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Angola, NY. 14006

The city Angola use the area codes: 716, 800.
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 A Great Math Tutor9180 Lakeside Rd 7165494900 A J Schmidt Es 7165490267 A. Albertson910 Johnson Ave 7165491619 A. Barney309 Eisenhower Ave 7165492145 A. Beaudoin 7165492528 A. Borsink9230 Erie Rd, Apt 1 7165494513 A. Browning1571 Burns Rd 7169474516 A. Cummings219 W Pleasant Ave 7165492094 A. D. Cohen306 Eastwood Ave 7165492182 A. Dimaria 7165490586 A. Douglas 7165495407 A. E. Gajewski9662 Maplewood St 7165492723 A. Galfo5 Locust St 7165490214 A. Henry9417 Peach St 7165494240 A. L. Hussey9 Oatman Ave 7165499174 A. M. Sceusa445 Poplar Ave 7165495371 A. Murphy 7165494573 A. Mysliwiec 7167807272 A. Swinnerton36 Lorain St 7165494963 A. West9846 Erie Rd 7165493505 Aaron Coventry691 Herr Rd 7167807134 Aaron Crusan76 Center St 7165493422 Aaron Hackford 7167804778 Aaron Hackford 7167804800 Abraham R. Lofton10246 Hardpan Rd 7165495422 Adalbert Rojek875 Bennett Rd 7165496916 Adam Haight679 Walden Ave 7165490498 Adam Kennedy8456 Erie Rd 7167807153 Adam Milligan21 Orchard Ave 7167807286 Adam Nowak9746 Southwestern Blvd 7165495144 Addison Funeral Home Inc262 N Main St 7165491100 Adeline Bolton9550 Versailles Rd 7163373192 Adrian Jessome9357 Lake Shore Rd 7165491214 Adrianna Mays101 Lake St, Apt 2 7162178108 Advance Assembly Service35 S Main St 7162178144 Agnes Roth1009 Church Rd 7165494938 Al Damerau1155 Church Rd 7165495665 Alan Shephard677 Herr Rd 7162178307 Alan Thexton323 N Main St 7165490568 Albert A. Hilburger237 Eastwood Ave 7165497528 Albert Endres361 Dawn Ave 7165493594 Albert M. Haberer68 Sunset Blvd 7165492453 Albert Schallmo450 Lakeside Rd 7165490004 Albert Smith1506 Gowans Rd 7165491633 Alec Alves1611 Inwood Ave 7165494815 Alene Hilton178 W Sterling Ave 7165494030 Alex Knowles390 Herr Rd 7167807402 Alex Schewtschenko252 W Pleasant Ave 7165495321 Alexander A. Jessome9357 Lake Shore Rd 7165491214 Alexander E. Fischer9191 Lake Shore Rd 7165495896 Alexander J. Fischer9186 Lake Shore Rd 7165495490 Alfred Acksel9531 Waterfront Rd 7165490071 Alfred Alves1611 Inwood Ave 7165494815 Alfred J. Bauer1177 Church Rd 7165492077 Alice Canton220 Lake St 7165494939 Alice Eoannou9456 Lake Shore Rd, Apt 1 7167807244 Alice Macpherson9385 Lafayette St 7165490278 Alicia Redlein253 Kennedy Ave 7162178218 Alisa Novack8691 N Main St 7165490675 Alissa W. Montroy9466 Erie Rd 7165493687 Allen Mcneal401 Herr Rd 7165490369 Allen R. Eich618 Dawn Ave 7165492876 Allen R. Menefee17 Washington St 7165493502 Allen Vail856 Nicole Ln 7162178333 Allen Zygmunt 7165495675 Allyson Roth78 Center St 7165495313 Amanda Brunner10745 Brant Angola Rd 7165493049 Amanda L. Isch988 Beach Rd 7165491580 Amanda Schlenker8297 Erie Rd, Apt 2 7162178064 Amanda Vasquez9046 Iroquois St 7162178256 Amber Lewis5 Pleasant Ave 7167807095 Amber Sawicki425 Kennedy Ave, Apt 1 7162178293 Amelia M. Crimi9228 Mohawk Rd 7165494262 Amy Emmons130 S Main St, Apt 1 7165490295 Amy Florian28 Lake St 7162178143 Amy Heller8989 Newcomb Rd 7165493281 Amy L. Nelson7827 Lake Shore Rd 7165493732 Amy M. Benzing531 Ivy Rd 7165491778 Amy R. Milligan 7165492008 Amy Stockman299 E Sterling Ave 7167807422 Amy Valenti27 Franklin DR 7165494432 Amy-Lee Bentley9192 Waterman Rd 7167807127 Andaya Maria Rita16 N Main St 7167807398 Andrea Jakiel9124 Lake Shore Rd 7162178382 Andrea L Herold905 Lake St 7165491999 Andres Lebron38 Sunset Blvd 7167807434 Andrew Albertso910 Johnson Ave 7165491619 Andrew Davidson833 Bennett Rd 7165493427 Andrew J. Inglut8491 N Main St 7165495190 Andrew Lloyd9394 Lake Shore Rd 7165494001 Andrew Mckeown146 Timber Ave 7165491873 Andrew Mulvihill90 Summerdale Rd 7165490582 Andrew P. Albertson910 Johnson Ave 7165491619 Andrew Yusick21 Lincoln Ave 7165494954 Angela B. Pickard639 Herr Rd 7165495303 Angela Lasalle614 Seneca Rd 7167807268 Angela M. Bedaske10083 Angola Brant Rd 7165493423 Angela M. Jones8587 Larch St 7165494117 Angela P. Lewczyk1325 Cain Rd 7165491259 Angelika G. Zajas9524 Waterfront Rd 7165494168 Angelo F. Fasso1368 Pontiac Rd 7165493857 Angelo J. Gullo31 Beverly DR 7165491027 Angelo Tedesco670 Bennett Rd 7165491208 Angola China Kitchen167 N Main St 7165491182 Angola Flower Shoppe160 Lake St 7165491265 Angola Mobile Thruway SvceThruway & Inwood Ave 7165493981 Angola Mobile Thruway SvceThruway & Inwood Ave 7165493333 Angola Motel9159 Erie Rd, Ste A 7165499866 Angola Penny Saver19 Center St 7165491164 Angola Physical Therapy And Wellness8505 Erie Rd 7165493675 Angola Public Library34 N Main St 7165491271 Angola Roller Sports Ctr144 Lake St 7165491971 Angola Village Of:    -Department Public Works41 Comrcl 7165495460    -Village Hall41 Comrcl 7165491126    -Village Mayor41 Comrcl 7165495130 Anita Burke 7165491254 Ann Borsink9230 Erie Rd 7165491028 Ann Fitzpatrick9242 Lakeside Rd 7165495648 Ann Godfrey9170 Meadow Ln 7165492315 Ann H. Lloyd9394 Lake Shore Rd 7165494001 Ann J. Small956 Cain Rd 7165491007 Ann Kenyon 7162178276 Ann M. Barclay9116 Greninger Rd 7165498857 Ann M. Maynard9841 S Main St 7165494940 Ann M. Tubinis 7165495136 Ann Szal930 Lake St 7165492522 Anna H. Laubach8717 Erie Rd 7165491824 Anna L. Bryant9436 Steffi DR 7165490478 Anna M. Ohler329 Dawn Ave 7165492996 Anna Mathewson9412 Orange St 7162178231 Anne Gardyjan505 Cain Rd 7165490952 Anne Johnson611 Herr Rd 7167807294 Anne M. Botticello199 S Main St 7165490485 Anne M. Botticello199 S Main St 7165496945 Anne M. Kruger1380 Gowans Rd 7165491056 Anne Munzert395 Lake Breeze Rd, Apt FRT 7165494243 Annemarie J. Block9156 Lakeside Rd 7165492375 Annette F. Wojtusiak505 Eisenhower Ave 7165493920 Annette M. Baldwin1505 Burns Rd 7169475754 Annette M. Garrasi80 North Ln 7165494489 Annette Walek194 Arthur Ave 7165494562 Annmarie M. Maynard9841 S Main St 7165494940 Anthony A. Wilk233 Lake St 7165491556 Anthony Catalino402 Taft Ave 7162178255 Anthony Csati54 Glenwood Ave 7165490656 Anthony Emhof9622 Pearl St 7165495323 Anthony Floreno1445 Burns Rd 7169474897 Anthony J Schmidt Elementary School9455 Lake Shore Rd 7169262351 Anthony J. Emhof Sr9731 Kenmore St 7165491162 Anthony J. Mecca Sr9818 Smith Rd 7163372103 Anthony J. Tursi9746 Lake Shore Rd 7165494719 Anthony Jakubczak9080 Iroquois St 7165496574 Anthony K. Paglia1313 Gowans Rd 7165490708 Anthony Klimowicz9798 Southwestern Blvd 7165491124 Anthony L. Catalino402 Taft Ave 7165497254 Anthony Laberge585 Dawn Ave 7162178376 Anthony M. Zolnowski9725 Southwestern Blvd 7165496147 Anthony M. Zolnowski9040 Newcomb Rd 7165496410 Anthony Montoro9849 Shorecliff Rd 7165495347 Anthony Oster9207 Meadow Ln 7167807081 Anthony Pericak 7165490167 Anthony Perna9074 Lake Shore Rd, Apt 1 7162178355 Anthony R. Martorana1061 Beach Rd 7165492019 Anthony S Russo DDS8724 N Main St 7165492060 Anthony S. Capitano59 Grove St 7165493627 Anthony Thies18 Locust St 7162178390 Anthony V. Larusso716 Birch St 7165494923 Antionette Wyland8608 Larch St 7165493458 Antoinet Himes930 Johnson Ave 7162178177 Antoinett Phillips9846 Shorecliff Rd 7165493636 Antoinette Brown9419 Lafayette St 7165490232 Antoinette Dibella695 Steffi DR 7165493059 Antoinette E. Wyland8608 Larch St 7165493458 Antoinette Forth9308 Ryther Rd 7165495025 Antoinette G. Pinter316 Roat DR 7165494122 Antoinette M. Jakubczak8644 Larch St 7165499520 Antoni Klimowicz9798 Southwestern Blvd 7165491124 Apollo B. Trzesniewski1110 Cain Rd 7165491310 Arlene G. Drago5 Lerczak DR 7165496701 Arlene Hearn1467 Pontiac Rd 7165494427 Arlene Heineman657 Herr Rd 7165495241 Arlene I. Palmeri124 Chestnut Ln 7165490249 Arthur A. Hageman9301 Versailles Rd 7163373347 Arthur Anderson9517 Harrison St 7167807368 Arthur F. Kohl85 Grove St 7165495324 Arthur Petch62 Summerdale Rd 7162178194 Ashlee Pollinger1585 Inwood Ave 7165491532 Ashley Barbee667 Hartley DR 7162178191 Ashley Botticello48 S Main St, Apt FRLT 7162178398 Ashley M. Kravitz8557 N Main St 7165490788 Aubrey L. Sedor38 Orchard Ave 7165490280 Audrey C. Hughes9358 Steffi DR 7165495929 Audrey J. Carlson1011 Holland Rd 7165494496 Audrey Sanders141 Lake St 7165493017 Audrey Storey352 N Main St 7165491706 Audrey Wojcik1585 Gowans Rd 7165490581 August L. Pingitore116 Grove St 7165491119 Autotune Service and Repair9712 Southwestern Blvd 7165490844


 B & B Blacktop Enterprises Inc9284 Erie Rd 7165494070 B O C E S-board Of Cooperative Educational Services Of Erie Chautauqua & Cattaraugus Counties - Admin Carrier Center 8002281184 B. Bannon 7165490009 B. Boyer1229 Church Rd 7165490266 B. Churnetski8461 Lake Shore Rd 7165494018 B. D'aurelio454 Eisenhower Ave 7165491390 B. Downton779 Lake St 7165490409 B. Freeman8794 Lake Shore Rd 7162178117 B. Halloran820 Thomas Ln 7167807159 B. Hartloff664 Kennedy Ave 7165492100 B. Jackowiak279 Kennedy Ave 7165494008 B. Mccormack9447 Lafayette St 7165492555 B. Menchetti86 Center St 7165494791 B. Murphy813 Thomas Ln 7165495082 B. Perry9563 Oakland St 7165495023 B. Sawicki778 Thomas Ln 7165497301 B. Siener 7165492056 B. Smith703 Beach Rd 7165499478 Bailey Eastman9399 Elmwood St 7167807295 Ballowe Gary8966 Lake Shore Rd 7165493026 Barb Pattison30 Lincoln Ave 7165493991 Barbara A. Abbatoy45 Middle Ln 7165491923 Barbara A. Clark20 John R DR 7165490258 Barbara A. Difrancesco9057 Newcomb Rd 7165490345 Barbara A. Long9214 Mohawk Rd 7165490475 Barbara A. Rankin1795 Pontiac Rd 7163373149 Barbara A. Starzynski285 Eastwood Ave 7165494840 Barbara A. Swant869 Nicole Ln 7165491549 Barbara Ahrens33 Lincoln Ave 7165493190 Barbara Beckman632 Seymour Ter 7165495697 Barbara Bogold495 Herr Rd 7165492669 Barbara Catalano 7165494869 Barbara G. Trzesniewski1110 Cain Rd 7165491310 Barbara Hackemer305 Harding Ave 7165490614 Barbara Hilburger237 Eastwood Ave 7165497528 Barbara J. Brady10504 Hardpan Rd 7165491054 Barbara J. Gaul1550 Pontiac Rd 7165498342 Barbara J. Kirisits826 Thomas Ln 7165494203 Barbara L. Clark1105 Eden Evans Center Rd 7165490155 Barbara Megyes851 Thomas Ln 7165495227 Barbara Schenck9816 Shorecliff Rd 7165494589 Barbara Slowinski805 Nicole Ln 7165491939 Barnes Primary Care826 Lake St 7165497777 Barry Smith 7165493873 Basil Service Center8587 Erie Rd 7165492884 Basil Service Center8587 Erie Rd 7165492877 Beachside Grill8461 Lake Shore Rd 7165490153 Beer Outlet8596 Erie Rd 7165494141 Bella A. Di695 Steffi DR 7165493059 Bella Terra Greenhouse & Feeds8607 N Main St 7165492014 Bella Terra Greenhouse and Feeds8607 N Main St 7165492014 Bello C. Lo68 Lake St 7165490226 Benita Lopez449 Monroe Ave 7165497215 Benjamin Baumler487 Shell Rd 7165492811 Bernard A. Truskowski7891 Lake Shore Rd 7165490185 Bernard Keilar18 School St 7165495041 Bernard Stranc21 Miller DR 7165496051 Bernard V. Kielar18 School St 7165495041 Bernard Vanremmen9534 Waterfront Rd 7165496432 Bernice Borngraver8636 N Main St 7165493158 Bernice Dull1305 Burns Rd 7169475487 Beryl Bergum174 N Main St 7165492397 Beth A. Lopez449 Monroe Ave 7165497215 Beth L. Navel75 Middle Ln 7165494344 Bethann Lamacchia 7167805212 Bethany Totaro33 Sunset Blvd 7165495760 Betsie Menchetti86 Center St 7165494791 Betty J. Davies9694 Versailles Rd 7163372973 Betty Keefe195 Rosewood Ave 7165495681 Betty S. Hackford584 Seneca Rd 7165492745 Beverley Ratkiewicz1321 Cain Rd 7165490492 Beverly A. Lates692 Beach Rd 7165494363 Beverly A. MosherPo Box 226 7165494118 Beverly Losel1022 Church Rd 7165496142 Beverly Mchugh9129 Stevenson Ave 7165497229 Beverly Michels806 Thomas Ln 7165496922 Beverly S. Roth78 Center St 7165495313 Beverly Schneider816 Nicole Ln 7165494612 Beverly Vandette233 W Pleasant Ave 7165494460 Bill Haberer9401 Steffi DR 7165494166 Bill Storey 7165495913 Bill Weigand747 Thomas Ln 7162178013 Billie J. Schmidt154 Arthur Ave 7165494503 Billy Sang9159 Erie Rd, Apt 1 7165491325 Billy Vanaernam9424 Lafayette St 7165495361 Bliss Dzubella30 Lerczak DR 7165490043 Blue Collar Inn459 Herr Rd 7162796004 Board Of Cooperative Educational Svces:    -Baker Rd 7166620135    -Carrier Center 7165494454    -Ormsby Center 7166528250    -Second Supervisory Dist Erie Chautauqua & Cattaraugus Counties - Adult & Community Education Division8685 Erie Rd 7165494454    -Second Supervisory Dist Erie Chautauqua & Cattaraugus Counties - Central Administrative Offices8685 Erie Rd 7165494454    -Special Education Programs - Erie-catt Teacher Center8685 Erie Rd 7165494454    -Vocational Education - Carrier Educational Center8685 Erie Rd 7165494454 Bob Czosek 7165492941 Bob Sutehall37 Woodland Pkwy 7165492291 Bobbie Swantek29 Miller DR 7167807068 Body Werks Physical Therapy PLLC8746 Erie Rd 7165494999 Bonita C. Laettner1225 Church Rd 7165490057 Bonita Warner 7165493051 Bonnie Anthony-Sanchez530 Herr Rd 7165495440 Bonnie Demtsey9790 Erie Rd 7165491394 Bonnie Gambee854 Thomas Ln 7165494575 Bonnie H. Taylor1251 Church Rd 7165493394 Bonnie K. Tunmore9084 Lake Shore Rd 7165499084 Bozena B. Klimowicz9798 Southwestern Blvd 7165491124 Brad Logalbo7 Beverly DR 7167807306 Bradley Hall9610 Lake Shore Rd 7165492170 Bradley Jackson9383 Lake Shore Rd 7165490868 Bradley M. Hammond359 Kennedy Ave 7165491094 Bradley Parry505 Eisenhower Ave 7165490464 Bradley Weber92 Lake St 7167807097 Brandon J. Dentice164 Mill St 7165490315 Brandon M. Kennelly246 N Main St 7165493244 Brandon P. Baumgart365 Herr Rd 7165496873 Brandon T. Jones102 Middle Ln 7165496505 Brandon Thickstun38 High St 7167807084 Brandy A. Heine45 York St 7165490082 Brandy Owens517 Summer Ave 7165490878 Brenda M. Jaeger654 Dawn Ave 7165496160 Brenda Mueller352 Blackney Ave 7165491592 Brenda Rosenlund35 South Ln 7165493061 Brenda Slovick170 W Sterling Ave 7167807447 Brenda White922 Grove St 7165495457 Brenda Wilson8680 Lake Shore Rd 7165492066 Brendan Dougherty9027 Lake Shore Rd 7165492033 Brett Klaczyk9865 Hardpan Rd 7165493576 Brian A. Nowak9746 Southwestern Blvd 7165495144 Brian Campbell140 Delevan Ave 7165496707 Brian Guest57 Sunset Blvd 7165494548 Brian K. Fox847 Cain Rd 7165490449 Brian M. Horrigan9400 Versailles Rd 7163374003 Brian Sperl8912 Holly Berry CT 7167807218 Brian Stalker9166 Erie Rd 7167807101 Brian Sunday613 Milsom Pkwy 7162178303 Brian T. Mcwhirter9608 Ellicott St 7165491601 Brian W. Hagen724 Birch St 7165493233 Brittany Drone667 Lake St, Apt 4 7162178278 Bronson E. Mcgee38 Lerczak DR 7165491238 Brooke Gardom178 Grant Ave 7162178206 Bruce A. Pickard639 Herr Rd 7165495303 Bruce F. Dippold184 Grant Ave 7165498008 Bruce Keller8148 Lori Ln 7162178351 Bruce Kryszak62 Commercial St 7167807192 Bruce M. Blacher9620 Lenox St 7167805205 Bruce R. Temple699 Steffi DR 7165493715 Bruce Walford193 Arthur Ave 7165495063 Bryan D. O'connell846 Beach Rd 7165493142 Bud Mcneal9723 Maplewood St 7165492668 Buffalo Auto Auction8418 Southwestern Blvd 7165494800 Butch Klawon8117 Versailles Rd 7169475617


 C M W Energy Utilizers Inc1691 Eden Evans Center Rd 7165495900 C. Bryant569 Kennedy Ave 7165490426 C. Byham673 Hartley DR 7162178219 C. Cybulski6 Sunset Blvd 7165493741 C. Destefano 7162178067 C. Doering 7167807069 C. Elzer939 Johnson Ave 7165490718 C. Feltz371 Coolidge Ave 7165494298 C. Gannon9421 Steffi DR 7165490388 C. Henry8928 Holly Berry CT 7165490753 C. Hering451 Dawn Ave 7167807200 C. Horner8570 Lake Shore Rd 7165494983 C. J. Brennan1465 Eden Evans Center Rd 7165490417 C. J. Fuhrmann431 Eisenhower Ave 7165498785 C. Kushner 7167807333 C. Lograsso8045 Versailles Rd 7169475385 C. Masse67 Orchard Ave 7165496519 C. Mccall 7165495299 C. Nease 7165493835 C. Nickolai 7167807086 C. Olrogge8158 Hillside St 7165496768 C. R. Pappas 7167807047 C. R. Pleasant51 Pleasant Ave 7165495336 C. Roskwitalski273 Eastwood Ave 7165490099 C. Vanmierlo 7162178021 C. Walker 7165496509 C. Widmer 7167807195 C. Wilde 7167807142 C. Wilson 7165496491 Caitlyn Byrns255 N Main St 7165490208 Caityln Byrns255 N Main St 7165490208 Candace Rath1070 Karen DR 7162178342 Cann Mc846 Beach Rd 7165490792 Cann Mc846 Beach Rd 7165494704 Cao - Southtowns Ofc251 N Main St 7165496382 Captain Kids8934 Lake Shore Rd 7165495782 Carl C. Grasso Jr8648 N Main St 7165495868 Carl D. Mascio1377 Burns Rd 7169476444 Carl Grodesky719 Beach Rd 7165494484 Carl W. Hageman Jr969 Cain Rd 7165495543 Carla A. Hurlburt765 Beach Rd 7165490281 Carla Manos797 Thomas Ln 7165490357 Carla Steffan825 Nicole Ln 7167807439 Carlton A. Ullrich Ii8768 Lake Shore Rd 7165490552 Carly A. Catalano695 Herr Rd 7165490707 Carmen A. Vacco1505 Cain Rd 7163372578 Carmen Provenzo27 Dellwood Ave 7165492255 Carol A. Karter9953 Southwestern Blvd 7165491432 Carol A. Kowal934 Grove St 7165494113 Carol A. Kruszona452 Poplar Ave 7165494875 Carol A. Kuchera8637 Lake Shore Rd 7165490569 Carol Brodie10273 Brant Angola Rd 7165493511 Carol Dommell1070 Church Rd 7165490783 Carol Durham110 Long Beach Ln 7167807087 Carol Durski542 Eisenhower Ave 7165495172 Carol J. Duhan101 South Ln 7165494696 Carol Kaminski340 Roat DR 7165493733 Carol L. Decker1 Sunset Blvd 7165491623 Carol Mazur130 Summerdale Rd 7165494258 Carol Penksi9180 Applewood St 7165498337 Carol Privitera9708 Pearl St 7165494509 Carol Rydzewski553 Monroe Ave 7165490061 Carol Sager1417 Eden Evans Center Rd 7165497463 Carol Santalucia1895 New Jerusalem Rd 7165490240 Carol Wroblewski767 Thomas Ln 7167807460 Carol Zimmerman760 Thomas Ln 7167807184 Carole A. Gannon9421 Steffi DR 7165490388 Carole A. Hageman969 Cain Rd 7165495543 Carole Hayden715 Baypoint Ave 7165496919 Carole M. Francis9696 Oak Grove DR 7165494552 Carole M. Pisarski47 Terrylynn DR 7165490981 Caroline D. Smith9115 Lake Shore Rd 7165493383 Caroline M. Heine45 York St 7165490082 Caroline Schukraft8613 Larch St 7165491023 Caroline Strianese911 Beach Rd 7165494272 Carolyn A. Dean12 Oatman Ave 7165490325 Carolyn J. Grassmick768 Lake St 7165490265 Carolyn Mackenburg700 Beach Rd 7165492734 Carolyn P. Smith1062 Karen DR 7165494653 Carolyn Perry1538 Gowans Rd 7165496995 Carolyn V. Mazur1591 Burns Rd 7169479579 Carrie L. Slotman686 Lake St 7165493268 Carrie M. Steffan9187 Applewood St 7165493708 Carrie Maciejewski651 Albeeville Ave 7167807397 Carrie Metlak8541 N Main St, Apt B21 7162178257 Carrie Spencer9021 Newcomb Rd 7165490474 Casey Cole531 Eisenhower Ave 7167807366 Casey E. Lopez449 Monroe Ave 7165497215 Cashel K. Gallivan10100 Hardpan Rd 7165491070 Casimer C. Kowal934 Grove St 7165494113 Castaway Bar188 Kennedy Ave 7165496090 Cat Pac1612 Inwood Ave 7165494085 Catalano Motors8327 Erie Rd 7165491300 Catalano Motors8327 Erie Rd 7165491301 Catalano Motors8327 Erie Rd 7165491302 Catalano Motors8327 Erie Rd 7165491303 Catalano Motors8327 Erie Rd 7165491351 Catalano Motors Inc8327 Erie Rd 7165491300 Catherin Nowocien682 Bennett Rd 7165490694 Catherine Eich618 Dawn Ave 7165492876 Catherine F. Gawlak8913 Deana Ln 7165490136 Catherine G. Salansky8605 Larch St 7165493229 Catherine Martorana1061 Beach Rd 7165492019 Catherine Quinn213 Eisenhower Ave 7167807060 Cecelia Hill804 Nicole Ln 7165491279 Chad Barron661 Hartley DR 7167807189 Charles A. Castiglia741 Lake St 7167807336 Charles A. Neelson576 Tuscarora Rd 7165492215 Charles D. Carlson1011 Holland Rd 7165494496 Charles D. Klepfer38 S Main St 7165496904 Charles D. Smith9460 Elmwood St 7165495857 Charles E. Roth78 Center St 7165495313 Charles F. Mule1297 Church Rd 7165495039 Charles G. Katra19 Beverly DR 7165493404 Charles Greenert36 Terrylynn DR 7167807342 Charles H. Dale9280 Waterman Rd 7165495892 Charles J. Fafara772 Thomas Ln 7165490639 Charles J. Valites9375 Como St 7165495994 Charles J. Valvo Ii9766 Southwestern Blvd 7165496300 Charles Kam9678 Oak Grove DR 7162178294 Charles Klepfer638 Dawn Ave 7165492955 Charles L. Dettman1446 Eden Evans Center Rd 7165495516 Charles Lobello68 Lake St 7165490226 Charles M. Alford113 Lake St 7165497273 Charles M. Klawon8117 Versailles Rd 7169475617 Charles Marx360 Harper Ave 7165494628 Charles Nelson557 Dawn Ave 7165493913 Charles R. Coomer8586 Lake Shore Rd 7165491930 Charles R. Grise Sr1033 Holland Rd 7165495726 Charles Romesburg1090 Karen DR 7165494787 Charles Roth1009 Church Rd 7165494938 Charles S. Arrigo502 Eisenhower Ave 7165493080 Charles Sibley9634 Lake Shore Rd 7165496659 Charles Siracuse9038 Joyce Ln 7165492720 Charles Teal348 Blackney Ave 7165494569 Charles Thomas9531 Jamestown St 7167807329 Charles W. Miller648 Hickory Rd 7165491874 Charlie Caple295 N Main St 7167807466 Charlotte Acksel9531 Waterfront Rd 7165490071 Charlotte Moss393 Alfred Ave 7165494839 Charlotte W. Baumgart365 Herr Rd 7165496873 Cheri Bartz5 Forest Ave 7165490713 Cheri L. Fox847 Cain Rd 7165490449 Cheri R. Hahn704 Sandy Ave 7165495326 Cherish L. Masocco1589 Gowans Rd 7165491429 Cheryl Christie418 Alfred Ave 7165490597 Cheryl Easton658 Sandy Ave 7162178328 Cheryl F. Catalino402 Taft Ave 7165497254 Cheryl Francoforte8736 Lake Shore Rd 7165491765 Cheryl Graham29 Orchard Ave, Apt LOWR 7162178266 Cheryl Johnson447 Madison Ave 7165495178 Cheryle A. Dibella695 Steffi DR 7165493059 Chester Dimitroff808 Lake St 7165491721 Chester P. Zielinski Jr1457 Pontiac Rd 7165490736 Chester Szmajda1196 Cain Rd 7165492212 Chiavetta's Catering Service Inc10654 Angola Brant Rd 7165491700 Chiavetta's Potatoes & Greenhouse9784 S Main St 7165490458 Chick's Bar & Lanes8196 Erie Rd 7165494206 Chris D. Rovillo9685 Lake Shore Rd 7165493571 Chris E. Panfil145 Grove St 7165492213 Chris Fasso1368 Pontiac Rd 7165493857 Chris Gordon29 Miller DR 7165491794 Chris Hartz9194 Applewood St 7165491827 Chris K. Benes8198 Hillside St 7165497112 Chris Pinto12 Lorain St 7165490506 Chris R. Dutchess816 Thomas Ln 7165495445 Chris S. Szczepaniak9205 Erie Rd 7165490557 Chrissy Quinn38 Friend St, Apt UPPR 7167807352 Christ Bucklaew975 Church Rd 7165491984 Christ Pappas9091 Erie Rd, Apt 5 7165491249 Christian Delprince11 Rosalind DR 7167807006 Christian R. Pappas9121 Erie Rd 7165495617 Christie Whitney9771 Lake Shore Rd 7165491291 Christin Lonski445 Roat DR 7167807253 Christin Raczyk8184 Hillside St 7165492920 Christin Zielinski286 N Main St, Apt 1 7162178379 Christina Beith60 Miller DR 7165494332 Christina M. Good990 Beach Rd 7165491252 Christina R. Peckens8378 N Main St 7165491239 Christine A. Meyerhoefer8423 N Main St 7165492471 Christine Dobrzanski41 School St 7165492627 Christine Espersen816 Nicole Ln 7162178175 Christine L. Kuta1633 Gowans Rd 7165492596 Christine M. Ralph676 Bennett Rd 7165490968 Christine Nash221 Eisenhower Ave 7165490260 Christine R. Sobczyk1583 Eden Evans Center Rd 7165490275 Christoper Littere56 Lorain St 7165496218 Christophe Littere56 Lorain St 7165496218 Christophe Sciarrino13 Allen St 7162178385 Christopher B. Jeffery8388 N Main St 7165490461 Christopher C. Bucklaew975 Church Rd 7165491984 Christopher E. Navel75 Middle Ln 7165494344 Christopher J. Mecca1260 Eden Evans Center Rd 7165490722 Christopher La108 Lake St 7165492752 Christopher Lalock108 Lake St 7165492752 Christopher M. Nowak9746 Southwestern Blvd 7165495144 Christopher N. Hearn1467 Pontiac Rd 7165494427 Christopher S. Howard1520 Eden Evans Center Rd 7165495384 Christopher Thomas728 Birch St 7165492703 Christopher Weber9022 Joyce Ln 7165491577 Christy Dentice164 Mill St 7165490315 Christy Mathewson443 Shell Rd 7165493478 Cindy F. Bigaj8565 Versailles Rd 7165493525 Cindy S. Trimm225 W Pleasant Ave 7165495112 Claddagh Commission Inc-The Glen8328 Erie Rd 7165496495 Clair Yeamans391 Lakeside Rd 7165495655 Clara Nytz174 N Main St 7165495618 Clark A. Smith692 Hartley DR 7165491167 Clark L. Chaplin Jr33 Newton St 7165498924 Clark-Brant Garage Inc151 S Main St 7165491744 Claudia E. Karlis9445 Elmwood St 7165496939 Claudine M. Greiner9298 Ryther Rd 7165496824 Clayton Ovak 7167807102 Clyde E. Ohler329 Dawn Ave 7165492996 Colleen A. Dippold184 Grant Ave 7165498008 Colleen J. Waterstruss86 S Main St 7165496265 Colleen Vanscoter29 Henry DR 7165499393 Colleen Wieczorek231 Grant Ave 7165493561 Community Action Organization Of Erie County Inc251 N Main St 7165496382 Community Action Organization Of Erie County Inc - Wider Horizons Tutorial Program251 N Main St 7165490116 Community R. Pleasant51 Pleasant Ave 7165495336 Connie L. Wood55 Newton St 7165495698 Conrad Piskorz63 Chestnut Ln 7165491525 Constance F. Christ1192 Church Rd 7165496909 Constance Kurzel9122 Lake Shore Rd, Apt 2 7165493686 Consultants I. Profitability9180 Lakeside Rd 7165494905 Corey Farrell1696 Eden Evans Center Rd 7162178275 Corey Hymes9104 Iroquois St 7167807323 Corey Mcandrews697 Hartley DR 7165490746 Corey Waltz9906 Redwing St 7167807009 Corinne Damerau-Best103 Sunset Blvd 7167807273 Corinne R. Cervola726 Baypoint Ave 7165496792 Cory Dube9537 Jamestown St 7167807022 Cory Herc10754 Angola Brant Rd 7167807387 Cradle Beach Camp8038 Lake Shore Rd 7165496307 Cradle Beach Camp8038 Lake Shore Rd 7165491128 Craig B. Owens517 Summer Ave 7165490878 Craig M. Snyder9177 Waterman Rd 7165497173 Craig Tanner78 S Main St 7165491691 Craig White9230 Erie Rd, Apt 4 7165494810 Creature Comforts Pet Resorts1437 Pontiac Rd 7165491761 Cristofer Hall9900 Shorecliff Rd 7167807415 Crosby's141 N Main St 7165497488 Curtis Wagner74 S Main St 7165495823 Cynthia A. Ericson587 Seneca Rd 7165491145 Cynthia A. Fuller8169 Colleen CT 7162178138 Cynthia A. Glascott84 Miller DR 7165490084 Cynthia C. Blest9432 Lake Shore Rd 7167807213 Cynthia Ceppaglia25 Grove St 7165496252 Cynthia Crincic8696 N Main St 7165493861 Cynthia Feeney364 Blackney Ave 7162178259 Cynthia K. Flynn1761 Eden Evans Center Rd 7165491403 Cynthia L. Abel1062 Church Rd 7165491421 Cynthia M. Cook1477 Gowans Rd 7165494257 Cynthia Rizzuto 7165490331 Cynthia Sikorski9347 Lake Shore Rd 7165497642


 D. Alberts658 Cain Rd 7165496141 D. Armstrong 7167807266 D. Bellanca 7165490197 D. Brant8541 N Main St, Apt A3 7167807349 D. Brogan9 Rosalind DR 7165491148 D. Bruce314 Central Ave 7165491388 D. Bure9450 Lafayette St 7167807091 D. C. Marinov839 Thomas Ln 7165492382 D. Catalino8535 Erie Rd 7165493833 D. Cavanaugh 7165498448 D. Chaplin 7165496783 D. Cieslik9176 Mohawk Rd 7165495153 D. Coffey 7165491675 D. Deubell18 Lincoln Ave 7165496267 D. Galluzzi 7165491109 D. Himes9564 Pearl St 7165492707 D. Hughes8547 N Main St 7165490616 D. Izzio415 Kennedy Ave 7167807214 D. J. Doerner932 Grove St 7165496240 D. Kane 7165494750 D. Kellogg10380 Brant Angola Rd 7165491101 D. Kruszka46 School St 7165493348 D. Krytus 7165490106 D. Kunich 7165492974 D. L. Derk 7165493166 D. Laplante163 Rosewood Ave 7165493726 D. Lopez649 Monroe Ave 7165490607 D. Mcgarrity26 Glenwood Ave 7165490577 D. Obrochta 7165492209 D. Obrokta9494 Ivanhoe St 7165491579 D. Pawlicki5 School St 7165495873 D. Poczciwinski 7165494300 D. R. Stoessel30 Lincoln Ave 7165492329 D. Raymond940 Jaysan DR 7165497158 D. Reynolds840 Thomas Ln 7165491368 D. Roe174 N Main St 7165496857 D. Sasala202 Eisenhower Ave 7165492428 D. Schreiber649 Herr Rd 7165496934 D. Sharp 7167807477 D. Shero9685 Lenox St 7165490797 D. Smith177 Argyle Ave 7165492062 D. Stikke32 High St 7165491020 D. Strauss 7165494926 D. Taylor9903 Lake Shore Rd 7167807007 D. Thompson 7165497348 D. Tisdale1066 Church Rd 7165496219 D. Volker20 Lorain St 7165491638 D. Wallace 7167807111 D. Woodman839 Bennett Rd 7165490598 Dale Alguire1221 Church Rd 7165491698 Dale E. Shero Jr9685 Lenox St 7165493262 Dale John1255 Cain Rd 7162178296 Dale Ketterer420 E Pleasant Ave 7167807301 Dale Mackey676 Madison Ave 7165496118 Dale T. Wyland808 Thomas Ln 7165492252 Dalton Harenza364 Harding Ave 7165497649 Dan Frederick272 Taft Ave 7162178105 Dan Moreton423 E Pleasant Ave 7165495672 Dan Muscato17 Lorain St 7165492425 Dan R. Gernatt1434 Ellis Rd 7165492417 Dana Corieri601 Baypoint Ave 7165495708 Danelle Addison262 N Main St 7165491100 Daniel Andrzejewski9612 Point Breeze DR 7162178261 Daniel Anthony 7165492361 Daniel Bartels9822 Shorecliff Rd 7165491969 Daniel Carpentieri9124 Erie Rd, Apt 11 7162178023 Daniel Carriero9946 Erie Rd 7165494023 Daniel Conley565 Wendt Rd 7167807065 Daniel Cosenza626 Dawn Ave 7165496997 Daniel D. Paradiso75 S Main St 7165493245 Daniel Decker8648 N Main St 7165496001 Daniel E. Heusinger5 Alexandra Ter 7165496760 Daniel F. Zorn1241 Church Rd 7165491685 Daniel Fraser1583 Burns Rd 7165627319 Daniel G. Hamberger625 Madison Ave 7165493433 Daniel Halter80 Lake St, Apt LR0L 7162178238 Daniel J. Fachko581 Herr Rd 7165494472 Daniel J. Michalczak8587 Southwestern Blvd 7165490939 Daniel Jasinski84 Terrylynn DR 7165492906 Daniel Lausch8515 Erie Rd 7162178015 Daniel M. Gallivan10100 Hardpan Rd 7165491070 Daniel M. Kobler689 Beach Rd 7165491256 Daniel Martin 7165495833 Daniel Olszewski9773 Utica St 7167807030 Daniel P. Frame Sr9630 Pearl St 7165490342 Daniel R. Bigaj8565 Versailles Rd 7165493525 Daniel R. Buczynski589 Milsom Pkwy 7165491228 Daniel R. Geary8262 Erie Rd 7165494893 Daniel R. Mecca9837 Versailles Rd 7163379844 Daniel Ruggiero165 Arthur Ave 7165495274 Daniel Sansone8760 Lake Shore Rd 7165499661 Daniel Snoke9143 Stevenson Ave 7165496521 Daniel Tauriello 7165492241 Daniel Vucic7972 Delamater Rd 7169474799 Daniel W. Slotman686 Lake St 7165493268 Daniel W. Stabler9421 Hardpan Rd 7165490247 Daniel Welch15 Lerczak DR 7165492030 Danielle Guenot739 Herr Rd 7162178099 Darcy A. Miller927 Bennett Rd 7165497107 Darlene A. Rovillo9685 Lake Shore Rd 7165493571 Darlene Brumagin10118 Angola Brant Rd 7165494438 Darlene H. Fenik8698 Lake Shore Rd 7165494051 Darlene H. Fenik8698 Lake Shore Rd 7165494847 Darlene M. Depasquale24 Miller DR 7165491331 Darryl L. Jump9596 Jamestown St 7165494571 Darwin E. Myers Iii9030 Versailles Rd 7165491918 Darwin Wilson9393 Jamestown St 7165494739 Daryl L. Andolina9467 S Main St 7165494296 Dave Johnson611 Herr Rd 7167807294 Dave Weil824 Lake St 7165492055 David A. Bittinger9978 Erie Rd 7165494175 David A. Carbeck8554 Versailles Rd 7165493829 David A. Flower33 Snyder Beach Rd 7165494737 David A. Hess Sr9740 Lake Shore Rd 7165492020 David A. Schweinsburg9622 Condon St 7163370325 David A. Scritchfield1088 Eden Evans Center Rd 7165494083 David A. Wrazien639 Hickory Rd 7165492896 David B. Woodworth Ii1617 Inwood Ave 7165493515 David B. Woodworth Ii1617 Inwood Ave 7165495416 David Baczkowski20 Oakgrove DR 7165494895 David Berns10486 Brant Angola Rd 7165491451 David Bindig9916 Shorecliff Rd 7165498284 David Bruce314 Central Ave 7165491388 David Buckley486 Adams Ave 7162178356 David Buckley152 Arthur Ave, Apt LEFT 7167807285 David C. Emhof9731 Kenmore St 7165491162 David D. Dapolito1466 Eden Evans Center Rd 7165491724 David Daniels 7165496572 David Forti798 Nicole Ln 7165497657 David G. Aschbacher53 Middle Ln 7165490419 David G. Stottlar559 Mergenhagen Rd 7165490728 David Gardner9585 Chippewa St 7165491307 David Geary878 Thomas Ln 7165496819 David Harig341 Woodside Rd 7165490090 David Hutchinson1524 Cain Rd 7162178181 David J. Corbett9193 Lakeside Rd 7165493094 David J. Garrasi80 North Ln 7165494489 David J. Nelson9438 Lake Shore Rd 7165493587 David J. Socha 7167807373 David J. Stout354 Lakeside Rd 7165493386 David L. Hartzell9617 Oakland St 7165491703 David L. Held9576 Smith Rd 7163370261 David L. Hinderliter9443 Steffi DR 7165492986 David Laskowski8563 Erie Rd 7165494779 David Lauricello97 Center St 7165491762 David Leising8416 Lake Shore Rd 7165493998 David Ludlow830 Thomas Ln 7165492214 David M. Larusso716 Birch St 7165494923 David M. Pero1225 Brant Farnham Rd 7165493103 David M. Sauter699 Bennett Rd 7165493507 David M. Sippel368 Lakeside Rd 7165491024 David M. Strianese9617 Kenmore St 7165490291 David M. Vucic7972 Delamater Rd 7169474799 David M. Waring9153 Lake Shore Rd 7165492457 David Mason49 Center St 7165497863 David Michels269 Dawn Ave 7165496236 David N. Currey769 Bennett Rd 7165495565 David Ornowski699 Hartley DR 7165495122 David P. Postle9253 Waterman Rd 7165491446 David Petrus9382 Peach St 7165492519 David Quinn9090 Lake Shore Rd 7165494948 David R. Halor646 Dawn Ave 7165497619 David S. MosherPo Box 226 7165494118 David Smeltz733 Bennett Rd 7165493791 David Stottlar559 Mergenhagen Rd 7162178250 David Suleski1237 Pontiac Rd 7165490827 David Truby232 Lake St 7165494967 David Vandermast263 Eastwood Ave 7165498962 David Viscuso9189 Lake Shore Rd 7167807313 David Vona10 Sunset Blvd 7165492431 David Vona Dpm826 Lake St 7165496977 David Waczkowski160 Arthur Ave 7165495765 David Wood55 Newton St 7165495698 David Wyant539 Kennedy Ave 7165495067 Dawn Csati9272 West Ln 7165494352 Dawn F. Sciarrino41 Stellane DR 7165495702 Dawn K. Fachko581 Herr Rd 7165494472 Dawn Lamberti8601 N Main St 7165494147 Dawn M. Hartzell1006 Cain Rd 7165494795 Dawn M. Robillard9154 Erie Rd 7165498746 Dawn Mook205 Kennedy Ave 7165491286 Dawn Pietras846 Thomas Ln 7162178124 Dawn Strasser8608 N Main St 7165494214 Dawn V. Pietras846 Thomas Ln 7165498339 Dawnmarie E. Gozdziak9779 Lake Shore Rd 7165497722 De Johnson821 Thomas Ln 7162178146 Dean Case8567 Patton Ave 7165497329 Dean Hogg8830 Erie Rd 7167807201 Dean Schoonmaker9436 Orange St 7165490891 Dean Stresing651 Beach Rd 7165496639 Deann Fessel139 S Main St 7165491867 Deanna L. Alguire9203 Mohawk Rd 7165496129 Deanna M. Bouchard342 Blackney Ave 7165494111 Deb Esposito1565 Burns Rd 7169479426 Debbie J. Zolnowski329 Taft Ave 7165490922 Debora Gilman73 Lake St 7165497102 Deborah A. Pawlak668 Lake St 7165498932 Deborah A. Schulz8167 Angola Pl 7165490524 Deborah A. Scoville795 Thomas Ln 7165494327 Deborah A. Slawinski9515 Lake Shore Rd 7165495846 Deborah Atkinson9604 Maplewood St 7167807258 Deborah Deubell18 Lincoln Ave 7165493196 Deborah Deubell18 Lincoln Ave 7165496267 Deborah J. Viau814 Nicole Ln 7165490173 Deborah K. Meyer1420 Pontiac Rd 7165492570 Deborah Kingan 7165492398 Deborah M. Dapolito1466 Eden Evans Center Rd 7165491724 Deborah M. Stepniewski32 Railroad Ave 7165494189 Deborah R. Totaro33 Sunset Blvd 7165495760 Deborah Shields1209 Eden Evans Center Rd 7165495733 Deborah Stock727 Bennett Rd 7165494623 Deborah Truby277 Dawn Ave 7165496318 Debra A. Kuminski9627 Southwestern Blvd 7165490590 Debra Parsons53 Lake St, Apt UPPR 7167807235 Debrorah Wilson8680 Lake Shore Rd 7165492066 Delia Merk8068 Dennis Rd 7165494342 Delia Merk8068 Dennis Rd 7165494555 Delores L. Spoth8746 Lake Shore Rd 7165490215 Delphine Forti147 Potomac Ave 7165492251 Deneen J. Lomando942 Johnson Ave 7165493867 Deneen Lalock108 Lake St 7165492752 Denis L. Good990 Beach Rd 7165491252 Denise Cervola45 Stellane DR 7165493122 Denise M. Kushner1195 Church Rd 7165496373 Denise M. Mecca1260 Eden Evans Center Rd 7165490722 Denise T. Alguire1222 Church Rd 7165495374 Dennis A. Litzinger 7165494276 Dennis Adey228 W Pleasant Ave 7165490186 Dennis Bielecki570 Madison Ave 7165494465 Dennis Borowczyk423 Gordon Ave 7165495027 Dennis C. Glascott84 Miller DR 7165490084 Dennis Carpenter25 Sunset Blvd 7165494053 Dennis Coventry778 Beach Rd 7167807082 Dennis E. Alguire1222 Church Rd 7165495374 Dennis E. Fuller8169 Colleen CT 7162178138 Dennis Ferraro7 Alexandra Ter 7165495388 Dennis Fisher9267 West Ln 7162178034 Dennis Hughes8547 N Main St 7165490616 Dennis J. Parisi451 Madison Ave 7165490269 Dennis Klaczyk9865 Hardpan Rd 7165493576 Dennis Lochren41 Lake St 7165490799 Dennis M. Gaul1623 Pontiac Rd 7165490514 Dennis M. Houghton13 Sunset Blvd 7165491825 Dennis M. Moreno467 Herr Rd 7165491893 Dennis M. Rankin1795 Pontiac Rd 7163373149 Denton Dunlap22 Mesi DR 7167807051 Denver T. Persinger Sr612 Madison Ave 7165493321 Derek M. Rohde14 Henry DR 7165491829 Derrick J. Decker95 Miller DR 7165490378 Derrick Szarpa275 Garfield Ave 7167807392 Derrik W. Decker851 Lake St 7165492219 Derrik W. Decker1 Sunset Blvd 7165491623 Deryl Brant397 Herr Rd 7167807248 Desiree Korbs95 Railroad Ave 7162178228 Desperados Barbeue & Catering Co Inc29 Commercial St 7165495413 Diana L. Bryant9436 Steffi DR 7165490478 Diana L. Harenza364 Harding Ave 7165497649 Diana M. Scritchfield1088 Eden Evans Center Rd 7165494083 Diane Andolina9467 S Main St 7165494296 Diane B. Held9576 Smith Rd 7163370261 Diane Barber1441 Gowans Rd 7165490649 Diane Bauer9641 Kenmore St 7167807041 Diane Benzing555 Beach Rd 7165490985 Diane Brennan 7165499167 Diane Brogcinski9613 Chippewa St 7165490629 Diane C. Cooke593 Mergenhagen Rd 7165490446 Diane E. Zawadzki8907 Erie Rd 7165496976 Diane Felt939 Bennett Rd 7165491720 Diane Hosler34 Washington St 7165491330 Diane J. Martorana9337 Lake Shore Rd 7165498379 Diane L. Aliquo9641 Kenmore St 7165490561 Diane Lang18 Prospect St 7165490575 Diane Lenahan312 Roat DR 7165494360 Diane Patterson801 Lake St 7165492945 Diane R. Roe174 N Main St, Apt 113 7165496857 Dianne D. Bittinger1416 Pontiac Rd 7165495370 Dick Lenahan312 Roat DR 7165494360 Direct Sat Tv9049 Erie Rd 7167804064 Dollar General8790 Erie Rd 7165490691 Dolores L. Spoth8746 Lake Shore Rd 7165490215 Dolores Valente9229 Lake Shore Rd 7165491453 Dominic Sack193 Lake St 7165491558 Don Hibbs599 Seymour Ter 7165496282 Don Mogavero9670 Erie Rd 7165497351 Don Weyand756 Lake St 7165492649 Don's Heating & Air Conditioning8428 Erie Rd 7165495224 Donald A. Hornburg811 Nicole Ln 7165493620 Donald A. Waddell1691 Eden Evans Center Rd 7165495202 Donald Brady9208 Mohawk Rd 7165494179 Donald Buckley8144 Lake Shore Rd 7165493093 Donald C. Johnson384 Central Ave 7165494642 Donald D. Mac164 Reeves Rd 7165491166 Donald E. Latimore195 Delevan Ave 7165492968 Donald E. Milks933 Bennett Rd 7165491529 Donald E. Wilson1108 Karen DR 7165491353 Donald F. Golba8143 Versailles Rd 7169474896 Donald Fox9705 Northfield St 7165494629 Donald G. Austin677 Theodore Ave 7165491317 Donald G. Held30 Woodward Ave 7165492594 Donald J. Arcara30 Woodland Pkwy 7165492038 Donald J. Decker95 Miller DR 7165490378 Donald J. Hartman1333 Gowans Rd 7165490636 Donald J. Malicki882 Thomas Ln 7165493004 Donald J. Mullen251 Kennedy Ave 7165490570 Donald L. Naab8559 Lake Shore Rd 7165495871 Donald M. Banas9060 Lake Shore Rd 7165496413 Donald M. Herlan684 Hartley DR 7165492899 Donald M. Mccourt1133 Church Rd 7165498536 Donald Mogavero629 Dawn Ave 7165493351 Donald Ross53 Maple St 7165492600 Donald Sommers9160 Lakeside Rd 7165490583 Donald T. Mcandrews697 Hartley DR 7165490746 Donald Tomkowiak89 Lake St 7165490721
Donald Workoff8919 Deana Ln 7165491908 Donelle S. Alberts658 Cain Rd 7165496141 Donna C. Agos1192 Eden Evans Center Rd 7165490744 Donna Hayden57 South Ln 7165492640 Donna J. Glover923 Grove St 7165496862
Donna J. Gullo31 Beverly DR 7165491027 Donna J. Mecca9817 Smith Rd 7163372102 Donna L. Pollinger1585 Inwood Ave 7165491532 Donna L. Snoke9143 Stevenson Ave 7165496521 Donna M. Mccourt1133 Church Rd 7165498536 Donna M. Peckens8378 N Main St 7165491239 Donna Pattison45 South Ln 7165493519 Donna R. Dutchess816 Thomas Ln 7165495445 Donna Reinard8539 Lake Shore Rd 7167807240 Donna Shomper94 Long Beach Ln 7167807160 Donnie Hoelscher255 Eisenhower Ave 7165493866 Doreen H. Miller56 Terrylynn DR 7165491500 Doris G. Boncore870 Bennett Rd 7165492002 Doris J. Olmstead8541 N Main St 7165491593 Dorothy A. Haberer68 Sunset Blvd 7165492453 Dorothy Burkum270 Harding Ave 7167805766 Dorothy Godfrey9163 Meadow Ln 7165493314 Dorothy J. Burkum270 Harding Ave 7165497859 Dorothy L. Fish8745 Lake Shore Rd 7165496635 Dorothy M. Genovese9957 Hardpan Rd 7165492097 Dorothy M. Schunk837 Beach Rd 7165490838 Dorothy M. Szablicki83 Terrylynn DR 7165493828 Dorothy M. Winters21 Pennsylvania Ave 7165490145 Dorothy W. Starzynski285 Eastwood Ave 7165494840 Douglas J. Maynard9841 S Main St 7165494940 Douglas N. Walczak40 Terrylynn DR 7165494170 Douglas P. Herrmann1836 Pontiac Rd 7163373618 Douglass Dean45 High St 7167807451 Duane Wygant507 Roanoke Ave 7165492637 Duncan L. Jewitt1348 Eden Evans Center Rd 7165492374 Durea A. Mcgee38 Lerczak DR 7165491238 Dwayne J. Smith1506 Eden Evans Center Rd 7165496354


 E. Czajka9963 S Main St 7165493219 E. J. Kauzala15 Allen St 7165491851 E. R. Majchrowicz897 Bennett Rd 7165492765 E. Renzo1069 Church Rd 7165490969 E. Roach 7167807426 E. Rockwood454 Wood Ave 7165497183 E. Volk864 Thomas Ln 7165494533 E. Way9139 Waterman Rd 7165493994 Earl A. Timm930 Lake St, Apt 16 7165492921 Earl Schmittendorf22 Miller DR 7165490022 Earl W. Detlef594 Pinehardt Rd 7165492747 Earth Straws Inc9542 Hardpan Rd 7165499555 Ed Mochol619 Milsom Pkwy 7165499554 Ed Rodgers84 Lake St 7165494314 Edith Anderson9482 Elmwood St 7165495848 Edith Blattenberger7818 Versailles Rd 7169474555 Edmund Dull1305 Burns Rd 7169475487 Edna A. Yohn174 N Main St 7165490704 Edna M. Hornburg811 Nicole Ln 7165493620 Edward A. Wojcik Jr1585 Gowans Rd 7165490581 Edward Allen1098 Karen DR 7165491848 Edward C. Macpherson9385 Lafayette St 7165490278 Edward C. Wyland8608 Larch St 7165493458 Edward Carney459 Alfred Ave 7165490263 Edward D. Martin174 N Main St 7165493160 Edward Dudek412 Roat DR 7167807318 Edward Durham110 Long Beach Ln 7167807087 Edward H. Brant9046 Lake Shore Rd 7165491674 Edward H. Forster851 Nicole Ln 7165492268 Edward H. Polovinuk526 Summer Ave 7165491318 Edward J. Conboy Jr8168 Hillside St 7165490986 Edward J. Coonly9828 Shorecliff Rd 7165493610 Edward J. Jezioro36 Glenwood Ave 7165492549 Edward L. Zimpfer Jr9888 Shorecliff Rd 7165493669 Edward M. Pasinski784 Bennett Rd 7165492535 Edward M. Paul576 Pinehardt Rd 7165497041 Edward Majchrowicz897 Bennett Rd 7165490547 Edward Malesczuk8135 Lori Ln 7165499172 Edward Martin451 Alfred Ave 7165491392 Edward Pasinski9320 Erie Rd 7165495394 Edward Porter8612 Larch St 7165492143 Edward R. Gerecke Sr9559 Erie Rd 7165491487 Edward S. Munson1108 Church Rd 7165490257 Edward Smith9634 Court St 7165490632 Edward Smith168 Reeves Rd 7165493012 Edward Weber592 Dawn Ave 7165491708 Edward Whitlam816 Bennett Rd 7165494002 Edwin C. Malaszek9690 Oak Grove DR 7165496680 Edwin J. Marchant74 Long Beach Ln 7165492608 Edwin J. Marchant9855 Shorecliff Rd 7165490626 Eileen Bateman185 Timber Ave 7162178113 Eileen C. Catalano9935 Hardpan Rd 7165495861 Eileen Murphy29 Sunset Blvd 7165490745 Eileen P. Barry6 Henry DR 7165490391 Eileen Patton8673 N Main St 7165490759 Eileen Peterson281 Herr Rd 7167807003 Eileen Sroda9577 Maplewood St 7167807028 Eisen Bernard M Offices21 Center St 7165493111 Eisen Bernard M Offices DDS21 Center St 7165493111 Elaine A. Bauer1177 Church Rd 7165492077 Elaine F. Ahrens520 Sycamore Ave 7165494476 Elaine J. Mecca9818 Smith Rd 7163372103 Elaine Memmo329 E Pleasant Ave 7165496451 Eleanor ChiavettaBRANT-RESR Rd 7165490264 Eleanor Cox64 Summerdale Rd 7165490505 Eleanor J. Coomer8586 Lake Shore Rd 7165491930 Elinor Bryant805 Thomas Ln 7165494959 Elisabeth Stoklosa718 Sandy Ave 7165492473 Elissa J. Pickard639 Herr Rd 7165495303 Elizabeth A. Leone119 Grove St 7165496069 Elizabeth Duzen9396 Elmwood St 7165494281 Elizabeth E. O'connell8123 Versailles Rd 7169470155 Elizabeth Emmerick82 Orchard Ave 7162178077 Elizabeth Hayhurst922 Johnson Ave 7167807245 Elizabeth J. Sack8564 N Main St 7165492383 Elizabeth Jackowiak279 Kennedy Ave 7165494008 Elizabeth M. Emhof394 E Pleasant Ave 7165491078 Elizabeth Owens514 Peters Rd 7165491140 Elizabeth Owens514 Peters Rd 7167807165 Elizabeth S. Kozlowski9408 Steffi DR 7165490382 Ellen J. Herdman614 Pinehardt Rd 7165496167 Ellen M. Nowak9746 Southwestern Blvd 7165495144 Ellen M. Stabler9421 Hardpan Rd 7165490247 Ellen R. Conard596 Seymour Ter 7165491280 Ellen Sullivan-Schnieder9213 Mohawk Rd 7165494520 Emily A. Ziolo9034 Lake Shore Rd 7165493420 Emily Koener1 Pleasant Ave 7167807317 Emily Ludwig657 Dawn Ave, Apt 2 7167807463 Emir Omerhodzic604 Seymour Ter 7167807067 Emma Makoczy9257 Waterman Rd 7165493064 Emmett Lonergan9465 Erie Rd 7165495540 Enabell Mirando1100 Karen DR 7165490416 Enrico Manzoni22 Lincoln Ave 7165493546 Episcopal Community Housing Inc930 Lake St 7165492802 Eric Krieger8138 Amy Jenn DR 7162178047 Eric R. Maltby643 Lake St 7165495719 Eric Smith424 E Pleasant Ave 7167807203 Eric Szafranski8041 Dennis Rd 7167807457 Eric Urgo1214 Cain Rd 7162178163 Erica Case117 Summerdale Rd 7167807080 Erica Harroun 7165497459 Erica I. Aikin870 Bennett Rd 7165490796 Erica Michalczak8587 Southwestern Blvd 7165490939 Erie 242 Sunset Blvd 7165494549 Erie County Police Department8787 Erie Rd 7165491023 Erie-county Of - Sewerage Management Div - Sewer Dist No 28443 Lake Shore Rd 7165493161 Erika Ibach9589 Oakland St 7165494071 Erin Harding53 Lake St 7167807076 Erin Kelley9836 Shorecliff Rd 7165499525 Ernest Benoit9627 Condon St 7163373052 Ernest Mccauley467 Sycamore Ave 7165491041 Ernest Niedermeier1409 Cain Rd 7165494826 Ernest Slattery369 Herr Rd 7165493784 Ernest Waddell600 Milsom Pkwy 7165494747 Ernest Waddell1691 Eden Evans Center Rd 7165495202 Ernst Ruper20 Ward Pkwy 7165492527 Erwin H. Freiert600 Pinehardt Rd 7165494076 Erzsebet Kovacs21 John R DR 7165496508 Eugene F. Hilton178 W Sterling Ave 7165494030 Eugene Feldmann986 Beach Rd 7167807088 Eugene Gaughan9662 Oak Grove DR 7167807438 Eugene Hackemer305 Harding Ave 7165490614 Eugene J. Krampen9816 Versailles Rd 7163374961 Eugene J. Strianese Jr9617 Kenmore St 7165490291 Eugene L. Bittinger1416 Pontiac Rd 7165495370 Eugene M. Gaughan9662 Oak Grove DR 7165494960 Eugene Piwko166 Timber Ave 7162178008 Eugene Rigby9430 Steffi DR 7165495945 Eugene Slawinski9302 Waterman Rd 7165497057 Eugene T. Woodman915 Bennett Rd 7165493720 Eva K. Raisor9143 Newcomb Rd 7165491749 Evan Squier26 Beverly DR 7165491594 Evans Center Volunteer Fire Co8298 Erie Rd 7165491221 Evans Mechanical Services8596 Erie Rd 7165492121 Evans Parks & Recreation - Town ParkEvans Town Park 7165491053 Evans Police Department - Non Emergency911 Emerg 8787 Erie Rd 7165493600 Evans Rod & Gun Club864 Cain Rd 7165490333 Evans Town Of 7165490128 Evans Town Of:    -Emergencies - Historical Society8351 Erie Rd 7165496139    -Town Park 7165491053    -Water Dept-billing 7165495751 Evans-Brant Chamber of Commerce70 N Main St 7165493221 Evelyn Bruce314 Central Ave 7165491388 Evelyn M. Mead1690 Gowans Rd 7165493523 Evelyn M. Paradiso173 Grove St 7165491844


 F. Borzelleri 7165492160 F. Downey 7165497368 F. Ellis307 Reeves Rd 7165493209 F. Frangiamore9632 Bidwell St 7165493140 F. J. Steenberg190 Dawn Ave 7165490679 F. Murphy333 Lakeside Rd 7165493995 F. Pingitore26 Sunset Blvd 7165496809 F. Plummer856 Thomas Ln 7165492288 F. Quinn 7165491781 F. Simon9730 Lenox St 7165492243 Faber IncNys Thruway 7165491795 Falicia Judson247 W Sterling Ave 7162178207 Fannielynn Patterson58 Summerdale Rd 7165494249 Fay Fitzgerald8136 Amy Jenn DR 7165492132 Faye Sunday842 Nicole Ln 7165493558 Ferber Automotive Corp8120 Erie Rd 7165491810 First Congregation United Church Of Christ132 N Main St 7165492115 First Place Finishes1303 Pontiac Rd 7165491544 Fleet Car Carriers8414 Southwestern Blvd 7165491480 Flexovit USA Inc1305 Eden Evans Center Rd 7165495100 Florence Fox9705 Northfield St 7165494629 Floyd Milliken69 Sunset Blvd 7165494649 Fp Gaughan144 Oak Grove DR 7165491800 Frances Booi8541 N Main St 7165492748 Frances Dybdahl94 Orchard Ave, Apt LG 7165494047 Frances Jezioro36 Glenwood Ave 7165492549 Frances Kujawski451 Kennedy Ave 7165491220 Francine Csati225 Lake St 7165495213 Francis E. Hinderliter Jr9443 Steffi DR 7165492986 Francis J. Bouchard Jr342 Blackney Ave 7165494111 Francis J. Conrad622 Seymour Ter 7165491635 Francis J. Hotchkiss9266 Waterman Rd 7165494892 Francis J. Markott Jr883 Bennett Rd 7165491963 Francis L. Durski9581 Granger St 7165490702 Francis L. Durski542 Eisenhower Ave 7165495172 Francis Rodler X11 Beverly DR 7165494728 Francis X. Mazur8140 Versailles Rd 7169474756 Frank A. Carsello814 Thomas Ln 7165496989 Frank A. Catalano393 Herr Rd 7165498467 Frank A. Monteleone871 Lake St 7165494400 Frank Bish402 E Sterling Ave 7165492852 Frank Caffery25 Allen St 7165490423 Frank Campofelice8686 Lake Shore Rd 7165493570 Frank D. Forczek8152 Lake Shore Rd 7165491643 Frank Durski 7167804820 Frank Gervase91 S Main St 7165491926 Frank Hickel422 E Sterling Ave 7165493403 Frank J. Ciminesi85 Center St 7165491012 Frank J. Trimm225 W Pleasant Ave 7165495112 Frank Kamberaj84 North Ln 7167807400 Frank Ransbury9130 Lake Shore Rd 7165491967 Frank S. Gugino10545 Angola Brant Rd 7165492218 Frank S. Needham274 Lakeside Rd 7165492105 Frank Tomkowiak89 Lake St 7165490721 Franklin J. Drago3 Franklin DR 7165493431 Franklin T. Kush117 Lake St 7165494766 Fred Carstens72 Lake St 7162178314 Fred Gugino9682 Oak Grove DR 7165490091 Fred Packard33 Terrylynn DR 7165492731 Frederic Eckles8 Bartus Ln 7165494436 Frederic Strade66 Orchard Ave 7165494943 Frederick J. Backert69 Railroad Ave 7165494638 Frederick Scherer9870 Shorecliff Rd 7165496609 Fredrick Biel794 Nicole Ln 7162178133 Freeman Hockenberger695 Madison Ave 7165490791 Frontier Claim Svces Inc16 N Main St 7169263301


 G. Blum 7165496584 G. Duffey7962 Lake Shore Rd 7165494879 G. Flis657 Beach Rd 7165491371 G. Grundtisch9663 Oak Grove DR 7165493839 G. Kardach1236 Church Rd 7165492253 G. Leone119 Grove St 7165496069 G. Lepsch8644 Brennen Rd 7165495148 G. Mcnamara 7165492356 G. Newman30 Washington St 7165493592 G. Ross 7165490698 G. Walter54 Sunset Blvd 7165491958 G. Wild732 Lake St 7167807044 G. Zeitler9664 Oak Grove DR 7165495609 Gabriele P. Ballowe8966 Lake Shore Rd 7165493026 Gail C. Johnson384 Central Ave 7165494642 Gail Dreyer9456 Lake Shore Rd 7165495899 Gail Hunter1048 Eden Evans Center Rd 7165493378 Gail Zimmermann696 Hartley DR 7165494590 Gale E. Woodman915 Bennett Rd 7165493720 Gale Woodman915 Bennett Rd 7165493631 Garra Lester920 Lake St 7165490491 Garry M. Welshans1273 Gowans Rd 7165494871 Gary A. Stahl1076 Church Rd 7165495640 Gary Ballowe8966 Lake Shore Rd 7165493026 Gary E. Ralph676 Bennett Rd 7165490968 Gary F. Sauer455 Alfred Ave 7165496536 Gary Huber1184 Church Rd 7165493239 Gary J. Decarlo9191 Newcomb Rd 7165490314 Gary J. Kravitz8557 N Main St 7165490788 Gary J. Losel Jr1022 Church Rd 7165496142 Gary J. Peckens8378 N Main St 7165491239 Gary J. Pudlewski Jr38 Lincoln Ave 7165499002 Gary M. Bauer1177 Church Rd 7165492077 Gary M. Hiemenz335 E Pleasant Ave 7167807327 Gary M. Young257 Garfield Ave 7165494068 Gary Pudlewski9 Locust St 7167807109 Gary Sager1418 Eden Evans Center Rd 7165491928 Gary SchindlerGeneral Delivery 7169340004 Gary T. Gawron9406 Erie Rd 7165496830 Gary Tribula47 Maple St 7165492696 Gary W. Widmer25 Oatman Ave 7165493452 Gary W. Widmer4 Pleasant Ave 7165494691 Gayle Duffey8696 N Main St, Apt 2 7162178126 Geary John551 Madison Ave 7165494578 Gene R. Wells8652 Lake Shore Rd 7165495017 Gene Schleicher9872 Shorecliff Rd 7165492027 Genevieve L. Shouldice9793 Shorecliff Rd 7165493678 George Anthony9523 Southwood DR 7162178174 George C. Held30 Woodward Ave 7165492594 George Czumaj319 Herr Rd 7165499544 George E. Stephan9429 Steffi DR 7165494316 George F. Laettner Jr1225 Church Rd 7165490057 George F. Littlejohn Ii9737 Texas St 7165493595 George H. Riehle Jr40 South Ln 7165492456 George H. Ruffles590 Ainsworth Pkwy 7165492106 George J. Beith60 Miller DR 7165494332 George J. Bogold Jr495 Herr Rd 7165492669 George Leverenz 7167807356 George M. Salim221 Westwood DR 7165490302 George M. Stepniewski32 Railroad Ave 7165494189 George Pattison30 Lincoln Ave 7165493991 George Rankus8945 Holly Berry CT 7165492505 George Riehle 7167804821 George S. Rankus1031 Eden Evans Center Rd 7165491183 George Swartz9817 Shorecliff Rd 7165495069 George W. Stephens Jr8943 Holly Berry CT 7165491658 George Ziembiec20 Dellwood Ave 7165494084 Georgett Ross860 Nicole Ln 7165490377 Georgian Davis750 Lake St 7167807354 Georgina Dichristina174 N Main St, Apt 104 7167807220 Gerald A. Botticello199 S Main St 7165496945 Gerald A. Botticello199 S Main St 7165490485 Gerald Beamish9655 Lake Shore Rd 7165492905 Gerald Butka759 Thomas Ln 7165492271 Gerald Cournyea 7165494373 Gerald Hallberg9744 Lenox St 7165494152 Gerald Harenza9815 Lake Shore Rd 7165497700 Gerald J. Gannon Jr9421 Steffi DR 7165490388 Gerald Kibler756 Thomas Ln 7165492994 Gerald L. Clark20 John R DR 7165490258 Gerald Mazzetti145 Potomac Ave 7165491680 Gerald R. Shouldice9793 Shorecliff Rd 7165493678 Gerald Weidner9422 Lake Shore Rd 7162178299 Gerald Weisedel237 Reeves Rd 7165492442 Geraldine Coonly9828 Shorecliff Rd 7165493610 Geraldine Corbran407 Woodside Rd 7165493176 Geraldine Jacobs9973 S Main St 7165491110 Geraldine M. Wagner1087 Church Rd 7165498034 Geraldine R. Kuntz433 Herr Rd 7165494618 Geraldine R. Schaefer407 Woodside Rd 7165493176 Gerard Grosso577 Tuscarora Rd 7165497324 Gertrude A. Militello16 Allen St 7165491983 Gertrude A. Militello16 Allen St 7165490115 Gertrude Wolodzko75 Sunset Blvd 7165493069 Gifford Swyers50 Terrylynn DR 7165491514 Gina Baca519 Sycamore Ave 7167807355 Gina Behringer587 Eisenhower Ave 7165495087 Gina M. Lachowski644 Albeeville Ave 7165490879 Gino's Auto Care8656 Erie Rd 7165493900 Gisela Driscoll 7167807024 Glen A. George286 Eastwood Ave 7165490110 Glen Tasker 7165494715 Glenn Cheney271 N Main St 7165493990 Glenn Owens227 Grant Ave 7165493112 Gloria B. Crusan76 Center St 7165493422 Gloria Berrios9688 Oak Grove DR 7165494974 Gloria J. Hougle342 Central Ave 7165490312 Gloria L. Andolina9837 Smith Rd 7163372373 Gloria Wagner187 Humboldt Ave 7165492737 Gordon Brumagin10118 Angola Brant Rd 7165494438 Gordon Kraus9456 Lake Shore Rd 7165495699 Government Offices City8752 Delamater Rd 7165490192 Goya Foods Great Lakes200 S Main St 7166482835 Goya Foods Of Great Lakes200 S Main St 7165497259 Grace Feider42 Mill St 7165495050 Grace Piechowiak685 Theodore Ave 7165491922 Graig G. Leone119 Grove St 7165496069 Grandview Golf Course9211 Lake Shore Rd 7165494930 Great Lakes Car-O-Liner Inc9545 Hardpan Rd 7165490026 Greg Drago841 Beach Rd 7165491530 Gregg L. Heckman 7165490251 Gregory A. Carestio935 Lake St 7165494611 Gregory B. Drago5 Lerczak DR 7165496701 Gregory C. Switala1313 Cain Rd 7165493309 Gregory Clark20 John R DR 7165490258 Gregory D. Scheuneman832 Beach Rd 7165495005 Gregory J. Baumgart365 Herr Rd 7165496873 Gregory Koch9232 Lakeside Rd 7162178141 Gregory O'connor43 Long Beach Ln 7165490125 Guinivere M. Flis657 Beach Rd 7165491371 Gustave Fehrer304 Herr Rd 7165492617 Gustave J. Larson805 Bennett Rd 7165498041


 H. Bateman9688 Pearl St 7165490309 H. Leising 7165498880 H. Mercado 7165490021 H. Schlenker 7165491486 Hands On Health Chiropractic146 Lake St 7165491999 Harold A. Heusinger5 Alexandra Ter 7165496760 Harold Hatfield9583 Ellicott St 7162178222 Harold Summar9839 Lake Shore Rd 7165494205 Harriet Preshoot8647 N Main St 7162178233 Harry Kowalski1399 Pontiac Rd 7165491069 Harry W. Blaszkiewicz8349 Versailles Rd 7165495061 Harry Watkins72 North Ln 7165490104 Harvey Ketcher9180 Lakeside Rd 7165492029 Harvey Ketcher9180 Lakeside Rd 7165494900 Harvey Ketcher9180 Lakeside Rd 7165496730 Harvey Kohlmeier866 Bennett Rd 7165490340 Hauling Freight Lines Inc8588 Erie Rd 7165491213 Haydee Mercado8541 N Main St 7165490021 Heather A. Mardino8015 Versailles Rd 7169473197 Heather Boncore870 Bennett Rd 7165492002 Heather Boncore994 Beach Rd 7165490102 Heather Nelson9385 Scott St 7165491374 Heather Smith1126 Church Rd 7165497349 Hedwig Edmonson675 Cradle Ave 7165494273 Heidi Gugino10476 Brant Angola Rd 7165499118 Heidi M. Baniszewski1220 Brant Farnham Rd 7165495008 Heidi M. Gugino10475 Angola Brant Rd 7165499111 Helen A. Pisarski895 Lake St 7165492672 Helen Cooper9570 Redwing St 7165491624 Helen Dejohn8140 Amy Jenn DR 7165496146 Helen F. Randall9134 Lake Shore Rd 7165490367 Helen Wheeler126 Delevan Ave 7165498797 Helena Gartley9729 Lenox St 7165495215 Helene M. Paul576 Pinehardt Rd 7165497041 Helga Jones174 N Main St, Apt 216 7167807361 Helma Gapinski575 Oak Ter 7165493742 Henry Glose27 Henry DR 7167807135 Henry Killeen9912 Shorecliff Rd 7167807001 Henry Laskowski8563 Erie Rd 7165494779 Henry P. Koszuta8701 N Main St 7165496468 Henry P. Kozuta8701 N Main St 7165496468 Henry Puleo9676 Oak Grove DR 7162178295 Henry R. Swiader112 Summerdale Rd 7165495881 Henry Starzynski285 Eastwood Ave 7165494840 Herbert C. Wyant Sr8048 Dennis Rd 7165490563 Herbert P. Combs9687 Oakland St 7165494177 Hilary Geary8262 Erie Rd 7165494893 His Way Assembly of God8545 N Main St 7165491727 Holly A. Lesinski8976 Versailles Rd 7165496636 Holly L. Fredericks105 South Ln 7165495409 Honorato Villarreal104 Long Beach Ln 7162178265 Hope Kapuszcak9598 Pearl St 7165492577 Howard L. Engleka1357 Cain Rd 7165491395 Howard M. Frawley82 Orchard Ave 7165495309 Howard M. Frawley Jr82 Orchard Ave 7165494284 Howard Truby101 Center St 7165493278 Hunter Search & Placement Professionals644 Albeeville Ave 7163620964


 I. Choczynski150 N Main St 7165492124 I. Murray 7165490738 I. R. Nadeau1095 Eden Evans Center Rd 7165493760 Iain M. Barclay9116 Greninger Rd 7165498857 Ian G. Siepel9224 Lake Shore Rd 7165494891 Ida Faraci9951 Hardpan Rd 7165491399 Ingelborg S. Goldberg8477 N Main St 7165491782 Inside Out Casual Furniture9138 Southwestern Blvd 7165494944 Irene Enright 7167807320 Irene Fredericks105 South Ln 7165495409 Irene Giambra928 Grove St 7165494123 Irene K. Pinto16 Lorain St 7165490782 Irene S. Kordasiewicz77 Middle Ln 7165492004 Irene T. Zybert174 N Main St 7165490038 Irene Truskowski7891 Lake Shore Rd 7165490185 Irene Wozniak9456 Lake Shore Rd 7165490152 Irmgard B. Tomkowiak89 Lake St 7165490721 Isaiah Choczynski150 N Main St 7165493674


 J J J Automotive10086 Angola Brant Rd 7165496198 J. A. Guenot8191 Erie Rd 7165492919 J. A. Herold1 Woodland Pkwy 7165491437 J. A. Winters 7165493629 J. Aguilar 7167807062 J. Andelora8801 Lake Shore Rd 7165494511 J. Bacon15 Ward Pkwy 7167807211 J. Blanar363 Eisenhower Ave 7165498270 J. Bouvier510 Herr Rd 7165491847 J. Brophy 7167807315 J. Cardulla 7165490468 J. Cervola205 S Main St 7165491785 J. Clark 7165496940 J. Coyle9174 Lakeside Rd 7165495927 J. Cummins9736 Lake Shore Rd 7165493703 J. Davern9877 Shorecliff Rd 7165498043 J. Decarlo 7165490073 J. Easterling 7165494657 J. Fahy9746 Lake Shore Rd 7165494719 J. Galfo5 Locust St 7165490214 J. Gerken 7165494413 J. Gostomski9456 Lake Shore Rd 7167807231 J. Granville325 Woodside Rd 7165493560 J. Guarino 7167807500 J. Haak 7165495223 J. Hamm 7162178252 J. Hanes497 Peters Rd 7165497103 J. Heimburg 7165490935 J. Hillman306 Garfield Ave 7162178198 J. K. Wisiorek8941 Holly Berry CT 7165497414 J. Kaminski 7165492655 J. Kent696 Madison Ave 7165491935 J. Kinn9628 Lake Shore Rd 7165491710 J. Kleese651 Sandy Ave 7165495824 J. Kretzer 7167807424 J. L. Billittier 7165497008 J. Leonard687 Beach Rd 7165491408 J. M. Mills9177 Lake Shore Rd 7165494610 J. Maiorana874 Bennett Rd 7165497758 J. Manzoni35 Beverly DR 7165498944 J. Mcculle616 Ainsworth Pkwy 7165495459 J. Mcevoy9540 Ivanhoe St 7165493855 J. Meissner 7165492495 J. North 7165493846 J. Pahnos 7165494215 J. R. Hoffman26 Glenwood Ave 7165495661 J. Renaldo69 Lake St 7165492828 J. Renzo9368 Lake Shore Rd 7165495745 J. Renzo1069 Church Rd 7165490969 J. Scherff 7165492328 J. Schlenker 7165491486 J. Schmid681 Madison Ave 7165490697 J. Singleton 7162178263 J. Skowron529 Mergenhagen Rd 7165490432 J. Spoth9740 Texas St 7165497175 J. Stratton457 Roanoke Ave 7165490676 J. Thomas263 Grant Ave 7162178346 J. Vanslycke9676 Kenmore St 7165492296 J. Vrenna691 Hartley DR 7165493805 J. Walter320 Lakeside Rd 7165494716 J. Weber9726 Lenox St 7165498555 J. Weber 7167807297 J. Wilson 7165496491 J. Woodley 7165494553 Jacalyn J. Mckeown216 N Main St 7165495432 Jaci J. Colvin961 Gold St 7165490098 Jack B. Wilson Sr174 N Main St, Apt 105 7165491176 Jack Brueckl850 Bennett Rd 7165494966 Jack C. Kraus5 Mark DR 7165494587 Jack R. Geidel70 Miller DR 7165493242 Jacki A. Gray9866 Redwing St 7165490553 Jackie Morgano272 Taft Ave 7165491369 Jacob Forbragd819 Bennett Rd 7165491934 Jacqueline A. Gaul1623 Pontiac Rd 7165490514 Jacqueline A. Gray9866 Redwing St 7165490553 Jacqueline Fitzpatrick305 N Main St 7162178292 Jacqueline Gaul9858 Utica St 7165494976 Jacqueline Sallaz9551 Oakland St 7165491857 Jake Gajkowski515 Madison Ave 7165490599 Jamco K1457 Eden Evans Center Rd 7165491509 James A. Christ1192 Church Rd 7165496909 James A. Crosta1193 Pontiac Rd 7165491263 James A. Pollinger1585 Inwood Ave 7165491532 James B. Davies9694 Versailles Rd 7163372973 James Bolibrzuch801 Thomas Ln 7165494600 James Bonavito9160 Meadow Ln 7167807164 James C. Ludwig19 Locust St 7165492813 James C. Sedor38 Orchard Ave 7165490280 James Carlson8911 Deana Ln 7165490726 James Carstens589 Mergenhagen Rd 7165492708 James Collura9431 S Main St 7165490855 James D. Bush825 Thomas Ln 7165491373 James D. Jezioro36 Glenwood Ave 7165492549 James Duffy9427 Elmwood St 7167807020 James E. Kisker8574 Walk Ave 7165497751 James E. Page879 Bennett Rd 7165494384 James Fessel139 S Main St 7165491867 James Gallagher198 Arthur Ave 7167807291 James Garner37 Grove St 7165491093 James Ginnitti1080 Church Rd 7165490764 James Guziec1040 Eden Evans Center Rd 7167807226 James H. Abbatoy45 Middle Ln 7165491923 James I. Pinto16 Lorain St 7165490782 James J. Brady Jr10504 Hardpan Rd 7165491054 James J. Clapps606 Pinehardt Rd 7165491944 James J. Feider42 Mill St 7165495050 James Janisch9181 Applewood St 7165492537 James K. Clark151 Reeves Rd 7165491364 James K. Hanley355 Roat DR 7165492232 James Kumro9124 Erie Rd, Apt 12 7162004627 James Kwilos1272 Church Rd 7165495076 James L. Hougle342 Central Ave 7165490312 James L. Nelson8788 Southwestern Blvd 7165495666 James L. Walters Jr4 Gowans Rd 7165495792 James Lotempio8600 Cleveland Ave, Apt 2 7162178085 James M. Bouchard342 Blackney Ave 7165494111 James M. Carsello927 Grove St 7165492048 James M. Fagan555 Eisenhower Ave 7165498126 James Malczewski1645 Pontiac Rd 7165492837 James Manning1228 Brant Farnham Rd 7162178363 James Manning1228 Brant Farnham Rd 7165494667 James Morris 7165490305 James N. Hillery360 Wilson Rd 7165496492 James P. Doeing1283 Gowans Rd 7165491144 James Pappas508 Ivy Rd 7165494804 James Perry8384 N Main St 7165491289 James R. Beanan37 School St 7165495611 James R. Boldt9640 Lake Shore Rd 7165491293 James R. Grassmick768 Lake St 7165490265 James R. Jakiel9127 Lake Shore Rd 7165492711 James R. Totaro33 Sunset Blvd 7165495760 James Ring228 Eisenhower Ave 7167807319 James Schoemann 7165491965 James Short457 Gordon Ave 7167807105 James Steffen263 W Pleasant Ave 7165490956 James T. Munro9186 Versailles Rd 7163372507 James Trembath415 Alfred Ave 7165494330 James W. Manguso8668 Lake Shore Rd 7165495268 James W. Nedimyer Jr29 Lerczak DR 7165492895 James W. Willer605 Seymour Ter 7165496184 James Will926 Jaysan DR 7165497435 Jamie Mccarthy677 Hartley DR 7167807183 Jan P. Grosso10208 Hardpan Rd 7165494643 Jan Pisarski-Carmer50 Lincoln Ave 7165493757 Jane Borowicz 7165490072 Jane Brueckl850 Bennett Rd 7165494966 Jane Doe214 N Main St 7167807442 Jane L. Kowalski1399 Pontiac Rd 7165491069 Janel Reinard 7167807139 Janet A. Cuevas370 Kennedy Ave 7165490246 Janet A. Patton8673 N Main St 7165490759 Janet C. Cervola713 Baypoint Ave 7165495536 Janet Gaskin354 Wilson Rd 7165491614 Janet L. Decker95 Miller DR 7165490378 Janet L. Gawron9406 Erie Rd 7165496830 Janet M. Smith9599 Erie Rd 7167807417 Janet M. Zorn1241 Church Rd 7165491685 Janet Milliken69 Sunset Blvd 7165494649 Janet P. Stout354 Lakeside Rd 7165493386 Janet R. Kaczmerczyk9650 Court St 7165494060 Janet Stolarski164 Potomac Ave 7162178178 Janice L. Kuntz433 Herr Rd 7165494618 Janice M. Alguire9203 Mohawk Rd 7165496129 Janice Tribula47 Maple St 7165492696 Janiel Burke465 Wood Ave 7165491574 Jason B. Pickard639 Herr Rd 7165495303 Jason C. Ashton9939 Hardpan Rd 7165490245 Jason Dutchess9439 Lafayette St 7167807468 Jason Knauer745 Bennett Rd 7162178251 Jason M. Slawinski9515 Lake Shore Rd 7165495846 Jason Peters10460 Brant Angola Rd 7162178305 Jason Renaldo37 Lincoln Ave 7162178330 Jason Roach815 Nicole Ln 7167807450 Jason Schnars745 Beach Rd 7167807324 Jason Schukraft9637 Ellicott St 7167807344 Jason W. Herr1503 Gowans Rd 7165490101 Jay R Addison Funeral Director262 N Main St 7165491100 Jay R. Addison1073 Beach Rd 7165490757 Jay R. Addison262 N Main St 7165491100 Jay R. Addison1073 Beach Rd 7165490412 Jay Schultz9578 Maplewood St 7165491835 Jayd Mollnar761 Bennett Rd 7165492344 Jayd Mollnar761 Bennett Rd 7165495573 Jayson H. Colvin961 Gold St 7165490098 Jayson Quick657 Dawn Ave, Apt 1 7167807292 Jean Berry8552 Lake Shore Rd 7165491292 Jean Fuentes166 Timber Ave 7165491345 Jean Luber658 Lake St 7165494433 Jean Pustulka8572 Patton Ave 7167804656 Jean Stang128 Grove St 7165490638 Jeanine Mckeown9427 S Main St 7162178127 Jeanna M. Beanan37 School St 7165495611 Jeanne C. Pingitore116 Grove St 7165491119 Jeanne Fraccica9759 Redwing St 7165495073 Jeanneine Braymiller8014 Lake Shore Rd 7165494823 Jeannette A. Lesinski8976 Versailles Rd 7165496636 Jeannine Meredith938 Lake St 7162178022 Jeff Jarzynski886 Bennett Rd 7165495154 Jeffery Eggleston8256 Delamater Rd 7165493087 Jeffery Mcskimming112 Chestnut Ln 7165490678 Jeffery Sack8564 N Main St 7165492383 Jeffrey A. Clulow8569 Lake Shore Rd 7165495654 Jeffrey A. Klimowicz9798 Southwestern Blvd 7165491124 Jeffrey A. Wagner1087 Church Rd 7165498034 Jeffrey Atzrott9130 Iroquois St 7165490832 Jeffrey E. Sack8564 N Main St 7165492383 Jeffrey Jacobs107 Long Beach Ln 7167807014 Jeffrey L. Caughel31 Dellwood Ave 7167805223 Jeffrey L. White8230 Lake Shore Rd 7165490565 Jeffrey Mattison731 Herr Rd 7165495647 Jeffrey S. Carroll1398 Eden Evans Center Rd 7165496310 Jeffrey S. Ellington1073 Church Rd 7165498878 Jeffrey Waz9647 Court St 7162178095 Jeffrey York481 Eisenhower Ave 7165493138 Jeneane Page879 Bennett Rd 7165494384 Jeneen Lomando87 South Ln 7167807427 Jennie E. Herlan684 Hartley DR 7165492899 Jennifer C. Wojcik1585 Gowans Rd 7165490581 Jennifer Feldmann717 Sandy Ave 7162178327 Jennifer Frazier224 W Sterling Ave 7162178202 Jennifer Harenza9815 Lake Shore Rd 7165497700 Jennifer Hontz9196 Newcomb Rd 7165496642 Jennifer Jill7819 Lake Shore Rd 7162178043 Jennifer Jones9536 Waterfront Rd 7165497883 Jennifer Kilcoyne26 School St 7165491387 Jennifer Lemke1200 Cain Rd 7167807307 Jennifer N. Mule1297 Church Rd 7165495039 Jennifer Walters445 Jefferson Ave 7162178277 Jennifer Y. Masonis681 Hartley DR 7165493349 Jeremiah J. Sullivan296 Roat DR 7165497358 Jeri R. Schaefer407 Woodside Rd 7165493176 Jerome Difrancesco9057 Newcomb Rd 7165490345 Jerome Gorski208 Lake St 7165497251 Jerome J. Wittmeyer Ii1695 Pontiac Rd 7163373969 Jerome R. Saab1731 Gowans Rd 7165495603 Jerry C. Difrancesco9057 Newcomb Rd 7165490345 Jerry Faltus10173 Angola Brant Rd 7165492045 Jerry Mcmillan423 Taft Ave 7165493287 Jesse Chudzik783 Lake St 7167807456 Jessica A. Grassmick768 Lake St 7165490265 Jessica A. Rogers1372 Gowans Rd 7165490706 Jessica Ford9564 Jamestown St 7165490672 Jewitt Marie1348 Eden Evans Center Rd 7165492374 Jill Browning1415 Cain Rd 7167807376 Jill Gajewski100 South Ln 7165494148 Jill Pallante664 Hartley DR 7165494318 Jim Mcmahon593 Sandy Ave 7165494801 Jim Parisi816 Beach Rd 7162178183 Jim Tempski15 Lincoln Ave, Apt 2 7165492317 Jm Cook1477 Gowans Rd 7165494257 Jo Esposito1565 Burns Rd 7169479426 Jo Simano799 Beach Rd 7165492204 Jo-Anne Ohnmeiss10600 Angola Brant Rd 7162178196 Joan A. Bainbridge8061 Southwestern Blvd 7169475802 Joan A. Rich893 Bennett Rd 7165492373 Joan B. Baer9876 Shorecliff Rd 7165498900 Joan C. Knight9897 Utica St 7165490716 Joan C. Sturm9221 Waterman Rd 7165493852 Joan Catalfu70 Long Beach Ln 7165493263 Joan Dase807 Thomas Ln 7167807119 Joan Dillon976 Beach Rd 7165490292 Joan Holtz 7165493125 Joan Keohane427 E Sterling Ave 7165490521 Joan M. Bingenheimer817 Nicole Ln 7165492441 Joan M. Houston11 Glenwood Ave 7165492039 Joan Metty9692 Kenmore St 7165492769 Joan Q. Netter8566 Walk Ave 7165492681 Joan Streebel758 Thomas Ln 7165490172 Joann A. Hess9740 Lake Shore Rd 7165492020 Joann E. Simano799 Beach Rd 7165492204 Joann Hengerer8723 N Main St 7165495109 Joann L. Olson1 Lerczak DR 7165493342 Joann M. Zielinski1457 Pontiac Rd 7165490736 Joann Salim221 Westwood DR 7165490302 Joanna A. Smith139 Potomac Ave 7165495256 Joanna Feldmann986 Beach Rd 7167807088 Joanna Mcdougall9167 Lake Shore Rd 7167807326 Joanne Alessi 7165492777 Joanne B. Shields9555 Pearl St 7165491613 Joanne Cymerman175 Grove St 7165492057 Joanne F. Gelster9041 Newcomb Rd 7165490459 Joanne Guarino 7165493115 Joanne Novack451 Gordon Ave 7165491378 Joanne S. Sack56 Dellwood Ave 7165493822 Joanne Wood9387 Steffi DR 7165490062 Jodi Colca591 Sandy Ave 7167807453 Jodi L. Pudlewski38 Lincoln Ave 7165499002 Jodi Schueler1048 Karen DR 7162178169 Jodi Wilson655 Cradle Ave 7162178032 Jody Schmidle90 South Ln 7165495481 Joe Andrews96 Miller DR 7165493078 Joe Morgano272 Taft Ave 7165491369 Joe Viscuso328 E Sterling Ave 7165491649 Joel J. Ruggiero8568 Walk Ave 7165496666 Joel R. Raisor9143 Newcomb Rd 7165491749 John A. Ball 7165492970 John A. Dillon976 Beach Rd 7165490292 John A. Karlis9445 Elmwood St 7165496939 John A. Paradiso173 Grove St 7165491844 John Abramowski411 Shell Rd 7165490375 John Arrigo78 Summerdale Rd 7165491077 John Barr144 Potomac Ave 7162178009 John Brennan740 Beach Rd 7165490174 John Brinkworth103 Summerdale Rd 7165493098 John C. Duhan101 South Ln 7165494696 John C. Fasso1368 Pontiac Rd 7165493857 John C. Grennell, Attorney11 Maple St 7165490810 John C. Leatherbarrow9371 Steffi DR 7165494567 John C. Mcmahon9727 Maplwd 7165490784 John Carolino58 Railroad Ave 7165493204 John Carriero9940 Erie Rd 7165494848 John Craver5 N Main St 7167807249 John Crosta540 Beach Rd 7162178237 John Crumlish501 Roanoke Ave 7165490482 John D. Renzo320 E Pleasant Ave 7165494683 John D. Snyder1506 Burns Rd 7169475107 John D. Snyder1506 Burns Rd 7169475375 John Dutchess 7165491276 John E. Dobmeier8784 Lake Shore Rd 7165493243 John E. Hageman Sr207 Dawn Ave 7165490366 John E. Kennedy Jr632 Seymour Ter 7165495697 John F. Giambrone1456 Ellis Rd 7165494991 John F. Jaeger654 Dawn Ave 7165496160 John F. Tighe Jr1275 Church Rd 7165490543 John Fincel9782 Southwestern Blvd 7165494945 John G. Agos Jr1192 Eden Evans Center Rd 7165490744 John G. Ginnitti Sr1137 Church Rd 7165494211 John G. Peterson122 Chestnut Ln 7165497546 John G. Zajas9524 Waterfront Rd 7165494168 John Galfo940 Johnson Ave 7165492440 John Gallina355 Harper Ave 7165494630 John Grehan9402 Lemon St 7162178267 John Grennell11 Maple St 7165490810 John Grieser724 Lake St 7162178354 John Headley9305 Waterman Rd 7165495191 John High9710 Maplewood St 7165491664 John Hussar8641 Florence Ave 7167807041 John I. Clark998 Church Rd 7165493289 John I. Newcomer9365 Steffi DR 7165495965 John J. Barone41 Mill St 7165490067 John J. Miller927 Bennett Rd 7165497107 John J. Sturm Jr9221 Waterman Rd 7165493852 John Kester9607 Point Breeze DR 7165497113 John Kinn3 Woodland Pkwy 7165495351 John Krajacic28 John R DR 7165492084 John Lempges 7165499484 John Luba9509 Harrison St 7167807157 John M. Connors723 Lake St 7165491146 John M. Galley150 N Main St 7165492909 John M. Mulawka9386 Lake Shore Rd 7165495984 John M. Pawlaczyk1359 Burns Rd 7169475123 John Macpherson9385 Lafayette St 7165490278 John Moore95 Long Beach Ln 7165490373 John Novak467 Poplar Ave 7162178010 John Nowak1383 Burns Rd 7169479036 John Omlor72 Mill St 7165496711 John P. Lomando910 Jaysan DR 7165497874 John Pattison45 South Ln 7165493519 John Purcell9212 Lakeside Rd 7165490771 John Quider8610 Lake Shore Rd 7165495796 John Quider8625 Lake Shore Rd 7165497018 John R. Dybowski41 High St 7165496947 John Riehle40 South Ln 7165492456 John Rivers18 S Main St 7165497458 John Rogers710 Lake St 7165497506 John Rudyk105 Lake St 7167807331 John S. Alberts658 Cain Rd 7165496141 John S. Mckeown187 Grant Ave 7165495166 John Schifano22 Lerczak DR 7165495724 John Schultz 7165491792 John Sciarrino 7167807216 John Sojda9030 Joyce Ln 7165490921 John Strychalski 7165495387 John Sullivan839 Nicole Ln 7162178131 John T Waugh Elementary School100 High St 7169262371 John T Waugh Is 7165497084 John T. Bemiss125 North Ln 7165494707 John T. Hinderliter9443 Steffi DR 7165492986 John T. Roma356 Roat DR 7165490882 John Trimm9229 Mohawk Rd 7165495850 John V. De8140 Amy Jenn DR 7165496146 John W. Miller8196 Erie Rd 7165491034 John W. Pregitzer9284 Erie Rd 7165496213 John Wallace46 Sunset Blvd 7165495083 John Webb 7165491676 John Weeks481 Poplar Ave 7162178026 John Wick369 Harper Ave 7165492572 John Wilson836 Bennett Rd 7165493453 John Wilson10505 Angola Brant Rd 7165497231 John Zambanini22 Sunset Blvd 7165490127 John Ziccarelli278 Garfield Ave 7167807030 John Ziccarelli307 E Sterling Ave 7167807262 Johnnie F. Fitzgerald8136 Amy Jenn DR 7165492132 Jon Driscoll9546 Jamestown St 7165492534 Jon Nies9456 Lake Shore Rd, Apt L41 7167807472 Jonathan Anderson8399 N Main St 7167807278 Jonathan M. Dolinar1424 Eden Evans Center Rd 7165493710 Jonathan Woodworth136 N Main St, Apt 4 7167807465 Jordan L. Herdman614 Pinehardt Rd 7165496167 Joseph A. Seggio9661 Versailles Rd 7163370334 Joseph A. Waz414 Roat DR 7165497726 Joseph Battaglia509 Peters Rd 7165490578 Joseph Beanan37 School St 7165495611 Joseph Bress691 Steffi DR 7165494091 Joseph Butler1439 Pontiac Rd 7165494024 Joseph C. Mascio9870 Hardpan Rd 7165491496 Joseph Castle10753 Angola Brant Rd 7165498004 Joseph Cervola77 Orchard Ave 7165499351 Joseph Corbran407 Woodside Rd 7165493176 Joseph D. Mecca Jr1260 Eden Evans Center Rd 7165490722 Joseph D. Peritano9583 Delaware CT 7165495029 Joseph D. Zoda37 Stellane DR 7165492365 Joseph Desiderio Sr143 Porter Ave 7165491175 Joseph E. Flynn1761 Eden Evans Center Rd 7165491403 Joseph E. Shields9555 Pearl St 7165491613 Joseph Ells1011 Eden Evans Center Rd 7165492114 Joseph F. Militello16 Allen St 7165490115 Joseph F. Militello16 Allen St 7165491983 Joseph Fialkiewicz300 Eisenhower Ave 7167807049 Joseph Fusco9 High St, Apt UPLF 7162178332 Joseph Giovino773 Bennett Rd 7165491692 Joseph J Mecca DDS8724 N Main St 7165492060 Joseph J. Boncore Jr870 Bennett Rd 7165492002 Joseph J. Mesi40 Lincoln Ave 7165494729 Joseph J. Pinter316 Roat DR 7165494122 Joseph Kreuz9644 Lake Shore Rd 7165494233 Joseph Lindstrom9439 Lafayette St 7165495117 Joseph M. Pisarski47 Terrylynn DR 7165490981 Joseph M. Wilk233 Lake St 7165491556 Joseph Magrath27 Mesi DR 7167807388 Joseph Maiorana10405 Angola Brant Rd 7167807423 Joseph Mesi197 Lake St 7165492638 Joseph Newland675 Sandy Ave 7165493781 Joseph P. Nelson Jr7827 Lake Shore Rd 7165493732 Joseph P. Nelson Sr7855 Lake Shore Rd 7165494313 Joseph Paris339 Central Ave 7165491726 Joseph Pinter316 Roat DR 7165493402 Joseph Prishel17 Friend St 7165497806 Joseph R. Cook1477 Gowans Rd 7165494257 Joseph R. Gardyjan505 Cain Rd 7165490952 Joseph Shwartz77 Commercial St 7165490371 Joseph Skalski896 Lake St 7165491796 Joseph Sliwinski1429 Burns Rd 7169475852 Joseph Trembath585 Seneca Rd 7162178361 Joseph Valente9229 Lake Shore Rd 7165491453 Joseph Viapiano701 Beach Rd 7167807455 Josephine C. Alberta819 Thomas Ln 7165495547 Josephine Forczek8152 Lake Shore Rd 7165491643 Josephine Grasso930 Lake St, Apt 2 7165492163 Josephine L. Holland616 Seneca Rd 7165498027 Josephine M. Pingitore123 S Main St 7165491320 Josephine P. Harenza9815 Lake Shore Rd 7165497700 Josephine Pingitore116 Grove St 7165491119 Josephine Tagliaferro930 Lake St 7165493147 Josephine Vail 7167807197 Josh Heimerl 7167807011 Joshua Corda94 North Ln 7165490060 Joshua Desimone1560 Pontiac Rd 7165492465 Joulet Roger9112 Lake Shore Rd 7162178319 Joy M. Katra19 Beverly DR 7165493404 Joyce B. Jenkins634 Hickory Rd 7165496175 Joyce Bulera72 Terrylynn DR 7165499475 Joyce D. Alessi1446 Eden Evans Center Rd 7165492211 Joyce Eich618 Dawn Ave 7165492876 Joyce M. Tomaka9046 Joyce Ln 7165490212

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