne69 Massasoit Ave 4012890575 Gary P. Silvia293 Washington Rd 4012452418 Gary S. Shore33 Belvedere Ave 4012451825 Genevieve K. Boisseau76 Alfred Drown Rd 4012457693 Genoa Healthcare2 Old County Rd 4012374125 Geo Anderson213 New Meadow Rd 4012459144 Geo Kiamos10 Clarke Rd 4012453337 Geoffrey F. Turner7 Lincoln Ave 4012460781 Geoffrey M. Dellefratte3 Ledge Rd 4012460047 George A. Mangalo3 Peck Ave 4012460269 George A. Vastis1 Cheshire DR 4012450583 George Allen6 Circle DR 4012461639 George B. Bolton18 Chantilly DR 4012453464 George Bursey15 1st St 4012456318 George E. Anderson Jr213 New Meadow Rd 4012459144 George F. Chace Ii1 Ledge Rd 4012460309 George F. Christ38 Old River Rd 4012460219 George Gray34 Samoset Ave 4012452286 George J. Patton Jr270 Rumstick Rd 4012453408 George K. Kiamos10 Clarke Rd 4012453337 George L. Stamatakos366 Nayatt Rd 4012450055 George M. Sylvia Jr37 Houghton St 4012461233 George P. Minardi100 Church St 4012471696 George Perry147 Bay Spring Ave, Apt 129 4012461287 George R. Currier Jr27 Sunset DR 4012450472 George S. Champlin18 Adams Point Rd 4012450310 George S. Dattoli128 Rogers Ave 4014333621 George W. Gallipeau Jr76 Lincoln Ave 4012461439 Georgette A. Geoffrey7 Elizabeth Rd 4012461288 Gerald A. Gato5 Carriage Trl 4012461635 Gerald Guralnik27 Riverside DR 4012472827 Gerald J. Diebold118 Governor Bradford DR 4012470320 Gerald J. Fogarty Jr600 Middle Hwy 4012456676 Gerald R. Morris42 Charles St 4012457581 Gerald Rubino115 Narragansett Ave 4012460289 Gerald W. Carrick15 Arvin Ave 4012451394 Gerald W. Glaser32 Highland Ave 4012452026 Geraldine A. Medici209 Lincoln Ave 4012458309 Geraldine F. Angell90 Bay Spring Ave, Apt 227 4012460177 Geraldine F. Walter8 Teakwood Ln 4012451372 Gerard Building & Design Co Inc201 Washington Rd 4012460599 Gerard L. Moran24 Anthony Rd 4012460652 Gerard M. Decelles Ii11 Hillside Ave 4012470578 Gertrude M. Lemoi81 Sowams Rd 4012453765 Gibson Karin and Jon15 Rosedale Ave 4012461438 Gina M. Sier105 Governor Bradford DR 4012451482 Giovanni D Cicione ESQ282 County Rd 4012892380 Girard R. Visconti360 Rumstick Rd 4012471530 Glen J. Stpierre58 Bowden Ave 4012456082 Glenice G. Sousa104 Alfred Drown Rd 4012456166 Glenn A. Dubler26 Alfred Drown Rd 4012450024 Glenn A. Dubler26 Alfred Drown Rd 4012472721 Glenn M. Lepore52 Upland Way 4012455261 Gloria B. Marshall147 Bay Spring Ave 4012460058 Gloria D. Hall69 Nayatt Pt 4012451931 Gloria Hurwitz56 Chapin Rd 4012452209 Gloria L. Ditz147 Bay Spring Ave 4012460191 Gloria L. Piraino147 Bay Spring Ave 4012460483 Gloria P. Medvill10 Tyler Point Rd 4012453760 Gloria Ruggieri90 Bay Spring Ave 4012454716 Gloria Suriani100 Lincoln Ave 4012461075 Goff DMD James Limited310 Maple Ave, Ste 107 4012892490 Golden Bowl226 County Rd 4012471800 Goldenseed Capital18 Maple Ave 4012563007 Gordon F. Mckenna8 Deerfield DR 4012460410 Gordon M. Morton289 Waseca Ave 4012890880 Gordon P. Roberts Jr20 Conway DR 4012479357 Grace L. Mckinlay336 New Meadow Rd 4012457541 Grace W. Ruiru39 Hamilton Ave 4012471735 Grampa's Green Cleaners188 County Rd 4012459288 Grant J. Sier105 Governor Bradford DR 4012451482 Grapes and Grains Ri24 Bosworth St 4012452100 Grasmere40 Maple Ave 4012472789 Gray Thos B270 County Rd 4012457777 Grayce M. Grout90 Bay Spring Ave, Apt 122 4012467854 Greene David J Home Improvements Inc63 Prospect St 4012460523 Greenworks Lawncare53 Clarke Rd 4012890800 Gregg M. Burke10 Wedgewood Ln 4012450803 Gregory A. Knight395 Sowams Rd 4012890586 Gregory C. Sanborn7 Winsor DR 4012461552 Gregory D. Spiess21 Preston DR 4012452383 Gregory F. Nugent4 Spindrift Way 4012451784 Gregory Fiske15 Short Rd 4012470896 Gregory J. Towne385 Washington Rd 4012459146 Gs Newbold90 Bay Spring Ave, Apt 110 4012460203 Gus C. Morelli93 South St 4014371636 Gwyneth E. Groves7 Manor Rd 4012457076


 H Michael Sefranek DMD338 County Rd 4012471777 H. Adelman2 Ridgewood Rd 4012450128 H. M. Judge39 Primrose Hill Rd 4012460319 H. Morse11 Glen Ave 4012470916 H. Panarello100 Maple Ave 4012451998 Hair Freedom207 Waseca Ave 4012470349 Haley Fiske15 Short Rd 4012470896 Hall Capital Management Co26 Bosworth St 4012450049 Hanna G. Tauber449 Nayatt Rd 4012458073 Hannah Hagan70 Spring Ave 4012460762 Harald Hall268 Nayatt Rd 4012454752 Harold A. Hall268 Nayatt Rd 4012454752 Harold E. Wallman43 Lamson Rd 4012459272 Harold Puckett Jr5 Spruce St 4012451318 Harold W. Tucker Jr10 Laurel Ln 4012456380 Harriet Pappas514 Middle Hwy 4012452512 Harriet Wallman43 Lamson Rd 4012459272 Harry J. Best Jr6 Williams St 4014331534 Harry J. Snyder4 Teakwood Ln 4012455097 Harry L. Hoffman7 Barton Ave 4012452695 Harry M. Iannotti17 Mathewson Rd 4012452187 Harry W. Hebblewaite52 Middle Hwy 4012461729 Harvey Lapides122 Governor Bradford DR 4012456583 Haydee Santiago100 Maple Ave 4012453673 Hayley L. Coutts8 Dana Rd 4012472237 Hazel M. Andreozzi41 Barrington Ave 4012454081 Healey Robert J Jr75 Sowams Rd 4012450306 Heather B. Bianco8 Seaview DR 4012456805 Heather J. Silveira4 Hancock Rd 4012460413 Heather J. Tompkins38 Old County Rd 4012462619 Heather L. Ferro25 Teed Ave 4012453828 Heather L. Vanier2 Crestwood Rd 4012456848 Heidi F. Piccerelli409 Nayatt Rd 4012470967 Helen E. Greene12 Anthony Rd 4012461378 Helen Goral147 Bay Spring Ave 4012460495 Helen Graustein4 Candy CT 4012451232 Helen Gudzinowicz334 New Meadow Rd 4012458010 Helen J. Diquinzio173 Maple Ave 4012890869 Helen M. Diquinzio8 Grant St 4012460170 Helen M. Wendt6 Devonshire DR 4012454097 Helen Nightingale147 Bay Spring Ave 4012457942 Helen R. Gibson79 Chachapacasset Rd 4012451275 Helen R. Gibson79 Chachapacasset Rd 4012458068 Helen Rayner88 Prospect St 4012461326 Helen Schall9 Driscol Ln 4012454724 Helge C. Butler33 Bourne Ln 4012452019 Hendrick R. Krosschell Iii54 Middle Hwy 4012462525 Hendrik Krosschell54 Middle Hwy 4012462525 Henry A. Minardi100 Church St 4012471696 Henry A. Violet48 Federal Rd 4012461079 Henry Blade73 Ferry Ln 4012450073 Henry J Mello Jr23 Hilltop Ave 4012459968 Henry L. Ferreira76 Hamilton Ave 4012470790 Henry R. Stanley55 Sowams Rd 4012459081 Henry Suriani464 Maple Ave 4012454273 Herbert M. Wuth3 Fireside DR 4012457291 Herbert W. Hudson20 Old Chimney Rd 4012454697 Herman C. Nagursky2 Copper Kettle Ln 4012472246 Herman F. Christ20 Appian Way 4012454387 Hidden Gardens212 County Rd 4012479223 Hillary Greene63 Prospect St 4012460523 Hoffman Chropractic310 Maple Ave 4012892444 Hogan & Stone322 County Rd 4012890808 Holden Remington18 Pine Ave 4012460587 Hollies8 Anoka Ave 4012450090 Holly Dwyer49 Pezzullo Ave 4012541521 Holly Holmes84 Anoka Ave, Apt 1 4012454593 Holly M. Morris7 Elton Rd 4012461312 Holmes Barbara M420 Middle Hwy 4012473084 Holy Angels Church341 Maple Ave 4012457743 Hope E. Parish30 Oak Grove Ave 4012892230 Hope H. Eakins153 Rumstick Rd 4012454757 Hope Wilhelm6 Knapton St 4012453224 House of Spas65 Bay Spring Ave 4012460800 Houtt Thomas L282 County Rd 4012452688 Howard L. Smith10 Brook St 4014332649 Howard T. Windley44 Whipple Ave 4012452479 Howie Holland Advertising260 Maple Ave 4012471101 Hugh C. Neville69 Lamson Rd 4012457694 Hugh F. Sheran Jr3 4th St 4012470832 Hugh L. Morgan6 Beaver Rd 4012461668


 I. Bickford14 Virginia Rd 4012452352 I. L. Conte17 Anthony Rd 4012461579 I. N. Molvig419 County Rd 4012458476 I. Saltuk417 Nayatt Rd 4012456508 I. V. Syriac 4012455529 Ian C. Greenhalgh26 Woodland Rd 4012471839 Ian Dellantonio11 Joann DR 4012460960 Ian Horne45 Appian Way 4012454828 Ian N. Berkowitz8 Karen DR 4012453179 Ian R. Godfrey23 Pine Ave 4012460120 Iannotti Harry M Md - Res17 Mathewson Rd 4012452187 Ignazio J. Ciliberto150 Whipple Ave 4012455990 Ilse G. Bickford14 Virginia Rd 4012452352 Insa Wood76 Annawamscutt Rd 4012455748 Irene Johnson53 Greene Ave 4012460969 Irene Lagergren147 Bay Spring Ave 4012460780 Irene Ruggieri264 Waseca Ave 4012458966 Irwin Hall69 Nayatt Pt 4012451931 Isabel Ferreira34 Lake Ave 4013100447 Isabella J. Mahoney90 Bay Spring Ave 4012467829


 J. D. Gillett19 Short Rd 4012456346 J. English167 Narragansett Ave 4012460524 J. Laney 4012452314 J. M. Moravec128 Metropolitan Park DR 4014334195 J. Nicholson 4013100386 J. Olenn31 Appian Way 4012454834 J. R. Wilson54 New Meadow Rd 4012454425 J. S. Beresford3 Jennys Ln 4012456702 Jacante Arnone23 Richmond Ave 4013838233 Jack E. Awde5 Pine Ave 4012460198 Jacob A. Rasmussen4 Shady Ln 4012471006 Jacob C. Shore33 Belvedere Ave 4012451825 Jacquline Cottle503 County Rd 4012461073 Jade Locksmith330 County Rd 4013379310 Jaffe Family Orthodontics147 County Rd, Ste K 4012452626 James A. Baker5 Hearthwood DR 4012470199 James A. Jackson Jr8 Fireside DR 4012452256 James A. Mellodge Sr10 Lafayette Rd 4012452993 James A. Murphy Ii5 Lee Ann DR 4012542255 James A. Polando Jr39 Baron Rd 4012470309 James A. Shea Iii422 Sowams Rd 4012456775 James B. Fontes143 Narragansett Ave 4012461085 James B. Hummel8 Hearthwood DR 4012453127 James C. Trail26 Hazelton Rd 4012461448 James Coogan7 Stone Tower Ln 4012453356 James D. Cregan3 Tallwood DR 4012454334 James D. Ferrato24 Wildflower Rd 4012477177 James D. Simon8 Alden Rd 4012461714 James Dimeo31 Bradford St 4012460462 James E. Anderson279 Nayatt Rd 4012455238 James E. Demick56 Massasoit Ave 4012471365 James E. Hawrot6 Watson Ave 4012474897 James E. Toolin Jr20 Hazelton Rd 4012460147 James F. Egan48 Hawthorne Ave 4012453019 James F. Moura956 County Rd 4014331177 James G. Cowden18 Highland Ave 4012451993 James G. Cowden18 Highland Ave 4012470594 James G. Manis3 Cold Spring Rd 4012453157 James Gardner50 Blanding Ave 4012460580 James J. Gardner Sr50 Blanding Ave, Rear 4012461323 James J. Marshall4 Indigo Rd 4012451047 James Kjelgaard43 Woodbine Ave 4012460302 James Kjelgaard43 Woodbine Ave 4012460468 James Krakue93 South St 4013100497 James M. Meehan Jr484 County Rd 4012460957 James M. Ray Sr37 Brook St 4014370596 James M. Roche15 Great Rd 4012460977 James M. Siegfried15 County Rd 4012471169 James M. Walsh27 Fairway DR 4012455148 James Oakes5 Knapton St 4012454418 James P. Black4 Newbrook DR 4012452772 James P. Mcaree15 Pine Cone DR 4012462534 James R. Loignon11 Wamsutta Ave 4012472142 James R. Whalon51 Townsend St 4012460359 James Raponi10 Jesse Davis Ln 4012452568 James Rayner88 Prospect St 4012461326 James S. Patterson27 Lantern Ln 4012477224 James Suriani100 Lincoln Ave 4012461075 James T. Campbell21 Chachapacasset Rd 4012472629 James T. Carlin2 Wright Pl 4012454446 James Tierney1580 Wampanoag Trl, Apt 206 4014330537 James V. Dattelo12 Hazelton Rd 4012460140 Jamie B. Triebwasser139 Nayatt Rd 4012458527 Jamie Burke8 Middle Hwy 4013375903 Jane A. Shanley5 Doane Rd 4012474622 Jane E. Albee33 Half Mile Rd 4012470115 Jane E. Cronin132 George St 4014345260 Jane E. Donnelly37 Hawthorne Ave 4012451552 Jane E. Przybyla10 Winthrop DR 4012458142 Jane Gasparro38 Riverside DR 4012451378 Jane H. Mccabe7 Greenbrier DR 4012457507 Jane Howe90 Bay Spring Ave 4012460259 Jane Jovin147 Bay Spring Ave 4012460573 Jane K. Blount8 Manning DR 4012461814 Jane L. Couitt132 Maple Ave 4012457078 Jane L. Wildes27 Hazelton Rd 4012460121 Jane L. Wildes27 Hazelton Rd 4012460729 Jane Swift35 Columbus Ave 4012474993 Janet A. Vollaro8 Whipple Ave 4012454398 Janet A. Vollaro8 Whipple Ave 4012454529 Janet B. Searles159 Foote St 4012452831 Janet Christ38 Old River Rd 4012460219 Janet Coit4 Telford Rd 4012470289 Janet E. Hoder60 Adams Point Rd 4012453472 Janet E. Lingard9 Stone Tower Ln 4012453038 Janet E. Sparfven9 Washington Rd 4014331194 Janet H. Muri1 Stone Tower Ln 4012451296 Janet Hurley12 Oak Manor DR 4012450929 Janet L. Mahoney113 Maple Ave 4012460497 Janet M. Bianchi117 Whipple Ave 4012454830 Janet M. Colby31 Lee Rd 4012457576 Janet Stone147 Bay Spring Ave 4012452284 Janet T. Brock17 Highland Ave 4012455569 Janice Black3 Colley CT 4012452356 Janice L. Zeichner14 Lantern Ln 4012456143 Janice Ouimette90 Bay Spring Ave 4013100383 Janice R. Gundersen19 Opechee DR 4012455636 Janice Raftery4 Bayberry Ln 4012471389 Janie Read63 Federal Rd 4012452157 Jarrod A. Brucato61 Annawamscutt Rd 4012451601 Jasa Mellodge10 Lafayette Rd 4012452993 Jason C. Harris6 Clover Ln 4012460041 Jason R. Arnone23 Richmond Ave 4013838233 Javad Beheshci178 Bay Spring Ave 4012460579 Jaya Gautam23 Oak Grove Ave 4012453602 Jayne A. Anderson213 New Meadow Rd 4012459144 Jean A. Conley7 Newbrook DR 4012456724 Jean Accinno33 Riverside DR 4012459303 Jean Allen44 Walnut Rd 4012460865 Jean B. Robertson57 Water Way 4012470405 Jean E. Twomey65 Chachapacasset Rd 4012452171 Jean Haley21 Opechee DR 4012458398 Jean J. Douglas79 Rumstick Rd 4012450127 Jean J. Douglas79 Rumstick Rd 4012451804 Jean L. Poole24 Leslie Ave 4012461185 Jean M. Lepore52 Upland Way 4012455261 Jean M. Sternberg90 Bay Spring Ave, Apt 125 4012462030 Jean M. Turtle7 Ellis St 4012470538 Jean Macintyre35 Hawthorne Ave 4012454736 Jean Rainwater6 Hazelton Rd 4012460798 Jeanne Caito4 Seabrook CT 4012450678 Jeanne F. Nugent4 Spindrift Way 4012451784 Jeanne L. Brockway24 Latham Ave 4012461209 Jeanne M. Chaffee20 Lantern Ln 4012451440 Jeanne Sjovall147 Bay Spring Ave 4012460576 Jeff F. Caplin26 Salisbury Rd 4014335148 Jeff P. Jenkins27 Woodbine Ave 4012461097 Jefferson A. Small5 IDA CT 4012451679 Jeffery P. Sklarz125 Metropolitan Park DR 4014331143 Jeffery W. Lonardo125 Church St 4012454218 Jeffrey B. Mckee185 Narragansett Ave 4012461042 Jeffrey B. Weinstein19 Christine DR 4012470897 Jeffrey C. Oberg9 High St 4012460577 Jeffrey G. Stone71 Blanding Ave 4012460665 Jeffrey H. Lewis17 Vineland DR 4012461789 Jeffrey Hill13 Primrose Hill Rd 4012460619 Jeffrey J. Taylor20 Starbrook DR 4012470619 Jeffrey L. Brinkworth5 Bittersweet CT 4012457445 Jeffrey M. Brody7 Ronald Rd 4012450818 Jeffrey M. Gibson53 Brook St 4014331751 Jeffrey M. Silva108 Massasoit Ave 4012455063 Jeffrey P. Sklarz125 Metropolitan Park DR 4014331143 Jeffrey Robertson10 Mallard Cove Way 4012457612 Jeffrey Scharver20 Pine Top Rd 4012460520 Jeffrey W. Brown53 Chachapacasset Rd 4012450571 Jenette M. Moravec128 Metropolitan Park DR 4014334195 Jenn B. Boylan140 Lincoln Ave 4012453635 Jenn T. Chavez16 Chapin Rd 4012458365 Jennie J. Muglia3 Field Ln 4012456154 Jennie Silvia43 Brow St 4012451085 Jennifer A. Blount14 Prospect St 4012461349 Jennifer A. Boylan140 Lincoln Ave 4012453635 Jennifer C. Auber1 Hancock Rd 4012460239 Jennifer G. Jageler6 Kenmore CT 4014332458 Jennifer K. Anchukaitis57 Lamson Rd 4012460944 Jennifer L. Desisto4 Oxford Rd 4012471832 Jennifer L. Diquinzio273 Waseca Ave 4012450020 Jennifer Theroux71 Annawamscutt Rd 4012455096 Jenny & Company230 Waseca Ave 4012450802 Jenny Dimascio94 County Rd 4012470354 Jerrod J. O'connor7 Bowden Ave 4013100395 Jerry Coffey7 Stratford Rd 4012454839 Jesse D. Blasbalg11 Mathewson Rd 4012456552 Jessica A. Rongo17 Edgewood DR 4012460827 Jessica L. Rasmussen4 Shady Ln 4012471006 Jessica M. Schauble34 Wallis Ave 4012453596 Jessica Sparfven9 Washington Rd 4014331194 Jessie Gagnon3 Milton Rd 4012460490 Ji-Yun Wu32 Lillis Ave 4012890984 Jill B. Bogdanovic10 Thomas St 4012479274 Jill Glickman68 Walnut Rd 4012462157 Jill M. Wilbur91 Nayatt Rd 4012457501 Jill Milne35 Bourne Ln 4013100565 Jill T. Josephson34 Anthony Rd 4013100519 Jim L. Mccartney4 Apple Tree Ln 4012453288 Jo-Ann Jones409 Sowams Rd 4012455675 Joan A. Miller58 Water Way 4012455635 Joan A. Wolf6 Spinnaker DR 4012470972 Joan C. Boyles7 Harrison Ave 4012461136 Joan C. Mchugh72 Bay Rd 4012472033 Joan Cole6 Williams St 4014331534 Joan Doppke415 County Rd 4012457063 Joan E. Rayner41 Waldron Ave 4012460544 Joan G. Arico166 Lincoln Ave 4012471502 Joan J. Frederick3 Vernon Pl 4012460917 Joan K. Rocha6 Meadow Cir 4012450845 Joan Kirk5 Spindrift Way 4012451895 Joan L. Harper18 Maudsley Ave 4012470099 Joan Leach25 Rosedale Ave 4012461158 Joan M. Cannon21 Baron Rd 4012454276 Joan M. Kirk10 Lantern Ln, # 304 4012451156 Joan Milich292 Narragansett Ave 4012462444 Joan P. Mainella41 Colonial Ave 4012451847 Joan Pattie15 Washington Rd 4014330749 Joan Schaefer147 Bay Spring Ave 4012451909 Joan W. Taylor55 Fales Ave 4012456133 Joann Smith11 Tiffany Cir 4012453435 Joanna F. Lerish22 Thomas St 4012455766 Joanne A. Lonardo125 Church St 4012454218 Joanne E. Donahue75 Harold St 4014330903 Joanne H. Taylor270 Narragansett Ave 4012460226 Joanne M. Marchand180 Narragansett Ave 4012461887 Joanne M. Silveira84 Sowams Rd 4012455258 Joanne Marchand147 Bay Spring Ave 4012460446 Joanne Naughton2 Preston DR 4012471458 Jocelyn Krieger19 Melrose Ave 4012453699 Jocelyn R. Lachance201 Promenade St 4014330620 Jodi E. Deangelis127 Church St 4012456986 Joel N. Tobey6 Harbour Rd 4012451829 Joel Sekeres2 Spinnaker DR 4012477527 Joesph Mundy72 Water Way 4012457385 Johanna Tisdale63 Federal Rd 4012460574 John A. Beauchamp379 New Meadow Rd 4012459014 John A. Chelo28 Winthrop DR 4012458239 John A. Dire4 Woodmont CT 4012451346 John A. Hatjopoulos3 Annies Way 4012450550 John A. Macintyre Jr35 Hawthorne Ave 4012454736 John A. Passante46 Alfred Drown Rd 4012479980 John A. Posta5 Plymouth DR 4012457318 John A. Shaw5 Fireside DR 4012450238 John B. Carr2 Oxford Rd 4014334937 John B. Soteros133 Rogers Ave 4014330366 John Bickford14 Virginia Rd 4012452352 John Black3 Colley CT 4012452356 John Bogdanovic10 Thomas St 4012479274 John C. Neves Jr51 Cove Ave 4012457072 John C. Sweeney19 Pine Cone DR 4012461632 John Cregan35 N Lake DR 4012451002 John Dwyer49 Pezzullo Ave 4012541521 John E. Anderson55 Nayatt Pt, Unit 3 4012451422 John E. Baker44 Martin Ave 4012457313 John E. Bettencourt340 Sowams Rd 4012452575 John E. Franks132 Nayatt Rd 4012453709 John E. Franks132 Nayatt Rd 4012454056 John E. Gluek Jr23 Bluff Rd 4012472563 John E. Lyons55 Adams Point Rd 4012450247 John E. Sirmalis4 Hickory Ln 4012461276 John F. Avritch147 Bay Spring Ave 4014331926 John F. Coffey97 Rogers Ave 4014332515 John F. Grady49 Lamson Rd 4012453321 John F. Mccurdy Jr11 Joyce St 4012451915 John F. Mccurdy Jr11 Joyce St 4012457518 John F. Raponi58 County Rd 4012459828 John G. Conner402 Middle Hwy 4012470927 John H. Aguiar Jr12 Bullock Ave 4012451340 John Harrison5 Brook St 4014331857 John I. Paolino Jr185 Whipple Ave 4012450804 John I. Paolino Jr185 Whipple Ave 4012459122 John Iii185 Whipple Ave 4012450804 John J. Accinno33 Riverside DR 4012459303 John J. Affleck5 Vialls DR 4012452468 John J. Fitta Jr153 New Meadow Rd 4012455708 John J. Ruggieri Jr264 Waseca Ave 4012458966 John J. Walter Jr8 Teakwood Ln 4012451372 John J. Webber92 Ferry Ln 4012458988 John K. Calitri26 Stanley Ave 4012450430 John K. Walter33 Chapin Rd 4014665253 John M. Apice15 Winsor DR 4012461347 John M. Conaty316 Washington Rd 4012452405 John M. Koenig23 Winsor DR 4012460810 John M. Silveira Jr4 Hancock Rd 4012460413 John M. Tamburro5 Tall Pines DR 4012454549 John M. Thomas2 Zompa Rd 4012470724 John Marchand147 Bay Spring Ave 4012460446 John Migliaccio118 Ferry Ln 4012458809 John P. Biancuzzo12 Lister DR 4012455729 John P. Boyajian53 Alfred Drown Rd 4012457377 John P. Dicicco16 Hilltop Ave 4012457177 John P. Schaller5 Annies Way 4012890801 John P. Wincze18 Broadview DR 4012452471 John Pace129 New Meadow Rd 4012450185 John R. Deal Jr70 Adams Point Rd 4012456297 John R. Griswold41 Barrington Ave 4012479349 John R. Iasa Jr205 Lincoln Ave 4012457883 John R. Martini346 Middle Hwy 4012458735 John R. Mccabe7 Greenbrier DR 4012457507 John R. Newbold147 Bay Spring Ave 4012460420 John R. Newbold90 Bay Spring Ave, Apt 110 4012460203 John R. Silvia34 Fales Ave 4012471567 John R. Townsend Jr1 Starbrook DR 4012451184 John S. Baker Iii25 Richmond Ave 4014370614 John S. Rea19 Lee Rd 4012452554 John S. Taylor55 Fales Ave 4012456133 John Soares24 Latham Ave 4012461209 John W Moakler III DMD425 County Rd 4012452377 John W. Haley Jr21 Opechee DR 4012458398 John W. Labelle11 Fairway DR 4012451421 John W. Moakler425 County Rd 4012452377 John W. Richardson Ii5 Quincy Adams Rd 4012457189 Johnson Aleta237 New Meadow Rd 4012474950 Jon C. Gibson15 Rosedale Ave 4012461438 Jon Cundy38 Rumstick Rd 4012456706 Jonathan B. Dow1 Zephyr Ln 4013100513 Jonathan C. Leary17 Tiffany Cir 4012470060 Jonathan D. Uri70 Water Way 4012451565 Jonathan K. Faucher7 Grassy Plain Rd 4012462010 Jonna L. Dadamo4 Centennial Ave 4012452587 Jordan Fiske15 Short Rd 4012470896 Jorge H. Sturam36 Chapin Rd 4012455543 Jos. A. Bank180 County Rd 4012453428 Joseph A. Caito4 Seabrook CT 4012450678 Joseph A. Grilo Sr19 Albert Ave 4014330057 Joseph A. Lonardo125 Church St 4012454218 Joseph A. Wirth21 Brookfield Ave 4012453574 Joseph Bailey6 Wedgewood Ln 4012450425 Joseph C. Branco21 Hazelton Rd 4012892739 Joseph C. Caito190 Whipple Ave 4012451023 Joseph C. Fulkerson9 Water Way CT 4012457205 Joseph C. Gomez Jr100 Rogers Ave 4014334010 Joseph Colaneri12 Smith Ave 4012461497 Joseph E. Blount14 Prospect St 4012461349 Joseph F. Ducharme22 Stone Tower Ln 4012471059 Joseph F. Esposito246 Rumstick Rd 4012458205 Joseph F. Murphy30 Lincoln Ave 4012890265 Joseph Frederick3 Vernon Pl 4012460917 Joseph G. Desisto42 Anoka Ave 4012452459 Joseph G. Desisto42 Anoka Ave 4012471765 Joseph G. Fayan47 Mason Rd 4012457509 Joseph G. Vargas19 Leslie Ave 4012461878 Joseph H. Friedman52 Bluff Rd 4012453546 Joseph J. Crisco Iii97 Ferry Ln 4012459778 Joseph J. Dalessio Jr450 Middle Hwy 4012453914 Joseph J. Dalessio Jr450 Middle Hwy 4012450947 Joseph J. Giordano1 Henry DR 4012472766 Joseph J. Migliore Jr51 Chachapacasset Rd 4012452896 Joseph J. Schall Jr9 Driscol Ln 4012454724
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