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Burden, KS. 67019

The city Burden use the area code .
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 Al Deets802 Elm St 6204382368 Alex J. Mcwilliams20807 102nd Rd 6204382013 Alexandria Mcchesney15477 136th Rd 6202210972 Amanda B. Mugler20705 172nd DR 6204383296 Amber D. Woods329 N Main St 6204383573 Andrew A. Hoover20076 211th Rd 6208765588 Anna C. Craft22371 122nd Rd 6204382484 Arlene B. Otto13646 US Highway 160 6204382259 Arlene Seeliger13618 161st Rd 6202212883 Ava L. Deets802 Elm St 6204382368


 Bair L P Gas LLC11526 211th Rd 6204382850 Bannister Financial408 W 5th St 6204384060 Baptist C. First423 Elm St 6204382563 Bertha Seeliger13618 161st Rd 6202212883 Betsy Atkins10 Willow CT 6204382338 Betty J. Hoover20276 211th Rd 6208765735 Betty L. Kaats710 Oak St 6204382825 Beverly L. Bailey801 Elm St 6204382340 Bob - Shop R. Shore14634 231st Rd 6204382383 Bob A. Otto13646 US Highway 160 6204382259 Bob J. Shaver16538 136th Rd 6202214442 Bob L. Redford20846 152nd Rd 6204382599 Brad Dudgeon21447 62nd Rd 6203942517 Brad K. Julius7900 211th Rd 6204383469 Brad M. Strawn12782 151st Rd 6204382029 Bradley A. Mcminn21654 92nd Rd 6204382865 Brandon R. Gatton12058 231st Rd 6204382982 Brenda T. Shore14634 231st Rd 6204382534 Brooks P. Mugler20705 172nd DR 6204383296 Bryan D. Mcchesney15477 136th Rd 6202210972 Burden City of:    -City Hall401 N Main St 6204382360    -City Marshall401 N Main St 6204382320    -Court Clerk/probation Officer401 N Main St 6204382359    -Fire Dept Non Emergency401 N Main St 6204382317    -Shop401 N Main St 6204382510 Burden Storage506 Elm St 6204382421


 Cameron D. Wingert709 Walnut St 6204382973 Candy Toon8922 181st Rd 6204382247 Carl E. Seeliger13618 161st Rd 6202212883 Carletta Bolack716 Walnut St 6204382961 Carlton HopperPo Box 253 6203583312 Carol E. Atkins10 Willow CT 6204382338 Carol J. Drescher5270 251st Rd 6203942426 Carol J. Potter7478 211th Rd 6203942956 Carolyn L. Kuntz11171 211th Rd 6204382030 Carolyn P. Seeliger13714 161st Rd 6202216544 Carrie A. Sanborn25590 72nd Rd 6204383529 Carrie S. Johnson22739 152nd Rd 6204382844 Carroll Middleton19547 72nd Rd 6203942446 Cassie Mcminn21654 92nd Rd 6204382865 Catlin Insurance Agency Inc333 N Main St 6204382214 Charlene Rodrigue8110 171st Rd 6202211019 Charlotte A. Johnson22739 152nd Rd 6204382844 Chelsea D. Mcchesney15477 136th Rd 6202210972 City Pool501 W 4th 6204383322 Claudean C. Wingert709 Walnut St 6204382973 Claudine M. Lundy701 Walnut St 6204382959 Clearwater Cable Vision Inc 8007343399 Clell Bannister625 N Chestnut 6204384061 Cleta J. HowePo Box 131 6204382398 Connie M. Hoyt20213 225th DR 6208763288 Cowley County Fire Dist 3 - To Report A Fire - Non Emergency 6204382317 Cowley County Shops130 N Main St 6204382200 Crystal L. Simmons11475 151st Rd 6204382998 Curtis D. Weaver19785 192nd Rd 6208765495 Curtis Kuntz11171 211th Rd 6204382030 Cynthia J. Bland115 S Oak St 6204382475


 D. L. Smith21512 72nd Rd 6203942348 Dale Deets325 E 5th St 6204382929 Dale W. Bartel215 Elm St 6204383101 Dan WingertPo Box 91 6204382931 Daniel Allen22082 122nd Rd 6204382648 Daniel P. Campbell21512 72nd Rd 6203942348 Daniel W. Mcclaskey203 N Main St 6204382496 Danielle Cady515 Elm St 6204382080 Darrell D. Cook5211 251st Rd 6203942708 Darrell Hotchkin403 Elm St 6204382296 Daryl D. Parsons12907 163rd DR 6204382324 Dave Abernathy17149 211th Rd 6204382026 David Brooks13673 221st Rd 6204383199 David E. Morland609 N Chestnut 6204382544 David S. Loewer24556 92nd Rd 6204383272 David S. Loewer24556 92nd Rd 6204383341 Dean Fatout20213 225th DR 6208763288 Deanna J. Morland609 N Chestnut 6204382544 Deborah A. Abernathy17149 211th Rd 6204382026 Delores I. Hopper11078 181st Rd 6204382945 Denise Middleton19547 72nd Rd 6203942446 Dennis K. Leftwich417 W 4th St 6204382401 Dennis L. Goebel314 E 5th St 6204382531 Derryl L. Rising16941 112th Rd 6204382576 Diana L. Boucher21582 152nd Rd 6204382556 Don Bailey801 Elm St 6204382340 Don W. Morgan330 N Main St 6204382007 Donald B. Williamson Jr22549 62nd Rd 6204383140 Donald K. Stovall300 N Main St 6204382421 Donald Morgan330 N Main St, # 5 6204382007 Dorothy Keesey10413 191st Rd 6204382532 Dorothy Lewis123 Easy St 6204383384 Dorothy Lewis123 Easy St 6204385005 Doyle Littrell321 N Main St 6204382547 Drew Hedges308 N Main St 6204382047 Duane L. Wingert Jr709 Walnut St 6204382973


 E. Hall312 Maple St 6204382001 Earth Angel Recycling817 Oak St 6204382874 East CCC Historical Society512 N Main 6204383526 Ed Henderson207 N Main St 6204382823 Eddie Mills11891 201st Rd 6204383510 Eddie Weigle11785 181st Rd 6204382856 Edward G. White5783 251st Rd 6203942025 Edward JayPo Box 34 6204382578 Elaine BumgardnerPo Box 185 6204382299 Eleanor E. Mcelwain817 Oak St 6204382874 Eleanor M. Bair23819 152nd Rd 6204382569 Elliott Julius9899 231st Rd 6204382109 Elliott Julius9899 231st Rd 6204382108 Elmer Cochran8748 231st Rd 6204382017 Emerald Bank333 N Main St 6204382212 Emory J. Lewis123 Easy St 6204383384 Emory J. Lewis123 Easy St 6204385005 Evan Haney15833 136th Rd 6202218966 Evelyn M. Smith321 Oak St 6204382952


 First Baptist Church423 Elm St 6204382563 Fleming Feed & Grain20325 112th Rd 6204382291 Flyin V Excavating10172 171st Rd 6204383598


 G. Mills13808 US Highway 160 6204382727 Gabby's421 W 5th St 6204382880 Gail J. Littrell321 N Main St 6204382547 Gary D. Sanborn25590 72nd Rd 6204383529 Gary L. Simmons11475 151st Rd 6204382998 Gene Brooks24584 102nd DR 6204383447 Gene Brooks24584 102nd DR 6204382864 Georganna Hopper11078 181st Rd 6204382945 George M. Hopper11078 181st Rd 6204382945 George S. Parsons14415 151st Rd 6202210554 Gerald E. Weigle11785 181st Rd 6204382856 Geranne H. Mills13808 US Highway 160 6204382727 Greg D. Donals20272 172nd Rd 6204382008


 Harry Easley513 N Main 6204382066 Harry G. Hoover20276 211th Rd 6208765735 Heike Brooks24584 102nd DR 6204382864 Heike Brooks24584 102nd DR 6204383447 Henderson Vance10172 171st Rd 6204383598 Hopper's Auto Sales & Service421 Maple St 6204382363 Howard R. Meyer10373 171st Rd 6204383241


 Iliene M. Scheffe16927 201st Rd 6204382269 Irvin S. Parsons8860 231st Rd 6204382303


 Jack A. Sutton614 Oak St 6204382910 Jack N. BumgardnerPo Box 185 6204382299 James Decesare8130 201st DR 6203942388 James Kaats710 Oak St 6204382825 James P. Dauber10482 221st Rd 6202294173 James R. Schooley332 Oak St 6204382805 Jamie P. Brothers12187 171st Rd 6204382538 Jamie Vaden23224 122nd Rd 6204383317 Janell M. Tatum9794 221st Rd 6204382252 Janet Brown20317 62nd Rd 6203942364 Jared Laymon317 Elm St 6204382493 Jay Williams11269 181st Rd 6204382539 Jean Parton317 W 3rd St 6204383107 Jeanette G. Haney15833 136th Rd 6202218966 Jennifer L. Brothers12187 171st Rd 6204382538 Jeremy W. Vaden23224 122nd Rd 6204383317 Jerri L. Loewer24556 92nd Rd 6204383272 Jerri L. Loewer24556 92nd Rd 6204383341 Jim S. Mcelwain817 Oak St 6204382874 Jody Brooks20763 122nd Rd 6204382052 Joe R. Haggard20606 72nd Rd 6203942378 John C. Brothers12187 171st Rd 6204382538 John D. Lawson21038 120th DR 6204382503 John Hunsucker330 N Main St 6204382009 John Woods329 N Main St 6204383573 Jon C. Baker22478 K 15 Hwy 6204382938 Jon J. Boucher21582 152nd Rd 6204382556 Joseph's Storehouse424 N Main 6204382497 Joyce E. Cook5211 251st Rd 6203942708 Judith A. Lawson21038 120th DR 6204382503 Judith Colvin725 Walnut St 6204382824 Judith F. Haggard20606 72nd Rd 6203942378 Judith Rising16941 112th Rd 6204382576 Judy A. Lawson21038 120th DR 6204382503 Judy A. Rising16941 112th Rd 6204382576 Julie D. Moore805 Elm St 6204382526 Justin Calvin717 Walnut St 6204382011
Justin W. Littrell321 N Main St 6204382547


 Karen Bannister625 N Chestnut 6204384061 Karen Hughes26332 52nd Rd 6203942274 Karen S. Parsons12907 163rd DR 6204382324 Karolyn K. Smith6551 251st Rd 6203942455
Kasha David21483 102nd Rd 6204382464 Katherine I. Brooks24757 92nd Rd 6204382911 Kathryn Jones20304 112th Rd 6204381011 Kay Taylor214 N Main St 6204382866 Kendra A. Redford20846 152nd Rd 6204382599 Kenneth E. Mills Jr11891 201st Rd 6204383510 Kenneth E. Mills Sr13808 US Highway 160 6204382727 Kenneth L. Moore805 Elm St 6204382526 Kim R. Allen20782 62nd Rd 6203942837 Kim R. Bair11526 211th Rd 6204382857 Kimberlee Cook5005 251st Rd 6203942884 Kimberley Cook5005 251st Rd 6203942884 Kimberly A. Littrell321 N Main St 6204382547 Kimberly K. Tatum406 Oak St 6204382590 Kirk A. Jones121 Easy St 6204382353 Koreen E. Bartel215 Elm St 6204383101 Kris Williams11269 181st Rd 6204382539 Krystal R. Redford20846 152nd Rd 6204382599 Kyle A. Woods515 Walnut St 6204382022


 Larry A. Bland115 S Oak St 6204382475 Larry N. Stewart625 Elm St 6204383314 Larry Stewart225 N Main St 6204382586 Lawrence E. GarnerPo Box 226 6204382950 Lee Taylor330 N Main St 6204382450 Lee Wingert709 Walnut St 6204382973 Leeanne Whiteman301 W 3rd St 6204382468 Leigh A. Hoover20076 211th Rd 6208765588 Leroy Osborn22518 US Highway 160 6204382575 Les Bannister625 N Chestnut 6204384061 Lesa M. Kent11058 161st Rd 6204383394 Lewis G. Johnson22739 152nd Rd 6204382844 Linda A. Wallace18912 72nd Rd 6203942711 Linda J. WilliardPo Box 194 6204382810 Lisa A. Mcchesney15477 136th Rd 6202210972 Liza R. Dobbs607 Walnut St 6204382504 Liza R. Dobbs607 Walnut St 6204383149 Loel N. Bohannan217 Elm St 6204382344 Lois Morgan330 N Main St, # 5 6204382007 Lorion M. Wallace18912 72nd Rd 6203942711 Louise H. Osborn22518 US Highway 160 6204382575 Lowell Smith19899 112th Rd 6204382307 Lula M. Mcminn8636 211th Rd 6204382933


 Marcile K. Schooley12267 US Highway 160 6204382833 Margaret Adamson724 Walnut St 6204383249 Margaret I. Lister327 N Main St 6204383150 Marian C. Hedges16708 102nd Rd 6204382282 Marian C. Hedges16708 102nd Rd 6204383252 Marjorie L. Campbell21512 72nd Rd 6203942348 Mark A. Hughes26332 52nd Rd 6203942274 Mark B. Kent11058 161st Rd 6204383394 Marsha M. Donals20272 172nd Rd 6204382008 Marvin J. Mcminn8636 211th Rd 6204382933 Marvin L. Stovall300 N Main St 6204382421 Matt Tatum907 N Oak St 6204382100 Maurice HowePo Box 131 6204382398 Maurine E. Smith321 Oak St 6204382952 Melissa R. Fraley24074 152nd Rd 6204382935 Melissa Schooley8831 201st Rd 6203942045 Mica J. Bohannan217 Elm St 6204382344 Michael Brooks24757 92nd Rd 6204382911 Michael C. Seeliger13714 161st Rd 6202216544 Michael F. Carver6435 261st Rd 6203942239 Michael HopperPo Box 253 6203583312 Michael R. Miller18605 72nd Rd 6203942480 Morgan J. David21483 102nd Rd 6204382464 Morgan Julius9899 231st Rd 6204382108 Morgan Julius9899 231st Rd 6204382109


 Nancy A. Mills11891 201st Rd 6204383510 Nathaniel L. Bolack16226 201st Rd 6204382878 Nicole Carver6435 261st Rd 6203942239 Nina J. Sutton614 Oak St 6204382910 Nina Shaver16538 136th Rd 6202214442 Norma J. Trobaugh9149 241st Rd 6204382816


 One Stop - Modem Line120 E 5th 6204383407 Orville Bair23819 152nd Rd 6204382569


 Pamela M. Gates18157 191st Rd 6204382520 Patrice D. Williamson22549 62nd Rd 6204383140 Patrick Dauber10482 221st Rd 6202294173 Peggy S. Schooley332 Oak St 6204382805 Philip Adamson724 Walnut St 6204383249 Phyllis Hotchkin403 Elm St 6204382296 Preston P. Jones20304 112th Rd 6204381011 Prewitt Putman315 W 4th St 6204383492


 Ralph R. Oliver JrPo Box 85 6204382968 Randy Smith301 N Main St 6208642237 Rebecca A. Henderson10172 171st Rd 6204383598 Rebecca L. Meyer10373 171st Rd 6204383241 Rex D. Hoyt22712 182nd Rd 6208765566 Richard D. Tatum9794 221st Rd 6204382252 Richard E. Bolack21838 K 15 Hwy 6204382944 Richard Gatton12801 221st Rd 6204382928 Richard H. Mackey16306 231st Rd 6204382913 Richard J. Schooley12267 US Highway 160 6204382833 Richard Mccain330 N Main St 6204382025 Richard Smith19899 112th Rd 6204382307 Richard Smith321 Oak St 6204382952 Robert D. Lundy701 Walnut St 6204382959 Robert H. Hedges Jr16708 102nd Rd 6204382282 Robert H. Hedges Jr16708 102nd Rd 6204383252 Robert L. Tatum406 Oak St 6204382590 Robert N. Tatum23254 82nd Rd 6204382376 Robert Trobaugh9149 241st Rd 6204382816 Rodney C. Haney15833 136th Rd 6202218966 Roger A. Swanson8439 201st DR 6203942744 Roger G. Dobbs607 Walnut St 6204382504 Roger G. Dobbs607 Walnut St 6204383149 Roland L. WilliardPo Box 194 6204382810 Ronald J. Bolack16226 201st Rd 6204382878 Ronald M. Cannon11048 231st Rd 6204382250 Rosalie J. Hopper11078 181st Rd 6204382945 Roy K. Whiteman301 W 3rd St 6204382468 Rural Water Dist 5308 W 5th St 6204382002 Russell P. Drescher5270 251st Rd 6203942426 Russell Whiteman725 Elm St 6204382410 Ryan Haney15833 136th Rd 6202218966


 S. Mills13808 US Highway 160 6204382727 Salon Bliss504 N Main 6204384247 Sandy K. Zanardi19809 72nd Rd 6203942849 Sarah B. Haney15833 136th Rd 6202218966 Schools:    -Central Usd #462 - Athletic Director/cjshs Office700 N Main 6204382219    -Central Usd #462 - Bus Barn700 N Main 6204382220    -Central Usd #462 - Central Elementary700 N Main 6204383195    -Central Usd #462 - Ces Fax Line700 N Main 6204383198    -Central Usd #462 - Cjshs Attendance700 N Main 6204382216    -Central Usd #462 - Cjshs Fax Line700 N Main 6204382217    -Central Usd #462 - District Office700 N Main 6204382218    -Central Usd #462 - Jr/sr High School/principal Office700 N Main 6204382215 Scott P. Jacobs218 E 5th St 6204382276 Sharon Cochran8748 231st Rd 6204382017 Sheila D. Cook5211 251st Rd 6203942708 Sheila K. Mcminn21654 92nd Rd 6204382865 Sheila Tatum907 N Oak St 6204382100 Shirley A. Hoyt22712 182nd Rd 6208765566 Shirley L. Parsons8860 231st Rd 6204382303 Smith Co.418 W 5th St 6204382019 Smith Mike12429 191st Rd 6204386453 Sonja K. Putman315 W 4th St 6204383492 Stacey M. Abernathy17149 211th Rd 6204382026 Stephanie A. Mackey23423 152nd Rd 6204382859 Stephanie Weigle11785 181st Rd 6204382856 Steve G. Zanardi19809 72nd Rd 6203942849 Steven R. Atkins10 Willow CT 6204382338 Steven W. Mackey23423 152nd Rd 6204382859 Susan K. Swanson8439 201st DR 6203942744 Susan M. Dennett12097 201st Rd 6204382326 Sylvia Gatton12801 221st Rd 6204382928


 Tara Woods515 Walnut St 6204382022 Tayvia Kemp20606 72nd Rd 6203942001 Ted C. Williamson7780 201st Rd 6203942059 Teresa G. Cannon11048 231st Rd 6204382250 Terresa M. Stewart625 Elm St 6204383314 Terri Murray314 E 5th St 6204382531 Terry Brown20317 62nd Rd 6203942364 Terry K. Mount326 Oak St 6204382991 Terry L. Craft22371 122nd Rd 6204382484 The Sassy Lady Antique & Tea Room503 Elm St 6204382040 Theresa L. Jones121 Easy St 6204382353 Thomas E. Toon16145 112th Rd 6204382577 Tommy L. WilliardPo Box 194 6204382810 Tommy Putman315 W 4th St 6204383492 Toni K. Carver6435 261st Rd 6203942239 Tony R. Schooley8831 201st Rd 6203942045 Tyler P. Drescher5270 251st Rd 6203942426


 United Methodist Church118 E 6th 6204382357 United States Government Offices - Burden Post Office417 N Main St 6204382585


 Valley Co-Op Inc - Burden Branch318 N Main St 6204382314 Vance E. Henderson10172 171st Rd 6204383598 Verla L. Whiteman725 Elm St 6204382410 Vernon C. Dennett12097 201st Rd 6204382326 Vernon Deets802 Elm St 6204382368 Virginia A. Atkins213 N Main St 6204382827


 Wade Hughes26332 52nd Rd 6203942274 Walter Smith6551 251st Rd 6203942455 Wanda A. Mackey16306 231st Rd 6204382913 Wanda G. Dudgeon21447 62nd Rd 6203942517 Wayne Parton317 W 3rd St 6204383107 Willa OliverPo Box 85 6204382968 William B. Dudgeon21447 62nd Rd 6203942517 William E. Rodrigue Jr8110 171st Rd 6202211019 William F. Gates18157 191st Rd 6204382520 William G. Abernathy17149 211th Rd 6204382026
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