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Derby, CT. 6418

This directory have users from Derby, New Haven (Connecticut).
Use the area codes: 203, 475, 800.
Directory have 5785 users in 3 pages. Showing 1929 users by page.
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 A Accident Work Related Injury Clinic435 New Haven Ave 2037355555 A Alfred W Ivan Painting & Power Washing76 Atwater Ave 2037343385 A Di Education Foundation58 Marshall Ln 2034465056 A Gregory Cerritelli Atty435 New Haven Ave 2037349269 A Parrella & Associates Insurance Llc 2037329068 A Quick Pick Crane & Rigging205 Water St 2033082085 A Saul Hochman DC435 New Haven Ave 2037355555 A. Ballantyne127 Pleasant View Rd 2037353877 A. Campbell105 Minerva St 2037322050 A. Caruthers60 Belleview DR 2037351054 A. Chiaro64 New Haven Ave 2037347183 A. Corbeil211 Shagbark DR, # 211 2037322725 A. Cozzolino3 Derby Milford Rd 2037366300 A. Criscuolo20 East CT 2037357581 A. Gianpoalo204 Emmett Ave 2037359007 A. H. RoseboroPo Box 19 2037341394 A. J. Chiaro64 New Haven Ave 2037366298 A. K. Fearnley86 Grove Ave 2037323444 A. Kelley4 Prindle Ave 2037355860 A. Martin 2037360456 A. Merola59 Indian Ave 2037348810 A. Montero 2037323295 A. Puccilli90 Orangewood W 2037519151 A. Rindgen60 Harold Ave 2037320234 A. Tamburrino74 W 4th St 2037325774 A. Zygmunt233 Derby Ave, Unit 507 2037519943 Abby 15 Minutes Locksmith Service 2039541922 Abigail L. Hall262 Olivia St 2037343510 Ada Cortes23 Washington St 4757775191 Ada Faugno134 Shagbark DR 2037369164 Adam Anruszkiewicz50 Bank St 2037322450 Adam D. Shields279 Shagbark DR 2037360690 Adam Ives73 Harrison Ave 2037351701 Adam Manning9 Grandview Blvd 2037360669 Adam Nesteruk20 Stephen St 2037363580 Adam S. Dobek1 Strang Rd 2037346284 Adam S. Dobek Jr76 IDA Ave 2037362870 Adam Tomczak18 Albert Ave 2037347966 Adams Super Food Store656 New Haven Ave 2037347580 Adams Super Food Store656 New Haven Ave, Ste 1 2037349283 Adele Larsen3 Cullens Hill Rd 2037324705 Adele Lombardi183 Caroline St 2037516708 Adeline Quintiliano36 Mohawk Ave 2035165250 Adilia Martino8 7th St 2037347340 Adolph Campbell105 Minerva St 2037322050 Adolph M. Dorosh91 Park Ave 2037351973 Adra Kuras 2035165005 Adrew J. Miko98 IDA Ave 2037341405 Adrian G. Hickey79 Indian Ave 2037347359 Adrian Torres59 Prairie Ave 2037342629 Adriane Z. Robinson 2037340062 Adrien J. Dubreuil Jr18 Stephen St 2037341944 Advance Auto Parts49 Pershing DR, Ste 2 2037368440 Afshan C. Hickey79 Indian Ave 2037347359 Agnes Schlesinger196 New Haven Ave, Unit 433 2037355494 Agnes Tripp22 8th St, Fl 1 2037516177 Agniesz Schlesinger196 New Haven Ave 2037355494 Agnieszka Byszkowiecki12 Fairview Ter 2037369808 Agnieszka Maciulewska55 Belleview DR 2037362971 Aimee Zolovchik2 D St 2037325516 Aircore 2033686800 Aire Serv328 Derby Ave 2037368952 Aisha Boyd6 Cottage St 2037516845 Al A. Esposito66 Grove Ave 2037348642 Al Immanuelstjamesep123 Minerva St 2037344149 Alan C. Girard2 Schmitt Ter 2035165782 Alan D. Robertson9 Prairie Ave 2037357712 Alan Gatison118 Hawkins St 2037345646 Alan Harrington76 Marshall Ln 2037328901 Alan J. Binkowski28 John St 2037353156 Alan J. Digianvittorio3 Patty Ann Ter 2037359401 Alan M Gordon DDS61 Elizabeth St 2037356565 Alan Olson77 Chestnut DR 2037362806 Alan R. Stec14 Woodland Walk 2037353521 Alan Stec107 Dirienzo Hts 2037519370 Alan Tyma31 George Ave 2037353503 Albert J. Desrochers Jr233 Derby Ave, Unit 309 2037344218 Albert J. Jakab62 Orangewood W 2037352293 Albert J. Lucarelli12 Belleview DR 2037355563 Albert J. Lucarelli Jr63 Belleview DR 2037357635 Albert N. Marchetti10 Emmett Ave 2037342564 Albert Nickle75 Crescent St, Apt 1F 2037519650 Albert T. Misiewicz Jr171 Derby Ave 2037322641 Alberta Young9 West CT 2037320173 Alberto Santiago129 Park Ave, Apt 1F 2035165258 Albulena Gjonbalaj279 Sentinel Hill Rd 2035165252 Aldo Gasparini35 Chestnut DR 2037346261 Alecia Grier234 Hawkins St 2037519508 Alert Alarms Inc25 John St 2037360171 Alex Lechich48 High St 2037324524 Alex Shevchenko501 Roosevelt DR 2035165688 Alex Valez233 Derby Ave 2037516564 Alex W. Mankewich48 10th St 2039062325 Alexander D'addario54 Clearview CT 2037325583 Alexander J. Danielecki334 Sentinel Hill Rd 2037352684 Alexander Milek24 Summit St, Apt 1 2033082827 Alexander Tomassini30 6th St 2035165057 Alexandra C. Wolanin16 West CT 2037327922 Alexandra Dicks24 Jeanetti DR 2037364687 Alexandra Lopez22 Mount Pleasant St 2037368672 Alexis M. Sulinski8 Mountain St 2037345235 Alexis Walker67 Marshall Ln 2037358385 Alfonsina Dirubba72 Sunset DR 2037350947 Alfonso Voccia10 Garfield Ave 2037344053 Alfred Felice5 Ridge Rd 2037346708 Alfred Odell76 8th St 2037340009 Alfred W. Ivan76 Atwater Ave 2037359005 Alfreda H. Mozdzer56 Mountain St 2037347824 Alice B. Larovera97 Park Ave 2037342044 Alice Denigris507 Roosevelt DR 2037347512 Alice M. Tamburrino74 4th St 2037325774 Alice Odoy171 IDA Ave 2037343055 Alice S. Pokladowski70 Bank St 2037348576 Alice Scirocco50 McLaughlin Ter 2033082260 Alice Struwas16 Iannotti Ln 2037344476 Alicia Feller11 Kindle Ln 2037328826 Alicia Geter123 Olivia St 2037324117 Alicia Girard2 Schmitt Ter 2035165782 Alicia Hadfield7 Commodore Cmns 2035165648 Alicia Poma 2037322811 Alina Zawojski48 1/2 Laurel Ave 2037324570 Alisha Mcguigan190 Smith St 2037341499 Alison Nagy164 IDA Ave 4757775960 Alison Rendle112 High St 2035165881 Alissa F. Sullo82 Orangewood W 2037345494 All-Star Petro Marts25 New Haven Ave 2037366541 All-Star Storage of Derby LLC86 Pershing DR 2037354415 Allan Esposito66 Grove Ave 2037348642 Allen Coppolo50 Academy Hill Road Ext 2037355124 Allen Of Ansonia16 Laurel Ave 2037362222 Alliance Security Alarms171 Shagbark DR 2037320876 Allison Beardsworth273 Derby Ave, Unit 805 2037519252 Allison Zito169 Shagbark DR 2037347343 Allstate Insurance435 New Haven Ave, Ste 9 2037351846 Allycia Lovermi3 Coe Ln 2035165606 Alma Colon 2037516547 Alma Pearce257 Sentinel Hill Rd 2037354713 Alonso Amaya25 General Wooster Rd 2037364410 Alonza Bert84 Orangewood W 2037353252 Altimari's Little Italy184 Elizabeth St 2037369803 Alton J. Glendon47 David Humphrey Rd 2037352274 Alvin Holmes376 Hawthorne Ave 2037516431 Alyce Merola59 Indian Ave 2037348810 Alyssa B. Behrle119 High St 2037328861 Alyssa Cusano 2037323670 Alyssa Martinez79 Summit St 2037519597 Alyssa Puccilli90 Orangewood W 2037519151 Alyssa Tynan3 Lilac Cir 2037369477 AM Men's Club30 Hawthorne Ave 2037349849 Amanda C. Robinson56 Belleview DR 2037359734 Amanda Cotela273 Derby Ave, Unit 407 2033082154 Amanda Garrity48 Franklin Ave 2037366188 Amanda Maurati21 Harold Ave 2037322845 Amanda T. Tamburrino74 W 4th St, Apt 9A 2037325774 Amani Danzy45 Orangewood W 2035165282 Amber Bell166 Caroline St, Apt 2F 2033082670 Amber Farquson342 Derby Ave, Apt 2F 2033082535 Amber M. Dobbin52 Laurel Ave 2037360671 Amber T. Hawks20 Selma Ave 2037356996 Ambrose Young9 West CT 2037320173 Amedeo Durante24 Lombardi DR 2037346775 Amelia Malerba132 Dirienzo Hts 2037350903 Amir Catovic1 Nutmeg Ave 2037519227 Amos A. Lucarelli8 Francis St 2037342807 Amos A. Lucarelli8 Francis St 2037351541 Amr Wasfi52 Academy Hill Road Ext 2033082283 Amy C. Cobaugh65 E St 2037346228 Amy J. Beam11 Summit St 2037348234 Amy K. Desanty273 Derby Ave, Unit 1105 2037324244 Amy Kason58 Derby Neck Rd 2035165932 Amy Keiper274 Caroline St, Apt 2L 2037324090 Amy L. Battaglia12 Sentinel Hill Rd 2037347565 Amy S. Taylor14 Stephen St 2037347958 Amy Tetrault204 New Haven Ave 2037369297 Amy Twiggs255 Shagbark DR 2037355361 Ana Correia61 8th St 2037516812 Ana Reyes 2037321735 Anabel Diaz273 Derby Ave 2037516801 Anallely Garcia 2037516620 Anastasia Mandela68 Silver Hill Rd 2037340708 Anastasia Ruelle224 Hawkins St 2037323887 Andre Vanchot65 Marshall Ln 2037341807 Andrea A. Guerra5 E Bassett Ln 2037358374 Andrea Bollar3 Talmadge St, Apt 1F 2037342808 Andrea Bush10 Hawthorne Ave, Apt 10 2035165228 Andrea Butler175 Minerva St, Apt 2F 2035165614 Andrea Federico23 Clark Street Ext 2037353938 Andrea Murphy204 New Haven Ave, Unit 6H 2033082223 Andrea Rivers287 Hawthorne Ave 2037362495 Andrea Schuler42 Prospect St 2037324609 Andrea Sicari 2037369123 Andrea Sicari273 Olivia St 2037519046 Andrea Stone209 Minerva St, Apt 2 2037519035 Andrej Piekielniak810 Roosevelt DR 2037355076 Andres Colon60 6th St 2037324018 Andrew Bartone99 Academy Hill Rd 2037344852 Andrew Bartone137 High St 2035165760 Andrew Bickford204 New Haven Ave, Unit 5H 2037519106 Andrew Breda55 Derby Neck Rd 2037345088 Andrew C. Weeks32 Mohawk Ave 2037366628 Andrew Criscuolo20 East CT 2037357581 Andrew Guerra5 E Bassett Ln 2037358374 Andrew J. Baklik501 Roosevelt DR 2037347543 Andrew J. Bargellini184 Shagbark DR 2037345493 Andrew J. Magda69 Bank St 2037341376 Andrew J. Miko98 IDA Ave 2037341405 Andrew K. Hall262 Olivia St 2037343510 Andrew Keliar204 New Haven Ave, Unit 9A 2037340305 Andrew Kelley4 Prindle Ave 2037355860 Andrew Kozlowski78 Commodore Cmns 2037341342 Andrew L. Detullio65 Franklin Ave 2037343101 Andrew N. Predzimirski122 New Haven Ave 2037341329 Andrew Orazietti193 Seymour Ave, Fl 2 2033082131 Andrew Pokladowski70 Bank St 2037348576 Andrew Quinn30 Homestead Ave 2037344585 Andrew R. Passafiume6 Patty Ann Ter 2037351195 Andrew S. Lavoie40 Laurel Ave 2037343669 Andrew Torre21 Homestead Ave 2037519527 Andrewoude Torre21 Homestead Ave 2037519527 Androulla Louca25 Commodore Hull DR 2037322489 Andrzej Antos32 8th St, Apt 1F 2035165764 Andrzej Blicharz253 Silver Hill Rd 2037343969 Andrzej Furtak221 Derby Ave 2037325040 Andrzej Piekielniak810 Roosevelt DR 2037355076 Andy Natale20 Guardiano Ter 2035165822 Andy Quinn30 Homestead Ave 2037344585 Aneet Stevnson 2037322819 Aneta Guliuzza20 O'Sullivan Rd 2037366283 Angel Naranjo232 Sentinel Hill Rd 2037324056 Angel Solis33 Hawkins St 2037344464 Angel Tips Nail Spa49 Pershing DR 2037328880 Angel Vicens448 New Haven Ave 2037516134 Angela Basso274 Caroline St, Apt 2R 2037361755 Angela D. Stefano57 Academy Hill Rd 2037354901 Angela Fanelli26 Kings CT 2037358929 Angela I. Littlefield404 Hawthorne Ave 2037349005 Angela L. Defeo27 McLaughlin Ter 2035165980 Angela M. Anderson24 Anson St 2037342032 Angela M. Anderson62 Lakeview Ter 2037346319 Angela M. Borack120 Shagbark DR 2037366886 Angelica Allen11 Joyce Ave 2037346984 Angelica Scapellato35 IDA Ave 2037356108 Angelina Danielecki334 Sentinel Hill Rd 2037352684 Angelina Dominguez117 Atwater Ave 2037516679 Angelina L. Moffat159 Pleasant View Rd 2037352107 Angelo Dirienzo650 Hawthorne Ave 2037516728 Angelo L. Macauda76 Academy Hill Rd 2037322797 Angie Basso274 Caroline St, Apt 2R 2037361755 Aniela Kloc7 Camptown St 2037360292 Aniello D. Malerba Jr162 Park Ave 2037355886 Anita Glover187 Minerva St 2037369168 Anita Larovera 2037516745 Anita M. Iacomacci75 Seymour Ave 2037347395 Ann D. Massa64 Academy Hill Rd 2037355901 Ann E. Dijon6 Rockwell Pl 2037360389 Ann E. Dijon6 Rockwell Pl 2037340876 Ann Edmund227 Olivia St, Apt 1FR 2037519453 Ann Fedeli168 Shagbark DR 2037328773 Ann Krivda13 Laurel Ave 2037355968 Ann M. Marshall23 Stephen St 2037349061 Ann M. Mirisola117 Hawthorne Ave 2037357551 Ann M. Piscioneri358 Hawthorne Ave 2037357630 Ann Murcko57 Harold Ave 2037347784 Ann Orazietti52 Hawkins St 2037320352 Ann Siraco258 Sentinel Hill Rd 2035165968 Ann Stankye30 David Humphrey Rd 2037347553 Ann Turro55 Mountain St 2037351943 Ann Wantroba25 Belleview DR 2037359847 Anna Adamska273 Derby Ave 2037369758 Anna Corbeil211 Shagbark DR 2037322725 Anna Dituri37 Burtville Ave, Unit 6 2033082248 Anna Jemioto2 Ashwood Ter 2037344621 Anna Los2 Danielle CT 2037360174 Anna M. Abel1 Commodore Hull DR 2037360189 Anna M. Boland123 IDA Ave 2037353008 Anna M. Konopka7 Benanto DR 2037322896 Anna M. Scapellato153 IDA Ave 2037350064 Anna M. Stockwell25 7th St 2037340559 Anna M. Vishinsky22 Derbyshire 2037329075 Anna M. Vizzo258 Shagbark DR 2037320625 Anna Oliwa12 Shelton St 2037352410 Anna Rindgen60 Harold Ave 2037320234 Anna Tyma31 George Ave 2037353503 Anna W. Valenti24 Paugassett Rd 2037342304 Anna Wakulczyk233 Derby Ave, Unit 508 2037369369 Annabella Perini 2037516577 Annamarie J. Moore25 A St 2037348097 Annamarie Scapellato153 IDA Ave 2037350064 Anne Caruthers60 Belleview DR 2037351054 Anne Lavoie40 Laurel Ave 2037343669 Anne M. Palmieri1 Coon Hollow Rd 2037351652 Anne Miller28 Belleview DR 2037516770 Anne Murray24 Orangewood W 2037321074 Annette Abner84 Caroline St, Unit LEFT 2037519009 Annette Chapin137 Shagbark DR 2037341866 Annette L. Prizio12 Sherwood Ave 2037324742 Annmarie M. Altomare6 Fall St 2037359019 Annmarie R. Miani56 Mount Pleasant St 2037346640 Anselmo Colon51 Minerva St, Apt 3B 2033082333 Ansonia Derby100 Water St 2037342503 Anthony A. Bonaffini233 Derby Ave, Unit 514 2035165429 Anthony A. Pertoso49 Selma Ave 2037350792 Anthony C. Gaudio13 Summit St 2037354457 Anthony Cannici10 Florence Ave 2037356003 Anthony Cozzolino3 Derby Milford Rd 2037366300 Anthony D. Dipoalo150 Dirienzo Hts 2037355501 Anthony D. Meneo Jr38 E 9th St 2037348853 Anthony D. Tiano Jr4 Ridge Rd 2037358267 Anthony Danese33 Roosevelt DR, Apt 223 2037324203 Anthony Delprete153 Harold Ave 2037325163 Anthony Delucia72 Franklin Ave 2037349326 Anthony Demichael118 New Haven Ave 2037340385 Anthony Dibiagio20 8th St, Apt 1F 2037519703 Anthony Dirubba72 Sunset DR 2037350947 Anthony G. Macek138 Dirienzo Hts 2037344345 Anthony Guliuzza20 O'Sullivan Rd 2037366283 Anthony J. Caridi11 North Ave 2037351573 Anthony J. Defala Jr22 Paugassett Rd 2037324813 Anthony J. Ferrara134 Summit Cmns 2037359581 Anthony J. Petrazzuoli75 Smith St 2037357191 Anthony J. Raimondi6 E Bassett Ln 2037329027 Anthony Kichar11 David Humphrey Rd 2037340867 Anthony Lee111 Harold Ave 2037357785 Anthony Lucas15 Iannotti Ln 2037357138 Anthony Melendez156 Hawthorne Ave 2035165814 Anthony Onofrio11 Grandview Blvd 2037354885 Anthony P. Berlinger40 Belleview DR 2037324725 Anthony P. Diana148 Shagbark DR 2037355072 Anthony P. Neri Jr14 Donna Ave 2037327723 Anthony Pedenski4 Krakow St 2037345731 Anthony Perry82 High St, Apt 2F 2037519359 Anthony Ploski187 Minerva St 2037352757 Anthony Puccilli90 Orangewood W 2037519151 Anthony R. Garrick Jr150 Sentinel Hill Rd 2035165947 Anthony R. Trungadi91 Atwater Ave 2037325190 Anthony Serrantino15 Derby Neck Rd 2037519937 Anthony Staffieri17 O'Sullivan Rd 2037362366 Anthony Szewczyk166 Mount Pleasant St 2037340486 Anthony T. Gianpoalo Jr204 Emmett Ave 2037359007 Anthony Teodosio22 Lakeview Ter 2037356611 Anthony Valiante21 Minerva St 2037516287 Antionette Mongillo29 John St 2037343689 Antoineppe Rossi45 Bank St 2037516466 Antoinette Losquadro160 Pleasant View Rd 2037324472 Anton Gjuraj91 Sentinel Hill Rd 2037323612 Antoni Kozlowski261 Marshall Ln 2037366156 Antonia Pacelli19 Laurel Ave 2037350035 Antonietta Caselles10 Kings CT 2037361884 Antonio B. Dias50 Hawthorne Ave 2037328168 Antonio Boanno139 Marshall Ln 2037344045 Antonio Liciaga8 3rd St, Apt 2B 2037519922 Antonio Onofrio11 Grandview Blvd 2037354885 Antonio Petrazzuoli75 Smith St 2037357191 Antonio Prizio12 Sherwood Ave 2037324742 Antonio Rotondi149 Shagbark DR 4757775919 Any 1 2 3 24 7 Locksmith Service 2039541927 Anya L. O'connell71 Harrison Ave 2037323225 Anywhere Full Service 1 Locksmith131 Hawkins St 2039541915 Apollo Pizza235 Roosevelt DR 2037362379 April Balling50 Bank St, Apt 103 2037516870 April O. Kelley4 Prindle Ave 2037355860 Aquaclear Swimming Pools by Greco & Haines Inc1730 Derby Milford Rd 2035792900 Aquasoft Division of Greco & Haines Inc1730 Derby Milford Rd 2037359308 Archie Moore's Bar & Restaurant17 Elizabeth St 2037323255 Arianne Nouel11 Krakow St 2035165327 Arif Mehmood3 Lanzieri CT 2037320223 Arleen Biga9 Belleview DR 2037348126 Arleen M. Yacobacci10 Lombardi DR 2037343135 Arleen W. Flach273 Derby Ave 2037354309 Arlene B. Homa88 Bradley Ter 2037354338 Arlene E. Raino9 Guardiano Ter 2037322951 Arlene F. Lombardi156 Sentinel Hill Rd 2037345820 Arlene Jachyra187 Minerva St, Apt 201 2037347751 Arlene Marcucio186 Sentinel Hill Rd 2037355252 Arlene S. Defeo22 Kindle Ln 2037343673 Arline Gordon85 W 4th St 2037346412 Arline Russo187 Minerva St 2037366571 Armida Criscuolo20 East CT 2037357581 Arnold J. Kirby18 Jeanetti DR 2037322680 Arnold L. Holmes42 Cornerstone DR 2033082262 Arnold Rivera MD300 Seymour Ave 2037364816 Arruzza Joseph267 Caroline St 2032290129 Art Ayr507 Roosevelt DR 2037362131 Arthur C. Martin5 Woodycrest St 2037341726 Arthur D. Decko69 Orangewood W 2037357525 Arthur E. Burns36 Hickory Rd 2037349429 Arthur F. Bacchiocchi267 Roosevelt DR 2037346171 Arthur Johnson125 Dirienzo Hts 2037354589 Arthur R. Carotenuto3 Cedric Pl 2037345453 Arthur S. Ballantyne127 Pleasant View Rd 2037353877 Arthur Sullo78 Hawkins St 2037323799 Arthur T. Gerckens374 Hawthorne Ave 2037347062 Ashley Bell9 Jeanetti DR 2037519082 Ashley Case503 Hawthorne Ave 2037323127 Ashley Debincentis22 Derby Neck Rd 2037519163 Ashley Guliano173 Harold Ave 2037519887 Ashley Jamison 2037516367 Ashley M. Curtis22 Grandview Blvd 2037323040 Ashley M. Curtis22 Grandview Blvd 2037341049 Ashley M. Curtis22 Grandview Blvd 2037348171 Ashley Power326 Hawthorne Ave 2033082550 Ashley Wasilewski40 Lakeview Ter 2037354188 Ashok N. Patel118 High St 2037320582 Associated Benefits LLC50 Olivia St 2037323745 Assunta Rak20 Kindle Ln 2037369367 Atwater Insurance Group1 Thompson Pl 2037341633 Audrey Douglas26 John St 2035165650 Audrey P. Snow17 Sunset DR 2037356943 Augustine J. Altomare9 Derbyshire 2037352687 Augustino Chiaro Jr64 New Haven Ave 2037366298 Augusts Fifis147 Dirienzo Hts 2037360059 Augustus Burel60 High St 2037355094 Austin Mattutini1 Derby Milford Rd 2037340801 Austin T. Mattutini385 New Haven Ave 2037322942 Autozone40 Division St 2037323128 Avelino Roque11 Jeanetti DR 2037322779 Avrianna Bacchiocchi206 Minerva St 2037324379 Aymen Awad21 Mason St 2037322867 Azemira Memic22 Emmett Ave 2037322682


 B. Baltes23 General Wooster Rd 2037366808 B. Bengtson 2037355183 B. Burke126 Shagbark DR 2037342950 B. Chapin137 Shagbark DR 2037341866 B. Corbeil211 Shagbark DR 2037322725 B. Dorso63 E St, # A 2037322634 B. Hubbard57 Hawthorne Ave 2037348635 B. J. Reilly32 Chestnut DR 2037345804 B. L. Degennaro19 Paugassett Rd 2037359117 B. Lovisolo186 Smith St 2037347325 B. Mcguire143 Shagbark DR 2037328226 B. Mclean 2037320868 B. Rosati 2037323864 B. Scott 2037516760 B. Stcharles17 Donna Ave 2037322715 B. Stelmack14 Homestead Ave 2037341327 B. Sypniewski20 David Humphrey Rd 2037345787 B. Zawojski273 Derby Ave, Unit 306 2037341744 Badge Academy Of Driving117 New Haven Ave 2035165270 Baier Construction Co176 Main St 2035165124 Baier Construction Co176 Main St 2035165213 Baier Construction Co Inc174 Main St 2037321622 Bailey Levey207 Caroline St, # 1REAR 2037519439 Balol Mcguire160 Shagbark DR 2037350643 Bar None87 Elizabeth St 2035165039 Barbara A. Debarbieri220 Sentinel Hill Rd 2037352855 Barbara A. Gilloren134 Bradley Ter 2037325413 Barbara A. Guluzzy54 Maple Ave 2037352618 Barbara A. Mankewich48 10th St 2039062325 Barbara A. Murdy6 Kindle Ln 2037350709 Barbara A. Scarduzio15 Stephen St 2037349145 Barbara A. Stowe81 Mistyvale Ln 2037322254 Barbara A. Tantimonico53 Commodore Cmns 2037323025 Barbara Arellano207 Derby Ave, Apt 2F 2033082324 Barbara Badela14 North Ave 2037349022 Barbara Beverly186 New Haven Ave, Apt 3 2037359636 Barbara Bien23 Gilbert St 2037347131 Barbara Dooley42 Orangewood W 2033082425 Barbara Eaton16 Grove Ave 2037320806 Barbara F. Bartone23 9th St, Fl 1 2037354014 Barbara Gill 2037351709 Barbara Hubbard57 Hawthorne Ave 2037348635 Barbara J. Barry458 New Haven Ave 2037346802 Barbara J. Dicenso7 Jeanetti DR 2037342096 Barbara J. Garofalo52 Selma Ave 2037345765 Barbara J. Poppa3 Laurel Ave 2037354368 Barbara Januszkiewicz37 Burtville Ave, Unit 95 2037341518 Barbara K. Carey20 Colony St 2037348779 Barbara K. Kopjanski54 Franklin Ave 2037323334 Barbara L Degennaro Atty1 Thompson Pl 2037359774 Barbara L. Degennaro51 Paugassett Rd 2037341250 Barbara L. Degennaro1 Thompson Pl 2037359774 Barbara L. Lovisolo186 Smith St 2037347325 Barbara L. Lucas9 General Wooster Rd 2037355786 Barbara Linane31 Kings CT 2037355404 Barbara M. Miani56 Mount Pleasant St 2037346640 Barbara Moore224 David Humphrey Rd 2037348986 Barbara Purpora20 S Division St, Apt 1F 2037519254 Barbara S. Dybas22 O'Sullivan Rd 2037348629 Barbara S. Sampiere196 New Haven Ave, Unit 112 2037362303 Barbara Schlesinger196 New Haven Ave, Unit 433 2037355494 Barbara Shea101 Bradley Ter 2037356238 Barbara Valenti88 Sherwood Ave 2037325351 Barbra Portillo64 Oak St 2037519859 Barnum Engineered Systems Inc 2033342454 Barnum Engineered Systems Inc495 Roosevelt DR 2037348823 Barry E. Hinkson49 High St 2035165463 Barry Goncalo77 Park Ave 2037360871 Barry W. Wong74 Kings CT 2037343139 Bartosz Alberski6 Ridge Rd 2033082276 Beard Concrete Co of Derby Inc37 Main St 2037354641 Beata Fus59 Grove Ave 4757775979 Becky E. Decko69 Orangewood W 2037357525 Becky M. Dellinger2 Kings CT 2037344207 Beena Bardelli4 Oak St 2037342371 Belinda Root41 10th St 2035165923 Benjamin Blake507 Roosevelt DR, Apt 2 2035165754 Benjamin J. Dinan75 Grove Ave 2037366025 Bernadett Dorso63 E St 2037322634 Bernadette Dorso63 E St, Apt B 2037322634 Bernadette Morel10 Mason St 2037366815 Bernice M. Nicolari176 New Haven Ave 2037355297 Besim Krasniqi270 Elizabeth St 2035165318 Beth A. Colette157 Minerva St 2037324861 Beth A. Mcliverty15 Academy Hill Rd 2037342705 Beth M. Kaumb33 Roosevelt DR, Apt 225 2033082316 Beth Mcguire143 Shagbark DR 2037328226 Beth Tyszka6 Derby Milford Rd 2033082021 Bethany L. Nimons7 Woodland Walk 2037321708 Bethany R. Russo203 Minerva St 2037341995 Bethany Seefeldt233 Derby Ave, Unit 509 2037357664 Betsy La Flamme107 Pinnacle Rdg 2037347743 Betty Cabral17 Prairie Ave 2037350008 Betty Dicaprio2 Paugassett Rd 2037516714 Betty Fenton187 Minerva St 2037368669 Betty Fogle144 Caroline St 2033082299 Betty J. Dicaprio23 Pleasant View Rd 2037360070 Betty L. Mancini2 Iannotti Ln 2037345914 Beverage Office259 Roosevelt DR 2037516185 Beverley A. Dilley23 Cedric Ave 2037350650 Beverly A. Dilley23 Cedric Ave 2037350650 Beverly A. Rak6 Woodycrest St 2037349389 Beverly Kamaitis57 Hillcrest Ave 2037344783 Beverly L. Moran91 Academy Hill Rd 2037342659 Bevery Becker24 Sentinel Hill Rd 2037341955 Bhamini Patel62 Franklin Ave 2037321022 Biagio Bartone99 Academy Hill Rd 2037344852 Biagio Bartone137 High St 2035165760 Bianca Caballero12 9th St 2037324304 Big Lots600 New Haven Ave 2037328105 Bilal Seyal 2037320572 Bill E. Hamlet Jr5 Donna Ave 2037347267 Bill Trustee1 David Humphrey Rd 2037354830 Billie F. Dykes Jr20 Evelyn Rd 2037352888 Billie Hamlet5 Donna Ave 2037347267 Birmingham Group Health Services111 New Haven Ave, Ste 1 2037368407 BJ's Wholesale Club20 Division St 2037328700 Blanca Quinonez31 Stygar Ter 2037329084 Blanca Salinas63 Minerva St 2037323478 Blanche L. Rountree111 Summit Cmns 2037360719 Blazo Y. Marovich5 Anson St 2037341494 Bloxam Enterprises LLC12 New Haven Ave 2033082574 Blss Inc115 New Haven Ave 2037364616 Blue Monster LLC33 Elizabeth St 2033082977 Boateng Appiahene200 Olivia St 2037516440 Bob J. Mcadams33 Hickory Rd 2037323537 Bobby Davis70 Mount Pleasant St 2035165401 Bodgan Zawojski273 Derby Ave, Unit 306 2037341744 Bogdan Piecychna112 New Haven Ave 2037340401 Boguslaw G. Wilczak26 Washington St 2037347108 Bonnie B. Chuka10 Stephen St 2037344779 Bonnie Balko74 W 4th St, Apt 23B 2035165165 Bonnie L. Sinclair6 Prindle Ave 2037345240 Bonnie Markoya70 Franklin Ave 2037368632 Botti Realty Inc368 Derby Ave 2037359368 Bouaket Keomyxay5 E Hawkins St 2037519145 Bounthavy Keomyxay5 E Hawkins St 2037516206 Brad Davies125 Clearview CT 2037519037 Bradley S. Reese108 Division St 2037324579 Bradley Waslenko1 Patty Ann Ter 2033082338 Brain Corbeil211 Shagbark DR 2037322725 Branden Burke126 Shagbark DR 2037342950 Brandy Fredericks5 Mason St 2037516864 Breaktime At Jak's139 Main St 2037355125 Brenda Cayer33 Roosevelt DR 2037321024 Brenda Chonko63 Belleview DR 2037357635 Brenda J. Coleman66 Derbyshire 2037350782 Brenda M. Lucarelli63 Belleview DR 2037357635 Brenda Robinson22 Anson St 2037327898 Brenda Thurman17 E 9th St 2037322104 Brendon Cante142 Caroline St, Apt 2F 2037519092 Brenton Baer183 New Haven Ave, Apt 2F 2035165378 Brian Becker24 Sentinel Hill Rd 2037341955 Brian C. Anderson56 Hillcrest Ave 2037344874 Brian C. Fagan2 Summer St 2037345079 Brian Cavallaro189 Smith St 2037354706 Brian Coppolo50 Academy Hill Road Ext 2037355124 Brian Corbeil211 Shagbark DR 2037322725 Brian D. Defrancisco53 Laurel Ave 2035165668 Brian D. Murdy6 Kindle Ln 2037350709 Brian Flinn64 Emmett Ave, Apt 1 2037358024 Brian J. Calvert37 Lewis St 2037369356 Brian K. Nicolari35 McLaughlin Ter 2037322532 Brian Katsis98 Emmett Ave 2037516421 Brian L. Jersey13 Stephen St 2037341554 Brian M. Bush215 Derby Ave 2037350546 Brian M. Pytlak39 Laurel Ave 2037359879 Brian M. Saffo83 Harold Ave 2037357727 Brian R. Dionne185 Shagbark DR 2037342557 Brian R. Tarini66 Indian Ave 2037348010 Brian Roberto 2037324223 Brian Roque11 Jeanetti DR 2037322779 Brian Sperling MD300 Seymour Ave 2037322651 Brian W. Lemay21 Derbyshire 2037352271 Briana Conyers15 General Wooster Rd 2037348813 Brianna Abel1 Commodore Hull DR 2037360189 Bridge Motors LLC57 Derby Ave 2037519890 Bridget Becker24 Sentinel Hill Rd 2037341955 Brienne Lenart173 Hawthorne Ave 2037351347 Brigitte Labosky Vaval344 Derby Ave, Apt 1F 2033082383 Brittany D. Anderson28 Lakeview Ter 2037321029 Brittany Joyner19 Hawkins St 2037324026 Brittany L. Tedesco29 Orangewood W 2037323652 Bronislaus Tracz4 Cottage St 2037341227 Bronislawa Strzelec110 New Haven Ave 2037349447 Bruce Bisson32 Laurel Ave 2037369364 Bruce E. Sill Sr169 Park Ave 2037358096 Bruce M. Hanock87 Pleasant View Rd 2037344040 Bruce M. Iannucci49 Franklin Ave 2037341404 Bruce Sypniewski20 David Humphrey Rd 2037345787 Bruce Sypniewski20 David Humphrey Rd 2037348090 Bryan G. Norwood86 Orangewood W 2037357023 Bryan Kapusta34 Maple Ave 2037345684 Bryan Tamburrino74 W 4th St, Apt 9A 2037325774 Buena Ventura Santana2 Monaco Cir 2037516525 Buenventura Santana2 Monaco Cir 2037516525 Burger King540 New Haven Ave 2037340733


 C & T Kelly LLC33 Elizabeth St 2037324479 C J L Engineering Inc33 Elizabeth St 2037328876 C. Anderson56 Hillcrest Ave 2037344874 C. Couture 2037516648 C. Dicostanzo 2037366312 C. Espin43 Mohawk Ave 2037322157 C. Fernino1021 Roosevelt DR 2037322948 C. Gelardi194 Marshall Ln 2037320786 C. Gilloren134 Bradley Ter 2037325413 C. Glodek30 High St 2037369397 C. Goldberg61 Franklin Ave 2037366600 C. Jones16 Kindle Ln 2037348769 C. Knopick273 Derby Ave 2037342871 C. Larson2 Ferrara CT 2037322498 C. Lombardo37 Belleview DR 2037366456 C. Malse 2037516020 C. Mcguire160 Shagbark DR 2037350643 C. Mercure53 Maple Ave 2037325044 C. Miani56 Mount Pleasant St 2037346640 C. Parker155 Derby Ave 2037324378 C. Roldan36 Derbyshire, # 36 2037322089 C. Russell66 Harold Ave 2037359320 C. Simone7 9th St 2037359159 C. Sisbarro 2037369490 C. Stewart5 Schmitt Ter 2037357746 C. Stokes117 Bradley Ter 2037328137 C. Twiggs255 Shagbark DR 2037355361 C. V. Catalano22 Hawkins St 2037345505 C. Young20 Grove Ave 2037324311 Caitrin Olson77 Chestnut DR 2037362806 Cale M. Tuite25 Evelyn Rd 2037320525 Caleen M. Mcguigan190 Smith St 2037341499 Calena M. Conyers15 General Wooster Rd 2037348813 Calvert Safe & Lock Ltd40 Caroline St 2037352137 Camie Margione20 Jeanetti DR 2037350683 Camille J. Kurtyka46 Mohawk Ave 2037324673 Camilo F. Paez59 High St 2037321953 CAN DO Company142 Main St 2037519009 Candice Chavers123 Olivia St 4757775978 Candida M. Vaccaro14 Smith St 2037352019 Capelli Salon131 Main St 2037323608 Capelli Salon Derby131 Main St 2037321977 Cara Beattie 2037516537 Cara Rizzil49 Academy Hill Rd 2037320711 Cardell Ray1 Maple Ave 2037322102 Cardenas Edelmira 2037323428 Career Technology LLC45 Minerva St 2035165935 Cari Nero10 Homestead Ave 2037354716 Carl Dicks24 Jeanetti DR 2037364687 Carl Dicks24 Jeanetti DR 2037364587 Carl Donofri77 Atwater Ave, Apt 2 2035165954 Carl Geib17 Cedric Ave 2037343444 Carl J. Lubrico Ii18 Benanto DR 2037369707 Carl Lovisolo186 Smith St 2037347325 Carl Malerba130 Dirienzo Hts 2037362788 Carl Nero10 Homestead Ave 2037354716 Carl P. Roberts115 Hawthorne Ave 2037369360 Carl P. Roberts115 Hawthorne Ave 2037516169 Carl Pettinella15 Howard Ave 2037349494 Carl Samerotti72 Sherwood Ave 2037360506 Carl Yacobacci10 Lombardi DR 2037343135 Carla Lombardo37 Belleview DR 2037366456 Carla M. Fontanez159 Derby Ave 2035165025 Carla Malerba130 Dirienzo Hts 2037362788 Carlene R. O'keefe44 New Haven Ave 2037354931 Carlino's Tailor & Men's Shop63 Elizabeth St 2037355751 Carlo B. Lombardo37 Belleview DR 2037366456 Carlo N. Malerba130 Dirienzo Hts 2037362788 Carlos A. Maldonado73 IDA Ave 2037366615 Carlos E. Lopez62 6th St, Apt 8 2037344208 Carlos F. Espin43 Mohawk Ave 2037322157 Carlos J. Rodriguez37 Prospect St 2037324509 Carlos R. Santiago Sr140 Bradley Ter 2037324183 Carlos R. Schweitzer300 Seymour Ave 2037362645 Carlos Schweitzer MD300 Seymour Ave, Ste 201 2037362645 Carmela Caporale59 Summit St 2037344706 Carmelina Consales156 Harold Ave 2037357107 Carmella Margione20 Jeanetti DR 2037350683 Carmella P. Sobin273 Derby Ave, Unit 203 2037347435 Carmella Perri390 Sentinel Hill Rd 2037362203 Carmella Rogers1 Derbyshire 2037343965 Carmen C. Dilisio18 A St, Apt A3 2037342619 Carmen Campos 2037322560 Carmen Defelice24 10th St 2037350273 Carmen Guarascio26 Guardiano Ter 2037347664 Carmen Gudino41 Anson St 2037516853 Carmen J. Mongillo8 Lombardi DR 2037341362 Carmen J. Vicens448 New Haven Ave 2037516134 Carmen Maldonado397 Hawthorne Ave 2037357542 Carmen Mas10 Prairie Ave 2037355258 Carmen Mas-Cardinelli10 Prairie Ave 2037355258 Carmen Morales162 Hawkins St 2037366198 Carmen Perri390 Sentinel Hill Rd 2037362203 Carmen T. Dicenso7 Jeanetti DR 2037342096 Carmina Campolattano36 Commodore Hull DR 2037346804 Carmina Campolattano36 Commodore Hull DR 2037349072 Carmina Tessitore50 Emmett Ave 2037324679 Carmine Lizza63 Pleasant View Rd 2037344027 Carmine M. Concilio103 Academy Hill Rd 2037324743 Carol A. Boynton2 David Humphrey Rd 2037343162 Carol A. Celone7 Shelton St 2037320791 Carol A. Dellarocco23 Iannotti Ln 2037343807 Carol A. Esposito66 Grove Ave 2037348642 Carol A. Jadach20 Lakeview Ter 2037357175 Carol A. Mielniczek51 Sunset DR 2037355506 Carol A. Sojka111 IDA Ave 2037353409 Carol C. Lance23 9th St, Fl 2 2037347203 Carol Corridor273 Derby Ave, Unit 609 2037519024 Carol D. Mcguire160 Shagbark DR 2037350643 Carol E. Piscitelli76 Emmett Ave 2037354761 Carol Fernino1021 Roosevelt DR 2037322948 Carol Garnett 2037323758 Carol Hunter128 Park Ave 2037354943 Carol Johnson92 Clearview CT 2037366714 Carol M. Reilly204 New Haven Ave 2037347792 Carol Mobilio13 McLaughlin Ter 2037519573 Carol Pagliaro279 Hawthorne Ave 2037341283 Carol Peterson233 Derby Ave 2037366786 Carol Senfield238 Hawthorne Ave 2037340784 Carol Szarmach12 Joyce Ave 2037516711 Carol Twiggs255 Shagbark DR 2037355361 Carol Viggiano96 Smith St, # 1 2037320895 Carole F. Gaudio2 McKinley Ave 2037327838 Carole Negron11 McKinley Ave 2033082066 Carolina Orsini308 Olivia St, Fl 3 2037516987 Caroline A. Dzurka46 Atwater Ave 2037519096 Caroline Bacchiocchi267 Roosevelt DR 2037346171 Caroline F. Gaudio2 McKinley Ave 2037327838 Carolyn D. Wyman62 Prairie Ave 2037356384 Carolyn F. Kross43 Lakeview Ter 2037359164 Carolyn S. Schuster136 Hawthorne Ave 2037342991 Carolynn Navarro196 New Haven Ave, Unit 213 2033082560 Carrest Alexander A299 Seymour Ave 2037353347 Carrie A. Polis99 IDA Ave 2037364135 Carrie O'connor233 Derby Ave, Unit 203 2037519652 Carroll Curtis22 Grandview Blvd 2037323040 Carroll Curtis22 Grandview Blvd 2037341049 Carroll Curtis22 Grandview Blvd 2037348171 Caryl L. Fritz43 Prairie Ave 2037357698 Caryne Santore210 Chatfield St 2037320316 Casimir Andre242 Derby Ave 2035165555 Casimir Soroka30 O'Sullivan Rd 2037322403 Casimir Stochmal34 Paugassett Rd 2037355431 Casimir Stochmal 2037369330 Casmir Stochmal34 Paugassett Rd 2037355431 Cassandra Aungst13 Summit Cmns 2037357995 Cassi L. Curtis22 Grandview Blvd 2037348171 Cassi L. Curtis22 Grandview Blvd 2037323040 Cassi L. Curtis22 Grandview Blvd 2037341049 Cassie Boladz196 New Haven Ave, Unit 542 2037343060 Catherin Roldan36 Derbyshire, # 36 2037322089 Catherine A. Burgess70 Kings CT 2037369714 Catherine A. Detullio65 Franklin Ave 2037343101 Catherine J. Albarella25 O'Sullivan Rd 2037347377 Catherine M. Neri14 Donna Ave 2037327723 Catherine M. Piscitelli76 Emmett Ave 2037354761 Catherine M. Priore37 Burtville Ave, Unit 51 2037364148 Catherine Montano196 New Haven Ave, Unit 321 2037344409 Catherine Pereiras34 5th St 2037353271 Catherine Pompa505 Roosevelt DR 2037347500 Catherine Springer89 Minerva St 2037324088 Catherine Stefanski116 IDA Ave 2037355131 Catherine Voccia10 Garfield Ave 2037344053 Cathrine Priore37 Burtville Ave, Unit 51 2037364148 Cathy Faulkner226 Shagbark DR 2037519155 Cathy L. Simone7 E 9th St 2037359159 Cathy S. Soda318 Olivia St 2037358951 Cecelia Corbin207 Minerva St 2037342969 Cecelia Jack236 Shagbark DR 2037351651 Cecelia S. Smith74 Hillcrest Ave 2037346083 Cecilia A. Sypniewski20 David Humphrey Rd 2037348090 Cecilia Villacis64 Hawkins St, Apt 1 2037344891 Cedtrease Brown158 New Haven Ave, Fl 2 2037322216 Cela Builders LLC35 Minerva St 2037344009 Celena Conyers15 General Wooster Rd 2037348813 Celeste Stranaghan74 W 4th St 2037324402 Cellular Sales654 New Haven Ave 2033082366 Cemil Aygul91 Atwater Ave, Apt 6 2035165588 Central Associates33 Elizabeth St, Ste 1 2037346131 Cesar Acevedo78 Hawkins St 2032653145 Cesar Cordero37 Burtville Ave 2037323346 Cesar Rivas17 E 9th St, Fl 2 2037516865 Cesare Defeo33 Roosevelt DR 2037353618 Cesare Defeo33 Roosevelt DR 2037361920 Cesare Defeo33 Roosevelt DR 2037366321 Chad Grant45 6th St, Apt 3 2037519637 Chaisson K Marya130 Division St 2037327573 Chaisson K Marya MD130 Division St 2037327573 Chamya Johnson105 Roosevelt Dr 2037325007 Chanel Johnson32 9th St 2037320229 Chantal M. Gerckens65 Hillcrest Ave 2037340330 Charle Bardelli4 Oak St 2037342371 Charle Gilloren134 Bradley Ter 2037325413 Charleen Giotopulos164 Shagbark DR 2037366306 Charlene J. Sicilia17 S Division St 2037353557 Charlene Ostrofsky37 Burtville Ave, Unit 1 2037342254 Charlene Uberti93 Hawthorne Ave 2037340359 Charlene Y. Santangelo181 Elizabeth St 2037347989 Charles Ahearn15 Mason St 2037343563 Charles Bardelli4 Oak St 2037342371 Charles Burke126 Shagbark DR 2037342950 Charles Dicenso55 Summit St 2037359155 Charles E. Chey47 Kings CT 2037343779 Charles E. Gilloren134 Bradley Ter 2037325413 Charles J. Grillo2 Selma Ave 2037366212 Charles J. Matto140 Hawthorne Ave 2035165162 Charles J. Seefeldt Jr233 Derby Ave, Unit 509 2037357664 Charles J. Stankye Jr30 David Humphrey Rd 2037347553 Charles J. Weber30 Guardiano Ter 2037369166 Charles Jones16 Kindle Ln 2037348769 Charles Kemp16 4th St 2037323780 Charles M. Mirisola117 Hawthorne Ave 2037357551 Charles M. Stankye126 David Humphrey Rd 2037369539 Charles Meyer Jr52 E St, Apt B 2035165791 Charles Stochmal73 Derby Ave 2037344373 Charles Szlacketka37 Burtville Ave 2037341478 Charles Torok16 Monaco Cir 4757775967 Charles Trimarki15 W 9th St 2037325622 Charlie Mcghee24 Stygar Ter 2033082336 Charlotte A. Campbell313 Silver Hill Rd 2037343506 Charlotte Buckley 2037516543 Charlotte L. Bengtson464 New Haven Ave 2037328059 Charlotte Ritter34 Belleview DR 2037347810 Checker Food Store160 Elizabeth St 2037519214 Cheree F. Dixon11 Hawkins St, Apt B 2037516804 Cheri R. Meisel248 Derby Ave 2037340370 Cherie O. Johnson125 Dirienzo Hts 2037354589 Cheryl A. Andros5 E 9th St 2037324147 Cheryl A. August16 Chatfield St 2037360133 Cheryl A. Hessler43 Mount Pleasant St 2037320541 Cheryl A. Pilon78 Coppola Ter 2037324181 Cheryl A. Rich51 Hawthorne Ave 2037369959 Cheryl A. Treadwell48 Lakeview Ter 2037341947 Cheryl Chapis 2037325161 Cheryl Chiaro64 New Haven Ave 2037347183 Cheryl D'addario54 Clearview CT 2037325583 Cheryl L. Chiaro64 New Haven Ave 2037366298 Cheryl L. Pereiras46 Prairie Ave 2037344732 Cheryl L. Scillia198 Shagbark DR 2037324540 Cheryl Mcconney45 Derby Neck Rd 2037354816 Cheryl Ryan68 Franklin Ave 2035165929 Cheryl Sherwood50 Olivia St, Apt 206 2035165388 Cheryl Tucker1 Ashwood Ter 2035165748 Chester Gorzelany29 Belleview DR 2037344761 Chester Gorzelany29 Belleview DR 2037362139 Cheyenne Williams241 New Haven Ave 2037516681 Childbirth Center At Griffin Hospital130 Division St 2037327252 Choose Your Own Care84 Caroline St 2037519620 Chris Estwan43 Franklin Ave 2037342467 Chris Horvath91 Atwater Ave, Apt 26 2035165449 Chris Jensen 2037516556 Chris Lorec 2037516434 Chris Louca25 Commodore Hull DR 2037322489 Chris Montefusco39 Bank St, Apt 2F 2033082540 Chris N. Bassick21 Orangewood W 2037347026 Chris R. Perkins385 New Haven Ave 2037519018 Chris Ramos63 Minerva St 2037516958 Chris S. Cavallaro189 Smith St 2037354706 Chris Thomas61 Seymour Ave 2035165515 Chris Zyck33 Roosevelt DR, Apt 323 2035165887 Christ Perkins385 New Haven Ave 2037519018 Christa C. Tonucci26 Fairview Ter 2037345206 Christi Iorfino6 Benanto DR 2037366603 Christi Sobin233 Derby Ave, Unit 603 2037519865 Christi Stedner2 Cullens Hill Rd 2037355195 Christian Community Church27 9th St 2037325220 Christian J. Malerba162 Park Ave 2037355886 Christian Malerba151 Derby Ave, Apt 1F 2037519755 Christina Bellone79 Smith St 2037357029 Christina Brunetticolon 2037342559 Christina Cabrera 2035165779 Christina Lynk114 Dirienzo Hts 2037327934 Christina M. Dimartino63 Sherwood Ave 2037341364 Christina M. Napychank36 Orangewood W 2037321004 Christina Palmieri 2037516518 Christina S. Brunetti68 Cottage St 2035165279 Christina Vayda190 New Haven Ave, Unit 4 2037519735 Christine A. Guliano173 Harold Ave 2037519887 Christine Davis227 Caroline St, Apt 3 2035165509 Christine Garofalo133 High St 2037356376 Christine Iorfino6 Benanto DR 2037366603 Christine J. Robinson250 Hawthorne Ave 2037343718 Christine L Curtiss Attorney315 Main St 2037359521 Christine L. Curtiss315 Main St 2037359521 Christine M. Baryla217 Elizabeth St 2037359426 Christine M. Greene323 Hawthorne Ave 2037322232 Christine M. Kotucek7 Talmadge St 2037516256 Christine R. Rovinelli1 Kindle Ln 2037324796 Christine Russell66 Harold Ave 2037359320 Christine Soda210 Hawthorne Ave 2037516088 Christine Stedner2 Cullens Hill Rd 2037355195 Christoph Gelardi194 Marshall Ln 2037320786 Christophe Kuna5 Yochers Ln 2037341945 Christopher Campbell14 7th St, Unit BSMT 2035165676 Christopher D. Kopjanski54 Franklin Ave 2037323334 Christopher E. Kuna5 Yochers Ln 2037341945 Christopher Foy 2037320248 Christopher Gelardi194 Marshall Ln 2037320786 Christopher J. Anglace37 Bank St 2037344530 Christopher J. Morse31 East CT 2037343093 Christopher J. Tynan3 Lilac Cir 2037369477 Christopher Jensen274 Derby Ave, Apt 2F 2033082808 Christopher Lyle Ins435 New Haven Ave, Ste 9 2037351845 Christopher M. Azoti29 East CT 2037323809 Christopher M. Currivan233 Derby Ave 2037347273 Christopher M. Lee111 Harold Ave 2037357785 Christopher M. Wasilewski40 Lakeview Ter 2037354188 Christopher Oliwa23 Shelton St 2037325499 Christopher P. Carloni3 Fairview Ter 2037366345 Christopher S. Mastrianni Sr105 IDA Ave 2037322855 Christopher Suvoski49 Indian Ave 2037362204 Christopher Yacobacci10 Lombardi DR 2037343135 Christy D. Addio71 Orangewood W 2037347360 Chuck A. Jones16 Kindle Ln 2037348769 Chung Shin300 Seymour Ave 2037362280 Chung Shin MD300 Seymour Ave 2037362280 Church Stmarys212 Elizabeth St 2037358588 Chynna Quinn30 Homestead Ave 2037344585 Ciardiello Bonadies and Aversa Surgery Group300 Seymour Ave 2035165493 Cindy A. Yash90 Harold Ave 2037347895 Cindy Baxter Tracz25 Clark Street Ext 2037356546 Cindy Hubbard57 Hawthorne Ave 2037348635 Cindy Nicoletti31 Belleview DR 2037351729 Cindy Wechsler196 New Haven Ave, Unit 431 2033082789 Cindy Yash90 Harold Ave 2037516274 Cinthia Jonas660 Hawthorne Ave 2037364867 Citgo Quick Stop265 Roosevelt DR 2037343354 City Buffet & Grill49 Pershing DR 2037346888 City Cutter Grinding Service304 Seymour Ave 2037357111 City Stitchers101 Elizabeth St, Ste 7 2037366220 Civitella and Associates253 Roosevelt DR 2037362484 Claire Boncek193 Seymour Ave, Fl 3 2037322840 Claire D. Mccarthy23 Cedric Ave 2037353982 Claire J. Rahael2 Crescent St 2037348356 Claire L. Gagne9 Selma Ave 2037355608 Claire Quinn30 Homestead Ave 2037344585 Clara A. Finnucan17 Stygar Ter 2037341964 Clara Finnucan45 Belleview DR 2037347112 Clara Marowa234 Derby Ave 2033082727 Clarice Quinn30 Homestead Ave 2037344585 Claudia L. Basel27 Derbyshire 2037324106 Claudia R. Connors53 Lakeview Ter 2037369578 Clelia Ponzillo32 Belleview DR 2037362505 Clement L. Dellarocco23 Iannotti Ln 2037343807 Cleste R. Smith230 Seymour Ave 2037325202 Cody Mcguinness50 Olivia St, Apt 601 2037519805 Cohen & Thomas315 Main St 2037359521 Colby Mcmahon76 Seymour Ave 2037342989
Cole Dobbin52 Laurel Ave 2037360671 Coleen E. Fitch45 Franklin Ave 2037357725 Colette Brett7 Yochers Ln 2033082707 Colin Grover21 Krakow St 2037366201 Colleen A. Holt32 Hillcrest Ave 2037353633
Colleen Barbetti306 Olivia St 2037355464 Colleen C. Ezzo14 Lakeview Ter 2037356503 Colleen P. Ahearn300 David Humphrey Rd 2037344824 Colleen R. Kelly1 Stelmack Rd 2037322151 Collin Finnucan45 Belleview DR 2037347112 Colon & Rectal Surgeons Of Fairfield County Llc300 Seymour Ave, Ste 101 2037366625 Community Residences Inc153 Sentinel Hill Rd 2037519569 Comstar LLC23 Elizabeth St 2037519152 Concett Steeves3 Mcconney Grv 2037325240 Concetta Dirienzo77 Chapel St 2037354578 Concetta Steeves3 Mcconney Grv 2037325240 Connecticut State Of Continued 3 - Indian Well State Park Seasonal Shelton - Manager 2037354311 Connecticut State Of Continued 5:    -Civil Office106 Elizabeth St 2037348562    -Civil Office - Court Reporter106 Elizabeth St 2037354995    -Civil Office - Family Relations Department106 Elizabeth St 2037359595    -Civil Office - Jury Clerk106 Elizabeth St 2037348520    -Civil Office - Public Defender106 Elizabeth St 2037358616    -Civil Office - State's Attorney's Office106 Elizabeth St 2037357487    -Civil Office - Victim Services Advocate106 Elizabeth St 2037347145    -Ga 5 - Adult Probation106 Elizabeth St 2037356781 Connectikidz Dental Care Pc36 Division St 2033082049 Connectikidz Pediatric Dentistry36 Division St 2037345439 Connex Inc5 General Wooster Rd 2037519347 Connie Molnar15 Stygar Ter 2033082788 Conrad Brown16 Commodore Hull Dr 2033082718 Constancio Saldana10 Hawthorne Ave, Apt 13 2037324674 Consumer Credit Counseling90 Elizabeth St 2037327883 Corey Caldwell3 E 9th St 2037516061 Cornelia Tarnoski13 Donna Ave 2037328557 Cornelius Omarra2 Beech St 2037344417 Corrine Germain36 Lakeview Ter 2037346329 Corrine M. Conroy9 Summer St 2037345556 Cory Backus45 Minerva St, Apt 104 4757775180 Cosmo Brown65 Maple Ave 2033082200 Cosnstancio Saldana10 Hawthorne Ave 2037324674 Cost Cutters656 New Haven Ave, Ste 10 2037323945 Counseling & Resource Center Inc50 Olivia St 2037359975 Country Fare Llc4 Caroline St 2037349343 County Agency Inc129 Main St 2033082542 Courtney Briggs24 Cedric Ave 2037340198 Courtney Marrow245 Shagbark DR 2037519770 Courtney Thieke172 Shagbark DR 2033082765 Cozy Corner Treasure Chest196 Elizabeth St 2035165915 Craig Carlson15 Kindle Ln 2035165981 Craig Chirgwin3 Hine Ter 2037351275 Craig Sheehy233 Derby Ave 2037516076 Criag J. Chirgwin3 Hine Ter 2037351275 Cris Keeney181 Hawkins St 2033082522 Crista Building Inc90 Sodom Ln 2037342211 Cristiana Manchester39 Evelyn Rd 2033082024 Cristina Curto12 Evelyn Rd 4757775902 Crown Fried Chicken64 Division St 2037519111 Crystal Cleaners1 New Haven Ave 2037343321 Cs -Hill Health Corporation30 Elizabeth St 2037365462 CT Implant Center63 Elizabeth St 2037352000 Cynthia A. Cifatte680 New Haven Ave 2037360764 Cynthia A. Estwan43 Franklin Ave 2037342467 Cynthia Knopick273 Derby Ave, Unit 1107 2037342871 Cynthia L. Boladz196 New Haven Ave, Unit 542 2037343060 Cynthia M Ronan MD300 Seymour Ave 2037366383 Cynthia M. Hessler43 Mount Pleasant St 2037320541 Cynthia M. Ronan300 Seymour Ave 2037366383 Cynthia Nicoletti31 Belleview DR 2037351729 Cynthia Okech62 Atwater Ave 2037519073 Cynthia S. Joel10 O'Sullivan Rd 2037346764 Cynthia Tonucci26 Fairview Ter 2037345206 Cynthia Yash90 Harold Ave 2037347895 Cyril D. Hinkson302 Caroline St 2037346626 Czeslaw Glodek30 High St, Fl 1 2037369397 Czestawa Tabaka19 Hawkins St 2037355407


 D. A. Rosner229 Shagbark DR 2037323536 D. Bailey213 Minerva St 2037358945 D. Caulfield60 Selma Ave 2037360881 D. Chevarella19 Jeanetti DR 2037348685 D. Coppola10 Pine St, # 1 2037360769 D. Cosentino135 Shagbark DR, # 135 2037325442 D. Domurad6 Devon VW 2037369468 D. Doria 2037516513 D. Dunne241 Silver Hill Rd 2037342362 D. Dupke28 McLaughlin Ter 2037355347 D. Edwards 2037322485 D. Francucci169 Marshall Ln 2037359729 D. Galant50 Olivia St, Apt 109 2033082969 D. Goldberg61 Franklin Ave 2037366600 D. J. Halligan43 McLaughlin Ter 2037358800 D. Jones16 Kindle Ln 2037348769 D. Kalafut63 Franklin Ave 2037322929 D. Marbou4 O'Sullivan Rd 2037348832 D. Miller6 General Wooster Rd 2037325617 D. Munger146 Shagbark DR 2037519143 D. Nesteruk20 Stephen St 2037363580 D. Pavone87 Orangewood W 2037324602 D. Price37 Krakow St 2037359809 D. Rountree111 Summit Cmns 2037360719 D. S. Garrick150 Sentinel Hill Rd 2035165984 D. Suvoski49 Indian Ave 2037362204 D. Valentino52 Summit St 2037344889 D. Wardzala10 Kindle Ln 2037325886 Daamar O. Briscoe6 Danielle CT 2035165671 Dai C. Zheng21 Coe Ln 2037320225 Daisy Diaz178 Emmett Ave 2033082786 Dale Gray10 North Ave, Apt 1F 2033082782 Dale L. Ranno134 Hawthorne Ave, Apt 1 2037356218 Dale Tyszkiewicz85 IDA Ave 2037359428 Damaris Faustine273 Derby Ave, Unit 508 2035165398 Dameon C. Kellogg151 Park Ave 2037341879 Damian Payton59 Smith St 2035165550 Damien Smith 2037323345 Damon Kellogg151 Park Ave 2037341879 Damon Ott6 E Hawkins St 2037355515 Damon S. Anastasion273 Derby Ave 2037322362 Dan's Garage Inc115 Roosevelt DR 2037342457 Dana A. Soderberg30 Belleview DR 2037359351 Dana Mendillo32 Derbyshire 2037350414 Dana Valenti88 Sherwood Ave 2037325351 Dance Fantasies163 Main St 2037359292 Dane Dellamonica10 Marshall Ln, Unit BSMT 2035165190 Dani Soto144 Park Ave 2037320092 Danie Rodriguez71 Buckingham Rd 2037360157 Danie Treadwell48 Lakeview Ter 2037341947 Daniel Artes70 Silver Hill Rd 2037346475 Daniel B. Torres18 General Wooster Rd 2037366328 Daniel Blizman36 Selma Ave 2033082402 Daniel Coelho1 Iannotti Ln 2037519722 Daniel F. Rivers124 Park Ave 2037343511 Daniel F. Treadwell48 Lakeview Ter 2037341947 Daniel Hawilande5 Talmadge St 2037519016 Daniel J. Defrancisco53 Laurel Ave 2035165668 Daniel J. Foley Jr69 Kings CT 2037360250 Daniel Johnson446 New Haven Ave, Fl 1 2037519460 Daniel K. Hall262 Olivia St 2037343510 Daniel K. Rodriguez 2037519917 Daniel Loyens111 Pleasant View Rd 2035165945 Daniel M. Goncalves54 Chestnut DR 2037323316 Daniel Okech62 Atwater Ave 2037519073 Daniel P. Borrelli30 Franklin Ave 2037356775 Daniel Pagan233 Derby Ave, Unit 109 2037519767 Daniel R. Blackwell Jr15 Kings CT 2037350102 Daniel T. Beauchemin167 Harold Ave 2037352805 Daniel Tiebor43 Hawkins St 2037519135 Daniel White47 Hawkins St 2037324354 Daniela C. Giugno4 Lilac Cir 2037516184 Daniele Onofrio304 Elizabeth St 2037359224 Daniell Lacasse204 New Haven Ave 2033082191 Danielle Beauchemin167 Harold Ave 2037352805 Danielle Hubbard57 Hawthorne Ave 2037348635 Danielle Jordon11 Emmett Ave 2037328344 Danielle Lacasse204 New Haven Ave 2033082191 Danielle M. Bottino118 David Humphrey Rd 2037361969 Danielle Means233 Derby Ave, Unit 307 2033082335 Danielle R. Lavoie40 Laurel Ave 2037343669 Danielle Weyant70 Orangewood W 2037323337 Danna Munger146 Shagbark DR 2037519143 Danny Gill96 Marshall Ln 2037516207 Danny J. Herrin107 Camptown St 2037322182 Dante J. Mariconda Jr37 Burtville Ave 2037346819 Danuta Marek74 W 4th St 2037327903 Danz Magic198 Seymour Ave 2037360120 Darcy Greene33 Roosevelt DR 2035165576 Darleen M. Lee111 Harold Ave 2037357785 Darlene A. Chrzanowski132 Marshall Ln 2037360312 Darlene M. Macek51 Grove Ave 2037340504 Darlene Synott 2035165910 Darlene Tobin233 Derby Ave, Unit 107 2033082839 Darren J. Smith 2037516595 Darren Nesteruk20 Stephen St 2037363580 Dave Bove3 East CT 2037519445 Dave Mendillo32 Derbyshire 2037350414 David A. Brndiar274 Caroline St 2037324049 David A. Cobaugh65 E St 2037346228 David A. Homa Jr88 Bradley Ter 2037354338 David A. Irvine168 Minerva St 2037345891 David A. Kifer Sr100 Hawthorne Ave 2037357387 David A. Savo29 Laurel Ave 2037340727 David Abate38 Commodore Hull DR 2037342295 David Andros5 9th St 2037324147 David Baster205 Hawkins St 2037516130 David Bedini Sr2 Fall St, Apt L 2035165839 David Bohon233 Derby Ave, Unit 614 2035165784 David C. Edmunds3 Derbyshire 2037348338 David C. Markoya70 Franklin Ave 2037368632 David C. Mihalek62 Derbyshire 2037342665 David C. Venice110 David Humphrey Rd 2037516306 David Champagne196 New Haven Ave 2037354640 David Chevarella19 Jeanetti DR 2037348685 David D. Cairone Jr16 Gilbert St 2037354116 David Dellamonica1 Homestead Ave 2035165893 David E. Edgerly380 David Humphrey Rd 2037352947 David E. Koreiwo55 Chatfield St 2037351371 David E. Stockmal41 Mount Pleasant St 2037359941 David F. Bishop1 Stygar Ter 2037360286 David F. Murdy6 Kindle Ln 2037350709 David G. Piscioneri17 North Ave 2037342046 David Gruttadauria 2037516842 David Hotchkiss8 Summer St 2037322012 David J. Anroman26 Caldwell DR 2037325835 David J. Binkowski32 John St 2037356908 David J. Erhardt8 Donna Ave 2037360761 David J. Martin5 Woodycrest St 2037341726 David J. Rosenbluh49 Laurel Ave 2037519233 David J. Skowronski360 Hawthorne Ave 2037348472 David L. Kopjanski54 Franklin Ave 2037323334 David Lane 2037323590 David Lenart75 Coppola Ter 2037343421 David Loyd21 Great Hill Rd 2035165276 David M. Gilloren31 Lakeview Ter 2037349433 David M. Lenart173 Hawthorne Ave 2037516764 David M. Vanallen129 Mount Pleasant St 2037322677 David Mendillo32 Derbyshire 2037350414 David Montano196 New Haven Ave, Unit 321 2037344409 David P. Tynan13 Howard Ave 2037358991 David Pelaggi45 Grandview Blvd 2037341401 David Ramalho124 New Haven Ave 2035165596 David Rivers287 Hawthorne Ave 2037362495 David Roberts51 Belleview DR 2037344407 David Ruotolo51 Derbyshire 2037519472 David Russo203 Minerva St 2037341995 David Simons58 Minerva St, Apt D 4757775129 David Stec177 Hawthorne Ave 2037355428 David Steeves4 Derby Neck Rd 2035165985 David T. Caselles10 Kings CT 2037361884 David Taddia106 Shagbark DR 2033082203 David W. Joel10 O'Sullivan Rd 2037346764 David Zitnay13 Mcconney Grv 2037324919 Davis Oil Co40 Cedar St 2037346142 Davis Paul40 Cedar St 2037348924 Dawn Aliou54 Laurel Ave 2035165013 Dawn Beauchemin167 Harold Ave 2037352805 Dawn Horahan27 Shelton St 2037324255 Dawn Hurley50 Bank St 2037369153 Dawn Jordon12 Stephen St 2035165067 Dawn M. Dandria16 Pleasant View Rd 2037516304 Dawn M. Dobbin52 Laurel Ave 2037360671 Dawn M. Raymond133 Park Ave 2037340696 Dawn M. Vasquez31 Smith St 2037516498 Dawn Rountree111 Pinnacle Rdg 2037360719 Dean A. Gilbert15 10th St 2037516070 Dean Dorsio 2037322575 Deanna Dobbins203 Water St 2034630539 Deanna Frey117 Atwater Ave, Apt 1F 2033082160 Deanna L. Sojka4 Silver Hill Rd 2037355051 Deanna Piccirillo165 IDA Ave 2035165364 Debbie Flinn64 Emmett Ave, Apt 1F 2037358024 Debbie Price37 Krakow St 2037359809 Debbie R. Behrle119 High St 2037328861 Debbie Wertman140 New Haven Ave, Apt B 2037519458 Debby Dubey114 Emmett Ave 2037355780 Debora J. Mordowanec7 Belleview DR 2037328685 Deborah A. Cash11 Ashwood Ter 2037347201 Deborah A. Matto2 Orangewood W 2037347293 Deborah A. Moseley52 Smith St 2037342004 Deborah A. Piscioneri17 North Ave 2037342046 Deborah Albert250 Silver Hill Rd 2035165595 Deborah B. Carlson274 Shagbark DR 2037350196 Deborah Domurad6 Devon VW 2037369468 Deborah Gamble-Campbell106 Olivia St, Fl 1 2035165786 Deborah J. Godeski37 6th St 2037327787 Deborah L. Flinn64 Emmett Ave 2037358024 Deborah L. Mitchell46 10th St 2037355392 Deborah M. Bartone55 Lakeview Ter 2037355590 Deborah Matosian17 Mcconney Grv 2033082811 Deborah O'brien79 IDA Ave 2037355663 Deborah R. Kubek18 Paugassett Rd 2037348758 Deborah Torre21 Homestead Ave 2037519527 Deborah Zaleha16 Homestead Ave 2037346008 Deborasue Boladz4 Jeanetti DR 2037343234 Debra J. Macek138 Dirienzo Hts 2037344345 Debra M. Garrick150 Sentinel Hill Rd 2035165947 Debra M. Lindsay103 Summit Cmns 2037354437 Debra Price37 Krakow St 2037359809 Debra R. Behrle119 High St 2037328861 Debra Wales52 Derbyshire 2037363828 Degennaro Barbara L1 Thompson Pl 2037359774 Delia Fortier24 Guardiano Ter 2033082751 Delia Santos3 Cedric Ave 2037355653 Delois E. Charles107 Olivia St 2037320390 Delores Bush35 Bank St 2037348838 Delores Caulfield60 Selma Ave 2037360881 Delores Coppola10 Pine St 2037360769 Delores D. Carangelo37 Hillcrest Ave 2037349418 Demetriu Glover9 Crescent St 2037519899 Demetrius Glover9 Crescent St 2037519899 Democratic Voter Project58 Marshall Ln 2034462404 Dena Camilini148 New Haven Ave, Apt 3 2037360826 Denis J. Zuraw48 Mountain St 2037328807 Denis N. Kelleher90 Grove Ave 2037345170 Denise A. Miko98 IDA Ave 2037341405 Denise Cesaroni10 Marshall Ln 2037347750 Denise G. Stromp91 Atwater Ave 2037320844 Denise Green 2037519615 Denise M. Carter277 Shagbark DR 2037323997 Denise Perruccio1 Orangewood W 2033082226 Denise Solano 2037323604 Denise Tessitore50 Emmett Ave 2037324679 Dennis Fitzpatrick78 Kings CT 2037516683 Dennis J. Donahue2 Belleview DR 2037353792 Dennis J. Sojka4 Silver Hill Rd 2037355051 Dennis Kelleher90 Grove Ave 2037345170 Dennis Lata 2037320876 Dennis M. Torreso6 Woodland Walk 2037323598 Dennis O'connell71 Harrison Ave 2037323225 Dennis P. Ahearn300 David Humphrey Rd 2037344824 Dennis R. Kieley260 Laurel Pl 2037340213 Dennis Russell196 New Haven Ave, Unit 324 2037368611 Dennis Smith9 Mcconney Grv 2037519598 Dennis Zuraw48 Mountain St 2037328807 Derby A. Mezzapelle65 Mohawk Ave 2037322996 Derby Auto Body49 Burtville Ave 2037341395 Derby Autobody Llc 2037341395 Derby Central Mart3 Pershing DR 2037329098 Derby City Of:    -Administrative DepartmentElizabeth St 2037361455    -Ambulance Service125 Water St 2037357811    -Building & Housing Code1 Elizabeth St 2037361481    -Building & Housing Code - City & Town Clerk1 Elizabeth St 2037361462    -Building & Housing Code - Community Development Agency1 Elizabeth St 2037361478    -Education Department - Superintendent Of Schools35 5th St 2037365027    -Environmental Center LandfillPine St 2037361464    -Finance1 Elizabeth St 2037361456    -Finance - Fire Marshall1 Elizabeth St 2037366976    -For Other Purposes - East End Hose Co No 3Rd 2037361032    -For Other Purposes - Fire Alarm HeadquartersRd 2037361477    -Hotchkiss Hose Co No 1200 David Humphrey Rd 2037361472    -Housing AuthorityBank St 2037356652    -Irving School - Bradley SchoolDavid Humphreys Rd 2037365040    -Irving School - Middle SchoolDavid Humphreys Rd 2037361426    -Irving School - Special Services DepartmentDavid Humphreys Rd 2037365046    -Mayor 2037361450    -Parking Garage2 Thompson Pl 2037344044    -Paugasset Hl Co1 Elizabeth St 2037361476    -Police Department - Police Emergency Only125 Water St 0    -Police Department - Police Headquarters125 Water St 2037341651    -Police Department - Routine Calls125 Water St 2037357811    -Public Library - Derby Public Library313 Elizabeth St 2037361482    -Public Works GarageRd 2037361468    -Registrar Of Voters1 Elizabeth St 2037361454    -Senior Citizen Center239 Main St 2037361484    -Sewage Treatment Plant1 Caroline St 2037361475    -Storm Engine Co No 2151 Olivia St 2037361471    -Tax Collector1 Elizabeth St 2037361459    -Tax Collector - Vital Statistics & Land Records1 Elizabeth St 2037361462    -Tax Collector - Water Pollution Control Authority1 Elizabeth St 2037361465 Derby Day Care90 Elizabeth St 2037369084 Derby Day Care Center165 Elizabeth St 2037369084 Derby Dental Associates124 Atwater Ave 2037362901 Derby Discount Liquors441 Roosevelt DR 2037320666 Derby Glass Llc328 Derby Ave 2037358785 Derby Little League55 Nutmeg Ave 2037350602 Derby Mart49 Elizabeth St 2037519843 Derby Mart Citco65 3rd St 2037366575 Derby Mini Market49 Anson St 2037328730 Derby Neck Library307 Hawthorne Ave 2037341492 Derby Public LibraryElizabeth 2037361482 Derby Public Library - Children's DeptElizabeth 2037361483 Derby Public Schools9 Garden Pl 2034464594 Derby Public Schools9 Garden Pl 2034464593 Derby Public Schools9 Garden Pl 2034464595 Derby Smoke Shop656 New Haven Ave, Ste 10 2035165249 Derby Spine Center111 New Haven Ave, Ste 4 2033082048 Derby United Methodist Church17 5th St 2037345365 Deri Matto2 Orangewood W 2037347293 Derick J. Manning9 Grandview Blvd 2037360669 Desirae Ives73 Harrison Ave 2037351701 Desiree Payton59 Smith St 2035165550 Dharrmais Gandhi12 Frank Gates Ln 2037519291 Diana C. Simington273 Derby Ave 2037326577 Diana Corey74 W 4th St, Apt 27B 2033082401 Diana Garofalo47 Pleasant View Rd 2037340661 Diana Greco94 Sunset DR 4757775970 Diana J. Pernigotti40 Chapel St 2037342155 Diana L. Mantovani292 Marshall Ln 2037354530 Diana Mulroy12 Kindle Ln 2037362180 Diana Pavone87 Orangewood W 2037324602 Diana Pera127 Hawkins St 2037323790 Diana Silva80 Indian Ave 2037328878 Diana Velasco31 Derby Ave 2037516911 Diana Zielinski167 Mount Pleasant St 2037354119 Diane A. Guillet113 Summit Cmns 2037340694 Diane C. Goodman26 Hillcrest Ave 2037352880 Diane Damino82 Sunset DR 2037323404 Diane Dunne241 Silver Hill Rd 2037342362 Diane F. Lindquist169 Mount Pleasant St 2037360197 Diane Halligan43 McLaughlin Ter 2037358800 Diane K. Betlej55 Pleasant View Rd 2037323506 Diane Kelleher90 Grove Ave 2037345170 Diane Kluge135 Minerva St 2037320436 Diane L. Hyman122 Smith St 2037360034 Diane M. Rivers124 Park Ave 2037343511 Diane Millan4 Lakeview Ter 2037519809 Diane Minuto4 Mcconney Grv 2037325919 Diane Northrop15 North Ave 4757775991 Diane R. Robbins280 Shagbark DR 2037321932 Diane Rosner229 Shagbark DR 2037323536 Diane S. Gesseck63 Kings CT 2037351307 Diane Scarpa35 Iannotti Ln 2035165922 Diane Sherwinsky204 New Haven Ave 2037516302 Diane Smith9 Mcconney Grv 2037519598 Diane Staffieri17 O'Sullivan Rd 2037362366 Diane Suvoski49 Indian Ave 2037362204 Diane Tinti-Wald18 Commodore Hull DR 2037320635 Dianna Laracuente5 West CT 2037519486 Dianne Munger146 Shagbark DR 2037519143 Dianne Suvoski49 Indian Ave 2037362204 Dianny Ortiz46 Atwater Ave 2037322983 Dickgiesser Charles J & Co Inc257 Roosevelt DR 2037342553 Diega Sharkey9 Lombardi DR 2037341796 Dietrich Neumahr9 Strang Rd 2037519493 Dimas Medina31 Atwater Ave, Apt 1F 2037321997 Dimitrios Sirgiannis25 Gilbert St 2037320559 Dina Camilini148 New Haven Ave, Apt 2 2037360826 Dina M. Kozlowski78 Commodore Cmns 2037341342 Dina Stiber 2037366681 Dino Miani12 Selma Ave 2037340339 Dinu I. Tarnoski13 Donna Ave 2037328557 Direc Sat Tv 2034460110 Diva D. Francucci169 Marshall Ln 2037359729 Diva Francucci169 Marshall Ln 2033082668 Do's By Tt146 New Haven Ave 2037355973 Dollar Store656 New Haven Ave, Ste 7 2037519357 Dollar Tree492 New Haven Ave 2037363569 Dolores A. Guerriero78 Orangewood W 2037348981 Dolores A. Ligouri28 East CT 2037353060 Dolores Bailey213 Minerva St 2037358945 Dolores Berlinger40 Belleview DR 2037324725 Dolores C. Villacis64 Hawkins St, Apt 1 2037344891 Dolores Coppola10 Pine St 2037360769 Dolores Greene49 Belleview DR 2037344257 Dolores J. Dedo20 Derbyshire 2037347892 Dolores Kopchik233 Derby Ave 2037324376 Dolores M. Bush35 Bank St 2037348838 Domenic Camilini148 New Haven Ave 2037360826 Domenic Venditti187 Minerva St 2037369862 Domenick A. Valentino52 Summit St 2037344889 Domenico Cerreto54 Prairie Ave 2037320335 Dominic Berarducci870 Hawthorne Ave 2035165718 Dominic Casa35 Sodom Ln 2037345443 Dominic Degennaro36 Pleasant View Rd 2037352615 Dominic F. Colonese Jr4 F St 2037349339 Dominic L. Baldino408 Hawthorne Ave 2037342811 Dominic Moscato3 B St 2037347581 Dominic Tuzzo69 Smith St 2033082674 Dominic Tuzzo69 Smith St 2033082698 Dominic Valentino52 Summit 2037344889 Dominick Boanno95 Park Ave 2037352531 Dominick Colonese4 F St 2037349339 Dominick J Thomas Jr Attorney315 Main St 2037359521 Dominick Valentino52 Summit St 2037344889 Dominique Bisson32 Laurel Ave 2037369364 Dominique Riley10 Hawthorne Ave, Apt 3 2037519871 Dominique Sowell125 Mount Pleasant St 2037519702 Don Sanderson42 Kings CT 2037346746 Dona P. Morse18 Summit Cmns 2037355093 Donahue & Donahue1 Thompson Pl 2037341661 Donald A. Demanuel66 Orangewood W 2037348772 Donald A. Szwaba140 Shagbark DR 2037325655 Donald E. Germain Sr16 Lakeview Ter 2037356991 Donald E. North15 Commodore Hull DR 2037358978 Donald F. Rivers124 Park Ave 2037343511 Donald Goldberg61 Franklin Ave 2037366600 Donald J. Margiano204 New Haven Ave 2037323252 Donald J. Rovinelli1 Kindle Ln 2037324796 Donald J. Wolanin16 West CT 2037327922 Donald M. Klischer295 David Humphrey Rd 2037350269 Donald Margiano42 Harold Ave 2037355360 Donald Miller6 General Wooster Rd 2037325617 Donald Moylan33 Roosevelt DR, Apt 405 2033082580 Donald O'connell71 Harrison Ave 2037323225 Donald R. Carter Jr277 Shagbark DR 2037323997 Donald R. Wheeler Sr187 Minerva St, Apt 302 2037357709 Donald S. Baricko Jr273 Derby Ave 2037369047 Donald Struwas16 Iannotti Ln 2037344476 Donald W. Yocher Jr12 Ashwood Ter 2037352903 Dongwoon W. Kim34 Fairview Ter 2037355473 Donna A. Dobek44 Mount Pleasant St 2037352554 Donna Akley45 Minerva St, Apt 105 2037342551 Donna Barbar-Halpin32 Cornerstone DR 2037324401 Donna Diglio175 Shagbark DR 2037519327 Donna Dossantos191 Marshall Ln 2037324496 Donna Dossasntos191 Marshall Ln 2037324496 Donna Ferguson161 Caroline St, Fl 1 2033082524 Donna G. Carloni3 Fairview Ter 2037366345 Donna Gianvittorio3 Patty Ann Ter 2037359401 Donna Hill118 Hawkins St 2037519749 Donna J. Campbell313 Silver Hill Rd 2037343506 Donna Kalafut63 Franklin Ave 2037322929 Donna L. Tuttle503 Hawthorne Ave 2037356768 Donna M. Canetti279 Sentinel Hill Rd 2037346252 Donna M. Doherty11 Winter St 2037344931 Donna M. Finnucan45 Belleview DR 2037347112 Donna Miani12 Selma Ave 2037340339 Donna Owens226 Hawkins St 2037340066 Donna S. Caridi11 North Ave 2037351573 Donna S. Digianvittorio3 Patty Ann Ter 2037359401 Donna T. Crotty134 Dirienzo Hts 2037366684 Donna Zaksewicz21 Highland Ave, # B 2037355551 Dora M. Edgerly380 David Humphrey Rd 2037352947 Dora Veltrangarcia 2035165854 Doreen E. Mullin33 Derbyshire 2037328735 Doreen Kelly1 Kings CT 4757775937 Doreen L. Corrigan50 Franklin Ave 2037354012 Doreen Zahornacky16 Cornerstone DR 2035165169 Doris Dupke28 McLaughlin Ter 2037355347 Doris Martino157 Hawthorne Ave 2037351357 Doris Y. Dupke30 McLaughlin Ter 2037354804 Dorota M. Zambrzycki37 Burtville Ave, Unit 5 2037322258 Dorothy Cabral120 Camptown St, Fl 2 2037519656 Dorothy Easter122 Bradley Ter 2037356625 Dorothy Gill2 Joyce Ave 2037325155 Dorothy I. Tomasco21 O'Sullivan Rd 2037328708 Dorothy J. Guliuzza20 O'Sullivan Rd 2037366283 Dorothy Marinelli116 Chatfield St, Apt 3R 2037342124 Dorothy Saldamarco2 Fall St 2037358165 Dorothy Schreiner233 Derby Ave 2037325920 Dorothy Tynan13 Howard Ave 2037358991 Dorothy Voytek126 High St 2037343998 Dorothy Wardzala10 Kindle Ln 2037325886 Douglas F. Lindquist169 Mount Pleasant St 2037360197 Douglas Fagan 2037516194 Douglas J. Rosiak28 Sentinel Hill Rd 2037325130 Douglas Kneissl 2037516495 Douglas Mundle186 Harold Ave 2037325421 Douglas Pickman51 Bank St 2035165189 Douglas Shirshac36 Bank St, Apt 1F 2037519734 Dr. Dental -Derby, CT49 Pershing DR, Ste 8 2037324300 Drew Perry27 John St 2033082240 Driss Marbou Sr4 O'Sullivan Rd 2037348832 Driton Sulejmani17 Hawthorne Ave 2037354120 Dron Conyers15 General Wooster Rd 2037348813 Duane J. Harlow134 Park Ave 2037347375 Duane K. Johnson Jr30 E 9th St 2037516248 Duct Diagnostics195 Elizabeth St 2037341532 Dunkin' Donuts25 New Haven Ave 2037340633 Dunkin' Donuts530 New Haven Ave 2037341166 Dworkin Chevrolet Mazda208 Seymour Ave 2037356481 Dylan Battaglino251 Silver Hill Rd 2037322579


 E & Company50 Olivia St 2037358176 E. A. Murphy251 Shagbark DR, # 251 2037348045 E. Cassels158 Shagbark DR 2037347342 E. Cavagnuolo36 Coppola Ter 2037359837 E. Fiorillo71 Derbyshire 2037366344 E. Gemski120 Hawthorne Ave 2037341883 E. Hecht196 New Haven Ave 2037347741 E. J. Lally172 Emmett Ave 2037342755 E. Kanmaz41 Park Ave 2037324403 E. Laurella44 Belleview DR 2037324835 E. Maqraoui 2037320348 E. Marino 2037323180 E. Mastromonaco51 Laurel Ave 2037344404 E. Maugeri67 Coppola Ter 2037355114 E. Nespola16 Benanto DR 2037369014 E. Petrella9 Caldwell DR 2037360007 E. Pracon48 Harold Ave 2037342158 E. Quintero204 New Haven Ave, Unit 5F 2037366488 E. Rodriquez 2037351363 E. Turnquist9 Orangewood W 2035165043 E. Wabno 2037519577 Earl E. Robinson56 Belleview DR 2037359734 Earl Slusky DMD676 New Haven Ave 2037342523 Earlane Cavallaro236 Marshall Ln 2037352489 Earlene Cavallaro236 Marshall Ln 2037352489 Ed J. Karwin30 Lakeview Ter 2037363913 Ed Morse18 Summit Cmns 2037355093 Ed S. Dedura Jr102 Bradley Ter 2037369810 Eddie Correa Jr273 Derby Ave, Unit 408 2033082757 Eddie Paige109 Hawkins St 2037323495 Edgar Yother71 Hawthorne Ave 2037340207 Edible Arrangements676 New Haven Ave 2037360700 Edible Arrangements676 New Haven Ave 2037360703 Edin Hukara50 Hillcrest Ave 2037343696 Edin Hukura50 Hillcrest Ave 2037343696 Edith Andre242 Derby Ave 2035165555 Edla Saffo83 Harold Ave 2037357727 Edlyne Jean-Louis62 Hawkins St, Apt 1L 2033082282 Edmond J. Regan12 Burtville Ave 2037343894 Edmund B. Stanis224 Marshall Ln 2037327696 Edmund Regan12 Burtville Ave 2037343894 Edna K. Miller28 Belleview DR 2037516770 Edna S. Jordano204 New Haven Ave 2037356256 Eduardo Sandobal317 Silver Hill Rd, Unit 3A 2037324710 Edwad Sadick63 Lakeview Ter 2037341428 Edward A. Yagovane75 Harrison Ave 2037351416 Edward Baclawski20 Pine St 2037519892 Edward Brickett400 New Haven Ave 2037354186 Edward C. Hull277 Roosevelt DR 2037345447 Edward Dedura102 Bradley Ter 2037369810 Edward F Adzima Funeral Home253 Elizabeth St 2037350111 Edward F. Doherty11 Winter St 2037344931 Edward Fiorillo71 Derbyshire 2037366344 Edward G. Keefe211 Elizabeth St 2037350928 Edward H. Smith9 Mcconney Grv 2037519598 Edward Handi3 Donna Ave 2037343749 Edward J. Calvert25 Fairview Ter 2037360488 Edward J. Larsen3 Cullens Hill Rd 2037324705 Edward J. Liskiewicz Jr190 New Haven Ave, Unit 7 2037519175 Edward J. Mcmanus Jr25 Cedric Ave 2037343472 Edward J. Morse18 Summit St 2037355093 Edward J. Petroski Jr5 Commodore Hull DR 2037342605 Edward J. Sheehy Sr9 Iannotti Ln 2037320553 Edward Joyce190 New Haven Ave, Unit 9 2033082473 Edward M. Zilli37 Burtville Ave 2037322961 Edward P. Robinson39 Lakeview Ter 2037350598 Edward R. Gabianelli198 Division St 2037347730 Edward R. Mastromonaco51 Laurel Ave 2037344404 Edward S. Henderson Sr222 Shagbark DR 2037342340 Edward Solis31 Hawkins St 2035165065 Edward T. Dana Jr37 Paugassett Rd 2037360432 Edward W. Sadick Sr63 Lakeview Ter 2037341428 Edwin J. Odoy171 IDA Ave 2037343055 Edwin Marin82 High St 2037323387 Edwin Nieves122 Atwater Ave 2037519918 Edwina R. Albarella25 O'Sullivan Rd 2037347377 Efrain Zuniga86 Mohawk Ave 2037519205 Eileen B. Billingslea32 Coppola Ter 2037347466 Eileen Garofalo33 Academy Hill Rd 2033082199 Eileen Kanmaz41 Park Ave 2037324403 Eileen Marciniak11 Bluff St 2037348877 Eileen Murphy251 Shagbark DR 2037348045 Eileen Mydosh3 General Wooster Rd 2037364667 Eileen Oliveira260 Hawthorne Ave 2037341409 Eileen P. Henri20 11th St 2037350228 Eizabeth Conlon32 9th St 2037358501 Ekblade Eric435 New Haven Ave 2037351845 Elaine Cruite45 Minerva St 2037342847 Elaine Florian Selling17 Strang Rd 2037348509 Elaine K. Besescheck21 S Division St 2037369754 Elaine M. Cimmino93 Summit Cmns 2037369757 Elaine M. Kane14 Kindle Ln 2037354127 Elaine Marcucio 2037320510 Elaine Maturo28 Colony St 2037342279 Elaine Maugeri67 Coppola Ter 2037355114 Elda Acevedo34 Anson St 2033082991 Eleanor Gemski120 Hawthorne Ave 2037341883 Eleanor Lucuk28 Guardiano Ter 2037322321 Eleanora Drechsel-Tomalis101 Marshall Ln 2037321991 Elelud Reyes98 Sunset DR 2035165709 Elena Senese240 New Haven Ave 2037360004 Elenore M. Lucuk28 Guardiano Ter 2037322321 Elias Adorno233 Derby Ave, Unit 102 2033082461 Elio Ponzillo32 Belleview DR 2037362505 Elisabeth A. Jakab62 Orangewood W 2037352293 Elizabeth A. Bowman5 Mountain St 2037354302 Elizabeth A. Torreso6 Woodland Walk 2037323598 Elizabeth B. Cooke38 Coppola Ter 2037355247 Elizabeth Barbera 2037323846 Elizabeth Bartone137 High St 2035165760 Elizabeth Bien23 Gilbert St 2037347131 Elizabeth Bishop236 Seymour Ave 2037320200 Elizabeth Carbone55 Kings CT 2033082588 Elizabeth Cassels158 Shagbark DR 2037347342 Elizabeth Conlon32 E 9th St 2037358501 Elizabeth Conlon34 9th St 2037516176 Elizabeth D. Federico99 Hawthorne Ave 2037348907 Elizabeth Dickovick191 Elizabeth St 2037352734 Elizabeth Gorzelany29 Belleview DR 2037344761 Elizabeth Gorzelany29 Belleview DR 2037362139 Elizabeth Herrmann41 McLaughlin Ter 2037324469 Elizabeth Hovan33 Roosevelt DR, Apt 418 2037519033 Elizabeth J. Bonaffini233 Derby Ave, Unit 514 2035165429 Elizabeth J. Mackowski17 Kindle Ln 2037358548 Elizabeth Konopka7 Benanto DR 2037322896 Elizabeth L. Garey180 Shagbark DR 2037369456 Elizabeth Lally172 Emmett Ave 2037342755 Elizabeth Lampart55 Summit St 2037354610 Elizabeth M. Koenig140 Emmett Ave 2037346932 Elizabeth M. Regan12 Burtville Ave 2037343894 Elizabeth Morales162 Hawkins St 2037366198 Elizabeth Peters5 Crescent St 2037354268 Elizabeth Quintero204 New Haven Ave, Unit 5F 2037366488 Elizabeth Quintero204 New Haven Ave, Unit 5F 4757775106 Elizabeth S. Childs141 Minerva St 2037358750 Elizabeth Samerotti20 Bank St, Fl 1 2037519309 Elizabeth Samerotti72 Sherwood Ave 2037360506 Elizabeth Schwarz5 Camptown St 2037357195 Elizabeth Talamo154 Shagbark DR 2035165870 Elizabeth Y. Klischer295 David Humphrey Rd 2037350269 Elizangela Antoine233 Derby Ave 2037324074 Elks Lodge73 Elizabeth St 2037340571 Ella Barrows210 Chatfield St 2037322379 Ellen Amodeo28 Derby Neck Rd 2037343561 Ellen B. Witek165 Derby Ave 2037352081 Ellen Emond167 Mount Pleasant St 2033082241 Ellen J. Lenart173 Hawthorne Ave 2037516764 Ellen M. Stefancin3 Cherry St 2037322501 Ellen Marie Thompson48 5th St 2033082813 Ellen Nespola16 Benanto DR 2037369014 Ellen P. Dinan75 Grove Ave 2037366025 Elma Berardi41 Selma Ave 2037343073 Elpidio Rauccio67 IDA Ave 2037325667 Elsi Bartomioli1 Belleview DR 2037356336 Elsie Bartomioli1 Belleview DR 2037356336 Elsie Scott71 Atwater Ave 2037348944 Elyse Tascione33 Cullens Hill Rd 2037324313 Elzbieta G. Bien23 Gilbert St 2037347131 Elzbieta J. Konopka7 Benanto DR 2037322896 Elzbieta Pracon48 Harold Ave 2037342158 Emanuel Demelis33 Stygar Ter 2037345879 Emanuele M. Tessitore50 Emmett Ave 2037324679 Emerson Adams 2037810030 Emil A. Zullo20 Iannotti Ln 2037341089 Emil J. Smith Ii25 Academy Hill Rd 2037328879 Emilio D. Dicicco Sr65 Chestnut DR 2037356524 Emilio Malinowsky17 Elm St 4757775152 Emily B. Brown44 Hillcrest Ave 2037348108 Emily Lozinak12 Smith St 2035165879 Emily Newman177 Shagbark DR 2037323140 Emily Tompkins57 Smith St 2037519826 Emma B. Flament17 5th St 2037347323 Emma Johnston233 Derby Ave, Unit 517 2037519660 Emori L. Tompkins57 Smith St 2037519826 Empire Tool259 Roosevelt DR 2037357467 Emre L. Akter18 Lombardi DR 2037326509 Enzo Altomare6 Fall St 2037359019 Ephriam J. Green Jr210 Chatfield St 2037342593 Eric Anderson28 Lakeview Ter 2035165315 Eric Chavez170 Park Ave 2037519675 Eric Drevermann58 Anson St 2037516378 Eric J. Taylor14 Stephen St 2037347958 Eric Kohler117 Atwater Ave 2037324266 Eric Lazowski37 Burtville Ave, Unit 91 2035165554 Eric M. Roberts7 Howard Ave 2037323488 Eric Morales12 Cottage St 2037322609 Eric N. Anderson28 Lakeview Ter 2037321029 Eric Newkirk204 New Haven Ave, Unit 1C 2037369987 Eric O'malley32 McLaughlin Ter 2037519563 Eric P. Riordan15 Sodom Ln 2037342640 Eric R. Carasone16 A St 2037361895 Eric Santiago41 6th St 2033082732 Eric T. Kapusta34 Maple Ave 2037345684 Erica Passaro68 Selma Ave 2037519313 Erica Rivera40 Atwater Ave 2037369748 Erica Scagoliarini460 New Haven Ave 2037519592 Erica Smith18 West CT 2037519776 Erik Methe112 Division St 2037519642 Erika Aungst13 Summit Cmns 2037357995 Erika Thompson6 Summit St, Fl 1 2037516934 Erin Athanasiou273 Derby Ave, Unit 902 2033082750 Erin Hillis71 Selma Ave 2037322040 Ermenio Rovinelli436 New Haven Ave 2037343087 Erne Ochocinski157 Shagbark DR 2037322472 Ernest Bodenweber6 Orangewood W 2037344323 Ernest E. Lagoja Jr336 David Humphrey Rd 2037362182 Ernest F. Grabber Ii30 East CT 2037342533 Ernest G. Rountree111 Summit Cmns 2037360719 Ernest Gjoni279 Olivia St 2037327776 Ernest J. Evan24 Derbyshire 2037359277 Ernest Ochocinski157 Shagbark DR 2037322472 Ernestine R. Gaudio11 Fairview Ter 2037356004 Ernesto Ospina52 Orangewood W 2037323973 Errol Crooks16 Cottage St 2037516504 Erwin Williams125 Bradley Ter 2037353840 Esmat Mekael185 Marshall Ln 2035165934 Estael Charles273 Shagbark DR 2035165702 Esther Dziekan14 Krakow St 2037347980 Esther Tanamal10 Frank Gates Ln 2037340060 Ethel M. Petrella30 Kindle Ln 2037324467 Ethel Petrella9 Caldwell DR 2037360007 Eugene Allaire17 Stephen St 2037340405 Eugene J. Rolleri Jr6 Schmitt Ter 2037360797 Eugene Marczak44 Spring St 2037342112 Eugene Preneta4 Derby Milford Rd 2037354383 Eugene Tarini47 Grove Ave 2037366441 Eugene W. Cooper41 Sentinel Hill Rd 2037363722 Eugenio Altomare6 Fall St 2037359019 Eva B. Kelley4 Prindle Ave 2037355860 Eva Nentwick187 Minerva St, Apt 206 2033082678 Eva Ramos45 Minerva St 2037327891 Evan A. Mastrianni9 Hillcrest Ave 2037356251 Evangelyn Tenney1 Hickory Rd 2037353226 Evelyn C. North15 Commodore Hull DR 2037358978 Evelyn Colburn87 Kings CT 2037357258 Evelyn Freije17 Selma Ave 2037348624 Evelyn Hecht196 New Haven Ave, Unit 103 2037347741 Evelyn J. Supp2 East CT 2037350712 Evelyn Mezzapelle65 Mohawk Ave 2037322996 Evelyn P. Provost63 Academy Hill Rd 2037355310 Evelyn Zavednak67 Grove Ave 2037343125 Everlast Construction Llc49 Burtville Ave 2037351111 Executive Answering Service24 Sodom Ln 2037355116 Exxon208 New Haven Ave 2037323051 Eyeworks CT600 New Haven Ave 2037324916 Eyeworks Ct600 New Haven Ave 2037343300 Eyeworks Ct600 New Haven Ave 2037354431


 F Pepe Construction Co36 Commerce St 2037351107 F. Ballantyne127 Pleasant View Rd 2037353877 F. Bozkaj322 Olivia St 2037341548 F. Fallon298 Derby Ave 2037345881 F. Garcia2 Harold Ave 2037355098 F. Mainiero116 Hawthorne Ave 2037369815 F. Miko98 IDA Ave 2037341405 F. Pease3 Stygar Ter 2037325405 F. Pepe69 Harrison Ave 2037357950 F. Vitello21 S Division St, Apt 1F 2035165568 Fabian Morales12 Cottage St 2037322609 Fabian Villacis64 Hawkins St, Apt 1 2037344891 Fabrizio B. Guerra5 E Bassett Ln 2037358374 Faith Olson77 Chestnut DR 2037362806 Family Desntistry of Derby115 New Haven Ave 2037519657 Fatima Lomax12 6th St 2035165520 Fatmir Imetovski36 Evelyn Rd 2037369131 Fedele N Volpe DMD676 New Haven Ave 2037342523 Fedele N. Volpe676 New Haven Ave 2037342523 Felicia A. Durinski65 Derbyshire 2037323323 Felicia L. Figol183 Marshall Ln 2037366131 Felicia M. Monaco17 Monaco Cir 2037323037 Felix Pera127 Hawkins St 2037323790 Ferid Catovic1 Nutmeg Ave 2037519227 Ferit Catovic1 Nutmeg Ave 2037519227 Fern M. Grillo2 Selma Ave 2037366212 Fernando G. Paez59 High St 2037321953 Fiona Paterson88 Mistyvale Ln 2035165092 Flor Hallengren187 Minerva St 2037369876 Flora L. Ives73 Harrison Ave 2037351701 Florence F. Banta29 Minerva St, Apt 1 2037519513 Florence F. Ferrara131 Harold Ave 2037348381 Florence Hallengren187 Minerva St, Apt 106 2037369876 Florence Hallengren169 Elizabeth St, Apt 1F 2037519523 Florence J. Perry1 Cedric Pl 2037366866 Florence K. Burel60 High St 2037355094 Florencio Rodriguez36 8th St 2037343226 Floria Kolaj212 Shagbark DR 2037519149 Florice Thompson187 Minerva St, Apt 207 2037322425 Floyd A. O'connor Jr315 David Humphrey Rd 2037353178 Floyd S. Naylor1 Lombardi Ln 2037366024 Font's Discount Liquor49 Pershing DR 2037324803 Fran Finnucan45 Belleview DR 2037347112 Fran Saldamarco2 Fall St 2037358165 Fran Wasilewski40 Lakeview Ter 2037354188 Frances Ballantyne127 Pleasant View Rd 2037353877 Frances C. Nicolari176 New Haven Ave 2037355297 Frances Johnson180 Silver Hill Rd 2033082119 Frances K. Slowik1 Hine Ter 2037346191 Frances M. Towne69 Park Ave 2037516403 Frances Onofrio501 Hawthorne Ave 2037360869 Frances Pepe69 Harrison Ave 2037357950 Frances Tracz187 Minerva St 2037344158 Frances Zielinski79 Orangewood W 2037359829 Francesco Pacelli19 Laurel Ave 2037350035 Francheska Charbonie241 Roosevelt DR 2033082445 Francine M. Smith267 Sentinel Hill Rd 2037340556 Francis A. Degennaro19 Paugassett Rd 2037359117 Francis A. Degennaro Jr15 Winter St 2037341847 Francis A. Wolfe61 IDA Ave 2037345851 Francis Ballantyne127 Pleasant View Rd 2037353877 Francis Camilini148 New Haven Ave, Apt 2 2037360826 Francis E. O'brien90 Marshall Ln 2037344909 Francis Finnucan45 Belleview DR 2037347112 Francis G. Mcgarry40 Derbyshire 2037322381 Francis Gonzalez9 Talmadge St, Apt 1F 4757775179 Francis J. Denigris10 Derbyshire 2037341770 Francis J. Enjem Jr7 Ridge Rd 2037344104 Francis J. Laskowski4 Orchard St 2037359659 Francis J. Rak102 David Humphrey Rd 2037343706 Francis Lipke20 John St 2035165905 Francis M. Durgy16 Woodland Walk 2037368483 Francis Miko98 IDA Ave 2037341405 Francis R. Hemmock71 Franklin Ave 2037345292 Francis Saldamarco2 Fall St 2037358165 Francis Stockmal126 Dirienzo Hts 2037356070 Francis W. Berardi41 Selma Ave 2037343073 Franciszek Bozkaj322 Olivia St 2037341548 Franco P. Pacelli19 Laurel Ave 2037350035 Frank Alberino2 Summer St 2037345079 Frank Camilini148 New Haven Ave, # 2 2037360826 Frank Cuccaro273 Derby Ave 2037322978 Frank Dampf233 Derby Ave, Unit 613 2033082156 Frank Denigris10 Derbyshire 2037344324 Frank G. Gall28 Kindle Ln 2037352091 Frank G. Lupo23 Derbyshire 2037369550 Frank Gall26 Kindle Ln 2037359851 Frank Garofalo47 Pleasant View Rd 2037340661 Frank Garofalo509 Roosevelt DR 2037358224 Frank Greco31 O'Sullivan Rd 2037356603 Frank Harrison444 New Haven Ave, Fl 3 2035165217 Frank Hyman122 Smith St 2037360034 Frank J. Denigris Jr10 Derbyshire 2037341770 Frank J. Dicaprio23 Pleasant View Rd 2037360070 Frank J. Dobek Jr44 Mount Pleasant St 2037352554 Frank J. Dorsio26 Lakeview Ter 2037328194 Frank J. Kudej178 Derby Ave 2037340238 Frank J. Ponsillo54 Mohawk Ave 2037322179 Frank J. Rizzo29 O'Sullivan Rd 2037364675 Frank J. Ruzicka Sr4 Guardiano Ter 2037516273 Frank J. Zullo20 Iannotti Ln 2037341089 Frank Kosek41 Grandview Blvd 2037343249 Frank Kowarik14 Summit St 2037366484 Frank Lazowski190 Derby Ave, Apt 1F 2037343682 Frank Lazowski146 Bradley Ter 2037516067 Frank Lazowski146 Bradley Ter 2037516014 Frank M. Losquadro Jr160 Pleasant View Rd 2037324472 Frank Mangiacopra187 Minerva St 2037355266 Frank Miko98 IDA Ave 2037341405 Frank Minuto37 Burtville Ave 2037351007 Frank P. Cavagnuolo28 Harold Ave 2037341764 Frank P. Czajkowski Iv64 Mount Pleasant St 2037362778 Frank Pallone230 Shagbark DR 4757775914 Frank Parda 2037516151 Frank Penland130 Harold Ave 2037344671 Frank Poliferno412 New Haven Ave 2037351508 Frank R. Hemmock71 Franklin Ave 2037345292 Frank Ramos 2037516163 Frank Saldamarco2 Fall St 2037358165 Frank Simone7 E 9th St 2037359159 Frank Sinkovich38 Orangewood W 2037355181 Frank Stockmal126 Dirienzo Hts 2037356070 Frank Vinci22 Derbyshire 2037324867 Frank Wasilewski40 Lakeview Ter 2037354188 Franklin Avenue Group Home42 Franklin Ave 2037343422 Franklin B. Keeler Jr3 Iannotti Ln 2037516471 Franklin D. Gandiaga77 Atwater Ave 2037516614 Fred Cavagnuolo41 Sodom Ln 2037320274 Fred J. Fanelli139 Park Ave 2037348252 Fred L. Carter33 Roosevelt DR 2037322434 Fred P. Massa64 Academy Hill Rd 2037355901 Fred Palmieri155 Smith St, Apt 1 2037353889 Fred Sommers241 Shagbark DR 2037352029 Frederick E. Sommers241 Shagbark DR 2037352029 Frederick Garey180 Shagbark DR 2037369456 Frederick Gray7 6th St, Apt 1 2035165933 Frederick J. Columbo Sr68 Seymour Ave 2037347754 Frederick M. Picroski216 Derby Ave 2037366052 Frederick Rak20 Kindle Ln 2037369367 Frederick Whelahan17 Laurel Ave 2037355280 Funding and Development101 Elizabeth St 2035165913


 G & H Paving139 Water St 2033082078 G. Bauer10 East CT, # 10E 2037324001 G. Denault 2037342550 G. Dziezyk2 Beech St 2037353806 G. Farrell225 Hawkins St 2037519450 G. Iorfino6 Benanto DR 2037366603 G. Lupone27 Cedric Ave 2037342197 G. Maugeri67 Coppola Ter 2037355114 G. Perez161 Hawkins St 2037362070 G. Peterkin 2033082170 G. Ruggles102 Shagbark DR, # 102 2037320239 G. Stadt38 Laurel Ave 2037360251 Gabby Beauchemin167 Harold Ave 2037352805 Gabriel J. Olivo114 Olivia St 2037516935 Gabriel Olivo26 8th St 2037516429 Gabriela Vaz253 Olivia St, Apt 2 2033082029 Gabrielle Augustitus2 Commodore Hull DR 2037345603 Gabrielle Beauchemin167 Harold Ave 2037352805 Gabrielle M. Bekalowicz190 New Haven Ave 2037516494 Gabrielli Augustitus2 Commodore Hull DR 2037345603 Gaetano Mantini71 Hillcrest Ave 2037341915 Gaetano Villano67 Franklin Ave 2037327848 Gail P. Mattutini22 Fairview Ter 2037324547 Gail Zimmerman31 Stygar Ter 2037369186 Galina Razorjonova51 McLaughlin Ter 2037519825 Gallery 34 Antiques & Auctions300 Roosevelt DR 2037519709 GameStop630 New Haven Ave 2037369502 Garrett A. Gaudio11 Fairview Ter 2037356004 Garrett Kichar11 David Humphrey Rd 2037340867 Garrett Kross 2037516298 Gary Chrostowski 2037323840 Gary Davis33 Roosevelt DR 2037345568 Gary Fernino1021 Roosevelt DR 2037322948 Gary Garrity48 Franklin Ave 2037366188 Gary M. Kryvonis Sr117 Park Ave 2037359002 Gary Malse233 Derby Ave, Unit 310 2037516020 Gary Pompa505 Roosevelt DR 2037347500 Gary R. Belden19 Stephen St 2037369618

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